Cute Checkered Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

  1. 24 Creative Christmas Fabric Crafts
  2. 1. Fabric Lollipop Christmas Ornament
  3. 2. Styrofoam Ball Christmas Ornament
  4. 3. Retro Fabric Christmas Lights
  5. 5. Fabric Garland
  6. 6. Plaid Christmas Tree Skirt
  7. 7. Fabric Ornaments
  8. 8. Fabric Coffee Cozy
  9. 9. Fabric Star Ornament Tutorial
  10. 10. Fabric Scrap Tree Banner
  11. 11. Christmas Pillows
  12. 12. Quilted Christmas Ornaments
  13. 13. Scrap Fabric Tree Ornaments
  14. 14. Christmas Fabric Snowflakes
  15. 15. Christmas Gift Bag
  16. 16. Stuffed Christmas Tree
  17. 17. Jingle Birds Patchwork Pillow
  18. 18. Festive Strip Cushion
  19. 19. Woven Star
  20. 20. Retro Drawstring Bags
  21. 21. Fabric Gift Wrap
  22. 22. Reusable Fabric Gift Bags
  23. 23. Fabric Scrap Scrunchies
  24. 24. Fabric Gift Bags
  25. DIY Cone-Shaped Christmas Ornaments
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  27. 22 Fabric Christmas Ornament Tutorials
  28. Homemade Rustic Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree Ornaments
  29. Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments
  30. What Fabric Should I Use to Make Homemade Ornaments?
  31. What Do I Use To Hang These Ornaments?
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  40. Thrifty Plaid DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorial
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  42. 15+ prettiest fabric Christmas ornaments tutorials
  43. 37+ Free Christmas Sewing Projects for 2019 (stockings, ornaments, tree skirts & more)
  44. 37+ Free Christmas sewing projects
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  47. Tutorial for DIY Christmas Ornaments
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24 Creative Christmas Fabric Crafts

Cute Checkered Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

Check out these fun Christmas fabric crafts for the holiday season!

Article Image From: SimplyMadeFun

1. Fabric Lollipop Christmas Ornament

Thin strips of fabric and clothesline cord make pretty lollipop ornaments for Christmas and beyond. Choose striped red and white fabric for a candy cane look and other two or three color stripes or prints for other flavors.

From: QuiltingDigest

2. Styrofoam Ball Christmas Ornament

Here is my version of how I made this cute little fabric ornament.  It’s a great way to use up all those fabric scraps.  If you use the type of foam ball i used it will give you a more sewn look as the foam will collapse a little on the seams. If you use a white styrofoam ball it will be a little more flat.

From: EverydayBeautiful

3. Retro Fabric Christmas Lights

I just love those big old fashioned Christmas lights, don’t you? They remind me of being a child at Christmastime. They were so fun and bold and bright, I just loved them. So I decided to make some with a few of my favorite mediums: fabric and a hot glue gun!

From: KojoDesigns

5. Fabric Garland

This DIY fabric garland is really simple to make and it adds so much color to a room.

From: AWonderfulThought

6. Plaid Christmas Tree Skirt

This year seems to be the year of everything plaid. Plaid shirts, skirts, vests, rain boots, Christmas wrapping paper and tree skirts.

From: SincerelySaturday

7. Fabric Ornaments

If you have a lot of scrap fabric laying around and don’t have a plan for it, you should make these Fabric Ornaments for you home!

From: SimplyMadeFun

8. Fabric Coffee Cozy

Keep your coffee hot and your hands cool with a simple fabric coffee cozy in your favorite fabrics.

From: StitchCraftCreate

9. Fabric Star Ornament Tutorial

I’ve been making these adorable fabric star ornaments and wanted to share them with you!

From: BetzWhite

10. Fabric Scrap Tree Banner

Whenever I find a good way to use up some of my fabric scraps, I’m a happy camper! This Christmas Tree Banner was made entirely from scraps of fabric and felt I had on hand. I love how it turned out! Makes me think I should dig around my scrap bins way more often!

From: BugabooCity

11. Christmas Pillows

How to make inexpensive DIY Christmas pillows – using a drop cloth and Sharpie markers. This budget-friendly holiday decorating idea is pure genius! Come learn how to make your own drop cloth pillow covers in any style.

From: TheCrazyCraftLady

12. Quilted Christmas Ornaments

Today I am sharing one of my very favorite traditions growing up!

From: SimpleSimon&Company

13. Scrap Fabric Tree Ornaments

Crafters of all ages will enjoy creating cozy Scrap Fabric Tree Ornaments to gift or keep this holiday season.

From: FirefliesAndMudpies

14. Christmas Fabric Snowflakes

he Woven Snowflake is not as difficult as it appears. The instructions included in the kit provide a step-by-step process and enough Christmas fabric and other materials to complete six of these beautiful ornaments.

From: KeepsakeQuilting

15. Christmas Gift Bag

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is making neighbor gifts each year! I love to bake delicious desserts around the holidays and I’m always looking for a cute way to wrap them up and deliver them to my neighbors!

From: SweetRedPoppy

16. Stuffed Christmas Tree

I remember seeing these at the local craft fairs when I was little and I have been making them as gifts for many years.  They make a great center piece.  For small living spaces these can also take the place of  a live or fake Christmas tree.  I have always wanted to make a larger one and put on a wooden post – maybe next year – no time this year!

From: SimplyRurban

17. Jingle Birds Patchwork Pillow

Hello there, quilting friends! If you are looking for a quick Christmas gift to make, I have just the project for you: a cheery winter pillow!

From: BlogLovin

18. Festive Strip Cushion

This is my Festive QAYG Strip Cushion. It can be made with any fabrics you , but I’ve used the Christmas Basics range, which is available from Spotlight Stores, to create this Christmassy version.

From: SameliasMum

19. Woven Star

The colors and patterns of strips cut from fabric give the stars a whole new look while being just as charming.

From: CraftingARainbow

20. Retro Drawstring Bags

I love making small projects with pretty fabrics and trims.

From: ASpoonfulOfSugar

21. Fabric Gift Wrap

For this week’s Iron Craft challenge, I made fabric gift wrapping.

From: JustCraftEnough

22. Reusable Fabric Gift Bags

his holiday season, I decided to bite the bullet and make myself a set of fabric gift bags. I’m not an accomplished seamstress (truthfully, sewing machines stress me out a little) but these gift bags are simple enough for even the novice sewer.

From: BetterInBulk

23. Fabric Scrap Scrunchies

I’m forever trying to find ways to use up all my fabric scraps (I have plenty).
Scrunchies are an easy and quick way to use up those scraps!

From: DunisStudio

24. Fabric Gift Bags

I don’t know about you, but the amount of wrapping paper we seem to go through each year is crazy. I thought it would be fun to use up some of my holiday fabric and create some Reusable Fabric Gift Bags that we could use year after year.

From: SkipToMyLou


DIY Cone-Shaped Christmas Ornaments

Cute Checkered Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

Love this time of the year – let’s make Christmas tree decorations! If you are looking for some inspiration, check out this easy-sew tutorial for cone-shaped Christmas tree ornaments you can make this Christmas, in addition to a few other Christmas decorations tutorials available here. Totally easy, and they come with a free PDF template!

This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for your support.

  • fabric (solids or prints, anything cute)
  • grossgrain ribbon
  • matching thread
  • sewing machine
  • iron
  • pins
  • scissors (or rotary cutter)
  • a template for the BUNTING BANNER, as it’s the same shape and size as these ornaments.

The Bunting Banner template is available in the subscriber-resource FREEBIES library for all newsletter subscribers – join the free newsletter here!)

You’ll also get a pattern from my shop for free and access to all the free patterns and templates on this site. If you’re already a subscriber, you can access the template with the password in each newsletter, in the resource library:

Now, to the tutorial. It’s so simple, you’ll see! It’s partly borrowed from another post of mine, too!
Just for convenience’ sake,  I am copying steps 2-4 from the bunting banner tutorial, since you’ll need them to complete this project – and I don’t want to keep sending you around and spend time searching.  The rest of the steps is different and you’ll find them here only.

1) Print the free PDF template, preferably on cardboard (so it will last longer). Use it to cut out 2 pieces of fabric for each cone-shaped Christmas ornament.  2) Put the two pieces right sides together. 3) Sew along the 2 long sides. Leave the top part of the triangle open. Then trim off excess fabric at the tip of the triangle to make the point of the cone-shaped ornament reeeeeeally nice (But be careful NOT to cut into the seam line!)
Then press flat for easier turning.  4) Turn right side out. Push out the tip of the triangle using a point turner tool (or simply a knitting needle, chopstick or something similar). Then press to get perfect form. 5) Add soft toy stuffing. Make sure to push some of it all the way to the tip of the cone. (You can use a chopstick for that.)

6) Handstitching: baste-stitch the entire way around the opening

7)  Slowly pull and tighten the seam.

8) Insert the ribbon into the narrow opening and, still using the same sewing thread, sew it in. A few stitches to secure the seam and that’s it.

9) Done!

These plush hanging softies are the perfect way to add some color to your tree without any risk of breakage and mess. Especially if you have a little child at home. Unbreakable, they can even double as toys!

A cute beginner sewing project and totally inexpensive – you’ll only need a few scraps of fabric. A great scrap buster! Hope you’ll them as much as we did!

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6 formats and sizes for all your gifts!

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22 Fabric Christmas Ornament Tutorials

Cute Checkered Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

I love fabric, I have a room in my house basically dedicated to it. I fully admit I have more than I’ll ever use. Part of the problem is my lack of willpower (especially against the remnant bin at Joann’s) and part of it is my inability to toss usable scraps.

But you know what scraps are perfect for? Ornaments. Here is a round up (in no particular order) of 22+ amazing fabric ornament tutorials:

Prairie Point Christmas Ornaments from CSNY

I made this several years ago and they’re still a favorite to hang on the tree. I love fabric ornaments for the depth they add to the tree, it’s nice to have something that isn’t shiny you know?

You’ll need fabric squares and some patience for these but the aren’t hard. A yo-yo maker will make life even easier for you.

Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial from Life After Laundry

This is one of my favorite ornament tutorials. It looks so much more complicated than it is!

You could make up a whole forest worth of tree ornaments in an evening with a variety of colors and patterns.

Felt Christmas Ball Ornaments from Zakka Life

If you saw my Christmas Garland round up you probably picked up that I love felt for crafting.

I’ve got these on my must craft list for sure! [UPDATE 2016 – this post is no longer available sorry!]

Burlap and Paper Stars from Helmar USA

I love rough and rustic styled ornaments and these fit that perfectly from the raw edges to the large stitches.

You layer stiffened fabric, buttons and rustic stitches to make custom ornaments.

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree from Cosmo Cricket

Love the scrappy nature of this, you don’t even need to use holiday fabric!

As a bonus you get a little cinnamon scent, I love to store Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments with my holiday ornaments. That way when I open the tubs and tins they have that holiday scent.

Kissing Ball from Good Housekeeping

This is a great  idea for old, ugly ornaments. I’ve got a huge container of shatter-proof bulbs that I’ll never use again that will be getting this treatment.

I can see a whole tree decked out in upcycles bulbs! It would be an easy and cheap way to change up the color scheme every year.

Mini Felted Wool Mitten Ornaments from House Revival

Upcycleing is a great way to stretch your holiday budget. You could add these to a gift and tuck an extra surprise in the pocket.

They’d also made an adorable advent calendar!

Make your own Mistletoe from Stay at Home Artist

The little pearls add a sweet holiday touch. I really love the shape and simplicity of the dusty green felt.

I wish we had somewhere to hang mistletoe where I wouldn’t smack my hear on it 15 times a day!

Scrappy Christmas Trees from Debz Days

Scrappy fabric crafts are my favorite, there is so much less pressure when you are working with throw away bits!

You could make a whole set of these very quickly and they would all be different.

Folded Fabric Ornament from Katroma’s Tutorials

This one’s a little more complicates than the others, there is an element of origami going on too. They have ‘family heirloom’ written all over them.

I love the addition of the buttons. It gives them an extra 3D appeal and a chance to make them extra fancy.

Painted Burlap Ornaments from Tutus and Tea Parties

The little frames remind me of pocket watches! This is a great project for the less than crafty, stencils make painting the burlap so easy. (2017 no longer available)

Primitive Cardinal Ornament from Tattered Sisters

I always decorate with birds and cardinals are my winter season favorite (side note: I can’t have bird feeders because the chickens and my turkey Henrietta empty them in minutes).

I love this happy little birdy sitting on it’s berry nest.

Gnome Ornaments from Revoluzzza

I’m not sure if I the little faces, the tiny beards or the teardrop shape more!  I want a whole army of these little guys on my tree, I’d probably replace the bead on top with a jingle bell.

Rise of the Guardians is one of my new favorite Christmas movies and they remind me of the little elves.

Retro Fabric Christmas Lights from Kojo Designs

Another project perfect for the scrap bin! I love how the creator gives instructions for making single ornaments and a garland.

I have a special place in my heart for wonky decorations. I love that the bulbs are all a little different and it really ads to the charm.

Felt Ogee Ornament from betz white

I know this looks a brain teaser but it’s not hard to make this at all! The little balls finishing off the top and bottom add a great touch.

Winter Caroler Tutorial from Gingercake

This is another slightly involved ornament but so worth it in the end! You could even make some to look your family and friends.

Country Santa from Craft Goodies

Look at his little face! Even though this looks involved there really isn’t a lot standing between you and your very own rustic Santa.

Frilly and Flouncy Ruffled Balls from Simply Notable

Ruffled fabric is perfect for adding texture to anything. You wouldn’t even need that many of these fluffy balls to make a statement on your tree.

Felt & Burlap Wreath Ornament from Little Home on the Range

This is a cute project you could let the older kids help with,  start by cutting piles of squares in several colors burlap and felt and then let everyone make their own custom wreath.

Recycled T-shirt Pom Pom from Skip to my Lou

Who doesn’t have a bag (or six) of t-shirts hanging wound waiting to become something more fun?

Plaid Christmas Ornaments from Honey Bear Lane

My inner lumberjack loves these!  You could substitute any fabric you have and transform your tree with a cheapo box of shatterproof ornaments and a glue gun.

Stuffed Christmas Tree Ornaments from CSNY

Simple enough for a sewing novice these stuffed trees are easy to customize to your color scheme and cheap to make even if you need to buy everything (except maybe a sewing machine)

YoYo Ornaments from CSNY

I can say from personal experience that these also make great kitten toys. I don’t know where they are finding them but at least once a day I find one being flung around a hockey puck.

Love what you see? Be sure to check out my Christmas page for more ideas or start here:


Homemade Rustic Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree Ornaments

Cute Checkered Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

Have fun making this adorable farmhouse style Christmas tree ornaments project! A few simple craft supplies and you have adorable homemade ornaments for the tree!

I love making homemade Christmas tree ornaments to add to our holiday tree. This easy craft uses a Styrofoam ball, some scrap fabric, and rustic thread to create a simple but beautiful ornament to hang on your tree.

You’ll also love this rustic aromatic ornament to add to your Christmas tree this year!

Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

There is nothing celebrating the holidays by making unique homemade ornaments for your tree. I love this simple and affordable idea because it uses up scrap fabric I already have on hand.

The only real expense for me was to pick up the styrofoam ball, which, I also had in my craft closet. Since I keep supplies on hand all the time, it is easy to whip something up this.

You can definitely make this in just a few minutes for under $1 per ornament, but the best thing is that nobody else will ever have an ornament just yours!

If you want another easy idea, you’ll also love this easy snowflake ornament idea, but if that isn’t enough, make sure to check out my list of clay Christmas ornament ideas! So many options to decorate your tree!

What Fabric Should I Use to Make Homemade Ornaments?

The joy of this ornament is that you can truly use any fabric you want! I had this cute checkered fabric on hand, and knew it would match that farmhouse style of rustic I love.

That doesn’t mean you have to use a checkered fabric. You can easily make this same style ornament with solid, striped, patterned, or even textured fabrics.

Add a variety of fabrics to create a truly rustic look on your tree! Add different embellishments stars, holly berries, angels, snowflakes, or even mistletoe to add personality to the ornament.

What Do I Use To Hang These Ornaments?

For most Christmas tree ornaments you buy in a store you will find small wire hooks are used. I much prefer adding a bit of rustic twine or ribbon to my homemade ornaments instead.

These last longer, don’t fall off easily, and won’t hurt if you accidentally step on it when decorating the tree.

Pick a sturdy thread, ribbon, or strip of fabric to attach to your ornament. I rustic twine, but you could use a thick ribbon, or even a bit of nylon cord if preferred. Use your imagination to match it to your chosen ornament fabric.

Supplies Needed

  • Scrap fabric
  • Rustic ribbon
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Rustic thread or twine
  • Red satin ribbon
  • A Christmas bell or small embellishment
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue

How to Make Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

For this easy craft project, I gathered up all of my supplies and set my fabric on a clean surface. Since you will be hanging this on the tree, make sure your scrap fabric is clean, and your work station has nothing on it that could stain the fabric while you are working.

Measure out a large square of fabric that is big enough to wrap around the ball completely. Cut it and place the styrofoam ball in the middle then pull the sides up and around so that it is completely covered.

Tie the fabric together with loose ends at the top using your rustic twine or thread. Trim as needed leaving a few inches of loose fabric at the top.

Next, you will create a small added decoration for the Christmas tree ornaments.I layered the burlap bow, a satin ribbon bow, then the small greenery piece on top of each other with hot glue, then attached with glue and twine to the top of the ornament around the loose ends of the fabric.

The last step is to add a piece of twine or ribbon to the top of the ornament with hot glue for hanging from the tree.


How to Make Primitive Scrap Fabric Tree Ornaments

Cute Checkered Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

Inside: Just in time for Christmas, learn how to make DIY Primitive Scrap Fabric Tree Ornaments from fabric remnants, cinnamon sticks, and buttons with our helpful step-by-step tutorial and video.

Crafters of all ages will enjoy creating cozy Scrap Fabric Tree Ornaments to gift or keep this holiday season.

This ornament boasts irresistible texture, warmth, and color; it looks beautiful hanging on the Christmas tree or dangling from a holiday present.

If you are a fan of our original Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments and are looking for a more frugal option for large groups of crafters, you will definitely want to consider using fabric instead of ribbon.

For additional savings, consider scouring thrift shops and remnant bins for festive fabrics. You could even upcycle old plaid flannel shirts, cloth napkins, and tablecloths for this craft.

But for the purpose of this project, I purchased 1/4 yard each of new fabric from JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores. I made 3 ornaments and had plenty of fabric leftover for future projects. If you don’t want extra fabric, you may consider buying 1/8 yard cuts of fabric.

  • Fabric remnants
  • Cinnamon sticks, 6-inch
  • Yellow buttons
  • Low-temperature glue gun
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  1. After gathering supplies, cut the fabric into 9-inch by .75-inch strips.
  2. Tie the fabric scraps onto the cinnamon stick with a square knot (tie right over left, then left over right).
  3. Use the scissors to snip off stray threads.
  4. Cut the fabric scraps into the shape of a Christmas tree.
  5. Use the hot glue gun to glue a yellow button or wooden star to the top of the Christmas tree.
  6. Last, glue a loop of twine to the back of the ornament.
  7. Your Scrap Fabric Tree Ornament is complete!

Directions for Fabric Christmas Tree Ornament

1. After gathering supplies, cut the fabric into 9-inch by .75-inch strips.

I used a combination of buttery soft flannel and primitive homespun fabric. I chose this type of fabric because it’s double-sided. Be sure to select prints that have a touch of green!

2. Tie the fabric scraps onto the cinnamon stick. I tied each strip with a square knot (tie right over left, then left over right) and used about 13 strips of well-bunched fabric on each cinnamon stick.

3. Use the scissors to snip off stray threads.

4. Then cut the fabric scraps into the shape of a Christmas tree.

5. Use the hot glue gun to glue a yellow button or wooden star to the top of the Christmas tree.

6. Last, glue a loop of twine to the back of the ornament.

Isn’t it darling?

The flannel and homespun fabric emit a comfortable warmth that is perfect for Christmas!

Video Tutorial: Scrap Fabric Tree Ornaments

Watch the video below to be guided through each step of this craft. You can view more easy kids craft tutorials on our Page, Teachers Pay Teachers Page, or right here on our website.

Save This Christmas Ornament

Don’t forget to save this craft on Pinterest for later! Be sure you are following along with Fireflies and Mud Pies here.

More Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Click the images below to view more easy Christmas crafts for kids.

Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments

Rustic Wooden Sled Ornament

Snowman Hat Ornament


Thrifty Plaid DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Cute Checkered Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

?Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la.
?Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la.

I have pretty much been dancing around my living room and singing not-so-good-sounding Christmas songs all week! I’ve had my fabulously festive Spotify playlist cranked up loud and have managed to scatter Christmas decor all over the house at this point.

While most of the house is still in disarray, I have finished my absolute favorite holiday decorating project: the tree! I shared all about turning my scraggly Charlie Brown Christmas tree into a stylish beauty in yesterday’s blog post.

And I’m back today for a quick rundown of how I made my plaid DIY Christmas ornaments. Aren’t they pretty?

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. See my disclosure here for more information.

These DIY Christmas ornaments don’t feel they need a full blog post because they are so simple to make, but I wanted to show you just how easy (and cheap!) they are.

Supply List:

See? Any project with that few supplies has to be easy! I found a bunch of this red plaid thin fleece at the thrift store, and the black and white check is actually cut from a button down blouse from the thrift store.

Sensing a theme here? I love the thrift store, especially for holiday decor! (See my holiday decor thrifting tips here.) The ornaments have also been collected from thrift stores over the last couple years, but you can also find cheap boxes of ornaments at the dollar store.

You’ll want to cut your fabric into thin strips. Mine were about a half inch wide, but you don’t have to be exact. Just cut out strips that are fairly straight, no ruler required. I prefer to eyeball things, which makes this my kind of craft ;).

Add a small dot of hot glue on the ornament, anywhere you want is fine. Stick the end of your fabric strip onto the glue and start wrapping the fabric around the ornament. You’ll need to wrap it at varying angles in order to cover the entire ornament.

I added another dot of glue every couple wraps to keep the fabric secure. Once the whole thing is covered in fabric, cut off the excess fabric strip and glue down the end.

If your fabric strip is too short to cover the whole ornament, that’s not a problem. Just glue down the end and start a new fabric strip. Easy peesy.

Don’t they look so festive and cozy? I’m obsessed with the plaid trend, and this was a simple way to incorporate it into our tree for pennies. It’s hard to beat DIY Christmas ornaments that are practically free to make!

And here they are hanging on our tree all lit up at night!

I made a dozen of these in about an hour, so they’re really quick to make. And it’s easy to clean up afterward since there are so few supplies.

If you missed yesterday’s post, you have to go see how I managed to make over our sad looking tree!

I hope you’ll create some DIY Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree this year!

Happy decorating,

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. See my disclosure here for more information.






15+ prettiest fabric Christmas ornaments tutorials

Cute Checkered Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ornaments are one of my favorite things to make! They’re quick and satisfying, often use up scraps from larger projects, and make great gifts.

It’s easy to store a bunch of them in a tote, too, so they don’t take up much space! I have a bunch of fresh new prints to use this year, so I thought I’d share the list of fabric Christmas ornaments tutorials that I’m considering as I work on Christmas crafts!

Are you looking for more ornament inspiration? Check out these posts:

I’d love to hear how you work in handmade ornaments for your decor. Is your tree 100% handmade? Mixed in with store bought? Mine is a mix but I want to add more handmade decorations this year!

Pin this list of fabric Christmas ornaments tutorials for later with this link and collage:

Woven fabric star ornament from Mister Domestic – these look SO fancy and complicated but he has a video tutorial so I might give it a go!

Fabric scrap ornament idea here at Swoodson Says – definitely the easiest ornament on here, haha, but I think they look pretty!

Clever folded Christmas tree ornament tutorial from Life After Laundry – super clever construction; I bet these would sell well at a craft fair.

Fabric pennant ornament free pattern here at Swoodson Says – I am going to make one of these with more modern fabric this year, it has been really popular!

Fabric pinecone ornament from Mister Domestic – another one with a video tutorial, this looks so crisp and pretty.

These are a mix of fabric & felt, but uses up the tiniest of scraps! How to make quilted Christmas ornaments here on Swoodson Says.

Simple fabric ornaments from The Real Thing with the Coake Family – super simple, these would be fun to make with kids.

Folded scandinavian star ornament tutorial from Mister Domestic – last video tutorial linked, these are popular online and I want to try one out!

Fabric scrap candy cane ornament tutorial from Cutesy Crafts – simple but creative, these would be fun to hang all over a tree.

I shared this scrappy Christmas tree ornament tutorial over at Diary of a Quilter, go check it out!

Fabric twine ornament tutorial at My Poppet – her fabric twine looks so cool, and these are extra festive!

Simple mod podged fabric ornament idea at Sweet Red Poppy – uncomplicated and quick, I can see a whole craft night group working on these.

Fun acorn ornament pattern by Nadra from Elise & Higgs (I have a ton of her cute quilt patterns in this list of Christmas quilts!) at Diary of a Quilter – these are so cheery and cute, I’d love to see them sewn up in holiday fabric!

Fluffy fabric ornament tutorial at Ginger Casa – super scrappy and fluffy, this would add great texture to a tree.

Fun upcycled denim pocket ornament with fabric applique, tutorial here at Swoodson Says

Simple english paper pieced hexie ornament tutorial from Wild Olive – I’ve been thinking about EPP ornament ideas and these are really cute!

Prairie point star ornament tutorial from Super Mom No Cape – I know this is one of her most popular tutorials and it looks so festive!

Clever letter/initial Christmas ornament tutorial from Alice & Lois; my kids would love these, they are all about their names.

Cool pentagon shape ball stuffed ornament from Jennifer Jangles – a fun twist on a fabric ball ornament, I love how this looks.

Deceptively simple fabric circle ornament at V and Co – simpler than the finished product makes you think, these would be easy to make en masse and give a tree a cohesive look

How good do you think these smell! Adorable little geometric Christmas tree ornaments with cinnamon stick trunks, get the tutorial on Sew Can She.

These look easier to make than you’d think! Fancy pants folded fabric origami square ornaments with the tutorial at Applegreen Cottage.

I’ve seen these with felt but I love them with fabric too! Ribbon candy ornament tutorial on Crafty Staci.

(not pictured)

Gorgeous origami star ornament on U Create Crafts – these are so pretty, I am loving all the folded fabric options out there!

(not pictured)

Clever fabric covered styrofoam ball ornament at Everyday Beautiful – really unique and no sew, if you have random styrofoam balls hanging around.

and, sharing 1 that is for sale and not free but SO cute I couldn’t resist:

Fabric bell ornament sewing pattern from Vechernie Posidelki

Did I miss any of your favorite fabric Christmas ornaments tutorials? Leave a comment and I can add them, the more the merrier!!


37+ Free Christmas Sewing Projects for 2019 (stockings, ornaments, tree skirts & more)

Cute Checkered Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Can you believe we are less than 3 weeks away from Christmas?!!  I don’t know about you, but I still have a ton of Christmas sewing projects on my to-do list!

Unfortunately, I’m not the type of person to start my holiday projects in July, so that means I’m usually sewing my handmade gifts right up ’til the day before I need them.  Luckily, we have our outdoor decorations up already – so from the outside at least, it looks I’m prepared, lol.

I’ll get the tree up in the next few days then, hopefully, I’ll start working on a few new things to sew for Christmas including decor items and gifts.

  My current plan consists of some embroidered hand towels, a couple of wine bottle gift bags and some new holiday placemats.  ( this one, but holiday-themed.

)  If time permits I’d love to make a few gift toppers and maybe some gift cardholders.

Are you in need of a little inspiration on a few Christmas sewing projects?  This roundup of 37+ things to sew for Christmas has everything from stockings, to tree, skirts to ornaments, wall hangings and even pillows.  You’ll definitely find a few cute Christmas ideas and maybe a few ideas to sew and sell at the local craft fair!

(Don’t miss these fun projects that with just a change of fabric, would make for an adorable Christmas project: Easy quilt patterns for beginners, this free Pillowcase Dress Pattern or maybe this adorable Fabric Coaster Tutorial!)

37+ Free Christmas sewing projects

Time to crank up the Christmas tunes (or if you to watch tv while you sew, queue up a few holiday movies) and get sewing!

Free Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns and Tutorials:

Doesn’t this Ruffled Tree Skirt look amazing?

A Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt is a favorite Christmas sewing project.

For those that don’t sew: No-Sew Christmas Tree Skirt

DIY Fair Isle Quilted Tree Skirt Tutorial

Christmas Pillow patterns and tutorials:

ThisPom Pom Christmas Tree Pillowis amazing!

Buffalo Plaid Sweater Pillow

Peace and Joy Christmas pillows

Joy Holiday Pillows

Poinsettia Pillow

Christmas Tree Pillow

Patchwork Christmas Pillow Tutorial

Throw Pillow covers from Fleece Blankets

Free Christmas Stocking Patterns:

Christmas Stocking Tutorial is a great Christmas Sewing Pattern

Christmas Elf Stocking Pattern(I Love this one for the fur babies!)

DIY Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Quilted Christmas StockingThe perfect Christmas Sewing Pattern for scraps!

Faux Fur Christmas Stockings Sewing Tutorial

Holiday Ornament Tutorials and Patterns:

Holiday Patchwork Pincushions

Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Tree Bobble Ornament

Easy Fabric Ornament

Christmas Tree Banner

Mini Stocking Ornaments

Christmas Wreaths to Sew:

Braided Fabric Christmas Wreath

Fabric and Felt Holly Wreath

Merry and Bright Retro Christmas Towels

Towels and Wall Hangings:

Christmas DIY Canvas Banner

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Christmas Light Felt Garland Tutorial (+ template)

Easy Christmas Banner

Burlap Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Stuffed Fabric Stag

Stuffed Toys and Decor:

Patchwork Christmas Tree Softie

Stuffed Reindeer Head

Christmas Gnome

Holiday Placemat Tutorials:

Reversible Holiday Placemats

Christmas Tree Placemat

Holiday Gift Bags:

Holiday Gift Sack

Wine Bottle Gift Bag Tutorial

Reusable Gift Bag

Have fun sewing!!!  Do you think you might sew any of these?

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DIY Christmas Ornaments in Black and Buffalo Check

Cute Checkered Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

This year our Christmas theme is all about buffalo check.   These large DIY Christmas ornaments are a simple way to place just a little bit of buffalo check throughout the tree.  So country and homespun looking.  These DIY  Christmas ornaments are made using large dollar store Christmas balls, but you can upcycle any old Christmas ornament balls you aren’t using.

Welcome to Day 6 of the Fourth Annual 12 Days of Christmas Series!

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On the first Day, we did  Wreaths

On the Second Day, we did  DIY Christmas Gifts

On the Third Day, we did  Christmas Countdown Calendars

On the Fourth Day, we did  Christmas Crafts for Kids

On the Fifth Day, we did Party Food

It’s Day 6 and we are sharing DIY Ornament Ideas!

Tutorial for DIY Christmas Ornaments

Besides the Christmas balls, you will need a few simple supplies.

Buffalo check fabric,  2″ by 12″ wide.  Each ball uses  three strips

Macrame cord (dollar store cord is fine)

Hot glue gun

Mod Podge, and brush

Adding the Buffalo Check Fabric

Start by adding the fabric to the bottom 2/3 of the Christmas ornament.

Cut your fabric into two-inch strips,  snip the lower portion so that you can mold the fabric around the sphere shape of the Christmas ball.

Add mod podge to each strip with a brush.  Doing this on tin foil makes for easier cleanup.

Starting about 1/3 down the ball,  wrap the fabric around the Christmas ball with the snipped side towards the bottom.  Try and wrap it as evenly as possible.  You don’t have to be too fussy as the macrame cord portion will cover it.

Once you have the first strip on, match the pattern of the next strip to the one on the ball. It’s a good idea to make sure you do this before you make the snips in the lower section.

It’s quite easy to do.  The fabric is a bit stretchy allowing you to adjust the fabric so the pattern matches.

Once you get to the bottom of the ball, some of the squares won’t match perfectly  I had to trim the fabric in one place to realign the pattern.  Just snip out the excess, then line up the next square and continue.

Once you reach the bottom, cut a little circle to cover the very bottom of the ornament.

Adding the Macrame

Starting at the top of the Christmas ball add some hot glue,  wrap the cording around the Christmas ball gluing in the odd spot to hold the rows together.

You may end up with some strings of glue showing, and to get rid of them use a set of tweezers to pull them off and if too stubborn you can cover any remaining glue with a  Sharpie pen.

The simple red ornaments in the photo are done by skipping the fabric portion and just adding cord from the top to the bottom of the Christmas ornament and then cutting off the ends.

Scroll down for many more DIY Ornament Ideas for your holiday season!