Festive Ribbon and Lace Rustic Christmas Ornaments

50 Farmhouse Christmas Décor Ideas for A Country Holiday

Festive Ribbon and Lace Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Laurey W. Glenn

While some spend the holidays jetting to tropical escapes, Southerners love nothing more than a cozy Christmas in the country. This season, we’re bringing farmhouse charm with a touch of holiday spirit. These country Christmas decorations add enough festive character to make an old clapboard farmhouse sing…carols. Think magnolia wreaths, burlap stockings, ornament-adorned antlers, and pheasant-feathered mantels. Top it off with layers of lush garland and holiday greenery. And don’t forget to adorn your outside spaces as well—from mailbox toppers to festive entryways, we have all the tricks to welcome your guests in style. These are just a few of the farmhouse Christmas décor ideas we love for the holiday season. Bring a little country charm to every corner of your home with these timeless Southern accents. So kick your feet up and get cozy by the fire—your farmhouse is about to get festive.



Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

An old, bright-white clapboard farmhouse doesn't need much to look absolutely charming. Wispy pine garland pops on the monochromatic exterior.

Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

Less is more in this eclectic farmhouse. Simple garland draped around the handrail sets the tone for a cozy Christmas.


Photo: Hector Sanchez

From the wall display of silver plates to the ornament-adorned deer trophy, this farmhouse makes tradition and rustic appeal the clear centerpiece of holiday decor.

Laurey W. Glenn

Dress up an all-white space with an oversize magnolia garland and a row of adorable mini trees. Fresh green apples tucked into the mantel decor add pops of seasonal color.

Southern Living

Talk about making an entrance. This show-stopping archway uses a few of the South’s favorite Christmas components, pinecones and magnolia leaves.



Photo: Robbie Caponetto

A little plaid goes a long way. Add a pop of color to a classic magnolia wreath with festive Christmas ribbon.

Southern Living

An adorably miniature Christmas tree on the porch? We'll take two. Give it a rustic finish with burlap ribbon and pinecones.

Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

During the season of holiday parties, the bar cart is a bit of a hot spot. Accentuate the masculine space with a simple boxwood wreath and skinny ivory ribbon.


Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

Throw symmetry out the window! This deer trophy looks it caught this string of pom-pom garland on the fly, making it all the more interesting.

Laurey W. Glenn

Magnolia leaves are a Southern favorite at Christmas, and this bundle adds a subtle touch of spirit to classic buffalo check bedding.

Photo: Alison Gootee; Styling: Suzonne Stirling

This fireplace decor is deliberately free of any ribbons or glitz. A large pair of naturally shed elk antlers and simple Fraser fir garland frames a portrait of the owner's father, making it quite the authentic picture of Christmas at the farmhouse.


Photo: Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Lisa Powell Bailey

Satsumas, a regional favorite, adds a surprising pop of color to any mantel display. Pheasant feathers can be found on the farm and used as holiday decor, naturally.

Southern Living

Pick a unique, textured table linen, and it'll transform your holiday table. This traditional setting uses the beloved Spode 'Woodland' china pattern for a touch of country-elegance.

Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

Mercury glass makes for an easy show-stopper when grouped together on a sideboard. Also known as “poor man’s silver,” you'll have no issues building up a hefty collection.


Laurey W. Glenn

This is the perfect example of sticking simple with natural ingredients, but going over-the-top with the arrangement. Layers upon layers of verdant greenery make a pretty statement.

Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

These handcrafted burlap stockings feel just rustic enough for a country Christmas morning.

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

We'd to sit by that festive hearth all season long. Get the look by layering different types of garland and spotting the arrangement with pinecones, holiday berries, and bright green ribbon.


Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

Every Southern family has some sort of Christmas collection, be it vintage Santas or colorful nutcrackers. Instead of spreading them around the house, group them together on a table or sideboard.

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

What to do when your potted poinsettia plants start looking a little droopy? Snip off a few longer clippings to create a festive cut arrangement spruced up with simple holiday greenery.

Laurey W. Glenn

Hosting Christmas brunch? Brighten up the space with cream-colored roses and wide ivory ribbon.


Photo: Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Lisa Powell Bailey

Between the pine garland, velvet bows, pinecones, and pheasant feathers, this banister is about as Southern as it gets.

Photo: Alison Gootee; Styling: Suzonne Stirling

Wispy and colorful clippings make for a charming country arrangment. It's perfect as a coffee table centerpiece.

Southern Living

It's practically dripping with Christmas charm, in the form of classic wreaths and warmed-up brown and green garland.


Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

Give ordinary home items special holiday accents, this simple clamshell filled with shiny gold and silver ornaments and a large sprig of magnolia.

Laurey W. Glenn

Bundle up your lamppost for the winter. Two magnolia branches—one standing up and the other hanging down to reveal both the green and brown sides of the leaves—make for lush natural decor.

Laurey W. Glenn

Even your gifts can use a farm-chic touch. Use a silver or gold paint pen to write the gift receiver's name on a magnolia leaf, and attach with double-sided tape.


Ralph Anderson

Go festive with just a touch of fairytale. Skip traditional garland, and lace natural vine through the staircase's balusters.

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Give your facade a festive face-lift. Hang bright green wreaths from every window with red ribbon for a simple but show-stopping exterior.

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

We'd to hang out here, please. Make your farmhouse-style shutters look cozy and festive for Christmas by hanging lush wreaths with bright red ribbon.


Southern Living

Go fully rustic with a natural holiday palette using warm colors and nubby textures and a garland-trimmed vintage wheel.

Photo: Emily J. Followill

Give store-bought garland a dramatic makeover fitting for a big farm fireplace. Clipped magnolia, holly, pine, and cedar ramp up the texture, while layering in milo, millet, and rose hips makes it incredibly eye-catching.

Southern Living

Embrace a traditional tree style by wrapping it a Christmas gift in red tartan ribbon.


Southern Living

Open shelving makes displaying Christmas china easy and spirited. Simple greenery and bright holiday arrangements add even more warmth to the cozy kitchen.

Southern Living

For the most authentic country accent, try your hand at homespun burlap stockings made from inexpensive (or re-used!) burlap fabric and humble twine.

Photo by Beth Dreiling Hontzas

Scottish tartan, pheasant feathers, and golden bells? This farmhouse front door takes things to next-level festivity.


Photo: Erica George Dines

Even if it’s getting cold outside, don’t skimp on the outdoor decorating details. With a mug of hot cocoa and a cozy fire, this will be your favorite spot to bask in the Christmas spirit.

Photo: Ralph Lee Anderson

Keep your décor even on both sides to create a symmetrical display that will draw eyes to your door.

Photo by Jim Bathie

Top your mailbox with a menagerie of pinecones and holly for an all-natural, festive display (and some serious curb appeal).


Photo by Jim Bathie

Oversized lanterns are the perfect rustic touch for your outdoors farmhouse landscape. Simply rest these lanterns beside your door or along the stairs for a softly-lit walkway.

Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

When it comes to Christmas décor, it’s all in the details. That’s why we’re wrapping our pendant lights in festive pine for a natural look—for more shine, feel free to use tinsel.

Photo by Monica Buck

Don’t settle for mismatched wrapping. Repurpose those burlap bags and wrap your gifts up in rustic style this Christmas.


Laurey W. Glenn

Hang a few wreaths from your staircase to create height and levels that draw the eye up.

Hector Manuel Sanchez

Why cover your house in photo frames when you can make the gifts under the tree the star of the show? This personalized gift wrap will really wow—and maybe the kids won’t tear it up immediately.

Hector Manuel Sanchez

While we love red and green seasonally-hued Christmas trees, how festive is this bright, sunny tree?


Hector Manuel Sanchez

All the partygoers will be impressed by this festive ice bucket, complete with frozen seasonal berries, leaves, and fruits. It’s the perfect way to chilling a bottle of champagne and toast to the season.

Laurey W. Glenn

Mix in lots of vintage ornaments on your Christmas tree display for a well-curated, balanced look.

Hector Manuel Sanchez

Use those glass-paned cabinets to display cherished family photos or collected holiday cards. With a thick black ribbon, the display looks instantly elegant.



For a vintage touch, opt for a flocked Christmas tree—the look of fake snow will make you feel nice and cozy inside.

Laurey W. Glenn

Spruce up the entryway with mini trees so you can capture Christmas spirit in every corner of your space.

Laurey W. Glenn

Slightly more dressed-up, this farmhouse hearth is accented with oversized metallic pinecones and fun pops of red.


Source: https://www.southernliving.com/christmas/decor/farmhouse-christmas-decor

30 DIY Rustic Christmas Ornaments Ideas

Festive Ribbon and Lace Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is just around the corner so it’s time to dress up your tree. If you need some inspiration I have gathered some top easy, creative and rustic DIY Christmas ornaments ideas.  Have fun! Lets get crafty and create some Christmas magic…

1. DIY Rustic Macramé Christmas Ornament


2. Rustic Christmas heart ornamentsource

For a rustic and shabby chic ornament wrap a plastic ball with jute twine and decorate it with ribbon and a white burlap heart.

  1. Romantic Christmas ornament


For this lovely Christmas ornament all you have to do is wrap a plastic ball with jute twine and decorate it with lace ribbon, charms, and a small brass key.

  1. Rustic Christmas Bell Ornamen


Materials: cardboard, paper, paint, varnish, wire, twine. The bells are made of rustic cardboard painted in white outside, and decorated in decoupage technique.


6. Rustic Christmas star ornament

7. Christmas ornament wrapped in natural and green burlap and decorated with bells, holly, wooden snowflakes, red and green burlap threads and gold elastic cord.


8. Red Burlap OrnamentMaterials: foam, burlap, bells, ribbons, lace, pine cone, hot glue, florist wire


9. Handmade Christmas ornaments


Cover 2 1/2″ styrofoam balls with burlap and linen for a rustic look and feel

10. Burlap Angel OrnamentYou will need

2 – 1 sq. ft. sheets of thin burlap (landscaping burlap works great)

1 – .4″ wooden bead

Lace fabric and ribbon

Thin ribbon

Rubber band

Washer ( I painted mine with copper paint)


Hot glue gun and glue

White polymer Clay


11.Homemade Christmas tree ornament tutorial, relief flowers


12. DIY paper wrapped Christmas ornaments


13. Rustic glass Christmas ornament


14. Glass ornament

Create your own little nature scene. Place a branch of Christmas tree inside the clear glass ornament globe along with any little decorations you .

15. DIY wood photo transfer ornaments

To make your own photo transfer wood ornaments, you will need:

A photo printed on basic computer paper with a laser printer Branch slices about a 1/2 inch thickA gel mediumMod PodgeDrillRed ribbonSmall paintbrush


For the tutorial visit–>thehomesteady

  1. Rustic Country Christmas Ornament, Set of 4 Hope, Love, Peace,  Joy


  1. Hannah Milman’s tree-trunk-deer

By Taylor Combs, Photos by Mike Krautter

For the tutorial visit–>marthastewart

  1. Rustic Flannel Star Ornament

Materials Needed:Flannel Fabric

Star Ornament Template

ButtonMatching ThreadScissorsNeedleButtonJute

Fiber Fill

For the tutorial visit–>artzycreations

  1. Christmas star ornament made of cinnamon

20. Christmas pinecone stars ornaments


21. Christmas ornament made of cinnamon sticks


Simply stick cinnamon sticks to a foam ball for a natural holiday decoration.

  1. Christmas ornaments wrapped with brown paper and decorated with preserved cedar, wisps of caspia and red berries.


23. White Christmas ornaments

  1. Rustic twine Christmas ornament – decorated with ivory lace and faux pearlsWrap 7cm / 3 inches styrofoam balls with natural jute twine and then embellish with a band of ivory lace for a french, rustic look and feel.


  1. Handmade Rustic christmas ornament wrapped arround with old rope, and decorated with cotton lace. They look Rustic, little victorian but still decorated enough to catch someones eye…


  1. Rustic tree bark green owl ornaments


Small pieces of wood, buttons,  fabric or real tree leaves and you have these super cute owls.

27. Giant felted wool acorns


28. Wire stars


29. Handmade Natural Seed Holiday Ornaments

Difficulty level: BeginnerTime to complete: 10 Minutes

Age range: 10 and Up

Things you’ll need:Paper mache ball ornamentsSunflower seedsCrafters Pick GluePaint brush

Gold glitter spray

For the tutorial visit–>factorydirectcraft

30. Lovely vintage Christmas ornaments


Source: https://moco-choco.com/2014/11/13/30-diy-rustic-christmas-ornaments-ideas/

22 Country Christmas Decorating Ideas Enhanced with Recycled Crafts and Rustic Vibe

Festive Ribbon and Lace Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Country Christmas decorating ideas can be a natural and beautiful option. Blending creative handmade holiday decorations, recycled crafts, and rustic vibe into natural, pleasant and eco-friendly country home decor.

Country Christmas decorating ideas with rustic vibe are perfect for old-fashioned holiday decor.

Salvaged wood pieces and burlap fabric, natural ropes, twines and green branches, vintage skis and skates look fabulous with red accents, pine cones, and white candles.

Recycled crafts made with glass jars, old skates and skis, antique lanterns and handmade wooden crafts created with small logs, twigs and evergreen branches are inexpensive and spectacular Christmas decorating ideas that enhance the spirit of this beautiful winter holiday. Here is an excellent collection of Christmas decorating ideas that Lushome is sharing to encourage Christmas decorating in eco style.

The simplicity and elegance of antique items and nature inspired holiday decorations, and recycled crafts bring the old times’ charm to country Christmas decorating. Salvaged wood and recycled crafts, burlap fabric and lace, create stunning holiday decor in vintage style with the rustic look and warm feel.

Country Christmas decorating ideas enhanced by eco-friendly holiday decorations

Chic eco-friendly Christmas table decorations

Country Christmas decorating ideas

Country Christmas tree decorating

Handmade Christmas decorations, recycled crafts, and natural centerpieces are ideal for the stress-free holiday season. Antique toys and wooden souvenirs, combined with evergreen branches create unique Christmas table centerpieces and make excellent decor accessories, creative and inexpensive gifts.

Country home Christmas decorating ideas are nostalgic and inviting, stylish and welcoming. Greenery and a few candles, red and green ribbons and handmade Christmas decorations created with metal wire, paper or untreated and rustic wood pieces, turn country homes into beautiful retreats for winter holidays.

Country Christmas decorating with antiques and handmade Christmas decorations

Pine cones, twigs, logs and berries are traditional and eco-friendly Christmas decorations. They have a universal appeal, versatile and suitable for all rooms, both genders, and existing color schemes.

Christmas is about relaxing and having fun with families and friends, so simple handmade Christmas decorations, neutral colors of rustic wood and creative Christmas crafts are perfect for nostalgic and warm country holiday decor.

Handmade Christmas decorations ideas, cheap, eco-friendly gifts

The biggest Green holiday decor idea for eco-friendly Christmas

Green branches spread the Christmas mood around the house, bringing a natural feel into every room. Fantastic for country home decorating, mountain retreat, forest cottage or lake cottage decor, the old-fashion Christmas decorating ideas delight and help relax.

Burlap gift bags with ribbon bows in brown color

Candle holders created with short logs, burlap bags with bows in red, green, white or brown colors, handmade snowflakes and Christmas wreaths and miniature Christmas trees for table decorations with lace accents bring softness of vintage style and natural beauty into holiday decor.

Eco-friendly Christmas decor, recycled crafts and edible decorations

Eco Christmas decorating trend

A miniature sleigh, skis or skates are winter inspired table decorations that add charming details to the dining experience and create interesting table centerpieces. Wooden letters Ho Ho Ho look beautiful, surrounded by green branches, red berries, snowflakes and candles centerpieces.

Recycled crafts, glass jars with pine cones and artificial snow

Green holiday decor with handmade garlands, Christmas wreaths, creative crafts and homemade Christmas tree decorations looks perfect, blending soft fabrics, natural materials, and Green Christmas ideas into spectacular winter displays. Sleds and skates in vintage style bring the old times magic into holiday decor and add personality to simple, elegant and timelessly stylish country Christmas decorating ideas.

Eco-friendly Christmas decorating with burlap and sisal twine

15 Green holiday strategies for Christmas decorating in eco style

Handmade Christmas decorations and eco craft ideas, candle holders made of small logs and decorated with pine cones

Source: https://www.lushome.com/22-country-christmas-decorating-ideas-enhanced-recycled-crafts-rustic-vibe/129141

Rustic Love: 30 Burlap Christmas Decor Ideas

Festive Ribbon and Lace Rustic Christmas Ornaments

If you rustic decor and are going to rock it this Christmas, I have a gorgeous idea for you – incorporate burlap into it! Burlap is truly a rustic fabric, which is very budget-friendly and very easy to work with, so you can make any decorations with it yourself, and the tutorials are pretty easy. Let’s have a look at some cool ideas you may go for – most of them don’t need any instructions, it’s clear how to make them just hen you look at them!

Burlap Wreaths

Make some cool burlap wreaths for your front door, windows or staircases – burlap can be traditional or colorful, you may add pinecones, wood slices, bows, bells, ornaments and faux berries and monograms.

Burlap looks cool with most of decor ideas you can create a whole bunch of combos and looks, and it brings that cozy rustic feel that we all love.

a burlap and evergreen wreath with a rhinestone snowflake, snowy pinecones and cranberries

a burlap wreath with plaid and gold ribbon, pinecones, berries and evergreens for a Christmas door

a burlap wreath with a buffalo check bow, jingle bells and faux pine needles

a burlap wreath with a monogram, a red bow and evergreens and pinecones for a chic look

a red burlap wreath with large bows with letters looks bold and festive

a traditional red, green and neutral burlap wreath with a double bow for a front door

Tree Decor

There’s a whole plenty of burlap ornaments to make – from usual baubles to hearts and stars. You can easily make some ornaments using Styrofoam balls and burlap – just wrap them and secure the burlap on the balls.

If you feel sewing, sew some cute ornaments in various shapes – from trees to squirrels and decorate them with beads, pearls, sequins, lace and other stuff you . Use burlap garlands on the tree and don’t forget to cover the tree base with burlap, too.

You may also make a burlap tree skirt – a pleated or a usual one, mix it with lace or faux fur.

a chic Christmas tree decorated with silver snowflakes, pompoms, pinecones and burlap ribbons

a burlap ornament with a lace bow is a cute vintage-inspired and rustic decoration

a burlap Christmas tree skirt is easy to make an is very budget-friendly

a burlap and pinecone ornament with twine for Christmas

burlap Christmas tree ornaments with neutral buttons and glitter stars on top

burlap and plaid Christmas tree skirts are a cute and cool idea that involves some sewing

little burlap star ornaments with plaid bows and star buttons for a cute rustic tree

simple burlap wrapped ornaments with twine can be easily DIYed anytime

burlap ornaments with ribbon and red jingle bells are great for rustic tree decor

a red satin and burlap pleated Christmas tree skirt looks fun and cute

a vintage-inspired burlap Christmas tree ornament with lace, beads and little hearts

burlap Christmas ornaments with buttons look cute and very simple

simple burlap heart ornaments with twine are nice and cute tree decorations

tabletop Christmas trees in burlap with grey ribbon bows look rustic and cute

Other Decor Ideas

Burlap can be used in various ways – from garlands and buntings to signs and trees.

Make burlap stockings with lace and faux fur, make whimsy-shaped burlap stockings, try various burlap signs with and without lights, and tabletop burlap trees with pearls and beads.

Feel free to look for various tutorials on the web and realize what you to make your Christmas cozy and rustic.

a burlap and pinecone door decoration can be hung on a door, mantel or railing

a JOY burlap sign with snowflakes and red letters will decorate any door or mantel

a burlap sign with a plaid deer, faux greenery and berries looks rustic and creative

a burlap and pinecone decoration for outdoors can be made in a couple of minutes

burlap stockings with felt and lace, with chalkboard tags and evergreens

a burlap stocking with chevron decor, a snowflake and a burlap bow for front door or mantel decor

creative dog bone stockings with large bows for a home of dog lovers

tabletop burlap and twine Christmas trees with beads, glitter stars for holiday decor

tabletop burlap Christmas cone trees with rhinestones and petals

Source: https://www.digsdigs.com/burlap-christmas-decor-ideas/

How To Put Ribbon On A Christmas Tree – Ideas for Ribbon Decor on Christmas Trees

Festive Ribbon and Lace Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Stitches 2 Sawdust, Christopher Hiedeman, Kara's Party Ideas

Before you wrap your gifts and hang your stockings from the mantel with care, you have to trim the tree, preferably with piles and piles of gorgeous ribbon. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for putting ribbon on your Christmas tree this year.

1 of 15

Twined In Blue

Weave bundles of blue ribbon through the boughs of your tree for a decadent effect that brings the frozen beauty of winter indoors.

Blue Satin Ribbon

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Via bluegraygal

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Extravagant Topper

Complete your tree trimming with a singular, statement-making bow, and carry the theme through with smaller swatches of the same color on lower branches.

Red Velvet Bow

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Via Making Home Base

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Golden Chevrons

For this evergreen design, snake glimmering braided ribbon around the tree for a subtle hint of glitz, then soften the effect with a neutral tree topper.

Metallic Copper Ribbon

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Via This Charming Life

4 of 15

Bedecked With Bows

Bows aren’t just for presents any more! This flocked tree makes ample use of golden ribbon bows, which are scattered alongside hearts and Christmas balls in the same refined color palette.

Gold Bows

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Via Kara's Party Ideas

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Bright And Metallic

Channel simpler times this season with colorful ornaments in dynamic, mid-century shapes, then tie the whole thing together with a silvery stripe of ribbon.

Silver Ribbon

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Via The Merrythought

6 of 15

Gauze And Blossoms

Achieve a luminous, floral look this year by interlacing gauzy ribbon with semi-sheer silk blossoms, and setting the whole thing aglow with fairy lights.

Wide Gold Ribbon

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Via Lil Blue Boo

7 of 15

Printed Neutrals

Roughly woven ribbon printed with a simple seasonal motif lends rustic comfort to this tree design, accentuating the frosted pine cones and glimmering ornaments.

Printed Burlap Ribbon

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Via Christopher Hiedeman

8 of 15

Tartan Ribbons

Warm tartan ribbon in shades of red and yellow serves to dress up a quiet country Christmas tree, especially when paired with cranberry-hued bunches of decorative berries.

Plaid Ribbon

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Via Christopher Hiedeman

9 of 15

Silvery Swags

Cascading swathes of silver ribbon transform this tree into a veritable waterfall of trimmings.

Sheer Silver Ribbon

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Via Christopher Hiedeman

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Buffalo Check

Trim your tree with curls of buffalo check ribbon, then pair with wooden ornaments and oversized snowflakes.

Via The Turquoise Home

11 of 15

Striking Monochrome

Red and green might be the de facto colors of the season, but simple black and white, with neutral sleigh ornaments, make a chic statement on this boldly bedecked tree.

Striped Ribbon

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Via Just Destiny Mag

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Beaches And Cream

For a cheerful, coastal Christmas, swags of ribbon in shades of cream and straw pair with distinctive sea stars and an airy, waterfront color scheme.

Beige Ribbon

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Via Seahorse & Stripes

13 of 15

Bundled In Burlap

For a quaint, cabin-ready tree, lace the branches with a long swatch of rugged burlap, and add greenery and berry-laden boughs to complete the forested effect.

Burlap Ribbon

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Via Sawdust 2 Stitches

14 of 15

Houndstooth Ribbon Curls

To employ ribbons in a design that is as easy as it is eye-catching, carefully unroll your ribbon, then pin one or two cascading curls to the top of your tree, letting it fall unencumbered to the floor.

Houndstooth Ribbon

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Via The Yellow Cape Cod

15 of 15

Warm And Woodsy

The striped pattern on this rough, wide ribbon in shades of red and café au lait calls candy canes to mind, but takes on a decidedly arboreal feel when paired with tiny cardboard stags and carefully carved wooden snowflakes.

Red Striped Burlap Ribbon

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Via Lia Griffith

Source: https://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/trends/g13530576/ribbon-christmas-tree-ideas/

Festive Ribbon and Lace Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Festive Ribbon and Lace Rustic Christmas Ornaments

This ribbon and lace rustic Christmas ornaments tutorial is going to add a beautiful addition to your holiday tree. Easy to make, beautiful, and perfect for customizing to your color scheme, it is an ideal handmade ornament for Christmas!

If you love the rustic decor as much as I do, then you should check out this rustic hand-lettered wood slice idea for hanging on your tree this year!

Rustic Christmas Ornaments

The rustic twine look is one of my favorites for decorating! Sometimes called farmhouse style or country chic, I love the appeal of the simple colors and products in rustic items. This rustic Christmas ornaments idea is super easy to make and allows you to adapt to your own color scheme as needed.

I find the rustic twine in large spools online at Amazon for a great price, but you may find it in smaller packages at your local Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or Joann’s craft stores. Since I use it so often, I typically keep a large supply on hand. This is a great rustic addition to any decoration in your home.

Can I Use Ribbon Instead of Twine for This Ornament?

If you have a thin ribbon you would prefer over twine, feel free to add it to this craft ornament instead. Just wrap as you would with the twine, and make sure it is glued in place securely before hanging.

Tip: Check your local craft store for colored twine for adding variety to your rustic decor ideas.

More Holiday Ornament Ideas

I love sharing all of my favorite craft and decorating ideas with you here. Below are some more of my favorite holiday ornament tutorials and ideas. Add these to your crafting list this holiday season to add extra beauty and homemade flair to your holiday tree!

Supplies Needed

  • Rustic twine or thread
  • Lace
  • Ribbon
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue

How to Make Ribbon & Lace Rustic Christmas Ornaments

To make this rustic Christmas ornament, you will begin by cutting your rustic thread in around a 6″-8″ length. Fold this in half, and tie a not on the loose end. Stick this into the top of your Styrofoam ball. I used scissors to push down into the styrofoam.

Next, you will begin adding hot glue to the ball and wrapping with the same twine securing as you go around the ball in a circle.

Ones you get the entire ball wrapped and the glue has all dried, you will then use a piece of lace and measure around the middle of the ornament. Cut the lace to fit, and glue in place.

Using an alternate color of ribbon, create a small bow, and glue to the center of the lace covering the end pieces where it was glued in place.

Once the glue has dried, you will hang from your Christmas tree.

Printable Step by Step Photo Tutorial:

Prep Time 2 minutes

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 17 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1

  • Rustic twine or thread
  • Lace
  • Ribbon
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  1. Begin this ornament by creating a loop for hanging it from the tree. Measure out a piece of twine in a 6″-8″ length and fold in half forming a loop
  2. Tie a large knot on the loose ends, then use scissors or a knife to push the loose end into the topo f the styrofoam ball. Secure with a drop of glue around the base;
  3. Next, you will begin gluing the twine in place on the ball;
  4. Starting at the top by the hanging thread, wind the twine around the ball using hot glue to secure;
  5. Don't leave any gaps, but push the twine close together to secure;
  6. Once the twine has wrapped all the way around the ball, you will cut a strip of lace the diameter of the ball;
  7. Wrap this around the ball and glue in place;
  8. Using an alternate color of ribbon and wrap around the ball then tie in a bow covering the ends of the lace;
  9. Glue in place;
  10. Once the glue has dried, hang the new rustic Christmas ornaments from your holiday tree.

Source: https://www.diyncrafts.com/68762/holidays/christmas/festive-ribbon-and-lace-rustic-christmas-ornaments

30 Unique Christmas Tree Topper Ideas – Best Ways to Top Holiday Trees

Festive Ribbon and Lace Rustic Christmas Ornaments


You know it's officially the holiday season when you take the decorations storage and put up the Christmas tree (while listening to classic Christmas tunes or watching the Hallmark holiday movie marathon, of course). While you can dress up your Christmas tree anyway you want, you want to make sure everything looks just right, down to the final decoration at the very top.

While angel and star tree toppers are traditional choices, we've rounded up 30 unique Christmas tree topper ideas that are a little different, will impress guests, and make your décor stand out against any other household. You’ll find Christmas tree toppers for Harry Potter fans, personalized tree toppers, spooky tree toppers, and even some next-level angels and stars and more.

For more Christmas ideas, check out the Good Housekeeping 2019 Holiday Guide for holiday decor ideas, Christmas games and activities, holiday recipes, and popular gift ideas.

1 of 30


Joy! Tree Topper

TheLetterLoftUK etsy.com


2 of 30


Beveled Glass Star

CityFreeGlass etsy.com


3 of 30


Custom Dog Christmas Tree Topper

WhiskersWhimsyGifts etsy.com


Send this Etsy seller a picture of your dog(s) and she'll create a hand-sewn topper of your furry friend made from a blend of merino wool.

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Family Name Christmas Tree Topper

BlueBridesLLC etsy.com


Christmas stockings aren't the only decorations that can have your name on it. Top your tree with the family name in colors  red, blue, silver, or rose gold. 

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Sorting Hat Tree Topper

NikaNikaBJDShop etsy.com


Who would've thought that Hogwarts' magical hat would make the perfect tree topper for a Harry Potter fan. 

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Vintage Christmas Tree Topper

pumpkintruck etsy.com


It might look it costs a million bucks, but this tree topper from the 1970s only costs $17. This Etsy seller has a whole shop of rare vintage finds.

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Custom Family Initial Christmas Tree Topper

BlueBridesLLC etsy.com


With 671 five-star ratings, this handmade family initial tree topper is a super unique and adorable way to showcase your family bond. Choose from over 10 colors, including red, bronze, and rose gold.

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Star of David Tree Topper

InterfaithLiving etsy.com


For blended families that celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, this Star of David tree topper turns your Christmas tree into a celebration of lights.

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Star Power Tree Topper

FunOrders etsy.com


Celebrate the video gamer in your life by gifting him a Super Star topper inspired by Super Mario Bros.

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Wire Flower Tree Topper

ChristmasTreeJewelry etsy.com


You'll find that each item from this Etsy shop is handmade and no two toppers are a — so there are plenty more styles to choose from.

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Double Name Tree Topper

KtownCreative etsy.com


You can add up to two names on this personalized tree topper that's handmade to order and made of raw, unfinished wood for a rustic look.

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Unicorn Tree Topper

BellaBowtiqueDesigns etsy.com


A unicorn tree topper isn't the traditional choice for a family Christmas tree but it would look adorable paired with that DIY sprinkle ornament the little one made.

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Dinosaur Tree Topper

InrainbowsBecco etsy.com


If your little one's list is filled with dinosaur toys, your tiny dino lover will love helping put this handmade Christmas topper on the tree.

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Lighted Iced Tinsel Santa Hat Tree Topper

Northlight walmart.com


The Santa hat topper comes with replacement bulbs and a spare fuse in case you plan to use it for years to come. 

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Green Oogie Boogie Tree Topper

Littlecorpsemagnets etsy.com


It's not much of a fright when you realize that this topper is inspired by the Christmas classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Reindeer Hugger Tree Topper

Moon Boat amazon.com


Here's another Christmas movie favorite: Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer!

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Decorative Bow Tree Topper

CraftsbyBeba etsy.com


Ribbed with wire, this decorative bow topper is easy to secure to your tree. When you're done, you can pin it to your front door, too.

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Golden Girls Light Up Christmas Tree Topper

kitschculturecanada etsy.com


Nothing beats a tree topper that features the Golden Girls, the sitcom that never gets old.

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Multi Colored Glass Bead Tree Topper

LaCasaMexicanCrafts etsy.com


This gorgeous handmade Moroccan-style tree topper is adorned with large, colored beads that will add a disco ball effect to your living room.

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Coastal Large Star Tree Topper

seashellsbyseashore etsy.com


Celebrating Christmas by the sea? This coral star will add all the right vibes this holiday. Get it in a glitter or natural finish.

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Large Santa Christmas Tree Topper

Wmbetter amazon.com


This friendly face features bendable arms that kindly wrap around the treetop.  

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LifeRing Christmas Tree Topper Decoration

Handcrafted Nautical Decor wayfair.com


Add a nautical touch to your tree this year with a classic life ring. You can choose from a red and white option or a white, blue and red option.

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Magic Elf Tree Topper

The best part about this magic elf? It smells coffee and cinnamon to sweeten up your home.

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Christmas Gnome Tree Topper

Use him a a good luck charm, gift, or as Scandinavian home décor — his body is hollow so you can use him as a topper too!

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Angel Tree Topper

wayfair wayfair.com


This angel is dressed in faux fur, twigs, and berries, but still captures Christmas magic.

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Gingerbread Man Tree Topper

MissShellyDesignsUK etsy.com


If you're going for a fun and colorful theme, opt for this felt gingerbread man with wings. The owner of this Etsy shop even makes a gingerbread angel version that wears a tutu!

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Rustic Angel Tree Topper

Instead of the traditional angel, anyone who prefers rustic holiday décor will appreciate this design made burlap and lace. 

Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/christmas-ideas/g2721/christmas-tree-toppers/

Rustic Christmas Party for Kids

Festive Ribbon and Lace Rustic Christmas Ornaments

This post was written by Sarah of Sarah Sofia Productions for Shutterfly.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This rustic Christmas party has us singing and dancing with cheer. Circle M Farm served as the perfect rustic winter wonderland backdrop just outside Charlotte, NC with its large green and white handmade barn doors and beautiful countryside landscape.

Guests arrived to a wintery scene with handmade farm tables from Nick, one of the co-owners of Circle M Farm, that were decked out with red plaid, mini trees, pinecones, berries, and garland.

Hot Cocoa Stand

Kids lined up at Jade and May Company’s mobile caravan bar to grab a cup of hot cocoa and warm up. A sweet addition to the hot cocoa was the array of candy cane and chocolate covered stirs.

Rustic Christmas Tablescape

Once everyone had a cup of hot cocoa they were seated at the snow cover farm table to enjoy homemade cocoa cup cookies! Place settings had red plaid dinner plates with white vintage china salad plates. Red plaid napkins were displayed in antler and pinecone napkin holders.

Plates were topped with miniature trees, pinecones, and wrapped gifts in clay pots tied with red grosgrain ribbon created by The Whimsical Rose.

Garland of pine, magnolia leaves, berries, and pinecones served as the table runner. For a whimsical and vintage look, we added frosted glass bottles with gold dollies, white milk glass bottles as candle holders, and gold and pink miniature trees.

Winter Dessert Table

The dessert table was decorated with a red plaid table runner, which showcased the two-tier Lace and Pine Branch Caked designed by Confection Deception.

To create a rustic but vintage winter wonderland we added miniature flocked trees, red and brass lanterns, white trees, large silver bells, and vintage Christmas decorations the red barn and station wagon with a Christmas tree tied to the roof. You can personalize your table by displaying your family Christmas card from Shutterfly!

After everyone was warmed up and full of winter sweets it was time to get crafty and decorate gingerbread men! Each foam gingerbread man came with a ribbon, fun stickers to decorate, and a piece of paper about the legend of the gingerbread man. They can come pre-made in a gingerbread kit, which will have everything you need for this Christmas activity.

Everyone loves a good snowball fight right?! Kids enjoyed dancing and singing to their favorite songs and a snowball fight. After the snowball fight, kids warmed up by the fire and enjoyed roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.

In addition to their miniature planted flocked trees and gingerbread man Christmas ornaments they made, kids were given black and red buffalo check gift bags filled with red and white M & M’s as party favors.

Party Vendors

Planning, Coordination, Design, DIY Frosted Bottles, and Cocoa Cup Cookies – Sarah Sofia Productions

Photography – Katlyn Marie Photography

Venue, Farm Table and Farm Chairs – Circle M Farm Events

Vintage Chinaware, Milk Glass Bottles and DIY Miniature Planted Flocked Trees – The Whimsical Rose

Mobile Caravan Bar – Jade and May Company

Christmas Card and Personalized Napkins – Shutterfly

Party Décor, Gingerbread Kits and Decorations, Be Merry Wood Tray, Brass Lanterns, and Buffalo Check Gift Bags – Oriental Trading

Two Tier Lace and Pine Branch Cake – Confection Deception

Flatware – Cooke Rentals

Denver Plaid Plates and Antler and Pinecone Napkin Holders – Pottery Barn

Vintage Christmas decorations, Red Plaid Table Runner and Napkins, Red and Pink Plaid Blankets – Target

Gold and Silver Ball Garland, Table Top Trees in Burlap, Window Antler Décor, Red Lanterns – Michaels

Table Top Gold and Silver Christmas Tree – Pottery Barn Kids

Source: https://www.shutterfly.com/ideas/rustic-christmas-party/