Magical Gift Box 3D Christmas Cards Video

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Magical Gift Box 3D Christmas Cards Video

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40 Best Harry Potter Gifts in 2020 – Gift Ideas Any Potterhead Will Love

Magical Gift Box 3D Christmas Cards Video

Retailers/Margaret Flatley

In the Harry Potter world, there are infinite opportunities for HP-themed gifts.

There's Christmas, obviously, but there's also: Harry's birthday, Dumbledore's birthday, Halloween, the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, September 1st, New Year's Eve (Voldemort's birthday) – the list goes on and on. What I'm saying is: there's no wrong time to reward your inner nerd with a little Harry Potter merch.

And even though we Muggles can't do magic, you can still find some pretty awesome gifts that would look right at home on the shelves of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Ahead, shop official Harry Potter products that will awaken your inner fangirl.

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Golden Snitch Clock

Every Seeker should have this dainty clock sitting next to their bed. 

POP! Harry Potter Patronus

POP! collectors, you have to add this new release to your collection.  


Harry Potter Concert Series Tickets Harry Potter


Watch your favorite HP movies on the big screen as a live orchestra plays the iconic music in-time with the film. The traveling show is available in cities all across the country.

“Harry Potter” Trivia

Test a fan's true knowledge with this Harry Potter version of Trivial Pursuit.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter Hoodie Sweatshirt

Urban Outfitters


Rep ya boy with this graphic tee printed with the moment Harry gets his first Hogwarts letter in Sorcerer's Stone. Just try not to think about the fact that, sadly, you will never have this moment.


Dragon Egg Bath Bomb Gift Set SevenandSixCosmetics


“I'd try putting it in the water, if I were you.” – Moaning Myrtle 

Bargain Alert!

Magic-Change Sequin Throw Pillow Harry Potter


Swipe all the sequins in the opposite direction and a Platform 9 3/4 logo magically appears.  

Harry Potter Erised Mirror Gold

The Noble Collection


It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, but you can dwell on your own beautiful reflection in this replica Mirror of Erised.


Custom Starbucks Cup ESPRESSO PATRONUM Personalized Starbucks Cup • Custom Travel Tumbler [potter gift idea, potterhead] CleverHollyDesigns


Keep the most magical potion of them all (coffee) safe and steaming hot with this spill-proof to-go cup. 

Harry Potter Chocolate Sandwich Cookies


These crisp chocolate wafers are the perfect holiday treat. They come with a vanilla-cream filling, dunked in smooth milk chocolate – Molly Weasley couldn't have done it better. Order them by December 21 to receive your box in time for Christmas. 

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Wand Crossbody Bag



Instead of your typical hardware, this mini bag comes with teeny replicas of the Deathly Hallows and the Elder Wand. 

Harry Potter Slytherin Dark Green Embroidered Sweater

Hogwarts school uniform, but make it fashion. 

Dumbledore's Office Scented Candle

Turn your room into Dumbledore's office with a crackling candle that smells fireplace and Albus' favorite candy: lemondrops. 

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Tapestry Throw Blanket – BoxLunch Exclusive

Harry Potter


Throw this knit on your bed for a little House pride or use it as a wall tapestry to turn any space into a Hogwarts common room. 

Harry Potter Time Turner Spinner Expandable Necklace

This necklace won't transport you through time (un Hermione's), but it does make a great outfit add-on. 

Harry Potter Inspired Notebook



Jot down magic spells – or, you know your bio homework – in this vintage-y notebook inspired by Harry's Hogwarts textbooks.

Harry Potter House Crest Cookie Cutters


This are soooo much cooler than your typical Christmas cookies.

Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs Watchman Beanie

Harry Potter


Luna's famous Spectrespecs are useful for spotting Nargles, plus they're a major statment piece. 

Harry Potter Collectible Wand

Noble Collection


Holly and phoenix feather – great for disarming spells and nothing else.

Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans

Maybe if you're lucky, you'll get to try a bogey flavored bean, too.

Harry Potter Coasters-Set of 4



 These handmade coasters are covered in real pages from the Harry Potter books. Whatever you do, don't tell Madam Pince. 

Smart Headphones

This magical headset plays music your own personal Sonorous Charm – super loud and crystal clear.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Gryffindor Edition

If the sorting hat didn't put you in Gryffindor, this book isn't for you.

Hagrid's Hut Model Kit


Build a 3D hut (with a wheelbarrow and all) yourself with this metallic model kit. 

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Taped Leggings

*Wears Ravenclaw leggings.* *Does not go to Quidditch practice.*

Chocolate Elder Wand


The only stocking stuffer you'll need this holiday season. 

Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts

Insight Editions

Magic Moving Photo Printer


Print moving pictures straight off of your phone with this -magic printer. Just take a video in the Lifeprint app, print out the picture, then hold it in front of your phone camera – the photo moves wizard pictures in the movies. 

Harry Potter Charm

Give your favorite Pandora bracelet a dose of magic with their new Harry Potter charm collection. You can score teeny versions of your favorite characters, plus beads with iconic HP symbols, the Hogwarts Express and Gryffindor lion.

Harry Potter Years 1-7 Part 1 Gift Set Blu-ray

Warner Brothers UK


If you've been getting your wizarding fix through random Harry Potter weekends, it's time you invest in the real thing. Head back to Hogwarts any time you want with this 7-disk set. 

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Tote

Danielle Nicole


Keep all your quills and Cockroach Clusters in this ultra stylish tote with lowkey Hufflepuff vibes. 

Bargain Alert!

Platform 9 3/4 Crossbody Bag

You'll basically be a Hogwarts student with this Platform 9 3/4 mini bag. 

Tickets to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Visit Hogwarts IRL with a ticket to Universal Studios' Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Sip butterbeer, cast spells, and ride the Hogwarts Express – so, basically, do everything you've been dreaming about since the first time you read the books. 

Harry Potter Yule Ball Pop! Figure Set



These figurines will look great standing guard over your Harry Potter books. 

Gryffindor Box Set


This fandom box comes with an enamel book cover pin, a House Pride candle, an orange bath bomb, and a deck of playing cards perfect for Exploding Snap. 

Harry Potter Acid Pops


True fans of the book know that one of these dangerous sweets once burnt a hole right through Ron's tongue. If that isn't reason to buy them, I don't know what is. 

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: The Illustrated Edition

The new illustrated Goblet of Fire is here and every page is covered in gorgeous drawings of some of Harry's most daring moments. 

Harry Potter Merch Crate



Get a journal, mug, wand pen, and light-up figurine for under $20. *Buys one for myself.*

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Magical Gift Box 3D Christmas Cards

Magical Gift Box 3D Christmas Cards Video

These gift box 3D Christmas cards will blow your mind! They are so easy to make and look so incredible. You will feel a true artist when creating these cards to display or share with friends and family this year.

This idea is easy to customize with your holiday color themes and is perfect for sharing at holiday card exchanges.

If you missed it, check out these 3D Christmas tree cards we recently made. I am loving learning about how to make elements on my crafts 3D this year.

So cute and fun to make and customize for your friends and family this year, because who wants to send a generic card for the holidays? Not me!

Gift Box 3D Christmas Cards

I love receiving beautiful cards in the mail. The holiday season, I tend to get the most, and I always look forward to opening my mail for another pretty card to add to my mantle.

This year, I am excited to share this tutorial for making your own homemade 3D Christmas cards to send to your friends and family.

There is something magical about this card. Opening it up you see the beautiful design, but then you are wowed by the way the boxes magically appear in 3D! I love how fun this is to give to others.

If you this idea for a 3D craft, then make sure you check out how I made these 3D paper snowflakes for decorating during the winter months. My 3D stars are another fun craft that adds whimsy to the holiday decorations.

What Can I Use to Make My Card Unique?

Decorating this 3D Christmas card is the best part! I used some simple stickers and washi tape, but you could use whatever you want for this craft.

Below are some fun ways you could decorate your card before gifting that will add your own personality to the project.

  • Washi tape in solid colors or a variety of holiday themes.
  • Stamps and ink pads in fun holiday colors adding things stars, angels, snowflakes, and reindeer on the front of the card.
  • Use stencils to paint a monogram on the front.
  • Add fabric pieces to the “boxes” for more depth.
  • Attach mini bows to the gifts to make them stand out more when opened.
  • Use a gold leaf or gold paint to make the card look “richer”.

Add this miniature Christmas tree cardstock strips to your holiday decorations. It’s perfect to match your cards with custom colors and patterns! I love making paper cards, trees, and ornaments, and this is one of my favorites.

Can My Kids Make This 3D Card?

Definitely! Un some cards and decorations, this is the one the kids can easily help you make. Younger kids may not be great with folding and cutting, but it’s ideal for teaching them, and something older kids can help them learn.

I would let them help make these if they want, but sometimes more intricate crafts are harder for the younger kids. I to have an option they can handle easily. Of course, the kids love these color your own ornaments printables so they can customize their own while I work on mine.

What is the Best Way to Mail These 3D Christmas Cards?

Since this card is a bit thicker than a traditional holiday card, you will need a bigger envelope, as well as more postage. I recommend making your own paper envelope or using a larger manilla envelope for sending this via USPS.

One of my favorite things to do is to grab this printable Christmas advent calendar for ideas on who to send this card. You can hand-deliver these cards as suggested on the list. I love the idea of paying it forward with my advent rather than opening a gift for myself. How about you?

Supplies Needed

  • Red and white cardstock
  • Washi tape
  • Decorative stickers or stamps
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Paper glue
  • Corner punch
  • Folding Knife

How to Make Gift Box 3D Christmas Cards

To begin making this card, you will start by choosing the color of paper you want on the outside. I chose red. You will fold this in half as shown. To keep the folds nice and even, I use a folding knife. You can also use any flat surface a book edge, credit card, etc. to keep the folds even.

Next, you will cut your alternate color (I used white) and cut it about 1/2″ shorter around all sides than your main paper color. At this time, you can use a hole punch in a fun design for the holidays, and punch out the corners of the paper as shown below.

Next, you will fold the white paper in half, and then on the folded part of the paper, you will draw some lines that you will then cut to create your boxes.

I decided I wanted my boxes to start about 1″ from the bottom of the white paper, so I drew a line there, then another line about 1″ above that that was shorter, and the same for the top lines that are also shorter.

The idea is to make them evenly spaced and smaller as they go up.

Cut through these lines just to the end of the line you drew.

Now, it is time to push those cuts outwards so they are on the front side of the paper and look a little boxes. Then, you will glue the white paper to your red paper as shown, with the boxes loose on the outside.

Add washi tape, stickers, stamps, or marker drawings to decorate your boxes and card.

Now it is time to display your card or add a greeting and mail to your friends!

Printable Step by Step Photo Tutorial:

Prep Time 2 minutes

Active Time 5 minutes

Total Time 7 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $2

  • Red and white cardstock
  • Washi tape
  • Decorative stickers or stamps
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Paper glue
  • Corner punch
  • Folding Knife
  1. To make your 3D card, you will begin with 2 different colors of paper. I chose red for the outer paper and white for the inside paper;
  2. Fold our larger outside paper in half and set aside;
  3. Next, you will cut your alternate color for the inside. You will need to cut this about 1/2″ smaller around all sides than your main paper;
  4. Once you have this cut to size, you will use a hole punch to cut different fun holiday patterns on each corner. I used a flower hole punch;
  5. Now, you will use your ruler to draw lines on the outside of the white paper around 1″ apart with the first starting 1″ from the bottom of the page. This is going to be used to cut your “boxes”. Make the bottom the largest or longest line, and each line will be shorter so the boxes are tiered with largest on the bottom and smallest on top;
  6. Once you have the lines in place, you will cut each line and then pop the paper through so it looks a box on the inside of the fold;
  7. Glue the white paper to the red paper as shown, and begin adding decorations;
  8. I added washi tape and stickers to decorate the boxes and inside of the card;
  9. Once you have decorated it, you can display or sign to mail to your friends and family.

Use glitter or foam board to create a different look for your card. You can also add glitter, paint with a custom design, or hand monogram your cards to make easy one be unique.


The Ultimate Christmas Craft Idea | Christmas Exploding Gift Box

Magical Gift Box 3D Christmas Cards Video

Are you looking for the ULTIMATE Christmas craft idea for your classroom?

Make your classroom buzz! Create a free Teach Starter account and download hundreds of time-saving resources. Find out more

Introducing the Christmas exploding gift box! Not only will your students love getting creative with this Christmas craft idea – they will love surprising someone special to them.

How to Make The ULTIMATE Christmas Craft

Firstly, you’ll need to download and print out our Christmas Decorative Square Templates.

This printable template includes a variety of plain frames and sentence starters. Students can pick and choose which they want to use in their exploding box.

This Christmas craft idea is very detailed and can take a bit of time to create. However, our best tip is to measure, cut and decorate a layer a day (there are three layers plus a lid).

STEP 1: The First Layer

To create the first layer:

  • cut out a square that measures 30cm x 30cm
  • using a ruler, divide the larger square to create a grid with smaller squares measuring 10cm x 10cm.
  • cut out each corner square to create a plus sign ( the image below)
  • decorate each of the squares excluding the middle square.

We used leftover Christmas wrapping paper and some pretty sparkly paper bought at our local newsagent. You can also pick up some Christmas scrapbooking paper that would work perfectly too! Or, why not re-use old Christmas cards…

The beauty of this craft is that once the templates have been measured and cut, you can let your students’ creative juices flow!

STEP 2: The Second Layer

For the second layer, we have added a bit more detail.

Measurements for the second layer are:

  • 27cm x 27cm for the large square
  • 9cm x 9cm for the smaller squares.

We glued some sparkly glitter paper on some of the squares first and then our Christmas Decorative Square Templates on top. This creates a really fun, decorative effect!

STEP 3: The Third Layer

This is the fun layer where your students can add lots of fun layers and effects!

Measurements for the second layer are:

  • 24cm x 24cm for the large square
  • 8cm x 8cm for the smaller squares.

As this is the top layer you will need something in the middle square – you can even add some height to this one as it will be the middle of the box!

Add a small gift for someone special in the middle as well.

STEP 4: Constructing the Box

Now that you have three completed plus sign shaped layers, it’s time to stick them all together! Make sure the decorative side is facing up.

  1. Place the first (largest) layer face-up on the table and fold up the outside squares.
  2. Stick strips of double-sided tape or use glue around the edges of the centre square.
  3. Place the centre square of the second (middle) layer on top of the first layer and push down.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 for the next layer until the box has been built!

STEP 5: The Exploding Gift Box Lid

To ensure that the receiver of this gorgeous craft gets a lovely surprise upon opening this exploding gift box, a lid needs to be made. We’re almost there…

  • Cut a square piece of paper that is 20.5cm x 20.5cm.
  • Using a ruler, divide the square into a grid with the middle square measuring 10.25cm x 10.25cm. Tip: measure 5cm from the edge of the square both horizontally and vertically to get the middle square to measure 10.25cm x 10.25cm.
  • Now, instead of cutting the whole corner squares out we did for the layers, you only need to cut one line from the edge of the paper to each of the corners in the middle square. This will create four tabs!
  • Fold all of the ruled lines.
  • Put glue on the smaller square ‘tabs’ created by the cuts and folds.
  • Tuck the tabs into the long, rectangle sides of the lid.
  • Decorate!

The Best Christmas Craft Going Round

There you have it! The coolest Christmas craft going around and your students will love creating this awesome surprise for someone special in their lives.

Share your photos over on Instagram by tagging @teachstarter and #teachstarter

Make your classroom buzz! Create a free Teach Starter account and download hundreds of time-saving resources. Find out more