Miniature Pinecone Christmas Tree Decoration or Ornament

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  25. Rustic Pinecone Christmas tree
  26. Charming Pinecone Tree
  27. Adorable Pinecone Penguins
  28. Spray-painted pine cone ornament
  29. Snow white pinecone wreath
  30. Glassy Wonder
  31. Dangling Rustic Beauties
  32. Pinecone Owls
  33. The Mason Jar Snow Globe
  34. Tiny Christmas Elves
  35. Staple Snowman
  36. Single-piece Pinecone Hanging Craft
  37. Rustic Pinecone Centrepiece
  38. Rustic Table Setting
  39. Candle-holder redefined
  40. Wooden Charm
  41. Woodsy Kissing Ball
  42. Apple of the eye
  43. Pinecone Rudolf
  44. Snowman Wonders
  45. An Owl in the Christmas tree
  46. Come Santa, Come
  47. Angelic Cones
  48. Reindeer Pinecone Ornament
  49. Decorative Starry Cone Craft
  50. Miniature pinecone wonders
  51. Center of Attention Cone Décor
  52. 42 Unique Christmas Tree Decorations – 2019 Ideas for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

45 DIY Christmas Ornaments — How To Make Holiday Ornaments 2019

Miniature Pinecone Christmas Tree Decoration or Ornament

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Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Gather up some Christmas-themed ornaments to make a few DIY'd ornaments. Trace the cookie cutters onto patterned paper and cut them out. Place a small line of glue around the edge of the cookie cutter and place cut paper on top, lining up all of the edges and let it dry. Attach a small loop of cord to the back of the ornament, let dry, and hang.

What You'll Need:Patterned paper ($9, Amazon)

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Honeycomb Paper Ornaments

Draw half a bell or oval onto folded paper balls (we used ones 8” in diameter) in mixed colors and carefully cut out the shape. Then unfold the paper ball and use doublestick tape to attach both ends.

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Reindeer Ornament

On a gold ornament, paint two circles of white where they overlap for an area for the eyes and let dry. Paint two black dots for eyes in the center of the two white circles and let dry.

Paint a black (or red for Rudolph) nose in the center where the two white circles meet and add a little mouth shape underneath the nose and let dry. Attach the twig antlers to the top of the ornament with hot glue.

Cut out a triangle ear shape from brown construction paper and bend inwards slightly and put a thin line of hot glue right in front of the twig antler and glue down.

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Santa Ornament

On a red ornament, paint a thick line of black paint around the middle of the ornament and let dry. Cut out a small rectangle of the gold glitter paper and cut a smaller rectangle in the middle to make it look a belt buckle. Then hot glue the buckle to the center of the black line to look a Santa belt.

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Dangling Star Ornaments

Baking up a simple salt dough is a kid-friendly activity.

1. Mix 1 cup of salt, 2 cups of flour, and 3/4 cups of water (and optional food coloring). Knead until mixed.2. Roll out dough and cut with star-shaped cookie cutters.3. Use a skewer to poke a hole in the top.

4. Bake at 350º for 10 minutes. Hot glue decorative sequins.

What You'll Need: Star-shaped cookie cutters ($12, Amazon)

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Fluffy Santa Ornament

A giant pom pom makes for one soft and cuddly Santa.

1. Cut a 3″ x 3″ square of red felt into 2 triangles, then use hot glue to attach on 2 sides.2. Hot-glue faux-fur trim around the bottom and a small white pom-pom.3. Twist silver craft wire into 2 loops and trim edges to create Santa's glasses.

4. Hot-glue the glasses and a small pink pom-pom nose to make his face.

What You'll Need: Craft wire ($8, Amazon); red felt ($6, Amazon)

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Party Cactus Ornament

Warm-weather vibes are welcome even if there's snow on the ground.

1. Trace a cactus onto 2 pieces of green felt and cut.2. Sew rows of white thread in an embroidery stitch onto 1 side of green felt. Then, sew the pieces together, leaving the bottom open.3. Next, stuff Poly-Fil inside and sew closed.4. Thread a neutral string through a needle and poke through pom-poms.

5. Wrap string around cactus arms and tie in the pack.

What You'll Need: Poly-Fil ($12, Amazon)

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Sparkling Angel Ornament

This tinsel-fied trinket is a sweet gift — if you can part with it!

1. Cut body and wings decorative paper.2. Hot-glue 1″ doll pin head to 4.25″ doll pin. Draw face with colored pencils.3. Wrap paper in cone shape around doll pin and hot-glue closed.4. Cut slits to insert wings into body, securing with hot glue.

5. Curl a piece of craft wire into a halo and hot-glue onto head.

What You'll Need: Doll pins ($6, Amazon)

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Colorblocked Finials

Give your Christmas tree a pop of color with these fun wooden ornaments painted in vibrant hues.

Get the tutorial at Good Housekeeping.

What You'll Need: Acrylic paint set ($18, Amazon)

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Elf Door Ornament

Adding a few embellishments to an adorable store-bought dollhouse staple takes just minutes.

1. Shape a twig of faux evergreen into a circle and wrap the end tightly around the stem to close. 2. Tie a small bow in plaid ribbon and hot-glue to bottom of wreath.

3. Attach to a fairy door with hot glue.

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Itty-Bitty Luggage Ornament

Tiny suitcases are just the ticket for a travel lover's tree.

1. Trace an Altoids tin on a sheet of glitter paper to create front and back panels. Cut a thin strip (0.88″ x 11.5″) to cover the sides of the tin.2. Cut 2 pieces of cloth ribbon 11″ long to make the handles and hot-glue to the top of the tin while wrapping it around to make a handle on each side.

3. Attach tiny stickers or travel-sized print outs.

What You'll Need: Altoids ($15, Amazon); assorted Christmas stickers ($11, Amazon)

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Kissing Ball

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Mud Cloth Ornaments

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Antler Wood Slice Ornaments

Get some wood slices from your local craft store and create this rustic antler ornament using an antler template and a wood burning tool.

Get the tutorial at Cherished Bliss.

What You'll Need: Hot wood burning tool ($22, Amazon)

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Cinnamon Scented Ornaments

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DIY Christmas Ornaments Jingle Bells

Jingle all the way into Christmas with these playful DIY ornaments, made with large bells and silver pipe cleaners.

Get the tutorial at The Girl Creative.

What You'll Need: Silver pipe cleaners ($8, Amazon)

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Burlap Reindeer Ornament

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Santa Ornament

This homemade decoration recycles an old red ornament, then uses black electrical tape, silver tape, and a jumbo chenille stem (or cotton balls) to make an extra-round Santa.

Get the tutorial at Sew Many Ways.

What You'll Need: Black electrical tape ($5, Amazon)

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Anywhere Ornaments

Spread seasonal greetings with these cute pieces perfect for your tree, staircase, doorknobs or chairbacks.

Spread Joy: Paint wooden letters J and Y with red acrylic paint. Wrap a wooden letter O with green yarn; use hot glue to secure ends and attach a small bow and gems. To attach letters, arrange them facedown, then hot-glue small card stock strips from one letter to the next. To hang, hot-glue a loop of baker's twine to the back of the O.

Old St. Nick: Use our free template to cut a hat from felt; hot-glue to a 4″ wood circle and add a pompom on top. Hot-glue two black-bead eyes, a 1/2″ wooden circle nose, and wooden teardrop ears. From white faux craft fur, cut and hot-glue semicircle beard and two teardrops as a mustache. To hang, hot-glue a loop of ribbon to the back.

Festive Llama: Use our templates to make a green saddle, brown eyes, white hair, and a white nose from felt. Cut the body, back legs, and snout from white felt, then again from card stock. Mount each felt piece on top of a card stock piece for structure.

Hot-glue the back legs behind the body, then glue the snout, hair, and eyes in place. Add white felt dots as eye highlights. Hot-glue on saddle and red pompom trim, followed by more pompom trim around the neck and ankles. To hang, hot-glue a loop of ribbon to the back.

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Christmas Star Ornaments

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Photo Ornaments

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Countdown to Christmas

Decorate your tree one day at a time with this charming Advent calendar that counts down to Christmas day.

1. Cover a 21″ x 24″ foam board in fabric and secure at the back with hot glue.

2. Hang store-bought manila tags in rows from straight pins and add your own ornaments.

3. To mark each date, punch holes in wood craft circles, stamp on numbers and hang above the ornaments so little fingers know what's ready for the tree.

Get the tutorials for all 24 DIY ornaments.

What You'll Need: Manila tags ($7, Amazon)

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Confetti Ornaments

Dip plain ornaments in colorful confetti for some added glitz.

Get the tutorial at Unusually Lovely.

What You'll Need: Confetti ($16, Amazon)

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Sparkling Star

Add some sparkle to your tree by carefully pushing whole and halved toothpicks into a 11⁄2″ foam ball. Then, apply 1 or 2 coats of silver spray paint. While still wet, dust fine silver glitter over the ornament and use a dab of hot glue to attach a string for hanging.

What You'll Need: Silver spray paint ($10, Amazon); assorted foam balls ($12, Amazon); toothpicks ($6, Amazon)

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Disney Princess-Inspired Ornaments

Channel your favorite Disney princesses while making these Christmas ornaments with sequins, glitter, and stickers. This one resembles Snow White.

Get the tutorial at As the Bunny Hops.

What You'll Need: Blue sequins ($6, Amazon)

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Porcelain-Look Wreath Ornaments

As pearly and flawless as porcelain, this elegant ring — lovely as a gift topper or hung on a tree in multiples — is made with polymer clay.

Get the tutorial.

What You'll Need: Acrylic clay roller ($8, Amazon)


Miniature Pinecone Christmas Tree Decoration or Ornament

Miniature Pinecone Christmas Tree Decoration or Ornament

This adorable little Pine Cone Ornament for Christmas is so cute! You can add it to your tree, or simply display it on the mantle. It’s so easy to make with just a few craft supplies and a pinecone you grabbed from outside in your yard!

Want to add more unique trees around the house? Make this Christmas tree from cardstock strips in just a few minutes!

Pine Cone Ornament

While this little pine cone ornament isn’t necessarily to go on your Christmas tree, it’s still a perfect addition to your holiday decorations. A simple pine cone you picked from your front yard can turn into a miniature tree in no time!

How absolutely adorable is this creation? I love this and plan to make them in varying sizes to create a little forest of trees to go on my tree and on my mantle alongside holiday houses and figurines.

This is another great idea for making a Christmas tree an old book. You can also make a Christmas tree pinecones that are larger and better for displaying on a table or mantle.

What is the Best Paint for This Pine Cone Tree?

I used regular acrylic craft paint for making my miniature Christmas tree a pinecone. You can, however, use spray paint or any paint you have on hand. Just remember that you want to use non-toxic if painting this around your kids.

Any time you are painting with spray paint – make sure to do so outside or in a well-ventilated area.

What Type of Fake Snow Should I Use?

For this craft, you can use either bits of fake snow to sprinkle over the glue and paint or use a spray can of fake snow. I prefer the little bits of white flakes to sprinkle over the spray type of snow. It is less messy, and safer to work with typically.

If you don’t have access to those, you can shred small bits of paper or even use white glitter instead to create a snow look on your miniature pine cone Christmas tree.

Can This Hang on My Tree?

Yes! While this little tree ornament is really made to display on a counter, mantle, or table, you can definitely add it to your holiday tree. Simply glue a piece of twine or string to the top and add it to your tree wherever you prefer to display it!

Supplies Needed

  • Pinecone
  • Wine cork
  • Artificial snow
  • Green paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Red glittered foam paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Hairspray

How to Make a Christmas Pine Cone Ornament

To make this cute ornament or Christmas decoration, first, you will need to pick up some pine cones. Make sure they are totally dry and shake them out well to make sure there are no bugs or insects hidden inside them.

I started this by spraying the inside of the pine cone with hairspray or spray glue and sprinkled the fake snow on it to look snow down in the crevices of the tree.

Next, you will use your green paint and dab a bit on the ends of each tip of the pieces of the pinecone.

Once the glue has dried, you will glue the bottom of it to a piece of wine bottle cork.

To finish this decoration, you can use a piece of red or yellow foam board and cut out a simple star shape. if it doesn’t have glitter, you can add that before gluing to the top of the pinecone tree.

Feel free to decorate the tree with small ornaments, pearls, or beads before displaying on a table or mantle.


11 Easy Holiday Decorations Your Friends Won’t Believe You Made

Miniature Pinecone Christmas Tree Decoration or Ornament

If you’re anything us, you’re ready to deck the halls at midnight on Thanksgiving—and maybe a little before then! Today, we’ve got eleven holiday crafts for you that look so good, you’d never guess they were so easy to make. We’ve even got a few Hanukkah-themed crafts in the mix! Keep reading, because this is going to be fun, festive, and fabulous.


The holidays are our favorite time to break out the glue gun! Turn up the Rat Pack Christmas playlist, pour yourself a glass of vino, and soak in the holiday spirit with these fun and beautiful decor projects.

Mini Terrarium Ornaments – If you love the succulent and air plant trends, you’ll be glad to know they’re going strong into the holidays! Incorporate them into your Christmas tree with these adorable mini-terrariums.

Pick up a package of fillable, clear plastic ornaments with front openings. Visit your local garden center or craft store to find mini-succulents or air plants (real or artificial—your choice!), and pop them into the ornaments.

Space them out evenly around your tree.

Mason Jar Lid Tree Decorations – These fun ornaments can be made as simple or as ornate as you . Start with some basic twine, scissors, a yard or two of holiday-themed fabric, a glue gun, and some two-piece mason jar lids.

Cut the fabric to the size of the flat disc piece of the lid and use the hot glue to cover it with fabric. For even coverage, apply a thin layer of glue around the top-facing edges of the disc and press the fabric on carefully.


Next, apply hot glue to the inside rim of the threaded lid piece. Stick the covered disc inside with the fabric facing the inside rim. The rim will create a “frame” effect for the covered lid.

Cut some twine, fold it in half, and hot glue the cut edges it to the side edge of the lid to make a hanger.

Now, you can decorate your ornament however you ! You can write a festive message with glitter glue, or hot-glue more mini ornaments or fabric cutouts to your lid to complete the look.

Rustic Tree Decor – Love the rustic look? Create a nature-inspired Christmas tree theme using craft bird figurines, hot glue, black or green alligator hair clips, large pinecones, twine, and some burlap garland. 

First, create the bird ornaments by hot gluing the bird’s “feet” to the top part of the alligator clips.

This will allow you to clip on the birds so they “perch” on your tree’s branches! Make pinecone ornaments by cutting a few inches of twine per cone, folding them in half, and hot gluing the cut ends to the flat end of the cone.

If you a little extra ‘bling’, you can dazzle them up a bit by dipping or brushing the ends with glitter or gold paint. 

Trim the tree with warm white LED string lights, wrap the tree loosely in the simple burlap garland, then evenly space out the pinecone and bird decorations to finish. For a fun matching tree-topper, consider drilling a hole in a basic birdhouse from the craft store and covering it in gold paint!

Holiday Candle Centerpiece – There are 101 ways to create this festive and fabulous craft.

If you want to see how we do it, you and your favorite people can join one of our upcoming DIY Holiday Workshops.

But, if you want to try your own version at home, start with a 5” or 8” square or circle piece of wood, some hot glue, a pillar candle, and a bunch of your favorite holiday greenery. 

First, hot glue the candle to the center of the block of wood. Then, lay down your greenery around the candle, hot gluing each piece down.

Lay the longest pieces first (they should be long enough to drape slightly over the edge of the wood), then apply a layer of slightly shorter pieces overtop. Add shorter and shorter layers until you’re happy with how it looks.

To finish, you can add a few mini glass ornaments, pinecones, or artificial holly berries with a few more dabs of glue.


The holidays are knocking at our door, so why not greet them properly? Try one of these  simple and elegant door decor projects.

Grapevine Wreath – Most craft stores nearby carry grapevine wreath “bases”, which make an easy and modern shortcut for gorgeous wreaths. Choose the size you and some artificial greenery to adhere to the wreath with hot glue.

A simple theme with one or two colors, one type of greenery, and two to three “accent” items is all you need.

For example, you can use artificial spruce for your greenery, and accent with artificial berries, glass ball ornaments, and ribbon in your chosen theme color. 

Tuck and glue your greenery into the vine first, securing with hot glue, then wrap the ribbon around the wreath. Fill in the spaces with your accent items. You can create a focal point with a cluster of ornaments, a ribbon bow, or whatever accent item suits your fancy!

Gift-Wrapped Door – If making a wreath sounds too much fuss for you, this door decor is easy as it gets! Get a roll of gorgeous holiday ribbon and a large, coordinating gift bow. Cut two pieces of ribbon—one slightly longer than the height of your door, and one slightly longer than the width of your door.

Tape the first piece to the front of your door running lengthwise, either dead-center or slightly offset, securing behind the door frame. Tape the other piece widthwise, either centered or offset a foot or so above the door handle. To finish, simply use a piece of heavy-duty tape to affix the bow to the ribbon where the two pieces intersect.

Now you can really tell guests their “presence is a present”!

Basket of Evergreens – For a wreath alternative that’s a little simpler than the grapevine project but more ornate than the gift-wrap, try filling the base of a handled, flat-back wicker basket with a piece of floral foam and tucking in cuttings of real or artificial greenery. You can pepper in winter berries, pinecones, and any other ornaments if you . For an extra special touch, you can also hot-glue some ribbon around the basket and decorate the center with a pretty bow. Use a wreath hanger to hang your basket on the door.


Kids love Christmas more than anyone! These kid-friendly holiday decor projects are loads of fun without being too gaudy.

Mini-Christmas Trees – A trend for the 2019 holiday season is to decorate with multiple mini-Christmas trees in addition to the main family tree.

This is a perfect opportunity to let each of your children decorate their own tree.

Either supply them with a box of ready-made ornaments to decorate with, or let them go wild with a craft bucket of pipecleaners, pinecones, popsicle sticks, tinsel, and (if you trust them enough!) glitter. 

To pull everyone’s trees together, have everyone in the family decorate the main tree together with some of their favorite ornaments or their own homemade ones.

Cinnamon Dough Ornaments – This multi-sensory craft is lots of fun for kids, and it adds a lasting cinnamon aroma to your tree. However, before embarking with this craft, make sure your kids are old enough to understand that the dough is NOT edible—even if it smells delicious! 

Combine 1 cup of flour, ½ cup of salt, 6 tablespoons of cinnamon, ½ teaspoon each of cloves and nutmeg, and ¾ cups of warm water. Knead the mixture into a dough. Line a flat surface with waxed paper and roll out the dough. Let kids use holiday cookie cutters to cut out their favorite shapes. 

When they’re done, poke a hole in the top of their ornaments with a nail or drinking straw before letting them dry on a wire rack for 24 hours. Once the ornaments are dry, you can hang up the ornaments as-is by stringing twine through the holes. Or, you can let kids paint them with acrylic paints (spiked with a little extra cinnamon!) before hanging them up.


If you’re more blue-and-white than red-and-green, these stylish and modern Hanukkah crafts will be a welcome addition to your holiday decor.

Rustic Star – We love this pretty and modern Star of David craft. You can either pick up a pre-made wooden star from the craft store or make your own with six equal-length sticks. If you make your own, use twine or rubber bands to connect the ends of three sticks at a time, forming two triangles. Then, arrange them overtop of each other in a star shape and secure with more twine. 

Decorate with delicate greenery— eucalyptus, mistletoe, or juniper cuttings. Secure the greenery to the star frame with fine wire.

Felt Garland – Want to add a little extra shine to your mantel, table, or window dressing? Pick up some plastic coins with a shiny finish and hot glue them back-to-back over long strands of shimmering gold cord. You can hang the garland anywhere you want a touch of seasonal glam.

Can’t get enough holiday crafts? We have so many more ideas where they came from! Why not host an interactive holiday workshop at your house for family or friends? We’re happy to make house calls anywhere in the Finger Lakes Region—because making memories together is really the best gift of all!


How to Make Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Miniature Pinecone Christmas Tree Decoration or Ornament

In this post, you will find a tutorial on how to make your own pine cone Christmas trees.

Hello everyone! Have you finished your Christmas decorating yet? If not, here is a project that I completed recently that turned out WAY better than I expected. If you have an abundance of pine cones or have access to some, then you may want to make your own…

This post may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase anything through any affiliate link, I may earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees!

We have one tall pine tree in our yard that drops a ton of pine cones. Ever since I started crafting with pine cones, Leo picks them up and tosses them into a large container to save them for me. I to think of these free pine cones as “nature’s gift!” 

I brought one of my pine cone Christmas trees out onto the front porch so that I could photograph them better in the natural light, but currently they are residing on our hearth as part of our Christmas mantel decorations.  I’m still tinkering with the mantel because it’s missing something, and I haven’t quite figured out what that is yet! 

As you can see, I decided to use a blue, green, and red color scheme this year. A few months ago, I found a new and gorgeous shade of spray paint called “French blue.”

Yes, that was several months ago when I started painting pine cones blue! Now I will have to admit that you are going to need a lot of pine cones for this project, especially if you decide to make 2 trees I did! But spray paint dries really fast outdoors and the rest of the project can be done inside. 

In fact, this is a great project to enlist a few helpers!

Supplies Needed to Make Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Some of the links below are affiliate links to Amazon. For our full disclosure policy, click HERE.

The first step in making these pine cone Christmas trees is to spray paint all of your cones and allow them to dry thoroughly. 

Then, if desired, paint the tips of each cone with white acrylic craft paint. (I used titanium white by DecoArt.) This would be a really good job for youngsters to do-you can’t mess up this part!

Next, you will need a round base for your tree, and I used cake circles. I purchased these 14 inch circles, but they were too large for the wooden planters that I planned to put the trees on. So I simply cut them down to 12 inch size. You could easily cut cardboard circles from a box, and it doesn’t matter if the circle is perfect or not because no one will see that part! 

Get your glue gun ready. Place your largest pine cones on the outside edge of the circle and glue down. (I found it easier to add the glue to the circle.

) While doing this, try to nudge one pine cone into the next one. As you can see in the above photo, I didn’t pull my cones all the way out to the edge.

If you do so, you will have a taller tree and will need more pine cones.  My 2 trees ended up being 15 inches tall.

Once you glue down the first layer of cones, then start with the next one. But this time, pull your cones in just a bit in order to start shaping your tree. I put some pine cones down inside the hole that started forming, but I don’t think that you really need to do that. 

As you continue your layers, use smaller and smaller cones. When you get closer to the top, start angling your cones down to make the shape of a tree.

Oh, yes. You will have lots of glue strings to remove! At least, I did.

I found that the top of the tree needed a skinny pine cone, and here I’ve started adding some red ornaments. 

I used 2 packages of these red ornaments that I found in the section of Hobby Lobby where the miniature tree decorations are sold. 

Here you can see where I tucked them into the places where 2 cones met. I did hot glue them but only burned 1 finger! Ha! Be careful in this step! 

I am just delighted with how these trees turned out! I can just imagine them done in different colors or made with bleached pine cones. 

I can’t wait to show you how they look on our hearth, but they would make a great gift for someone with limited space. Or, I’m thinking they’d make a great centerpiece on a table. Or…

Well, you can see how my mind works! At the time, I’m loving the blue, red, and green combo. 

To see more of my pine cone crafts, you can click on any of these links:

How to Make Pine Cone Zinnias

Summer Wreath Made with Pine Cone Zinnias

Fall Rake Wreath with Pine Cone Zinnias

Chicken Wire and Pine Cone Wreath

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35 Creative Pinecone Christmas Crafts – Christmas Celebration – All about Christmas

Miniature Pinecone Christmas Tree Decoration or Ornament

Isn’t it amazingly amazing to witness how autumn makes way for the holiday season? Shortened days, whimsical winter breeze, withered trees, snowy roads, Christmas parties … the list goes on and on! And when we think about Christmas celebrations, our first priority is decorating the home; few start putting up the decorations in October, few others in mid and late November.

Irrespective of ‘when’ and ‘how’ you put up Christmas decorations, why not take some inspirations from Nature, this year? If you’re wondering what uniqueness can be brought in, here’s our suggestion – PINECONES! They can be found everywhere at your feet during the fall and are super easy to repurpose as beautiful home décor pieces.

If you’re convinced with our suggestion (read on if you aren’t also as we are confident that you’ll take a stroll through a wooded area or park nearby as soon as you finish this read) here are some ways to turn the humble pinecone to fabulous holiday home décor pieces.

Start-topped Cutie Cone Trees

: Painted green and topped with a tiny star, these adorable trees made from pinecones are the perfect way to add some rustic Christmasy charm. Place them in silver terra-cotta pots and display on your table or buffet.


Frosty pinecone garlands

Add a touch of frosty-look to the cones by applying a generous amount of Epsom salt on to the sealer coated pinecones. Then tie them on ribbons and use the garland to decorate the fireplace or door frames.


Santa’s Tiny Fellas

Christmas decorations would seem dull without Santa’s tiny elves right? So, why not make some elf decorations pinecones? Trust us when we say, “these little guys can bring happiness”.


Trio Treat

Made from felt scraps, wooden balls, and wool roving, this pinecone ornament trio is sure to bring Christmas vibe indoors. Don’t believe us? Well, see for yourself by making and hanging one on the Christmas tree.


Mystical Pinecone topiary

Love the Christmas topiaries out there, but don’t want to break your pocket? Try these pinecone bushes placed in stoneware pots. Front porch decoration literally at most!


Pretty pom-pom and pinecone ornaments

Who wouldn’t love that subtle woodland feel? Glue in the tiny pom-pom to the underside of the pinecones and hung from a metallic rope.  Not only are they easy to make, but long-lasting too!


Rustic Pinecone Christmas tree

Create a holiday vignette by gluing together the pine cones in the form of a Christmas tree. Decorate with the acrylic paints, glitter, greenery, bells, and other colourful embellishments you may have!


Charming Pinecone Tree

Add some handmade charm to your Christmas celebration by attaching pinecones to a Styrofoam cone. Use a raised cake plate so you put this elegant décor piece onto any surface in your home.


Adorable Pinecone Penguins

Put together acrylic pained pinecones for the body, painted wooden beads for heads, stiffened black belt for the wings and feet and cotton pipe for beaks – you’ve got yourself an adorable pine cone penguin to decorate your Christmas tree!


Spray-painted pine cone ornament

Beads, lace, ribbon, acrylic paint (craft snow can also be used) and more – that’s what this beautiful pine cone Christmas ornament is made of! Hang them on evergreen boughs to achieve that tree trimming you’ve always dreamed of.


Snow white pinecone wreath

Got an hour and some Faux red berries, a white spray paint bottle, and glitter? Then you can recreate this stunningly beautiful pinecone wreath that’ll make your wall or doorways a focal point.


Glassy Wonder

Bypass traditional white, red, and green colors this holiday and opt for a colourful spray painted and glittered pinecone decors arranged inside the big glass jar. For a more dramatic feel, arrange line several jars up along your dining hall.


Dangling Rustic Beauties

Add some rustic touch to your Christmas decoration with these dangling rustic beauties. Ignite your celebrations by hanging these fallen pinecones from your chandelier or even in your doorways with a plaid ribbon.


Pinecone Owls

A great Christmas tree decoration, these pretty Owl ornaments are made felt, pipe cleaner, and a glue gun. Once done, hang them from your tree by attaching a tree or simply place them on your coffee table or mantel.


The Mason Jar Snow Globe

Here’s a simple and super easy Christmas décor idea you can do with your children. Glue in the pinecones on the cork, add glitters to the jars, close the jar tightly and wrap jute twine around the jar – Your pine tree snow globe is ready!


Tiny Christmas Elves

Great as a Christmas tree hanging and as a cute return gift, these elf figurines will bring instant cheer to any holiday occasion.


Staple Snowman

You might have heard of and made a snowman paper, plates or metal. How about one from pinecones this year? Grab pine cones, some berries, ribbon, hot glue, and Santa cap – You’re good to go!


Single-piece Pinecone Hanging Craft

Embellished individual pinecone suspended on twines is a treat to watch especially if you hang them above your kitchen entryway or on the dining room chandelier. Feel trying it this holiday season? Look no further!


Rustic Pinecone Centrepiece

Display the autumn finds as a living room center piece by embellishing them with evergreen and some tiny lights. What best way to welcome your guests with a rustic swag right?


Rustic Table Setting

Here’s a simple and cozy way to make your Christmas dinner unforgettable. Simply dress your Christmas dinner table up using pinecones tied with Christmas colored plaid ribbon.


Candle-holder redefined

A DIY pinecone candle holder is probably the easiest Christmas décor idea that can give an edge to your dinner table. Place them in a tray on your dinner or coffee table or even on the foyer console table to cast some ‘extra’ Christmas glow.


Wooden Charm

Tired of typical hanging decors and Christmas trees? Need a décor item that stands out? Use these wooden charms either as singly or in groupings on your table or throughout your house.


Woodsy Kissing Ball

Delight your guests with this dainty yet vibrant pinecone kissing ball. Create this arrangement by covering foam ball with pine cones and by filling the empty spaces with greenery and berry picks. That’s it!


Apple of the eye

Attach the tiny leaves from green cardstock to the acrylic painted pinecones. The result? You have turned a pinecone into an apple! Do try this party favours especially for your tiny little guests.


Pinecone Rudolf

What is more fun than the miniature woodsy version of Rudolf – the reindeer we all loved as a kid? This tiny pinecone reindeer will add just the right touch to your Christmas tree decoration.


Snowman Wonders

Smaller pinecones are ideal to make the tiny Christmas messengers. Hang two or three snowmen together on your doorway and you have a simple, beautiful Christmas decoration.


An Owl in the Christmas tree

Pair pinecones with some felts to enhance the natural touch of pinecone owl ornaments. Here, the cones are accented with plaid Christmas cap. Hang it on the tree or let the owl stand in a decorated plate.


Come Santa, Come

Enhance the joyous charm of Christmas with the pinecone Santa. Hang this tiny harbinger of joy between the tree branches to create a stylish display.


Angelic Cones

Few cute angel decors made from pinecones will add a divine touch to your indoor and outdoor Christmas décor setting. This angelic piece has a pinecone for a body and a wooden bead for a head, and she is decorated using basic twines.


Reindeer Pinecone Ornament

to add few reindeers to your Christmas décor this year? All you need is few pinecones, pipe cleaners, ear-shaped fabric, glitter pom-pom, wiggle eyes and hot glue of course. Attach ribbon for hanging, and you have an adorable reindeer ornament.


Decorative Starry Cone Craft

Pick up some small pinescones in your yard, turn them into a beautiful decorative craft, and then hang them back up in the wall. Glue in a multi-edged star at the center to enhance the rustic look.


Miniature pinecone wonders

Use a bit of pom-poms, ribbons, wiggle eyes, pinecones, and some twigs to make this miniature reindeer decoration. Instead of going the typical ‘hanging’ way of displaying group few crafts in a birch basket and make it look cozy.


Center of Attention Cone Décor

A perfect addition to your Christmas décor this one-of-a-kind pinecone décor is bursting the berries, rustic pinecones, and some green leaves. Instead of placing the candles on top of the pinecone, candles are placed in between the cones which lift off the overall appeal.



42 Unique Christmas Tree Decorations – 2019 Ideas for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Miniature Pinecone Christmas Tree Decoration or Ornament

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Lightbox Countdown

Stick a light box underneath the three — before presents, of course! — to help your family count down the days until Santa arrives.


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Colorblocked Ornaments

Rather than treading lightly around your Christmas tree in fear that ornaments will fall and break, paint a dozen wooden ornaments for a shatter-proof option.

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Wicker Christmas Tree Collar

Conceal an unsightly artificial tree trunk with this wicker tree collar which also complements your living room's warm and cozy vibe.


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Antique Candy Tin

Get a daily dose of nostalgia this holiday season by placing a tabletop tree in an antique candy or toy chest.

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Pinecone Tree Topper

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Vintage Christmas Card Decorations

Display your favorite cards of Christmases past by clipping them straight onto the tree for an instant upgrade.

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Plaid Ribbon Garland

To avoid overloading on glitz and glitter, trade a tinsel garland for a thick plaid ribbon. Tis the season for plaid, after all.


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Festive Lattice Ornament

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Mini Pennants

Mixed in with the classic round ornaments, stick in mini pennant flags from your alma mater or schools that your family members attend.

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Candy Tree Decorations

Wrap this candy-covered tree with a garland made with artificial hard candies in an array of neon hues. Then fill in the empty spaces with lollipops, candy canes, and candy ribbon ornaments.

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Winter Wonderland Tree Decorations

To make the Christmas tree a focal point, outline it with a winter village layered on top of a white sheepskin rug. Then stay true to the theme with snowflake, snowmen, and mitten ornaments.

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Woodland Christmas Tree Decorations

As a nod to the great outdoors, hang pinecones, mini log cabins, and painted woodland creatures on the Christmas tree. Top it off with a wooden star.

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Galaxy Christmas Tree Decorations

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Green Christmas Tree Decorations

Dress an evergreen tree with green garland, ribbons, and ornaments to commit to a monochromatic theme.

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Citrus Ornaments

Between the hot cocoa and sugar cookies, you need a burst of freshness. Enter this unique tree full of preserved lemon slices, orange ornaments, and other citrus-inspired decorations.

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Paper Candle Tree Decorations

Clip-on candles are great and all, but their battery life is not. DIY your own paper candles to avoid the burnout altogether. (Psst, they'll still glow if you string the tree with twinkle lights.)

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Blue and White Tree Decorations

Instead of going all-out with festive cheer, match the Christmas tree to the rest of the room's décor. In this case, the blogger added navy and white ornaments to their flocked tree to complement what they already had.

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Scalloped Tree Skirt

Match your color scheme by crafting a chic tree skirt from craft store felt. You don't even have pull out the sewing machine with this fold-and-cut technique.

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Pink Tree Decorations

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Snowy Pinecone Tree Decorations

Oversized ornaments add a touch of drama to an otherwise traditional tree. Add pinecones big and small plus winter-white branches throughout.

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Farmhouse-Inspired Tree

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Metallic Ornaments

With kitchen twine and office supplies, you can transform styrofoam spheres until they look Christmas tree-worthy.

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Treat-Filled Cornucopias

This easy-to-make Christmas tree decoration doubles as a crowed-pleasing party favor for guests — or a welcome treat for “Santa.”

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