20 Fun Family Easter Traditions and Activities You Should Start This Year

  1. Easter Family Traditions Your Toddler Will Love
  2. 20 Fun Easter Family Traditions To Start This Year
  5. Decorate Easter Eggs
  6. Make Easter Baskets Together
  7. Host An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt
  8. Plan A Community Easter Egg Hunt
  9. Hold An Annual Scavenger Hunt
  10. Play Some Fun Easter Games
  11. Award Egg Trophies At Your Family Easter Egg Hunt
  12. Read Children’s Easter Books With The Kids
  13. Create Your Favorite Easter Treats Together
  14. Share The Story Of Jesus’ Resurrection With ResurrectionRolls
  15. Leave Bunny Bait Out To Lure The Easter Bunny Into Your House
  16. Pop On A Pair Of Easter Pajamas
  17. Make Little Bird Houses
  18. Make And Decorate A Family Easter Tree
  19. Make A Kindness Chain
  20. Teach Your Kids About Kindness With A Kindness Tree
  21. Enjoy An Easter Parade As A Family
  22. Make Lunch Extra Special With An Easter Egg Lunch Hunt
  23. Have A Traditional Easter Dinner With Your Family
  24. Attend An Easter Church Service
  26. 15 Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home
  27. Central Indiana Easter Egg Hunt
  28. Backyard Easter Egg Hunt
  29. Get Easter Delivered
  30. Stream Easter Service
  31. Video Chat with the Easter Bunny
  32. Easter Cake Kit
  33. Send Easter Cards
  34. Dye Easter Eggs
  35. Once Upon A Party Baskets
  36. Make Easter Treats
  37. Carry Out or Delivery of Easter Dinner
  38. Gardening
  39. Easter Family Photos
  40. Create A New Tradition
  41. Sidewalk Chalk
  42. 20 Easter Traditions for Families
  43. Easter Traditions to Start with Your Family Today!
  47. 10 Tips to Organize a Community Easter Egg Hunt | Mommy Poppins – Things to Do with Kids

Easter Family Traditions Your Toddler Will Love

20 Fun Family Easter Traditions and Activities You Should Start This Year

Easter features lots of things absolutely loved by little kids (and lots of grown-ups): baby animals, a gift-toting rabbit, and colorful treats hidden in the yard. To make the day even more special for your pint-sized bunny, check out these perfect-for-toddler activities and Easter craft ideas that’ll make your Easter family traditions even more meaningful.

Explain the day. At its heart, Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But that concept is tricky for a little kid to grasp. The simplest explanation: “Easter is a day when we celebrate new life and have some springtime fun,” complete with brightly colored blossoms and eggs, fuzzy chicks, and baby bunnies.

Decorate eggs. You probably loved doingit as a kid, and now it’s time to turn your tot on to this time-honored Easter family tradition. (Save the drippy dyes for older kids and opt for these mess-free options instead.)

  • For toddlers: Set out a bowl of hard-boiled eggs and a range of stickers, from Easter-themed pictures to colored dots, and let your tot have at it. Your little decorator might have the fine-motor skills to handle other toddler art supplies too, some chunky markers.
  • For preschoolers: Your three- or four-year-old can handle all the above. He can also try this big-kid Easter craft idea. Hand him a newly boiled (and slightly cooled) egg and a box of crayons. The remaining heat will melt the wax tips just enough to make it a cinch to color.
  • For both: There are tons of other dye-free Easter craft ideas. Help your tot morph his egg into a mini Easter bunny or even a whole bunny family. Use glue to attach tiny construction-paper ears and a cotton-ball tail — your little one can draw dots for eyes with a marker.

Hold a kitchen sunrise service. Your early bird may already be rising at the crack of dawn, so why not inaugurate an Easter family tradition: a greet-the-sunrise gathering. On Easter morning,create a special spring-themed breakfast with a few easy recipes that won’thave you burning the midnight oil the night before.

For instance, pour a drink that mimics the brightness of the dawn by filling plastic cups with a splash of cherry juice, followed by orange juice and seltzer. Or turn ordinary cinnamon rolls in to mini bunnies by sticking two rolls together, then cutting a third inhalf for ears. Bake, frost with cream-cheese frosting, and add blueberry eyes.

And you can always stick with the egg theme, too (check out these breakfast ideas for kids). While you munch, share some thoughts on the meaning of the new day. Watching the sun peek over the roof tops is a wonderful reminder of the rebirth that Easter represents.

Kwanzaa Activities for KidsFuss-Free Family Gatherings With ToddlersKwanzaa Activities for KidsFuss-Free Family Gatherings With Toddlers

Get hunting. Who doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt? Typically the highlight of the day, this Easter-family-tradition favorite usually features dozens (and dozens) of candy-filled orbs strewn around the house or yard. But there are ways to maintain the thrill of the hunt without all that sugar. One option: Fill eggswith healthier goodies whole-grain fish crackers, Cheerios, and yogurt-covered pretzels. Or hide empty eggs, letting your child trade them in foran Easter basket filled with small toys and books your toddler will love (maybe one with an Easter theme?). Once the hunt is over,extend the fun by letting your little one sort eggs by color, fill them withtreats, and hide them again for older siblings or you to hunt down.

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20 Fun Easter Family Traditions To Start This Year

20 Fun Family Easter Traditions and Activities You Should Start This Year

Are you looking for some fun Easter traditions to start this year with your family?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We have put together this list of Easter traditions for families to inspire you as you plan ways to make Easter extra special for your whole family for years to come.


We all know spending time with family is important, especially as the years seem to go past so quick!

But did you know that family traditions also play an important part in shaping our kids? 

Family rituals tell children a story of who they are and what is important to their family. They help build family connection which helps give our children a sense of belonging. They help us celebrate our family and make our kids feel they are part of something unique and extraordinary!

And most importantly growing up with fun family traditions creates positive memories of their childhood.

So, whether they are new or old, simple or complex, having family traditions hold a special part in our hearts.


There are many Easter celebration ideas to help your family celebrate Easter.

Some of the traditions will help your family focus on the true meaning of Easter, while others are just for fun.

The truth is, each of the Easter family traditions you create all make it that little bit more special.

So, whether you’re looking for Easter traditions for toddlers to Easter traditions for kids of all ages your sure to find a great tradition below to start with your family this Easter!

Decorate Easter Eggs

Photo Credit: Hilda’s Kitchen Blog

Want a fun a natural way to decorate your eggs for your Easter egg hunt? Then learn how to dye your Easter eggs with this natural egg dye tutorial from Hilda’s Kitchen Blog.

Make Easter Baskets Together

If you are planning to do an Easter egg hunt, then you are going to need some cute Easter baskets to carry all your finds. And what better way then to do it with a fun DIY Easter Egg Basket that you can make with the whole family. The baskets also make for a fabulous Easter gift when filled with all your adorable Easter treats and crafts.

Host An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Who says an Easter egg hunt must be done outdoors? Sometimes it just isn’t practical, but that doesn’t mean the family needs to miss out! Check out these indoor Easter egg hunt ideas to see just how easy and fun hunting for eggs inside can be.

Plan A Community Easter Egg Hunt

Photo Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

Bring the whole community together as part of your Easter traditions by planning a community Easter egg hunt.

Hold An Annual Scavenger Hunt

Not sure where to start? Then check out these easy 5 steps to an unforgettable Easter egg scavenger hunt.

You can also make it an extra fun game with these free printable Easter egg scavenger hunt cards.

Play Some Fun Easter Games

Photo Credit: Little Bins Little Hands

These fun minute to win it Easter games are sure to bring some excitement to your family’s Easter! Not only are they fun and inexpensive, but they are also great for practicing fine motor skills with your little ones.

Award Egg Trophies At Your Family Easter Egg Hunt

Photo Credit: Lovely Indeed

Starting an annual family Easter egg hunt? Then you might want to consider making these super cute egg trophies. Not only do they make for a little friendly competition but how fun of a family tradition would it be to see the coveted trophies traded annually as every compete to get the most (or fewest) eggs.

Read Children’s Easter Books With The Kids

This post contains affiliate links. See our full disclosure here

There is something special about snuggling up in bed and reading Easter books each year with your children. Watching as they get excited about Easter and all the festivities to come.

Here are a few of our favorite Easter books for kids:

Create Your Favorite Easter Treats Together

Photo Credit: Art From My Table

Get the whole family involved with creating some delicious Easter recipes. These Bird’s nest Easter treats are an adorable no bake cookies topped with mini chocolate eggs. It’s also an easy fun recipe to make with your kids.

Share The Story Of Jesus’ Resurrection With ResurrectionRolls

Photo Credit: To Simply Inspire

These resurrection rolls are a wonderful family tradition you can make to share the story of Jesus’ resurrection with your family year after year.

Leave Bunny Bait Out To Lure The Easter Bunny Into Your House

Photo Credit: Crayons & Cravings

Bunny bait is fun and easy to make. Leave a bit out the night before Easter and it will help lure the Easter bunny to your house!

Pop On A Pair Of Easter Pajamas

It does not matter what age you are, if you are all in super cute Easter pajamas it is going to look damn cute!

Why not start a tradition of everyone wearing the same thing.

You can change throughout the day but even for a little while if your kids see you wearing the same clothes as them they are going to think it is so special!

Plus it will make for some amazing Easter day photos.

Make Little Bird Houses

Photo Credit: Crayons & Cravings

If your family s making gingerbread houses at Christmas time they will love starting a new Easter tradition of making these little Peeps Chick houses!

Make And Decorate A Family Easter Tree

Photo Credit: Decor Hint

Brighten up your family home with a homemade Easter Tree. It is a tradition you can do with your family every year, by foraging for branches and decorate eggs together!

Make A Kindness Chain

Photo Credit: Coffee And Carpool

Teach your kids about kindness as they count down to Easter with these 15 Easter Kindness Activities. Turn them into a kindness chain and 15 days before Easter, rip off one of the links and do the kindness activity together.

Teach Your Kids About Kindness With A Kindness Tree

Photo Credit: Natural Beach Living

This simple Easter kindness tree activity is a great way to teach your little ones that small acts of kindness can add up into big acts of love.

Enjoy An Easter Parade As A Family

An Easter Parade it a ton of fun for the whole family! Check your local listings to see if there is a parade held in your town or city.

Make Lunch Extra Special With An Easter Egg Lunch Hunt

Photo Credit: Glue Sticks Blog

Make your kids’ lunch into an Easter Egg Lunch Hunt! They’ll have a blast opening each egg to see what surprise awaits them! Lunchtime has never been so fun!

Have A Traditional Easter Dinner With Your Family

Get the whole family around the dinner table and sit down to a feast filled traditional Easter menu.

Attend An Easter Church Service

Take your family on Easter Sunday to attend a special Easter church service.


Then don’t forget to share on or Pin this to your motherhood related Pinterest boards!

Source: https://proudhappymama.com/20-fun-easter-family-traditions-to-start-this-year/

15 Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

20 Fun Family Easter Traditions and Activities You Should Start This Year

The Nation is feeling the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and we as parents and caregivers are working ‘round the clock to shield our children from these unprecedented times. We all have stories of the ways we have been impacted or effected by the rapidly developing situation.

As events come and go that have been canceled, many of us are looking ahead at our future special moments, and wondering, how can we make memories, while practicing social distancing? Easter is a very big holiday in our family, and many parents, I want to make sure our children get to celebrate. So, it’s time to get creative! Here are some ideas on ways to connect with your loved ones, and celebrate the Easter season, while still practicing social distancing.

Central Indiana Easter Egg Hunt

We have created an egg hunt map and have asked local businesses and families to submit their addresses to be part of our virtual egg hunt! Decorate an egg for your door or window, submit your address, and you’re in! Find out all the details here.

Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

If you have a backyard, or a field available, you can easily set up your own Easter egg hunt! Give each member of the family their own color egg, and create memories with a DIY Easter egg hunt! You could even elevate your hunt, by adding a special egg, that can be traded in for a prize! My kids are obsessed with collecting change for their piggy banks right now, you can even add in a simple math lesson for some e-learning fun!

Get Easter Delivered

Kiln Creations is delivering  Easter fun and including a special call from Belle! For just $50, your little painter gets 4 ceramic eggs and paint, a hallow egg filled with foiled candies, and a call from the Belle. Two Easter crafters are just $80. Thank you Good’s Candy Shop and Once Upon a Princess LLC for this unique opportunity! Order from the link by Thursday to guarantee you’ll receive your pack in time!

Stream Easter Service

If you are religious, and typically celebrate Easter with a church service, you will find that many churches are live streaming their services. You can check your typical church for information, or if you are looking for a local church to stream, College Park is offering live streaming every Sunday during the Coronavirus Closures.

Video Chat with the Easter Bunny

Big Bounce Fun House Rentals are offering video chats with the Easter Bunny! For $6.99, you can have a personal video chat on either Zoom or Facetime! Follow the link to select the date that works best for you.

Easter Cake Kit

A Slice Of Heaven Cakery in Lapel is offering an Easter Cake Decorating Kit! For $10, the kit includes 1 vanilla bunny shaped cake, 3 vanilla egg shaped cakes, 3 bags of pastel colored icing, 1 container of sprinkles, and step by step instructions for making your own bunny! Kits are available for carry-out starting April 5- Friday April 10th.

Send Easter Cards

Who doesn’t love to get mail? Brighten someone’s day, by making Easter cards, and sending them to your friends and family! It’s a great way to get creative, and an opportunity to work on your child’s writing skills! See, you are rocking this e-learning gig!

Dye Easter Eggs

The classic Easter tradition of dying eggs can continue while social distancing! You could add glitter to your dye for some extra fun, or even add some white crayon drawings before you dye them, to create unique designs!

Don’t have an egg coloring kit? No problem! All you need is 1/2 a cup of boiling water, 10-20 drops of food coloring and a teaspoon of vinegar! You can also use kool-aid packets for coloring Easter Eggs, just add water. If you really want to get fancy, order the EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator on Amazon or grab one during your essential food shopping.

Once Upon A Party Baskets

Once Upon a Party is offering Easter baskets delivered to your home!  They have a variety of items and styles for all ages and interests. Check out their page to place your order.

Make Easter Treats

Who doesn’t love homemade treats? Start a new tradition of baking, and try out a new baking recipe! Resurrection rolls, Egg in a nest, or even Easter Bunny shaped cookies to ice and decorate as you wish. There is so much to learn in the kitchen, and social distancing is the perfect time to create memories in the kitchen with your kiddos.

Carry Out or Delivery of Easter Dinner

I know so many families have the tradition of celebrating Easter with a big meal shared with loved ones.

A fun spin off to try this year, is making your own dinners, and eating together via Zoom! Zoom is free to use, and allows for multiple people to join in at once, which is perfect for all your extending family gatherings this Easter. We even have some ideas for games to play and activities for your video calls.


April can be a tricky time for outdoor planting in Indiana, so start your plants indoors! Find your favorite window sill, and have your children help you start your gardens inside. This is a great opportunity to learn while your spend time together, and when the weather is consistently warm, you have another family activity to move all of your plants to the garden.

Easter Family Photos

It might seem weird to get all dressed up for your socially distant Easter, but it’s the perfect opportunity for family photos! The porch family pictures are so fun, and gives you an excuse to pull out those Easter outfits, and put them to good use.

Create A New Tradition

This time of isolation has created so many changes in our daily lives, but we can also use this opportunity to create a new tradition for years to come.

Flying a kite (there are a whole bunch of great places to fly a kite in Indy), bicycle races, and coloring contests are just a few fun spins you could put on your day.

My kids love flying kites, and it’s something we don’t do often, which is the perfect excuse to include it on Easter for some family fun.

Take a hike at one of these beautiful spaces to hike with kids near Indy, ride a bike trail or bike path with your family or just take a spin around your neighborhood.

Sidewalk Chalk

A growing trend has been writing encouraging messages and drawing on the sidewalk! This week, spend some time outside decorating your sidewalk for Easter. You could use puffy paint, sidewalk chalk, or even washable finger paints. Get creative and maybe even a little messy with this activity.

In this season of social distancing, I know it can feel hard to find some normalcy and routine. Though Easter looks a little different this year, with a little creativity, it can be just as memorable and fun!

Source: https://indywithkids.com/easter-at-home/

20 Easter Traditions for Families

20 Fun Family Easter Traditions and Activities You Should Start This Year

Cherished traditions are what keep a family together. Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate family, create lifelong memories, and build on those traditions. Here are 20 fun ways for your family to start and carry on some special family times for years to come.

1. Plant an Easter Garden 
It’s no secret that Easter ushers in the arrival of spring. Brighten your yard with an array of blooming plants. Consider pansies, tulips, marigolds, and petunias. 

2. Egg Time Machine 
Have your kid write a letter to him or herself that can be placed inside a plastic egg to open next year on Easter. Your child can read about what they were thinking and doing when they were a year younger. It’s a fun way to read how they have grown in a year. 

3. Decorate an Easter Egg Tree 
Make a trip to the craft store and purchase some foam or plastic eggs and decorations. This is a fun activity and lets the kids get creative. Attach a matching colored ribbon to each egg and hang from a live or artificial tree. 

4. Journey to Easter through Scripture
Easter is a deeply religious holiday for many, packed with significance in the resurrection of Christ. Research related scripture that can be shared throughout the weeks leading up to the holiday that tell the story of Easter. 

5. Gather Round the Table 
Many families have a big Easter brunch or dinner, often featuring ham as the main course. Coming together over a grand meal provides families a time for fun, food, and fellowship. Inviting extended family members will bring generations together. 

Easter brunch is easy with a sign up invite! SAMPLE

6. Baking, and More Baking 
Put an apron on and break out the mixing bowls! Bunny, chick or egg-shaped cookies are perfect shapes to bake and decorate for this holiday.

Feeling ambitious? Try an annual bunny shaped cake decorated with icing, coconut, and candies.

Go traditional and serve hot cross buns on Good Friday; they fill the kitchen with spicy, sweet, and fruity aromas! 

7. Observe Lent
Lent is a season leading up to Easter where some may choose to “give up” something they treasure as a reminder of the 40 days of praying and fasting observed by Christ. Others may take on something new as a challenge – an act of service or healthy new habit to work into each day. 

8. Attend an Easter Parade 
Many cities offer Easter parades on Easter Sunday or a day around Easter. Have kids put on an Easter hat, hit the streets, and watch the excitement. Marching bands, colorful floats, and fire trucks are often the highlights for little ones. 

9. Decorate Easter Eggs 
A tried and true tradition! Dipping eggs in a brightly colored dye and watching it take hold is a delightful experience for kids of all ages.

Decorate with glitter, paint, and stickers and use them to decorate the house or Easter baskets.

If you want to up the ante, plan an Easter egg decorating competition, complete with prizes, in your neighborhood!

10. Egg Relay Race 
After the fun of decorating Easter eggs, give them a second act by using them as the focal point in an egg relay race. Divide participants up into teams.

Give every team a hard-boiled egg and a spoon. Blow the whistle and the players balance an egg on the spoon while walking or running to a given point and back and then hand off to the next team member.

The first team to finish wins the game.

11. Shell Crack Game 
Here’s a great Easter game to play year after year! This time each person gets his own hard-boiled Easter egg and pairs up with one other participant. The contest is to have each pair smash the small ends of their eggs together. The person with the unbroken shell advances to the next round where they pair up and do it again. The one who has the last uncracked egg wins. 

12. Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt  
Instead of just placing the Easter Basket out on Easter morning, add a fun twist with a scavenger hunt! For little ones, draw a map with picture clues. For older children, use written clues. For active ones, let them hop to it by placing an Easter Bunny footprint trail on the floor that will lead them to their basket. 

13. Treats for the Easter Bunny 
This tradition is similar to leaving cookies and milk for Santa, but make it a rabbit-friendly treat. Put carrots and water out before bedtime.  

14. Plant a Jelly Bean Garden 
Plant a handful of jellybeans in the dirt outside the night before. Replace each one with a lollipop while little ones sleep. In the morning, eyes will grow wide as they see each jellybean has grown into a magical lollipop treat! 

15. Egg the Neighbors 
Spread Easter joy by egging the neighbors with an Easter basket filled with goodies.

Leave the basket on their front porch and ring the doorbell before running back home.

Make sure the basket contains a “You have been egged” sign and maybe a clue about your family to help them guess who left it. This is one kind of egging your neighbors won’t mind. 

16. Easter Basket Puzzle Hunt 
Start with a white, blank puzzle (you can buy one at a craft store) with pieces small enough to fit inside plastic eggs.

With the puzzle still together, write a message about where their Easter basket is hidden. Then, break up the pieces and divide between the eggs.

After all the eggs are found, the children will have to put the puzzle together to find the location of their Easter basket.

Want to plan an Easter Egg Hunt? START HERE!

17. New Easter Clothes 
Having new clothes for Easter is deeply rooted in European customs and led to the same practice here in America. Wearing a brand new outfit for Easter Sunday has become one of the most commonly celebrated traditions for families. 

18. Resurrection Eggs 
Explain the Resurrection story in an interactive way to your children by using 12 numbered colorful plastic eggs.

Each egg contains a small object that tells a part of the story of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Use items such as donkey, money, and sword. Hide the 12 eggs in your home or yard.

Once your children have found all the eggs, gather everyone around, and open the eggs in numbered order as you read about the Resurrection story. 

19. Attend Easter Service at Church 
For many families, Easter wouldn’t be complete without attending a worship service at their church. Some churches host an early sunrise service and others hold a Saturday night Easter vigil. 

20. Egg Rolling 
In many towns, egg rolling is an important part of the Easter tradition that usually takes place on Easter Monday. Decorated, hard-boiled eggs are rolled down a hill to see which egg can go furthest without breaking. 

With these fun ideas, your family will have many meaningful traditions to look forward to each year. Enjoy the season! 

Sara Kendall is a freelance writer and mom of two daughters.

Source: https://www.signupgenius.com/home/easter-traditions.cfm

Easter Traditions to Start with Your Family Today!

20 Fun Family Easter Traditions and Activities You Should Start This Year

Make memories that will last this holiday season and start some new Easter traditions with your family! We've got traditions for the whole family that are easy AND cheap to keep your day full of joy and stress-free… well, as much as possible!

Do you have any favorite Easter traditions that you remember from your childhood? We always woke up to a delicious baked breakfast, usually cinnamon rolls, and a small basket full of goodies on the breakfast table. Such sweet memories!

*Note: When you click the links in this post, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Are you looking for some extra sweet Easter traditions to begin with your family this year? We've got you covered! Whether your crafty… or not, handy in the kitchen or more of a going out type gal or guy… we have something for everyone here! These Easter traditions are guaranteed to bring joy to the season for years to come!


Start some of these Easter traditions this year and give your family some wonderful memories to tell. Worried about how you will fit these into your budget?? Worry not! While the traditions are not all totally free, lots of these Easter traditions are pretty dang cheap and super easy!

  • Plant Jelly Beans – Plant jelly beans in a small patch of dirt with your kids the night before Easter and replace the jelly beans with peeps on a stick before they wake up. Your kids will think they grew a peep garden!
  • Have a Hip-Hop Dance Party – No, not the music… the bunny!!
  • Read Easter Books – There are lots of Easter books for kids of all ages. Try the Berenstain Bears, Pete the Cat or Clifford's Happy Easter!
  • Resurrection Eggs – This fun tradition will teach them all about the meaning of Easter!
  • Buy a new Easter Outfit – Isn't it always so fun to have a brand new, special Easter outfit? Buy second-hand and save a TON!
  • Have an Egg Toss – Boil the eggs first for less mess!
  • Dye Easter Eggs – This good ole' fashioned Easter tradition never goes style!
  • Make a Peep House – Attach graham crackers with frosting and make a house for your Easter peeps!
  • Take Easter Bunny Pictures – Find a local Easter Bunny and get your picture taken. Do it every year and watch their progression!
  • Go on an Easter Egg Hunt – Bonus points if you fill the eggs with glow sticks and have a night hunt!
  • Fill Their Easter Baskets – Check out this post for easy ways to fill your baskets CHEAP!

Incorporate some of these fun Easter traditions and we know this holiday will be a hit for everyone!


Food does an amazing job at bringing people together and spawning wonderful memories. Add a little extra sweetness to your Easter celebration this year with these fun food traditions!

  • Make a Special Easter breakfast – Make irresistible homemade pancakes and dye them colors for a special Easter surprise!
  • Host a “Jesus Dinner” – Our kids LOVE this one! We eat with our hands, charcuterie board style, and talk about the resurrection and real meaning of Easter.
  • Bake a Cake and Decorate It – Get everyone in the kitchen together and bake an Easter cake for your holiday dessert! Decorate with icing and colorful Easter candies!
  • Roast Peep S'mores – Mmhmm. Just it sounds! YUM!
  • Decorate Egg-Shaped Cookies – Decorate eggs the unconventional (and delicious!) way!
  • Make Colorful Deviled Eggs – Simply add the peeled egg halves into bowls of dyes water before filling with that yummy, delicious filling!
  • Create an Egg-Shaped Fruit Tray – Get creative! Find a round platter at the dollar store and arrange your cut fruits or veggies into a cute decorated egg!
  • Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries – By using white bakers chocolate with few drops of orange food dye, you'll turn those strawberries into adorable carrots!

These unique and meaningful Easter food traditions are going to be a major WIN whether you make them at home for your family or you take them to a large Easter gathering!


Make this Easter eggstra special and begin one of these incredible service traditions. There isn't much more rewarding than serving others together as a family!

  • Deliver Cookies to Your Neighbors – Try this recipe—they'll love them!!
  • “Egg” Someone's House – Wait… this is not what you're thinking! Instead of the traditional “egging,” hide 12 plastic eggs filled with fun goodies in a friend's yard. Leave a note on their porch letting them know what you did! (Leave one empty to represent the empty tomb!)
  • Take Flowers to a Nursing Home – They always love a little holiday cheer!
  • Fill Plastic Eggs for a Community Hunt – Serve the community together as a family by helping to fill the bazillion plastic eggs needed for the hunt!
  • Volunteer to Serve Easter Lunch – Find a local soup kitchen and lend a few hands!
  • Share a Bag of Goodies with the Homeless – Wrap up bags of jelly beans or other Easter candies and tie with a little Easter note about the reason for the season. Visit a local homeless community or hand them out to people you see on the street!

Well, there you have it… some of our favorite family Easter traditions!! There is nothing more special than creating memories with your loved ones while celebrating a holiday with such incredible meaning Easter. What is your favorite Easter tradition?? Tell us in the comments below!

Looking for other helpful posts?

Source: https://funcheaporfree.com/easter-traditions/

10 Tips to Organize a Community Easter Egg Hunt | Mommy Poppins – Things to Do with Kids

20 Fun Family Easter Traditions and Activities You Should Start This Year

When my son was nearly two, I was excited to start new traditions, especially around the holidays.

And while it was easy to come up with activities for us, decorating Easter eggs, I had a hard time finding an Easter Egg Hunt that I felt would be age appropriate for him.

I knew he wouldn’t quite get the point of the hunt, and might even possibly be trampled by older kids. I also wanted a tradition that we could count on year after year, creating a lasting and memorable experience.

I didn’t grow up with local Easter traditions, and occasionally times the holidays make it harder to feel connected. So I decided to do something about it.

I organized a neighborhood hunt for my son and the other toddling tots I've grown to know and love from neighborhood mommy meet-ups.

The egg hunt has been such a hit that we have repeated it every year, and each year we've found more ways to make it special and grow the participation into a true neighborhood event where we all make new friends, build memories, and enjoy some true village parenting.

So, here are my 10 tips and tricks for organizing a great, easy community Easter egg hunt!

1. Find a good, preferably gated, community space.

Whether it is someone’s very large yard or a local community garden (which may be maintained by a neighborhood development group, so you might have to inquire around for use or permits depending on your jurisdiction) there are often ample viable spaces you could make work.

A gated space works best, in my experience, because you don’t have to worry about the safety of the kids as they roam the grounds. If you can’t find a gated location, set clear boundaries to keep everyone in the right space.

2. Set the date in advance. I typically start working early with a core group of friends/families to pick a date that works for us.

While it has definitely become a “more the merrier” type of event, you want to make sure you are picking a date that works well for all the organizers.

We keep ours a few weekends out from Easter Sunday, so that participants can do family events or other larger events if they wish, and still get to participate in a community hunt.

3. Set ground rules for every participant. For our hunt, we require each family to donate at least a dozen eggs filled with treats. This way no one feels a financial burden, and normally people are very generous with several dozen donated. Each kid then walks away with way more eggs than you would expect!

4. Keep allergies in mind. You can put candy in eggs, but we have a hard rule that if it contains known allergens for your group, the egg should be marked with a clear identifier for the parents. For instance, an X drawn with sharpie, or a sticker. You can let your older kid know to look out for the ones with the markings if they have particular allergies.

5. Collect the eggs. About a week in advance I set up several egg drop-off events. Our group has grown to about 50 participating families, so this kind of collection is necessary.

Our community is full of families that work all kinds of schedules, so we try tp vary the time of day for drop-off.

If you have a smaller group you may want to just all meet up the day before and pool them with the lead organizer.

6. Give yourself time. Even in a small space hiding around 300 eggs takes time. Don’t rush yourself, set the hunt up for early afternoon so you (and the other organizers) have plenty of time to hide the eggs. This is also good because you can hit that sweet spot between naps for the various ages.

7. Set up age groups. Young kids make such developmental leaps even in the under 5 set, that it makes sense to divide the hunting and seeking into waves that allow the very youngest to go first. Kids under 3 are normally done “hunting” within 20-30 minutes.

They maybe collect 10-12 eggs if they are especially keen on it. So let the older kids come and do the real seeking work after the little ones have had their fun! This also greatly minimizes drama.

If you are hosting older kids, consider saving a few extra special eggs for them to search for (a la the Golden Egg filled with money or a special prize).

8. Bring extras. Extra baskets or paper bags on hand are good for families who may expect them. This isn’t strictly necessary, but it’s a nice bet to help include those who may have decided last minute to join. Also extra treats- sometimes the eggs break and treats get lost, this helps soothe hurt feelings.

9. Plan for family fun. The first year we hosted the event it was just a traditional hunt, but there was definitely a desire to linger. So we have turned our event into a potluck.

It’s low key and everyone brings a little something if they want to hang out later. As a parent of young kids, social events this are kind of magical because no single person is on the hook for everything.

There is plenty of space for kids to roam, and adults can have a real conversation!

10. Save your eggs. If you plan to make this an annual event, save the eggs so you can cut down on errands next year when you host your next fun hunt! Especially as the organizer you might be surprised by how many eggs lay unclaimed by weary toddlers. No need to trash them, just save them for next year!

Photos by Maryland Govpix via Flickr.

Source: https://mommypoppins.com/houston-kids/easter/10-tips-to-organize-a-community-easter-egg-hunt