Gorgeously Shiny Painted Straw Mirror Wall Art

Gorgeously Shiny Painted Straw Mirror Wall Art

Gorgeously Shiny Painted Straw Mirror Wall Art

Who knew you could turn straws into art? I didn’t, but this project proves it can be done. Make this gorgeous mirrored painted straw wall art to add to any room of your home.

All you need is some cardboard, straws, paint, glue, and a mirror to create a beautiful and functional piece of art. The best part? It is something you can make with all dollar store products!

Mirrored Painted Straw Wall Art

I’m always excited to discover a new way to use something ordinary. Straws are one of those items I have been experimenting with and had great success in transforming into crafts and art pieces.

For this project, I had seen many similar pieces in stores for upwards of $100. Since I love redecorating for seasons and switching up looks around my home, I knew I wasn’t going to invest that much in something that might only be on my wall for a few months.

The result was looking around for different ways to create my own. A bit of experimenting and suddenly I had a beautiful piece that was under $5 to create, and was much prettier than the ones I found in craft and decor stores.

If you the idea of using straws to create home decor, then you’ll love this super cute paper straw mason jar vase and of course, this adorable upcycled straw hanging succulents planter.

What Straws are Best For This Project?

For this painted straw wall art, I used paper straws. They come in large packs on Amazon for low costs or simple small packs you can find at your local dollar store inexpensively. So, using a lot of them for this project wasn’t costly.

If you have plastic straws on hand already, feel free to use them for this project. However, if you are eco-friendly I try to be, then paper straws are a better choice to make this mirror for your wall.

I love the idea of making this cute wall art and hanging above a shelf with my gold macaroni art picture frame. All the sparkles in one place! If you need more ideas for decorating, check out this huge list of DIY wall art ideas.

Where Do I Find a Mirror to Fit This?

You can buy mirrors at any craft store, but I found the cheapest option was grabbing one at the dollar store and removing the plastic backing. In fact, some have thin enough backing you can just glue them in place as they are.

Cover the base of the mirror with paint and/or straws and paint. This will hide any logos or unsavory colors easily and still give you a perfect result.

Note: Always be super careful when working with mirrors as they can break and cut your hands easily. I recommend wearing a pair of work gloves when attempting to remove any backing form the mirror. This provides an extra layer of protection that is worth the effort. If working with kids, you’ll want to manage this part on your own.

Here are more great decorative DIY mirror ideas for your home, but if you have an accident and break one, you’ll also love this list of ways to use broken mirrors. You might also find some fun ideas in this list of rustic bathroom decor ideas to fit your needs.

How to Make Painted Straw Wall Art

Begin by using your mirror to trace a circle onto cardboard.

You will then draw a second circle about 2″ wider around the first circle.

Cut out the middle of this circle leaving an open space.

Now, begin gluing your straws onto the outer circle ring layering them and cutting some shorter and leaving some whole.

Continue adding straws until you are satisfied with the number and design.

Now, you will spray paint the straws gold and set the project aside to dry.

I recommend taking them outside for this.

Once the straws are dry, you will then glue the mirror in place on the center covering the ends of the straws, and add miniature fake flowers around the outside of the mirror as shown.

Hang from the wall as a beautiful and functional mirror.

Crafter Tip:

I am a huge fan of Dollar Tree Online for great pricing on craft supplies. In fact, I would generally tell you to pick up paper straws at your dollar store.

However, for this project when using so many, the better price actually comes in the bulk package of paper straws found on Amazon. Always watch the pricing, because cheaper isn’t always cheaper.

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Circle Wall Decor

Gorgeously Shiny Painted Straw Mirror Wall Art

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This is actually a pretty cool way to get some color into a room w/o having to spend a whole lot of money on something! Awesome! Cirlce wall decoration all done by yourself. This could be also a nice thing to do with kids.

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Circle bed can complement a curved wall to perfection

Schenk Sightings: You Are My Sunshine {Party Details}. Paper fans are really easy to make. We can make them in varying sizes.


Source: https://foter.com/circle-wall-decor

Paint a wood frame with gold paint and add patina

Gorgeously Shiny Painted Straw Mirror Wall Art

Since I did my living room repaint, I’ve been getting  a lot of questions from readers as to where I found the gold mirror over the fireplace.

The fun fact is, it was a $9 thrift store find! I love a good makeover, and I love being able to transform something old and worn into something new and old.

My technique to paint a wood frame with gold paint and add patina can make any old frame, new-old again and look high-end! There’s just a little,secret trick to doing it that I am going to share with you.

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At one time, this pretty, gold mirror was an ugly old, chipped and worn shade of dated brown. I think it was an old dresser mirror. It weighed about a thousand pounds,  we actually had to add an extra  hanger in the wall so it wouldn’t fall and kill us it was that heavy.

First, prep your wood by cleaning and removing any dirt or oils, even giving it a light sanding if needed (especially if it has a glossy finish.).

After the wood is clean ,using a multi-surface paint for best adhesion,paint a base coat of red paint.

That’s right red! Along time ago, when they gold-leafed or gilded mirrors, they used to paint red as a under coat to give it a warm tone. This technique does the same thing now, and makes the color feel much richer. Plus, it acts as a kind of primer to aid with keeping the old stain from bleeding through (bleed-through can be a big problem with mahogany stain).

I used DecoArt Americana multi-surface paint in gold and red paint.

After 2 coats of red paint (It’s okay if it’s not perfect!), paint over it with the gold paint. It may take 2 to 3 coats to achieve a richness and not look streaky.

Once the gold dries, use brown paint to lightly rub over the surface. Rub it in until it fades into the paint and darkens it.

I use my fingers, but you can use  a paper towel or even a makeup sponge to get an aged-patina look.I had to crop this photo down because I realized my paint-filled, workin’ hands looked so bad. An after-holidays manicure might just be in order.

After it’s dry, it’s ready to hang!  No sealer needed, since it’s not going to get high-use.

It gets that perfect look it’s always been that, not that dull, ugly shade of brown from before! With this technique you don’t have to pass up a mirror just because it’s not the right color. I’ve seen some really gross,nasty wood mirrors that clean up beautifully once a bit of paint is on them!

Even up close, it’s hard to tell if it’s not the original finish with this technique of how to paint a wood frame with gold paint and add patina. I used the same brown paint on these glass vases to get a fun, paint streak look.

Now you have to go find a GROSS mirror to paint!

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Source: https://jenniferrizzo.com/2017/01/paint-a-wood-frame-with-gold-paint-and-add-patina.html