How to Make 5 Festive Holiday Napkin Rings In Under 2 Minutes

How to Make Easy Christmas Napkin Rings with Leather

How to Make 5 Festive Holiday Napkin Rings In Under 2 Minutes

Learn how to make easy Christmas napkin rings for the holiday dinner table. These DIY napkin rings are made with leather and evergreens for a rustic tablescape.

Hi Kenarry readers! I’m Lora from Craftivity Designs. You might remember my wood place card holders and today I’m back to share another easy craft project for a simple tablescape. If you are hosting a holiday meal this Christmas season, you’ll be glad to know that these simple Christmas Napkin Rings can be whipped up in minutes!  

How to Make Christmas Napkin Rings

This simple project can be completed with faux Christmas garland or real evergreen clippings. While real evergreen smells lovely, you might not have easy access to it. So — whether you live in the tropics, the inner city, or the mountains — you can still have a rustic Christmas tablescape! 

What you need: 

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1. Cut Leather Strips

Lay a sheet of scrap leather across the self-healing mat. Use the rotary cutter to cut narrow strips of leather, approximately .5″ wide and 8-10″ long. 

2. Snip Garland or Evergreen 

Whether you are using faux garland or real evergreen for the Christmas napkin rings will determine which cutting tool you’ll need. For a garland (or wreath), snip a 3″ piece of greenery using a wire cutter. For natural greenery, use gardening clippers. 

Since this garland is getting cut apart, there is no reason to buy the pricey stuff. Best case? You have an old garland or wreath that is never used anymore… repurpose it as clippings for Christmas crafts!

3. Assemble the Napkin Ring 

Once the greenery is clipped and the leather strips are cut, it’s time to assemble the christmas napkin ring. First, stack the silverware largest to smallest. The two smaller utensils should create an “X” over the largest utensil. 

Next, place the greenery atop the silverware and slide the leather strip under the stack. 

Finally, pull the leather toward the front to tie it in a simple knot. 

So simple, right?! In minutes you can create Christmas napkin rings for the whole table… and — possibly — with items from around the house! I keep scraps of leather from old coats and purses, to have on hand for small projects this one. 

What’s Next? 

Set a Rustic Christmas Table (+ a simple Christmas Centerpiece)

How to Make DIY Napkin Rings from Leather

How to make a DIY Advent Wreath

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Christmas Tree Napkin Ring DIY

How to Make 5 Festive Holiday Napkin Rings In Under 2 Minutes

Every Christmas I to create a festive holiday table to enjoy Christmas dinner with my family.

In my previous house I had a dining room with a large table where we would host between 7 – 14 people. My dad made a top to extend the table to fit 14.

When we moved, the table and chairs didn’t fit in the lake house so it happily went to my oldest daughter who did have the room in her house for it.

I still to come up with holiday table setting ideas, but now I do it for the round table in my kitchen that seats five. It is the only inside dining table we have.

The biggest challenge in doing this is that it is a round table. I the bare wood surface paired with my white plate’s most of the time, but do to change it up.

Placemats really don’t work as the corners of each overlap on the table.  Round tablecloths are hard to find and when I do find them, I usually don’t the fabric.

I could make them myself, I did last year for Thanksgiving, but it does take time to do that. This Christmas, I wanted quick and easy.

I was gravitating to using red plaid. I really d how my living room looked with the red plaid I used on my tree and…

Free Printable Gift Tags

…the gifts under it.  I wanted to find a plaid tablecloth to spread the pattern into the dining area.

When I was out Christmas shopping last week at HomeGoods I found a few plaid cloths I d but figured they would all be rectangular or oval cloths. I was thrilled to find a round one.  It was one of those “meant-to-be” finds. 

I looked online to see if I could find a link to the table cloth.  It is sold in all sizes on Amazon and Ebay, but is a lot cheaper if you can find it at HomeGoods where I payed $16.99 for the 90″ round size. It is made by Ralph Lauren. The pattern is called Baker Plaid Red. 

For the centerpiece on the table, I tied twine around a cylindrical vase and stuffed glittered twigs in between the vase and twine. (I bought the twigs last year at Hobby Lobby.) I added a small poinsettia from Walmart’s garden dept. and pine branches from my yard inside the vase.

The Kosta Boda Snow Ball votive holders around the vase are my favorite Christmas decoration. I love them and have had them for years. I use them all around the house in many different ways.

Since the plaid is a busy pattern, I kept the rest of the table setting simple and made paper Christmas tree napkin rings. They are not really rings, but more of a napkin wrapper.

They were easy to make with red printer paper. I was considering adding glitter to them and writing names on each so they would double as place cards, but then decided I the the way they looked just simply red.

Since Christmas is still 12 days away and we use this table all the time, I am storing everything in my china closet except the centerpiece that is still on the table and the new plaid tablecloth that is hanging in a closet all pressed and ready to go. On Christmas Day I will be able to put it all back in place 1…2…3.. 🙂

How to Make DIY Christmas Tree Napkin Rings

supplies needed:

  • Paper of any type from construction paper to gift wrap. Cut to  3-1/2″ x 11-1/2″
  • Scissors
  • Christmas Tree template -Click here to download:  Christmas Tree Napkin Ring template
  • Optional  – cardboard
  1. Download, print and cut-out tree template. If you are going to make a lot of them, trace the tree onto a piece of cardboard. It will hold up better to repeat tracings.

2. Fold paper into 1-inch wide accordion pleats.

3. Place tree template onto accordion-folded paper.

4. Cut-out the traced shape, making sure the lowest tree branch and the base under the tree trunk remain uncut on the accordion folds.

5. Unfold paper and wrap around a folded napkin.

Do you plan out how you set your holiday table every year?


Neutral Fall Tablescape {& Five Minute Napkin Rings}

How to Make 5 Festive Holiday Napkin Rings In Under 2 Minutes

Hello sweet Friends! Thanks so much for the wonderful birthday wishes!

If you stopped by here on Friday you saw what I was greeted with in my front yard, thanks to my sister. You can see it here if you missed it. Her birthday was the day after mine and I knew I had to immediately get her back. Here’s what I did to her:

She got up at about midnight to peek out the window to see if her son’s car was home yet, and couldn’t believe I got her right back!  Ahh so fun!

OK now for what you came for…

Several of my blogging friends and I are collaborating this week to bring our readers a ton of Fall inspiration! Yesterday was mantels, and today it’s all about tablescapes, with more inspiration on the way each day this week. I’ll be sharing the links to those at the bottom.

I love to entertain at the Holidays, but I don’t things too fussy. I prefer to keep it simple. Today I put together a simple Fall table using mostly things I already had. I did make new napkin holders that also serve as place cards, and are so easy to make.

First, here is my table to coordinate with my existing neutral Fall décor:

I shared the pumpkin arrangement centerpiece a couple of weeks ago. You can see the full how-to HERE.

I love the softer hues for Fall and these stems I found at Michaels were perfect for this centerpiece.

While I was at Michaels purchasing the supplies for the centerpiece, I came across these pretty gold frames in the dollar bins:

I thought they would make perfect napkin holders that could also serve as place cards. They were the inspiration for the gold in this table setting.

Making them was so simple and only took about five minutes each!

Here’s what I used to make them:

 Mini Frames * White Paint Pen * Ribbon * Paper Towel Roll

 Hot Glue Gun/Glue * Scissors * Black Card Stock

And here’s how easily they came together:

1.  Cut paper towel roll into 1 3/4″ pieces.

2. Cut strips of ribbon/fabric wide enough to tuck in the sides, and long enough to cover the roll. Roll in fabric and hot glue in place. Tuck sides in and secure with hot glue.

3. Gently remove the stands from the backs of the mini frames.

4. Cut card stock to fit inside each frame and use a paint paint to write your guests’ names.

5. Hot glue the ribbon-covered roll to the back of the frame.

Now of course wouldn’t ya know that after I had everything assembled, I decided to paint the frames in a bit more vibrant shade of gold…

To match my candlesticks I decided to paint as well:

These were mercury glass, but they were more gold than silver and I didn’t love them, so this fixed them right up.

The gold really adds warmth to my Fall table:

I did purchase the green napkins at Pier One, but I already had everything else.

I started with the chargers I picked up on clearance from Walmart for super cheap a few years ago. They are from the BHG collection and I love them.

The white dishes are my everyday dishes, ironstone from Pier One.

You can also see the subtle leaf pattern on the tablecloth in that photo.

To fill in the empty space on the outside of the candlesticks, I put these little arrangements in a couple of my ironstone cups using leftover ribbon, a mini pumpkin, and leftover flowers from my arrangement:

Sometimes you just have to improvise.


Christmas Party Idea – “Win it in a Minute” games with holiday flair

How to Make 5 Festive Holiday Napkin Rings In Under 2 Minutes

So, you’re looking for ideas for games to play at your Christmas celebration? We’ve got 10 games that you can play in a minute that will bring a little holly and a little jolly into your holiday party! 

1. Candy Cane Pick Up – Place a pile of candy canes on a table and provide a tray or basket for each player. Give each player a candy cane to put in his mouth with the hook end down. The player must use the candy cane hook to pick up the other candy canes and move them to the basket. The player with the most candy canes in their basket after one minute wins!

2. Gingerbread High Rise – Provide graham crackers, icing, and a paper plate for each player. Players have one minute to build a tower using the graham crackers and icing. The player with the tallest tower after one minute wins!

3. Whipped Cream Tannenbaum  –  Provide a paper plate and 3 cans of whipped cream per player. Each player has one minute to spray the whipped cream on the paper plate in the shape of a Christmas tree. The player with the tallest Christmas tree after one minute wins!

4. Sugar Cookie Face – Provide cookies for each player. Players must place one cookie on their forehead and use their face muscles to move it into their mouth. The player who has gotten the most cookies in their mouth after one minute is the winner!

5. Napkin Ring Ornament Madness – Provide 5 to 10 large napkin rings in a basket or on a tray and an unsharpened pencil or chopstick for each player. Set the basket on a table or the floor, a few feet away from a Christmas tree.

(A small artificial tree works great.) Players must use the unsharpened pencil or chopstick to pick up a napkin ring, carry it to the tree, and slide the napkin ring “ornament” onto the tree.

The player who gets the most napkin rings on the tree in one minute wins!

6. The Marshmallow Melt – Provide one holiday marshmallow or marshmallow peep in the shape of a Christmas tree (or any other festive shape) to each player. The player must put the marshmallow on their tongue for one minute. The player whose marshmallow has dissolved the least amount after one minute is the winner.

7. Snowball Fight – Provide white paper for each player or team. Place a dividing line in the middle of the room. Players or teams will need to wad up the white paper and have a snowball fight. The player or team who has the least number of “snowballs” on their side after one minute is the winner!

8. Human Christmas Tree – Provide garland and/or toilet paper for each player or team. Choose one person to be the human Christmas tree. The player or team has one minute to wrap the “tree” in garland and toilet paper. The team with the least amount of garland and toilet paper after one minute wins!

9. The Rudolph Scoot – Provide a big red foam nose ( Rudolph’s nose) and a set of round ornaments (not glass) for each player.  Mark a START and a FINISH line on the floor using masking or painters tape.  Players must use their nose to roll the ornaments from the START line to the FINISH line. The player who has rolled the most ornaments across the FINISH line in one minute wins!

10. Marshmallow Toss –  Provide a wreath, a bag of marshmallows, and a bucket for each player. Have one person hold the wreath to their side and place the bucket behind the wreath. Players will have one minute to throw marshmallows through the wreath into the bucket. The player with the most marshmallows in the bucket after one minute is the winner!! 

And here’s a special treat – We tried the top three games here at LifeWay and made a little video for you!! 

Bill vs. Jeff Christmas Games from LifeWay Kids on Vimeo.


Simple DIY Napkin Rings

How to Make 5 Festive Holiday Napkin Rings In Under 2 Minutes

By Julie Loven

Published: November 1, 2016 06:00 AM

I love elegant table settings.  A beautifully decorated table makes dining become more of an experience than a necessity.  Plus, doesn’t food taste better from an exquisitely set table?  During the holidays, I think this is all the more important.  It’s your time to put on a show and wow your loved ones and friends.

  But (and there’s always a but…), it can be really expensive to set these magnificent, magazine worthy tables.  Most families shell out tons of money during the holiday season anyway – so can you afford fancy pants table settings on top of everything else?  Yes.  Your answer is yes you can!  Today we’re making napkin rings for 75 cents or less – and the kids can help.

  They’re so elegant that nobody’s gotta know what you didn’t spend!

The materials list is short.   We’re making 10 napkin rings in this article.  You’ll need one tub of Plaster of Paris.  I bought an 8-pound tub for $6.  This is way, way too much.  One four-pound tub costs about $3.

50 and you’ll still have lots of Plaster of Paris left over.  You’ll also need 1-2 fall/leaf cookie cutters, spray paint of your choice (or two colors), 5 toilet paper tubes, one plastic fork, and parchment paper.

  If you have to purchase all the materials, you’ll spend about $8.

Begin by preparing a work space on a flat surface.  I use a sheet of parchment paper for EVERYTHING.  It makes clean up fast and simple.  Lay out parchment and then a cookie cutter or two for your napkin shapes.  I used a disposable 4-ounce plastic cup to mix my Plaster of Paris.

  This is not scientific but this is what you do – spoon dry Plaster of Paris into the drinking cup until it’s about 3/4 of the way full.  It equates to about 2.5-3 ounces of dry mix.  Add enough water slowly until the mixture is mixed and the consistency of putty.  Spoon the putty into the cookie cutter.

  You want the top to have rough texture a leaf so don’t smooth the putty completely.

Allow this to dry for about 1-2 hours.  It will be dry at 30 minutes, but not dry enough not to crack when you remove the shape from the cookie cutter.  Listen to me.  Gently release the shape from the cookie cutter and set aside.

Once all the leaf shapes you need are dry, paint them.  I sprayed the bottoms first on paper and then flipped them over and sprayed the top side.  Cut the toilet paper holders in half and spray the outside and inside of these at the same time.  You will have plenty of paint left over to do this whole project again if you want.

After the paint is completely dry, glue the toilet paper tubes to the flat (back) side of the leaf shape.  I used craft glue, but hot glue or whatever glue you have available would also work.  Again, set aside and allow to dry (I feel I’ve typed that sentence 100 times).  Thread the napkins through the rings and you're ready to set a festive and fabulous table. Happy Holidays! 

Craft easy paper roses that are an inexpensive and creative Mother's Day gift!

Craft unique yarn eggs that make beautiful and inexpensive Easter decor!

Create simple and colorful DIY Crayon Eggs that are fun to play with and perfect for the Easter season!


38 Elegant Christmas Table Settings – Stylish Holiday Table Centerpieces

How to Make 5 Festive Holiday Napkin Rings In Under 2 Minutes

Instagram @casadeperrin

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and you're no doubt starting to plan the table decorations for your Christmas celebration.

The key to any festive holiday table is a buying the right accents and statement pieces ahead of time, so you're ready to create an elegant and merry table when your holiday gathering comes around.

In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, we've rounded up sophisticated table setting ideas to inspire your holiday dinner table.

1 of 38

Festive Napkins

A little origami napkin-work can add an instant dose of holiday cheer (even if you left decorating the table until the last minute.)

SHOP NOW Pottery Barn Classic Napkin, $40 for a set of four

2 of 38

Have a Blue Christmas

Craving something different from the traditional red, gold, and green? How about a pretty blue and silver palette for a more serene holiday.

SHOP NOW Libbey Wine Glasses in Cobalt Blue, $42.99 for a set of 12

3 of 38

Moss Runner

Bring a little bit of nature to the bare winter months with a colorful moss table runner.

SHOP NOW Moss Table Runner, $16.99

4 of 38

Christmas Crackers

No holiday table is complete without fun crackers to open during your meal. The crackers typically include a crown, a joke, and a small toy or trinket, so prepare for hours of entertainment once your guests open theirs.

SHOP NOW Mayfair Glisten Tree Christmas Crackers, $38 for six

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Pretty Pewter

Pewter table linens can make an unexpectedly pretty backdrop to allow gold and crystal accents stand out.

SHOP NOW Pewter Grey Cloth Napkins, $31.60 for a set of eight

6 of 38

Unconventional Table Setting

Instead of the usual napkin-across-the-center, give center stage to a whimsical take-home gift a small candle or a festive place card holder, a reindeer-inspired design.

SHOP NOW Merry Reindeer Place Card Holders, $24.50 for a set of four

7 of 38

Mod Monochrome

For those who don't go in for colorful accents, bare-branched tabletop trees can add a pretty, pared-down effect, walking in the woods on a mid-winter night.

SHOP NOW Gallerie II LED Lighted Glitter tree, $64.99

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Festive Napkin Rings

Choosing a festive napkin ring is another way to dress up your table. Opt for a gold patterned design, the napkin ring seen here, to add to the holiday color scheme.

SHOP NOW Gold Metal Starburst Napkin Ring, $3.99

9 of 38

Go Tall

There's nothing worse at a holiday dinner than dodging around a face-height floral arrangement. You could go for a low-lying arrangement, but why skip out on the drama? Instead, pack a tall, slender vase with beautiful branches and seasonal blooms.

SHOP NOW Glass Trumpet Centerpiece Vase, $30.40

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Wooden Chargers

Give your table a cozy rustic touch with raw wood chargers.

SHOP NOW Acacia Platter, $16.99

11 of 38

Merry Minimalism

For those who don't go in for ornate home decor, simple set pieces these monochrome paper trees fit the festive bill.

SHOP NOW Bold Christmas Tree Centerpieces, $9.39

Learn how to make them on Persia Lou.

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Add Gold Accents

Nothing says celebration pops of gold. Add bold gold accents to your table, with a gold ribbon ring and gold rimmed plates.

SHOP NOW Metallic Gold Ribbon Bows, $8 for a set of five

13 of 38

Blanket of Snow

For a playful take on a wintery table, skip the tablecloth and roll out a blanket of faux snow instead.

SHOP NOW Snow Blanket Decoration, $15.58

15 of 38

Red and Gold

Red and green isn't the only Christmas color pairing—don't underestimate the elegant couple that is red and gold.

SHOP NOW Wallace Silversmiths 65-Piece Gold-Plated Flatware, $269

16 of 38

Winter Wonderland

Embellishing the table with white makes any party truly feel a winter wonderland.

SHOP NOW Christmas Ribbons Tablecloth in White, $19.99

17 of 38

Dramatic Red Tablecloth

A deep red tablecloth is the surest way to the tone for a romantic Christmas dinner. Opt for a table topper with a small pattern for added texture.

SHOP NOW Design Imports Embroidered Mistletoe Tablecloth, $38.99

18 of 38

Ornament Bowl

Collecting some of your leftover ornaments in a bowl or even a silver tray can bring holiday spirit to any table.

SHOP NOW 24 Piece Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornament Set, $19.99

19 of 38

Personal Gift

Whether it's Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas Day brunch, no guest will turn down a present upon their welcome.

SHOP NOW Party Favor Boxes, $8.99 for a set of three

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A garland that runs down the center of a table can give a simple white cloth and napkins instant holiday cheer.

SHOP NOW Snowy Boxwood and Pine Garland with Berry, $28.99

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Polish Your Good Silver

There's never been a better time to bring out any and all silver. Make sure you polish your pieces ahead of time, and then put them to good use at Christmas dinner.

SHOP NOW Williams Sonoma Prep Serve 7-Piece Stainless-Steel Tools Set, $149.95

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Fresh Fruit

Run wild with real fruits, such as oranges, pomegranates, and pears in a dramatic centerpiece.

SHOP NOW Faux Fruit Abundance Bowl, $118.99

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Place Card Holders

Choose a festive place card holder, these Christmas tree-inspired designs by Pottery Barn, to add some extra holiday cheer to your table.

SHOP NOW Christmas Tree Place Card Holders, $24.50 for a set of four

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For a simple dessert, bring out some beautiful cookies wrapped in ribbon. If guests are too full, they can always take them home—though we've never met anyone who was too full for a homemade cookie. For a T&C twist, make them Nantucket Cranberry Sea Salt cookies.

SHOP NOW Bouchon Bakery Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix, $19.95

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Add Greenery to Your Napkins

Bring a little seasonal greenery to your tabletop with a festive napkin ring, this design that features mistletoe. Just pair with simple red napkins and your table is set.

SHOP NOW Kim Seybert Mistletoe Napkin Ring, $19

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Natural Touches

Adding natural elements branches and pine cones alongside shiny white ornaments brings an elegant winter forest touch to Christmas dinner.

SHOP NOW Mini Pine Cones, $9.99 for 100

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With gold-painted leaf napkin holders, your table will have a gilded wintery feel. Plus, the gold shade will add a touch of glamour to your tabletop.

SHOP NOW Meri Meri Glittered Leaf Place Tag Napkin Ties, $16

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Mini Wreath

Give your first course plates a lift with adorable woodland wreaths.

SHOP NOWArtificial Pine Mini Wreath, $11.99

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Plaid Tablecloth

The serious Christmas host might consider investing in a holiday plaid tablecloth and traditional Christmas china.

SHOP NOW Vernor Collection Plaid Tablecloth, $30.62

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If ever there was a moment to inject some high drama into a meal, holiday dinner is it! Use an elegant candelabra as your center piece to amp up the class at your holiday celebration.

SHOP NOW 3 Arm Metal Candelabra, $26.99



How to Make 5 Festive Holiday Napkin Rings In Under 2 Minutes

Last night while you were sleeping the British pound value plunged 6% in less than two minutes. The pound dropped to $1.18 against the USD crashing through its support levels which lead to a sharp selloff. The event created a new 31 year low for the pound after it leap past the previous three decade low.

The entire event took place over 2 minutes and 6 seconds. And changed the entire nation of Britain value by 6% in mere seconds. While the currency did eventually recover the question becomes how did this happen?

There are several scenario’s floating around to what could have caused the currency drop from a fat fingered trader, a wise trader taking advantage of low liquidity, option expiration dates, stop loss orders or the a statement by the French President Francois Hollande.

1) The first belief is that computer algorithms or fat finger trader resulted in big consequences.

What most people believe happened is that a trade entered the wrong number or that a glitch in a trading algorithm resulted in the trade. This is not uncommon and occurred back in the flash crash of 2010.

Usually, the trades are wiped from the records within hours as if they didn’t occur. Since this has not yet happened does make this less ly.

2) Low liquidity- If you look at the time that the trades occurred it was at an intersection of markets. New York traders had gone home for the day while the biggest markets in Asia were just drinking their coffee’s. If someone wanted to do this deliberately, this would be an ideal time. This, again, does seem unly, but is being talked about on the news.

3) Option expiries- Friday is the day that forex options tend to expire and can cause trading moves if the writers (banks) need to cover themselves.

If you look at the option expiring last night, the majority was at 1.25 with a small amount at 1.23. What this means is that when the pound dropped below 1.

25 it triggered a scramble of traders trying to sell the pound to protect themselves from losses.

4) Stop Loss orders- We have talked about this before- stop losses can cause unintended events. Stop loss can lead to unexpected trades that can drive a down day into a sharp drop. While you think a stop loss at 1.25 would sell your position at 1.

25 the reality is it triggers selling as soon as it hits that level. This means you could be filled at the next buyer prices far below 1.25. Traders use stop losses to mitigate losses at pre-agreed levels when the markets move or when they are asleep last night.

It is possible that there was a large volume of stop loss orders that were executed last night.

5) The final theory is that an article by the French President on their stance of Brexit was published at 7:07am Hong Kong time. Because computer algorithms are made to find news regarding breaking stories and interpret them as negative or positive it Is possible the computer traded on the article. The publishing of the article occurred seconds after the pound started moving.

Uncovering the source of the pound’s sudden drop will be difficult as forex markets cover many trading systems and time zones with no single repository for information. As a result, it will be difficult to flag what exactly happened.


Holiday napkin folding techniques

How to Make 5 Festive Holiday Napkin Rings In Under 2 Minutes

’Tis the season for parties and family gatherings and making a dramatic statement at your holiday dinner party. This year, we found 12 easy ways to dress up your holiday table and started with the basics: napkins.

A stylish dinner napkin can change the look of your table, from boring to glamorous, hum-drum to ho ho ho.

With the help of Kimberly Kowalski, interior designer at Savvy Surrounding Style in Ladue, we selected 12 festive napkin styles.


1. Lay the napkin face-down in front of you.

2. Fold the napkin in half and orient the open end toward you.

3. Fold the napkin into quarters.

4. Orient the napkin so the open corner is facing away and to the left.

5. Fold the top-most layer of napkin in half diagonally and press it down.

6. Turn the napkin over so that the open corner is now facing away and to the right.

7. Fold the right-side back about one-third of the way and press it down.

8. Fold the left-side back also about one-third of the way and press.

9. Flip it over, straighten it up and insert those shiny eating instruments. To view step-by-step instructions, visit and click on basic silverware pouch.

David Carson


1. Purchase kitchen towels ($8 for the felt snowflake pattern at Anthropologie, St. Louis Galleria) with holiday designs.

2. Tie a piece of twine around the top of the towel and lay across the dinner plate.

3. Send your guests home with their very own holiday-themed towel.

David Carson


1. Lay your cloth napkin out in front of you so that it is a square.

2. Fold the bottom edge of the napkin up one-third of the way.

3. Take the top edge of the napkin and fold it down so that it is about 3 inches from the bottom folded edge of the napkin and overlaps the edge that you folded up in the previous step.

4. Flip the napkin over.

5. Fold the left edge of the napkin over one-third of the way. Fold the right edge of the napkin over one-third of the way.

6. Flip the napkin back over and orient it so that you have a pouch at the bottom. Slide in a menu card (starting at $3.50 each at Two Blue Doors, 75 West Lockwood Avenue in Webster Groves). Adapted from and search: How to create a pocket fold for a menu card.

David Carson


1. Fold the napkin in half diagonally to make a triangle.

2. Place the crease in front of you. Set fork and knife in the middle of the crease.

3. Fold bottom right corner over flatware. Bring bottom left corner over flatware. Roll flatware and napkin up to the top; decorate with holiday ribbon and top off with a snowflake ornament for your guests.

David Carson


1. Fold the napkin in half diagonally to make a triangle.

2. Place the crease in front of you. Set fork and knife in the middle of the crease.

3. Fold bottom right corner over flatware. Bring bottom left corner over flatware. Roll flatware and napkin up to the top; add a decorative bow and send your guests home with a holiday goodie.

David Carson

CANDLESTICK NAPKIN FOLD 1. Fold the napkin diagonally into a triangle, then fold up the folded edge to make a cuff. 2. Turn the napkin over and roll it firmly and tightly from one side. 3.

Tuck the free corner (made from the cuff) into the folded edge. You may need to stick a straight pin into the cuff. This will help it to stand upright. Stand next to a champagne flute ($8.95 each at Pier I Imports).

To see a video, visit .com and search candlestick napkin fold.

David Carson


1. Lay a plain green napkin in front of you.

2. Fold it in half, so the open part is away from you. Pinch the center of the bottom of the napkin and roll the napkin from the corner to form a cone.

3. Flip the brim up ( your rolling a shirt sleeve).

4. Attach a mini red ornament on top (we used Glue Dots). Adapted from Good Housekeeping. To view a video of this napkin design, visit

David Carson


1. Start out with a wrinkle-free square linen napkin. Fold all corners to the center.

2. Now fold all four corners to the center again. Holding the center, flip the napkin over.

3. Fold the four corners to the center one final time. While holding the center, place your hand underneath and grab the open edge of the napkin.

4. Pull the corners out, working your way around.

5. Place your hand underneath the side and grab the open corner of the napkin.

6. Pull the corner so that it is exposed, but do not pull it all the way out. The fold should remain. Place a brooch in the middle of the snowflake for an elegant design. Step-by-step directions at

David Carson

Ribbon Wrap

1. Fold napkin in half, in half again and in half again; lay on dinner plate.

2. Wrap ribbon (any size) around utensils and place on top of dinner napkin. 

David Carson


1. Start with your napkin lying on a flat surface and fold napkin in half by folding the bottom part upward away from you.

2. Fold the napkin in quarters by folding the left side over to the right.

3. Beginning with the top layer (top left) roll it back, bit by bit. Keep folding it back until it is just past the center of the napkin.

4. Take the second layer (top left) and tuck the tip of it down under the layer you have just folded back.

5. Tuck the third layer under in the opposite direction.

6. Fold the right side under. Then fold the left side under. Insert a holiday-themed floral stem and utensils. Note: To view this napkin fold, visit .com and search: buffet pouch or French pleat napkin fold.

David Carson


1. Stack three opened napkins (choose a holiday-themed napkin, a solid color napkin and a silky color napkin) on top of one another.

2. Fold the napkins in half; slide a holiday-themed napkin ring over all three napkins to achieve a full-style napkin setting.

Adapted from Pier I Imports.

David Carson


1. Lay a large linen napkin flat on the table

2. Fold each corner diagonally into the center of the napkin, creating a square.

3. Turn the napkin over and fold each corner diagonally into the center of the napkin again.

4. Firmly hold down the center of the napkin and carefully reach under the napkin and pull out the folded corners to form outer petals.

5. Add a small dish in the center and add holiday candy.

Note: To see step-by-step instructions, visit

David Carson


Easy to Make Christmas Napkin Rings

How to Make 5 Festive Holiday Napkin Rings In Under 2 Minutes

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If you’re still on the fence about using paper products at your holiday table, consider dressing them up with this easy napkin ring tutorial! Grab a few supplies and we’ll get busy! Or better yet, shop online! Grab your favorite Dixie and Vanity Fair products by visiting and having them delivered to your door!

How to Make Christmas Napkin Rings:


  • empty paper towel roll (1 roll makes 5 rings)
  • tape measure or ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • burlap ribbon 2-1/2″ wide
  • red sheer ribbon 5/8″ wide
  • red baker’s twine
  • small felt trees
  • hot glue


  1. Use your tape measure or ruler to measure 2″ sections on the empty paper towel roll. Use scissors to cut the sections.
  2. Cut your burlap ribbon about 6″ in length and wrap it around your paper towel roll. If it fits, continue to cut 1 piece of burlap ribbon, 1 piece of red sheer ribbon, and 1 piece of baker’s twine the exact same length for each ring.
  3. Use hot glue to affix the three ribbons together – lay the burlap on the table and put a small dollop of glue on the end. Attach the red sheer ribbon and add a dollop of hot glue on top of the red ribbon and affix the baker’s twine. Repeat for the opposite end.
  4. Add hot glue to the paper towel roll and attach one end of the burlap ribbon onto it. Wrap the ribbon all the way around the roll and attach to the opposite side with another strip of hot glue.
  5. Use hot glue to attach the felt tree opposite the seam.
  6. Side your napkins into the paper towel roll and use on your holiday table!

Tell me in the comments, will you be using paper products at your holiday parties and dinners? And check out some of our other easy holiday crafts!