How to Make a Gorgeous Heart Wall Art Out of Pistachios

6 DIY Ideas To Make Crafts With Pistachio Shells

How to Make a Gorgeous Heart Wall Art Out of Pistachios

Our reuse & recycle series is back with a 3rd edition, offering 6 creative DIY ideas to reuse pistachio shells.

I go nuts with some nuts pistachios! Now don’t get me wrong, I love the flavour of pistachios and love to have them just that or in icecream, kulfi, milkshake, chocolate, chikki bar, dry fruit laddoo, salted, roasted and many other forms. Just thinking about having pistachios in different forms is prompting me to write more about them, but that post is for another day.

So coming to the point, what drives me crazy is getting that nut its shell. I always end up having a pack of nuts lying in my refrigerator that are hard to shell. I can neither throw them nor use them.

For those who are struggling with the same issue, do check out the below video for a simple trick to shell those hard to open nuts!

Of course after shelling all of them and eating, I still end up with a pack! Wondering what I am speaking about now? It is a pack of pistachio shells this time.

Being a person who doesn’t to waste any resource so easily, those shells always looked lovely to my eyes. Hoping that I would use them in some form I would always store the shells, but would not really be sure what to do with them. When I had a whole lot of them, cluttering up space, I finally did part with them with a heavy heart!

Until one day, when my son got a craft made at his school for mother’s day. Though it looked very simple, it actually occurred to me that I should be doing something this with those shells. Here is a photograph of the mother’s day craft.

So yes the shells are quite sturdy, durable and have a lovely shape. They can be used for making different crafts. Let us check out some DIY options now.


Making a flower with pista shells is the most common method of reusing the shells to make crafts. As the shells already come with an almost petal shape, it is easy to identify them as flower petals. These will come in handy when natural flowers are not available and you want to make them part of your rangoli!


Yes, it is possible to craft some elegant jewelry too with the shells! You can make pendants or add them as mini pins to your tops. Be ready to experiment with different shapes and colours that suit best for your outfits.


Fancy a bowl with pistachio shells? That is possible too! The bowl turns out to be quite sturdy and you can use it as an organizer basket to store small items or place just the bowl anywhere to act as a décor piece.


The kind of coaster that is shown in the video is a people coaster but you can bring forth your creativity to try out other designs. Go ahead and recycle all those old, boring and plain coasters and bring them to life!

Candle holder

This candle holder is very similar to making a complete flower with pistachio shells. The only difference is to leave space to place your tea light candle in the middle and not to cover it with shells. Follow the video for a clear tutorial.

Abstract art

Other stuff that you can do with these shells is to make some wall hangings with an abstract floral art. Try different sized flowers and other figures of personal interest and stick them to a base to make the hanging. Here is a video to get you started.

Keep following this space to find many more interesting DIY ideas by reusing and recycling ordinary things.

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Poets and pistachios: A journey to the heart of Iran

How to Make a Gorgeous Heart Wall Art Out of Pistachios

The old man paused for breath beneath a walnut tree. A part-time philosopher, he was called Rahmatollah (“Offer of the Gods”). He had wobbly knees and clutched a walking stick but his mind showed no sign of slowing down.

He sat in the shade quoting the 13th-century Iranian poet Saadi Shirazi and musing over his 80 or so years living in the sleepy mountain village of Abyaneh, 210 miles south of the capital Tehran. “I used to walk in these peaks as a boy, searching for wolves and hunting ibexes. Back then, Abyaneh was a very different place,” he said, almost mournfully.

Once a thriving agricultural community, Abyaneh was home to thousands and blessed with an almost semi-autonomous existence. Isolated until the 17th century, it remained free of interference by Afghans, Turks and Indians. With the next village 12 miles away, locals even formed their own dialect.

The mudbrick houses of AbyanehCredit:© ASK Images / Alamy Stock Photo/ASK Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Today barely 80 residents remain, living in red mudbrick houses. Bizarrely, though, Abyaneh is located close to the epicentre of the country’s biggest problems, a lonely spot in the desert that has seen it exiled from the international community.

“No photographs,” warned my guide Majid as we drove past the mysterious Natanz nuclear facility, all high fences and armed patrols. 

But change is coming. Sanctions imposed over Iran’s controversial nuclear programme are being lifted and the Islamic Republic is once again open for business. Last year saw the Foreign Office ease travel restrictions and reopen the British embassy in the capital after it was famously stormed in 2011.

As a result, airlines and tour operators are hastily re-establishing their presence. On September 1, British Airways will recommence direct flights to Tehran from London Heathrow.

It is welcome news to the 77 million population of this nation plagued by preconceptions as a land of fundamentalists and terrorists.

Tehran – where British Airways will fly to directly, from September 1Credit:Copyright 2015 Emanuele Mazzoni/Emanuele Mazzoni

Majid has been showing off his homeland to curious visitors for the past 15 years. “Iran is a deeply misunderstood country,” he said, sitting cross-legged on a Persian rug and sipping a cup of saffron chai in a teahouse high in the quiet hillsides north of Tehran. Beyond the walls, mules ferried sacks of pomegranates along deserted trails.

There, almost everywhere in Iran, the locals greeted us with a touching mix of curiosity and delight. Some stared unsubtly while others whispered with urgency. Some came rushing over with questions and, more often than not, offers of tea, fruit or homecooked meals.

Hopes are high that Iran has finally turned a corner and a new era beckons. Rahmatollah was characteristically coy about it all. “The future? Only God knows but good things are coming,” he said, gazing out over Mount Karkas. 

Mount Karkas, in the north of IranCredit:© Florian Neukirchen / Alamy Stock Photo/Florian Neukirchen / Alamy Stock Photo

Many miles to the south, the city of Yazd was doing a roaring trade. The pavements were heaving with shoppers browsing the father-and-son kerbside stalls selling fruit, sweet-smelling rose water and Persian rugs.

The busiest place, however, seemed to be Haj Khalifeh Ali Rahbar, a confectionery store started by two brothers more than 60 years ago.

The place was stacked with all manner of sugar-dusted treats with exotic names such as noqhl, loze nargil and qotab.

And while it cannot trade on a world-famous name other Iranian heavyweights such as Shiraz and Isfahan, Yazd proved to be one of the most enlightening stops on our two-week tour, thanks mostly to the famed Towers of Silence. These large manmade monuments in the desert on the outskirts of town are where Zoroastrians leave their dead to be consumed by vultures.

We broke up the long journey to Shiraz beside a roadside pistachio farm. The small shrubs, all neatly planted in regimented rows that swept up the hillside, were decorated with ripening shells faded rubies dangling from the tip.

The owner – a farmer on a motorbike – soon materialised. I half expected him to start shouting, ordering us off his land and away from his precious pistachios but this was Iran. Instead, he greeted us long-lost family and proceeded to pick handfuls of his prized produce for us to sample.

“Iranian people do not hate the West,” Mr Abedi explained. “They celebrate everything it has brought them but propaganda has given the wrong impression of us.”Credit:Nicola Messana – Fotolia

But the most memorable individual we met was Abbas Barzegar, the Richard Branson of Iran who lives in the absurdly beautiful Bavanat Valley. In a previous life, Abbas was a humble man working on a farm. “I had no money, no cows, nothing. I thought God had deserted me. Now I have a magical business, a garden, a family, even a donkey,” he beamed.

So, what brought about this change in fortune? Two German backpackers. Lost and with nowhere to stay, they were offered a spare room in Abbas’s house and an idea was born. With the help of a $600,000 grant from former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he built his own guesthouse, which now has 33 rustic rooms, a small museum and even a petting zoo. Success, however, may have gone to his head.

Over a breakfast prepared by his demure wife and served by his daughters, he spoke of his dreams of owning his own valley and populating it with his own tribe who would all wear the same clothes and be ruled over by his infant son. Several of us exchanged knowing glances in between mouthfuls of homemade cheese and walnut bread.

Iran’s strained relationship with the West plays out regularly in the headlines but there is very little, if any, hostility to be felt from people on the ground

Of course, we didn’t come all this way to listen to these ramblings. We came for the Bavanat Valley, one of Iran’s most naturally blessed locations: a wide chasm bookmarked by crumbled peaks and scattered with drooping sunflowers, gushing streams and dusty walking trails.

A boy of no more than 13 emerged from within a haze of dust kicked up by the dozens of goats he was trying to herd. He was having limited success, his desperate pleas lost among the plumes of sand swirling around him.

Having a much more leisurely day were the Abedi family.

the rest of the 14,000 nomads who spend six months of the year in the Bavanat Valley (wintering on the warm shores of the Persian Gulf), they were busy tending to their cattle and drinking tea outside their large tents.

Tea was extended to us and we sat on rugs placed on grass and talked about our respective lands. Mr Abedi turned his attention to the US citizen in our party. “Why does America hate us so much?”

Iran’s strained relationship with the West plays out regularly in the headlines but there is very little, if any, hostility to be felt from people on the ground. “The Iranian people do not hate the West,” Mr Abedi explained. “They celebrate everything it has brought them but propaganda has given the wrong impression of us.”

The future and present-day Iran may be the biggest talking points but the country’s past is never far from the agenda. Its complex history dates back centuries to the first human settlements around 4000 BC. In the years that followed, Persia was conquered and ruled by some of history’s biggest figures. Cyrus the Great laid the foundations of the Persian Empire in the sixth century BC.

Its most impressive achievement, arguably, is Persepolis, the mighty capital of the empire built by Darius the Great. More than 150 years in the making, this ancient city has attracted subjects from far and wide to pay homage to their rulers. They didn’t come empty-handed, bringing offerings of gold, spices and baby giraffes from their exotic lands including Arabia and India.

“The Persian Empire's most impressive achievement, arguably, is Persepolis, the mighty capital”Credit:emk(c)2012/Milos Kubus

It was undoubtedly a place of great splendour but a drunken attack launched by Alexander the Great one fateful night saw Persepolis burn to the ground. That, along with centuries of abandonment (the city wasn’t rediscovered until 1620), took its toll. But the ruins that stand today boast splendour of a different kind.

Aside from Persepolis, the tour’s most anticipated stop came at the end. Legends surround the fabled city of Isfahan, former capital of Persia, and its grandeur remains.

Just as it did in the days of Shah Abbas the Great in the 17th century, life in Isfahan revolves around Meidan Emam, one of the largest public squares in the world. “Only Tiananmen is bigger,” said Majid with pride.

Once, kings would sit on balconies overlooking the square and watch polo matches played out against a backdrop of mighty mosques and madrassas.

Today, Meidan Emam remains a place of euphoria and entertainment. Shoppers milled around the arcades and vanished into crowded bazaars. Courting couples picnicked on the grass while families rode horses and carts around the perimeter.

“Just as it did in the 17th century, life in Isfahan revolves around Meidan Emam, one of the largest public squares in the world”Credit:JPAaron – Fotolia

But at its heart, Meidan Emam remains a place rooted in religion and tradition. People come to worship at the Shah Mosque, under its vast dome adorned with half a million tiles.

A man in a scruffy tracksuit emerged from the crowd and proceeded to take centre stage. He stood directly in the middle of the hall and started to sing the call to prayer.

Every murmur fell silent as his voice gained momentum, each note sliding down the glazed walls honey.

A wave of goosebumps swept along my arms and everyone in sight was rendered speechless. It was a delicate and soulful display that took us all by surprise. Very much Iran itself.

Nick Boulos travelled with Wild Frontiers (020 7736 3968; For more details, see

Telegraph Tours | The glories of Iran


Wonderful Pistachios – Healthy Snackin

How to Make a Gorgeous Heart Wall Art Out of Pistachios

Rod Blagojevich and Snooki Both Make Their Television Commercial Debuts

in the Second Year of this Headline‐Making Campaign

LOS ANGELES (November 1, 2010) – The Wonderful® Pistachios “Get Crackin’” campaign “takes two” in 2010,inviting consumers nationwide to continue cracking open their pistachios with eight new nutty pop culture personalities.

The $20 million national advertising campaign – which officially launched last night during the fourth game of the World Series ‐ will expand the humorous thematic of how everyone cracks open a pistachio in their own unique, light‐hearted way.

Featured personalities include infamous Illinois governor and Celebrity Apprentice star Rod Blagojevich; MTVJersey Shore’s beloved Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi; NFL Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver and VH‐1 star Chad Ochocinco; Golden Globe™ Award‐nominated actor and former real‐life drill instructor R. Lee Ermey; stand‐up comedian and actor Lewis Black; sensation “Keyboard Cat”; and Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts gang, which is widely considered the most popular and influential comic strip.

The series of commercials make a World‐Series debut and will air in full rotation starting on November 15 during prime‐time favorites such as 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family and Monday Night Football in addition to late‐night programs, sporting event broadcasts and a range of cable networks.

The diverse mix is designed to create maximum impact with key consumer targets of women and moms who control the pantry and men who influence the shopping list by reaching both during popular shows and group snacking occasions that typically surround sporting events.

“The success of our humor‐roasted “Get Crackin’” campaign shows that we clearly resonate with consumers and the proof is in the pistachio,” said Dominic Engels, vice president, global marketing, ParamountFarms.

“Last season, Wonderful Pistachios experienced a record‐breaking year with both a 233 percent increase in brand sales year‐over‐year and a statement‐making entrance into the $8 billion ‘salty snack’ category dominated by chips.

We are confident that this year’s campaign will exceed expectations inconsumer impressions and boost overall category sales.”

The new crop of “Get Crackin’” commercials feature:

• Rod Blagojevich Does It Innocently. A political spitfire, Rod made headlines for both a “sold” seat and styled hair that rivaled Donald Trump.

While sitting innocently at a desk, a man slides a briefcase in front of him.

Rod looks at it curiously, opening it up only to find a cascade of thousands of pistachios spilling it, onto the desk, his lap, the floor, etc. He grabs one, shrugs, winks and cracks it open.

• Snooki Does It With UV Rays. Best known for her hair pouf and her tanning obsession, Snooki stands next to a tanning bed in a green and black monokini. After flashing her trademark smile, she cracks open the pistachio on the edge of the tanning bed cover and shows us that pistachios now have a place in Jersey Shore’s mantra of “GTL‐P: gym, tan, laundry…pistachio!”

• Ochocinco Does It In The Endzone. As he does for every touchdown scored for the Cincinnati Bengals, Chad Ochocinco kneels in the endzone. Suddenly, he pops up and with the shake, shimmy and swivel that earned him a fourth‐place finish in Dancing With The Stars – plus countless fines by the NFL ‐ he celebrates with a dance and a victorious cracking of a pistachio!

• Lucy Does It For Kicks. The classic running gag of Lucy taunting Charlie Brown with the football is one of the most memorable of the Peanuts strip, and when she snatches the ball away at the last minute, it brings back memories for viewers across generations. This time, Lucy sets up the big kick – and the big crack – for Charlie Brown with a Wonderful pistachio!

• Drill Sergeants Do It With Intimidation. Known for his award‐nominated turn as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket, R. Lee Ermey meets his newest private… a pistachio. At the top of his lungs, he inducts the pistachio with a full‐fledged rant… until it trembles in fear and cracks!

• Lewis Black Does It Lewis Black. Stand up comedian Lewis Black is ranting behind a microphone on stage, providing non‐stop laughs and colorful commentary. He announces only an idiot would have him crack open pistachios… and then proceeds to crack open a pistachio!

• Vampires Do It When The Sun Goes Down. The lights dim slowly on an eerie, ghostly casket. The lid pops open, a vampire emerges and with the full force of fangs that would make Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries fans proud, she hisses and cracks open a pistachio.

• Keyboard Cat Does It Purrrrrrfectly. With a musical prowess on a keyboard that has given 12 million viewers a giggle, Keyboard Cat is shown tapping his signature tune. When a pistachio is placed on the key, he cracks it open with his paw and continues with his performance.

“Now in its second year, our campaign casts a wide‐net of talent – much many of the reality‐shows seen on network television – with someone to appeal to everyone,” continued Engels. “This year, we’re including a younger audience in our communications plan, with ®‐centric talent targeting the 20‐25 year‐old demographic, thus extending our potential for pistachio consumption growth.”

In addition to the eight new spots airing on television, the brand is bringing back two popular and relevant spots from 2009: Wee‐Man and Beauty Queen.

Not only did these two spots place in the top ten on “ability” and “Recall Scores” of new ad executions (for October 2009) released by The Nielsen Company last year, but in the year since then, Lauren Caitlin Upton has been seen on CBS’s “Amazing Race” and Wee‐Man’s “Jackass 3D” was released theatrically on October 15.

Get Bloggin’

Who better to be the “official Wonderful Pistachios blogger” for a pop culture‐inspired campaign than theultimate pop culture commentator, Perez Hilton. Hilton was on the set of the commercial shoot, conductingcelebrity interviews to be featured on November 16 in viral‐inducing vignettes on his blog,

As part of the brand’s overall online advertising buy, a specially‐designed “page takeover” is created to wrapthe blog’s site the week the campaign goes into full rotation on television to ensure maximum impact andclick‐back to

Crowd Sourcin’ Creativity

Through a new collaboration with Poptent ‐ a vibrant community of filmmakers, animators and products ‐ Wonderful Pistachios is challenging the online community to get filmin’ and to produce edgy, online versions of Get Crackin’ commercials with similar style treatments. While Wonderful Pistachios will select and purchase one or more videos that best captures the Get Crackin’ spirit to generate viral support and social media excitement, Poptent will name five additional videos to be awarded Editors’ Choice recognition.

Wonderful Pistachios also will partner with Tadcast, which specializes in product placement advertising withinonline video, for effective online brand integration. As part of the viral efforts, select “stars” willproduce their own pistachio‐themed videos; tapping into their subscribers and followers whose combinedcreative have attracted more than 500 million views historically.

About Wonderful® Pistachios

The Wonderful Pistachios brand features upscale, premium packaging and a bold contemporary look, appealing to a sophisticated, health‐conscious consumer. Wonderful Pistachios are grown in Lost Hills, California, part of the San Joaquin Valley, the agricultural heartland of California.

Grown, processed and packaged by Paramount Farms, Wonderful Pistachios are available at retail outlets and grocery stores nationwide including Albertsons, Giant Eagle, Kroger, Safeway, Vons and Wegmans, and are available in a variety of sizes. For more information about Wonderful Pistachios or the Get Crackin’ campaign, visit, www., and

About Paramount Farms

Part of Roll International Corporation, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Paramount Farms is one of a group of privately owned, affiliated companies that comprise the largest farming operation of tree crops in the world.

In addition to pistachios and almonds, Paramount Farms is also the largest producer and exclusive grower of the California Wonderful variety of pomegranates.

Sister company, Paramount Citrus, is the largest orange and lemon packing facility in North America.

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How to Make a Gorgeous Heart Wall Art Out of Pistachios

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