How to Make This Ridiculously Cute Easter Napkin Bunny Bag

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  3. Easter Card Making For Kids
  4. General Easter Crafts for Kids
  5. Easter Bookmark Designs for Kids
  6. Easter Origami Ideas for Kids
  7. Recycled Easter Crafts for Kids
  8. Easter Sewing Projects for Kids
  9. Easter Egg Decorating for Kids
  10. Easter Treats for Kids to make
  11. 7 Easy Ways To Fold Cute Bunny Napkins for Easter
  12. 1. Bunny Tail Napkin Fold
  13. 2. Classic Bunny Napkin
  14. 3. Easy Roll Easter Bunny Napkin
  15. 4. Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunny Napkin
  16. 5. Egg Basket Bunny Napkin
  17. 6. Vintage Hankie Bunny Napkins
  18. 7. Martha Stewart's Easter Bunny Napkin
  19. First published March 2012 and updated April 2017.
  20. PB Inspired Easter Bunny Napkin Rings DIY
  21. Hosting Easter Brunch
  22. Crafting Skills Needed
  23. Easter Bunny Napkin Rings Directions
  24. Easter Bunny Napkin Rings Cost
  25. More Easy Easter Crafts
  26. 20+ Easter crafts for kids
  27. Bunny beautiful
  28. Cool as a…carrot
  29. Hanging around
  30. Egg runner
  31. Festsive fingers
  32. Pretty peek-a-boo
  33. Ears a cutie
  34. Smashing time
  35. A special surprise
  36. Mmm… Macarons
  37. Fancy flowerpot
  38. Nesting name tags
  39. Concrete + Copper = Cute
  40. Pom pom parade
  41. Table treasure
  42. Bunny bowls
  43. Beaded bunnies
  44. Bunny blow out
  45. Egg on a shelf
  46. Feathered friends
  47. Easy peasy
  48. DIY Easter Decorations – DIY Paper and Fabric Napkin Folding Ideas | family to family holidays on the internet
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  50. Folding towels easy: you will need:
  51. How to Fold a Bunny-shaped Cloth Towel;
  52. Classic Bunny Napkin;
  53. Wet Towel Rabbit Bunny;
  54. Martha Stewart’s Easter Bunny Napkin;
  55. Easter Bunny Ears Napkins;
  56. Bunny Ears Napkins;
  57. Bunny Tail Napkin Fold;
  58. Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunny Napkin;
  59. Egg Basket Bunny Napkin;
  60. Vintage Hankie Bunny Napkins;
  61. DIY Napkin Folded Bunny with Easter Egg;  
  62. Easter Nest Napkin with Eggfor your Easter Table:
  63. Easter Egg Kept Warm; 
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  65. Crafty Staci
  66. Burlap Easter Bunny Ear and Butterfly Napkin Ring Tutorial
  67. Happy Spring! from Shannon & Kimberly

40+ Easy Easter Ideas & Crafts for Kids – Red Ted Art – Make crafting with kids easy & fun

How to Make This Ridiculously Cute Easter Napkin Bunny Bag

We have a huge amount of Easter Resources for Teachers & Parents – from Paper Easter Crafts, to Easter Bookmarks or Preschool Easter ideas… time for our FAVOURITE Easy Easter Ideas & Crafts for Kids in one place.

Throughout this collection, I will also point you towards other crafts and ideas round ups, should you wish to see more of the same!

Other great THEMES to explore:

We have SO Many different Easter resources here on Red Ted Art, that I thought you may want to see some of the subcategories, which may make your Easter Crafting easier to explore and plan. Here are top favourites:

Easter Card Making For Kids

We love making cards for all seasons.. but we ESPECIALLY love making Pop Up Cards. And these “Easter themed cards” are perfect not just for Easter.. but for Spring Birthdays, get well wishes, moving house cards or just because.. here are our favourite… but do explore them all!

Super cute and easy “Chick Pop Up” cards! A simple technique with great results. Adorable Easter Card fun!

Have a go at Paper Weaving. With these Woven Egg Chick Cards – you have a choice of making them as greeting cards, or there is a free printable “big” version as a cute preschooler Easter Art Project!

Similarly, why not weave these bunnies some adorable baskets? They make a cute “Bunny in a Basket” greeting card this Easter!

How to make Easter Pop Up Cards with Coloring Pages!

These easy Pop Up Flower Garden DIY could have some bunny or spring chick additions to make them perfect for Easter too!

These Craft Stick Chickens could go into the “general section as part of some Easter Decor or general Easter Craft.. but if you double up the “body” of the triangle you could make a super quirky Easter Card too, don’t you think?

General Easter Crafts for Kids

Cutest Pom Pom Sheep Wreath for Kids! We love Yarn Wrapping AND Pom Pom making.. combine the two for some extra cuteness!

One of my favourite Paper Easter Crafts EVER are these Chick Paper Decorations – such a cute Spring decoration made from more or less just paper.

We ADORE making Creative Pinch Pots! They are a wonderful beginner’s project for people using Air Drying Clay for the first time. It is surprising how many things you can turn this basic pinch pot shape into.. these adorable Easter Egg Pinch Pots! So cute. Love that little chick version too!

Easter Tree Decorating – a super sweet way to decorate Easter Eggs for Easter AND make an Easter Tree. We have a “store bought” tree, but you can easily use some nice twigs collected on a walk too. Or some lovely Cat Eye branches!

How about some super fun (and yes) EASY Pinch Pots for Easter?! Turn them into Easter Eggs or cute Chick Pinch Pots!

Make Bath Bombs and Pour & Melt Soaps for Easter

We love making Easter Bath Bombs. They are a super fun way to give non chocolate gifts to friends and family!

Easter Bookmark Designs for Kids

We love bookmarks for ALL Seasons and can never get enough of them. We always make a batch for our Little Free Library and new Corner Bookmark Designs are always popular. Here are our favourite Easter Bookmarks for kids!

When you have mastered the basic Origami Bunny, ou can then move on to these super cute bunny corner bookmarks. Also easy to make and super sweet. A great little Easter gift too.

Similarly we have some quick and easy Chick Corner Bookmarks! Aren’t they fun? You will want to make a whole family of them!! A great addition to our Corner Bookmark Designs collection.

The newest of our Easter Bookmark Designs.. are these fluffy Sheep Corner Bookmarks! Easy and cute!

I love this Paper Clip Bunny & Egg Bookmark Combo! Easy and oh so cute to make!

Easter Origami Ideas for Kids

I actually have a whole collection of Easter Origami Ideas for Kids! There are so many cute things you can make. But if you are short on time, and just want to see my favourite must makes, try these!

These paper bunnies are just sooooo easy to make and  a GREAT introduction to Origami for kids. Great as decorations (make a garland), as simple toys or as part of an Easter card. Make one. Make many! These would be great easter card ideas for toddlers – make a set and glue to the front of some card stocks. Wonderful.

Flex your origami skills and have a go at this Origami Carrot – this would be super cute as a carrot bunting or maybe as part of an Easter Greeting Card!

Love how FUN this Paper Bird Origami is! Combine this simple origami with some fun Easter Doodles. Now with worksheet printables to use in the classroom too!

Learn how to make a Letter Envelope. Write your letter.. then fold it into this adorable Origami Chick Envelope!

Super easy origami egg cups for kids to make! A great Origami pattern for kids to get excited about this traditional paper folding craft and technique!

LOVE these DIY Yarn Bowls – if you have ever had these on yur to do list, make them now for Spring. So sweet when using green woold, some little yarn flowers and any other yarn decorations you can find. Delicate, easy and fun!!

Make use of our Paper Bunny Puppet Printable, in lots of colours and B&W for making you own. Part of a more extensive set of Paper Easter Crafts for Kids!

3min Bunnies!

Take one pipecleaner a bead and in less than 3minutes you can make these super duper cute Pipecleaner Bunnies! Love them!

Maybe this one is more for the Preschool Easter Crafts collection, but I do LOVE a Paper Plate Purse. SO quick, so easy and oh so cute!!

Recycled Easter Crafts for Kids

Aaaah crafting with kids is always fabulous when you make “the best waste”. It teaches kids about the enviroment and being economical and thrifty too. We love all sorts of recycled crafts for Easter.. from Newspaper Easter Crafts to egg cartons and toilet paper rolls and more.. check out our top ideas here.

A “classic” and perfect craft for Easter – convert your egg carton box into a Rooster or chick. These take me back to my childhood. Feathers, paint, some card and hey presto… Here is more info on how to make the Egg Carton Chicks!

This is a great 5 minute craft idea for Easter – turn Cardboard Tubes into Chick Treat Boxes in minutes!

Easy DIY Chicken Easter Basket

These Easter Hen Baskets are made from recycled tissue paper and are easy for kids to help make. We also made an adorable Easter Chick Basket version!

No Easter Craft collection would be complete without a DIY Easter Bonnet or too! Our very own bonnets made newspaper and salvaged tissue paper – we made some with flowers and some with Easter chicks! They are so quick and fun to make you will want to make more and more and more! I do love Newspaper Crafts, so very versatile and simply fabulous. Environmentally friendly, inexpensive AND fun!

Turn old Cardboard into some fun art work for Easter! This is a fun Sponge Printing Easter Bunny art challenge, entirely made from upcycled cardboard.

T-shirt yarn is fan to craft with

Or have you tried your hand at upcycling old t-shirts into DIY T-shirt yarn? Once made, you can use it for macrame projects, such as these T-shirt yarn bunnies!

Easter Sewing Projects for Kids

This is one of my favourite Easter Crafts to date – How about some “juggling chooks” – well you don’t have to juggle with them, you can have them as pretty decor, or you can play bean bag toss we did! But they are SUPER easy to make – hand or machine sew and make a great project for someone learning to sew!  Also a great way to use up slightly large pieces of scrap fabric.

We have long loved these easy to sew Bunny Rag Dolls (with free pattern). I made these from some old corduroy trousers and shirt as a gift to my kids when I had to go away for a bit once! Later we made some clothes for them.

A little while later we sewed and even easier version together! Love these easy Bunny Sew a Softies!

If you still have the sewing needles and felts out.. this is a Bunny Brooch craft GREAT for beginners – in fact, why not sit down and teach the kids to sew? Easy and cute and make lovely little Easter gifts too!x

Easter Egg Decorating for Kids

Decorating REAL eggs is super fun and a great Easter tradition. Not only are blown out eggs great for the environment, but they are thrifty too! Learn how to blow out eggs here. Once you have a set of eggs, it is time to decorate!

Adorable Tissue Paper Easter Egg Chicks! These are easy to make and look adorable.

You simply HAVE to have a go at these Egg Bunnies! So darling!

Or get ARTY and have a go at this easy step by step guide to making Galaxy Easter Eggs.

How PRETTY are these DIY Unicorn Eggs? A quick make with a hot glue gun..

School Egg Decorating Competition!

So my kids’ school has an annual School Egg Decorating Competition.. and my kids to plan their entries for weeks in advance. We have made all sorts over the years, from Cress Heads that need a hair cut, to Egg Solar Systems. Lots of fun and lots of ideas…. you can find our winning top tips here.

Easter Treats for Kids to make

And finally a cheeky section for some yummy Easter Treats! Well why not!

Carrot Cake Muffins

Classic Cornfalkes Chocolate Nests

These adorable “Love Bird Nests” where made for Valentine’s, but wouldn’t they be super cute at Easter too? Just switch the sprinkles around to more Easter colours!

We had some left over marzipan from birthday cake baking! And decided it would begreat for making some super duper quick and easy Marizpan Bunny and Choc Egg Easter treats! Yum!

Similarly, left over white fondant icing and is great for this rather cute and ridiculously EASY Fondant Sheep!

The kids will have a BLAST making these easy peas chicken and sheep cupcakes. And even MORE fun eating them. They are  great addition to any Easter treats!

You can finnd links to ALL Our Easter Collections on our super handy DIY Easter Resources for Parents & Teacher’s page!

More Easter Resources here.. and Easter Ideas to Inspire you here:

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7 Easy Ways To Fold Cute Bunny Napkins for Easter

How to Make This Ridiculously Cute Easter Napkin Bunny Bag

For Easter and for bunny lovers, I thought it would be fun to share my collection of easy ways you can fold adorable bunny napkins to adorn your table.

(If you are looking for nice cloth napkins, I the cotton napkins from DII and they come in a wide range of pretty colors. They are 100% cotton so they benefit from ironing when used for company, but they are a great everyday napkin without ironing and perfect for folding into bunnies.)

1. Bunny Tail Napkin Fold

Sugar and Charm has its super cute spin on a popular bunny napkin fold. Its easy video tutorial is here.

2. Classic Bunny Napkin

Folding instructions for this classic bunny napkin are all over the web. I d the ones shown at Taste of Home. I think the clearest instructions for how to fold them are at

3. Easy Roll Easter Bunny Napkin

This Easter Bunny Napkin is so ridiculously easy, you almost don't need to see the instructions. Whoops, we can no longer find the instructions, but from the picture, it is easy to tell what to do.

4. Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunny Napkin

Holiday Haven had a super easy way of folding an Easter Bunny Napkin using two napkins, a pipe cleaner, and one fuzzy puff. Unfortunately we no longer have the link to the instructions. Can you figure out how to make an Easter Bunny Napkin that looks this?

5. Egg Basket Bunny Napkin

Fold Napkins has another cute way to fold bunny shaped napkins.'s instructions include presenting the folded napkin in a bowl of colored eggs. I also think it would be fun to put it in almost anything bright and colorful, perhaps colored Peeps or jelly beans. 

6. Vintage Hankie Bunny Napkins

Resurrection Fern has a nice vintage take on folding Easter bunny napkins. Its instructions for folding can obviously be used for any napkins. I think they look charming.

7. Martha Stewart's Easter Bunny Napkin

I think Martha Stewart's Easter Bunny Napkin is a variation of the Classic Easter Bunny Napkin above. But I d her elegant presentation, and her instructions are great, so I thought it worthy of including here.

I hope you enjoyed my collection of some of the easy ways you can fold napkins to add a festive and fun touch to your table.

To add an extra boost of cuteness, you may want to add some really adorable Easter themed table accessories this bunny and chick salt and peeper set or the bunny set below.

Bunny salt & pepper shakers

Which is your favorite Easter napkin fold? Do you have any suggestions for other easy ways to craft a fun and fabulous Easter table?

For Easter laughs, check out these 13 Awful Easter Bunny Family Photos.

First published March 2012 and updated April 2017.


PB Inspired Easter Bunny Napkin Rings DIY

How to Make This Ridiculously Cute Easter Napkin Bunny Bag

Adorable PB Inspired Easter Bunny Napkin Rings add character to any table. The simple napkin rings are made of burlap and cardboard so they cost only  $0.40 each! I hope you try this easy Easter DIY  and add some bunny whimsy to your Easter decor.

This post uses affiliate links. They don’t cost you a thing and help us bring you creative projects. Read more in Policies & Disclosures.

Hosting Easter Brunch

Easter brunch is one of my favorite occasions to celebrate with family and friends. We love to host a big meal for friends since we live far from our extended families. The crowd involves families with little children, so I to keep our young guests in mind when planning my table decor.

Last Easter saw the most adorable bunny ear burlap napkin rings at Pottery Barn and fell in love.

I knew the  Easter Bunny Napkin Rings would be a big hit with both children and adults. And love the a touch of whimsy bunnies add to any table setting. (You can also see my tutorial for Easter Bunny Tail Burlap Napkin Rings with for napkin rings with matching bunny tails.)

This post contains affiliate links. Opinions are my own. 

I was all set to add a pair of the Pottery Barn ears to each place setting…. then I saw the price….

$32 for a set of four cardboard and burlap napkin rings!

It was time for some Easter DIY.

Crafting Skills Needed

To make the Easter Bunny Napkin Rings you need to be able to sew a simple line around the ears, zig zag the edges (to help prevent fraying), and glue the ring together.

The napkin rings do take a little time to assemble, but if you work in an assembly line way (cut them all out, stitch them all, glue them all) it will go quickly.

There are lots of online tutorials available for making the Easter Bunny Napkin Rings.

My version is a bit different because I add craft wire to make the ears stand up straight (and bendable!).

This extra step makes the napkin rings look polished, not homemade.

Easter Bunny Napkin Rings Directions

1. Iron your burlap.  (Get my easy directions to prepare burlap for crafts.)

2. Print out the pattern, cut out the ear shape, and trace the ears onto burlap.

3. Cut out the burlap shapes. You should have four ear shapes for each napkin ring.

4. Stitch the ears together. I straight stitched around the edge at .25 and then zig zag stitched around the outer edge to reinforce and prevent fraying. Do not stitch the bottom closed. Turn the ears inside out (use a pencil with an eraser to gently help the seams completely turn). Press the ears flat with a warm iron.

5. Cut a pieces of wire 2.25 times the length of your ears. Bend the wire in half to double up and then bend it into an ear shape. Insert a wire shape into each ear. Approximately 1 inch of wire should stick the bottom of the ear.

6.Fold the right side of the ear in to the center and glue. Fold the left side of the ear into center and glue. Use the wire inside the ear to bend it slightly into a rabbit-ear shape.  Adjust the internal wire as needed.

7.  Cut a 1-inch section of tube for each napkin ring.

8. Use a needle to poke holes in the cardboard rings approximately 1.25 inches apart.

9. Cut a 3×6 inch piece of burlap to wrap around the cardboard ring. (You should measure your ring to make sure this size will cover it completely before cutting).

10. Use small dots of hot glue to secure the burlap to the cardboard. Do not use too much, you do not want glue to ooze through the loose weave of the fabric.

11. Fold the end under and glue to finish the edge before gluing down.

12. Insert wire from ears through the burlap and cardboard using your pre-made holes. Look inside the ring to find the holes. Place a tiny dab of glue under each ear and press it tightly to the burlap ring as it cools.

13. Fold the wires down inside the cardboard tube.Push them down to the side, making sure they are flat against the tube.  Cut a small scrap of burlap and use it to secure the wires down with hot glue. The ears should now be very secure.

14.  Fold the edges of the burlap into the center tube and secure with hot glue.

15.  Fold the ears into desired shape using the inner wire. Enjoy your PB Inspired Easter Bunny Napkin Rings!

Easter Bunny Napkin Rings Cost

Here’s the napkin ring cost breakdown:

  • Tan Burlap, 1/2 yard: $2.00 (makes approximately 10 napkin rings) – $0.20
  • White, tan or clear thread: $2.99 a spool (partially used) – $0.10
  • Cardboard tubes (use toilet paper or paper towel tubes) – $0.00
  • 24 gauge wire: $4.00 for 25 yards (partially used) – $0.05
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks: $0.10 each (used 1/2 per napkin ring) – $0.05

Total cost per napkin ring= $0.40 ($1.60 for a set of 4)

That’s a $30.40 savings (95% off).

I LOVE the savings even more than my new Easter Bunny napkin rings!

More Easy Easter Crafts

Want to add more bunnies to your Easter decor? Try this  PB Inspired Easter Bunny Banner. The bunnies have the cutest pom pom tails!

Mix and match your Easter Bunny napkin rings with Easter Bunny Tail Burlap Napkin Rings . I love the  fluffy bunny tails.

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20+ Easter crafts for kids

How to Make This Ridiculously Cute Easter Napkin Bunny Bag

Nothing says Easter quite a mountain of mess at the craft table. Pots of paint, a room full of feathers and one too many tubes of PVA glue – Easter brings out the kid in us all (and we secretly love it).

To ensure your creative efforts don’t go to waste, we’ve hunted down 21 of the most wall-worthy Easter crafts for you and your babes to hop into.

Here are 21 Easter crafts the whole family with love.

Bunny beautiful

Popsicle sticks, a tube of glue and a little patience are pretty much all you need for this brilliant bunny project by Home Talk.

Cool as a…carrot

Corn husks get an Easter makeover with this quirky carrot number from the crafters at Oh Happy Day.

Hanging around

Hang them on your walls, hang them in your windows. We’re hopping mad for these mini macrame Easter egg vases courtesy of The Red Thread.

Egg runner

Take a style tip from The House that Lars Built and make your Easter eggs the star of the show with a technicolour table runner!

Festsive fingers

Show the world that you totally nailed Easter this year and flaunt those fabulous fingers (via Instagram).

Pretty peek-a-boo

Easy on the eyes and a cinch to make. We’re cray-cray for these peek-a-boo Easter clothespins by One Little Project.

Ears a cutie

When everything you need can be found in your stationery drawer, you know you’re on to a winner. Head on over to Mini Drops for the simple and speedy tutorial.

Smashing time

Oh Happy Day have us squealing with their mini Easter egg piñatas. The making process is a party in itself!

A special surprise

Forget the chocolate kind of surprise eggs – the girls over at Sugar and Charm have the Easter goodies sorted. Gift toys and treats in these little blue beauties.

Mmm… Macarons

The instructions for this tasty Easter project by Sugar & Cloth are pretty simple.1. Stop oneself from eating macarons.2. Transform macarons into adorable Easter bunnies.3. Eat macarons.


Fancy flowerpot

Could Easter crafting get any cuter?! Egg shell mini vases are now a thing, and we’re totally obsessed. Thanks We are Scout.

Nesting name tags

Steal a trick from The House that Lars Built and make your guests giddy over 3D Easter name tags.

Concrete + Copper = Cute

Make our friends at Look what I Made, and add a little Easter magic to the material trend of the decade.

Pom pom parade

The gang at DIY Candy do Easter so well. Pom poms, polkadots and bunny ears – whats not to love?

Table treasure

Titatoni show us how easy (and inexpensive) Easter crafts can be. They provide the template and you supply the chocolate. Everyone’s happy!

Bunny bowls

Your little bunnies will be proud as punch with their handmade bunny bowls on display. Egg-cellent idea Alice and Lois!

Beaded bunnies

Adorable on their own or as cups for your eggs on Easter Sunday. We’re a little bit smitten with these bead bunnies by Sinnen Rausch.

Bunny blow out

Balloons often fall flat when it comes to the Easter decorations, but not anymore. Design Improvised prove that the bouncy ball of fun deserves an invite to every party.

Egg on a shelf

The shenanigans of Elf on the Shelf carries over to Easter with an ingenious game of Egg on a Shelf. Thanks Minted!

Feathered friends

She’s the style guru of The States, and now Lauren Conrad has us all in a frenzy over her tiny feathered friends for Easter. Too cute!

Easy peasy

Consider yourself a ‘lazy crafter’? Fear not. The lovely lot at Oh Happy Day supply the template above, so all you need to do is cut, stick and string. Simple!

Easter Crafts


DIY Easter Decorations – DIY Paper and Fabric Napkin Folding Ideas | family to family holidays on the internet

How to Make This Ridiculously Cute Easter Napkin Bunny Bag

DIY Easter Decorations – DIY Paper and Fabric Napkin Folding Ideas  … As Easter approaches we think of all kinds of decorations, generally we start with coloring eggs and the table decoration for Easter.

 The nice little DIY Easter decorations for Easter ideas are so many to decorate the Easter table aside from coloring eggs, which is especially fun for children.

While there are other ways to beautify the home while having fun with the family; the answer may lay in the napkins.

Folding napkins are DIY Easter decorations … the icing on that cake.

 These napkin folding ideas below can help to improve the style of your Easter table and improve the look of it and strike the eyes in combination with your other Easter decorations.

A nice table decoration with paper or fabric napkins are a way to a-top every plate with a simple DIY Easter decoration and enjoy the table for the Easter feast.


Folding paper towels or napkins are a cool skill for making your table look extra spiffy and add an extra special touch to the table.

With these beautifully napkin folding ideas either using paper napkin folding or fabric napkin allows you to decorate a superb party table in a wonderful and classic way to combine beauty and simplicity.

 With these napkin folding ideas it is not necessarily adding additional decorative items while having fun with the family.

Folded napkin decorations are a careful folding art tradition similar as origami art that may not be as deeply appreciated. Folded napkin decorations or paper napkin origami have become unusual and increasingly rare although they have a memorable and decorative affect. This is a type of art that every dinner host needs to learn and was sadly, replaced by cheap paper counterparts.

The aim with this article -Napkin Folding Ideas – is using the arrival of Easter to freshen up this technique and get everyone to start using a nicely arranged piece of cloth at the table again! Learn the art of things to make with towels and napkins. Show your creativity of how to fold napkins into fancy and elegant shapes that will leave long-lasting immersions on friends and family.

Folding towels easy: you will need:

– square cloth or paper towels of any color (according to your theme and style).

– iron your cloth towel or napkin before that is for best results.
– according to your desire use a ribbon or other decorative accessories to decorate the folded napkin.

How to Fold a Bunny-shaped Cloth Towel;

Because it is Easter, the bunny is the second symbol of this holiday after coloring eggs. And what could be more fun than making a cute little bunny shaped napkin on Easter table that will delight your children and loved ones! Add a little sweetie made of napkin or towel art rabbit to you Easter table or use it as a basket holder.

Give it as an Easter gift or use as a decoration that doubles the fun on Easter day. This project is great for a craft time. Thus, learn how to make rabbit basket with cloth…an adorable Easter bunny  a folded napkin. This adorable Easter bunny  can be used as tabletop baskets or centerpieces to wow everyone. Thanks to the easy folding of Easter Bunny Towels.

 How to make an Easter bunny  a washcloth.

The folds come in several versions, designs and shapes for some of the most popular and prettiest techniques. Most are made of square towel folding or square napkin folding. Here you will find several excellent techniques for arranging your cloth serviettes with Easter Bunny Towels that go from super easy to more difficult… It may sound complicated, but they are not difficult at all.

Classic Bunny Napkin;

Make sure that some unique napkin fold comes into play on your Easter table. As they will dress up a table and turn it up and down and will add just the perfect touch to your table décor.

The napkins used doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact any left-over fabric can be used. Cut the fabric into squares and adjust the tremellas.

Thinner, and larger fabric napkins will work best for this Bunny Napkin fold.

Wet Towel Rabbit Bunny;

Wet Towel Rabbit Bunny is a Japanese bunny oshibori (wet towel folding art by Japanese Isamu Sasagawa). This art is conceptually with origami but using wet towel / napkin.

Martha Stewart’s Easter Bunny Napkin;

Get your Easter bunny hopping on your easter table. These cute bunny napkins can be folded either with your ordinary table napkins or paper napkins. They are easy to fold, just follow the steps  and easy  dress up your Easter table with these hopping ones.

Easter Bunny Ears Napkins;

Easter’s an exciting time to step up your napkins on your table. A seasonal and simple fold after hunting for eggs will be the perfect finishing touch on your Easter table. This modern bunny ears napkin fold a special creative way to follow with these smile-bringing-imagination-sparking ideas to bring some creativity and fun all the kiddos.

Bunny Ears Napkins;

If you are looking for a different way to dress up the Easter table, here is a no fuss way that come together in no time at all… RABBIT NAPKIN RINGS. In fact, it is a matter of minutes.

 An adorable 5 Minute Rabbit Napkin Rings which are a cinch that will make a great addition to spring  Easter table.

These bunny ears napkins are a great way to incorporate rabbits on the table…Here we are suggesting two projects both are no sew projects just pinch and glue.

Bunny Tail Napkin Fold;

Seeking inspiration for this year Easter table celebration… embellish your table with these whimsical bunny tail napkins. Your Easter table will hoppity hop to the next level when you put a super cute spin on a popular bunny napkin fold. The adorable Easter DIY bunny tail napkins will create a “wow” factor this holiday. No one could resist them so give them a try.

Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunny Napkin;

This Easter Bunny Napkin is so ridiculously easy, as it is a super easy way of folding. From the picture you can figure out how to make an Easter Bunny Napkin, you almost don’t need any instructions. We can no longer find the original link instructions.

Egg Basket Bunny Napkin;

This project is to have a chance to be creative and have fun with kids making a towel into an Easter basket that looks a bunny. The fun part is you can fill the basket with eggs or Easter treats.

Vintage Hankie Bunny Napkins;

A great project to make with your kids! a nice vintage takes on folding Easter bunny napkins. Making these Cute and cuddly hanky bunnies are easy to make while having fun with your children.

Its instructions is so simple as there is no sewing involved.  Folding of these Vintage Hankie Bunny Napkins are obviously used for any napkins.

Hankie Bunnies look so charming that  your kids will love them.

DIY Napkin Folded Bunny with Easter Egg;  

Easter bunny is few of creative ways to see folded napkins into animals. For Easter it would be more fun to decorate the table with a DIY Napkin Folded Bunny with Easter Egg. That is so cute. You will see a diagram how to fold a napkin into an Easter Bunny and to go above and beyond, these Easter Bunny napkins can be holding Easter eggs great for Easter table serving.

Easter Nest Napkin with Eggfor your Easter Table:

Unique napkin folds can make a table setting extra entertaining. This napkin fold is an example similar to a nest, this pouch- fold lets you use it either to house with Easter treats or hard-boiled egg which the kids can decorate while you are busy getting Easter dinner ready. In this example, Easter eggs were added. Other options are name tags, flowers, or breadsticks.

Easter Egg Kept Warm; 

This is another activity to fold a napkin used to make your boiled egg warm.

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Crafty Staci

How to Make This Ridiculously Cute Easter Napkin Bunny Bag

I was originally going to share my mug mat of the month today, but it's not quite finished (it's going to be a good one though!), so I decided on something to celebrate the season and liven up your Easter table.

These bunnies and carrots are made by folding a napkin you make yourself, so that all the colors are in the right places. This is a really easy project, so if you're teaching kidlets to sew, turn them loose on these…

Read more

The weather has finally taken a turn for the better here. A little less rain, a little more sun. I have my front door open as I write this, for the first time since last fall. Isn't it amazing what a little sunshine can do for your mood? Bring on more!

This post contains an affiliate link.

This crocheted blanket from Dusty Geest on Ravelry looks cozy and is perfect for the spring season. Hey, not everyone wants a mermaid tail!

I love how this sign from Eighteen 25 has a modern look, while still keeping bright spring colors. 

I've seen lots of versions of drawstring bunny bags lately. I mean, those ears just make it perfect, right? Check out this one from We All Sew.

I'll admit, depending on the day I'm pretty easily amused, but these cookies from The Decorated Cookie cracked me up. Ba-dum-bum.

If you're making a stuffed animal for an Easter basket, there's no rule that says it has to be a bunny, or a chick, or a lamb. While there are plenty of sweet patterns for those out there, I vote for this dragon from Sweetbriar Sisters at

Is is just me, or are there a ridiculous number of really cute Easter crafts and recipes out there this year?  I’m going to blame Pinterest for that one, because it seems ever since it rolled into town there’s just more of everything.  Especially food.  Seriously, can we all agree to stop posting delicious-looking things late in the evening when I’m trying not to snack? 

Almost anything that involves coconut is a-ok with me, but these Easter Bunny Tail Truffles from Pizzazzerie are cute to boot.

I kinda love how The Frugal Girls made Peeps seem almost healthy with these Peep Fruit Kabobs.

Okay, everybody look at this Lop Eared Sock Bunny from Craft Passion, then say it with me – Awwww!

I can’t even imagine how long it must have taken to make this Candy-Coated Easter Bunny Cake from Party Pinching, but it’s adorable.  I wouldn’t let anyone cut it.  Ever.

This Peeps Garland from Pillows A La Mode makes me think of paper dolls.  Or paper bunnies, in this case.

Love me some Nutter Butters.  That’s why you’ll find none of them in my house.  However, after seeing these cute Nutter Bunnies from Plain Chicken, I might have to go out and buy some.

These Hungry Bunnies from Lil Blue Boo look they were modeled after a well-loved stuffed animal.

Sometimes it’s just the simplest thing that spices up a table, these Bunny Tail Drink Stirrers from Pizzazzerie.

Bunnies don’t always have to be sweet.  Check out these Easter Bunny Stuffed Eggs from My Fudo.

But sometimes they need to be completely made of sugar, these sweet Easter Bunny Marshmallow Pops from Dollhouse Bake Shoppe.

I’ve been working to get my Etsy shop ready for spring this week by adding some new fabrics and a bunch of new ready-to-ship items.  I decided there were some things that need to find homes, so starting today…


Burlap Easter Bunny Ear and Butterfly Napkin Ring Tutorial

How to Make This Ridiculously Cute Easter Napkin Bunny Bag

I’m visiting a little early this month…did you notice?  That’s because I wanted you to have plenty of time to make these adorable burlap Easter Bunny Ear and Butterfly napkin rings for your Easter Table if you’d to….and because I have a favor to ask.

Last month when Shannon and I were talking about what I was going to share with you today, I was excited because my Pier 1 Imports Spring catalog had arrived just a couple of days earlier and when it did, I saw these:

Aren’t they adorable?!  I knew immediately that these cute burlap bunny ear napkin rings were going to make an appearance on my Easter Table and that I was going to show you how to make them, too!

I was delighted. It was over a month before Easter and I had my table scape all figured out!

But then, sometime in mid-February, the butterflies made their appearance. You remember my mantel from last month, don’t you? Remember the cute little butterfly at the tip of the bunny’s nose?  Well, from that moment on, I had a problem…I fell in love with butterflies.  So now, I need your opinion:

…Bunny Ears, or Butterflies?

The process to make them is the same and you’ve probably got the materials on hand :  Burlap, fusible interfacing and an empty cardboard paper towel tube. You’ll also need some hot glue, scissors and a pencil or marker. I happened to have a disappearing ink marker leftover from a sewing class that one of my sons took. And yes, I did say son.

First, cut two pieces of burlap that are approximately the same size.  Insert a sheet of fusible web between them and follow the directions to fuse the two pieces into one.

In case you’re not familiar with it, fusible web is a paper backed adhesive that you iron onto fabric when you want to adhere it to another fabric. Some people use it when the applique, I use it to keep burlap from fraying when I want to make it into small shapes. The result is a nice, thick, piece of burlap that will stay together when you cut it.

Next, cut a slit down the length of the cardboard tube. Flatten the tube slightly and cut it into strips that are approximately 1 inch wide.  One paper towel tube made ten strips.

Wrap each strip in a piece of burlap making the seam in the middle of what will become the “inside” of the tube.

Gently roll the strip back into a circle, trim one end of the burlap even with the tube and allow the other end to overhang by about 1/2 inch.  Tuck the trimmed end into the overhang and hot glue in place.

Simple enough so far, right?! Well, this is where the choice comes in: Cut either one butterfly or one pair of bunny ears….or, if you’re me and you can’t make up your mind, make some of each.

To make the butterflies: Cut a butterfly shape from card stock. Using a marker, trace the butterfly onto the burlap and cut it out. Using wire or a pipe cleaner, form a “body” and  antennae.

On the “top” of the butterfly, make a line of hot glue in the center of the butterfly, lay the wire in the glue and bend the wings upward slightly.  Glue the butterfly to the burlap covered ring.

Add some pearls or beads to the body…add sequins to the wings…or not.

For the bunny ears: Cut an “ear shape” from card stock. Trace two ears onto the burlap and cut them out.

Make a fold in the center of the the bottom of the ear.  Make a 1/2 inch long line of hot glue that goes from the bottom toward the top. Fold and pinch the ear until the glue cools. This makes your ears two dimensional and allows them to have a “base” to stand on when you glue them to the ring.

Glue the ears to the burlap covered ring.

Now do you see my problem?  Do you use napkin rings?  If so, which would you choose?

I’d love to know what you think and, as always, if you decide to make them, I’d love to see them!


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A gorgeous Moss & Butterfly Wreath

A Bunny Napkin Fold Tutorial

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