30 Magically Festive String and Fairy Light DIYs for Christmas Decorating

Add a magical charm to any space by decorating with luminous string lights, they look fantastic indoors and out and can be used to decorate all year round. String lights create an ambiance that is warm, cozy and even romantic, they help to set a mood and they are so many ways to decorate with them.

We love them for adding a hint of light to a headboard, wall, mantel, firebox, table centerpiece, trees, planters, railing, bookshelves, wrapped around a mirror or wooden ladder, strung from the ceiling, or even decorating an outdoor living space. Fairy lights are also perfect for decorating small apartments and dorm rooms. These fabulous lights can make your home glow long after the holidays are over, setting the mood during the evening and keeping a festive cheer after the snow melts.

The latest LED lights offer great technological features such as timers and remote controls, making setting the mood even easier. They burn more safely and they are looking more aesthetically pleasing than ever, so it would be wise to not store them away after the holidays and instead find some clever ways to brighten your mood all year round.

We have some fantastic DIY ideas for inspiration and with a little creativity, you can transform and ordinary space into one of enchanting one. Be sure to let us know which image you find most inspiring!

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Decorate a window filled with luminous fairy lights.

Not only does a mirror make your room feel bigger, but adding some twinkle lights to highlight it creates a special effect.

Create an inspiring workspace illuminated with string lights. In the picture above, the lights frame the space, very fun!

Add a ladder with string lights to any wall space. It creates a unique look and can virtually replace a lamp… not to mention it is so much more fun if you are looking for a statement piece!

Hang a string light next to your bed to use in place of a bedside table. It creates a cool DIY look and is perfect (not to mention budget-friendly) solution if you don’t have an outlet next to your bed.

Add a touch of playfulness to your living room by affixing a light string from the ceiling, traveling down to the floor. Simple, modern and fun! … and sets some awesome ambiance during the nighttime!

Strings lights illuminating your dining table not only creates a unique statement (this look is something you would typically see outdoors), it is a perfect solution to not having to install a light fixture above your table is there is not already something there.

A sweet little reading nook lit up by string lights!

Old Christmas ornaments can be given a new life by adding them to a glass vase with fairy lights.

These puffy hanging clouds decorated with fairy lights make the perfect statement light fixture to dress up a dull space. It would look amazing in anything from an apartment to a children’s bedroom. The suspended art pieces are comprised of Polyfibre fill, LED Lights and Lambs Wool.

Make a non-working fireplace look visually intriguing by adding string lights to a stack of firewood. We love this novel idea! It creates a nice ambiance and would look great when the lights are turned off!

Integrate your fairy lights into suspended drapery accenting the end of your bed. You can pull off this look by installing a round towel bar from the ceiling. Fairy lights can be battery operated and you may want to even consider getting the ones on a timer so that they only stay on for a certain period of time so you don’t forget to turn them off!

Another alternative to decorating a non-working fireplace. Try using fairy lights that are not only on a timer but also with remote control and place them into a clear glass container.

Decorate your fireplace mantel with decorative objects and mason jars filled with fairy lights.

Winter Sparkle Mirror Garland and White Lights: Add a little light and sparkle to take some gloom cloudy days. This DIY piece uses a strand of white fairy lights and yards upon yards of mirror garland. Check out further instruction on Apartment Therapy to create this interesting wall piece.

Create your own little indoor campfire with some clever DIY skills. This flameless fire pit will sure to be an eye-pleaser and neat little novelty. All you need is some lace ribbon, tree branches, aluminum foil, washable glue, paintbrush, string lights and some rocks (courtesy of nature). To see the full instructions, have a look at the Free People Blog.

Take it outside and make your outdoor space shimmer with fantasy lights dangling from trees. It creates a nice ambiance and a relaxing place to chill with a glass of wine and great conversation.

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6 Christmas Tree Lighting Tips to Consider

30 Magically Festive String and Fairy Light DIYs for Christmas Decorating

Christmas tree lighting tips that will make your tree, whether real or fake, look festive and glow from within.

I have put the lights on more Christmas trees, both real and artificial than the average person will in a lifetime.

My job in retail display had me putting the lights on and off (we cut them off the display trees every year, so we could put fresh ones on) of hundreds and hundreds of trees and garland, too. When I say hundreds – I literally mean hundreds.

I know my way around a strand of mini-lights and wanted to share my Christmas Tree Lighting tips to make the process of putting lights on a tree fast and easy, and that will give you glowing results.

There are many ways for putting lights on a Christmas tree. You can string the lights on a tree from branch wrapping, going round and round the tree horizontally, to vertically stringing the strands up and down the tree.

Christmas Tree Lighting Tips

I watched my dad use the branch wrapping method when I was a child. He was really good at it. It took him all day, but every wire was hidden.  The horizontal method or vertical stringing leaves too many empty spaces and the lights sometimes look too lined up.

To light my tree, I learned early in my display career from my seasoned display mentors that we did not have time to wrap every branch. Instead, we used methods that were fast, easy, and the lights are always evenly spaced with little wire showing. From my experience, I put together six tips to keep in mind when it comes to Christmas Tree lighting.

1. A 9-Outlet Christmas Tree Cube

Before I start putting lights on the tree, I use a handy-dandy  9-Outlet Christmas Tree Cube Tap Extension Cord . It is the best tree lighting invention ever!

If you are not familiar with this type of extension cord, once you use it – you will never ever put lights on a Christmas tree without it.

When you use a regular extension cord with one outlet tap – all the plugs from all the lights have to reach this plug or outlet bar. The top light strands have to weave down the tree to the bottom to be plugged in where the outlet(s) are. It can get quite messy and may leave more lights then are necessary along the path to the outlet.

This scenario does not happen when you use the 9-outlet Christmas Tree Cube – this extension cord gets strung up along the trunk of the tree and evenly places 3 cube taps (for 9 plugs) one at the bottom, middle, and top of the tree.  The light strands on the top of the tree get plugged into the top tap outlet, the middle lights – the middle tab, and the lights around the bottom, go into the bottom tab outlet.

No more having to send all the plugs to only one outlet or area. It also makes it easy to follow the safety rule, not to plug more than 3 sets of lights together. Once you have three light sets strung together.  You have another outlet in close proximity to start another 3 strands.

The extension cord also has a rocker switch that makes turning the lights on and off all at once very easy.

2. Testing the Lights Before You Wrap Them

Test each light strand to make sure it is working properly before stringing on the tree. There is nothing worse than having to find the bad strand once the lights are on the tree.  I plug each strand into an outlet and leave it plugged in for about 5 minutes. I gently shake it around to make sure all the bulbs are secure. If it stays lit – it goes on the tree.

If half the set is lit and the other is not – you could try replacing the first bulb after the outage or a fuse, but this may not fix the strand. I save these strands to use to light the bushes around the exterior of my house for Christmas. You string the lit section on and shove the unlit section into the bush.

3. Lighting the Christmas Tree Trunk

When my daughters were little we decorated the tree using multi-colored mini lights.  It has become our tradition to use them.  To make them look even more festive, I string clear mini lights around the trunk and in the center of the tree.

This makes the tree look lit from within. At night, it glows beautifully.   I use the multi-colored mini lights on the rest of the tree.

The best way to string lights on a Christmas tree is to start at the top and work your way down. The reason I do this is that the top is usually sparse and it is hard to hide the wires.  I can use whatever amount of lights that is needed to get this area just right. Once I think it looks OK, I proceed down the tree.

I keep the strands from tangling as I add them to the tree by wrapping it around my shoulders a shawl. This allows you to pull it freely when you need more to string and keeps it from tangling.

I learned to weave the strings of lights in vertical waves in 12” heights while moving around the tree horizontally, then choose the most prominent branches to wrap the lights around to make sure the strand is secure.  I do not wrap every branch.

One thing to consider is, if you are using brand new lights or have strands from different manufacturers – the colors and brightness of the bulbs may look different – if this is the case, make sure to place similar strands evenly around the tree. If not, one part of your tree may look different, either in color or intensity.

As you string the lights on the tree – do the “squint test” to bring the lights into focus. It creates a bokeh effect when you squint.

To do it – just squint your eyes as you look at the tree. This helps you see where there is an empty spot that needs filling.

4. Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights – not blinking lights, but bulbs that slowly twinkle one light at a time, not the entire strand going on and off at once.  Adding a few strands of twinkle lights will make the tree look magical. You can find twinkle lights,  here.

5. Buying in Bulk

Buy more strands of lights than you think you will need.  I learned that it is much easier to just throw out old strands that don’t light. It is too time consuming to figure out the cause of the unlit bulbs.

Even if you do find the cause, it is a weak point and is ly to just go out again. Toss and use a new strand.

 This is one of the very, very few times I don’t recommend re-purposing something old; it really is just too hard.

6. Storing Christmas Lights

To easily store lights so they won’t get tangled – wrap the strand around a piece of cardboard. Plug each strand to itself and then store in a large box. When storing, you should start with the male plug first as when you unwrap next time you’ll want to plug in the female end and continue unwrapping the rest.

More Christmas Decorating Tips

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Source: https://inmyownstyle.com/christmas-tree-lighting-tips.html