Creative Winter Craft: DIY Snowman Made from Plastic Cups

Easy Snowmen Fruit Cups for Winter Parties

Creative Winter Craft: DIY Snowman Made from Plastic Cups

Turn fruit cups into adorable snowmen fruit cups with a few pieces of colored tape or a permanent marker. These easy snowmen are the perfect healthy snack for a winter class party or lunch box treat.

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Holiday Treats for Kids

Nothing says, “I love you,” an adorable homemade treat!

I love searching Pinterest for creative ideas for my kids’ school parties but hate that most of the suggestions are overly complicated and loaded with sugar!

Most of the sweet and gorgeous ideas wouldn’t work for my kids’ school parties for 3 reasons:

  1. Sugar overload! Kids are bombarded with unhealthy treats from Halloween until Valentine’s Day. Plus, many schools are trying to reign in the sweet treats. I need healthy snack alternatives.
  2. Food allergies! Lots of schools have strict policies that do not allow homemade treats and required all foods to be in their original container.  I need ideas that do not contain nuts or other common allergens.
  3. Time commitment! I love making fun treats for the kids but there is a limit to what I can get done each day. I need treats that can be made in a few minutes if I am making enough for the entire class.

Healthy Snacks for Kids

I’m always on the lookout for festive snacks that meet all 3 of my requirements (have nutritional value, are in the original container, and are easy to make) and creative party suggestions that don’t involve candy… but the ideas are few and far between!

This winter you can host a snowman themed class party. I’ve rounded up the best activities, crafts, and healthy treats.

(Pssst… if you want more healthy ideas check out my healthy Christmas snack ideas and healthy Valentine treat ideas!)

I was recently wandering the aisles of my favorite supermarket for winter treat inspiration and came up with a fun idea…

Easy Snowmen Fruit Cups!

These cut snowmen snacks are perfect for winter class parties:

  • They’re a cute addition to the snack table. (Who can resist that snowman face?)
  • They have no added sugar. (Choose natural fruit packed in juice.)
  • They are simple to create. (Seriously, I whipped up 24 of these snowmen in about 30 minutes!)


(Bonus: This snack is perfect for schools that want parties to focus on a winter theme instead of Christmas or Hanukkah.)

How to Make Snowmen Fruit Cups

It’s simple to make these snowmen treats. You don’t even need a pattern!

  1. Buy diced pears or natural fruit cups with a clear plastic lid. (Light colored cups make the most realistic snowmen.)
  2. Cut small pieces of orange tape and black tape to make the eyes, mouth and nose of the snowmen. (I use washi tape but any colored tape will work. You can also draw on the design with a permanent marker.)
  3. Serve the snowmen.

No class party? Add a snowman fruit cups to your kids’ sack lunch or serve them for an after school snack. Your kids will love the silly surprise, you’ll love the healthy ingredients!

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25+ DIY Snowman Craft Ideas & Tutorials

Creative Winter Craft: DIY Snowman Made from Plastic Cups

The snowman is one of the symbolic things associated with Christmas and the holidays. Creating a snowman craft provides an entertaining, creative way to get some fresh air on a lazy winter day. When it comes to building a snowman craft, there are so many choices.

Here are lots of DIY snowman craft ideas & tutorials we’ve rounded up for you.

From DIY geometric paper snowman or handmade snowman candy jar to tin can snowman or DIY sock snowmen, these crafts are interesting and creative.

Choose one of them and make a snowman craft to display in your home, to give as gifts, or as toys for your children to enjoy. They would help to add to the fun of winter and the holidays.

DIY Geometric Paper Snowman

Print out the templates and then cut, fold and glue them together. Now you have this super cute geometric paper snowman. It is perfect to use as Christmas tree decorations. Free printable templates and full tutorial via minieco.

Handmade Snowman Candy Jar

This Handmade Snowman Candy Jar is a quick and easy gift for your friends or family members. See how to make it via Inside Bru Crew Life.

Adorable Spindle Snowmen

What you need are several spindles for these adorabe outdoor snowman decoration. Look so great when stake a group of these snowmen in your front yard this winter season! Via dump a day.

DIY Snowman Mason Jar Light

These are simply adorable and you can actually have so much fun to make with your kids. Light up your kids’ room in such a charming, festive way with this light project. DIY instructions via crafty morning.

DIY Snowman Painted Wine Bottles

Spray paint the empty wine bottles white and then draw the faces with paint and dress them up with felt accessories! Such cute and adorable wine bottle snowmen were born! So easy and you can get your kids involved! Via upcycled-wonders.

DIY Christmas Craft: Tin Can Snowman

Recycle some leftover tin cans and get started with this super funa and adorable Christmas craft! Tutorial via Practically Functional.

DIY Cute Paper Snowman Gift Tag

This is a wonderful craft activity for the kids. Very easy and quick. They look adorable on Christmas gift packages or you can use them as the tree decorations. More details via flowerbug.typepad.

DIY Sock Snowmen for Kids

Great Christmas craft ideas to get your little ones busy this winter season! See the tutorial via ciao-mama.

Upcycled Snowman Wreath

This rustic snowman wreath was made with old picture frames and burlap. Image via pinterest.

DIY Snowman Made with Old Tires

Paint the old tires white and upcycled them into this adorable and amazing Christmas decoration project. Via organics.

Snowman Wrapped Candy Gifts

These snowman wrapped candies turned out too cute and make perfect Christmas gifts for your little ones! See how to make it via makeit-loveit.

Handmade Snowmen Pots

Make this cute snowmen pots for a jolly holly Christmas decoration or use as a holiday gift for your neighbors or other friends. Via dump a day.

Paper Snowman Luminaries

A super duper fast project the kids and you will love: lovely smowman luminaries. Check out for the easy tutorial via Crafts by Amanda.

Tea Light Snowman Ornament

The cutest Christmas ornaments. Easy, quick to make in a few minutes and affordable! See the tutorial via Paging Fun Mums.

Cute Yarn Snowman Wall Art

This yarn snowman wall art is really easy to make at home. His hat and tie is super cute and add a touch of rustic warm! Get the tutorial via made in a day.

DIY Sock Snowman Ornaments

Upcycled your old socks into these adorable snowman ornaments for Christmas. Here is a video tutorial for you! Via .

Handmade Pom Pom Snowman

Make this mini snowman pom poms and some left over christmas decorations. Nothing is more fuzzy and adorable than this craft! See the tutorial via homemade-gifts-made-easy.

Ping Ping Ball Snowman Centerpiece

Buy a set of ping ping balls and draw them the face of frosty snowman. Very cute and cheap DIY christmas decorations! source.

Snowman Block Ornament

Another easy and cute snowman ornament for your tree decoration this Christmas! See DIY instructions via twin dragon fly designs.

DIY Cord-Wrapped Snowman

DIY Cord-Wrapped Snowman. Get the tutorial via Crafts’n Coffee.

DIY Plastic Cups Snowman

Make a snowman with plastic cups and you can decorate your garden or a corner of your home with it! Amazing and stunning Chirstmas project for your inspiration! See the tutorial via All Day Chic.

DIY Sugar String Snowman

Only with water, sugar and string, you can start with this project for your decoration this winter season! Check outnthe tutorial via Kids Activities Blog.

Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Don’t throw away your toilet paper rolls! You can upcycled them into these super cute and lovely snowman crafts. Perfect craft ideas for your kids this winter holiday! See the video tutorial via .

Grape Vine Wreath Snowman

This cute snowman is made with three different size grapevine wreaths. Add rustic charm with this vine snowman wreath to your wither decor! See the tutorial via Crafting Mom.