Wonderful Winter Craft: Learn How to Make 3D Paper Snowflakes

15 Awesome DIY Snowflake Crafts

Wonderful Winter Craft: Learn How to Make 3D Paper Snowflakes

The holidays might be over now, but that definitely does not mean that winter is already coming to an end, at least where we live.

Up here, we’ve still got a few months left with the snowflakes and the cold fronts! Our kids are totally okay with this because they love playing out in the snow, but every once in a while extreme cold temperatures will keep them inside no matter how much they’d rather be building snowman and throwing snowballs. On those days, we always to keep them feeling cheerful with DIY projects and crafting afternoons! We’ve actually found that making winter and snow themed crafts can help cheer them up on days when they’d rather be out playing in the snow but can’t, so we’ve been keeping lists of fun snow and snowflake themed crafts for a while now to make sure we have lots of ideas on those chilly, calm days in.

Just in case you could use some snow inspired crafting for your kids too, here are 15 of the cutest and most fun snowflake crafts we’ve come across in our search so far!

1. Sparkly foam paper snowflake ornaments

You’ve probably seen cut paper snowflake ideas before but, if your kids are avid crafts ours, they’ve probably also already had their fill of those for the season.

In that case, why not put a unique twist on the idea so you still have something simple for them to do but they still get to try something new too? Check out how Craft Hubs made little cut-out snowflakes from sparkly foam sheets instead! We love that the glitter is already built in so the snowflakes you make sparkle just the real thing.

2. Twisted paper strips snowflake

If you’re never heard of a “pasta snowflake” then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out! The name might be a little misleading, since the craft is absolutely not made of pasta, but these are definitely a great way to take simple paper snowflakes to the next level. iCreative Ideas guides you step by step through the process of weaving thinly cut paper strips into lovely snowflake shapes of all kinds!

3. Painted clothespin snowflake

If you’re going to go your way to make snowflake crafts with your kids one afternoon, would you rather use that as an opportunity to upcycle something you already have in your house you’re not using anymore? In that case, maybe you’d prefer to make something these wooden clothespin snowflakes from Hello Homebody! They painted theirs green but you might choose red, white, or to just keep your wood natural.

4. Finely crocheted snowflake ornaments

Have your crafting skills always primarily lied in yarn crafts knitting and crochet, and you’ve even been lucky enough to pass these skills on to your older kids, so you’ve always kind of been more drawn to crocheted crafts than paper or other materials? Well, lucky for all of us, Elly’s DIY Blog has a great pattern for crocheting fine little snowflake ornaments from lace yarn! The finished product is delicate and stunning.

5. Hanging popsicle stick snowflakes

Are you actually a little bit limited in your crafting supplies right now and the weather isn’t exactly encouraging you to go out and get more but you know your kids already have popsicle sticks in their crafting supply stash so you’ve been scrolling the list hoping to find a popsicle stick snowflake craft? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll find this tutorial from Unsophisticook more than a little bit helpful!

6. 3D snowflake paper sphere ornament

Have you always loved the idea of having your kids create their own paper snowflake ornaments to hang in your windows and on the mantel because you that the unique patterns they create mimic the way real snowflakes are always different, but you’d to make something a little more challenging yourself when you sit down to help them? In that case, you might prefer to check out this 3D folded paper snowflake ornament from Notable Nest.

7. Sparkling DIY dough snowflake

Have your kids always loved making crafts that they can really help you make right from scratch, start to finish? Then we definitely think you should take a look at this salt dough snowflake tutorial from Crafty Morning! They walk you through the steps for not only making a DIY salt dough recipe but also for moulding and decorating snowflake shapes. We love the way they topped the whole design off with sparkles!

8. Glittery hot glue snowflakes

If you’re a DIY heavy family them we have no doubt you’ll have seen hot glue crafts before.

If you’ve tried them out, then you already know how cool they are to make and display too! We’d tried them already as well, but somehow we’d never thought to sprinkle them with glitter until we saw this awesomely sparkly hot glue snowflake tutorial from By Stephanie Lynn. Just be careful with the hot glue gun if you’re crafting these ones with your kids! Burned fingers are no fun.

9. Embellished dollar store snowflake ornaments

Did you get a pack of simple plastic snowflake ornaments on sale at the dollar store and you thought you were going to use them the way they were but they just didn’t fit your décor scheme? Well, don’t stress about wasting them because now you have the perfect thing to use as a base for some winter snowflake crafting! Check out how Meegan Makes embellished theirs with jingling bells and simple holiday greetings.

10. Coffee filter cut-out snowflakes

Have your kids actually gotten a little bit obsessed with cut-out snowflakes this year and they’ve been making them crazy but you’re looking for an alternative technique and material for them because otherwise they’re going to use up all the printer paper you need in your home office? Then we’d suggest digging into the bulk sized box of coffee filters you bought last year instead! The Pink Couch shows you how cool cut-out snowflakes can look made with coffee filters instead of paper because they’re slightly more transparent, so they look awesome hung in the window.

11. Pretty beaded snowflake earrings

Have you and your kids actually been working on learning how to make your own jewelry because they love the idea of being able to wear the things they’ve created and worked hard on when they’re all finished? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at the beautifully beaded snowflake shaped earrings! They’re not the simplest idea in the world but this step by step guide from The Spruce walks you through it in a surprisingly straight forward way.

12. Delicate beaded snowflake garland

Did we really get your attention with the idea of a beaded snowflake craft but you’re worried that the earrings tutorial we showed you above is just slightly too advanced, even though your kids are quite good at beading? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Live Love DIY made this delicate, beautiful hand beaded snowflake garland that will shine ever so slightly when it catches the light, no matter where you hang it.

13. Glue and rice preschooler snowflake

Perhaps your kids are still quite little and you’ve been scrolling our list hoping to come across an idea that’s just a little easier to make happen than some of the things you’ve seen so far? In that case, here’s another glue crafting technique that’s more kid friendly because it doesn’t involve a hot glue gun! Check out how Family Education created textured snowflakes on cardboard by sprinkling uncooked rice into a drawn out glue shape.

14. Pretty salt dough cut-out snowflakes

Were you very taken with the idea of making salt dough snowflakes but your older kids were hoping for an idea that’s a little more challenging than the simple chunky ones we showed you earlier on our list? Then we think perhaps you’d have a better time sitting down with them to make these fantastically detailed salt dough cut-out snowflakes outlined in just a few steps on DIY Craft Projects! Paint them however you please when you’re all finished.

15. Pretty wax snowflakes

We’ve already shown you quite a number of different techniques for making snowflake crafts using all kinds of different materials but perhaps you’re still looking for another alternative because you really want to craft with something you’ve never used before? Well, we can’t blame you; we love learning new things through DIY! Martha Stewart, for example, has an entire useful tutorial to guide you through the process of making cut-out snowflake ornaments wax sheets usually used for candle wrapping.

Do you know a fellow DIY and crafting enthusiast whose kids adore snowflakes and love making seasonal crafts every year? Share this post with them so they have plenty of ideas to get them through the holidays!

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SNOWFLAKE CRAFTS FOR KIDS: Arts and Crafts Activities for Making Paper Cut Snow Flakes for Winter with Instructions for Children and Preschoolers

Wonderful Winter Craft: Learn How to Make 3D Paper Snowflakes

Snowflake themed crafts are perfect for children during the Christmas and winter season. They also make the best Christmas and winter prom decorations too. You can turn any ordinary household item such as dinnerware and bedding into Christmas themed items just by using a little paint and/or glitter, especially when you are unable to find exactly what you want in the stores.

If you want to be creative and you are up to the challenge, you can make an edible snowflake from lots of white marshmallows and toothpicks. You can also make a beautiful snowflake ornament from a white chenille stem and beautiful beads. You can look below for more interested snowflake craft ideas and tutorials.

Paper snowflakes make beautiful ornaments on a Christmas trees and look really cool when taping it to your windows. They may be made of light yellow, silver, gold, or white paper. Three thicknesses of tissue paper make effective snowflakes. Obtain a square of paper. Fold it in the center, then again in halves.

This will divide the paper into fourths, as pictured in figure1. Fold the quarter into 2 thirds, as seen in figure 2. Then sketch the outline of a snowflake as shown in Fig. 3. Open. Instead of sketching an outline you may cut free hand the outline of a star. Make narrow slashes all around the outside to give the star a light airy look.

String the snowflakes on a very fine thread. Hang on the branches of the tree.

Take a sheet of white paper 8 x 11 inches. Fold it in half, then in half again, and in half once more, making eight thicknesses. Now cut with scissors any design that you choose all around the edges—triangles, half circles, crescents—as shown in the picture above. When the sheet is opened, the effect is lovely.

To make a sturdy place mat for the children's tea party, paste this lacy sheet on a sheet of colored construction paper. It is very effective. The children can make a set of these, all with different designs.

Figure 8 Eight thicknesses of regular-weight paper are difficult for tiny fingers to cut, but younger children will enjoy doing this with paper napkins and making up their own designs.

Even More Paper Snowflakes Patterns

To make some pretty amazing looking snowflakes, try a different way to cut them. Most snowflakes are made by folding a rectangle piece of paper in half over and over again. This time, use a large bowl to trace a perfect circle.

Then cut out the circle, fold it in half, and then fold it in half again, and then one last time until it looks a slice of piece. Then draw a pattern on it and cut it out. These snowflakes will look a traditional snowflake and turn out so cool.

Decorate your school windows with lots of snowflakes when it is Winter time. Brrrrr….its cold in here. 🙂

More Snowflake Crafts Below

How to Make 6 Pointed Snowflakes and Stars Step by Step Craft for Kids – It is Winter time and since we just had a big snowfall, I thought it would be a good idea to show you how to make these fancy 6-pointed snowflakes that look fancy stars. These can are a bit more complex than the normal stars / snowflakes. I have tried to simplify it for you below by showing you every single step of the process in an illustrated fashion. Have fun.

Complicated Snowflakes Shapes – Learn how to make these complicated snowflakes.

Snowflakes with Circle Paper – These are intricate and details, but not as hard to make as you would think. Find out how to make these snowflakes starting with circle paper.

Winter Snowflakes Ornament – Hang up these Winter snowflakes … they aren't just for Christmas.

How to Make Valentines Day Cut Out Snowflake Hearts Craft – Learn how to make this paper cut a Valentine’s heart snowflake with four hearts and a diamond in the center. This would be great to give to someone you love for Valentine’s Day…it would also be great to hang up around your classroom.

3D Snowflakes Paper Craft – Make a 3D snowflake decoration using paper and your printer.

Almost-instant Greetings – Send your friends and family these simple card greetings.

Beaded Snowflake Decoration – Find out how you can make this snowflake decoration from chenille stems and beads.

Bedspread Cotton Snowflake – Crochet a sweet snowflake ornament from bedspread weight crochet cotton.

Snowflake Table Runner – Let your kids help decorate the dining table with this fun craft.

Christmas Snowflake Candleholder – Find out how you can make a Christmas Snowflake Candleholder from a baby food jar.

Christmas Snowflake Candleholder – Learn how you can make this beautiful homemade Christmas snowflake candleholder.

Clay Snowflake – This is a cool and fun Christmas craft for the boy scouts.

Clothespin Snowflake and Crafts-Stick Snowflake – Follow these instructions to make your own snowflake ornaments using doll clothespins.

Colorful Snowflakes – Use your imagination to portray colors of your choice.

Crystal Snowflake – Suspend a chenille stem and string snowflake in a jar of borax and water solution to make a genuine crystal snowflake shape.

Fan-Tastic Snowflakes – Simple paper snowflakes for holiday decorating; another great Christmas craft.

Festive Pillow – Find out how you can make this festive snowflake pillow for someone special.

Five Little Snowflakes – This is a fun snowflake children's craft that goes well with a given rhyme.

Glistening Snowflake Ornaments – Older children will enjoy painting snowflake balls in gold or silver, then making chenille stem “staples” to attach glistening chenille stems in a snowflake design.

Glitter Snowflake – Make yourselves a beautiful snowflake

Glittery Window Clings – Celebrate the season with these decorative snowflake window clings.

Handprint Snowflake Painting – Use your handprints to create your own snowflake painting.

Holiday Bedding – Decorate your bedroom with snowflakes.

How to Make Snowflake Dinnerware – Learn how you can decorate your plain dinnerware with snowflakes.

Ideas for Gift Wrap – Here is a Christmas gift wrapping idea in which you use bugle beads to create a snowflake topper.

Jingle Bell Snowflakes – Follow these instructions to make jingle bell snowflakes.

Let-It-Snow T-shirt – This creative t-shirt design is a perfect seasonal craft for sleepovers or Christmas break.

Make Personalized Pop-Up Snowflake Cards – Learn how you can make pop-up snowflake greeting cards to give your family and friends.

Marshmallow Snowflake – Make a snowflake with your children using only marshmallows and toothpicks.

Mini Crocheted Snowflake – Here is a free pattern to crochet a mini snowflake ornament.

Mini Snowflake Window Hanger – Make snowflakes decorations for your windows that will not melt.

Noodle Snowflake Craft – Create snowflakes using pasta, wax paper, craft glue and thread.

Origami Snowflake Tree – Decorate your table for Christmas with this beautiful origami snowflake tree.

Paper Snowflake – Detailed photos take you through each fold and cut to make a square of paper into a 6-point paper snowflake.

Party Favorites – Decorate your cupcakes with these easy to make beaded snowflake toppers.

Pasta Snowflakes – Pasta wagon wheels and bow ties take on a whole new dimension when kids glue them together in snowflake shapes.\

Polish Gwiazdy – Find out how you can make Polish Gwiazdy which looks snowflakes.

Pop Bottle Ring Snowflake Craft for Kids – Learn how you can make a snowflake using a recycled pop bottle rings.

Pretty Crochet Snowflake Pattern – Pretty snowflake is fun and easy to crochet; great for hanging on the tree or using as a gift topper.

Puzzle Piece Snowflake Ornament – Use old puzzle pieces to make a beautiful snowflake ornament.

Q-Tip Snowflakes – A snowflake craft for groups or art lessons – all you need is cotton swabs and glue.

Quilled Snowflake – Follow these instructions to make this beautiful quilled snowflake ornament.

Salt Crystal Snowflake – Make your own snowflake using salt, hot water, a cup, .thick black paper and paint brush.

Season's Greetings – Find out how you can make a beautiful season's greetings pop-up card.

Send Santa a Special Snowflake Express Letter – Free printable snowflake Santa stationary template for children.

Shimmering Shelfsicles – Decorate your shelves this winter with shimmering shelfsicles.

Snowflake Bookmarker – You will need colored card stock, and two sizes of paper snowflake punches to make these snowflake bookmarks.

Snowflake CD Spinning Tops – Print and color these free snowflake images then put them onto self-adhesive CD labels.

Snowflake Coasters and Table Toppers in a Cozy Winter Bag – Here is how you can make beautiful snowflake table decorations and coasters.

Snowflake Craft Stick Sled – Make a snowflake sled using craft sticks, craft glue, yarn, acrylic paint and a toothpick.

Snowflake Earrings – This tutorial will show you how to make a pair of beautiful snowflake earrings using beads and gauge craft wire.

Snowflake Jigsaws – Try some snowflake jigsaw puzzles for kids.

Snowflake Picture Frame – Your kids can make this simple snowflake picture frame for their bedroom.

Snowflake Stencils – Children can make their own snowflakes for their indoor winter wonderland.

Snowflake With Personality – Create your own snowflake with personality using recycled materials, ribbon and Crayola supplies.

Sparkling Ice Crystals – Decorate your home with these beautiful sparling ice crystals made of clear tri or sunburst beads.

Sparkly Snowflake Mobile – Follow these instructions to make a simple sparkly snowflake mobile.

Sparkly Snowflake Ornament – Find out how you by make these beautiful snowflake ornament using a small paper plate, string, tape and Crayola supplies.

Squigly's Perfect Snowflakes – Celebrate the season of winter by making these perfect six sided snowflakes. You can use them to decorate your windows.

Stylin' Snowflake Barrettes – Make these beautiful homemade snowflake barrettes using clear flat glass pebbles.

Sweet Tortilla Snowflakes – Learn how to make these yummy sweet tortilla snowflakes!

Toothpick Snowflake Ornament – Make this beautiful snowflake ornament using toothpicks, glittery white poms poms, craft glue, white craft paint, and white or gold ribbon.

Tree Ornament – Snowflake – This is an easy snowflake Christmas tree ornament your children can make.

Twine or Cotton Snowflake – Soak twine or crochet cotton in glue and form into snowflake shapes with this free craft pattern.

Winter Lacing Project – This is a wonderful holiday lacing project for preschoolers and kindergarten children.

Winter Wool Snowflake – Find out how you can make this homemade winter wool snowflake ornament.

Wintery Snowflake Stockings – These wintery snowflake stockings will look beautiful at any fire place.

Wooden Snowflake – Decorate your window with this beautiful wooden snowflake.

Wool Snowflake Card – Send someone season's greetings with this beautiful wool snowflake card.


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