36 Cute and Creative Homemade Easter Basket Ideas

  1. 34 Creative DIY Easter Basket Ideas for Every Age
  2. 1. Creative Easter Basket for Girls
  3. 2. Helmet Easter Basket Ideas
  4. 3. Easter Basket Wreath
  5. 4. Rain Boot Easter Basket
  6. 5. The Adult Easter Basket
  7. 6. The ‘I’m Too Old for an Easter Basket’ Basket
  8. 7. Umbrella Easter Basket Ideas
  9. 8. The Baby Easter Basket
  10. 9. The Kiddie Pool Easter Basket
  11. 10. Potty Seat Easter Basket
  12. 11. Toolbox Easter Basket Ideas
  13. 12. The Mixing Bowl Basket
  14. 13. DIY Fortnite Easter Basket
  15. 14. Sandbox Easter Basket Ideas
  16. 15. Beach Themed Easter Basket
  17. 16. Towel Easter Bunny Basket
  18. 17. Woven Paper Easter Baskets
  19. 18. Easter Basket Crochet Pattern
  20. 19. Edible DIY Easter Baskets
  21. 20. Bunny Apple Basket
  22. 21. Yarn Egg Easter Basket
  23. 22. Floral Unicorn Easter Basket
  24. 23. Pool Noodle Easter Basket
  25. 24. Easy Easter Bucket
  26. 25. DIY Felt Flower Easter Basket
  27. 26. The Scrap Easter Basket
  28. 27. No Sew Easter Basket
  29. 28. Plastic Cup Easter Basket
  30. 29. Easy DIY Tutu Easter Basket
  31. 30. Wooden Easter Bunny Basket
  32. 31. Simple DIY Mini Easter Basket
  33. 32. Rainboot Easter Basket
  34. 33. Bunny Bags
  35. 34. Easter Basket Liner
  36. 27 Cheap But Cute Homemade Easter Basket Ideas
  37. Easter Baskets:
  38. Fillers for Easter Baskets:
  39. DIY Easter Baskets
  40. 26 DIY Easter Basket Ideas for Teens
  41. Baker’s Basket
  42. Football-Themed Cooler Basket
  43. Simple, But Special Basket
  44. The Ultimate Sleepover Basket
  45. Mani-Pedi Basket
  46. Basket in a Hat
  47. Perfectly Pink Basket
  48. The Ultimate Super Snack Basket
  49. At-Home Spa Night Easter Basket
  50. Mason Jar Easter Basket
  51. Artist’s Basket
  52. Eclectic Basket for Him
  53. The Spa De-Stress Basket
  54. Egg-Stra Special Chocolate Lover’s Delight Basket
  55. Makeup Bag Basket
  56. Coffee and Brownies Basket
  57. Bunny in a Jar
  58. Easter College Care Package
  59. Make Your Own Candy Basket
  60. Personalized Crate Basket
  61. Color-Themed Basket
  62. Guy’s Care Basket
  63. Tasseled Basket with Everything She Loves
  64. Beach Bound Basket
  65. Cute As Can Be Cupcake Basket
  66. Guy’s Free Time Basket
  67. 60+ DIY Easter Basket Ideas For 2017
  68. 16. DIY Easter Centerpiece Craft
  69. 17. Mini Easter Basket Crafts
  70. 18. Fabric Collage Easter Basket Idea
  71. 19. Fabric Easter Basket Pattern
  72. 20. DIY Personalized Buckets
  73. 21. DIY Minnie And Mickey Baskets
  74. Classic Easter Basket
  75. 22. Silvery Easter Bucket
  76. 23. Fabric Rope Easter Basket
  77. 24. DIY Woven Paper Basket
  78. 25. Yarn String Easter Basket
  79. 26. Upcycled Basket For This Year’s Easter
  80. 27. Easter Basket Templates
  81. 28. Water Bottle Craft
  82. 29. Beautiful Easter Basket
  83. 30. Egg Carton Easter Craft
  84. 31. Mini Baskets!
  85. 32. Bunny Themed Basket Using Duct Tape
  86. 33. DIY Paper Plate Easter Basket
  87. 34. Refashioned Easter Basket
  88. 35. Flowery Easter Basket Decoration
  89. 36. DIY Edible Easter Egg Basket!
  90. 37. DIY Egg Shaped Easter String Basket
  91. 38. No Sew Easter Basket
  92. 39. DIY Frozen Tutu Easter Basket
  93. 40. Easy DIY Easter Baskets
  94. 41. Tutorial: Crepe Paper Easter Baskets
  95. +25 Creative Easter Basket Ideas

34 Creative DIY Easter Basket Ideas for Every Age

36 Cute and Creative Homemade Easter Basket Ideas

Are you struggling to come up with unique Easter basket ideas?

It can be tough to do something fresh and original every year, especially if you have more than one Easter basket to make.

You’re in luck! I’m going to share with you some excellent ideas which will bring new life to Easter baskets in your home. Most of these ideas are pretty practical, and there is one everyone would love to have.

There’s a wide variety of ideas. Whether you’re creating a basket for the little ones in your life, the slightly older kids, or even the adults around you, there’s a basket idea for you.

Without further delay, let’s jump into these Easter basket ideas:

1. Creative Easter Basket for Girls

If you have a tween-aged girl, they may be past the typical woven basket with fake grass sticking the sides.

Instead, skip the basket altogether. Use a make-up bag for the basket and fill it with fun lip gloss and candy.

2. Helmet Easter Basket Ideas

Little boys can be a ton of fun, but they can sometimes run pastthe cuteness of the Easter basket and dig right into the goodies.

This year make the basket stand out too. You can use a football helmet as an Easter basket idea and fill it with goodies. They’ll probably be more excited about the helmet than what’s inside.

3. Easter Basket Wreath

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate Easter withsomeone you love, skip the traditional items. Instead, catch their attentionwith this unique wreath.

The wreath is constructed from faux grass. All the goodies are pinned to the wreath. This can be anything from candy to gift cards.

4. Rain Boot Easter Basket

When it’s time for Easter, we know spring has officially sprung. Therefore, stay with this theme and use cute rain boots as your child’s Easter basket.

They can be stuffed with festive faux grass, and you can also slide a variety of candy, gift cards, toys, or a matching umbrella inside them.

5. The Adult Easter Basket

If you have an adult friend or relative in your life you’d to give an Easter basket to, consider going outside of the box.

Instead of filling a basket with candy, fill a basket with liquor. If they enjoy an adult beverage every now and again, they’ll appreciate this basket.

6. The ‘I’m Too Old for an Easter Basket’ Basket

If you have a child who wants to skip over the Easter basketbecause they’ve outgrown it, check out this idea.

You can forgo the basket but buy them their favorite pair of shoes instead. Fill the shoe box with all their favorite snacks. They’ll quickly rethink being “too old for an Easter basket.”

7. Umbrella Easter Basket Ideas

Do you have a child with allergies? This can make itdifficult to fill an Easter basket because they’re usually mainly filled withcandy.

Instead, you can find an adorable umbrella and fill it with a variety of movies, books, and small toys. They’ll love it and not feel as though their Easter basket is any less special than a traditional basket.

8. The Baby Easter Basket

Is it your baby’s first Easter? Congratulations! This is a special moment you’ll remember forever, but you may be wondering what to put in a baby’s Easter basket. It isn’t they’ll be munching on candy.

Instead, buy a baby toy ( the dump truck pictured) andfill it with baby food, teething rings, and other fun supplies. They’ll enjoy thenew toys, and you’ll be purchasing essential items.

9. The Kiddie Pool Easter Basket

If you have tiny tots, their eyes will light up when they see they have their very own kiddie pool. Don’t stop there.

Fill the pool with lots of fun goodies for the kids toenjoy. You can add fun pool toys, books, candy, and any other items you knowyour kids will love or need for this summer.

10. Potty Seat Easter Basket

I love giving practical gifts which are fun too. How much more practical can you get than getting your toddler a potty seat for an Easter basket?

Not only is this a fun way to introduce potty training, butyou could fill the potty with fun things for the kids to do while they’re on it.

11. Toolbox Easter Basket Ideas

This would be an Easter basket my husband would love to get.If you have someone in your life who loves their tools, why not incorporate it intotheir basket?

You can purchase a toolbox and fill it with everything from tools, to shoes, to even a few candy pieces or a gift card.

12. The Mixing Bowl Basket

Do you have someone in your life who loves to cook or bake? You can buy them a fun mixing bowl and fill it full of goodies they’d use in the kitchen.

This is a wonderful idea to spur on a hobby, or if you know they struggle with diabetes or a food allergy, this could help keep them on track over the holiday.

13. DIY Fortnite Easter Basket

Kids are all about Fortnite right now. If you have a gameron your hands, consider making them this unique and inexpensive Easter basket.

You can purchase each of the items from a discount store. Plus, the tutorial offers unique labels to go along the with the Fortnite theme.

14. Sandbox Easter Basket Ideas

Little ones love their sandboxes. Why not incorporate itinto their Easter basket? You can use the sandbox as the actual basket.

From there, fill it with candy, movies, books, or other small toys they could use when playing in the sandbox.

15. Beach Themed Easter Basket

Do you live near the beach or are you planning on making a beach trip this year? Use the beach bag as the Easter basket idea.

You can fill the beach bag with items for the beach such as flip flops, a beach towel, sunglasses, or beach toys.

16. Towel Easter Bunny Basket

This will make a great Easter basket if you spend your summers at the beach or by the pool. Instead of using a basket, fold a new beach towel into a bunny shape.

Fill the towel with candy, water gear, or new flip flops. Top it off by adding goggles to the front of the bunny.

17. Woven Paper Easter Baskets

If you need to create miniature DIY Easter baskets for a group of kids at church or school, this is a wonderful and cost-effective idea.

The tutorial walks you through how to weave pieces ofconstruction paper together to where they form a basket. You can add small toysor pieces of candy for a nice Easter surprise.

18. Easter Basket Crochet Pattern

When I watch someone crochet it brings tears to my eyes.When my mother-in-law was still alive, she was a master of crochet. She couldmake practically anything.

Those items she crocheted mean a great deal to me now. If you’re able to crochet, make a child in your life this amazing basket They can hang on to it, and it will be something they’ll treasure as they get older.

19. Edible DIY Easter Baskets

I love this idea! It allows you to skip past the unnecessaryitems we usually feel obligated to purchase and head straight to what the kids.

Instead of buying an Easter basket, use the boxes of candy to create a basket. Once you have a basket, add some faux grass, and even more candy. The kids in your life will be happy!

20. Bunny Apple Basket

If you have any apple baskets hanging around your house, put them to good use. You can follow this tutorial and make it into an adorable bunny Easter basket.

It requires a little paint, and they used vinyl for thefacial expressions, but if you don’t have the equipment for it you could paintthem on.

21. Yarn Egg Easter Basket

Do you have tons of yarn and aren’t sure what to do with it?One way to utilize it is to make this festive and pretty Easter basket.

It seems easy enough to make. A balloon is blown up and wrapped in yarn. From there, spray it with spray starch and the balloon can be popped once the yarn holds its shape.

22. Floral Unicorn Easter Basket

Do you have an old basket, but it’s too plain to use as anexciting Easter basket? Don’t fret. Instead, upcycle the basket into a newcreation.

If you have a child in your life who loves unicorns, use this picture as inspiration to transform any old basket into a gorgeous unicorn.

23. Pool Noodle Easter Basket

This is only a picture, but it seems straightforward to create a replica. Use a cheap clothes basket and a pool noodle to make the shape of an Easter basket.

Fill the inside of the basket with faux grass, and paper mache the outside to make a festive design. It would be a beautiful decoration.

24. Easy Easter Bucket

If you can buy a festive Easter bucket, you can customize it easily with this tutorial. They give you a bunny silhouette you can print off and paste on the bucket.

Plus, you can type your child’s name beneath the bunny. Oncefinished, add a cotton tail, and no one else will have a bucket yourchild.

25. DIY Felt Flower Easter Basket

You can usually find a basic lattice basket for little moneyat most big box stores or bargain stores. Once you have the basket, you onlyneed a few pieces of felt and a glue gun.

The tutorial walks you through how to make felt flowers and how to attach the flowers to the basket. Your basket will be unique and beautiful.

26. The Scrap Easter Basket

If you have a variety of fabric scraps, it could be theperfect combination to make a gorgeous and cost-effective Easter basket.

This tutorial walks you through the entire process of putting the scraps together to make a basket. It can be filled with delicious goodies and be a keepsake for years to come.

27. No Sew Easter Basket

If you’re me, you may struggle in the craft department.I can come up with cute ideas, but if I have to work hard to execute them, theyusually end up looking a kindergartener created them.

This idea is one which requires no sewing. Therefore, it should be easy to create a cute DIY Easter basket without all of the fuss.

28. Plastic Cup Easter Basket

These mini cups are another great idea if you must make quite a few DIY Easter baskets, and am working on a budget. Instead of buying many smaller baskets from the discount store, use this tutorial.

They show you how to convert red plastic cups into adorable Easter baskets, which can be filled with small goodies and make someone’s day.

29. Easy DIY Tutu Easter Basket

Do you have someone in your life who loves all things ballerina and tutus? You should consider making them this basket.

The tutorial shows you how easy the whole creative processis. If you have the time and would to save some money too, consider this option.

30. Wooden Easter Bunny Basket

If you’re handy with a few tools around the garage, this could be a great idea to make a DIY Easter basket which would last.

Ana White gives you all the steps in the process you need. She also provides plans to make the build easier.

31. Simple DIY Mini Easter Basket

I love it when people share ideas for simple mini baskets.They are invaluable to school teachers, Sunday school teachers, coaches, andany other leader of a group which must produce 10 or more festive items each holidayseason.

These small baskets are easy to build, very cost-effective, and cute. They show you put time and consideration into what you’re giving to others.

32. Rainboot Easter Basket

I love when you can take part a gift and make it into the package itself! This is an excellent idea for an Easter basket.

When spring rolls around, kids may need new rain boots. Instead of putting the boots in something, use the boots as the basket. It’s cute and smart too.

33. Bunny Bags

This is a great idea for those who to keep Easterbaskets simple or those who give out quite a few Easter baskets each year.

You can skip the basket altogether. Instead, use brown paper bags and this tutorial to make festive (and adorable) bunny bags!

34. Easter Basket Liner

This tutorial is a great way to bring life to an old basket.If you have a plain basket, but you’d to make it more festive for Easter, createyour own basket liner.

The tutorial shows you how to make a basket liner with Marvel characters, but it could be tweaked to work for whatever your kids love.

Source: https://morningchores.com/easter-basket-ideas/

27 Cheap But Cute Homemade Easter Basket Ideas

36 Cute and Creative Homemade Easter Basket Ideas


Do you need good but inexpensive Easter gift ideas for the kids? Here are 27 cheap but cute homemade Easter basket ideas to save you money this Easter.

A reader asks:

Got any inexpensive ideas for Easter gifts for the kids? Also, do you have any ideas that would focus on the real meaning of Easter and not just bunnies and eggs?

Easter is a great time of the year to celebrate, especially if you have the hope that comes from Jesus Christ and His resurrection. Here are some ideas for Easter gifts. Try some of them and if the creative juices start flowing, make up some of your own! You might also try our Resurrection Eggs, which are a great idea to help your family remember why we celebrate Easter.

Easter Baskets:

You can find inexpensive Easter baskets at garage sales and thrift stores. I never spend more than .25 for one.

If you don’t have Easter baskets, you can also use:

  • Plain wicker baskets
  • Baskets spray painted an Easter color
  • A cute straw hat
  • A pail for the sandbox
  • A bowl wrapped in tissue paper
  • Paper sacks that the kids decorate. Cut out pictures from magazines or use stickers. Glue or stick them on and then paint or color around them.
  • Any sort of plastic storage container. These often can be used later for storage.
  • For a “family” Easter basket, set a nice plate on the table with Easter grass and goodies arranged on the plate or platter. This is great when you have older kids.


Fillers for Easter Baskets:

  • Buy candy after Christmas or Valentine’s Day at half price and keep to fill Easter baskets.
  • Make Easter cookies in the shapes of bunnies, eggs, crosses or any other Easter shape that comes to mind and decorate.
  • Popcorn Balls or Rice Krispie Treats colored in pastel colors.
  • String Froot Loops onto yarn and tie to make a necklace.
  • Don’t fill baskets. Instead put jelly beans and candy in plastic eggs so the kids can fill their own baskets. You can also put nickels, dimes, toy soldiers, bugs, stickers, barrettes or hair ribbons in the eggs. Hide them outside or in the house if you live in a climate where it’s usually cold on Easter.
  • Make coupons for getting chores, staying up late one night, having a friend over for a sleep over or a special dinner that they .
  • Include new books purchased at garage sales or thrift stores.
  • Homemade slime, play dough, sidewalk chalk, bubbles or the ingredients for crystal gardens.
  • Wacky crayons‑ Crayon pieces melted together in a muffin tin to make a “big” crayon.
  • Flower seeds that the kids can grow
  • Mini-stuffed animals purchased at garage sales or on clearance the year before.
  • Paper dolls or coloring books. There are many available on the Internet that you can print yourself.
  • For teenagers, put these items in baskets: lotions, soaps, suntan lotions, fingernail polish, movie tickets, tickets for getting a chore, ticket for $5 worth of car gas, clothes purchased on clearance and of course lots of candy!


  • Leave a trail of jelly beans or candy kisses from their rooms to their Easter baskets.
  • Easter KissesPut some Hershey Kisses or chocolate chips in a plastic bag and attach the following poem:This cute little bunny has hopped all day Been delivering baskets for the holiday. His paws are so tired and his little nose itches. He left you something special – something to fill all your wishes.These cute little hugs and Easter kisses.
  • Put 1 Pound Jelly Beans into a bag and attach this poem:

    RED is for the blood He gave. GREEN is for the grass He made. YELLOW is for the sun so bright. ORANGE is for the edge of night. BLACK is for the sins we made. WHITE is for the grace he gave. PURPLE is for His hour of sorrow. PINK is for our new tomorrow. A bag full of jelly beans colorful and sweet,

    Is a prayer, is a promise, is a special treat.

  • Easter Carrot Treats

    Buy disposable plastic decorating bags and fill them with orange jelly beans or cheese balls. Then stick some green Easter grass in the top of the bag (leave some hanging out) and secure the bag with a rubber band and then ribbon so that it resembles a carrot.

  • Source: https://www.livingonadime.com/easter-basket-ideas/

    DIY Easter Baskets

    36 Cute and Creative Homemade Easter Basket Ideas

    Growing up we always had the most wonderful homemade Easter baskets that my mother made for us.  What I loved most is that you couldn’t find them in a store, and not a single other friend of mine had the same one.

      Those little baskets are still put out every year at my mom’s house, still holding up strong, and they’re filled with decades of memories.  Needless to say I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this little family tradition, but it’s just too wonderful not to.

      All the credit goes to my cute little mom and her crafty little self.  Happy Easter everyone, have a fabulous weekend!

    Step 1: Blow up balloon to the desired size that you would your basket.  Tie the end of the string to the balloon, making sure you leave approximately 30cm on the end.

    Step 2: Start wrapping the string around the balloon.  It’s easiest to go lengthwise to start off.  Once you’re done with one bundle, tie it to the beginning of the next bundle and continue until you have used all three or gotten the desired coverage.

    Step 3: Using a large bowl in the bathroom (covering the floor with garbage bags) create a water/sugar bath.  One part warm water to two parts sugar.  (You can add glitter to the water if you want your basket to have some sparkle.)  Roll your balloon until it is thoroughly covered with the sugar water.

    Step 4: Using the bit of string you left at the beginning, tie your balloon to the shower rod in your bathtub.

      If some strings come loose, don’t panic, once you tie your balloon up, you can re-wrap your string around the balloon.

      Once the balloon is nearly dry, you will need to cut it down and roll it again in the sugar/water solution.  Rolling twice ensures an extremely durable basket.  Once will not be enough.

    Step 5: Once your basket is dry but there remains an approximately 2 inch diameter wet spot on the bottom, cut it down and place on parchment paper.  Press down on the wet bottom to create a flat surface so your basket will be able to sit on its own.  Pop the balloon.

    Step 6: Draw out the area you wish to cut out to create your basket.  I to use a ruler to measure from the table up to ensure a straight line across the front of the basket.

    Step 7: Cut out the drawn out area.  Once you do so, you may use that first piece as a stencil to cut the other side.  Remember this is a homemade project, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

    Step 8:  I to glue multiple layers of ribbon together to create a multidimensional look.  Hot glue gun works best.  If your ribbon is too thin the glue will show through, so pick a thicker ribbon or do a couple of layers.

    Step 9:  Glue ribbon to basket, starting with handles first.  After the handle go all the way around the top edge of the basket.

    Step 10:  Cover the hole at the top of the handle by creating a bow in matching ribbon and gluing on top.

    Step 11:  Add your cellophane on the bottom of the basket, and fill with the metallic crinkle cellophane.  Add any finishing touches or decorations, such as furry chicks, and you’re finished.  Wait for Easter Bunny to fill with chocolate.

    Source: http://www.centrestreetstyle.com/2013/03/29/diy-easter-baskets/

    26 DIY Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

    36 Cute and Creative Homemade Easter Basket Ideas
    Sharing is Caring!

    Gone are the Hotwheels and pinwheels we used to fill our kids’ baskets with! It’s time for fresh ideas that appeal to tweens and teens – basket ideas that aren’t too young and yet, not too adult “ish.”

    If you’re looking for a few egg-stra special, fun and inspirational ideas for your teen’s Easter basket, this post has it – from perfect pampering baskets to help your favorite teen girl de-stress and relax to super snack baskets for the teen boy who always seems to be hitting the pantry. The fun part is, most of these basket ideas aren’t even baskets at all!

    Baker’s Basket

    Such a clever, colorful and fun basket idea! This Easter basket is perfect for the teenage girl who loves to bake. From colorful measuring spoons and a whisk to decorative straws and sweet sprinkles all decoratively displayed in a fun mixing bowl, this basket is filled to the brim with everything she needs to whip up a delicious batch of her favorite cupcakes. Source: A Night Owl Blog

    Football-Themed Cooler Basket

    Who needs a traditional Easter basket?  Have fun and get creative! Pack a cooler with all his favorite things including a football, his favorite “sports-watching” snacks, and even his favorite AXE body spray.  Source: Make Life Lovely

    Simple, But Special Basket

    Simplicity at its best! A journal, monogrammed coffee mug and chocolate eggs all wrapped beautifully in a basket adorned with a satin bow. Any teen girl would love this gorgeous basket! Source: Martha Stewart

    The Ultimate Sleepover Basket

    This fun Easter “basket” is filled with everything your boy needs to have a fun sleepover at his friend’s house. From comfortable slip-on Nike flip flops and a Domino’s gift card to his favorite candy and an XBox gift card, this idea is the bomb! Source: Pinterest

    Mani-Pedi Basket

    Teenage girls who love to spend hours in their bathroom with friends painting their fingernails will love this mani-pedi basket. Cleverly wrapped in a towel basket and filled with flip flops, nail files, nail polish, lip gloss and, of course, a drink cup with straw so she doesn’t get thirsty, this basket is as cute as can be. Source: Pinterest

    Basket in a Hat

    Create the perfect Easter basket by packing all his favorite tasty treats in a hat he’ll love! Toss in a t-shirt, gift card, and a few candy-filled (or money-filled) eggs and he’s sure to flip! Source: The Resourceful Mama

    Perfectly Pink Basket

    So many girls (especially young teens) love anything pink! Toss in her favorite body spray, pink lip gloss, a scented candle, nail polish, and a silly stuffed bunny or fuzzy chicken pen this one and she’ll love it! Source: The Holidaze Craze

    The Ultimate Super Snack Basket

    The one thing every teenager absolutely loves to do is eat. This super duper snack basket packs in all their favorite snacks and drinks along with a cute stuffed bunny. Too darn cute! Source: One Good Thing By Jillee

    At-Home Spa Night Easter Basket

    This basket is perfect for the girl who loves a slice of serenity. Filled with her very own coffee (or hot cocoa) mug, scented candle and pampering extras face masks and body wash, this is a great basket idea for teenage girls who love to be pampered. Source: The Keys to Inspiration

    Mason Jar Easter Basket

    Showing your teen a little love on Easter doesn’t have to be extravagant or cost a lot. This simple mason jar Easter basket is adorably simple, yet totally creative! Just fill with their favorite candy (I’d add a little colored grass on the bottom, too if it was me) and top it off with a bow and adorable bunny ears! Source: Cupcakes and Crinoline.

    Artist’s Basket

    Fill this basket with everything your artist loves – from paint brushes and a paint palette to a fun (adult-) coloring book or markers! Don’t forget the chocolate bunny. Source: Thrifty Little Mom

    Eclectic Basket for Him

    Teen boys are always hard to shop for, but an Easter basket this one is easy and will surely be loved! Theme it around his favorite sports team, band or movie and fill with a gift card, a fun pair of flip flops, and his favorite snacks. Source: Pinterest

    The Spa De-Stress Basket

    This beautiful, yet simple spa basket is the perfect remedy to help her de-stress and relax. Fill it with a scented candle, a teacup, her favorite tea and scented body lotion and she’ll be relaxed in no time. Source: Thrifty Little Mom

    Egg-Stra Special Chocolate Lover’s Delight Basket

    This delicious basket is chock full of delicious gourmet chocolate and treats with a sweet stuffed bunny tossed in because… well, you’re never too old for bunnies!  Source: One Good Thing By Jillee

    Makeup Bag Basket

    Sometimes it’s the little things in life that matter the most. All of the items in this basket can be purchased at the Dollar store (including the makeup bag, cute socks, nail polish, lollipop, and chocolate) for just a few dollars. Source: Fun Squared

    Coffee and Brownies Basket

    We love this basket! This is the perfect Easter basket for any coffee and sweets lover on your list! Include a coffee mug, their favorite coffee, brownies, a stuffed bunny and a few chocolate eggs or jelly beans and this is one basket she (or he) will never forget! Source: Love From the Oven

    Bunny in a Jar

    How adorable and simple is this idea? Just a simple mason jar filled with grass, candy, and a  chocolate bunny accented with raffia makes one of the easiest and cutest basket ideas around! Great idea for besties, too! Source: Unknown

    Easter College Care Package

    For our college kids so far away, this “some bunny loves you” Easter care package will make them feel special, even if they can’ t be home for Easter. Fill it with anything your teen loves including snacks, chocolate candy, maybe a few money-filled eggs (because college kids are always broke) and a cute stuffed bunny. Source: Best Personalized Easter Baskets

    Make Your Own Candy Basket

    It’s easy as ever to make this clever candy basket! All you need is a few strips of double-sided tape or a glue gun. Fill the basket with a few candy-filled (or better yet, money-filled) Easter eggs and a gift card and this basket is sure to be a hit! Source: Crazy Little Projects

    Personalized Crate Basket

    A little creativity is all it takes to create a fun and memorable Easter basket that’s sure to put a smile on your teen’s face. Stencil with your child’s name and fill with all their favorite snacks including popcorn, trail mix, beef jerky, pretzels, chips and, of course, a gourmet chocolate bunny. For the full tutorial visit: Southern Mom Loves

    Color-Themed Basket

    If you’re stumped on what to put in your teen’s basket, opt for a fun color-themed basket! Just take a stroll through the Dollar Store, Wal-Mart or Target and keep your eyes peeled for items they’ll love that match your color theme! Source: Pinterest

    Guy’s Care Basket

    Who says guys don’t to be pampered? Fill this basket with everything that makes him feel loved and special including his favorite soap, coffee, a magazine, snacks, a comfortable pair of socks and more! Source: Savvy Saving Couple

    Tasseled Basket with Everything She Loves

    Just a simple addition to a basket these tassels turns an ordinary basket into egg-straordinary! Fill it with a phone case, zippered makeup pouch, a simple journal, nail polish, and a gift card and this basket is sure to make her heart melt. Source: Think Make Share Blog

    Beach Bound Basket

    Any tween or teen would love this basket! Fill it with a new swimsuit, flip flops, a towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, a great book or magazine, a frisbee or a new pair of earbuds so they can listen to music by the seashore. Don’t forget the snacks and a cute drink container! Source: Super Moms 360

    Cute As Can Be Cupcake Basket

    Every baker’s delight, this sweet cupcake basket is colorful, fun and as cute as can be! Source: Unknown

    Guy’s Free Time Basket

    Every boy loves his free time! What better way to show him how much you care than by giving him a basket filled with everything he needs to relax in his free time. Include things such as his favorite magazine, games, snacks, a baseball or golf balls, a movie gift card or anything else your boy loves! Source: A Helicopter Mom

    26 DIY Easter Basket Ideas for Teens was last modified: April 29th, 2019 by Nancy Reynolds

    Source: https://raisingteenstoday.com/26-diy-easter-basket-ideas-for-teens/

    60+ DIY Easter Basket Ideas For 2017

    36 Cute and Creative Homemade Easter Basket Ideas

    Easter is only a couple of months away, and if you are excited about celebrating it with your family, then you should start gathering ideas ahead of time. In the end, it is never too soon to start preparing yourself for an unforgettable Easter! Here you will find 60+ ideas for the most original Easter baskets:

    With a classic dollar store basket, a few adhesive tapes, some ribbons and some rhinestones, you can easily create the fanciest and most glamorous Easter basket in the neighborhood! Besides this, your kids will definitely love the sparkly new basket!

    Project Source and Details  – pinterest

    16. DIY Easter Centerpiece Craft

    This centerpiece craft is “la crème de la creme”, and it is certainly worthy of all your time and attention. Check it out and see just how wonderful it is!

    Project Source and Details  – livinglocurto

    17. Mini Easter Basket Crafts

    Here is yet another tutorial on how to make your own mini Easter basket crafts that will hold three to four eggs each. Small, cute, lightweight and super compact, these mini baskets will quickly become your children’s favorites!

    Project Source and Details  – pinterest

    18. Fabric Collage Easter Basket Idea

    What is better than a fabric-based Easter basket? A fabric-collage basket! If you are feeling crafty today and you love to sew different pieces of material together, then here is an outstanding idea for you to try!

    Project Source and Details  – icanteachmychild

    19. Fabric Easter Basket Pattern

    As you may have noticed already, fabric baskets are particularly popular this year! Eco-friendly and very cost-effective, these baskets are a must-have for mommies who want to save both money and time!

    Project Source and Details  – positivelysplendid

    20. DIY Personalized Buckets

    These buckets are great gifts for those dear to your heart – be it your spouse, your grandparents or your best friend. You can easily personalize them, and then add some real grass for a true, lively effect!

    Project Source and Details  – bydawnnicole

    21. DIY Minnie And Mickey Baskets

    Every child knows the famous Mickey Mouse and Minnie, and your kid will definitely love to get an Easter basket that features his favorite cartoon characters!

    Project Source and Details  – inspiredbydis

    Classic Easter Basket

    This classic and beautiful Easter basket has all of the essential elements to create the perfect holiday gift! See on Amazon!

    22. Silvery Easter Bucket

    Once again, the good old bucket saves the day! Here is a simple but quite ingenious way to turn an old silvery bucket into a truly exquisite Easter basket where you can safely store your freshly painted and decorated eggs.

    Project Source and Details  – realdanagentry

    23. Fabric Rope Easter Basket

    With some extra rope and fabric, you can make the best baskets for this Easter – you can also reuse them for years to come, as they are sturdy, durable and easy to handle!

    Project Source and Details  – ehow

    24. DIY Woven Paper Basket

    If you are passionate about knitting and sewing, then this tutorial will certainly appeal to you. Have you ever heard about DIY woven paper? If not, then now you know! Here is how you can make a really original paper basket!

    Project Source and Details  – icreativeideas

    25. Yarn String Easter Basket

    As mentioned above, you can easily make a lovely Easter basket almost everything these days, and yarn string certainly seems to be a really good idea. Check out this tutorial and you will be amazed!

    Project Source and Details  – goodshomedesign

    26. Upcycled Basket For This Year’s Easter

    Upcycled baskets are quickly making a comeback this year, and they are particularly popular amongst moms who want to make the best of their crafting skills, but who also want to lower their carbon footprint and to protect the environment at the same time.

    Project Source and Details  – sweetsomethingdesign

    27. Easter Basket Templates

    Everybody uses bunnies and egg templates to decorate their baskets for Easter, and if you want to try something new and fresh this time, then here are several original templates!

    Project Source and Details  – tipjunkie

    28. Water Bottle Craft

    This is another great tutorial for eco-friendly parents who want to teach their children more about the importance of recycling and protecting Mother Nature. Do not throw away your old water bottles – use them to make cute little baskets instead!

    Project Source and Details  – craftymorning

    29. Beautiful Easter Basket

    These basket tutorials burst with color and optimism! Here are some of the cutest baskets you can possibly make for this year’s Easter – not to mention that you can easily add some artificial baby chicks to make them even more adorable.

    Project Source and Details  – lotsofdiy

    30. Egg Carton Easter Craft

    Egg cartons can be used in tens of different ways, as they are very versatile and easy to handle – all you have to do is to give them a fresh coat of paint, and there you go! You just got yourself a lovely Easter basket craft.

    Project Source and Details  – craftymorning

    31. Mini Baskets!

    Mini baskets for Easter will not go old-fashioned anytime soon, and you can use them in countless different ways. Here is how!

    Project Source and Details  – thehousethatlarsbuilt

    32. Bunny Themed Basket Using Duct Tape

    If you have some extra duct tape at your disposal, an old can and some carton, then here is a great tutorial that will show you how to make an adorable bunny themed basket!

    Project Source and Details  – pinterest

    33. DIY Paper Plate Easter Basket

    Another joyful and creative tutorial on how to come up with an innovative homemade paper plate Easter basket, on a budget! Check it out!

    Project Source and Details  – hip2save

    34. Refashioned Easter Basket

    If you are passionate about recycling different materials and you want to make sure nothing is waster, then here is the right tutorial for you! Here is an idea that will help you create refashioned baskets for a retro and chic Easter!

    Project Source and Details  – ehow

    35. Flowery Easter Basket Decoration

    Who said that baskets have to be exclusively used for storing the Easter eggs? Here is a great tutorial that defies all norms – add some tulips to your Easter basket, for a touch of freshness and livelihood!

    Project Source and Details  – pinterest

    36. DIY Edible Easter Egg Basket!

    These edible Easter baskets will be a hit! In just minutes you can make a fun and unique Easter basket for your children. Project Source and Details: thekrazycouponlady

    37. DIY Egg Shaped Easter String Basket

    The idea of blending vintage and antique together makes this DIY Egg Shaped Easter String Basket synonymous to true magnificence.

    Adorned with ribbons and ornaments, it can not only take the spring time decor of your home to all new heights of beauty, but is also well-suited for presenting to your special ones for the festive season.

    Stuffed with candies or tiny toys, the basket uses a balloon and string for the construction. Tie a string that has already been saturated with lots of fabric stiffener around a balloon, followed by poking the balloon and voil!

    DIY Details : icreativeideas

    38. No Sew Easter Basket

    It perhaps, can’t get any cuter than this No Sew Easter Basket for giving the guests a sweet send-off with a reusable fabric basket loaded with chocolates, treats and other goodies. All thanks to that thick bunny tail, this one is rightly immersed in the spirit of the spring.

    Subtle construction, elegant fabrics and glossy ribbons make the basket a sure shot masterpiece that doesn’t even call for any sewing or stitching to get it all done.

    The other supplies you need include a kraft box with lid, batting, fabric glue, hot glue, scissors, wool, scrap cardboard, and paintbrush.

    DIY Details : maxandmeblog

    39. DIY Frozen Tutu Easter Basket

    Although, Easter is all about flowers, birds, butterflies and colors, this basket is quite a unique take on the holiday as it integrates the magic of winters into its making, reminding the kiddos of the all-time favorite Disney flick, Frozen! What lies inside is a rustic medium size Easter basket decorated with gorgeous tutus in blue and silver, as well as snowflake embellishments with the help of a glue gun and crochet hooks. What compliments it even better is the lovely bundle of Frozen-themed goodies.

    DIY Details : thedenverhousewife

    40. Easy DIY Easter Baskets

    Kids simply love transforming basic household items into a thing of craft, and these Easy DIY Easter Baskets are yet another example of building the best waste ! Looking at these bunny and chick baskets, it’s quite impossible to figure out that they have been constructed old empty plastic jugs. The white pipe cleaners for the whiskers, pom poms for the nose and tail, and googly eyes make the pink bunnies adorably realistic, while the chicks are winsome with their yellow wings and bright orange beak.

    DIY Details : clarkscondensed

    41. Tutorial: Crepe Paper Easter Baskets

    Worthy enough of casting a magical spell on everyone you give these sweet packages for Easter, those little baskets lined with folds of pastel-colored crepe paper and flowers are a treat to the eye.

    Just a deal of few readily available craft supplies, including some crepe paper, a pair of heavy duty scissors, a glue gun with glue sticks, an empty food container, a ruler, some wired tinsel cord, a sewing machine or needle and thread are all you need to gather to bring your very own versions of these super charming Crepe Paper Easter Baskets.

    DIY Details : smilemercantile

    +25 Creative Easter Basket Ideas

    This is a great compilation that features no less than 25 different and creative ideas on how to make your own baskets for this year’s Easter. Let your inspiration and creativity roam freely! Check out the Projects here – diyncrafts

    To sum it all up, Easter is a holiday of joy, peace, love and fun, and your baskets should reflect just that. If you are looking for some inspiration/ideas on how to decorate your baskets and to make them stand out from the rest, then you have come to the right place!

    If you d this round up you may also these Easter Ideas.

    Source: https://cutediyprojects.com/diy/60-diy-easter-basket-ideas-freshly-dyed-easter-eggs/2/