How to Make an Adorable Easter Bunny From DIY Pom Poms

Easter Bunny Pompoms

How to Make an Adorable Easter Bunny From DIY Pom Poms

Cute, fun and easy to make project

If you read yesterday’s post on Inherited Stash, you’ll see that I promised a way of using up those odd bits of yarn we all have lying around.

And if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll also know that I love sending my niece (aged 5) craft projects to do (I’m sending her these pompom makers and yarn from her Great-great Aunt).

So this project ticked a lot of boxes for me, as well as being seasonal and letting out my inner child, because who doesn’t love pompoms?

When I was younger I remember it taking ages to make pompoms because of constantly passing a ball of yarn through the middle of two cardboard circles.

Well this method makes it a lot faster! Plus it is easier for children, because you can tie the pompoms before cutting the yarn.

It does make a slightly flatter pompom than the traditional circle method, but I actually think that works well for this project.

Scroll down for the printable pdf of this project!


  • Cardboard
  • Yarn
  • Felt (or fabric, if you prefer floppy ears), in two colours if possible
  • Scissors
  • Paper


First you will need to make the pompom makers. You will need a small one for the head and a large one for the body. Use the cardboard for this – if it is stiff you can make one of each shape I did, but if your card is thin you may want to double it up. I made mine with the dimensions shown:

Pompom makers – so easy!

You will also need to make a template for the ears. It is handy to make the ears before you make the pompoms. Draw out the shape below on some paper to make a template. Large ears make for a cuter bunny, in my opinion, and my ears were 9cm tall and 7cm wide.

Making bunny ears

Once you have drawn your paper template, cut it out and place it on a folded piece of felt. Put the base of the ears at the fold line, so that when you cut it out you have a double layer which is joined at the base. Draw around and cut out the ears (but not along the fold).

Lie a piece of yarn across the middle and fold and stick the ears together (I used a regular glue stick), so that the yarn is sandwiched between the layers. Trim the edges if needed.

Now you can cut and stick on an inner ear colour if you , using a second colour of felt.

Now make the pompoms! Start with the smaller pompom. Simply wrap the yarn around the pompom makers. Try to make even layers and keep wrapping until you have done around 4 layers (the more you do the puffier the pompom, but also the more irregular the strands will be in length.

How to make a quick pompom

Pull the strands to one side and thread through a length of yarn around the middle of the pompom. Tie as tight as you can without deforming the pompom maker. Thread a second piece of yarn around but don’t tie it yet.

Now the fun bit! Cut the yarn carefully at both ends. Once you have completed cutting, tie the second piece of yarn you put around the pompom, as tight as you possibly can. You may notice the original piece you tied around is very loose now; you can cut it away if you .

How to make a quick pompom

Push the pompom the maker.

If you are just making plain pompoms, give it a shake to plump it out and trim any extra-long strands to make it even.

How to tie a pompom bunny together

To continue with the rabbit, tie the ears on around the pompom using the sandwiched piece of yarn, around the existing tie, before you plump up the pompom. Don’t trim the tails of the yarn yet though!

Make the large pompom in exactly the same way. Tie the head pompom to the body pompom using the tails of yarn from the head.

Plump up the pompoms and trim any excess yarn. Cut a small piece of felt and glue on to make a nose, if you .

Grey Easter Bunny Project

White Easter Bunny project

How about stringing a few together to make a garland? Or using as cat-toys?

Downloadable pdf project:
Easter Bunny Pompoms


DIY Pom Pom Bunny Garland

How to Make an Adorable Easter Bunny From DIY Pom Poms

My favorite holiday is right around the corner—Easter! So, now is the time to get the house looking cute and spring-y. Today, I’ve got a super crafty idea that is bound to get you in the Easter mood. Learn how to make this adorable, DIY pom pom bunny garland using supplies you’ve already got in your craft room.

My mom taught me how to make pom poms and yarn dolls when I was a little girl (I don’t know if those are really a thing outside of my childhood, but I love making them). I’ve been looking for a reason to get into pom pom making again. So, when I was trying to come up with a fun idea for some new Easter decorations, I knew these bunnies would be the perfect thing!

If you’ve never made pom poms before, don’t worry—it’s a cinch! These “pom pom makers” make the process is so fast, and help your pom poms look pro every time: I can usually finish a pom pom in 10-15 minutes (and if you have sharper scissors then me, you can probably do it even faster).

What you Need

How to Make

1. Print the template, and cut out the “U” shapes for your pom pom maker. Glue the shapes to the cardboard. The larger shapes make pom poms approximately 3″ in diameter, and the smaller ones make pom poms approximately 2″ in diameter.

(Hint: I realized later that it would have been easier to just cut out one shape and use it as a stencil four times.)

2. Cut out your four cardboard shapes.

3. Use hot glue to add a little extra pice of cardboard to two of the shapes. (This part isn’t 100% necessary, but it will make it a little easier to fit your scissors between the cardboard pieces later.)

4. Place two of your cardboard pieces together (if you added the extra cardboard buffer to one of them, make sure that side is facing inward). Wrap the yarn around the arch of your pom pom maker over and over again. Repeat with the other two cardboard pieces.

(Hint: the more time you wrap the yarn around and the tighter you do it, the better your pom pom will look, but the harder it will be to cut the yarn.)

5. Fold out the four bottom flaps of each pom pom maker and use binder clips to secure them together.

6. Slip your scissors in between the cardboard pieces and cut the yarn.

7. Take a long piece of yarn, slip it in between your cardboard pieces, and tie it tightly around the center of the pom pom.

8. Take off the binder clips and remove the cardboard.

9. Now, it’s time to play barber! Give your pom pom a little hair cut to round it out and trim the straggly pieces (my favorite part).

10. Use the bunny ears from the template to cut out your felt ears.

11. Attach the ears to your pom pom with a little hot glue, and soak in the cuteness!

(Hint: If you will be making these bunnies into a garland, make sure to keep the long string you used to tie the pom pom on the top—in between the ears.)

To make a garland, mine, simply tie the long strings together (I made sure to tie each knot as close to the pom pom as I could so that it wouldn’t be visible).

I absolutely love how these bunnies turned out! They inexpensive to make, and sturdy enough to last from year to year, which makes it extra fun. Enjoy the pom pom maker printable, and have a hoppy Easter!

*I am linking up to these parties

Mandee is a professional graphic designer, amateur bird watcher, and rollercoaster enthusiast. She is a wife to hardworking high school teacher and mommy to three adorable little humans. She fell in love with graphic design when she started working on a comedy website with a guy she met her freshman year of college. Design wasn’t the only thing she fell in love with, and they were married a year and a half later. She created Designs By Miss Mandee to be a place where she could merge her passion for design with her lifelong love of crafting.


Top 10 DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

How to Make an Adorable Easter Bunny From DIY Pom Poms

Easter is one of our favorite holidays for crafting. There are so many adorable DIY Easter crafts for kids. Here are some fun, easy, and inexpensive crafts that we have made and also gathered from other craft experts. These can all be done on a budget and with only a few materials!

Pom Pom Chicks

These adorable little chicks are so fun and easy to make. You just need some pom poms, wiggly eyes, felt, and pipe cleaners. For the larger chick, we used pipe cleaners for her feet. The pipe cleaners stick right into the jumbo pom poms. For the smaller ones, it is easier to cut felt into feet shapes. You can also use egg cartons to make a cracked egg.

Pom Pom Bunny

We just had to make a pom pom bunny too! You can use all the same materials that were used for the chicks, but we also used string for the bunny’s mouth. The pipe cleaner ears stick right into the large pom pom. Then glue the wiggly eyes, pom pom nose and tail, and felt feet. Now you have your own Easter Bunny!

Easter Egg Rabbit & Carrot

Plastic eggs can be used for so many different Easter crafts. Our favorite is the carrot. All you need is the wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, and a black marker for the mouth.

If your plastic eggs don’t come with a hole at the top for the green pipe cleaners, you can use a small X-Acto knife to carefully make a hole. The bunnies are fun too. You can have fun with different types of faces.

And here’s a tip – if you don’t what you draw, the marker wipes right off so you can try again!

Minion Easter Eggs

Everyone loves Minions! We saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to make our own. You’ll need a pack of plastic eggs with yellow and blue for Minion colors. Then just glue the wiggly eyes on and use a black marker to make their mouth, hair, and glasses. You can have so much fun with the designs for these.

Bunny Tissue Box

We just couldn’t resist the cuteness of this bunny box from Pink Stripey Socks. All you need is a cardboard box and some paint! Her tutorial tells you exactly how to make it. Such a cute decoration for the house. You can even use it as a tissue box!

Paper Plate Footprint Bunny

Footprint crafts are so popular right now. We found this from the Fun Handprint Art blog. With paper plates, pipe cleaners, and paint, you can make any these bunnies in under 10 minutes.

Easter Fingerprint Craft

Use your fingerprints to make these adorable chicks and bunnies! Such a cute idea for making Easter cards, and perfect for a low budget craft. This idea is from Sarahndipities, so you can find more details and pictures on her site.

Sheep Egg

Can’t forget about the sheep! See the tutorial on Arts & Crafts Collection. This unique craft is made with a hard boiled egg, but if you want to keep it for longer you can also use these foam eggs.

Easter Candy Jars

This craft doubles as a fun candy jar, or you can put anything you’d in here! Try it with mason jars. Great for a decoration for Easter and can be re-used year after year. Learn how to make these Easter jars from Crazy Little Projects.

Paper Plate Easter Characters

We love paper crafts! You’ll need construction paper, plates, wiggly eyes, cotton balls, crayons and markers, and patterned paper. This craft is from Crafts By Amanda, and you can find the tutorial on the Kix Cereal website.

Which of these Easter crafts is your favorite?


Cuddly Pom Pom Easter Bunny Tutorial

How to Make an Adorable Easter Bunny From DIY Pom Poms

I am so excited to share this Cuddly Pom Pom Easter Bunny Tutorial with you! This adorable bunny is so easy to make, and super cuddly too! Let’s get started!

Check out our Easter hidden picture activity pages, too!


  • Yarn. A super soft, chunky yarn is best for this project.
  • Felt.
  • Pony beads.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Scissors.

We’re going to start by making the pom poms! These are really easy to make. The hardest part is probably the trimming, and it’s more time-consuming than difficult. Start by cutting two 6 inch lengths of yarn and setting them aside. These are going to be used to tie our pom poms in a minute.

Take two fingers, and start wrapping your yarn around them. Wrap way more yarn than you think you need, at least 60-80 wraps. Now slide the yarn off your fingers, and lay it on top of one of the yarn pieces we cut earlier.

Make sure the yarn looks I show in the photo above, with the “holes” of the yarn loops positioned in line with the tie off piece.


Now tie the piece around the wrapped yarn very tightly. Get it as tight as you can, and double knot it. Now take your scissors and cut all the loops created by tying the wrapped yarn. You’ll end up with a very oddly, wonky shaped pom pom. Now just start trimming carefully, taking off the longest pieces first and shaping it into a round ball.

You’ll end up taking off a lot, but with a  little bit of patience you’ll end up with a cute round pom pom this one! Now we just need to make a bigger one. Do the exact same thing you did before, but this time use all four of your fingers to make the wrapped yarn.

Tie it and trim it the same way as well. You should end up with two pom poms, one big and one little.

Now take your hot glue, and glue your small pom pom to your big one. Then go ahead and glue the pony bead eyes and nose onto the smaller pom pom. Can you see the bunny starting to form?

Easter Bunnies Garland Paper Craft

How to Make an Adorable Easter Bunny From DIY Pom Poms

This post uses affiliate links. They don’t cost you a thing and help us bring you creative projects. Read more in Policies & Disclosures.

I am always on the lookout for new Easter decorations and Easter party ideas. It’s not always easy to find ideas for Easter decorations that are cute without being over cheesy. As you may know from ready some of my other knock off crafts and banners, I love Pottery Barn holiday decorations! (check out my PB Inspired Valentine Tea Towel and Happy Halloween Banner.)

Easter Garland

Pottery Barn’s 2014 Easter decorations featured an adorable Easter bunnies garland. I saw it online as I was searching for ideas for an Easter brunch that I was helping to plan. Unfortunately, the $26.00 price tag was WAY the price range for decorations. We would need yards and yards of bunnies!

I knew I could make a similar garland for a much lower price when I read the product description. Their banner was made our of fabric covered card stock. The words “card stock” made me very happy, I love DIY paper crafts because they are simple and affordable.

For this project I used printed card stock from my scrapbook stash, white grosgrain ribbon and minky faux fur trim or yarn to make pom pom tails. It was an easy project and it is adorable – all for the bargain price of $5.30.

I’ll admit I have gone a little bit Easter bunny crazy and the banners are multiplying , well, rabbits. Try making one or a few for your Easter décor.

Another idea for Easter decorations is to make the Easter bunnies and use them individually as place cards on your Easter dinner table or write menu items on them to use as Easter buffet labels.

If you need table decor ideas check out my matching Easter Buuny Napkin Rings and other Easter craft ideas.

Easter Bunnies Garland Directions

1. Print bunny cutouts on the wrong side of your card stock.

2. Cut out 13 bunnies (or download my Easter Bunny Banner file for your Silhouette cutter and add to your library)

3. Choose your style of bunny tail.

4. If using minky fabric for the bunny tails, follow the steps to make pom-poms using minky.

 *I have used red thread for demonstration purposes, use thread that matches your trim.

Here’s how to make pom poms with yarn.

(If using eyelash yarn follow the steps to make pom-pom with yarn.)

 5. Get your glue gun ready for the next steps! Glue pom-poms tails to bunnies using glue gun.

6. Glue end of ribbon under using glue gun. Next, make hanging loop at end of ribbon using glue gun and a pencil as a guide. Then starting 5 inches from end of ribbon, glue bunnies to ribbon, leave .75 inches between bunnies.

7. Enjoy your banner.

Easter Bunnies Garland Cost

  • Cardstock $.50 a sheet for 7 sheets = $3.50
  • Grosgrain ribbon, 96 inches = $0.50
  • Minky faux fur trim, 26 inches =  $1.20
  • Glue stick = $0.10
  • Total cost $5.30

I hope this has given you some ideas for Easter decorations. Will you be making any Easter paper crafts this year? Need table decor ideas? Check out my matching Easter Buuny Napkin Rings.


DIY Easter Decorations 2020 – Homemade Easter Decorating Ideas

How to Make an Adorable Easter Bunny From DIY Pom Poms

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DIY Stem Straws

Take your Easter drinks to the next level with some cute flower straws. Make a variety of blooms to help your guests keep track of their drink.

Get the tutorial at Country Living.

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Easter Bunny Decoration

Turn any crepe paper ball into a whimsical bunny that will brighten up your home and become a favorite addition to your kid's playtime games.

Get the tutorial at Country Living.

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Easter Bunny Ears

Decorations don't just have to be for the walls and the table! Your kids will love these fun home-made bunny headbands.

Get the tutorial at Country Living.

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Cute Critters Centerpiece

Bring the garden inside with this cute centerpiece that features a mini-lawn and some animals.

Get the tutorial at Country Living.

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Easter Bunny Bow



This bunny bow template is great for stringing up as a wall decoration or using to make napkin rings for your Easter dinner table. 

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Easter Eggs Needle Felting Kit

Even if you're new to felting, these easy-to-make eggs are the perfect craft to stitch together for a impressive DIY centerpiece. 

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DIY Easter Favor Bunny Box

These adorable paper boxes serve dual purpose: fill them with Easter goodies and place them around the dinner table for decor, then let guests take them home as a parting gift. 

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DIY Spring Egg Topiary Tree Craft Kit



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“He Has Risen” Wood Sign Kit

What better way to impress your guests than to tell them that you hand painted this beautiful sign yourself? Hang your masterpiece in the kitchen or display on the fireplace mantel. 

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DIY Paperlamp Rabbit

This easily-assembled elegant paper lamp is the perfect addition to this year's collection of Easter decorations. 

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Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi Crochet Starter Kit

Everything you'll need to crochet this adorable bunny, including the pattern, yarn and eyes, comes with the kit. If you're feeling ambitious, stitch together a few of these little guys to give away as Easter brunch favors.  

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Wooden Bunny DIY Wooden Craft

Have the kids help with the assembly of these wooden Easter rabbits, then place them in your living room to brighten the space. 

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Felt Hopping Bunny Pattern

There's no better reason to dust off your embroidery needles than to make your own Easter creations– especially when they're this whimsical!

What You'll Need: White wool yarn ($10, Amazon); an embroidery needle ($4, Amazon); and hot glue gun ($9, Amazon) 

14 of 44

Chick and Egg Inside Out Toy Sewing Pattern

Which came first? Your kids will have the best time playing with this reversible chick and egg fleece plush toy when you're done stitching it together.

What You'll Need: White, orange, and yellow fleece ($11, Amazon)

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DIY Easter Candles Making Kit



After you cook up a delicious Easter brunch, save those egg shells and turn them into adorable holiday candles.

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Pom Pom Bunny Tail Easter Garland

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Easter Wood Bunnies



Get crafty this Easter with these easy DIY wood bunnies. You can put them on your fireplace mantel or dinner table to instantly spread holiday cheer.

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Lollipop Bunnies

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DIY Happy Easter Sign



Whether you place it inside or outside, this cute holiday sign will offer a warm welcome to your guests on Easter Sunday.

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Easter Chalkboard

This cute design is easy to recreate thanks to a free printable.

Get the tutorial at How to Nest for Less.

What You'll Need: Chalk ($6 for a pack of 25 colors, Amazon)

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Bunny Egg Holders



Dye those Easter eggs and then display them for all to see with these cute egg holders.

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Eggshell Tealight Centerpiece

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Felted Carrots DIY Garland



String these carrots to twine or a foam wreath for an instant festive Easter decoration.

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Chalkboard Eggs

Grab some chalkboard paint and then let your imagination run wild with design ideas.

Get the tutorial at We Are Scout.

What You'll Need: Chalkboard paint ($12, Amazon)

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DIY Kit Bunny Banner with Floral Tails



The only thing cuter than a cotton tail is a beautiful spring flower one!

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DIY Easter Ornaments



Have an Easter tree that needs decorating? These adorable holiday ornaments are the perfect embellishments.

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Paint Chip Easter Garland

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DIY Spring Bunny Wreath



With pastel eggs, spring blooms, and a big bow, this Easter wreath has all of the holiday's elements.

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Bunny Pom Pom Garland


25 Best Bunny Crafts for Easter – DIY Easter Bunny Craft Ideas for Kids

How to Make an Adorable Easter Bunny From DIY Pom Poms

Prostock-StudioGetty Images

If you're feeling crafty this Easter season, why not try your hand at these adorable DIY bunny crafts that will brighten any room in your house? While there are so many Easter crafts to choose from, we think these ones are a hare above the rest, because they're great spring crafts too (and great Easter crafts for kids!). Within this roundup, there are ideas that both kids and adults will have a blast putting together. Spend an afternoon with your family creating crafts and making lasting memories. Try the bunny hand puppets and come up with an Easter play, or make some of the pastel slime that's housed in cute bunny jars.

If you've already got your Easter basket ideas settled, but need some inspiration on what to put inside them, these crafts would be great additions.

The sock bunny or the pom-pom bunnies will make your children's faces light up when they meet their new bunny friends inside their baskets.

Of course, many of these Easter decorations will perfectly accompany your DIY Easter wreaths, such as the floral bunny garland or the bunny planters. So hop to it and see which of these best bunny crafts will fit what you're looking for.

1 of 25

Bunny Gumball Machines

A candy jar and a flower pot come together to create these stunning “gumball machines” that will be your new favorite Easter decoration.

Get the tutorial at Average but Inspired.


2 of 25

Pink Bunny Easter Mason Jar

3 of 25

Bunny Hooded Towel

4 of 25

Budget Bunny Planters

5 of 25

Bunny Mason Jars

While you can store anything in these delightful painted treat jars, chocolate candy eggs sound the best idea.

Get the tutorial at Happiness Is Homemade.


6 of 25

Pink Peeps Pillow

Turn your kids' Peeps-related dreams into real life with this giant pillow that they'll beg to keep out well past Easter.

Get the tutorial at Club Crafted.


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Bunny Hand Puppet

8 of 25

Easter Bunny Cups and Bunny Bait

Not only can you make these fun bunny cups, but there's also steps included to making colorful popcorn “bunny bait” for party favors.

Get the tutorial at Giggles Galore.


9 of 25

Easter Bunny Jar

10 of 25

Ping Pong Bunny Cupcake Toppers

11 of 25

DIY Bunny Bag

12 of 25

Origami Bunny Baskets

13 of 25

Bunny Banner

14 of 25

Bunny Treat Bags

Fill these up with whatever Easter goodies you've baked up or stuff them with Easter candies for your next party.

Get the tutorial at The Craft Patch.


15 of 25

Floral Bunny Garland

16 of 25

Bunny Slippers

17 of 25

Bunny Piñata

Instead of hiding candy in an egg hunt, create this piñata and let the kids go wild when the candy breaks out and spills everywhere.

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.


18 of 25

Pastel Slime in Bunny Mason Jars

19 of 25

Egg Carton Bunnies

20 of 25

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

21 of 25

Pom-Pom Bunnies

You'll want to keep these bunnies out year-round since they look as cute as the real deal.

Get the tutorial at ikat bag.


22 of 25

Paper Bunnies

23 of 25

Easter Bunny Eggs

25 of 25

Easter Sock Bunny


How to Make Your Own Curious Easter Bunny Pots (An Easy DIY Easter Craft!)

How to Make an Adorable Easter Bunny From DIY Pom Poms

If you've been following Southern In Law for a while, you'd know I love a good project – and this Easter, I may have the easiest project of all for you!

These DIY Bunny Pots are perfect for kids, school teachers, friends and family this Easter and are a perfect way to make a little treat just that extra bit special.

Best of all? They take just minutes to make and will only cost a few dollars. Even if you're a crafting newbie, I promise you can make this! 

So let me show you how to make them! >> 

What You'll Need:

  • Small pots (I used mini terracotta pots from Kmart – also available here or here in bulk)
  • Fake greenery or green felt/paper (a great last minute alternative – simply cut your felt/paper to look grass at the top – if you want artificial flowers/greenery have a look at your local craft store – I found some at Spotlight)
  • Small and large pom poms 
  • A hot glue gun (you can also use craft glue – you'll just need to hold it together to stick it)
  • Felt for the feet (you can use two colours of felt to make the feet and paw prints – or you can paint on the paws I did)
  • Easter eggs or Easter treats to put inside

You can do these with larger pots and larger pom poms (or just have teeny tiny bunnies!)

First you'll want to cut two feet felt. I freehanded these, making these just a bit smaller than the pom pom “bottom”. 

Next, add paw prints to one side of your bunny feet. 

You could do these by glueing on smaller pieces of felt – but I find the easiest way is to paint them on.

I added one big paw pad and four little bunny toes to each foot. 

Next you'll want to heat your hot glue gun up and get your pom poms ready. 

I used a small and large pom pom in the same colour to make my bunnies – but you could mix it up and use different colours.

Add some glue to the bottom of your small “tail” pom pom and attach it to your larger pom pom, pressing them together to ensure they stick. 

Once your bunny bottoms are stuck together, start getting your greenery ready. 

Mine came in small bunches which I cut into smaller pieces and glued to the inside of my pot. 

You want to arrange your greenery towards the back of the pot so you have plenty of room to add your Easter eggs or treats!

Once you've got your greenery in, it's time to add your bunny!

Add some glue to the front of your pot, ready to add your bunny.

Carefully attach your bunny “bottom” to the front of your pot, ensuring your tail is in the right place. 

You want it to look the bunny is head down in the pot with it's bottom sticking up so the tail should be at the top. 

Next, attach your feet by adding some glue to the other side of your felt feet and attaching them to the pom pom (that is, the side without your little paw prints). 

You want the feet to hang over the edge of the pot as shown in the photo. 

Once your feet are on and your glue has set, it's time to add your treats!

We filled our pots with chocolate Easter eggs, being careful not to knock off our little bunny!

Once your pots are filled, it's time to gift! 

You could gift these as is, or wrap each one in some cellophane, tying them with ribbon and adding a gift tag. 

These bunny pots would also make the perfect placecard holders for your Easter table. 

Why not add a little mini “garden stake” to the top of the pot with each person's name. Simply get a skewer or toothpick, cut it to size and add some paper or washi tape to make a banner to add each person's name. Easy! 

But tell me,

Are you a craft/DIY fan? What's the last project you worked on? 

And what are your plans for Easter?

This year Easter falls just before Jesse's birthday so I think we'll be having our traditional Good Friday seafood feast and then some kind of a celebration for his birthday either on the Saturday or Monday. 

This post may contain affiliate links.

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10 Adorable and Easy Easter Bunny Crafts

How to Make an Adorable Easter Bunny From DIY Pom Poms

  • A Pumpkin & A Princess

    How adorable are these sock bunnies? With just a few simple items from around the house—old socks, rice, rubber bands, felt, ribbon, and googly eyes—you can make these winsome bunnies. They're super fun and easy to make—a perfect craft to create with kids, but if you have pets, you might want to keep these cuties reach, since they'll probably be too tempting not to play with!

    View the sock bunny tutorial at A Pumpkin & A Princess.

  • The House That Lars Built

    Hello, Easter party! These festive party hats are a cinch to make and are a must-have addition to any Easter party. You can make a whole batch for everyone to wear at your next Easter shindig in just a few easy steps, using easy-to-find materials card stock paper, twine, and glue dots. So much fun!

    View the Easter bunny party hats tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

  • The Best Ideas for Kids

    Isn't it amazing how just a few simple materials paper plates, pom poms, pipe cleaners and googly eyes can be transformed into cute critters these Paper Plate Easter Bunnies? And this easy and fun craft is sure to keep the kiddos occupied while they cut, glue, and create these festive bunnies to celebrate Easter.

    View the paper plates Easter bunny tutorial at The Best Ideas for Kids.

  • IKat Bag

    Your biggest challenge when making these absolutely adorable bunnies is stopping yourself from making too many! You'll need some thick yarn, a pom pom maker form (which you can buy at a crafts store or make cardboard), scissors, and a few other simple materials to create a whole batch of these irresistible and cuddly pom pom bunnies.

    View the pom pom bunnies tutorial at IKat Bag.

    Continue to 5 of 10 below.

  • Little Red Window

    When you think of Easter, you think of bunnies and eggs, right? This clever craft combines the two–how brilliant is that? You can use craft eggs (or get the cheap plastic kind and paint them white), some felt, pink and black acrylic paint, and white pom poms (because, of course, you'll need a tail for the back!). So adorable!

    View the Easter bunny egg tutorial at Little Red Window.

  • Giggles Galore

    Your Easter party treats will taste all the more delicious in these cute bunny cups.

    All you need are some white cups, mini pink pom poms, white cotton (for the tails, of course!), googly eyes, black wire for the whiskers, glue and some ears (you can print out a template or just draw and cut out your own ear shapes), and voila! In no time at all, you'll have fun and festive cups you can fill with treats for your Easter party guests.

    View the Easter bunny treat cups tutorial at Giggles Galore.

  • Craftaholics Anonymous

    Here's a fun idea that lets you transform ordinary brown paper bags into fun Easter party bags, using nothing more than some scissors, pom poms, and baker's twine (You can use a hot glue gun, some really good glue or glue dots to secure the tails onto the bags). If you have a printer, you can use it to print out the gift tags, or you can make your own. In minutes, you'll have a bunch of bunny bags to fill with Easter candy and other treats!

    View the Easter bunny bag tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous.

  • Minidrops

    You'll love, love, love these pretty origami Easter bunny baskets. With some pretty patterned paper, you can make several and fill them up with Easter candy or little knick-knacks. The website is in German, so the translation may be a little wonky, but the instructions are pretty clear (and worth it!).

    View the origami bunnies tutorial at Minidrops.

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  • Sparkles of Sunshine

    Whether you're an old hand at crochet or a newbie, you'll have no trouble whipping up these lovely little bunnies. They're so much fun and easy to make, you'll want to crochet a bunch of these cuties to make a garland, attach to a scarf, gloves or anything else you can think of!

    View the crochet bunnies tutorial at Sparkles of Sunshine.

  • Easy Peasy and Fun

    Here's a cute paper Easter bunny you can make in minutes with the help of your little ones. You probably have all these materials already—construction paper, scissors, a marker, glue and googly eyes. It doesn't get much easier, and it's loads of fun to make too!

    View the paper Easter bunny tutorial at Easy Peasy and Fun.