How to Make a Fashionable Denim Bag

Best Denim Designer Bags (2020)

How to Make a Fashionable Denim Bag
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Let’s admit it – denim has totally changed the fashion game. It’s an exclusive fabric that has had its moment in every era. As far as fashion goes, very few materials have had an impact on global fashion quite denim has. Also, very few things are as versatile and timeless as denim. For many, it’s a wardrobe essential.

Wear it from head to toe, and you’re dressed to kill. You may own denim jeans, shirts, or jackets, but what about a nice denim designer bag? Apart from clothing, you can wear denim in the form of accessories, too. A denim designer bag is a perfect accessory that goes with every kind of outfit. It’s durable, stylish, and not to mention, classic.

You can find a variety of denim bags that suit your personal style, but choosing one can be mind-boggling as there are so many options to pick from. To make things easier for you, we’ve prepared this blog. Here, we’ve reviewed the best denim designer bags and the features to look for when purchasing one. Have a look!

1. Prada Denim and Leather Tote

If you’re looking for a premium denim tote bag, you can’t go wrong with Prada Denim and Leather Tote. It’s a compact, dark-blue bag that is decked with leather trim and double handles. The hand-crafted blue tote proudly features the logo of the brand on its lower-front.

The overall design screams casual, so you can use it for everyday purposes running errands, shopping, picnic, or traveling. The tote comes along with detachable leather shoulder straps that can be easily adjusted according to your preferred length. It also comes with a removable cotton canvas and a handy leather pouch. If you’re put off by the price, don’t be. This bag is worth the money!


  • Made from highly-durable fabric
  • Simple and elegant
  • Double handles and detachable straps

2. Chanel Denim Flap Bag

Even though Chanel classic flap bags come with a huge price tag, they’re iconic and stylish in every sense of these two words. These bags are available in a wide variety of colors and textures, but the quintessentially unique one is their denim flap bag. This perfect metal blue and gold-toned bag can be used for special events parties, get-togethers, corporate dinner, etc.

The flap bag comes with several classic features that the glorious brand is well-known for. Two of the most instantly-recognizable features include the denim handles that are layered in protective gold chains and the iconic “CC” interlocking on the clasp.

The interior has a main compartment with a small zipped pocket. You can use that to store important things keys, ID cards, money, etc.

Chanel makes some of the best denim designer bags out there, so if you’re looking for such a bag, you can’t go wrong with this iconic brand.

Price Point: $4600

3. Salvatore Ferragamo Guiliette Quilted Denim Backpack

This is an incredibly charming backpack that is decorated in quilted denim and fraying edges. It’s utterly stylish, practical, and oh-so attractive! The front flap features the brand’s signature bow detail along with silvery leather trims. The unique nero color adds grace and sophistication. Plus, it’s the kind of color that can go with any item of clothing in your wardrobe.

In addition to being chic and trendy, the bag is highly functional too. It’s roomy enough to keep all your essentials, including your iPad, wallet, phone, etc. Its metal-chained shoulder straps are adjustable – you can increase or decrease the length of these straps according to your preference.

This bag is no doubt a lovely option is you’re looking to add a cool, off-duty appeal to your overall look.

Price Point: $1156

4. Bijoux De Ja Unique Shoulder Handbag

The Bijoux De Ja Unique Shoulder Handbag is designed with sustainability in mind. The unique quality of this denim designer bag is the fact that it’s crafted from original denim pants. The whole idea behind the design was to recycle the denim pieces to play their part in saving the world. Because the purse is made from real denim pants, each product may vary in color.

This shoulder handbag is crafted from soft denim fabric and is lined with brown leather. The bag features a large compartment, multiple outside pockets, and zipper top closure.

This casual, everyday bag is spacious enough to accommodate an iPad, wallet, mobile, small book, and other important belongings. The bag also comes with adjustable and removable straps.

What more can you want from one of the best denim designer bags out there?

This bag makes for an incredible gift for yourself or a loved one. You can also find this bag in multiple colors and patterns, so choosing one that suits your personal style will never be a problem.

5. Obosoyo Fashion Women’s Handbag

The Obosoyo Fashion Women’s Handbag is a great choice if you’re looking for something more affordable.  It’s the perfect item to add femininity and elegance to your overall look.  This denim designer bag can be used for everyday purposes work, running errands, travel, etc. It’s made from high-quality, sky-blue denim with PU leather.

This stylish bag comes in two primary sizes (small and large) and colors (sky blue and dark blue) – choose one that’s appropriate for you.

For safety and convenience, the denim bag boasts a flat-knitted zipper closure. The well-organized compartments can hold small things makeup items, wallets, money, keys, etc.

The handle and the base of the bag are decorated with sturdy leather. This adds style and durability to the product.


  • Excellent-quality
  • Affordable
  • Designed from denim and PU leather
  • Available in two colors and sizes
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Simple and stylish
  • Perfectly holds small and medium stuff

1. Type of Bag

Bags come in many styles. You need to pick a bag that’s beautiful and practical at the same time. It’s pointless to get a bag that can’t hold all of your daily-use items. So, you first need to know why you need a denim designer bag in the first place. Once you know why you need this kind of bag, buying one will become a lot easier.

2. Color and Size

Denim is a versatile fabric that comes in many colors, such as dark blue, sky blue, etc. Before you invest in a denim bag, take a look at the color options available to you.

Aside from colors, size is an important thing to consider. Many handbags come in different sizes – small, medium, and large.

Choose one that’s big enough to store all your things, but not too big, so it becomes uncomfortable.

3. Make Sure it’s Lightweight

Denim can be pretty heavy. Trust us; you don’t want to carry a load of your denim wherever you go. So make sure that the denim bag you choose is not very heavy and is also easy to carry.

Our Final Thoughts

Our list of the best denim designer bags comprises of premium, luxurious handbags, and affordable, stylish ones. Choose one that suits your personal needs, style, and budget. All the bags on this list are stylish, practical, and worth the investment!


57 Craft Ideas Using Old Denim Jeans

How to Make a Fashionable Denim Bag

For heaven's sakes, don't throw those old jeans away! These crafts are awesome and easy to make. Crafts using old jeans include aprons, purses, flowers, pompoms, and many more denim crafts. In this article you'll find pictures of the jeans crafts, plus directions on how to make them.

To make the beautiful apron shown above, go to Mommy Knows for the instructions.

Probably the last part of the jeans that you'd use would be the seams, and this is a beautiful way to use them. When you go to the eHow site you'll see how easy it is to make this outstanding denim bowl.

These very attractive candy wrappers are appropriate for favors for a birthday party, or any other occasion. Find the tutorial for making these denim candy wrappers at Just Destiny. This is a really fun and unique way to present party favors.

I love these little chair covers. They are not only useful, but also washable, which is an important feature when making something for the kids. You'll find the instructions for making the chair covers at Paging Fun Mums. These would be so cute for a classroom.

If you want to have a unique way to gift a bottle of wine, check this project out. This would be a perfect gift for a housewarming or holiday home gift. CATHIE FILIAN is the place to go for the tutorial to make these denim wine bags.

I can't think of anyone who wouldn't appreciate this silhouette art. It is an outstanding idea for a baby's room, a teenagers room or for any age between. The easy to follow instructions can be found at LITTLE BLUE BOO.

You can use a denim shirt to cover a pillow without cutting it. Then if you decide to wear the shirt again, just remove the pins and press. You'll find the tutorial for making this shirt pillow at The Country Farm Home. This is a very attractive decorator pillow idea.

I'd say this look is definitely more chic than shabby. It is a pretty and useful way to use worn out or too small jeans. You'll find the tutorial for making this shabby chic apron at The Country Farm Home.

No matter where you go, this fashionable denim snack bag makes an attractive carrier. Instructions to make this impressive snack bag can be found at Between the lines.

Use denim placemats with your country theme décor or for picnic or patio parties. You'll find the tutorial for making these creative denim placemats at TODAY'S NEST. These are so beautiful and useful.

You'll get many more years of use those old jeans when you make an attractive handbag the one shown above. This is easy to make and a very nice purse to accessorize your casual look. Find the tutorial at All Day Chic.

I really love it when a recycled item is made into something not only useful, but also attractive. That can easily be said about this denim lunch bag. You'll find the tutorial at the EVERYDAY DISHES site. This would be a great craft show item for selling.

You can make these super cute gingerbread man ornaments by following the tutorial given at CraftElf.

The cute calico ruffle really dresses this apron up. You can make an apron this one using an old pair of jeans and by following the tutorial at Creative GREEN Living. This is a nice gift idea.

This project from embroidery Library Pojects includes a stocking pattern. Imagine making a variety of stockings using buttons, beads, lace, calico prints, burlap, etc.

This video covers how to make a garden apron an old pair of jeans.

This would be a great activity for a group of girls at a scout meeting or slumber party. Not too difficult and almost immediate results. CRAFTS BY Amanda is where to find the instructions.

Very cute and easy to make denim purse. Find the directions to make this cute purse at desert willow lane.

A perfect accessory to jeans and a tee. THINK CRAFTS has the crocheting instructions for making this scarf. You could ly use the same instructions to make a denim rag rug.

Be the first of your group of friends to make and wear these denim bracelets! Go to Dragonflys and Stars for the directions.

How stylish is this!? What a great idea for those worn out jeans. Go to The Guardian for instructions for this project.

You'll be able to think of plenty of uses for these eye catching containers. You'll find the instructions at Makezine.

This is exactly the type of outdoor game I was looking for to give to the camping kids. Check this great game out at CHICA AND JO

Make a winebag this to give as a wedding shower gift. It is something the newlyweds will find both useful and fun. The directions for the wine bag are at Design Sponge.

Use whatever bear pattern you want, easy or more advanced, and make a raggedy bear. You'll get the directions by going to Info Barrel.

This would be a great gift to make for a high school graduate to take along to college. So pretty and useful. The instructions for this project are found at Oh Oh Blog.

Organize your sewing or craft supplies and have them close at hand. You'll be able to think of many more uses for this nice organizer. The directions are found at Simply Devine

Imagine your Christmas tree filled with these shabby, chic ornaments. Find the instructions for making them at Craft All Things.

Make a nice, no nonsense apron to wear while cleaning or grilling. Simple and practical. Find the directions at My Byrd House.

The only thing left of the jeans is the hems? Use them to make these coasters. You'll find the directions at Craftster.

Making a wreath from old denim jeans is remarkably simple. Go to A Fish Who s Flowers and follow the instructions there to make this rags to wreath project.

I love the look of this quilt and I think it would make a great gift for a graduate or newlywed. Learn how it is made by going to Love to Sew.

Little kids and babies will for sure love these soft denim balls. Find the pattern and directions at Nancy's Couture.

Make a ho-hum school necessity into something you can be proud to tote around. Go to Living Well Mom and see how it is made.

Make this attractive denim country pumpkin by following the tutorial given at favecrafts. This is one of the crafts that I think make a nice piece of décor any time of the year, especially if displayed in the kitchen.

This is a great way to recycle old denim jeans or shirts. It would be a nice gift for a teenager or college student. Go to for the instructions.

It never fails to amaze me, what dedicated crafters can come up with in the way of recyclables. This rosette headband is no exception, as it is uses old denim jeans to create a beautiful wearable. Find the instructions for this rosette headband at Creations by Kara.

You'll be able to get two aprons made using just one pair of jeans. Find the instructions for making this kids apron at Happy Hooligans. I think this would be an outstanding item to sell at craft shows.

Imagine all the ways you could decorate this denim mask to make it one-of-a-kind. For the mask pattern and tutorial, go to the Make: site. Imagine using fabric paints with the jewels and lace.

Amanda always has cute items to make and these flowers are no exception. Check these beauties out at crafts by Amanda.

Make this beautiful corsage following the directions given at Tea Rose Home.

Learn how to make a denim backpack using old jeans in this video.

PYSSELBOLAGET gives instructions on how to make these useful baskets using the legs of jeans.

If you to set an attractive table to serve a lunch on the patio, I can't imagine a nicer touch than this cutlery pouch. You can find out how to make this pouch by visiting the site.

This would be so cute worn with a tee shirt and jeans. I really love this look. Go to Little Miss momma and see how she made this beauty.

Are you tired hunting for sacks to send lunches in? The kids will be happy to tote this worn-looking sack to school. Find out how to make this project at make and takes.

The instructions for making this denim flower necklace can be found at Tea Rose Home. Who would have thought that denim could be made into such an attractive accessory?

A cool place to carry and protect your electronic gadgets. Go to instructables for directions on how to make it.

Cameras are expensive and need to be carefully cared for. Make your camera safer by making a camera bag this to protect it. The directions for making this bag can be found at Evil Mad Scientist.

This is another of my favorite jeans projects. Find the tutorial on the U Create Crafts site.

This video explains how to make fashionable shorts f old pairs of jeans.

If you are searching for an unique gift to make for the man in your life, consider this chevron denim pillow idea. You'll find the tutorial at Ashbee Design where you'll see other denim pillow designs.

This isn't as difficult as it seems at first glance. Check it out at Valaan Villapaita, where you'll find the tutorial.

I'm sure this denim pocket organizer would be appreciated by a high school or college student. Sisters of the Wild West has a nice tutorial for making it.

This looks easy to make and fun to play. Find the directions at DIY Show Off.


DIY Denim bags from old jeans: 3 easy to make ideas

How to Make a Fashionable Denim Bag

Making bags from old jeans – This is one DIY project that appeals to those of us who hoard old jeans.

There so many old jeans in my cupboard belonging to all four of us in our family- some torn in all the wrong places, some not fitting anymore in girth, some too short, some not fashionable enough.

All of them waiting for some easy recycling ideas – to be made into new and beautiful denim bags.

When I thought about recycling my jeans into bags I dug into Pinterest and when I came up my head literally buzzed with so many ideas. But there is only so much time. So I decided to make only three from those ideas with two from my pile of jeans and at the end of it, there is still fabric enough to make many more jean bags. Another day another project.

One advantage of a jean bag is that you do not have to care about your perfect stitching skills – the rugged look of the jeans fabric take care of all that. Then the seam stitching on the jeans is an added charm. You also get a readymade top edge if we use the hem or the waistband as the upper edge. You do not have to worry about interfacing as denim fabric is thick enough. 

How to make jeans bag at home

1 A sling bag from old denim

Take your jeans and keep it folded with the zipper opening of the pant on one side. Mark a rectangle shape from the top edge – it will be slightly diagonal extending to the crotch level.

Cut it out

Keep it together right sides to the inside and stitch the sides and the bottom edges. When stitching with a home sewing machine start stitching from the belt side (thicker area) and go down – the stitching will be easier otherwise the presser foot will refuse to ride up the thicker level.

For the Strap cut out the seam of the legs of both the legs very close to the stitching

After determining that the length is alright Join together keeping one edge on top of the other and making an x stitch.

The size of the bag will depend on the size of the jeans. As I made it with kids’ old jeans this is not a big bag – just enough to carry small books and your favourite DVD. Add velcro strips to the inside of the top edge if you want closure there

Update: The seam handles do fray a lot – so if you do not the thread-standing-on-end look, use fray check on the sides of the strap, as soon as you have cut it out. You have the option of using other easy handles ribbon, webbing etc. Check out this post on the 18 different types of bag handles you can use

2 Old jeans bag with another fabric

You can combine upholstery material or interfaced dressmaking materials with denim from old jeans to make your bag more interesting.

Cut out the leg portion of the jeans for this and cut it open on one side seam

Open it up

Join the other fabric to the cut open edge ( the hem will be the upper edge of your bag)

Make straps from the upholstery fabric – just cut out the length you want and width you want and turn under the side edges to the inside and top stitch on either side.

You can also do some embroidery or applique on the denim at this point to match the fabric.

Cut out small hexagonal shaped denim tab pieces to cover the strap stitching. Stitch in place

If you wish to add a lining to this bag, make a smaller lining bag of the same shape, with some extra for the top edge; finish the band and hem its upper edge; You can add snaps or velcro as opening to the lining bag at this point 

Keep the lining bag to the inside of the finished bag and then hand stitch the lining bag top edge to the main bag hem. 

A similar bag made with jeans leg. 

3 A simple Jean bag

To use the front portion of the jeans as it is, is a simple plan for the  bag. You just need to stitch the bottom edge to make this bag. But there is a problem – the front crotch seam is curved. You will have to open it up and straighten it – but that is easy – the same way that you would do it for a jean skirt project. Infact  this was a jean skirt first before it got to be a bag.

Cut out the jeans straight on the crotch level. Open up the curved seam on the front with your seam ripper.

Reposition it straight and stitch it

Side seams are already stitched for this bag but on the bottom edge you may wish to make a curved shape. Join the bottom edge and add a strap. You got your bag.

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How to Make a Fashionable Denim Bag


For the past few seasons, the almighty purse has been shrinking to the tiniest of proportions (albeit while making the biggest of fashion statements), but that's about to change this spring 2020. According to the runways, bigger bags are coming back for the crown, and they're bringing some old friends.

Croissant bags and '90s-era shoulder grazers are on the rise, while we're also seeing a new iteration on Prada nylon, a beaded gem from Fendi, denim from Chanel, and a whole host of other lovely little surprises.

Shop the standouts from the new season below and get excited to finally have room for more than just your AirPods.

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Le Croissant

Bottega Veneta


This delicious shape is a keeper for so many reasons.  

What could possibly be more classic than Chanel and denim?

Chanel handbag, $4,200, Chanel boutiques, for information.

All White Now



This '70s-inspired bag is utterly modern.

The Clog Tote



A small tote inspired by a shearling clog? Genius.

The New Bucket

Loewe's new Balloon bag is a slightly more structured take on the bucket that will become a daily go-to.

Back to Black

The sleek cross-body is having a moment, but it is a true forever bag.

Dior 30 Montaigne Dior Oblique Bag, $3,450, available at Dior Boutiques Nationwide, 1-800-929, Dior and

On the Chain



Feminine chains are trending on everything from pumps to pretty bags.

So Blue

Alexander McQueen


The Story bag in blue is a breath of fresh air.

Shoulder Sling

The Row


A little yellow to light up your life. 

Buckle Up



This top handle bag is graphic and cool.

Linked In



We love the creative strap detail on this otherwise minimal style.

Prada or Nada



The latest iteration of Prada nylon is the coolest, and a collectible. 

Seeing Red



This shiny jewel will garner all the attention—don't take it personally.

Draw Straws



Straw totes have taken over—get to the next level with something pink and statement making.

A Triomphe

The Triomphe style has that vintage vibe we are always in search of.

The Cross-Body

Proenza Schouler


This cool bag has condensed all the best part of the '90s into the perfect little cross-body for right now.

It's Rattan, Man



This with jeans and a blazer? The world has never looked better.

Lined Up

Hunting Season


The warm hues and lovely texture on this bag make it a spring staple.

Finely Woven

Cult Gaia


This oversized clutch will look equally at home in the city or by the beach.

Team Valentino

Valentino Garavani


Prove your loyalty in canvas.

Pink and Pretty

Everyone needs a girly It bag in their life for a little pick-me-up.

Totes Cool


This little bag is basically a piece of artwork. 

Wrapped Up



This oversized top-handle has that natural look we're loving and can fit almost your entire life in it.

Green with Envy



So bold, so cute—the ideal combo.

That recognizable logo on a brand-new bag? Sign us up.

Louis Vuitton Soufflot MM bag, $2,560,


Elegant Leather Top Handle Bag by Mansur Gavriel

Mansur Gavriel


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Earth Day DIY: Tote Bag from Upcycled Jeans

How to Make a Fashionable Denim Bag

With Earth Day just a few days away, what better way to honor it than to make a reusable tote from an old pair of jeans so you can celebrate in style! I have 3 active boys, and you can imagine how many pairs of jeans they go through.

Instead of getting rid of them I upcycle them into projects this tote bag. It’s a sustainable approach to sewing and a practical project. You can use this for grocery runs to beach trips and everything in between.

Get the details below on how to make your own Reusable Tote Bag from Upcycled Jeans.


  • The pattern is basically 2 squares and 1 rectangle for the pocket
  • The above measurements were used to create my tote bag. This can be altered to go smaller or larger. You can adjust these measurements based off the jeans you’re upcycling.
  • For my fabric, I used a pile of scraps of old jeans and pieced them together. You can use an old pair of jeans and patch together to create a cool pattern, or just simply cut the bottom portion of a pair of jeans off for a front and back main piece. This was how my front piece was made.
  • Cut open at the inside seams (this doesn’t have the cool topstitch the outer seam has). For the pocket piece, add a portion from the top. Try the back upper pockets to give the bag some texture and detail or even a different color of denim.
  • As long as you make 2 squares you will be good to go as that is all the pattern is.

Tip: Use the original hem of the jeans to be the finished top edge of your bag.

  • Once you have your pieces, you will measure and mark a 3” square at the bottom corners of both front and back.
  • Cut the squares.

  • For the pocket, fold over the top edge of your pocket ½” press and hem the top edge.

Tip: Use gold jeans thread to hem the edge of the pocket.Tip: Use a jeans needle when sewing with denim, it will come in handy when working with this heavy-weight material.

  • Place and pin the pocket onto the front piece, so it’s centered in the middle about 1” in from the corners.
  • Edge stitch down the sides.
  • Pin the cotton webbing starting at the bottom hem and covering the pocket raw edges following that up to the top of edge of the bag and repeat for the other side.
  • Topstitch starting at the bottom outer sides, sewing up across the top edge, and back down to the bottom.
  • Repeat for the other side.
  • Repeat this step for the back. You will want to measure where to place the webbing because you won’t have a pocket to help guide you. Just make sure it’s visually equal to your front piece.
  • Place front and back right sides together sew along the side seams and bottom edge.
  • Because I’m not adding a liner a tip is to add bias tape to sew along the seam allowance.
  • If you have a serger, you can clean up the edges this way which is the option I went with.

  • Fold the bottom corners together, so the bottom seam and side seam meet. Pin together, so the seam allowances are going in the same direction. Continue to pin the opening closed.
  • Sew closed with a ¼” seam allowance.
  • Repeat for the other side.
  • Clean up the seam allowance with a serger or bias tape.

Now you have a quality reusable tote bag! What I love is I think of my boys when I’m using this. I can’t help but giggle when someone asks, “where I got my bag?” Oh, from my son’s old jeans…