25 Amazing Hand Sewn Gifts With Free Patterns You Can Make Today

25 easy homemade Christmas gifts you can make in 15 minutes

25 Amazing Hand Sewn Gifts With Free Patterns You Can Make Today

In today’s post: Want to make some DIY Christmas gifts for family and friends but not sure you have the time? Today I’ve rounded up 25 easy homemade Christmas gifts you can make in just 15 minutes!

I know it’s early to be thinking about Christmas, but I love giving homemade gifts, and those require a bit of planning ahead.

Luckily, these DIY gifts are easy to make and won’t take much of your time, plus friends, family, grandparents, and teachers are sure the love them.

Now, a few of these ideas might take longer than 15 minutes to make just one, but if you make them in batches you’ll end up averaging about 15 minutes per gift. Enjoy!

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25 quick, easy homemade Christmas gifts

1. Personalized photo candles from It’s Always Autumn are quick, easy, and inexpensive.

2. Wholefully gives recipes for 6 different soup mixes you can put in jars for easy DIY Christmas gifts that everyone will love.

3. These stamped wooden utensils from The Idea Room don’t take long to make and look they came from a high end kitchen boutique.

4. You can make a big batch of caramel apple butter in your slow cooker! This easy recipe only takes a few minutes of hands-on work and has a big yield, so you can get lots of gifts done at once.

5. Wrap empty chip cans in pretty paper and fill them with cookies for a quick, easy homemade Christmas gift. From Fun Squared.

6. This stovetop potpourri from Yellow Bliss Road is fast and easy to put together, looks amazing, and smells even better!

7. If you know how to crochet, these crocheted face scrubbies from Craftaholics Anonymous come together super quickly! And if you don’t know how to crochet, it’s a great beginner project.

8. Homemade sugar scrub is a really popular handmade gift – learn how to make easy sugar scrub cubes at Smart School House.

9. This keepsake photo box from It’s Always Autumn only takes a few minutes to put together, making it a very easy DIY gift idea.

10. You can sew up these pretty sunglass cases from A Kailo Chic Life in just a few minutes for a unique DIY gift.

11. Learn how to make lovely color blocked wood vases from Sarah Hearts for a modern handmade Christmas gift.

12. Use a free template to drop your photos into these cute photo calendar magnets for a quick, easy homemade Christmas gift. From It’s Always Autumn.

13. Download the cut files for these funny coffee mugs from Happiness is Homemade for a handmade gift your mom friends are sure to love.

14. This Elf Mason Jar gift from the Polka Dot Chair literally could not be any easier to make!

15. Mix up a batch of homemade peppermint milk bath from Tidy Mom to pamper someone special!

More DIY Christmas gifts

16. You won’t believe how easy it is to make these these cute pineapple bookends from DIY Candy.

17. Everyone loves cookies, but there are so many treats around during the holidays that giving a Cookie Mix Gift Sack is a great way to go. From It’s Always Autumn.

18. Whip up a batch of 10 minute Pumpkin Spice Soap from Happiness is Homemade.

19. This t-shirt produce bag from Delia Creates is one of the coolest easy DIY projects I’ve seen!

20. Print out the 12 daytz of Christmas for a fun DIY gift for your husband or boyfriend that you guys can enjoy all year long! From Somewhat Simple.

21. This tutorial from Sugar Bee Crafts shows you how to make a sweet photo pendant in just a few minutes.

22. Make homemade drawer sachets with this tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous and get multiple gifts made in a snap!

23. Today’s Creative Life shows you how to make whipped body butter for a quick and easy handmade Christmas gift.

24. Learn how to make handwarmers from Rae Ann Kelly for an easy homemade Christmas gift that’s both cute and practical.

25. If you’re really short on time, give a gift card and add some handmade flair with these pretty pop-up gift card holders from Karen Kavett. Video tutorial included.

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Source: https://www.itsalwaysautumn.com/25-easy-homemade-christmas-gifts-can-make-15-minutes.html

You Can Learn How to Sew (Anything!) in Just 31 Days

25 Amazing Hand Sewn Gifts With Free Patterns You Can Make Today

Bryan Gardner

Learn how to sew today! Start with our basic tutorials, guide to handy stitches, templates and projects. After 31 days, you'll know how to sew a button, a pillowcase, mend a hem, fix a seam, and more.

Bryan Gardner

Get the Sewing Machines 101

After sewing by hand, you'll be in awe of the sewing machine. It makes quick and effortless work of your projects, and can even expand your capabilities. The details may vary a little depending on the make and model of your machine—so we suggest that you get familiar with the mechanics of your machine—but the fundamentals are the same.



You will use this skill time and time again. Use an all-purpose, cotton-wrapped polyester thread to attach a button; it's durable enough for most fabrics.

Lennart Weibull

Get the Stuffed Paper Hearts How-To

Sewing isn't exclusive to fabrics. Try paper! These pretty-in-pink heart pouches are stuffed with tokens of love, then quickly stitched along the edge on a machine. Make a batch of them for holidays, birthday parties, baby showers, or any occasion worthy of heartfelt sentiment.


Get the Pillowcase How-To

You can add a personal touch to your pillowcase by sewing your own. Use any textile you in any print.

Bryan Gardner

Get the Sleep Mask How-To

Now here's a treat for tired eyes: Use our template to cut out each of the three layers that make up the mask, then pick soft fabrics in patterns that will suit the recipients' tastes, put them together, and sew it all up. And because the bias tape serves as the trim, sewing is straightforward and foolproof.

Pippa Drummond

Get the Duvet Cover How-To

Good duvets are expensive and, therefore, need to be protected. If you have two sheets (old or new), it's simple to make your own duvet cover. Simply pair them up, and straight-line sew the tops and sides together. For extra ease, forgo the usual button closures at the bottom and add ribbon ties. Less laundry, and an easier time to make the bed? That's a Good Thing, indeed.



Sidney Bensimon

Get the Rolled Hem Napkins How-To

Elegant cloth napkins aren't just for special occasions. Your family deserves them too, and you can whip up a table's worth with a yard of any fabric and a sewing machine, no serger required. The quick and easy alternative? The zigzag stitch, a back-and-forthstitch typically used in fabrics to join two pieces edge-to-edge.

Lennart Weibull

Get the Quilted Jewelry Roll How-To

This luxurious travel case keeps all your bits and baubles organized and tangle-free—and at just 20 by 10 inches, it's an unintimidating project for those with entry-level sewing skills.

Lennart Weibull

Get the Drawstring Jewelry Pouch How-To

To match your quilted jewelry roll: use contrasting fabrics to fashion a miniature pouch—perfect for stashing rings, hair pins, and smaller accessories.


Kate Mathis

Get the Dress & Blouse How-To

Which style will you wear? This versatile sewing pattern allows you to choose from four different lengths of a blouse or dress. Use a lightweight cotton or linen that drapes well, and stitch up your own wardrobe.

Raymond Hom

Get the Striped-Trim Applique Pants How-To

Leftovers are the bane of a sewing room, but a little creativity can save odd lengths of fabric from ragbag ignominy. One idea: Give your comfiest chinos a speedy refresh by applying contrasting trim à la track and tuxedo pants.

Mike Krautter

Get the Zippered Fabric Pouches How-To

After buttons and basic knots, learn how to sew a zipper. In this beginner project, stitch a simple cotton-lined accessory. Just remember: The zipper you use will determine the width of your completed pouch.



Get the Reversible Linen Curtain How-To

Looking to create a new living space? Instantly refresh your window with this dual-colored linen curtain, thanks to the small loops tacked onto its lower corners.

Aaron Dyer

Get the Drawstring Flower Bag How-To

Free up your hands and protect your blooms while you shop the farmers' market by turning a basic drawstring bag ( the one that came with your last pair of dress shoes) into a bouquet carrier.

Aaron Dyer

Get the Floor Runner How-To

Transform small and inexpensive area rugs (these are only $4) into a full-length runner. All you need is a needle and thread. Using a whipstitch, hand-sew four 22-by-33-inch carpets together along their horizontal sides, then knot the thread securely at the end of each seam.


Lennart Weibull

Get the Baby Quilt with Knots How-To

For a beautiful keepsake that helps to keep baby warm: stitch up a quilted blanket. In addition to being very sweet, the tassel- ties hold the quilt together in lieu of stitches—in fact, they're called “quilt knots.”

Get the Stuffed Animals How-To

These petite stuffed animals—a Fair Isle lamb, a cable-knit chicken, and an argyle pig—are so cuddly and simple to make, you'll want a whole menagerie of them.

Yunhee Kim

Stitch pouches in just the sizes you need to protect beach reads, your phone, and other gear from splashes and sunblock splatters.


Jessica Antola

Get the Sashiko Bookmark How-To

Sashiko, which originated as a technique in Japan, was said to easily mend clothes, kitchen towels, and bedding. And it happens to result in the most charming geometric patterns. If you want to try your hand at this technique (and happen to be an avid reader) craft a keepsake that'll easily keep your place in a book.

Lennart Weibull

Get the Knotted Seat Cushions How-To

Give basic tufted cushions a pop of color and touch of bohemian texture with fluffy accents. Our trick? Merino needlepoint yarn is wound around the handle of a wooden spoon, tied off in the center, fluffed on the ends, then sewn onto the cushion's buttons.

Get the Travel Cushion for Pets How-To

Any pet will love the comfort of this soft bed made from towels; you'll love the convenience. It's lightweight, easy to roll up and pack, and even machine-washable.


Laura Moss

Get the Water-Resistant Dog Coat How-To

Your canine companion deserves to be well dressed, especially on outdoor (read: messy) adventures. Use our templates to layer laminated linen and fleece into a charming dog coat. (Your furry friend will enjoy the extra warmth.)

Dana Gallagher

Get the Smocked Gingham Curtains How-To

Put a twist on the classic cafe curtain by smocking the upper edge. Use the gingham's pattern as your grid.

Source: https://www.marthastewart.com/274869/our-favorite-sewing-projects

46 Easy Sewing Projects Anyone Can Make, Even Beginners

25 Amazing Hand Sewn Gifts With Free Patterns You Can Make Today

Brie Passano

Use our free sewing patterns to whip up easy crafts and gifts. We've included projects for all skill levels, so you don't need to be a master seamstress to make them.

Make a DIY six-pocket bag that has space for everything you need to carry. This handmade bag uses three fabrics, so you can easily create a tote that matches your style.



Jacob Fox

This roll-up fabric pouch is an easy way to store whatever loose utensils and accessories you have laying around; it's also an easy way to transport them! Corral your eco-friendly utensils, reusable straws, or makeup brushes inside this clever utensil holder that has divided pockets to fit both narrow and wide items. Then roll it up and fasten the tie ends for compact storage.

Brie Passano

This DIY envelope clutch is “sew” simple! All you need are three rectangles: one batting, one print for the exterior, and one print for the lining. Use it as a clutch while running errands, or toss it in your go-to travel bag.


Jacob Fox

Brie Passano

This DIY tote bag is easy to create but makes a big statement. We paired two neutral fabrics with a bold floral print to create a handy carryall that's perfect for your weekly farmers market finds, library books, or pool essentials.

Mixed patterns and free-handed stitches give these DIY pillows an eclectic charm. Use scraps of fabric to create small house shapes, then decorate with stitched felt doors and windows. We used a sewing machine for the main blocks of fabric, but these handmade pillows are small enough you could stitch them up by hand.



Build a family portrait right on your couch with these adorable personalized face pillows! Use fabric paint and thick yarn to add hair and facial expressions to a set of plain pillow covers—no sewing machine required!

Brie Passano

Pack a lunch without wasting individual plastic bags! Whether you're packing a full meal or a quick bite to eat, these reusable snack bags are an eco-friendly option.

You can seal the bags with velcro (no spilled snacks here!) and wash them as needed, thanks to a water-resistant inner liner.

Pair this project with our no-sew beeswax food wraps to cut down on plastic use in other areas of the kitchen.

Brie Passano

Eliminate the need for plastic bags or containers with this washable, reusable sandwich wrap. You only need one piece of patterned fabric, a water-resistant liner, and a piece of velcro—and it's so easy to assemble! Make a few different sizes for your family and never worry about plastic waste while deciding what to pack for lunch!


Jay Wilde

Decorate your home with a sewn fabric bunting. The pieces are small enough that you only need to use fat quarters, and bias tape makes it a cinch to stitch together! Use fun floral prints to make a sweet addition to a girls' bedroom, or use festive patterns to create a DIY party decoration.

Jay Wilde

Upcycle a treasured shirt into a homemade piece of decor. Create your own DIY envelope pillow in just four simple steps. It's easy to customize the size of your pillow to fit any insert.

Create a trio of adorable felt owls with just a few scraps of wool felt. These handmade toys require just a few simple hand stitches. Get our free template to create all three sizes.


Jacob Fox

This lavender-filled eye mask can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer for ultimate stress relief. Make your own fabric eye mask with fleece, patterned material, and our homemade filling recipe.

Scraps of bright print fabric are perfect for hiding unsightly tissue packs. Make these DIY tissue covers to match your room, your car, or your office.

Sweeten your morning jolt with a coffee-cup cozy in your choice of three delicious varieties. These aren't just for hot drinks—use them for your iced coffee drinks too!


Instead of standard bookends, sew sandbags from fun, colorful fabric to corral your books, files, and folders. Cut two 8×10-inch pieces of fabric, place right sides together, and sew three sides using 1/2-inch seam allowances. Turn right side out, then insert a sealable plastic bag filled with sand. Topstitch all around to finish.

Camouflage the cover of a plain-Jane spiral notebook with fabric scraps to make a noteworthy fabric-covered journal.


Carson Downing

Just a little decorative mending is all it takes to give worn out clothes, curtains, or duvet covers new life. Get our basics for visible mending and darning socks. You'll only need to learn a few simple stitches.

Turn leftover crafts supplies into cute creations. Display this decorative felt cactus on your desk, book self, or coffee table. It's the perfect easy sewing project for beginners.

Combine four fabrics to create a stunning pattern. This stylish pieced pillow can be customized with your favorite prints or colors. Make your own in an afternoon!


Jay Wilde

Dress up your windows with a set of DIY hidden tab curtains. Making your own drapes is as easy as picking your fabric and correctly measuring your space. We'll show you how!

Jay Wilde

Upgrade your table with this handmade oilcloth table runner. This easy-to-clean table linen is ideal for beginner sewers. It's ready in just three steps.

Make this roomy tote bag by combining multicolor stripes and whimsical coordinates. Customize it with any pattern and colors you !


Plain-Jane yo-yos are elevated to a new level when mounted on a painted artist's canvas and presented as a wall hanging.

These handmade fabric yo-yos are assembled in an unorthodox manner; some are right side up and others are upside down to show off the colorful prints.

Sew yo-yos together; then attach them to the edge of the frame with a staple gun. For a fast finish, skip the sewing and use a hot-glue gun to secure yo-yos.

This pillow and the two pillows that follow were all designed by Judy Sams Sohn. Judy mixed prints from designer Patty Young's Mezzanine collection for Michael Miller fabrics.


Judy used a design wall to choose her prints so that she could move them around until she was pleased with the combination for this pillow. If you don't have a design wall, use a piece of cotton flannel on a vertical surface.

This design pairs a large-scale pattern with a small-scale pattern for added interest. Extra-large rickrack frames each of the fabrics.

Tuck-away pockets protect tune players and ear buds in a simple clip-on carrier. With the swivel hook that snaps onto jeans or totes, your music will go where you go. You'll want to make oodles for gifts or fashion accessories in today's bright paisleys, polka dots, or florals.


Sew with your favorite fabrics to to stitch up a stylish patchwork bag.

Make pillows for children's toys and gifts. Our quick and easy fish and bird designs will be hours of fun, and double as cute decor.

Tote your favorite bottle of vino in this sturdy felt wine bag. We used neutral gray felt for the bag's shape and added color with a hot pink felt accent. This easy sewing project makes a great hostess gift.


This DIY weighted blanket could be the key to a better night of sleep! Making your own in an affordable alternative to some of the pricey store-bought options. Customize your blanket your body weight.

Quickly dress up tea towels with a variety of coordinating ribbons and fabric ruffles. Simply cut the trims slightly longer than the width of the towel, then topstitch the strips in place.


Felt scrapbooking letters personalize a layered felt bookmark in seconds. To complete the design, border one side of each letter with lazy daisy stitches and surround a trio of buttons with stitched petals.

A chicken-wire print background and appliques in feed-sack reproductions combine in this cute kitchen wall hanging. The border corners are fussy-cut from a large-scale farm print. The appliques are fused in place, then machine-blanket-stitched with blank thread.


Give your pincushion a modern makeover with a few pieces of felt. This DIY geometric pincushion is made with fabric scraps and your sewing machine. Use our free template to get the look.

In just three simple steps, you can create a hand-stitched felt pouch. Embellish the finished sewing project with embroidered shapes, beads, or vintage buttons. These small bags make great stocking stuffers!

Add a handmade touch of wonder for Baby by sewing a dozen or more of these soft, poly-fiber-filled play blocks. They make wonderful birthday or baby shower gifts.


Take the guesswork making curtains with our step-by-step guide. We'll show you how to measure, cut, and sew professional-looking curtain panels that will instantly transform your space.

Make this short gardening apron as a handy substitute for stashing things in your pockets. Its roomy pouch keeps garden tools, seed packets, and even your cell phone organized.

A texturing technique gives disposable aprons a lasting upgrade. Use acrylic paint to color the sturdy aprons and finish them with decorative buttons. Make your own handmade apron in just three simple steps.


Jacob Fox

Keep your wallet, keys, and cell phone safe in this cute, quick-to-make cotton drawstring bag. It's made from just two inexpensive materials and can be completed in an afternoon.

Source: https://www.bhg.com/crafts/sewing/accessories/easy-sewing-projects/

25 Amazing Hand Sewn Gifts With Free Patterns You Can Make Today

25 Amazing Hand Sewn Gifts With Free Patterns You Can Make Today
Pattern/Tutorial: purlsoho

This faux leather handbag would cost you a small fortune if you bought it in a department store. This one however, is a DIY project and it’s a really easy one, too.

You can find faux leather in all sorts of different colors at any fabric store and most hobby or craft stores. Just choose your colors and then sew.

This one will only take you a couple of hours from start to finish.

You gotta love

1. Hand Sewn Apple Coasters

These little are made from felt and they are really cute. You just cut the apple shapes from a template in any number of colors and then sew them together.

You can honestly have a set of these finished in an afternoon, even if this is your first sewing project.

These are great for couples or anyone who loves an apple theme and if you don’t need coasters, you could turn them into kitchen magnets with just a bit of glue.

2. DIY Faux Leather Handbag

This faux leather handbag would cost you a small fortune if you bought it in a department store. This one however, is a DIY project and it’s a really easy one, too.

You can find faux leather in all sorts of different colors at any fabric store and most hobby or craft stores. Just choose your colors and then sew.

This one will only take you a couple of hours from start to finish.

You gotta love free sewing patterns!

3. Easy To Sew Business Card HolderPattern/Tutorial: thefallenhem

If you have someone in your family who carries around business cards, this business card holder is the perfect gift. It’s great for new college graduates who may want to keep their contact information handy for job interviews and it’s very easy to sew together. You just need a couple of small pieces of fabric and if you prefer, you can hand sew this as opposed to using your machine.

4. Hand Sewn Camera StrapPattern/Tutorial: everythingetsy

If you know someone who loves photography, or perhaps you are buying a camera as a gift, then you can make this camera strap to go with it. This is such a simple sewing project and one that won’t take you longer than a couple of hours to complete. Customize it with any cotton fabric you choose or you could also use faux leather to make it look a bit more professional.

5. Easy Potluck Bowl CoverPattern/Tutorial: thecottagemama

These potluck bowl covers are perfect for moms and grandmas who tend to do a lot of cooking and taking food to church, family gatherings or other events.

They’re so easy to sew together and really do come in handy for keeping a lid on all that delicious food.

Make an entire set of these – three or four would constitute a set, right? You can even customize them by using different fabrics or even adding an embroidered initial.

6. Easy To Sew Fabric Feather Dish TowelsPattern/Tutorial: flamingotoes

You can use a store bought towel for this project or make your own dish towel – it’s really easy. The great part of this one is the fabric feathers that you sew on and they have a great patchwork design. You use different fabrics to get the look and just cut out the feather shape and then sew it onto your dish towel with fusible webbing behind it to give it a nice quilted look.

7. Hand Sewn Drawstring Patchwork BagPattern/Tutorial: ayumills

If you have a collection of fat quarters that are just begging for a project, put them to use and create a stunning Christmas gift for someone special. This patchwork designed drawstring bag is perfect for teens and adults and it’s really easy to put together. Patchwork designs are really popular and you can add a quilted look to this one if you love quilting.

8. Personalized Drop Cloth CoastersPattern/Tutorial: thatsmyletter

Drop cloth is a great material to work with. Seriously, there are so many wonderful DIY drop cloth projects and these personalized coasters may just become your favorite.

They’re super easy to make and take very little time from start to finish.

You can personalize them with initials or any other design that you want and the drop cloth canvas works great as a coaster to keep condensation from reaching tables.

9. Lovely DIY Bow TotePattern/Tutorial: elmstreetlife

For girls, teens and grown women, this bow tote is a wonderful gift idea. For you, it’s a very easy to sew gift idea that won’t take you longer than an afternoon to complete. You need about three quarters of a yard of canvas fabric to make these, or you could expand them if you wanted and make them a bit larger.

10. DIY Fabric Gift Bag

Turn that scrap fabric into a gorgeous little fabric gift bag and then fill that bag with any number of smaller gifts. I love this idea for homemade candy or even homemade bath salts or other beauty items.

The bags themselves are super easy to make and won’t take you any time at all to complete. You can even make these a bit more functional for after the holidays by adding an easy to sew invisible zipper.

11. DIY Portfolio And Notepad HolderPattern/Tutorial: thecottagemama

You can use fat quarters to make this lovely portfolio and notepad holder, which is perfect for everyone from young professionals to teenagers.

If you want a nice patchwork design, use multiple colors and designs of fat quarters. Or, if you prefer solid colors or designs, just choose enough of the same fabric to equal the same number of fat quarters.

If you also love doing embroidery, this would be great personalized.

12. DIY Fabric Scrap BookmarksPattern/Tutorial: thecraftymummy

These little bookmarks require very little fabric and even less time to make. These are perfect for anyone who loves to read – or needs to read for school.

You just use leftover pieces of fabric from other projects to make them and you can literally have one finished in less than an hour.

These would be perfect for pairing with a favorite book series or you can use them as homemade stocking stuffers.

13. Handmade Pen And Pencil Holder

I love handmade pencil holders and his DIY journal pen holder is one of my favorite projects. Not only is it easy to sew, it gives you a wonderful pen holder that is perfect for college students or high school students, or just anyone who keeps a personal journal. The holder keeps pens and pencils organized and fits perfectly into journals or other books.

Source: https://www.twoeggz.com/int/4971422.html

25+ Gifts to Sew for Anyone and Any Occasion

25 Amazing Hand Sewn Gifts With Free Patterns You Can Make Today

Sewing gifts can be a special way to say “I care about you.” Check out our list of gifts you can sew for anyone and everyone!

1. Casserole Carrier

Your friend who loves to cook will make good use of this casserole carrier. Snaps and zippers keep the dish save, and foam interfacing acts as insulation. 

Get the FREE Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Charmedbyashley

2. Easy Bowl Cover

These 10-minute bowl covers are easy to put together and would make a nice gift for those who love to eat outside or bring treats to share. I would try these with a cotton drawstring instead of flat elastic to make them microwaveable.

Get the FREE Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member GYCT Designs

3. Microwaveable Potato Sack

Practical gifts that get used often, this microwaveable potato sack, can be very much appreciated, especially for eco-conscious friends. Personalize this gift by using a fun print — but don't forget to use 100 percent cotton to make it safe for the microwave.

Get the FREE Pattern

Sewing gifts for your crafty friends

Photo via Bluprint member  Serger Pepper Designs

4. Tailor's Ham and Pressing Tools

Do you have at least one sewing friend who still doesn't have a tailor's ham or a sausage roll to press seams? Here's the perfect gift!

Get the FREE Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member  svitlynka

5. Needle Book

Help a friend organize her pins or hand needles in a cute way. You don't have to own a sewing machine to sew this easy gift.

Get the FREE Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Designs by Call Ajaire

6. Sewing Machine Needle Organizer

This sewing machine needles organizer is well engineered: You can place each needle into the fabric it's intended for. This way you'll be able to choose the right one the next time you sew the same fabric!

Get the FREE Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member  MaryAnn C. Davis

7. Knitting and Crocheting Organizers

Knitters and crocheters will appreciate these storage case. Think outside the box, too: They could be used for makeup brushes, as a purse organizer or to carry school supplies.

Get the FREE Pattern

8. Drawstring Gift Bags

Fill these stash-busting gift bag with candies, nuts, handmade soaps or cookies. Embroider a tag with their name to make them even more personal.

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Photo via Bluprint member  Straight Line Designs

9. Rolled Kitchen Towels

Sew these eco-friendly, reusable kitchen towels in a roll! Bonus: They're very approachable for brand new sewers.

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10. Rabbit Bookmark

What about a hand sewn felt bookmark, as a gift for those friends who love to read the old-fashioned way? Looks a quick project to put together, once you've cut all the felt pieces!

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Photo via Bluprint member Imazzpatterns

11. Book Cover with Handles

A great gift you can sew for a book lover who reads on the go is this book cover with handles. The instructions are written so you can customize dimensions to any book.

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Gifts to sew for expecting parents

Photo via Bluprint member  Easy Sewing For Beginners

12. Knot Bunny Comforters

Newborns love these easy knot bunny baby comforters made of minky or soft fleece.

Get the Pattern

Photo via Sew Journers

13. Baby Clips

This kind of baby accessories can be surprisingly expensive if store-bought. But they're easy enough to make if you just can sew a straight line!

Get the FREE Pattern

14. Oven Mitts for Kids

A child-sized oven mitt is the perfect gift for kids who dream want to be chefs when they grow up! Make sure you test the batting to make sure it keeps those little hands safe from burning.

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Photo via Bluprint member  Serger Pepper Designs

15. Black Cat Hat

This fully lined hat, with ear warmers, can be made with of pre-loved materials ( old fleece garments and vintage bed sheets). It would make a nice Halloween gift or costume accessory. It's easy to put together in an afternoon and you can get creative by customizing the animal's face.

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Photo via Bluprint member Made By Marzipan

16. Mermaid Tail

Any kid aged 5 to 12 will adore this quick-to-sew mermaid tail blanket, which can be used as a sleeping bag or for lounging on the couch. The designer suggests using minky or fleece to avoid batting.

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Photo via Bluprint member  Tangible Pursuits

17. Scarf with Claw Mitts

Kids love to pretend to be monsters, dinosaurs, bears or any other scary animal. Sew one of these scarves with claw mittens to make sure they want to wear it when it's cold outside. 

Get the FREE Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member  Sew Desu Ne?

18. Kitty Cat Plushies

Tiny plushies are always a great gift, and the handmade kind are even better. Adding cording at the top of these kitties to make a key chain charm.

Get the FREE Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member Patchwork Posse

19. Travel Games

This set of travel games — including checkers and tic-tac-toe — can be used on the go. Zippered pouches make sure small pieces never get lost.

Get the FREE Pattern

Photo via Bluprint member AppleGreen Cottage

20. Marble Maze

Traveling with kids can become a nightmare if you don't have enough games to offer. This marble maze is perfect for toddlers.

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21. Fountain Pen Coffee Cozy

Use up your adorable scraps and a hair elastic to sew this quick and easy gift while saving money. Wrap it around a travel mug or hot cup of coffee to complete the gift.

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Photo via Bluprint member  I Had the Day Off

22. Vinyl Coupon Wallet

It's meant for coupons, but you could store business cards, punch cards, or cash in this vinyl wallet. The vinyl makes it durable but also a bit tricky to sew.

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Photo via Bluprint member Oakhiti

23. Lunch Bag

Here's the perfect gift for your lunch buddy! Add her name or an embroidered design to the front pocket to make it even more special.

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Photo via Bluprint member Tuesday Nights Sewing

24. Beach Bag

For the person who's always on the go, make this sturdy bag is. It's full of professional details, the zippered pouch, the piping and the magnetic snaps.

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Photo via Bluprint member Serger Pepper Designs

25. Flat Zipper Pouch

These zipper pouches are quick and easy and will build up your sewing skills. They're fully lined and feature zipper tabs on each end for a polished look. Fill them with beauty tools, school supplies, or something special for a more personalized touch.

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Photo via Bluprint member  The Stitching Scientist

26. Wine Bag

This is a quick and easy project you can whip up in a less than an hour! The gift inside is just as great as its wrapping.

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Photo via Bluprint member  Cup Of Sugar

27. Eyelashes Sleeping Mask

Whip up a one (or more) of these sleeping masks for friends who have trouble falling asleep. The eyelashes are optional!

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Photo via Bluprint member  Serger Pepper Designs

28. Speedy Blanket

A blanket always comes handy, whether it's for couch snuggling or picnicking. This simple two-sided blanket can be made of any size and any material you . 

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Source: https://www.mybluprint.com/article/sewing-gifts

More than 25 Cute Things to Sew for Christmas

25 Amazing Hand Sewn Gifts With Free Patterns You Can Make Today

If you have a pile of Christmas fabric that is calling your name, then you may some of these cute things to sew for Christmas that I’ve found online. If you these projects, then you should also check out this roundup of 20+ Christmas Stockings to Sew!

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the opportunity to create fun and unique Christmas crafts and decorations.

Jump to:

This year I am bound and determined to get ahead of myself when it comes to Christmas decorating and crafting. I’ve made the bold decision to skip Thanksgiving decorating (not Thanksgiving) and go right from Halloween to Christmas.

Believe it or not, but I agonized over that decision (yep, it’s a total first world problem, I get that). My current plan is to have my Christmas tree up, and the house decorated before Thanksgiving. That way I can spend the rest of the Holidays relaxing with my family. I do not want to have a “to do” list a mile long on December 1st.

25+ Christmas Sewing Projects

I’ve also started my Christmas sewing. I have a really fun stash of Christmas fabric and am always looking for ideas for Christmas themed projects to sew. I thought that you might also be on the lookout for some cute Christmas projects, so I’ve rounded up more than 25 cute things that I’ve discovered online recently.

25+ Cute things to sew for Christmas

Most of these are free tutorials, some of them are paid patterns. I don’t mind supporting independent pattern designers and figured that you guys wouldn’t mind either!

Christmas Pillow Tutorials & Patterns

Patchwork Quilted Pillows Tutorial

Quilted Christmas Pillow

Jolly Holiday Pillows; All People Quilt

Merry and Bright Pillow; Nana & Company

Polar Bear Pillow; Love Grows Wild

Christmas Tree Pom Pom Pillow; One Sutton Place

Poinsettia Pillow; My Bricole

Patchwork Christmas Pillow; Cluck Cluck Sew

Gnome Christmas Pillow

Norwegian Patchwork Pillow

Christmas Kitchen Sewing Projects

Christmas Quilted Potholder Set

Merry, Joy & Cheer Christmas Table Runner

Christmas Presents Pot Holders; Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Snack for Santa; All People Quilt

Santa Apron; Crazy Little Projects

 Kitchen Gift Set; Crazy Mom Quilts

Hexie Christmas Tea Towel

Improv Christmas Tree Table Runner

Christmas Stocking Patterns

Mini Christmas Stocking Garland

Wool Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Simple Stocking Tutorial; Diary of a Quilter

Merry & Bright Christmas Stockings

Mini Christmas Stocking Advent Calendar

Quilted Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Christmas Decorations to Sew

Cat Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

Deer and Fox Ornaments; Cutesy Crafts

Tilda the Reindeer; crafts Beautiful

Christmas Embroidery Hoops; Country Kitty

Woodland Christmas Santa; by RicRac

Roger Reindeer; Sewing Mag, UK

Elf Christmas Ornament; on etsy

Felt Gingerbread Houses by GingerLemon

Felt Gingerbread House Ornaments by Ameroonie Designs

Scalloped Fabric Christmas Banner

Scandinavian Inspired Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornaments

Cute things to Make for Kids for Christmas

Be Ribboned Skirt and Shirt Tutorial

Santa Softie; Melly and Me

Santa Hat Tutorial; Fleece Fun

Christmas Pillowcase Tutorial

& Pillowcase Poem

Christmas Quilt Patterns & Projects

Modern Christmas Tree Block; Diary of a Quilter

Santa’s Snack Mat Mini Quilt Pattern

Santa’s Hat Shop Quilt Pattern

Source: https://www.polkadotchair.com/25-cute-things-sew-for-christmas/