How to Make an Adorable “Diaper Baby” Basket – Baby Shower Gift Idea

Diaper Babies

How to Make an Adorable “Diaper Baby” Basket - Baby Shower Gift Idea

Do you know any soon-to-be parents? If you’re heading to a baby shower soon or would to give expecting parents a cute gift, these diaper babies are a perfect DIY gift idea. Not only are they cute, they’re easy to make, but they are also VERY useful.

No cumbersome pins, sticky glue, or unnecessary supplies are needed. When the diapers are needed for the newborn, they come apart quickly and are ready to use! Plus, I’ve made a quick video to show you how to assemble them.

Be sure to pin and keep this tutorial for any future showers you will be going to! ?

I think that diaper cakes are so cute and my mother-in-law made a great one for me when was pregnant with my daughter. But, they take A LOT of work and aren’t exactly simple to create. If you’ve followed me for awhile, then you know difficult crafts are not my thing ? Diaper babies are simple to assemble, quick from start to finish, and ADORABLE!

Ironically, my daughter has been wanting to make diaper babies so we went out shopping for the supplies together and worked on them until we had the tutorial perfect to share with you! You might have seen us working on them last night in my Instagram stories.

First things first, you will start with baby washcloths. Not all washcloths are super easy to work with though. At first we bought some inexpensive ones from Walmart. Although they were SUPER cute (aren’t all baby supplies cute?), they had an extra edge along the cloth that made it hard to wrap around the diapers.

We used newborn sized diapers, but premie diapers, size 1 diapers, or even size 2 diapers will work as well! So then I headed to the dollar store to look at their washcloths. That’s where we found these perfect ones! They have a thin edge that is great for wrapping the diapers without being too bulky.

You will also need some itty bitty newborn baby socks! Ahhhhhh they’re just so adorable! When it comes to the colors, pick any that work with the shower, the gender, or whatever you . The color options are endless!

Supplies to Make Diaper Babies

  • Diapers
  • Baby washcloths
  • Scotch tape
  • Baby socks
  • Thin tip markers/pens
  • Small basket

Roll the diapers tightly as shown above and the video.

What I LOVE is that I discovered that Scotch tap DOES NOT ruin the diapers! I have seen diaper babies made with pins and rubber bands. A lot of diaper cakes use pins and rubber bands as well. Bu, I specifically remember how paranoid the tiny pins made me when I unwrapped my diaper cake.

New moms and dads don’t want pins around babies so making sure you don’t drop one or miss one makes more work that new parents don’t need.

Simple tape keeps the diapers rolled up tightly and keeps the washcloths wrapped perfectly! When it’s time for the new parents to unwrap them, it’s quick and easy without hassle or sharp objects.

I also that pretty much all of us have Scotch tape in our home already so it’s one less supply to purchase when making a diaper baby. I can’t say I have pins or rubber bands anywhere in all of my craft supplies. Anyways, I mentioned, I to keep my crafts simple and affordable!

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Once the diapers are all wrapped up, you add the sock as the baby’s hat and draw on little eyes. We used thin tipped colored sharpies in blue, brown, and green.

We stacked them in a small white wire organization basket that I picked up in the kitchen aisle at the dollar store when I got the washcloths. I added regular (unwrapped) diapers behind the diaper babies to prop them up in the basket.

Here are the printable directions to help you make your very own diaper babies!

  • Diapers
  • Baby washcloths
  • Scotch tape
  • Baby socks
  • Thin tip markers/pens
  • Small basket
  1. Fold the washcloth in half
  2. Roll a diaper tightly and secure it with tape
  3. Place the rolled up diaper in the center of the folded washcloth as shown
  4. Put one side over the diaper
  5. Wrap the second size of the washcloth and secure it in the back with tape
  6. Add a baby sock on top as the baby’s hat
  7. Add eyes with thin pens/markers
  8. Place the diaper babies in a small basket, using regular diapers behind them to prop them up and help them stand up straight.
    **To make the second row of diaper babies stand higher than the front row, I used 2 folded diapers underneath them


How To Make Diaper Babies – cute and homemade baby shower gift

How to Make an Adorable “Diaper Baby” Basket - Baby Shower Gift Idea

Look at these cute miniature diaper babies! They are really quick and easy to make, are simply adorable and make a super cute baby shower gift! Learn how to make diaper babies in my tutorial.

the cutest! for baby boy in pastel colors

As some of you might know, besides managing this website, I do have a diaper cake business. And these mini diaperbabies are my bestselling product by far! 

Learn step-by-step how to make these little diaper fellows. They are very versatile and can be used for a lot of cute homemade newborn gift ideas.

Starting on their own as 'just a little something' to cute baby gift basket 'fillers'.

  Get tips what to use them for and learn how to put together a really unique and practical pampers babies gift basket for a newborn baby.

so many – so cute!

How To Make Diaper Babies With Socks And Washcloths

What you need  for 1 pair, that is 2 miniature babys:

– 2 diapers (size 2 or size 3)

– 2 baby washcloths 

– 1 pair of newborn socks

– some slim ribbon, some satin ribbon or also raffia ribbon

– 1 pair of small wobbly eyes and a black felt pen to draw sleeping eyes (I think they look the cutest if one is asleep and one awake)

pair of personalized boy diaper babies

Take a diaper and roll it up. The best way is to roll it from the open end to the closed end as shown here. Don't roll it too tight, though. if Needed, fix at one end with a rubber band. 

Take your washcloth and wrap it half way round your pampers. If you have diapers with something printed on, make sure the part of the diaper where there is no pattern is on the front (where the face will be later on –  it's nice to have a plain diaper otherwise baby's face will look spotty). Fold the washcloth half way up, turn the nappy around and fix with a slim ribbon.

Remove the rubber band. Take your sock and fold the rim over – if necessary fold it several times. Then put it over the top of your diaper just a hat. Take another piece of ribbon (the same kind as for the body or also a second one for more variety) and tie it around so the hat looks a jelly bag hat. 

Take a glue stick and attach the wobbly eyes. You can also get sticky eyes so you won't need glue.

Alternatively use a felt pen to draw your eyes. If you , draw a mouth, too. Some people think the sleeping version is so much cuter 😉 You can also make one with wobbly eyes and one sleeping which is my personal favorite version!

Et voilà, your diaper doll is finished!

baby shower decoration idea

Place it on a nappy and this is a cute baby shower decoration idea! 

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas With Diaper Babies

  • put them on an extra diaper and lay several ones on the tables (photo above)
  • have them dangling from the ceiling (fix ribbon on the sock hat)
  • take 4 pampers babies together and place them upright back to back, fix with a broad ribbon and place them in the middle of your tables)
  • take the lower part of a shoe box and wrap it with wrapping paper matching your baby shower theme. Place some diaper babies inside, if you want place them on a diaper cloth and add some more decoration such as a pacifier etc. (photo below) – place a box on each of your tables 

these will look cute on your baby shower table

Miniature babies made of diapers also make a cute gift for baby twins or multiples. You can make two boy babies or two girl babies or a girl and a boy baby. Either give the other sock as a separate addition or you can also place one sock over the other and use both socks for the hat. 

diaper babies for twin girl and boypersonalized diaper-babies for tripletstriplets money gift with pampers babies

More Ideas – Use Diaper Babies For:

– a whimsical baby shower decoration (as described above)

– making a cute nappy baby basket gift

– a little something so you do not come empty handed, for example when you go to hospital to see the new addition for the first time

– decorating your diaper cake or specialty baby gift basket

– to go with a baby gift card and pimp up your voucher

– use as a gift topper, for example a baby book 

small diaperbabies gift basket

These are the bestseller at my online shop!

Gift basket for girl: a decorative box filled with diapers, then a burp cloth to cover and the pampers babies on top. 

Make a cute and practical diaper dolls baby basket gift:

Buy a larger storage bin. That can be just a 'normal' storage basket -made of fabric or plastic – or a special nursery storage basket with a baby design. A storage bin always comes in handy, be it to keep baby stuff on the changing table or to store baby's toys. Collapsible storage baskets can be folded and conveniently put away when you do not need them.

large baby gift basket with diaper babies and lots of pampers inside

Fill the bottom of the basket with plenty of diapers, a baby wipes pack, some baby clothes, etc. Place a burp cloth on top. Then lay your pampers babies on the cloth. You can also mingle them with litte cuddly baby toys, a cuddly musical toy, bath sponges, rubber duckies, etc.

Use clear gift foil wrap and lots of ribbons to perfectly decorate your diaper-babies gift basket.   

#adCute nursery baskets to use for your diaper dolls gift basket.

Summer diaper babys:

This was a gift for a soon to be 2nd-time-mom from her baby swimming class of the 1st child. They took some diaperbabies in swim suits/bath clothing and then arranged them in a big, flat storage basket so it looked a swimming pool. Creative and cute, eh?

all lined up!swimming in the pool!

Make a small welcome gift: 

For a small basket gift, use 4 pampers babies made 2 pairs of socks, 4 diapers and 4 baby wash cloths. Take a lunch box container  or a small basket / canvas box and place your diaper dolls in there so it just looks a bed with 4 babies sleeping side by side.  Something this is always a cute addition to a baby gift certificate. 

girl pampers babies in a basket

Add just 2 or more of these little cuties to your homemade specialty baby gift basket or diaper cake.

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