20 Fabulously Decorative Ottomans You Can Easily Make Yourself

20 Fabulously Decorative Ottomans You Can Easily Make Yourself

20 Fabulously Decorative Ottomans You Can Easily Make Yourself

Making my own furniture is one of my favorite hobbies. From pallet couches to DIY entertainment centers, if it can be made then I have probably thought about making it myself. This brings me to this wonderful collection of 20 ottomans that you can easily DIY.

I love my ottoman and can think of no better way to relax than to kick up my feet on my comfy ottoman and read a good book.

If you don’t have an ottoman or you just want to do something different for a change of pace, this is a great collection to find your new inspiration.

Many of these can be upcycled or repurposed, which is great because we really do to reuse things, don’t we? From a faux leather piece that is perfect for the formal living room to an ottoman made from an old Army footlocker, there are so many wonderful DIY ottomans in this collection. You can start from scratch or repurpose old furniture and get a piece that is as unique as it is comfortable. There are even a few ottomans that are perfect for outdoors, which would go wonderfully with these 80 outdoor furniture ideas.

I really do love a good DIY project, which is why these ottomans caught my eye. Many of them are so easy to build that you can finish them in just an hour or so. Others may be more complicated and take more time but they are definitely going to be worth the extra effort.

There are even some wonderful storage ottomans that give you room to keep all sorts of things organized and a great trio of cube ottomans that will give you plenty of extra seating space as well as loads of room to kick up your feet at the end of the day.

There are even a couple of really great rustic ones that will perfectly match the furniture in this list of 55 farmhouse furniture and décor ideas.

If you’re looking to add a bit of charm to your living room and you want something that gives you extra seating options as well, these homemade ottomans are perfect.

Not only are they easy to build or repurpose, they’re also beautiful and you can find one that will perfectly match your living room décor, no matter what your personal taste.

I can’t wait to hear which of these is your favorite!

1. Repurposed Army Footlocker Ottoman

An old footlocker is the perfect size and shape for making an ottoman. You just have to add some padding to the top and maybe repaint the footlocker if you want to change the color or update it. Then just top it off with upholstery material and some decorative nails or rivets and you’re all done.

Tutorial/Source: instructables

2. Easy To Build Rolling Ottoman

You can build this rolling ottoman with a few 2X4s and some other supplies. This ottoman has a very modern look combined with rustic charm. I love the black but you could stain or paint this any color you want. It has a very pallet look and the rolling is provided via casters although you could just as easily leave those off if you don’t want your ottoman to roll.

Tutorial/Source: morehome

3. DIY Ottoman From Scratch

You can build this DIY ottoman completely from scratch and it’s much easier than you may think. It also has storage inside so it’s perfect for keeping magazines and other items organized. You build the actual ottoman from boards and then add a nice cushioned top that opens up to reveal the storage space inside.

Tutorial/Source: doityourselfdivas

4. Circular Bookshelf Styled Ottoman

This circular ottoman has a bookshelf look and feel to it and offers loads of storage. It looks an end table that you would pay a small fortune for at a furniture store but you can build this one completely yourself. It even has casters on the bottom so it’s easy to roll around. You could totally do a couple more of these in larger sizes and have matching end tables, too!

Tutorial/Source: bhg.com

5. DIY Structured Poof Footstool

This ottoman really reminds me of the footstool that my grandparents used to have. It’s made with three full sized comforters as well as yards of woven fabric and something large for a stencil. You can use a round end table or a really large bowl if you have it. The process isn’t difficult at all and you will absolutely adore the end result.

Tutorial/Source: makingniceinthemidwest

6. Beautiful And Contemporary Faux Leather Ottoman

This gorgeous ottoman has a great modern look with its faux leather finish. It’s also made with foam that you simply arrange and stack to create the shape that you want. Then, just cover it over with faux leather and sew it all together and you’re all done. This is so easy and has such an elegant look.

Tutorial/Source: lovelyindeed

7. Easy $10 DIY Ottoman

Yes, you can actually make this ottoman for around $10, and it’s fabulous. This is basically round foam circles that are stacked on top of each other and then covered with fabric. You’ll need to sew a bit for this one, but it’s really easy sewing and you get this wonderful soft and comfy ottoman when you’re finished.

Tutorial/Source: domesticadventure

8. Repurposed Antique Crate Ottoman

You can turn an old crate into a great ottoman that offers so much storage. Just clean the crate and then top it with something padded and you’re all done. this is a great rustic look if you’re looking to get that farmhouse charm in your home and would be perfect for sitting in front of an old rocking chair.

Tutorial/Source: rescueddesign

9. Long Bench Storage Ottoman

This storage ottoman is also built from scratch and it’s really long, so it would be perfect in front of a couch or loveseat. It’s made from boards that you may have on hand from other projects and topped off with a padded top so it’s really comfortable. I love how long it is – it sort of resembles an old hope chest and gives you plenty of room to share.

Tutorial/Source: tdadecoratinganddesign

10. Easy DIY French Provincial Ottoman

If French provincial is your style of choice, this ottoman will fit in perfectly with your furnishings and home décor. You begin with a round pallet, which you can totally make if you don’t have one, and finish with a pouf that is decorative and really comfortable. Then add casters to make it easy to roll around.

Tutorial/Source: akadesign

11. Quick And Easy No Sew Round Ottoman

This gorgeous pleated fabric ottoman doesn’t require any sewing and it’s got a great vintage look to it as well. You make it from scratch with pine boards and a wooden round tabletop. When it’s finished, it will easily rival anything that you can buy in a high end furniture store and again, there is no sewing required.

Tutorial/Source: inmyownstyle

12. Trendy DIY Ottoman

The colors on this ottoman alone are worth the effort. You only need basic knowledge of upholstery to create these and there’s no sewing required at all. They have beautiful graphics and you can add casters if you want to make them easy to move about.

Tutorial/Source: bhg

13. Repurposed Coffee Table Turned Ottoman

If you have an old coffee table that you don’t need any longer but you do need a great ottoman…do you see where I’m going with this? This ottoman is made from a repurposed coffee table and it’s great. It’s really roomy and is the perfect height for your feet to reach. It’s also got a really great comfy padded top, which is essential in a relaxing footrest.

Tutorial/Source: newlywedmcgees

14. DIY Ottoman Makeover

So if you already have a great ottoman that you love, but it just needs a fresh new look, you can totally redo it yourself and save a fortune over buying a new one. For the cost of some fabric, you can get a new to you ottoman and if you look in the right stores, that fabric may cost you less than $10 depending on what you want.

Tutorial/Source: lifedesigncraft

15. Cheap DIY $20 Ottoman

You can build this great square ottoman for just $20 or less, depending on the materials that you have on hand. You just build the square box from wooden boards and then cover the entire thing with padding. It’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds and you get a really comfy and really cheap ottoman when you’re all finished.

Tutorial/Source: shanty-2-chic

16. Upcycled Milk Crate Ottoman

You can upcycle just about anything and turn it into something useful. Take this old metal milk crate for instance. It’s been turned into a gorgeous and really comfortable ottoman and with very little work. This rustic footstool would be perfect outside on the patio or you could make it a bit fancier if you prefer to have it indoors.

Tutorial/Source: mysalvagedtreasures

17. Salvaged Spool Plaid Ottoman

This lovely plaid ottoman is made from a salvaged electrical spool, which you can get at a lot of yard sales or you could check with your electrical company to see if they have any small ones to discard. You add the plaid fabric and stuffing and then tack on four legs to make it stand on its own. This is a lovely little footstool that doesn’t require nearly as much effort as you would think.

Tutorial/Source: designsponge

18. Upcycled Galvanized Bucket Ottoman

An old galvanized bucket, in any shape or size actually, would be great for making an ottoman. You don’t even really have to work at this one. Just clean up your old bucket or tub and then pad it, making sure that the padding is high enough to be comfortable when you reach out your legs. This is such a rustic looking footstool and would be perfect indoors or out.

Tutorial/Source: killerbdesigns

19. Contrasting Colors Ottoman Trio

I love the idea of having multiple ottomans all in contrasting colors and designs. These cubes are great and they are so easy to make. Just grab some fabrics in contrasting designs or make them all match. These stack so they’re not ly to be in the way. When you don’t need them, just stack them up in a corner.

Tutorial/Source: merrypad

20. Upcycled Utility Bucket Ottoman

I love this utility bucket turned ottoman. It’s got so much character and is so easy to make. Those large plastic buckets can be picked up at any flea market or many yard sales if you don’t have any on hand. I love how simple it is to turn one of those unsightly buckets into a beautiful ottoman with just a bit of fabric and a few hours of work.

Tutorial/Source: designsponge

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27 Budget-friendly DIY Ottomans That Look Chic

20 Fabulously Decorative Ottomans You Can Easily Make Yourself

The ottoman is a truly versatile piece of home décor. It can be used in different rooms and in many different ways with ease. It is also a décor item that can be moved around with ease. This makes it a modular addition of sorts and one that is a must-have.

But for our readers who also happen to be crafting enthusiasts, making an ottoman is definitely much easier than buying one from the store. The advantages are manifold. You can create exactly what you need and do so on a budget.

Cutting costs and improving aesthetics, this is a collection of the best budget-friendly ottomans out there. You do not want to miss out on these fab DIY creations!

Brilliant DIY suitcase ottoman idea

DIY Ottomans with Storage

Who says DIY ottomans have to be boring and all about functionality alone! The vintage suitcase ottoman idea comes with ample storage space and also a handle that lets you carry it around with ease. This one is stylish, charming and is bound to be a great conversation starter in the living room for years to come.

Create your own DIY suitcase ottoman

The upholstered ottoman with storage is one that can be done in many different ways and this one delivers all that along with a hint of pattern.

The upholstered seat looks super comfortable and the spacious base allows you to store those many books and magazines with ease. Of course, it can also be used as a smart and unique coffee table when needed.

Adding even more class to this idea is the upholstered ottoman in leather that feels sophisticated and can be made on a budget as well.

Dashing and colorful DIY upholstered ottoman with storageDIY upholstered leather ottoman idea

There are plenty of ottomans that can offer storage and double as a coffee table with ease. But there are not many DIY designs out there that give you open shelves to place those many books and magazines that might otherwise be placed as a messy pile on the table itself. Putting the ottoman on wheels adds another layer of convenience to the entire design.

Exquisite DIY ottoman with storage shelf for books and more

A wood crate with a comfy cushion on top is an easy recipe for an ottoman on the cheap. This is another one of those designs that takes little time to make and the wooden crate base also adds textural charm to the living space with ease. Modern and striking, this ottoman works with a wide variety of styles.

Simple wooden crate upcycled vintage ottoman with storage option

Few DIY ottomans offer as much storage space as one that is crafted from a storage chest itself. The storage chest with a tufted top can be crafted with little effort and you can just open up the ottoman whenever needed to tuck away excess items.

This is a great idea for the kids’ playroom as it can be used as both a toy chest and a comfy seat. You can give this idea an even better look and a chic upscale appeal with a cushion in pink.

It goes without saying that this one takes place in the girls’ room.

Storage chest and tufted ottoman rolled into oneAwesome DIY ottoman on wheels with storage and a splash of pink

Color, pattern and a whole lot of visual panache – these ottomans seem to be built more for storage than for sitting. But they still come in mighty handy and you have too simple and bright seats that can be placed anywhere – from the living room to the patio and the backyard deck.

Bold purple DIY ottomans with storage and pattern

Upcycling Saves Costs and the Planet!

We love ottomans that not only save us a pretty penny, but also help in saving the planet by recycling and reusing the material.

A good start would be the simple and easy DIY sisal rope ottoman that is made using an old milk crate. This one might not be the biggest of ottomans around, but it is definitely one that will not burn a hold in your pocket.

And if you love one of these, then crafting another couple or four over the weekend is all too easy!

Fun Sisal Rope Ottoman made with Milk Crate

Rustic, vintage and adding metallic charm with weathered finish to the living room the wash tub ottoman is one that is un anything else. This is also an ottoman that comes on wheels and you will surprised at how much kids are going to love this one. Another brilliant DIY ottoman that is bound to be a talking point at your next family gathering!

Innovative vintage wash tub ottoman is one-of-a-kind

Want to call it a footstool? Maybe you would prefer to use it as a small ottoman in the kids’ room. No matter what you call it, the colorful and tiny ottoman made from an old bucket is one everyone can try out. This one demands very little in terms of effort and you can even use the old door mats to create this one.

Ottoman made from a bucket can also be used as a footstool

A small pouf this one can be used be used in many different ways and this one will cost you no more than just $3.

Cheap and sturdy, this pouf feels organic and its soft texture makes a stylish statement in the living room.

If you want an ottoman that is much more sturdy and smart, then the West Elm –inspired ottoman on a budget that you see below is another wonderful alternative. A perfect combination of two dashing ottomans!

Super cheap DIY Ottoman crafted on just $3Trendy upholstered DIY coffee table ottoman inspired by costly West Elm table

A simple metallic milk crate as the base and a cushion on the top is one of the simplest DIY ottomans that you will ever find. It might seem far too simple, but this is a great outdoor side table idea and it is bound to last the test of time while facing different weather conditions. Maybe you can even take it to the beach on a warm summer day!

Upcycled old milk crate ottoman is super-easy to create

When it comes to upcycled DIY ottomans, the crate on wheels idea is our absolute favorite. There are many different ways you can pull this off, but when it comes to execution, the inspiration below is undoubtedly one of the very best you will ever see. With a denim cushioned top, this one just has a sense of ‘unshackled youth’ about it. Trendy with a bit of rebel in it!

Upycyled DIY Ottoman with denim cover adds style while cutting down costs!

Turning an old drawer into an ottoman is an idea that we can firmly get behind and this one even has a handle to remind you of its past. Once again, this is a smart DIY that offers additional storage area while the French-industrial style DIY ottoman on wheels easily stands out from the crowd. Hard to miss an ottoman idea this one.

Cool DIY Ottoman with a Drawer is a showstopper with vintage charmFrench industrial style DIY ottoman idea

DIY Ottomans to Add Pattern, Color and More

Looking for an ottoman that adds pattern and color to the living room? Then this is the section for you where you will find multiple delights that enliven the modern living space in neutral hues.

The black and white DIY ottoman with geo pattern is one that leads the pack with ease while the large, bright purple tufted ottoman is one that can act as an additional seat pretty much anywhere.

Both the ottomans bring something different and are still charming in their own special way.

Chic DIY Pouf adds geo pattern to the home with easeChic purple DIY Ottoman idea for contemporary home

This one is an ottoman that combines the idea of recycling with textural beauty of rope and a hint of shabby chic elegance. The ottoman made from tire still seems classy all the way and is another great addition in beach style, coastal and nautical themed rooms. It looks as good indoors as it does out on the deck; making it a versatile little décor choice.

Classy DIY tire ottoman idea

A jute sack and a smart ottoman base is all you need for the DIY jute sack ottoman design while the coffee table ottoman is simple, more modest and is perfect for the traditional living room. Before you choose a DIY ottoman project, make sure that it fits in with the theme of the living space or family room it is bound to adorn.

Clever little DIY using jute sack as the top

There are many living rooms where the ottoman can also serve as the coffee table on a daily basis and when you have guests, it provides an additional seating option.

The two budget-friendly DIY ottomans below offer just that.

The former acts as a lovely coffee table with its upholstered finish, while the latter was originally an old wood coffee table that has been transformed to serve a whole new purpose.

Coffee table ottoman IKEA Hack is easy to craftFabulous white upholstered ottoman can also be used as a cool coffee tableGorgeous idea turns old coffee table into a lovely ottoman that works everywhere!

Continuing with the more rustic theme to DIY ottomans, the idea below uses a burlap sack to create a stylish ottoman that is a bit different from the usual. The burlap coffee bag ottoman is one for the relaxed shabby chic or eclectic living space or the cozy, informal reading nook on the deck.

Rustic elegance is enhanced with this chic burlap coffee bag ottoman

You would have noted by now that pretty much anything and everything can be used to create an awesome DIY ottoman. Now you have one made from electric spool and this one is both compact and comfy. If you are searching for an ottoman that is a lot more flashy, then the faux leather DIY ottoman is a must try. Take your pick and get started over the weekend!

Small ottoman made from electric spoolBright DIY Faux Leather Ottoman

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