Brilliant Backyard Project: DIY Stone Fire Pit with Ample Seating

27 Awesome DIY Firepit Ideas for Your Yard

Brilliant Backyard Project: DIY Stone Fire Pit with Ample Seating

The warm weather will be back before you know it! These easy-to-make DIY firepit ideas are here to make your summer the best one ever: whether you want to cook your food over an open fire or just snuggle up while you drink some beers, these simple projects will make a great addition to your yard.

27 Firepits You Can Build Yourself

Round or square, stone or concrete blocks, no matter what your style there is a tutorial on this list that you are sure to love. There is even a tutorial on how to make a tabletop firepit to keep you warm and toasty when you do not have much outdoor space.

Many of these DIY firepits are also budget friendly so anyone can add some warmth to their yard! If you love repurposing old objects, there are even some DIY firepit designs on this list for you.

Who knew you could create a firepit an old washing machine drum or a wheel? If you do not want to do a lot of building, try one of the inground firepits. Read on for shopping lists and tutorials for all 27 awesome DIY firepit ideas.

1. Stone Firepit with Half Wall

DIY Project Details:

Stone fire pits look incredibly neat and go with almost any kind of home decor. They are incredibly easy to make and are the perfect way to utilize your backyard space. All you need to make this fire pit is stone bricks, some heavy duty glue or cement. Simply outline the area that you want to cover and work along that.

2. Easy DIY Round Stone Firepit

DIY Project Details:

If you want to make a circularly shaped fire pit, you can do so using the same technique that we mentioned in the previous example. All you need to do is make the outlined area that you are using smaller and circular. Make sure that all your bricks are placed correctly in place to avoid it from falling apart.

3. $50 Concrete Tree Ring Firepit

DIY Project Details:

Concrete tree rings make for a brilliant fire pit. Stack two or more tree rings on top of each other. Make a smaller circle using smaller concrete rings on the inside. You can place some stones or pebbles in between the two rings to make it look nicer and to give it a good finishing touch.

4. Repurposed Washing Machine Drum Firepit

DIY Project Details:

If you have an old washing machine at home or a washing machine drum that isn’t being used, you can easily turn that into a nifty little fire pit. You may need to do a few tweaks before you can use this as your fire pit, which is incredibly easy to do and don’t take up that much time.

5. Simple $60 DIY Stone Firepit

DIY Project Details:

You can create a simple three-tier fire pit at an incredibly cheap cost if you know what to do. Make a circle concrete blocks, and cover the inner base entirely. Stack the blocks up to three tiers and make sure that they are secured well so that they don’t fall over and you have a nice, simple fire pit ready for use!

6. Easy DIY Concrete Firepit Tutorial

DIY Project Details:

Base level firepits are incredibly classy and easy to make. They look they have been professionally done, even though almost anyone can pull this off quickly. You will have to set the base of the pit slightly deeper into the ground, so make sure that your surface is sufficient enough to handle the depth.

7. Fancy Brick Firepit with Benches

DIY Project Details:

No one said that fire pits have to be dull and unappealing. If done right, you can make a fire pit look more detailed, with just a few concrete blocks, and a little bit of creativity. The way the blocks are stacked in this one is an example of an innovative way to make your fire pit and to place your blocks.

8. Square Concrete and Stone Firepit

DIY Project Details:

Square fire pits are just as good as circular fire pits. The technique to achieve a square fire pit instead of a circular one is the same, all you need is concrete blocks and concrete mix. You start by outlining the area that you want to work with and build your pit from there. Two or three tiers of blocks should be enough for a full pit.

9. DIY Round Firepit with Back

DIY Project Details:

If you don’t want just a regular firepit and want something that can be the center of attention, try building a teardrop-shaped fire pit.

You may need to pay a little attention to the blocks and their placement if you want to achieve the right shape. Be sure to check the measurements of the blocks and their placement before you set them in stone.

10. Super Easy Stacked Stone Firepit

DIY Project Details:

If you have a sandy or muddy ground that you want to convert into a place for a fire pit, all you need to do is dig a hole and place a few big stones around it.

If you want to give your fire pit more height, you can also stack the rocks one on top of the other.

You don’t need to use concrete to set these in place, though it would help if you want to keep this pit for a long time.

11. DIY Round Brick Firepit Tutorial

DIY Project Details:

Grass bases can also easily be converted into space for a firepit. All you have to do is dig a hole in the ground according to the height that you want for your fire pit and place bricks at the base and around it in a circular form. Don’t forget to add some stones and pebbles to make it stay in place better.

12. Upcycled Truck Wheel and Stone Firepit

DIY Project Details:

If you have a spare truck tire at home, you can use the inner portion as a base for your firepit. You, of course, need to remove the outer rubber part of the tire. Otherwise, you will get burnt tire fumes. Stack concrete slabs around the fire pit to make it look a little better and to cover the inner portion.

13. Barbecue Grill Set in Blocks and Stones

DIY Project Details:

If you want a more decorative fire pit, try using concrete blocks of two different colors. You can alternate them the ones in the picture to get a more polished look. A two-tiered fire pit looks even better, especially if you add a few stones and pebbles in between the two circles.

14. $75 DIY Firepit and Bench

DIY Project Details:

You can make an easy rectangular fire pit in under seventy-five dollars by simply using a couple of concrete slabs. If you want to make the entire area look more in sync with your fire pit, you can tile up the area around the pit and add a few benches and chairs around it. It will make a good spot for a nice backyard picnic!

15. DIY Zen Tabletop Mini Firepit

DIY Project Details:

Fire Pits don’t always need to look rustic and concrete, and sometimes can look subtle and luxurious. This mini tabletop fire pit is bound to make you feel you are sitting in the midst of absolute tranquility. With a base, a few pebbles and a glass cover, you can easily create this fire pit at home.

16. Inground Brick and Stone Firepit

DIY Project Details:

In ground fire pits look good and are especially useful if you have a limited amount of space available at your disposal. This one is easy to do and requires a few bricks and stones, and a lot of digging. You can quickly create this as per your preferences and in whatever shape you !

17. Easy $40 Cinderblock DIY Firepit

DIY Project Details:

Cinder blocks make for a good base for fire pits, especially if they are stacked one on top of the other. You need to make sure that your cinder blocks that you are using are fire resistant because if not, they can burn up and get damaged pretty easily. Fill up the structure with a few rocks and pebbles, and you are good to go!

18. Build Your Own Concrete Block Firepit

DIY Project Details:

You can also create own concrete block fire pit using a few tools and materials. All you need to do is trace out the shape of the fire pit that you want to construct and go on from there. Stack up a few concrete blocks on top of each other and you will have a neat little fire pit ready for use.

19. Large Cinder Block and Stone Firepit

DIY Project Details:

Fire pits don’t necessarily need to be small, and sometimes can extend out, depending on the amount of space that you have available. By using larger cinder blocks stacked on top of each other, you can quickly create a larger fire pit, which is great for those large family barbeque parties.

20. Easy Inground Stone and Brick Firepit

DIY Project Details:

You can also create an in-ground fire pit using bricks and stones. All you need to do for this is dig a hole of the size of firepit that you want, and then place blocks around the edge to give the inside of the hole a proper base. After that is done, you can place concrete slabs and stones around the pit to make it look nicer.

21. Super Simple Square Metal Firepit

DIY Project Details:

You don’t always need to use bricks and concrete to make a firepit. Sometimes, you can do so using pieces of metal. All you need to do is secure the metal sheets in a square and place mud inside the square, and around it as well. If you , you can also use square tiles to make a base around the pit.

22. DIY Stone Firepit with Base

DIY Project Details:

You can create a fire pit with a base using stones in an incredibly simple way. You would, of course, need to shape the stones that you are using so that they fit properly with one another. Before you start your pit, mark the area that you want to cover, and tile it up. After that, you can build the circular structure for your pit.

23. Easy Stone and Block Firepit

DIY Project Details:

Another way to create a fire pit with an excellent base is to use stones and blocks. You can place the block on the ground to form the base. Be sure to leave a square potion in the middle where your fire pit will go. You can fill that area with smaller stones rather than leaving it bare.

24. Build Your Own Cinder Block Firepit

DIY Project Details:

Cinder blocks that are hollow from the inside are also a good fit for a fire pit. You can stack them up on top of each other and then fill up the hollow portions with smaller stones and gravel.

25. Simple DIY Round Stone Firepit

DIY Project Details:

One of the simplest ways is to make a fire pit is using bricks. You can place them to make whatever shape you , and then fill up the inside with stones. Don’t forget to place a barbeque grill on top, and of course, make sure your grill is big enough to not fall inside.

26. DIY Steel and Stone Firepit

DIY Project Details: .com

Steel is another material that you can use to make a fire pit. Using steel sheets, you can quickly create two structures, one slightly bigger than the other for the outer rim. Fill up the part in between the two using big slabs of stone to give it a better structure.

27. Super Easy Cinder Block Firepit

DIY Project Details:

Cinder bricks are also a great material to use to make a fire pit. Neatly stacking them on top of each other and making a square structure it makes for a neat looking firepit!


Brilliant Backyard Project: DIY Stone Fire Pit with Ample Seating

Brilliant Backyard Project: DIY Stone Fire Pit with Ample Seating

This is one of the most impressive DIY fire pits I’ve seen; it’s almost an amphitheater, and the time, effort and hard work that went into the building of it truly is remarkable.

This isn’t a very difficult or complicated project, but it is laborious; if you’re planning on replicating this then you need to be aware of this from the very start.

Since your friends will, undoubtedly, be enjoying the finished product, you may want to rope them in to help with the process. Make them work for it!

Video and Project by MirPandaLee Imgur user.

If you’re looking for a fire pit project on a smaller scale, have a look at this mobile pit or this stunning patio pit that you can also make by yourself.

The stones were all salvaged from a quarry, so no money was spent there, but they did spend about $100 for the sand and the metal fire pit enclosure – although both of these are optional, so in theory, you could do this at no cost.

So the job started by digging a hole in the ground.

This was all done by hand so it took quite some time. Luckily, the ground they chose wasn’t too littered with roots and rocks so it didn’t take quite as long as it could have.

Once it was finally done, their hole was 15 ft. in diameter and tapered down to suit the natural dip in the land. The deepest part was about 3 ft. deep.

After this monumental task they went hunting for stones at a nearby quarry. They searched for four types in particular:

  • For the wall: flat, small-medium
  • For the seating and pathway: flat, very big
  • To line the pit: big with any interesting shape
  • To fill any holes or gaps: small, thin and flat

Stacking the stones was simple enough, almost a giant puzzle; starting first with the massive circular outline, and then stacking upwards.

Throughout the stacking process, they used the dirt that they dug out as well as the small rocks to fill in gaps so that everything was sturdy and pretty much level. This took a few weeks to complete.

They also dug a mall hole in the middle for the actual fire pit.

Next came the building of the bench with the large stones; this was done in the same manner as the wall: around and then up. Dirt and small rocks were added again to ensure no wobbling with a bit of mortar added under just one pesky wobbly stone.

The last big job was creating the pathway from the house to the pit; here they first laid out the stones and then dug holes respectively to fit them in flat and level to the ground.

Finally, they assembled a ring of stones around the fire pit, put the metal enclosure in, lit it up and basked in the glory of their hard work! They later added some sand to the ground as a matter of personal taste, but if you want to save money you can certainly leave this part out. So far, the structure has made it through an entire Alaskan summer, winter and spring melt, so all in all, I’d say it’s a pretty successful build!


Sunken Seating Areas That Spark Conversations

Brilliant Backyard Project: DIY Stone Fire Pit with Ample Seating

Designing the perfect interior or even outdoors is all about creating appealing focal points along with visual and geometric contrast. Too much of the same can often seem boring, and that is precisely the case with backyards and patios that are completely flat.

Ever seen how your deck space acquires a whole new charm when you simply add a new level to it with a few of steps? Even a refreshing Jacuzzi with a couple of steps can make a big difference to the whole visual.

But sunken seating takes this idea to a whole new level by creating an inimitable, cozy, and often private backyard lounge.

by Franco A. Pasquale Design Associates

Sunken and raised areas bring a sense of excitement to the outdoors and add a hint of playfulness.

They also help define individual spaces in a large area, and sunken seating is the perfect way to make the outdoor lounge the central attraction of the landscape.

Here are some stunning and wide-ranging inspirations that take it a step down to elevate the aesthetics up a notch or two!

by Trex Company Decks, Patios & Outdoor Enclosures

by Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

by Luxapatio

by Keith Willig Landscape Services

by Ana Williamson Architect

Poolside Summer Delights!

Summer is just a couple of weeks away, and now is the time to plan for all those outdoor dinners, parties, lazy evenings and dreamy nights in the backyard. Sunken seating around the fire pit has a magical and almost woodsy charm.

But you can turn up the heat even more by surrounding it with your pool! A fireplace next to the pool inherently makes for a brilliant visual, and sunken seating enhances this appeal immensely.

These snug, secluded sunken lounge areas are a perfect way to catch up with friends and family as you sip away at your favorite beverage.

by Ron Neal Lighting Design

by Pool Stop

by Sonoran Landesign

The sunken lounge at the heart of the pool obviously requires an entry point, and you can either use stepping stones that are concealed by the pool, or a beautiful bridge that makes the setting even more amazing.

If you love to party, then a sunken lounge that doubles as a dining area or even a Tiki bar is a great addition to the backyard.

These dramatic lounges look even more breathtaking when they are part of infinity pools with ocean views!

by Pekarek Crandell Architects

by Land & Water Design

by Sinclair Associates Architects

Subtle and Understated

Sunken seating ideas need not just involve the sitting area alone. You can extend this idea by creating a subtle yet beautiful sunken lounge that is far more practical and far less dramatic.

While a small change in the level might not seem as visually striking, it still has a huge impact in the overall context of your patio or yard. Often, all you need is a small change in the height of the lounge along with a couple of steps that accentuate the effect.

Complete this area with a few chairs and add a fireplace to turn it into a happening hub!

by Llama Property Developments, Manchester

by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

One of the advantages of using modern outdoor furniture instead of built-in seating is that it allows you to add or remove the seating options depending on your current needs.

Wooden benches, a large couch or even a chaise lounge can be combined with a few chairs to create an elegant and trendy sunken lounge that serves you for years to come.

Adding a pergola-style structure around it gives you the added benefit of shade, and you can even transform this into an outdoor dining space over time.

by KuDa Photography

by South Coast Architects

by Little Miracles Designs

Play with the Contours

As always, the aesthetics of your home and comfort come ahead of conventions, and sunken lounge spaces are no different. Instead of adhering to the traditional designs, it is time to add a pinch of excitement to the outdoors with innovative new interpretations of the sunken lounge.

While some homeowners prefer modern and minimal versions of the private conversation pit, others love the theatrical, over-the-top designs. Plan a sunken space that acts as a link between two other levels in the backyard or create a sunken level that connects with the basement of your house.

The options here are aplenty.

by Ike Kligerman Barkley

by Hufft Projects

by Spinnaker Development

Sunken seating promises to transform a landscape and also gives you a sense of privacy, even in a large and open yard. It also ensures that you need not install tall fences and ruin the view outside just for a few moments of solitude.

A legacy of the 60s and the 70s, it is a trend that is once again gaining quick popularity as modern designers breathe new life into this retro trend.

And this summer, it could well be the place where you spend countless hours as you take in the sights and sounds outside!

by Simon Whitbread Photography

by modern girl

by Magni Interior Designers & Decorators

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