20 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans You’ll Want To Make Right Away

  1. How to Build a Greenhouse | DIY Greenhouse
  2. Local Ordinances
  3. Orientation to the Sun
  4. Glazing Options
  5. Frame Materials
  6. Floor Materials
  7. Temperature Regulation
  8. 20 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans You Can Download Right Now
  9. How to pick the right prefabricated DIY greenhouse plan
  10. 1. Customization
  11. 2. Pricing
  12. 3. Time
  13. 4. Eco-Friendly
  14. 1. Cheap, cheap, cheap
  15. 2. PVC Greenhouse
  16. 3. Small greenhouse
  17. 4. Folding greenhouse
  18. 5. Barn-style greenhouse
  19. 6. Mismatched greenhouse
  20. 7. Cedar greenhouse
  21. 8. Plastic bottle greenhouse
  22. 9. Large hoop house
  23. 10. Recycled window greenhouse
  24. 11. Trampoline greenhouse
  25. 12. Tiny greenhouse
  26. 13. Guest house greenhouse
  27. 14. Tabletop greenhouse
  28. 15. Complex geo-dome
  29. 16. Wire-supported greenhouse
  30. 17. Raised-bed greenhouse
  31. 18. Beginner greenhouse
  32. 19. CD case greenhouse
  33. 20. Plywood greenhouse
  34. Now it's time to build your very own greenhouse!
  35. Building A Greenhouse
  36. 20 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans You’ll Want To Make Right Away
  37. 1. DIY Barn Style Greenhouse
  38. 2. Upcycled CD Case Greenhouse
  39. 3. DIY Instant Cloche Greenhouse
  40. 4. Easy DIY Baby Greenhouse
  41. 5. Easy A Frame Mini Greenhouse
  42. 6. Mini Bottle Greenhouse
  43. 7. Repurposed Cattle Panel Arched Trellis Greenhouse
  44. 8. Fast And Easy Fold Down Greenhouse
  45. 9. DIY Covered Wagon Hinged Greenhouse
  46. 10. Elaborate DIY Greenhouse/Guest House
  47. 11. Upcycled Window Cold Frame Greenhouse
  48. 12. Repurposed Window Frame Greenhouse
  49. 13. Cheap DIY Greenhouse
  50. 14. DIY Cold Frame Mini Greenhouse
  51. 15. Hay Bale Cold Frame Greenhouse
  52. 16. Super Cheap Hoop Style Greenhouse
  53. 17. Easy DIY Pallet Greenhouse
  54. 18. Repurposed Trampoline Greenhouse
  55. 19. Easy DIY GeoDome Greenhouse
  56. 20. Upcycled Glass Greenhouse
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  58. 10 Inspiring Greenhouse Plans With Amazing Results

How to Build a Greenhouse | DIY Greenhouse

20 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans You’ll Want To Make Right Away

AndiaGetty Images

Every home gardener dreams about owning a backyard greenhouse, which provides the perfect environment for starting plants from seed and growing flowers and vegetable plants. A greenhouse also allows you to get a head start on spring planting and to extend the growing season well into the autumn.

The problem is that traditional greenhouses are quite expensive and typically too large for the average backyard. Fortunately there are two do-it-yourself options: buy a ready-to-assemble greenhouse kit or purchase plans and build the greenhouse from scratch. (Note that free downloadable plans are also available from various online sources.)

There are a lot of things to consider before choosing the greenhouse that's right for you. Such as:

Local Ordinances

Check with your town’s building department to make sure you’re even allowed to build a greenhouse on your property.

Greenhouses are typically considered outbuildings, so you’ll have to apply for a building permit.

And if you live in a community with a homeowner’s association (HOA), you’ll have to get approval from the HOA, which might be difficult because many housing communities have a strict no-outbuildings covenant.

Orientation to the Sun

Since the object of a greenhouse is to provide a warm, sunny spot for your plants, it’s important that it be situated properly in your yard. Optimal greenhouse orientation is facing south or southeast in order to capture the early-morning sun. An east-facing orientation works well in most climates, too.

Try to pick a location that receives at least six hours of uninterrupted sun per day. If you live in a region that receives significant snowfall, be sure the snow-load rating of the greenhouse can support a blanket of snow without collapsing.

Glazing Options

Glass is the most traditional glazing material for greenhouses. But glass is heavy, fragile and expensive, so most DIY greenhouses are glazed with polycarbonate, acrylic, fiberglass, or polyethylene sheeting.

Panels of polycarbonate, acrylic and fiberglass are resilient, good insulators and have excellent light transmission, although fiberglass can discolor over time. Polyethylene sheeting is very affordable and easy to install, but it’s not very tough and can be easily punctured and damaged.

Frame Materials

A majority of greenhouse frames are made of wood or metal. Wood is less expensive, easier to work with and suitable for small- to medium-size greenhouses. Metal is stronger and more weather resistant than wood, but it’s costlier. Aluminum is a good choice because it’s lightweight, corrosion resistant, and strong.

Floor Materials

The floor of a greenhouse can be made of any number of materials, including gravel, wood decking, flagstone, metal grates, poured concrete, or just bare dirt. Keep in mind, however, that a dirt floor is only practical if your yard stays bone-dry, otherwise it’ll become a muddy quagmire.

Concrete is extremely durable, but it’s relatively expensive to pour and it doesn’t drain well. A gravel floor is inexpensive, drains well, and can easily be refurbished by simply adding more gravel.

Temperature Regulation

Being able to regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse is critical because it can get stiflingly hot in summer or bitterly cold in winter. To expel hot air, use operable windows, rooftop vents or exhaust fans. And use shade cloths to block out solar heat gain.

When the weather turns cold, maintain a warm greenhouse by installing an electric heater that’s equipped with a thermostatically controlled fan. In moderate climates, passive solar systems can help chase away the cold. Fill barrels with water or stack concrete blocks inside the greenhouse; they’ll absorb the sun’s energy during the day and then release it as heat at night.

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20 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans You Can Download Right Now

20 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans You’ll Want To Make Right Away

People who live in glass houses can’t throw stones, but they can use stones and glass to help their plants thrive.

There's no need to go out and buy a prefabricated greenhouse when you can get DIY greenhouse plans online, and it only takes a few tools and supplies to build your own.

How to pick the right prefabricated DIY greenhouse plan

Here are a few things to consider before you decide on a DIY plan.

1. Customization

Taking the time to find a prefabricated greenhouse that suits your needs can be a long and tedious process. Every manufacturer is different, and many greenhouses may not fit your space exactly how you would prefer.

Researching and finding a greenhouse that will make sense for your style of gardening, as well as your backyard, is essential and can take more time than expected.

Building your own DIY greenhouse will allow you to customize the building and add in extra items or take away design specifics that don’t fit your needs.

We should also point out that it is easy to replace or change the look of your greenhouse if you build it yourself. Trying to find replacement pieces of glass or plastic from a manufacturer can be a nightmare. If you make your greenhouse instead, you’ll be able to replace easily and tend to those small maintenance issues that are hard to do with a purchased product.

2. Pricing

In general, usually DIY projects are cheaper than what you would spend on a prefabricated greenhouse. Building a greenhouse yourself allows you to use supplies that you have on hand without having to purchase much from the store.

Many DIY greenhouse plans use recycled material as well as natural elements of your home and backyard that help to enhance the building overall.

Purchased greenhouses can cost a few hundred dollars minimum making a DIY greenhouse a smart budget choice.

3. Time

Ordering a purchased greenhouse may seem the time-saving choice but consider all of the factors that you need to think about before buying. You’ll spend time researching the best prefabricated greenhouse for your backyard as well as shop around to find the best price.

Also, consider the fact that many greenhouses still need to be assembled once they arrive at your home as many do not come fully assembled and ready to use immediately.

Instead, you could have used that time to gather supplies and to build your own DIY greenhouse that is custom to your specific wants and needs.

4. Eco-Friendly

Part of the reason why many homeowners choose to build their own greenhouse is to help support nature by using recycled and renewable materials.

It makes sense to use eco-friendly materials to create a greenhouse that is meant to nurture and encourage plant life.

Doing so allows you to build upon the idea of supporting the environment by limited waste and manufactured materials and giving new life and purpose to such items old windows, lumber, metal, and plastic.

Check out these 20 free DIY greenhouse plans you can download right now to get started on creating your very own botanic garden.

1. Cheap, cheap, cheap

The Door Garden offers plans to build a greenhouse with just $50 worth of supplies. You’ll find detailed pictures, as well as descriptions, here that show how you can make a hoop house that's perfect for the novice gardener.

2. PVC Greenhouse

For those wanting to use PVC pipes in the structure, PVC Plans offers an excellent description of how to use them together to form an arched greenhouse.

3. Small greenhouse

How To Specialist offers plans for a small greenhouse with digital drawings that are easy to see and understand. We the color coding in the illustrations that help visualize the finished product.

4. Folding greenhouse

If you're short on space or time, consider choosing this folding greenhouse that uses the side of a building as the primary support. It may not be the prettiest thing, but it will get the job done and protect your plants from harsh conditions.

5. Barn-style greenhouse

Even if you don’t have your own barn, you can still create a barn-style look for a greenhouse that will be a welcome addition to any backyard. Check out Ana White’s barn-style greenhouse that she built alongside her husband.

6. Mismatched greenhouse

If you prefer to build a greenhouse with materials you have on hand, consider making this mismatched greenhouse from Montana Wildlife Blogger. You’ll find a charming building that shows its quirks, but does well in keeping plants warm.

7. Cedar greenhouse

This beauty would be a featured item in the yard just for the cedar wood that is used to create it. We love the partial cedar roof, as well as the door that allows you to access the plants without having to bend over.

8. Plastic bottle greenhouse

For an eco-friendly addition to your yard, you can easily upcycle those plastic bottles to create a warm and inviting spot for plants to grow. Check out this unique greenhouse that features the use of recycled bottles.

9. Large hoop house

The Florida Gardener offers plans for a large hoop house that can be scaled to size if you don’t need (or have) much space. We the precise list of materials needed to reduce the trips to the hardware store.

10. Recycled window greenhouse

Using old single pane wood windows from other projects is a great way to create a greenhouse that will let the light shine through. We love the look of using old windows as a way to repurpose them into something useful.

11. Trampoline greenhouse

Another great way to create a hoop house is to reuse items that are destined for the dump. Consider this trampoline greenhouse, which uses the frame of an old trampoline that is perfect for a small hoop house.

12. Tiny greenhouse

If your house and yard are too small, this tiny greenhouse offers a simple design with enough room to start those seedlings.

13. Guest house greenhouse

You can double up the accommodations for both your plants and guests, by choosing this greenhouse featured in Mother Earth News. Both your guests and your plants will have a cozy and warm spot to enjoy.

14. Tabletop greenhouse

If you only have a few plants that you need to house inside a greenhouse, consider making this ultra small tabletop greenhouse that can easily sit on your outdoor dining furniture.

15. Complex geo-dome

This greenhouse isn’t for everyone, but it would be a good project for those master carpenters who want to build something different. We love the overall look of the geo-dome and offer luck to anyone who tries this!

16. Wire-supported greenhouse

This option from How To Specialist includes an open concept that incorporates wire or plastic threading to support the plastic walls. We the detailed drawings of the wood joints, as they simplify the project.

17. Raised-bed greenhouse

We love this unique raised-bed greenhouse from Mother Earth News that features two hinged sides that allow for easy access to the plants. Perfect for a small garden or for those who prefer a smaller structure.

18. Beginner greenhouse

Don't have much building experience? This greenhouse from Construct 101 offers detailed plans and pictures that are easy to follow. We also the multiple windows that allow for custom adjustments for air flow.

19. CD case greenhouse

For something a bit more off-kilter, this CD case greenhouse shows you how to upcycle any transparent item into a greenhouse. This version is both lightweight and offers transparent access to a few plants inside.

20. Plywood greenhouse

This easy-to-construct greenhouse features plywood siding and floors, as well as easy-to-get supplies from your local lumber yard. We the simplicity of the design that most gardeners could easily build.

Now it's time to build your very own greenhouse!

Choosing to build your own greenhouse will not only support the environment but will also save you time and money. Add to that the fact that you can fully customize your greenhouse to your needs and it should be an easy choice to pick any of these DIY greenhouses.

If you’re still stumped after reading any of these plans, consider joining any of the outdoor gardening groups in your community where you’ll find plenty of advice and maybe even some help!

Source: https://learn.g2.com/free-greenhouse-plans

Building A Greenhouse

20 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans You’ll Want To Make Right Away

Shade cloths are vital for a successful growing season.  They are usually made of woven polypropylene fabric and can easily be added to any structure.  The main function of shade cloth is to protect the plants.  The light diffusion provided by the cloth is chosen the plant's light needs and the local climate. 

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Just water and sunlight, soil plays a crucial role in the success of garden plants and crops, containing all the essential minerals that encourage growth. However, this also means that the opposite is true — if your soil isn't suited to the plants you're trying to grow, you're in for a difficult time.

Testing soil pH is a simple and effective way to get a read on soil quality and make necessary changes before you sow your seeds. The best part? Anyone with an understanding of the pH scale and a few simple tools can perform these tests.

But don't worry if chemistry wasn't your strong suit in school — with help from Bootstrap Farmer, you'll see that testing soil pH is pretty easy.

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High tunnel winter growing can help keep your business booming even when Old Man Winter comes knocking at your door. Learn which crops do best during winter and how to create a planting schedule that will set you up for success.

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A traditional andhigh tunnel greenhouse have many similarities, but several key differences that could affect your buying decision as well. Find out more about these two greenhouses to determine the best choice for your operation.

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Experienced farmers will often tell you how the sun passes over the farm at different times of the year, even if they aren’t talking in terms of north, east, south, and west. They may point to the path across the sky, describing the pattern.

As the sun sinks into the sky during the short winter days, they’ll tell you about how that group of tall trees next to the garden casts a long shadow over a full quarter of the garden area, although it still protects it nicely from strong winds.

Nearly every farm has microclimates of one sort or another.

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Polyethylene plastic is an affordable covering for greenhouse structures.  It's easy to install and is much less expensive than glass panels or rigid plastic sheets.  It is the most popular choice among small commercial and home growers.  A good quality polyethylene greenhouse plastic should last you at least 4 years even in high UV environments when installed properly. 

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Want to build a greenhouse?  This guide will give you detailed plans on building a greenhouse while minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency.

 The greenhouses we prefer to build are known asQuick Hoop or Hoop Houses.  Quick hoop houses are a cheap way to build a greenhouse and don't require a team of people for construction.

 These hoop houses can be built by one person with the occasional helping hand.

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Source: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/blogs/building-a-greenhouse

20 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans You’ll Want To Make Right Away

20 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans You’ll Want To Make Right Away

Do you have a greenhouse? Do you know how great greenhouses are? If you don’t have one, and you don’t want to spend a small fortune buying one, I’ve got a great list of DIY greenhouses for you.

I found 20 of the easiest and cheapest greenhouses that you will want to make right away. Many of these can be made with upcycled products old windows and even old pallets.

Whether you want a greenhouse to keep fresh vegetables all year around or you just want something to start your veggies early every spring, there is definitely a free greenhouse plan in here for you.

I love gardening, especially if it’s something that I can do all year. You can use these greenhouse plans to build a cheap and easy greenhouse for keeping fresh veggies and fruits on the table all year long. This is also a great way to get your little ones to eat their veggies.

Get them in on your gardening – let them plant their own veggies and they can even help you to build your greenhouse. Since many of these use upcycled materials, they are basically free to build. And, you know how I love to upcycle.

By the way, you should also take a look at these 30 backyard succulent gardens that you can build in a jiffy.

These DIY greenhouses will definitely help you to keep fresh foods on the table. You can use them to start your spring plantings a bit early, which will save you tons of money since seeds are much cheaper than starter plants.

And you will be amazed at what you can use to build your greenhouses. From trampolines…yes trampolines!…to wood to straw bales, you’ll find something around your house that you can build your greenhouse .

And, once you have it built, be sure to take a look at these 15 DIY organic fertilizers that will help you to keep those plants green and beautiful.

1. DIY Barn Style Greenhouse

I love the look of this barn style greenhouse. It looks an old barn, which fits in perfectly with your DIY farmhouse décor. This one goes up a lot faster than you may think and you can use repurposed boards to build it. It’s a lovely greenhouse that has so much space for all of your plants and starters.

Tutorial and plans: ana-white

2. Upcycled CD Case Greenhouse

You can turn old CD cases into the perfect greenhouse for keeping your plants growing.

If you don’t have old CD cases to use, check out your local thrift stores or you can check online yard sales to see if people have them available. Or, look at closed out movie or music stores.

Once you have your CDs, this greenhouse goes up really quickly. This is a smaller greenhouse, perfect for three or four plants, or you can adjust the plans to make it larger.

Tutorial and plans: megacrafty

3. DIY Instant Cloche Greenhouse

This easy to build greenhouse will really help you to protect your plants and seedlings. You just cut branches from a cedar or conifer tree to hold the plastic in place and then use those branches to look the plastic over to make a cover for your plants. You can do this to plants that are in your garden or add a box to the bottom and build a mini greenhouse wherever you need it.

Tutorial and plans: eartheasy

4. Easy DIY Baby Greenhouse

If you only need a small greenhouse, this baby greenhouse is perfect and it is really easy to build. You make this one old storm windows, so if you are remodeling and replacing your storm windows, this is the perfect upcycling project for you. If you are not planning to replace those storm windows, you can find these really cheap at thrift stores and second hand hardware stores.

Tutorial and plans: designdreamsbyanne

5. Easy A Frame Mini Greenhouse

This little greenhouse is made from PVC pipe and poly sheeting. This one is pretty small but plenty large enough for you to grow a few plants. If you need a larger greenhouse, you will simply have to adjust the plans to make it larger. Just add longer pieces of PVC pipe and more sheeting to make it the size that you want.

Tutorial and plans: grit

6. Mini Bottle Greenhouse

You can upcycle your plastic bottles and create the perfect greenhouses for any number of plants. These are so easy to make and they are the perfect project to add to your upcycled plastic bottle crafts. These are great for seedlings or you could use larger bottles – the ones that fit water coolers – and make larger greenhouses for all of your plants and seedlings.

Tutorial and plans: apieceofrainbow

7. Repurposed Cattle Panel Arched Trellis Greenhouse

If you need a larger greenhouse, this one is perfect. It is made from repurposed cattle panels and rebar and is covered with plastic. This one looks just those professional greenhouses and will hold so many plants and seedlings. It may take a bit longer to build than smaller models, but just imagine how much you can grow in this one.

Tutorial and plans: davesgarden

8. Fast And Easy Fold Down Greenhouse

This greenhouse folds down from the side of your house or garden shed and it is perfect for growing seasonal fruits and vegetables. This is a great portable greenhouse as it folds up and the way during the warmer months when you really don’t need it. You can build the base with PVC pipe or any other similar material and this one literally only takes a couple of hours to complete.

Tutorial and plans: bonnieplants

9. DIY Covered Wagon Hinged Greenhouse

This DIY greenhouse looks just an old covered wagon and it has a hinged lid that makes it really easy to get to your plants. The lid just swings up and the way.

This one could be made with any type of lumber that you may have on hand and when the lid is on it, it has a great rustic look to it from the covered wagon design.

It will hold so many plants and you don’t have to worry about making it tall enough to walk through.

Tutorial and plans: swingncocoa

10. Elaborate DIY Greenhouse/Guest House

This beautiful greenhouse can double as a guest house and you can build it for less than $4,000. If you’re looking to spend a bit of money, this is the perfect greenhouse. It’s so quaint and elegant and you can use it to house those in-laws when they visit. The windows give it the perfect heat for a greenhouse and it’s really an easy build considering how elaborate it is.

Tutorial and plans: motherearthnews

11. Upcycled Window Cold Frame Greenhouse

This DIY cold frame greenhouse is really easy to make and you can make it from an old window. Add this to your list of repurposed window projects.

You have to love upcycled window projects – they give you the chance to make something new and to use up those old windows that you would otherwise just toss out.

This is basically a wooden box with a glass lid and it works perfectly for getting those seedlings ready to plant.

Tutorial and plans: savvygardening

12. Repurposed Window Frame Greenhouse

If you have recently remodeled and have your old frame windows to use, you can easily build this window frame greenhouse. This is such a lovely and rustic looking greenhouse and you can make it as roomy or as small as you .

If you don’t have any old framed windows, check with your local thrift stores or contractors – if a contractor is remodeling a house and replacing the windows, they may sell the old ones to you pretty cheap.

You can also use old pallets for this one to build the base.

Tutorial and plans: thegreenlever

13. Cheap DIY Greenhouse

You can build this greenhouse for less than $25 and it is roomy enough to hold several plants or seedlings. This one is made from PVC pipe, zip ties and plastic sheeting and it is one of the easiest greenhouses on the list. It’s got that great dome look professional greenhouses and you can have this one build in just a few hours.

Tutorial and plans: instructables

14. DIY Cold Frame Mini Greenhouse

This little mini greenhouse is super easy to build and it is the perfect size for your seedlings. You can also put a few plants in it – depending on how big you want to make it. The plans are really easy to follow and just as easy to adjust if you want to make these a bit larger. This is the perfect mini greenhouse to grow and protect all of your plants this winter.

Tutorial and plans: bepasgarden

15. Hay Bale Cold Frame Greenhouse

A few bales of hay are all you need to get started on building a great cold frame greenhouse. Hay and straw are used so much during winter to keep plants and even animals warm so you know that they help to hold in head. This is an easy plan to follow and you can make this one as big or as small as you need it, depending on the number of plants that you need to protect this winter.

Tutorial and plans: highmowingseeds

16. Super Cheap Hoop Style Greenhouse

This little hoop house will really help to keep your plants warm during the winter months, which means you can grow to your heart’s content. This is one of the easiest and cheapest greenhouses to make. It’s a mini style of the hoop professional greenhouses and perfect for keeping your seedlings warm or growing taller plants during the winter – depending on how tall you make it.

Tutorial and plans: imqtpi

17. Easy $5 DIY Pallet Greenhouse

You can get pallets at many lumber yards and most of the time they won’t charge you anything for them.

If you have a few old pallets that you can use, you can make this amazing pallet greenhouse that won’t cost you more than $5.

This one is really tall so you’ll be able to grow and protect all sorts of plants or small bushes during the winter. You really should add this one to your list of DIY upcycled pallet projects.

Tutorial and plans: thegreenlever

18. Repurposed Trampoline Greenhouse

You can build a greenhouse a trampoline! If you have an old trampoline that maybe your little ones don’t use any longer or one that is broken, this is a great repurposing project.

If you don’t have a trampoline to use, check online yard sales and thrift stores.

You can normally pick one up for around $50 or less and then use it to create a hoop house style greenhouse that has loads of room.

Tutorial and plans: howdoesshe

19. Easy DIY GeoDome Greenhouse

This DIY greenhouse has an adorable style and it offers loads of room for whatever you need to keep warm and humid. To build this one, you just need wood, screws and some sort of cover plastic sheeting. It is much easier to build than it looks and is really aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you can adjust the plans to make it as small or large as you want it to be.

Tutorial and plans: northernhomestead

20. Upcycled Glass Greenhouse

Here’s another greenhouse that you can build from old windows or old glass doors – or a combination of the two. Have an old shower door that you need to get rid of? You can use that, too. This is just a combination of all sorts of glass and it’s a lovely looking greenhouse, too. This one is really simple to build and if you happen to be remodeling, this one can be built for free.

Tutorial and plans: instructables

Source: https://www.diyncrafts.com/33139/home/gardening/20-free-diy-greenhouse-plans-youll-want-make-right-away

10 Inspiring Greenhouse Plans With Amazing Results

20 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans You’ll Want To Make Right Away

We often say that building stuff is easy and a lot of the times it is but that doesn’t mean you’ll be successful without paying attention to all the details or without trying your best. Let’s say you want to build a greenhouse.

You’ll definitely need the appropriate greenhouse plans for such a project.

The initial phase where you establish the dimensions, placement and the list of materials and tools needed for the project is as important as the actual crafting/ building phase.

View in gallery

We’ll start with something simple: a window greenhouse. It’s not a greenhouse you can attach to your window but one which you can build old windows. This is perhaps one of the most practical ways in which you can repurpose old windows.

We found this inspiring project on thewhitecottagefarm and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s super easy to do and that it can be completed in no more than 15 minutes (as long as you already have everything ready).

You’ll have to put together a sort of roof for this tiny greenhouse and you can improvise on this part and use whatever you can find around the house.

View in gallery

We have another inspiring project to share with you and this time the plans are for a tiny indoor greenhouse. It’s a nice project for beginners and these are the supplies required for it: a grow light, a timer, seed trays with lids and seeds.

You can use a table as a surface for this project but it can also be a workbench, a desk or pretty much any flat surface. You could even use the floor if the temperature is ok.

The greenhouse plans are dependent on the size of the light fixture so choose it carefully.

View in gallery

Check out this lovely little greenhouse that we found on designdreamsdyanne. The greenhouse plans used for it were free so be sure to check them out if you plan on building something similar. In any case, we really the way it turned out.

It looks cute and the storm windows used as walls are pretty charming too. This was all done using three windows and some scrap lumber.

Think of this project as an opportunity to clean up your garage or shed and to put some of the leftovers you’ve gathered to good use.

View in gallery

Let’s move on to some bigger greenhouses, the kind you can build in your garden or backyard and which look a bit more permanent and solid. There’s this great tutorial on instructables which explains how this amazing structure was built.

If you want to put together something similar, you’ll need lots of 40 x 90 treated timber to build the frame. You’ll notice here that these greenhouse plans include a low single block wall which supports the frame.

It’s an important element in the structural integrity of the project and we suggest you don’t skip this part.

View in gallery

A greenhouse makes sense when you’re passionate about your vegetable garden.

It’s not something you use only during spring when you’re growing seeds but also during summer when you could keep tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in there or in winter to offer some protection to certain plans. Worrying about the cost of building a greenhouse is pointless.

As this inspiring project featured on instructables shows, you can find everything you need for free if you really want to. You’d have to gather some wood and some glass (or acrylic sheets) and the rest will follow.

View in gallery

It’s never really a bad time to build a greenhouse. Sure, it’s easier and more enjoyable to do this when it’s warm and nice outside but your plants could sure use the extra protection when it;s cold out too. In any case, we found some cool greenhouse plans on instructables and we really want to share them with you.

This is the greenhouse you can build with them.

To simplify the process, these are the main steps you need to follow: clearing and prepping the site, installing the sprinkler system (if needed), building the deck frame and adding a layer of rocks for drainage, covering the frame in wood and painting it, building the wall frame, then the roof frame and finally taking care of the details.

View in gallery

If you’d rather try something simple, a cold frame, be sure to check out this great tutorial on savvygardening. It explains everything in detail and it’s really easy to follow.

Here’s all you need: a saw (actually it would be nice to have a miter saw, a circular saw and also a Japaneze dozuki saw, ideally), a sander (or sandpaper), a drill, a tape measure and a straight edge.

Use an old window as a lid/ roof.

View in gallery

It seems that using old windows to build greenhouses is common practice. Depending on the size of the windows and on how many you’ve gathered, you can come up with custom greenhouse plans for your garden.

You can even mix and match different types of windows and use glass doors as well. Make a list of everything you have and start planning.

There’s this really inspiring project on thegreenlever which shows how you can use diversity in your favor.

View in gallery

Our search for awesome greenhouse plans also led us to bowtospecialist where we found this tutorial. The greenhouse featured here looks great and isn’t exactly difficult to build.

Here’s what you need: 6 meter long wooden posts (4×4), plastic strips, 6” long nails or screws, a lot of 2 1/2” screws (500 or so), film, a vent opener, a thermostat outlet, hunges and a latch. You should also have a saw and a hammer.

Be sure to position the greenhouse in an area with lots of sunlight.

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What about the classic arched greenhouse? What if you want to build something this? It definitely seems more difficult to put together something this as opposed to a house-shaped greenhouse and in a way it is. However, there are also aspects that make such a project easier. Be sure to check out the arched greenhouse plans offered on pvcplans. They’re detailed and they guide you every step of the way.

Source: https://www.homedit.com/greenhouse-plans/