40 Easy One Day DIY Lawn And Garden Projects You’ll Want To Try Today

Improve Your Home: 30 Weekend Projects

40 Easy One Day DIY Lawn And Garden Projects You’ll Want To Try Today

Spiff up every space in your home. Here are 30 quick do-it-yourself updates to get you started.

Beaded board lends a traditional touch to kitchens and bathrooms. Cut holes in the boards or sheets for outlets, phone jacks, and other wall necessities. For a modern take on beaded board, try wider plank paneling, which dresses up the island in this fresh kitchen.

How to install beaded board.



If a traditional entry closet or a beautiful built-in shelving system is not an option in your home, refashioned furniture can achieve a look that's equally stylish and storage-savvy.

This small-scale table is a perfect size for beside the front door. Though compact, the table's drawers and shelf make the piece super functional for busy drop-zone items.

A wall-mount shelf above the table hangs keys within easy reach.

A cheery front-door color and a touch of landscaping can do wonders for your home's curb appeal — and make a lasting impression on guests. Dress the door with new hardware, and add a welcome mat and potted plants near the entrance. Consider installing outdoor lighting to enhance your home's architecture and illuminate the walkway. 

See how to create a beautiful container garden.


Get creative with drawer space. Outfitted with divided storage (typically used in kitchen drawers) and a power strip, this drawer serves as a charging dock and daily organizer for cell phones, music players, and other electronics. Drill a hole through the back of the dresser and drawer to accommodate electrical cords.

See how to organize a junk drawer >>

Dress up an eating area with a fresh light fixture. Replacing an existing fixture is your easiest option: Just turn off the power at the breaker box and connect the wires.

Inject elegance into your daily life with a faucet that ups the ante in looks and quality. Just make sure the configuration matches your existing sink, or you might end up replacing that, too.



With flagstone, you can easily make an outdoor patio in a weekend — no mortar required. Add potted plants and outdoor seating, such as a bistro set or an eclectic mix of colorful chairs, to create a quaint backyard escape.  

See our outdoor furniture guide.

Living room, dining room, great-room: Any common area looks better with the finishing, defining touch of crown molding. If you live in a historic home, make sure your molding choices complement your home's architectural style.

Self-adhesive and repositionable wallpaper creates a romantic accent that's easy to apply, remove, and reuse. It works a giant sticker. Peel the decorative paper off the backing and adhere it to a primed and painted wall.

To create a curvy top edge, use your mirror to inspire the outline of your design. Cut the shape from kraft paper and test the look. Tape the pattern on the decorative paper applied to the wall; use a crafts knife to cut around the template.

Peel away the paper above the cut.

See our ultimate painting guide.


Spice up your cabinets and drawers by replacing factory-issue handles and pulls with designs that reflect your personal taste. For a unique, eclectic look, scour antiques shops for hardware pieces.

See how to choose cabinet hardware.

Give your ceiling a little eye candy. Beautifully highlight a coffered ceiling with colorful paint, and keep the trim white for a bold visual effect. Placing a ceiling medallion around a fan or light fixture is another way to add architectural flair overhead. Decorative ceiling medallions are available in all shapes, sizes, and styles. 

If you have a window that faces the prevailing winter winds, replace it with a high-efficiency unit. If the window opening is a nonstandard size, you'll probably have to order the new window.


To quickly and easily rehabilitate your existing fireplace, a gas or wood-burning insert adds energy efficiency to your home without tearing apart your hearth and mantel.

Create extra storage in a snap with kits for bookcases or shelving that you assemble yourself. Try a cabinet/open shelving combination for display spaces.

Whether an art-arranging project went awry or you're tired of looking at dings around the house, concealing wall blemishes is a weekend-worthy project.

With a putty knife and surfacing compound, you can easily repair nail holes and other minor wall imperfections. For larger holes, place an adhesive patch over the area and spread an all-purpose drywall compound over it with a trowel.

Depending on the size of the wall hole, the compound may need to dry overnight. Paint over the patch when it is dry.


With just a stud finder and a drill, you can install the cabinet in less than an hour. For quick installation, choose a cabinet that can mount directly to the wall above your bathroom sink, rather than cutting away drywall and recessing the cabinet between studs.

See how to add storage to a medicine cabinet.

Add a ceiling fan and save money by not running the air-conditioner on those marginal days when all you need is air movement.

Add drama to a staircase with distinctive railings or embellishments. Architectural-salvage and reuse centers are hot spots for ideas and materials.


Dimmer switches quickly give your dining room the atmosphere of a swank restaurant. You can use standard incandescent bulbs, but if you prefer fluorescent light, look for special dimmable bulbs.

See how to install a dimmer switch.

Choose a low-flow unit and you'll get virtually the same sensation of water flow while saving money on your water bill. If your showerhead flow is already low (and shouldn't be), check to see if hard-water deposits are clogging the holes.

How to clean a shower >

Tired of a dull kitchen? Transform the mood of the kitchen with a bold new backsplash in ceramic or glass tile. Just make sure the wall is sound before you start the installation.


Watch and learn how to tile your own backsplash this weekend — it's easier than you think!

If you bought your refrigerator before 1993 or your dishwasher before 1994, when the federal energy-efficiency guidelines for each went into effect, consider replacing them with more efficient models. Some newer models use at least 15 percent less energy than required by current federal standards and 40 percent less energy than the conventional models sold in 2001.

With attic space above a dark corner, it's easy to add a new light fixture, says Daryl Berg, a journeyman electrician in Longview, Washington: “Just cut the hole for the fixture and run the wires through the ceiling joists to a new circuit.”


A new sink can energize a boring bathroom. Before you replace it, though, consider your needs. You might want to try standing in front of the model you're considering and acting out your morning routine. Will you have enough room to brush your teeth or put in your contacts? Your choice should balance aesthetics with practicality.

Update these often-overlooked interior elements with form and function. Switch a blah door with a finely detailed antique. Or simply upgrade with solid-core doors, which dampen noise far more efficiently than the hollow-core doors common in new construction.

Make boring cabinets sing by replacing the door inserts. Stainless steel, stamped tin, wrought-iron grillwork, glass, and wood painted to match your flooring or countertops are all possibilities.

The process is simple, says Mike McAllister, owner of Riverside Kitchen Center in Mount Vernon, Washington: “Remove the small flange that holds the existing insert, then replace the insert with your material and add wood or metal stops to keep it in place.”


Installing a hardwood floor can take longer than a weekend, so choose a material that's less time-consuming. Start with anything that comes in a roll, such as sheet vinyl, which looks better and lasts longer than it used to.

If it's time to replace that dingy 1970s-era mantel, choose one with enough depth to let you display pictures or other decorations. If you buy a ready-made mantel, don't be afraid to paint it or add moldings.

See a mantel makeover.

Grab bars are one of the simplest ways to make an existing bathroom more accessible, and stylish designs can be found at your local home improvement center. The most important thing to remember when installing grab bars is to find the studs and mount the bars directly to them. Miss the studs and you'll be pulling out more than the bars when you put your weight on them.


Stripping and staining cabinets takes only a weekend, and it will give your space a major facelift. Sealing cabinets with polyurethane will also increase durability. Begin by removing cabinet doors and hardware. Wipe cabinet fronts and doors with mineral spirits to remove any dirt, dust, and grease.

Apply a gel-type stripper per manufacturer's instructions, and then remove the stripper with a plastic putty knife. Next, sand the wood with sandpaper. Using a disposable sponge brush, apply stain in the direction of the cabinets' wood grain.

Allow the stain to dry thoroughly, and seal with polyurethane.

Source: https://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/remodeling/budget-remodels/weekend-home-projects/

Fairy Gardens

40 Easy One Day DIY Lawn And Garden Projects You’ll Want To Try Today

These Fairy Gardens are one of the sweetest projects I’ve ever made, and I was so excited about doing them. We made one for each of my little girls.  I also made one just for me so I won’t turn into the bossy mom who controls the craft project by making very strong suggestions to her kids about colour and placement choices…I’m sure you can’t relate.

Source: https://www.lifeisaparty.ca/fairy-gardens-2/

85 Best Backyard Ideas – Easy DIY Backyard Design Tips

40 Easy One Day DIY Lawn And Garden Projects You’ll Want To Try Today


Everyone wants their patio or lawn to look its absolute best without spending a fortune, doing an enormous overhaul of the existing layout, or fixing what's not broken—and we know that. That's why we've compiled a list of the absolute best backyard ideas out there.

We're coming to your rescue with plenty of beautiful projects, inspired suggestions, and smart hacks that you can implement quickly and while on a budget. Instead of doling out dough on a professional designer who will charge a fortune for your wildest and most wonderful landscape ideas, save money and take matters into your own hands.

You can either skim through our list and get ideas from the eye candy you find there, or dig a little deeper and learn how to recreate each of the looks you see here.

So, what exactly will you find on our list? Well, a little bit of everything—from porch and patio decorating ideas to DIY fire pits and never-before-seen planters.

In fact, each and every one of these innovative, out-of-the-box tutorials is guaranteed to work for big and small backyards.

Yes, we're really telling you that you can create the backyard of your dreams without breaking the bank—and we'll stand by our word. Now, let's get building!

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Lay a Simple Stone Path

A stone path is an obvious choice for any backyard. Why? Well, it's practical, for one thing, allowing you and your guests to get from place to place without having to traipse through high grasses or destroy your precious garden. But it's also just a lovely, organic-looking touch that feels a whole lot more expensive and luxurious than it really is. That's a win-win!


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Install a Fire Pit

Heat things up this summer with a fire pit—either one you create yourself or a store-bought beauty. It'll be easy either way. Just don't forget to stock up on tons of s'mores fixings before you invite your friends over.


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Add Adirondack Chairs

When it comes to lounging around, there's no better place to do it than in an Adirondack chair. That might be why we instantly equate the timeless accessory with summertime. Fill your patio or backyard up with multiple chairs, add some cozy blankets, and you'll be crowned the hostess of the year in no time.


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Rely on Pops of Color

It's hard to contest with a striking contemporary barn as is, but a collage of colorful lanterns plastered across the neutral wood makes for the perfect celebratory statement.

Start with chicken wire to create the structure's foundation, then affix your lanterns (starting with the largest first) around the perimeter using shipping tape.

Mixing and matching colors and sizes, fill in the gaps and connect the pieces with glue dots. Finally, (carefully!) hang with fishing wire and hooks or nails.


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Recycle Vintage Tins

Trade your go-to terracotta pots and deck your front porch out in a much more original alternative—old potato chip tins. Scour spots Etsy and eBay to complete your collection, then pot your favorite blooms for the best porch-worthy touch.


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Give Your Coop Vintage Charm

This is one of the most ambitious DIYs we've come across, but if you're feeling especially crafty, take note. Texas-based antiques dealer Amy Kleinwachter transformed a 1953 pickup truck into an elaborate henhouse. Inspiring, much?


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Camp Out Under the Stars

An inexpensive campout makes for THE best summer family fun night, and your backyard is prime real estate for the job.

Map out a designated corner (preferably close to the house for quick snack runs), then roll out your sleeping bags, set the mood with string lights, and gather around the fire pit for some good-old marshmallow roasting.

Keep the setup intact for the rest of the season—because your kids won't be able to get enough.


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Breathe New Life Into Old Pots

Repurpose old decorative dishes into mosaic tile pieces, which you can easily affix to plain old terracotta pots in your garden.

Get the tutorial at The Vintage Butterly.


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Establish an Outdoor Movie Spot

Who said the best seat in the house has to be in the house itself? Set up shop in the backyard, whether for sunbathing or an outdoor movie party, while cozied up against one of these handmade chairs.

Get the tutorial at Not Just A Housewife.


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Shake Up the Neighborhood Lemonade Stand

With a DIY lemonade stand this well-decorated, you can safely bet your backyard will be the most popular one on the block. Your kiddos can man this adorable station for years to come.

Get the tutorial at Fantabulosity.


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Upcycle Dresser Drawers

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Serve Party Treats in Style

Meet the latest hosting game changer: an outdoor, Murphy-style mini bar. Stock with your go-to food and drink essentials, serve, and then neatly fold everything away once the party's over.

Get the tutorial at Live Laugh Rowe.


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Add Elegant Seating

No need to splurge on a classic, French-style backyard bench when you can easily craft your own. Scout out two identical chairs (the prettier, the better!), then remove the seats and replace with a handmade rectangular base.

Get the tutorial at An Oregon Cottage.


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Migrate Your Beloved Bed Outdoors

Has anything ever sounded more divine than a sunny Saturday siesta? Make this dream a reality by installing the comfiest of lounge spots from a nearby tree.

Get the tutorial at The Merrythought.


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Revamp Your Planter Situation

Looking to add some height and originality to your plant display? This chair DIY, which only takes 30 minutes of manpower, meets both criteria with flying colors (literally).

Get the tutorial at Motherhood in Style.


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Expand Your Bar

Meet the most organized DIY storage unit ever. With more than enough room for outdoor treats and summer beverages, you have no excuse to not take advantage of your backyard space until the sun goes down (weather permitting, that is).

Get the tutorial at A Burst of Beautiful.


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Cozy Up Your Fire Pit

No more schlepping your kitchen chairs back and forth whenever the itch for a fireside hangout hits. These backyard-worthy seats can hold up to the elements while hardly appearing handmade.

Get the tutorial at Not Just A Housewife.


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Maintain Some Privacy

An easy DIY privacy wall can seamlessly close off your patio, or even establish a secluded corner on the lawn. Layer with a worn window or mirror for extra dimension.

Get the tutorial at Table and Hearth.


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Repurpose a Stock Tank As a Pool

The stock tank pool trend is only gaining traction, and for good reason: it's the perfect way to cool off without the sweat of an in-ground pool installation.

Get the tutorial.

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Build Your Dream Treehouse

For those who would rather enjoy the backyard from a higher altitude, Treehouse Supplies offers easy building plans starting at just $50, plus helpful materials.

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Set Up a Potting Station

If you told us two metal trash cans could make for a charming work space, we'd admittedly be skeptical, but when topped with an old door and flanked by geranium red metal stools, somehow it just works.

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Decorate a Chic Shed

You can easily transform a basic backyard shed into a gorgeous space—complete with a barn quilt—in just 48 hours.

Start by hanging checkered fabric by installing a rope across the peak of the shed and draping the fabric over using a staple gun to attach fabric to the walls (this shed required about 30 yard of fabric).

Then hang an upholstered blue couch to create a unique seating area. And finish the shed by accessorizing with a bar cart, rug, and decorative baskets and plants.

Heartland Estate shed available at heartlandind.com and exclusively at Lowe’s.

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Personalize Your Plants

A DIY monogram planter is a cute personalized touch to any backyard. Blogger Cassity writes that, thanks to this planter's nifty design, she can replant blooms as often as she'd .

Get the tutorial at Remodelaholic.

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Warm Up the Yard With a DIY Fire Pit

Who doesn't love gathering around a warm fire on a summer night? Pits can be pretty pricey, but bloggers Jim and Mary made this version for just $117.

Get the tutorial at Old World Garden Farms.

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Make Your Own Pergola

A pretty pergola seems an expensive endeavor, but you can easily build one on a budget. The size of your backyard will determine how big (or small) it will be, but this design's dimensions can be altered to fit any space.

Get the tutorial at The Created Home.

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Build a Backyard Playhouse

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DIY Sandbox

A sandbox is still a great place for kids of all ages to play. You can make one with just basic supplies from a hardware store—and don't forget to add a DIY sunshield so little ones can avoid sunburns.

Get the tutorial at Design Dining and Diapers.

Source: https://www.countryliving.com/gardening/garden-ideas/g2314/backyard-ideas/

DIY Bird Bath

40 Easy One Day DIY Lawn And Garden Projects You’ll Want To Try Today

I am working on arranging our little patio this summer. A bird bath wasn’t in the original plans, but I found this project at Lowe’s Creative ideas and every time I visit that site I always want to make something but I end up pinning it on Pinterest for later. Well this time I made it! I made a bird bath and we all love it!

It’s pretty easy, I followed the instructions over at Lowe’s but I made some changes on sizes depending on what I found available and to what I d, here is how I did it…

Estoy arreglando el patiecito este verano. La verdad un bañito para pájaros no estaba en los planes originales pero este proyecto lo encontré en la revista Lowe’s Creative ideas y me gustó mucho. Siempre que veo cosas ahí las pego en Pinterest para después pero esta vez la hice!! Hize el baño para pajaritos y a todos nos encanta!
Es bien fácil, yo seguí las instrucciones que dan en Lowe’s pero le hize algunos cambios dependiendo de lo que encontré disponible y lo que me gustó, aquí les muestro… 

You’ll need the following to make the bird bath (You can get everything at Lowe’s):

  • 17-inch urn
  • 12-inch poly Urn
  • 10-inch terra-cotta saucer
  • Spray paint**
  • Flowers
  • Potting mix

Necesitarán lo siguiente para hacer el bañito de pájaros (Pueden adquirir todo en Lowe’s):

  • Una maceta de plástico de 17″
  • Una maceta de plástico tipo urna de 12″
  • Una bandeja de 10″
  • Pintura en aerosol**
  • Flores
  • Tierra

Start by drilling 4 to 5 holes on the large urn for the water drainage.

– – –

Empieza por abrir 4 a 5 huecos con un taladro en la maceta grande para el drenaje de agua.

Now grab the spray paint and have fun painting the urns and saucer with the color you chose (This was my favorite part)! **UPDATE: To be safe for the birds I recommend to use craft paint for the saucer instead of spray.– – –

Ahora usa el aerosol y diviértete pintando las macetas de tu color escogido! **ACTUALIZACION: Para  que los pajaritos no tomen agua contaminada de la pintura del aerosol es mejor usar pintura de manualidades resistente al agua en el platico.-

Place the small urn upside-down on top of the big one shown here.– – –

Coloca la maceta chiquita al revés encima de la grande como lo muestro aquí.

Fill a little bit of potting mix around the urn and then place the flowers one by one. I tried to place the different colors interchanged so all the colors would show around.– – –

Coloca un poquito de tierra y luego las plantas una por una. Yo traté de que los colores quedaran intercalados al colocarlas.

Place the saucer on top of the small urn, put some water on it and it’s done!– – –

Ahora coloca el plato del agua arriba de la maceta chiquita, ponle agua y listo!

I don’t do gardening at all, hopefully this will be a good start! I don’t have any tools but we enjoyed this a lot, especially Adrian! And for the birds, they haven’t yet come to take any baths, I’m looking into getting a little table to set it up there and make it taller, I think that where it is located and the fact that is too low makes the birds afraid to come… I drew some meanwhile

Source: http://mamitalks.com/2012/07/diy-bird-bath.html

41 Best Patio and Porch Design Ideas – Decorating Your Outdoor Space

40 Easy One Day DIY Lawn And Garden Projects You’ll Want To Try Today

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Try a Foldable Umbrella

Celebrate the arrival of warm weather with a foldable umbrella that will instantly make your space feel chicer.

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Try an Oversized Ottoman

A large ottoman isn't just great for serving drinks—it can also function as extra seating.

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The More Greenery, the Better

Breathe life into your patio with potted plants, hanging planters, and trailing vines.

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Incorporate Preppy Touches

Embrace your preppy side by opting for gingham cushions to brighten up your space.

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Hang Paper Lanterns

Enjoy an evening outdoors by illuminating your patio with paper lanterns. Layer them with candlelight to make your outdoor oasis really shine.

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Put Up a Shelf

Who said shelves can't be incorporated into outdoor spaces? Consider one to showcase your styling skills or keep entertaining essentials close by.

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Use a Patterned Stool

A graphic stool can be used to rest drinks or double as extra seating in a pinch.

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Purchase an All-Weather Patio Set

Durable furniture (think wicker) will carry you through season after season. Give it a fresh look with graphic cushions and pillows.

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Add a Flower Box to the Fence

If you've had enough of your drab fence, turn it into a conversation starter with a simple flower box.

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Experiment with a Hanging Candle Holder

If you're dining al fresco, make your table arrangement more inviting by dressing up a hanging candle holder with faux greenery.

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Go Big With Pillows

Oversized pillows can hide any unforgiving marks or nicks in your furniture. Just keep in mind that you'll ly want them all to be the same shade or pattern to help bring the room together.

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Stick With a Theme

The owners of this gorgeous patio stuck with an Americana theme throughout each piece of decor and furniture, creating a comfortable yet cohesive space.

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Grow Your Porch With Pavers

Lay stone patio tiles next to an existing deck to expand the usable space. Neutral stone creates the perfect canvas for all styles. Leave it bare or cover it partially with an outdoor rug.

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Hang an Instant Green Wall

Floating plants are a gallery wall for the outdoors! Attach flat-backed planters to the slats using zip ties or small hooks. Include plant, flower, and herb varieties for maximum interest.

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Put a Garden Bench to Work

Think of a gardening table as a multi-use station for all your backyard duties, from repotting plants to serving up food and drinks for guests. Paint it a bright color or add hooks for further customization.

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Transform a Window Into an Outdoor Bar

With a single trip to the hardware store, you can create a clever serving and hangout area close to your kitchen. For the serving ledge, install sturdy brackets (they should be slightly shorter than the depth of the board) to the exterior wall under a window and screw a painted piece of plywood on top. Highlighting the window with with a charming awning will make it appear bigger.

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Paint the Fence Black

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Cozy Up on an XL Outdoor Sofa

This entertaining all-star has a place outside the living room! In outdoor-friendly materials and clever configurations, a multi-piece sectional can turn your patio into a party-ready hangout spot. Layer in an outdoor rug and some colorful pillows and you've got yourself a pretty new spot to lounge day or night.

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Create a Backdoor Perch

Here's an easy way to keep the house clean: Stick a bench on the porch to give kids a place to ditch muddy shoes.

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Relax on Poolside Loungers

No matter the size of your pool, tasseled towels and fringed umbrellas will make you feel you're at a fancy resort. Don't forget the giant swan float!

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Get Creative With Bricks

Build a fire pit fast and get straight to s'mores. Curved paving stones hold steady without mortar, making this a 30-minute project. Metal patio chairs add a hit of color and a retro vibe.

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Borrow from Your Kitchen

When it comes to set an outdoor table, materials melamine and acrylic are key to ease, but don't hesitate to mix your seasonal pieces with serving pieces and linens that live inside.

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Make Your Own Outdoor Bar

Stock a wheelie cart with entertaining essentials — napkins, cups, and straws — and let your drinks follow the action.

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Build a Backyard Bonfire

Transform a patch of grass into a camp- retreat right in your backyard. To create a pebble patio, simply build a wooden border and fill it with gravel. Outfit with a set of Adirondack chairs.

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Go Bold With Geometric Flooring

Let your patio floors do the talking. Instead of adding new floors or tiles, refresh the space with painted geometric designs.

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Showcase Plants on a Tiered Display

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Link Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Keeping the same color scheme between indoors and out helps to connect the spaces seamlessly. Here, retractable glass panels turn the patio into an extension of the living room.

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Make an Outdoor Dining Room

A moonlit setting can turn weeknight leftovers into a picture-perfect moment. Just take an unused corner and outfit it with outdoor-friendly pillows and lighting — voilà!

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Add a Cozy Daybed

Colorful throws and pillows create a comfy, party-ready vibe. Turn your backyard into an outdoor movie theater (it's possible!) by projecting films on the side of your house.

Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/gardening/g1809/decor-ideas-deck-porch/

Side Yard Raised Garden Bed DIY

40 Easy One Day DIY Lawn And Garden Projects You’ll Want To Try Today

Our side yard wasn’t very functional and right about now, invasive ivy would be taking over. We had to rip it out four(!) times last year. This year, with everything going on… we decided to get back to our roots and plant a little garden.

Emmett and I both grew up on farms with giant gardens and we even had a huge one at our first home, but given we live in the city / suburbs now, we really don’t have room for anything too large. We opted to use our side yard for some potted plants, a raised bed, and a little herb garden.

We leveled it out, transplanted the existing periwinkle, ripped out the ivy, and lined it with gravel to make room for our new vegetable garden.

Click through to see how things shaped up, get the DIY resources, check out what we’re growing, read about future plans, see how we hid our HVAC units, and for some before & after images.

If you missed my tiered herb garden DIY, pictured below, you can find that tutorial here!

First up… a before image. This is what the side yard looked at the end of winter / beginning of spring:

It honestly doesn’t look too bad in that photo, but come summer- the ivy takes over, wrapping its way around the HVAC units, and crawling up our house. It sounds charming, but it was control. After transplanting the periwinkle, adding gravel, and installing our little garden… this is what it looks today:

Better and functional, right? We never utilized this part of our yard until now. Although it isn’t exactly my “finished vision”, I’m really happy with the way things came together.

Next year, my plan is to add a trellis to further hide the duct work, purchase matching planters, and source some decorative plant cages… maybe willow trellis or wrought iron? Right now it’s clean and functional (which was my goal), so next year will be more about beautifying the space and making it feel aesthetically pleasing. We did this quickly because I wanted to hurry and get things planted for the season and stick to a tight a budget.

We had to do some major dirt work with a tractor we borrowed, but I’m going to skip that part and just share the raised bed / garden tutorial since that seems more applicable for most people. This is what we used…


Step 1 // Assemble the raised bed and level it. Assembly didn’t take long at all, and we also decided to paint the exterior of our raised bed, so it better matched our fence and exterior.

Step 2 // Staple weed barrier to the interior of the bed. To prevent the soil from washing out when you water your garden, you’ll want to staple landscaping fabric to the inside of the bed.

Step 3 // Add your raised bed soil. We just used basic raised bed soil, making sure to break it up while pouring it in. You’ll want to make sure there aren’t any big clumps.

Step 4 // Measure and plan your garden. Depending on what you want to grow, you’ll need to plan for the appropriate negative space. Once you’ve determined your plants and their spacing & location, you’re ready to start planting!

Step 5 // Start planting. Follow the instructions on your seed packets or starter plants. Certain plants to be dug deeper into the soil, while others do great being planted container deep.

Step 6 // Label everything. This step obviously isn’t necessary, but I to be organized and labeling everything makes me happy. I obviously know what is planted in my garden, but the labels are helpful if you’re just getting started or are sending someone outside to fetch something for you.

Be sure to water your plants regularly and make sure they get adequate sunlight. Lots of people begin a garden and forget how much work or care goes into maintaining it. My biggest piece of advice is to stick with it and create a routine, in an effort to avoid neglecting it.

We planted all sorts of things this year… strawberries, bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, zucchini, all sorts of tomatoes, onions, melon, and of course plenty of herbs in our little herb garden! I’ve been loving watching things grow this season.

Lots of people wondered how we would hide our HVAC units (the big eyesores). We landed on these readymade panels because they matched our existing fence, fit the budget, and were quick & easy to install.

They’re honestly more sturdy then I expected them to be, and I think once the garden begins to grow larger, it will also help to further disguise the air conditioners.

I’ve shared this tip in the past, but thought it would be relevant and helpful if you have gravel integrated into your landscaping… see all the debris in the above image? This is the time of year the trees are dropping pollen and seeds crazy. I use a leaf blower to “clean” the gravel, as well as a water hose. I really only have to do that this time of year, so it’s very low maintenance.

There you have it… our little urban garden! Do any of you have a garden? Are you interested in starting one? I have such wonderful memories working in the garden. It has definitely been fun starting our first garden since moving to Utah. Let me know if you have any questions! Have a great week, friends.

Founder & Creative Director

Source: https://roomfortuesday.com/side-yard-garden-diy/