How to Easily Turn Terracotta Pots into Artistic Planters

Clay Pot Crafts: plenty of terra cotta pot project ideas

How to Easily Turn Terracotta Pots into Artistic Planters

Find plenty of ideas for clay pot crafts that are kid friendly. We have collected clay pot project ideas for all age groups and all of them have easy instructions. Make pretty flower pots, create clay pot people or animals, turn a terra cotta pot into just about anything!

This is one herb garden you’ll want to eat all the way down to the “dirt”! These adorable cupcakes are […]

This terra cotta pot bee is such a fun craft for kids. It’s so bright and cheery, perfect for spring. 

Turn fuzzy yarn and Styrofoam eggs into a pretty Easter arrangement. This fun family project is easy enough for school-aged […]

Kids will love making this easy mini football field craft! It’s simple to do and can be customized with your […]

This adorable project is made from terra cotta pots. It’s a sweet Christmas nativity set your kids will love to […]

Turn a clay pot into an adorable snowman candy gift pot. It’s a great gift for teachers, the mail carrier, […]

This clay pot alligator is cute and green and easy to make. Create one together today!

Talk about unity and the fact that we are all flowers of one garden while creating something beautiful your child […]

How fun it is to serve a sunflower brownies ‘grown’ from a pot of ice cream! A memorable dessert that kids […]

A bright red crab dresses up any beach party and is lots of fun to make. It starts with a […]

Mistakes are impossible to make with these cute splatter paint pots. They’re fun, easy and no artistic ability is required!

Ocean-themed pots can be used for party decorations or as decorations in a child’s room. Great way to use sand […]

This ring toss game is really fun to make and just as enjoyable to play!  It’s a great summertime activity.

These faux cacti recycled from plastic packaging are so fun to make and look great. Display these vibrant succulents on […]

What better way to celebrate graduation than with a quick and easy cupcake stand created from clay pots! This cute […]

Be sure to save space on a shelf or a table top so that these Halloween friends can join in […]

Learn how to make coffee filter flowers with this simple and easy tutorial. These flowers look very realistic and are […]

Create the look of distressed, white-washed terracotta pots, then use them to plant your favorite flowers or vegetables. These aged […]

Here’s a bright and colorful bouquet of flowers to make for Mom for Mother’s Day. A simple project that even […]

Make adorable Plastic Spoon Chicks with the kids this Easter! They’re so cute and everyone will love going home with […]

These adorable garden marker seed packet cupcake toppers look so realistic in a cookie-covered cupcake. Make these tasty cupcakes for […]

Have you ever tried baking muffins in clay flower pots? These pumpkin muffins are great for fall and make a […]

These beautiful butterflies are made from painted pasta and displayed in mini flowerpots. Give it a try!

Kids love pet rocks and these cacti couldn’t be cuter! This craft is easy and inexpensive.

Turn a clay pot and some craft foam into a darling beehive centerpiece. It’s really easy to do and looks […]

This apple jar makes a great gift for a special teacher, a gardener, or practically anyone. It starts with a […]

Use felt and clay pots to create a soft, touchable garden of faux cacti. It’s easy to do and they’re […]

Use old clay pots to make this charming lighthouse! It’s so easy to do.

Turn a child’s footprints into a beautiful butterfly flower pot. This makes a wonderful keepsake for parents, grandparents, or other […]

Turn terra cotta pots into fabulous wind chimes for the garden. The strings of beads look flowing water!

Use sea glass that you’ve gathered or bought to make a pretty planter. It makes a wonderful gift for a […]

With a few simple steps, you can turn a plain pot and a succulent into an eye-catching pineapple! It’s so […]

Turn a clay pot into a festive leprechaun hat for St Patrick’s Day. It’s so easy and really cute!

Make your own pot of gold for St. Patrick’s Day with a clay pot, candies, and pipe cleaners. It makes […]

Send guests home from your next fiesta with these cute clay pot cactus favors. It’s desert and dessert, all in […]

If you ever wished that money grew on trees, this is the craft for you! The “dirt” is actually pennies […]

Pumpkin and Jack-O-Lantern Pots These cute pots are great as a table decoration, or turned upside down they make fun […]

This felt succulent is easy to make. Give it as a no-maintenance gift, or keep it for yourself!

With kids headed back to school, parents are looking for fun ways to encourage them to do their homework. Having […]

Turn a few household objects into a cute gumball machine succulent planter! It’s a fun craft for the whole family […]

These pots may look they were painted, but they were actually decorated with melted crayon! This fun technique requires […]

Fill a clay pot with a cake pop and top with another, then you’ve got yourself a rose topiary tree! These beautiful […]

This process art project is perfect for kids of all ages! The results are different each time and the outcome […]

These cute grass head pots make a fun and educational spring craft for kids. Switch out the grass for herbs that […]

Create a beautiful spring decoration using jelly beans! These topiaries look great as centerpieces and also make a thoughtful gift.

This adorable, non-candy valentine is made from a pencil, pencil sharpener and stickers. It’s easy to make, lots of fun and […]

Create a mini herb garden in clay pots with a matte finish chalky surface. These pretty hand-painted pots make a […]

These friendly spiders are made with empty flower pots. They’re perfect for Halloween or to accompany a rousing Itsy Bitsy […]

Decorate for Halloween with this adorable lollipop Ghost Tree! It’s fun and easy to make, inexpensive, and not too spooky.

This flowerpot is so cute and is very easy to paint. It makes a wonderful gift for friends, family, teachers […]

This easy-to-make stenciled planter looks so pretty on the front porch! It’s an easy gift that kids can make themselves […]

Make a special gift for Mom this year. Paint a pot with her favorite colors, then plant her favorite flower […]

Show your favorite teacher some love with this simple teacher appreciation gift that’s useful and personal at the same time! […]

Turn flowerpots into adorable bunnies and chicks with this simple tutorial. This craft is inexpensive, fun and great for spring.

Create a festive display with this adorable pair of Santa pants, potted with pretty poinsettias. It’s easy to do and makes […]

Make adorable snowmen from plastic spoons and clay pots. They’re easy to do and couldn’t be cuter!

It’s fun and easy to paint your own flower pots! This is a great project for parents and kids to […]

Reuse old cardboard tubes to decorate a fun painted flowerpot! Easy enough for the youngest of crafters.

Use a couple of terra cotta pots to create this adorable shark. You could even use foam cups for this […]

Introduce children to stenciling with this easy, glittery flower pot.  Add a plant and it makes a wonderful gift for […]


Painted Clay Pot Critters How To Make Planters Tutorial

How to Easily Turn Terracotta Pots into Artistic Planters

You are going to love this collection of gorgeous Painted Clay Pot Critters and they are perfect for your home and garden. Be sure to check out the whole collection now.

There is an endless fascination with Clay Pots, otherwise known as Terracotta Pots and with good reason. There are so many wonderful projects and Clay Pot saucers and pots are inexpensive.

They can be upcyled into so many fabulous things that you are spoilt for choice.

What we love about these Clay Pot Critters the most is how easy they are to make. Why not create a Clay Pot Lighthouse or a Clay Pot Horse?

Chances are that you have a discarded pot sitting around in a corner of the garden. Now you can do something with it.

13 Incredibly Clever Ways To Use Clay Pots

Before we share the rest of the ideas that we have rounded up, we thought we would share this quick video from Nifty that shows you 13 fabulous ways that you can upcycle your clay pots. Click Play above to view now

via Pinterest 

Now you can do something with it turn it into a cute pig. We love this version that we found on Pinterest and it’s a great project for the kids.

You will bring so much personality to your surroundings. Scroll our page and check out all the versions.

How To Make Clay Pot Frog

  1. Use flat brush to paint outside of all pots Lime Green. Let dry. Paint inside of large pot Bright Baby Pink and inside of all small pots Lime Green.  Let dry.
  2.  Use liner brush to paint the bottom inside of two of small pots Wicker White. Paint a black inner ring around opening of bottom of pot.
  3. Use handle end of liner brush dipped in white to create dot highlight for eye.  Let dry.
  4.  Glue pots with eyes to large pot. Glue two pots to back end of large pot for legs.
  5. Glue remaining pots to front rim of large pot for front legs.
  6.  Use handle end of paintbrush to dot nose on rim in Licorice and dots on legs in Wicker White. Let dry.

How To Make Clay Pot Bumble Bee -:

  1. Paint 4″ rose pot medium yellow. Use pencil to mark 1″ stripes on pot; paint two stripes Licorice; let dry.
  2. Apply top coat of black Extreme Glitter to Licorice stripes.
  3.  Paint a 3″ foam ball Licorice; glue to rim of pot for the head.

    Cut chenille stem pieces for antennae and mouth.

  4. Insert antennae in foam; glue antennae, eyes and mouth in place.
  5.  Fill pot with flowers. Cut a rectangle of white foam; write message with black permanent marker; glue purple chenille stem to back.

  6. Insert into flowers.

How To Make Clay Pot Ladybug -:

  1. Paint 4″ pot Lipstick Red; add a top coat of red Extreme Glitter.
  2. Use pencil to mark 1″ dots; paint Licorice.
  3.  Cut one 3″ and three 1½” foam balls in half; paint Licorice.
  4. Glue large half to pot front for head and small pieces to rim for feet.
  5.  Cut chenille stem pieces for antennae and mouth.
  6. Insert antennae in foam; glue antennae, mouth and eyes in place – Source: Plaid Online

These Clay Pot Safari Animals from Joann will look wonderful hanging out at your home and they would work well indoors or out.

You can see that the items that have been used to make them are some felt, pipe cleaners and a styrofoam ball for the head.

via Terracotta Crafts by Sandy 

This Clay Pot Elephant was found on Pinterest. Whilst there is no tutorial as such, you would need 7  mini clay pots, including 3 for the trunk and 4 for the feet. You would use a Large Clay Pot for the Body and a Medium Clay Pot for the head.

You could cut out some plywood or cardboard in the shape of butterfly wings and add some fur on top of the head. Metallic spray paint for the Elephant body and googly eyes would finish your project. You can paint on some eyelashes and toenails too.

Clay Pot Giraffe via Pinterest 

Clay Pot Cows via Family Time Crafts

via Plaid Online 

We found these Clay Pot Solar Lights on Semmy and what a great idea they are.

They would be lovely dotted throughout your garden beds. All you need to do is drill a hole in the base of the Clay Pots that is big enough to stabilize the stem of the Solar Light.

Clay Pot Dog Flower Pot  via Pinterest

Clay Pot Dog via Pinterest

Claypot Dog via Pinterest

Clay Pot Dog Planter via Pinterest

Check out our popular Clay Pot Horses Post. It has directions to show you how to make your very own for your home. View here 

Frog Clay Pot via Pinterest

Minion Clay Pots via Scontent

We have also created a post that shows you how to make Clay Pot People. You can find our post here 

 Claypot Zebra via They Call Me Jammi

Clay Pot Snail via Plaid Online

Find out how to make Clay Pot Turtles here


How to Quickly Age Your Terra-Cotta Pots

How to Easily Turn Terracotta Pots into Artistic Planters

Age your terra-cotta pots in no time with these simple techniques.

many objects of value, terra-cotta pots take on character as they age. The clay darkens, assuming a whitish cast from fertilizers and the minerals in water.

When kept in the shade and watered frequently, the pots gradually acquire a verdant sheen of algae or moss. But you don't have to wait for that look. These six easy techniques help pots undergo a transformation in weeks—if not sooner.

Start now and you'll enjoy their vintage charm for many seasons to come.

Related: Terra-Cotta Clay Projects to Beautify Your Home and Garden

Accelerate the appearance of white deposits by filling the pot with a highly concentrated fertilizer solution for a few weeks. Pots aged this way are safe for plants because the salts won't wash from the pot to the soil. All you need for this simple DIY is a wine cork, candle, water, and water-soluble fertilizer.

Start by plugging the pot's drainage hole with a wine cork—a standard cork will fit a 10-inch pot perfectly. For smaller pots, whittle the cork, and for larger ones slice additional corks to fit and wedge it in place. Next, light a candle and drip the wax over the cork on the outside of the pot to seal it.

Let it cool before filling the pot with water—hard water accelerates the aging process. Add five times more fertilizer than package directions recommend and stir it until it's all dissolved. Next, set it aside until deposits appear—replenishing water as needed. The longer the pots sit, the more dramatic the effect.

Remove water, wax, and cork to finish.

One of the most natural-looking patinas can be achieved by simply slathering plain yogurt on a new pot. Yogurt applied to dry pots yields more dramatic results. For a subtler look, first, soak pots in water for 15 minutes.

All you need to age your terra-cotta pots this way is plain yogurt and a two-inch foam brush. Simply stir the yogurt and dip your foam brush into it, brushing to coat the surface of the pot; covering it completely.

Then set your pots aside in a shaded place until they achieve the desired look, at least one month.

Combining buttermilk and moss to encourage moss growth is a common tactic. The moss serves to hold the runny buttermilk in place and vary the texture as well as to promote growth. Moss, buttermilk, and a two-inch foam brush are your tools for this easy project.

 If you've gathered your own moss, remove as much soil as possible and tear it into small pieces, removing materials bark and pine needles. Start by pouring the buttermilk into a bowl then add your moss and combine.

Use your brush to paint the mixture over the terra-cotta pots, and set aside in a shaded place until you've reached the desired look. You can use a metal-bristle brush to remove any heavy clumps of moss.

It's easy to make a pot appear as if it has been unearthed in an archaeological dig. Just apply soil found in your backyard. Moist soils with high clay content are ideal, as they adhere to terra-cotta best.

Your materials for this DIY include clay soil and a flexible wire brush. Begin by rubbing soil over the surface of the pot—moistening the soil with a little water if it doesn't stick. Then place the pot in a shaded area for at least one month while the soil bonds.

Finally, brush the pot to create a varied, textured surface.

Sometimes, the simplest methods bring the most satisfying results. Soak a pot in a tub of water until algae grow on its surface. It grows best in the sun, so be sure that vessels sit in bright locations and that water is replenished as it evaporates.

Each technique will yield unique results, although a few common truths apply to the various methods. It's fine to use dairy products that aren't fresh or have expired.

Low-fat products will work, but higher-fat versions tend to be thicker and therefore less ly to drip off. To achieve an authentic appearance, vary the thickness of the materials and the direction of application.

Look to true aged pots for inspiration.

Shaded locations are ideal for most pots while they “age.” Do not stack the pots; spray them occasionally with water, or place them where rain can reach them.

Pots coated with food products may smell strongly for a few days after the ingredients have been applied; keep them away from living areas. The longer a pot sits, the more pronounced the effect will be, so it's up to you to decide when you think it's ready.

Most pots will continue to “age” even as they are being used. One final tip: Be creative; try combining methods for different effects.


26 DIY Pot Painting Ideas For The Garden

How to Easily Turn Terracotta Pots into Artistic Planters

Charm up the ordinary clay pots into these DIY stenciled pots using painting stencil. Visit DIY Candy to know more!

Transform basic terracotta pots into these unique and adorable face plant pots with easy tutorials available here.

3. Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots

Pretty up your terracotta pots by following the steps available at the Place Of My Taste!

Create this inexpensive DIY flower pot centerpiece by giving an aged look to the pots. The step by step tutorial is available here.

5. Chalk Painted Planters

Grant a rustic appeal to the usual terracotta pots with this fun DIY pot painting idea. To make these chalk painted planters, click here.

Also Read: DIY Chalkboard Paint Projects

6. Amazing Hand Painted Pots

Make beautiful DIY hand-painted pots for your houseplants. All the instructions are available at the Empress of Dirt.

7. Chalkboard Painted Pots

Make this gorgeous self-styled pot using chalkboard paint in a few basic steps, customize it with quotes or names. Visit Garden Therapy to know more!

8. DIY Chalkboard Painted Pot Favors

Make beautiful chalkboard painted pots and beautify them with colorful DIY felt flowers. Use them as wedding favors or decorative pieces. The tutorial is here.

9. Halloween Pots

Try doing this ghostly pumpkin pot project to enhance the creepy Halloween decoration! Check more about it here.

Also Read: DIY Halloween Garden Ideas

10. Ikat Pattern

Recreate these attractive ikat patterned pots to make them the new centerpieces of your house using the detailed tutorial available here.

11. Drip Painted

Try these up-side-down drip patterns on any ordinary terra cotta pot and gratify the glimpse of it. Visit Clever Nest to know more.

Create this adorable pot painting project to brighten up your desk, rooms or porch! Get the tutorial here.

There’s probably no better way to embellish a ceramic pot than this. Visit Laura’s Crafty Life to know more.

14. Herringbone Pattern Planter

Surely, one of the best DIY pot painting ideas in this list. This appealing herringbone pattern planter project is a bit time taking, but worth the efforts. See the steps here.

15. Aged New Garden Pots

Provide a rustic and aging effect to new garden pots using some paint and greasing. Check out the DIY here.

16. Dipped Color Pots

To perform this DIY, paint the lower end of the pot, diagonally in the acrylic paint of your choice and you are done! Visit Wit&Whistle to know more.

17. Chalkboard Pots

Recognize herbs easily using these chalkboard pots! Here’s the detailed tutorial.

18. DIY Painted Planter

Create this easy and fun DIY within an hour with this step-by-step tutorial.

19. Seal Painted

This pretty and lively pot DIY is inspired by Practically Functional and can be created quickly using necessary supplies.

20. Patterned Pots

Make different patterns on pots after painting them to make them more appealing. Watch the video tutorial here.

21. Golden Heart Planter

This can be a perfect offering for your guests, on any special occasion. Check out the detailed tutorial here.

22. Glitter Painted

Paint and glitter the planter pots to give them an alluring influence! Visit The Crafted Life to get the step-by-step tutorial.

23. Spray Effect

Transform white lifeless planter pots to this impressive and attractive pot using spray paint! Visit Bower Power Blog to see the steps.

24. Two-Tone Paint

Color the pots using a combination of hues to complete this unique DIY. Use your creativity to make a three-tone or multi-colored pot as well.

25. Painted Clay Pots

Enhance the look of your clay pots by giving an artistic touch to them, following the detailed tutorial available here.

26. Flower Painted Flower Pots

DIY the flower painted flower pots above to house your favorite houseplants. We found the idea here.


10 Upscale Ways to Make Over Terra-Cotta Pots

How to Easily Turn Terracotta Pots into Artistic Planters

The container that displays plants should be as much of an art piece as the flowers or foliage within it. These creative makeovers turn thrifty terra-cotta pots into upscale vessels worthy of a prominent place in your home or garden.

Adding shine to basic plant pots can be done in a flash with a simple can of gold spray paint. The gold paint takes on the texture of the pot and can give a variety of finishes, from a matte gold-leaf glimmer to a brilliant mirror shine. See the many looks you can get with gold paint, and choose your favorite at Garden Therapy.

Classic black-and-white graphics always add an upscale look that suits a modern aesthetic. This pot was wrapped with striped fabric for a quick and gorgeous mod makeover. See how Sara created it with cost-effective materials at Tell Love and Party.

There's no reason that starting seeds can't be pretty. A decoupage project and floral napkins were all some basic pots needed for the big reveal. See how Aniko made them at Place of My Taste.

Forget the high price tag for antique-looking French pots — these are new terra-cotta pots disguised to look pieces of history. With a plaster treatment and some paint, Lucy used her artistic touch to make copycats of a pricy version she coveted. See the transformation at Craftberry Bush.

Create a Container Garden

A vintage look can also be achieved with whitewashing and an image transfer. The beauty of this design is that it can be printed right from your computer. See the DIY plus get six gorgeous designs to print at Climer Photography.

A coat of white paint and a gold permanent marker are all it took to make this ritzy herringbone-pattern planter. A neutral gold and white pot makes a strong statement in the garden filled with moody hens-and-chicks. See how Krista styles her herringbone planters throughout the seasons on The Happy Housie.

Here is a planter that would be right at home at the beach house. This simple DIY would take all of 10 minutes to complete using hot glue, scallop shells, and faux-stone spray. The paint treatment is intended to look sand, bringing the beach theme to land. See how it was made at Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer.

These modern pastel-painted pots are a softer way to welcome the hot summer days out in the garden. It reminds me of ice cream cones and sidewalk chalk, a nod to childhood pleasures and long summer days. Make these pastel planters with chalk paint and you can label your plants, too. Get the instructions at Home-ology Modern Vintage.

Terra-cotta doesn't need to be covered for an upscale look; it can all be in how the display is put together. This tremendous transformation takes inexpensive materials and various-size flowerpots to create a table centerpiece that will make guests swoon. See how it's made on Garden Therapy.

Up your outdoor entertaining display with DIY serveware made from garden pots. This summery beverage-dispenser stand was a simple makeover with a grand appeal. See how Debbie made it and get the instructions at Refresh Restyle.


Mini Hand-Drawn Art Clay Pot Planter

How to Easily Turn Terracotta Pots into Artistic Planters

Create your own pretty little hand-drawn art clay pot planter in under 15 minutes. All you need is a pen and a pot and you can make fun little mini art decor crafts.

These cute mini planters are a quick craft and a great diy gift or decor you can make so quickly. You can start with mini terra cotta pots, paint or leave them as is. Then add whatever art you .

I always draw flowers as my go-to doodle… so today flowers it is! Plus, I think flowers are perfect art designs for mini planters… keep the gardening vibe going.

Make your own pretty little hand-draw clay pot planters

I pre-painted my pots white and then just used a Sharpie marker to draw cute flower doodles. You can make Spring art I did, or draw your own designs, it’s up to you! I am using a chalk paint for this project, I find the pen draws a little better on this particular paint. Use whatever paint you have on hand and try it out.

I turned my mini pots into magnets, however, you can use these pots without the magnets too. I’ll list the supplies and instruction below, but you can skip the magnet step if you’d .


Supplies for mini clay pot planters

Tip: apply some paint to basic cardstock and allow it to dry. Then test out your pens before you spend time painting your pots.


  1. Paint your mini pots however you’d . I used white paint and left the rim of the pots terra cotta. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  2. Draw whatever design you’d on the pot.
  3. Hot glue a magnet to the pot – on whichever side you’d to be the “back”.
  4. Add a real plant or a fake plant, you choose.

Draw your own art on mini clay pots

Watch the video
Here’s a video tutorial you can follow along to make your own cute little hand-drawn art clay pot.

Decorating your own mini plant pots is quick and easy

See below for more step-by-step photos to help you create your own clay pot art planters. This painting and drawing technique could be used on any size pot. However, I recommend, if you’re going to decorate a larger pot, try a thicker pen. You could use the small pen, but a larger pen will cover more area more quickly and be easier to see.

I think it would be fun to decorate a large planter… the type that you set on the front porch. How pretty would that be? And then you can show off your art to the neighborhood!

Make mini clay pots decorated with hand-drawn art – tutorial by Jen Goode

Adding magnets to your mini pot planters

I added little magnets with hot glue to the back of my mini pots. They can be used as decor on the fridge or, I have some magnets set up on my wall next to my desk, so adding a little plant is perfect for including some color to my small workspace decor. You don’t need to attach magnets to your own pots, but I think it’s a fun idea to create an extra mini decor accent for your space.

Mini planter magnets for the fridgeMini planter magnet for the office – cute decor for any small space

Get creative and play with your drawing designs on the pots. You can make these mini planters as gifts or decor for small spaces. Try different paint colors and different pen colors for a whole new look!

–This project is part of this month’s Craft Lightning Clay Pot crafts theme. Hop on over and check out all the other fun crafts everyone has created.

How to decorate your own mini clay pots with hand-drawn art