How To Upcycle Pallets Into Strawberry Pallet Planters {Brilliant Gardening Project}

Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden

How To Upcycle Pallets Into Strawberry Pallet Planters {Brilliant Gardening Project}

Summer is waning, and since I am a diehard autumnal girl, I’d usually be very excited by now. But I have to be honest — this lush and vibrant pallet vertical garden is making me want to stay in summer for another month or two.

There have been many pallet projects and many vertical garden projects, but none combine the two elements as well as this tutorial developed by Fern Richardson of Life on the Balcony and recreated by Steph of the local spoon.

I this so much, I might have to squeeze it in before I focus entirely on fall projects. — Kate

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There is nothing more adorable than little baby succulents. I happened to have a teeny porch desperately in need of love that didn’t get a lot of sun, so succulents were the perfect low-water, low-light choice.

I also loved the idea of making something a pallet, one of those items you see everywhere — you have to wonder what happens to all of them, and I was excited to give one a purpose and home on my neglected porch.

It transformed the space and was easy and lots of fun to make (the best part of all might have been my trip to the nursery where I could buy adorable baby succulents to my heart’s content). — Stephanie


  • a pallet (I found mine for free at a local garden store — mine measured 25 x 38 inches)
  • roll of landscaping paper (this can be quite expensive, but you don’t need as much as comes in a typical landscaping roll, so you might be able to find someone’s excess on Craigslist or at a local garden shop)
  • sandpaper
  • staple gun and staples
  • hammer and nails
  • potting soil (I used 2.5 cubic feet for the 25 x 38 pallet)
  • adorable succulents or other plants of choice


1. Sand down any rough spots on your pallet.

If the back of your pallet doesn’t have much support (mine was basically open on the back), find some scrap wood, roughly 3 to 4 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick (or the thickness of the rest of your supports) and cut it down to the width of your pallet. Using two nails on each side, add supports so they are roughly even down the back of your pallet.

2. Double or triple up your landscaping fabric and begin the stapling fun. Staple fabric along the back, bottom and sides of the pallet, taking care at the corners to fold in the fabric so no soil will spill out. (See photos for details on folding corners.)

3. Lay the pallet flat and pour potting soil through slats, pressing soil down firmly. Leave enough room to begin planting your succulents.

4. Begin planting, starting at the bottom of the pallet and ending at the top. Make sure soil is firmly packed in each layer as you move up. Add more soil as needed so that plants are tightly packed at the end.

5. Water your wall garden thoroughly and let it remain horizontal for 1 to 2 weeks to allow plants to take root. After 1 to 2 weeks, you can set it upright.

Note: Remember when you water to start at the top and water each subsequent section a little less, as your water will naturally seep through to the bottom-most plants.



Over 40 Pallet Gardening Ideas for Spring • 1001 Pallets

How To Upcycle Pallets Into Strawberry Pallet Planters {Brilliant Gardening Project}

Spring is here, and with that, the time is right to start those gardens! Big or small, has spring pallet gardening ideas for ’em all! Have a look at several types of garden planters, raised beds, vertical gardens and more that you can incorporate into any space!

Spring pallet gardening ideas to inspire you! Skip the flowers and plant a garden instead!

Start simple with a single Pallet Hanging Planter for any wall.

This one happens to have flowers, but you could do a herb planter instead if you chose. 🙂

Here’s a project that is multi-purpose – and would even work for a small patio or terrace – a Pallet Growing Table.

Even if you’re in an apartment, you can STILL grow things with a Pallet Ceiling Light!

If you have a small terrace or patio area, you could make this Modern Terrace Planter or adapt it to your surroundings!

Unleash your inner artist AND build a Water-Wise Reservoir Pallet Planter! It’ll self-water so you can fill it up once in a while.

How about something that could even beautify your FRONT yard? Try out this Planter Pyramid!

A Self-Watering Pallet Planter with Upcycled Trellis

Even if you’re just camouflaging a space, you can adapt this Hidden Water Tank Pallet Planter idea for your needs!

Even with a teensy yard, you can make a Single-Pallet Greenhouse/Raised Planter!

When you’re sprouting those seedlings, you need a Little Pallet Greenhouse (or cold house for winter plantings)

Don’t forget – you can grow a lot of produce even from square-foot gardens and even little Pallet Planters that are decorative for your patio can be great for the kids to learn the concepts!

Another small-scale Raised Pallet Planter box that is both beautiful and functional for your Spring Pallet Gardening Ideas!

Good fences make good neighbors, but GREAT fences do double-duty as a Pallet Planter & Screen!

Don’t just make a boring row of plants as your garden. Make a Modern Terraced Planter Box to beautify your outdoor living spaces!

You can even garden when living in an apartment. All you need is a little corner to make a Triangular Pallet Planter – and then grow some strawberries or tomatoes or…?

This is an ingenious setup – a Stacked Stairs Pallet Planter!

A pair of beautiful Pallet Planters for your patio or porch!

…or this BRILLIANT, Bird-Proof Pallet Garden

Another great little Self-Watering Planter from Pallets! Another way to address Spring Pallet Gardening Ideas while saving water!

A fun twist on traditional gardening – Gardening the Pallet Way!

A little Urban Pallet Garden – raised up for easy maintenance!

Here’s a GREAT combination – Add a little gardening or planting space to your Pallet Sofa!

Here’s another little Raised Pallet Garden that saves you the low back pain. 🙂

How about an easy, KID-FRIENDLY Pallet Garden that you could have ready in an hour?

Here’s another Raised Pallet Gardening Bed that’s on a bigger scale, but you can adjust to your desires!

Go big or go home – with this Wall of Pallet Planters!

Don’t be afraid of growing veggies that vine and climb – this Tall Veggie Pallet Planter has you covered!

Pretty AND practical! This Gorgeous Pallet Planter is good enough to show off on your front porch!

A Raised Pallet Garden ready to be converted into a Greenhouse in the wintertime!

These Raised Pallet Planters could be converted to a PALLET BACKYARD BAR when not in use during the winter. Just cover the tops with plywood (or pallet wood of course), and you’re ready to go!

Have your Pallet Garden and have style (and storage) too!

Here’s an adorable Micro-Pallet Herb Garden perfect for any tiny home! Use some chalk paint, and you can easily label your herb garden year-to-year!

Start your seedlings in Rustic Style with another Pallet Hot Bed design!

Hey, if your couch can be a mini-garden, why not have a Micro-Garden Pallet Coffee Table? How’s that for a fun way to dream up your Spring Pallet Gardening Ideas?

Even a little space can be used – this Pallet Balcony Garden Planter!

Pallet Urban Spaces Gardening is a great idea too – everyone should get the chance to garden!

Here’s a Large Raised Pallet Planter

You’ll definitely need a little Gardening Tool Box with these inspiring designs!

A Three-Tiered Pallet Planter

Strawberry Pallet Pyramids!

Don’t forget a nice Pallet Potting Bench to get your garden going!

That’s all folks! We hope you enjoy this spring pallet ideas selection and that you find some inspiration for your next project!

Happy Palleting!