5 Easy Easter Crafts For Kids In Under 5 Minutes

Last Minute Easter Crafts

5 Easy Easter Crafts For Kids In Under 5 Minutes

Here are a few last minute ideas for making Easter Crafts with your child.

Last Minute Easter Crafts for Kids

Looking for something to quickly do for the kids to celebrate Easter this weekend? We put together a few fun and simple ideas to put you in the Easter spirit using items you’ll have already in your craft closet!

Bunny Handprint

You can make a bunny handprint card or placemat. Simple paint your child’s hand with paint but paint just two fingers so you can create ears for the bunny. Draw your bunnies whiskers, mouth, nose and eyes or add some eyes and pompoms.

Dye Easter Eggs

You can color your eggs using food coloring and vinegar just as easily as grabbing a box from the Dollar Tree.  We use crayons to color on the eggs before we color them to add patterns and pictures. Don’t forget to save your egg cartons to create all sorts of crafts. 

TinkerLabs has an egg challange coming soon.  Need some inspiration, check out this egg carton wreath by Homemade Serenity

Make a Bunny Sandwich

Using a bunny cookie cutter fill your sandwich and then cut the bread with the cookie cutter.  We filled our sandwiches with egg salad and chicken salad for a Bunny Lunch with friends.  Use pretzels for the whiskers and raisins or craisins for the eyes and nose. 

We added some Bunny Crackers from Annie’s to our plates for fun too.  Want to make Bunny Bread?

Egg Wreath

Using paper and crayons create n card or place card for everyone at your Easter Table. Or you can create what we made for our Virtual Book Club and make an Easter Egg Wreath full of ideas for learning about Selflessness through doing acts of kindness for Easter.  For more details click here.

Egg Fun

There something just fun about playing with Easter Eggs! Consider new places to play with them the bath tub or a water table or a wading pool. Think about new things that you can hide in them. Rocks, gems, glass beads, scarves.

There’s always egg hunts that you can do again and again and help your child build their problem solving skills and build their imagination.  Here are 5 Creative Easter Egg Hunts from Quirky Momma.

Spring Animals

Local Egg Hunts are a fun way to experience Easter. Sometimes they even had live animals for your child to experience. Even a visit to your local feed store may give your children an experience watching baby chicks!

Sibling Easter Crafts

Here are a few Easter crafts to do with your Toddler that are open ended crafts to allow for kids to make choices, but yet are still cute to hang up! Click here to find more ideas.  They transition well into crafts for siblings.

Sticker Eggs

Use random stickers to decorate your plastic eggs or we found this cute little set of stickers with bunny parts.

Easter Wall Hanging

Using simple shapes you can create a wall hanging for Easter. We used circles to create a chick, a flower and a bunny. Then we attached all of our creations to a long piece of construction paper to hand on the door for Easter Sunday.

If you’re looking for more Easter Crafts, don’t forget to check out our 40+ Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids Hope you have a very special Easter with your child!

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Quick and Cute: 14 Ten-Minute Crafts for Kids

5 Easy Easter Crafts For Kids In Under 5 Minutes

Check out all of these fast and easy, 10-minute crafts for kids. These are great to use as an instant activity if kids are bored, as a temporary distraction, or as a craft project for kids with short attention spans. It's great to have a few of these up your sleeve for slow moments after school, on weekends, or on holidays!

  • @nadydelarosaphotographyWe to think of these as the original fidget spinners. Paper pinwheels are a timeless craft and a great STEM project for kids. These even make a pretty craft for adults; think: adorable baby shower decor!
  • Think play dough takes hours to make? Think again! This recipe only requires three ingredients and can be made in mere minutes. For the little sculptors in your house, this craft is a quick fix to cure boredom any day!
  • Katherine LeeThese easy paper baskets are perfect for spring or really any day. With just paper, some string, and a doily, your kids can make this craft in any color they choose. Fill it with flowers in the spring or candy canes in the winter for year-round fun!
  • If your kids love “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” they'll love this easy craft for making their very own fruit-loving critter. Made with paper, scissors, glue and some googly eyes, this craft is perfect for any slow moment in the day!Continue to 5 of 11 below.
  • When your kids are learning how to count, it may be difficult to motivate them while they're still trying to get it down. Make teaching and learning a fun tactile activity with this super easy and under-10-minute craft to make glitter glue counting sticks.
  • Don't let empty milk jugs go to waste–turn them into cute and eco-friendly watering cans! Just poke some holes in the cap, maybe even use some paint or washi tape to decorate, and you're all set for some gardening fun!
  • Recycle boxes lying around the house with this easy magnetic cardboard tic tac toe craft. Make your board in under 10 minutes for a fun fridge game your kids can play anytime they want!
  • Tape resist art is a longstanding favorite craft for kids. It looks cool and seems magic to your little ones! It's unbelievably easy to set up and so quick to make. Just lay down tape in a fun pattern, or maybe go for something more abstract, and start painting!Continue to 9 of 11 below.
  • Thinking of tossing your kids' old art projects? Instead of throwing them out, help your kids turn them into adorable pinwheels that take only minutes to make.
  • Chrissy PkOrigami finger puppets are super fun, amazingly quick, and make for tons of fun once they're decorated! Your kids will love making their own kitties and puppies to play with on long car rides or just around the house!
  • If you have an old train sets lying around, or maybe a new one that you don't mind getting dirty, this is a super fun and super fast art project to do with kids. It's finger painting without the mess, and provides the same sort of tactile learning experience!

Source: https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/10-minute-crafts-for-kids-1250670

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids –

5 Easy Easter Crafts For Kids In Under 5 Minutes

Easter is in just a few weeks and the girls are getting super excited for the Easter bunny to visit! The Easter holiday will be quite different this year with us not being able to really leave our home. I am planning on lots of Easter crafts, egg hunts around the back yard, and luckily snagged the girls Easter goodies for their baskets a few weeks ago.

The girls are honestly going a little stir crazy, so we’ve been doing a lot of crafts. It might not take too much of our day up, but they really love them and look forward to them. I wanted to share 15 easy Easter craft ideas for kids to keep you and your little ones busy over the next few weeks!

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

We are really looking forward to trying the salt painted Easter eggs especially. It looks easy enough and I think it’ll be easy for the girls to do! The paper plate chicks are super cute too and I think we can get creative with supplies we have in our home. Let me know if you end up trying any of these!

1. Little ones will love making colorful Easter egg suncatchers from tissue paper! They can decide on a design and make each Easter egg with a unique color scheme! Display finished suncatchers to brighten the window view!

2. Assist your child to make a salty outline and try making different salt painted Easter bunny. This process art will present an opportunity to try a different kind of painting. Applying glue is an awesome finger and hand strengthening activity.

3. Toddlers and preschoolers are a bit young to work on sewing projects. They can still work on lacing projects introducing sewing in Easter chick paper plate craft. Kids will have fun as they work on their fine motor skills!

4. Next Easter craft project is just too cute! Prepare templates and invite your children to make paper bunny masks. Be prepared to see little bunnies hopping around the home next few weeks!

5. You probably have a tin foil roll in your home? Take out your sharpies and let kids decorate tin foil Easter eggs. You can string the finished eggs and create an amazing sparkly Easter banner!

6. If you are not afraid of mess, your kids can play around and make marbled Easter egg art. To be truthful, almost all art projects are more or less messy. But, looking at finished Easter eggs, you have to admit it’s worth the mess!

7. Thumbprint here, thumbprint there! And before you know, you will make an adorable little thumbprint bunny with a fluffy tail! It can’t get any easier to make a cute Easter craft than this!

8. We just love classic crafts with a holiday spin! Take a look at scratch art Easter eggs and you will love it as well! Kids always get surprised as they reveal colors under the black paint! You never know how your Easter egg will turn out!

9. We spotted another adorable bunny craft with a fluffy tail and had to share with you! Different art process is used to create paper plate bunny craft – pom pom printing! Let your little one choose a color for the background.

10. Crunching and tearing tissue paper is an amazing workout for little fingers! Let them decorate paper egg shapes with tissue paper, then put them together to form a lovely Easter egg wreath for your front door!

11. Forks are meant for feeding! Well, not today! We will use them to make art! And it’s a super cute fork chick painted art! This project will make kids think: “What else we can use to make art?”.

12. Puffy painting is fun and a great sensory experience for kids. They can use their fingers or change it to a brush to try different effects. You can make a shaving cream puffy paint Easter eggs, bunnies, chick or a whole Easter basket!

13. Rock collecting and rock painting has always been popular with my girls! How about your kids? If you have a rock collection in your home, you can make easy rock painted Easter eggs!

14. Your kids probably painted pasta in the past? It’s one of the must-do classic crafts I guess everyone has done before! However, we never used painted pasta as a part of a collage in pasta Easter eggs craft! Going on our to-make list!

15. Adding a surprise element to crafting is always exciting for kids! We also love how easily they can make watercolor surprise Easter egg craft! Get your watercolors and white crayon ready!

Make sure to check out our Easter basket ideas here! Thanks so much for reading!

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10 Easy and Fun Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

5 Easy Easter Crafts For Kids In Under 5 Minutes

When I think back to my time in the classroom – Easter was most definitely one of my most favorite times of the school year! The warm fuzzies I felt when beginning to plan the fun Easter craft activities I could do with my little bunnies were perfection. Here are some super easy, yet super cute Easter craft ideas you can use in your classroom.

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The pure joy on the little cherubs faces during the Easter hat parade always got me!

Are you stuck for time? Perhaps the last week of term has crept up and you’ve realised you haven’t even got any easter craft sorted! Don’t stress, you have your own artists and inventors in your very own classroom, all they need is the supplies.

Fill a table with whatever you can find in your arts and crafts cupboard. Give your students the task of creating their very own Easter hat for the Easter hat parade. The littlies may need a bit of help with the main construction of the hat but the decorating is all up to them!

Pop on some fun Easter music and you’ll all be smiling from bunny ear to bunny ear!

The colors of Easter craft are always so bright and cheery! All you have to do is scroll through this blog and you’ll instantly feel excited to spend an afternoon doing some Easter craft (the kids will too).

Here are some more of our favorite Easter craft activities suitable for the early years classroom.

3-in-1 Funky Easter Craft Fun

You can’t put together a list of Easter craft ideas without including these amazing Funky Craft templates. The cuteness factor is undeniable!

From the original Funky Easter Bunny template that had everyone talking to the cute funky character that is every bunnies friend (see what I did there) – The Funky Easter Egg template.

The best thing about this craft is you don’t really need much to get started – and when your students start, they will be fully immersed for ages trying to get all of those patterns just right. You’re welcome!

Potato Masher Easter Egg Stamping

Who would have thought, a trusty kitchen utensil used for mashing up potato would be the perfect size and pattern to create some stupendous Easter egg stamping fun?

This is such a super cute and fun art activity for your little bunnies. Again, the materials required are very minimal for this Easter craft.

How you use this Easter egg stamp idea is up to you and your students. It may be set up as an art and craft station and your students can experiment with different colors.

We decided to create a lovely Easter card that the students may to take home to give to someone special.

Easter Character Terracotta Pot Craft

This Easter craft is slightly more fiddly but you can’t deny the cuteness factor of these gorgeous Easter inspired character pots.

You can pick up cheap terracotta pots from any hardware. Most other materials you may find in your arts and craft supplies.

  • Acrylic paint
  • Teraccotta pots
  • Goggly eyes
  • Colored paper (pink, white and orange)
  • Large pompoms (white and yellow)
  • Feathers

Get painting. White for an Easter rabbit, yellow for a chick or just a cute blue bird for those that may not necessarily celebrate the Easter tradition.

Get decorating. We used cute googly eyes and some feathers, paper or pipe cleaners to create these cute little characters. The best sticking utencil a hot glue gun!

Your students could leave these pots on their desks for when the Easter bunny visits their classroom. Alternatively, they would also look super cute with little succulents in them!

Easter Egg and Chick Template

This super fun Easter craft template is the perfect mix of coloring in, cutting out and assembling!

Materials needed for this craft are minimal too!

Download and print our Easter Egg and Chick Craft Template. We then used paper straws but you can also use two pop stick stuck together to give it the right length for the chick to pop up in between the cracked egg.

How to use this resource:

  1. Decorate the Easter egg and cut it out (including the zigzagged part in the middle to create a cracked egg).
  2. Color the chick and cut it out.
  3. Glue the top of the chick to the cracked end of the top piece of the egg.
  4. Glue a paper straw or two large wooden craft sticks to the back of the chick template.
  5. Cut out the strip of paper and glue each end of the strip of paper to the back of the bottom piece of the egg, just below the cracked edge.
  6. Slip your chick and stick between the strip and the back of the bottom of the egg.
  7. Slide the chick up and down as it peeks between the cracked pieces of the Easter egg.

Easter Agamograph Coloring In Template

Did you know that an agamograph is a series of images that change at different angles?

Your students will have lots of fun creating this cool Easter craft. Simply download our Easter Agamograph Coloring In Template and get your students coloring.

Talk to them about how the two different images are separated in the template. Focus on one image at a time to get the colors consistent.

Then, fold the picture a fan and move from right to left to see the different images! What fun!

I hope you’ve been inspired by some of these super cute Easter craft ideas. For even more super cute Easter craft and activity ideas for the classroom, check out our Easter Teaching Resource Collection!

Happy Easter and enjoy your well-deserved break – from the team at Teach Starter

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5 Easy Easter Crafts For Kids In Under 5 Minutes

5 Easy Easter Crafts For Kids In Under 5 Minutes

Easter is definitely one of my favorite holidays. After the long, cold winter where I live, springtime is very welcome. I can’t tell you how happy I am about the warmer weather and the flowers blossoming.

For me, Easter is as much a celebration of springtime as it is a religious holiday. Most of the crafts I feature on this site are based around that. I can’t get enough of cute bunnies and chicks. So I’ve taught you how to make an adorable and delicious Easter bunny cake, and how to make a bunny from an old sock.

In this video, I will teach you 5 ways to make bunnies and chicks the most ordinary of supplies. These crafts are super fast and easy, so they are a great activity to do with your kids. Just remember to supervise your children if they use the glue gun; small children should use a glue stick instead.

Video Tutorial:

Paper Plate Bunny


Paper plate Googly eyes Construction paper Pipe cleaners Heart embellishment Hot glue and glue gun



1. Begin by cutting construction paper into the shape of two bunny ears. I used pink and yellow paper for this.

2. Glue the bunny ears onto a paper plate. The plate will be the bunny’s face.

3. Paste googly eyes onto the plate.

4. Use pipe cleaners to create the bunny’s whiskers.

5. Add a heart embellishment as the nose, and use a pen or marker to raw on the mouth.

Easter Chick Basket


Yellow construction paper Orange or red construction paper Marker

Hot glue and glue gun


1. Use yellow construction paper to make a small “roll” shape. If you want it to be sturdier, you can start with a paper roll and then wrap the yellow construction paper around it.

2. Cut out a small triangle of orange or red construction paper.

2. Hot glue the triangle to the paper roll. This will be the bird’s beak.

3. Using a marker or pen, draw on the eyes.

4. Cut a pair of wings the yellow construction paper and glue those on as well.

5. Cut out a strip of yellow construction paper and attach it to the top to serve as a handle.

Here is your finished basket!

Bunny Pencil Cup


Construction paper Pen or marker Flower embellishment Hot glue and glue gun

Pens, markers, or pencils


1. First, roll some construction paper in a color of your choice (I went with pink) into a tube shape.

2. Cut out a couple of “ear” shapes construction paper. I used a combination of white and pink paper for this.

3. Glue the ears onto the paper tube.

4. Glue on a flower embellishment at the top by the ears (or decorate any other way you want).

5. Use a pen or marker to draw a face onto the bunny.

6. Place an assortment of markers, pens, or pencils inside. This makes for a great gift, especially for a co-worker or student.

Paper Strip Chick


Yellow construction paper Orange construction paper Hot glue and glue gun Googly eyes Pipe cleaner



1. First, you will need 4 long strips of construction paper. Go with yellow since you are making an Easter chick.

2. Hot glue all of the strips together. First, glue two of them together into what looks a “plus sign.”

3. Next, overlay the other 2 strips in the same fashion, but at a 45 degree angle. All of the strips should be evenly spaced at this point.

4. Take one of the strips and bend the two ends upward and toward each other to form a ring-shape. Glue them in place.

5. Do the same thing with all the other strips. This will give you a spherical shape.

6. Glue on a beak made orange construction paper, as well as a pair of googly eyes (the eyes should be placed on each of the strips to either side of the one with the beak).

7. Glue on a bow at the top. I also used pipe cleaners to embellish.

Paper Roll Bunny


Paper roll Cardboard Construction paper Cotton ball Straw Googly eyes Heart embellishment

Hot glue and glue gun


1. Cut out a piece of cardboard in a small circle shape and hot glue it to the base of a paper roll. The circle will be the bunny’s face.

2. Attach a cotton ball to the opposite end of the paper roll to serve as the tail.

3. Glue a pair of googly eyes onto the circle. Next, add some straw in place of whiskers. Add a heart for the nose.

4. Cut a pair of ears construction paper and attach those as well.

These 5 Easter crafts could not be simpler, and you probably have most of the supplies you need on hand! For anything you might be missing, you can ly improvise. Enjoy!

Source: https://www.diyncrafts.com/37507/home/parenting/5-easy-easter-crafts-for-kids-in-under-5-minutes