How to Make a Beautiful Bouquet Out Of … Baby Clothes! {Baby Shower Gift Idea}

New Baby Flowers

How to Make a Beautiful Bouquet Out Of … Baby Clothes! {Baby Shower Gift Idea}
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The UK’s original Baby Clothes Bouquets. New baby flowers with a modern twist. Unfurl a flowerbud to reveal the cleverly hidden socks, bibs, bodysuits, sleepsuits and much more…

A beautiful and practical gift to welcome baby.

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What the press are saying

“this seasons must have gift – an exquisite bouquet of baby clothes” Vogue Magazine

“baby clothes disguised as a bouquet” InStyle Magazine

“a deliciously kooky alternative to a celebratory bouquet” Junior Magazine

“forget the usual bunch of flowers this babywear bouquet is a perfect gift for anyone who has just become a mum” Daily Mirror

“Say it in socks with this cute baby clothes bouquet” WM Magazine

“Make It A Blooming Celebration…” Sheerluxe

“Flowers are out and The Flower Stork is in…” CouttsWoman

What our customers are saying

“Best value for money, gorgeous items. Have compared with lots of other competitors.” Silvia – London

“The chocolate bouquets have arrived – they are fantastic! (and excellent service too – they arrived exactly when you said they would).” Jan – Midlands

“I had a number of colleagues compliment on your beautiful chocolate bouquet…will definitely recommend you if anyone is looking for an awesome “wow” gift!” Kathy – London

“The new mother was delighted to receive such a delightful gift and so soon.” Jennifer – Tyne & Wear

A new arrival, looking for a new baby gift!

Flowers have long been a traditional celebratory gift to welcome a new baby. Sending new baby flowers to a new mum and new dad is a time honoured tradition of congratulating the new parents on their special new arrival.

Now you can send them your love and congratulations with an unusual twist to the classic baby bouquet, by sending a gift that combines the beauty of flowers with practical items of baby clothing – the bouquet of baby clothes is born!

A revolution in new baby gifts! Our unique range of baby clothing bouquets are a great alternative to a fresh flower bouquet, they will be welcomed on a maternity ward (fresh flowers are now banned in most due to MRSA), they won’t tickle a delicate newborn nose or anyone else who suffers from pollen allergies and they will still be in bloom long after the fresh flowers have wilted. Containing buds and blooms carefully hand crafted in the UK from the best quality cotton babywear, from socks and bodysuits, to bibs and sleepsuits. Our bouquets of baby clothes are beautifully presented wrapped in cellophane presented in our signature Flower Stork gift box. A tired new mum won’t even need to rummage around for a vase, no mean feat after 3 hours sleep! Delivered the very next day, these stunning new baby gifts really do have that wow factor that will long be remembered by a proud new mum and new dad.

Whether you are looking for a baby boy gift, baby girl gift or even a twins gift there is something in our range to suit every budget.

Alongside the range of baby clothes bouquets are a selection of carefully chosen complimentary gifts, including new mum gifts, new dad gifts and not forgetting new sibling gifts.

All of our new baby bouquets also come in Classic White if you are looking for a maternity gift to farewell mum on maternity leave or a baby shower gift, where the sex of the baby is still a surprise.

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DIY Baby Sock Bouquets – Flower Bouquets made with Baby Socks

How to Make a Beautiful Bouquet Out Of … Baby Clothes! {Baby Shower Gift Idea}

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Flower Bouquets made with Baby Socks! How to make a sock into a flower. LEARN how to make baby sock and washcloth roses which are perfect baby shower gifts.

Whether you need to make a baby boy sock bouquet or a baby girl sock bouquet that doesn’t matter it is all the colors of the socks or washcloths that determine that, but they are such a great gift and easy as well to make.

We love Baby things and making our own Baby shower gifts or just presents for friends who are having babies or for friend of friends. Lots of people have asked me how to DIY Baby Sock Bouquets and I thought it is so easy so i wanted to do a post with lots of images I found on Pinterest to give you ideas and tutorials to help.

Basic Baby Sock Bouquet

This baby shower flower bouquet is quite simple to make you will need to get some jefferies socks from Amazon as they are the perfect size and the best to use for the Baby Sock Flowers.

You can chose which ever colors you love, as it doesn’t matter so much it is your own creation you really don’t need the baby shower bouquet instructions as they are easy to make and once you add the other touches the baby breath flowers and the tissue paper and put them in a bucket it is perfect and really easy.

How to make a baby sock bouquet for baby shower, easy sock boquet you can just follow the below instructions as it is quite easy.

((If you do need the instructions then here is an image with a very basic idea of how the Baby sock Bouquets are made. Your imagination can take you to any limits, any colors and lots of love.))

DIY baby socks and diaper or washcloth flower bouquets that are really simple to make and looks so amazing to give as a gift. Why not make a baby shower sock bouquet that you can either use as a centerpiece or as a gift. I know I would be thrilled if I was gifted gorgeous baby sock roses or washcloth flowers.


Socks Baby NewbornMetal Bucket Light BlueBaby’s Breath White Blooms

Some Great DIY Baby Shower Party Ideas For Boys Here

Some Great DIY Baby Shower Party Ideas For Girls Here

Boy or Girl Baby Sock Bouquet

Boy or Girl these can be made for in neutral colors and they look real flowers and so cute just add some wrapping paper and a little card and your family or friends having a baby would love this as a gift.


• Baby Socks and Rompers •

If you wanted to use washcloths instead of Baby socks then here are some very cute baby washcloth bouquets you can make.

These Baby Shower Washcloth Bouquet are a great idea as they can be very useful for a new mom and these are really soft baby ones so are very gentle on the babies delicate skin, I think these are way easier to make than the Baby Sock Flowers but look just as good and I am sure they will be very much appreciated as they are very practical.


You might also be interested in these Baby sock and washcloth cupcakes which are also perfect as a baby shower gift

Baby clothes bouquet DIY what a lovely idea for a gift to use baby clothes onesies, socks, bibs and face washers and make them into a gorgeous flower bouquet and present it to the mom to be.

Ankle Socks BabySoft Terry WashclothBaby Socks

Colorful Baby Sock Flower Bouquet

This is my favorite one as it is so colorful and just perfect for boy or girl, don’t ya think?

Metal PailBath Toy Rubber DuckTerry Washcloth Set

Rainbow Striped Knee-High SocksMunchkin Duck Bath ToyGalvanized Steel PailWashcloth Set in Pink LinesSoft Terry Bath WashclothsGrip Socks Baby Toddler

Pink and Blue Baby Sock Bouquets

These Baby Sock Bouquets are lovely and they are wrapped in baby clothes instead of wrapping paper so that is a double the gift. These are Great Baby Shower Party Ideas

Toy Plush BeesPolka Dots Tissue PaperSilk Leaf Green

This is made with Love and so easy to make and your friends will love you for the time and effort you have put into making this gorgeous gift.

Metal PailBaby SocksGypsophilaPink Tissue Paper

Tutorial of Baby Sock Bouquet

Now here is an image of a very easy way to wrap your gorgeous sock Bouquet once you have made it.

DIY Baby sock and cloth diaper flower bouquets. They are really EASY to make and look awesome and so practical.

Grab this here already made sock bouquet if you feel you don’t have the time or not sure you can make your own

These are gorgeous DIY Baby Sock Bouquets which are very easy to make you just need the right materials and I have helped you with that with putting links through the post to places you can purchase the products so you can get started straight away. Have fun enjoy and put your heart and soul into making them.

You can certainly make flowers made baby clothes by using baby onesies or little singlets and just following the above tutorials.It it really easy to swap clothes and socks around and make these gorgeous clothes bouquets then when you give it as a gift it is perfect as your friend can use all the baby socks and baby clothes. Just such a beautiful gift idea.

==>If you are looking for baby sock cupcake instructions then look no further we have a great post on our blog all about these really cute sock cupcakes.


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24 Best Baby Gift Baskets of All-Time for Baby Showers (Guaranteed Wins)

How to Make a Beautiful Bouquet Out Of … Baby Clothes! {Baby Shower Gift Idea}

Baby showers are fun, whether you’re the host or a guest. Part of the fun is all of the beautiful gifts. Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right present, so we have a great selection of collections – baby gift baskets filled with a variety of adorable and practical items for the new family to enjoy.

New Parents Wine Lovers Gender Neutral Baby Gift Basket

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? You don’t need to know if you know mommy is looking forward to celebrating with a nice bottle of wine! She’ll appreciate this basket for wine-loving parents filled with accessories cleverly disguised as flowers and grapes, including a sassy onesie indicating baby’s preference for “the house white.”


Custom Monogrammed Baby Gift Set

Imagine a basket filled with beautiful items for baby, all featuring an embroidered monogram or baby’s name. Now imagine the parents’ delight at receiving such a thoughtful personalized gift. Choose colors, fabric patterns, even the font and all will be customized for you. Perfect for a shower gift or to welcome a brand new baby.


Radio Flyer Baby Boy Gift Basket

When is a baby gift basket not a basket? When it’s an iconic Radio Flyer wagon. Choose this delightful bundle for the bundle of joy and besides filling out his layette with useful bathtime items, Johnson & Johnson products, and a teddy bear, you’ll have the distinction of giving him his very first little red wagon.


Deluxe Bath and Bedtime Baby Gift Basket for Baby Girl

The Deluxe Bath and Bedtime collection includes everything a lass desires for her “at home” spa experience (also known as “the daily bed and bath routine”). Whimsically packaged washcloths, towels, socks, etc. are presented as cupcakes and lollipops to welcome a sweet baby home. This bundle is cute enough to display as a shower centerpiece.


Noah’s Ark Newborn Baby Gift Basket

Babies need so many things, and the things babies needs are all so cute. How do you choose just one? Fortunately, you don’t have to. The Noah’s Ark ensemble has six adorable animals, plus baby accessories, clothing, and products. It’s a perfect pairing of useful and delightful items in one convenient package. From Organic Stores.

Prices Vary

Deluxe Baby Gift Basket for Baby Girl

The Crafty Stork offers a deluxe 50-piece selection of beautiful items to welcome a baby girl into the world. These hand-selected blankets, washcloths, socks, etc. are arranged to look high-end bakery treats, sundaes, and flower bouquets. The keepsake wicker container will complement any nursery decor. Handy sippy cups and feeding spoons are included, too.


Grow with Me: Baby Girl Baby Shower Gift Basket

Grow With Me for baby girls from My Sweet Lambs is a beautiful tin filled with the softest baby items arranged as flowers, along with decorative flowers and other adorable baby items, hair clips and a pacifier with a cuddly friend. This item is ideal to display at the shower or in baby’s nursery.


Art of Appreciation Baby You’re Dino-mite Gift Basket

Whether you’re a paleontologist or not, you’re bound to uncover loads of appreciation for this timeless bundle. Art of Appreciation offers an adorable collection of dinosaur-themed items, including a cuddly plush dinosaur and decorative wooden accent, all in lovely shades of green to complement any nursery decor. The cute dinosaur outfit and blankets totally rock.

Prices Vary

Game of Thrones Baby Gift Set

How can you resist when you know the mommy-to-be is a fan of the “Game of Thrones” series? This five-piece gift set includes a handy tote proclaiming her as “Mother of Dragons”, and Baby Dragon hat, bib, onesie, and burp cloth. The only thing missing is an actual dragon. Perfect for an awesome GOT-themed shower.

Price varies

New Mom Gift Basket

When it comes to baby gift baskets, you want to be sure the one you choose is filled with items that will delight the mommy-to-be and will look adorable on her new baby. Of course, new babies always look adorable, so you’ve got this. Lovely Littles LLC turns these great pieces into a centerpiece-worthy display.


Custom Monogrammed Baby Gift Basket

The elegance of monogramming is enjoying a resurgence in these delightful customized baby gift bundles. Add a touch of class or a sprig of whimsy to a hooded towel and other baby essentials. Choose colors, fabric patterns, thread, and font then Multiple Monograms will embroider baby’s name or initials on them for a personalized gift.


Teddy Bear Baby Shower Gift Set

What a precious gift! This darling little keepsake basket proclaims “It’s a boy!” and is delivered with a plush blue teddy bear ring rattle, “It’s a boy!” cake topper, and coordinating bib and burp cloth set. The adorable little onesie comes with a matching hat and matching booties. This is an ideal baby shower gift.

Prices Vary

Baby Aspen Little Monkeys Gift Set with Keepsake Basket

If you were wondering what’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys, then we have the answer. It’s the Baby Aspen “Five Little Monkeys” gift set. Perfect for any nursery, not just a jungle theme. The cuddly banana rattle and plush monkey complement the lovely blanket and monkey door hanger, all in a keepsake basket.

Prices Vary

Simply Baby Girl Necessities Basket

Bundles of gifts for bundles of joy make perfect sense. When that bundle is a baby girl, you’ll want the new momma to have everything at hand for baby spa days. The “Simply Baby Girl Necessities” collection has it all — from head to toe — for a luxurious grooming experience for the littlest lady.

Prices Vary

Flower Bouquet Gift Basket

The customized flower bouquet from Diaper Makeovers is more than adorable. Filled with colorful washcloth blossoms, baby sock buds, and decorative flowers, this gift is as practical as it is lovely. The floral display is perfect for the baby shower, or to welcome baby and mommy home. It’s a great way to say “congratulations.”


Baby Girl Centerpiece Gift Basket

This clever collection from Edie’s Legacy will win the baby shower and can double as the centerpiece. Adorable “babies” and “cupcakes” are crafted from common baby items in an uncommonly delightful display that’s sure to delight the mom-to-be as well as all the guests. A total of 28 items are included in this must-have basket.


Neutral Baby Bathtub Gift Basket

Well, ducky, did you know it was so easy to find the perfect gift for a baby shower or a new baby? This adorable duck-themed bucket makes bathtime so easy, it’s water off a duck’s back The rubber duckies help make it fun and the plush baby duck is simply perfect for an after-bath cuddle.


Welcome Baby Gift Basket

The simple things in life are best. They’re the little things that memories are made of. When you choose this lovely gift, your new mom will make memories with her new favorite mug, a candle personalized with baby’s name, and a cute welcoming onesie. Select pink or blue for star accents on mug and onesie.


Oh Baby Blue Newborn Baby Boy Gift Basket

Wine Country Gift Baskets has the perfect Oh Baby Blue baby gift basket. In blue, for baby boys, it’s a thoughtful collection of organic Darjeeling tea and assorted treats blueberry & almond fruit squares for Mommy to enjoy in a quiet moment. A piggy bank and plush teddy bear for baby round out the package.


Baby Bouquet Flower Gift Basket

This beautiful gift is pretty-in-pink (or choose your custom color) for your favorite new baby girl and her mommy. Decorative flowers and greenery enhance the adorable handmade bouquet. Diaper Makeovers cleverly creates blossoms and buds with washcloths and baby socks for a too-cute-to-use display that’s perfect for the baby shower or to decorate the nursery.


5 Adorable Diy Diaper Cake Video Tutorials

How to Make a Diaper Cake Video Tutorial

How many times have you seen something cool and thought, “I could do that”? If it’s a diaper cake you’re looking to make, here’s a DIY tutorial guiding you step-by-step in building an adorable centerpiece for the next baby shower in your family or at work. You can do it! It’s a piece of cake!

Diy Boys Baby Carriage Diaper Cake Video Tutorial

This video will show you how to take 100 disposable diapers and display them as the cutest little baby carriage ever. This makes a cute gift, and is perfect for a centerpiece or accent at your next baby shower. You may have so much fun making this, you’ll want to find new friends having babies.

Diy Handmade Diaper Stroller Diaper Cake Video Tutorial

Rubber baby buggy bumpers got nothing on this adorable and clever DIY diaper stroller. A simple-to-follow video shows you how to take diapers, shoeboxes, and add all the embellishments to create a personalized, handmade centerpiece that’s perfect for a baby shower. Everyone will want one, so be prepared to share the link to this video.

Diy Baby Diaper Bouquet Diaper Cake Video Tutorial

Create a personalized and customized gift for a baby shower or for the new baby’s arrival. With a few craft supplies and disposable diapers, you can choose colors to complement the nursery or shower decor, or pick mom’s favorite. Then simply follow along with this detailed video and make a beautiful DIY diaper bouquet.

Diy Diaper Cake Centerpieces Video Tutorial

Nothing will ever be more special than a new baby. To celebrate, we enjoy getting together and having fun showers for the momma and sometimes even dads are invited. Creating centerpieces with diapers is easy and fun with this DIY video tutorial. You’ll have adorable decorations for the party, then parents will have extra diapers.

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