Top 58 Most Creative Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects

Top 58 Most Creative Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects

Top 58 Most Creative Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects

It is obvious that each home raises a lot of things along the years; the vast majority of them are useless – this until you take some time and you just take each thing and find an use to it.

If this happens and you take the time and do this and still have many things lying around useless, then it is time to throw them away. But make sure you do not do this before going through all of them first and find them an use.

You can see below some ideas that can prove helpful.

Things to use:

  • organizer
  • wood
  • nails
  • hammer
  • yarn
  • coffee cansters
  • ikea shelves
  • tension rod
  • magnetic rack
  • Curtain Rods Divider
  • magazine rack
  • sledge
  • magnetic racks
  • small fridge turn table
  • pull out baskets
  • stack-able bins
  • pant hangers
  • crown molding
  • labels
  • pen
  • divider metal shelves
  • slide rack
  • hanger
  • ribbon
  • shower curtain hook
  • hooks or pins
  • pool noodle
  • pillow cases
  • magnet
  • PVC pipe
  • empty bottles
  • empty jars
  • metal rails
  • baskets
  • magnetic board
  • ladder
  • ottoman chair

Things to do:

  1. If your make up is laying around the house, in many place or all over the bathroom, I believe thsi is high time to give them a better organization. This will not only help the space problem but also keep them together in the same place and help you find them easier, when needed. 
  2. You have many boxes that are filled with things you cannot throw away adn need? Then you can use your garage as a storage space. No, it will not take the space that your car needs, but it will be placed on the ceiling. Take some wood pieces, some nails and a hammer and make sure you catch these pieces well in order to form a good storage system. You can even buy the wood pieces already made as you need them. 
  3. You are a person that loves to crochets and has many colored yarns around the house but no drawer to organize them better? Or even in a drawer there is a problem as it will hold one to another, they will tangle etc. Here you can see an idea to organize them. All you need is some coffee canisters, where you can easily put the yarn in. See below.
  4.  Most sure that if you are here you are a person that has many crafts around the house. If this is teh case, Then most sure you need some space to keep them better organized. For this, you can opt for some ikea grundtal, which can easily be attaced to the wall and create your own crafts wall. It will not occupy the space you so bad need for a lot of things. 
  5. Another good idea for the above is a pegboard. You can easily take all your threads, your scissors, your bobby pins, your elastics and arrange them nicely on the wall. 
  6. Cleaning spraying bottles are easier to use when you clean around the house. Nyhow, the inconvinient is that they are many of them – for windows, for sink, for bathroom, for floors and so on. Therfore, they do need space and they also are not very attractive to the eye to look at. Finding a hidden place where one can put them is the perfect solution. Take some tension rod, put it under the sink and then hang the bottles from it. 
  7. Kitchen utensils are usually many and they are just put in a cupboard and when you need one you look through all of them. When not seeing it all you have the probability to hurt yourself. Therefore, here we come with an idea that will help you organize all your kitchen knives, and not only. Take a magnetic rack, put it in the garage or in the actual cupboard and then put all the needing utensils on it. This will certainly look much more organizing than before. 
  8. In the kitchen you have many things as there are many needs in a kitchen. Therefore you need to be very attentive on how you organize your space there. Below, you can see that using some dividers will help you save the space you so longer need. 
  9. The aluminium foils, the oven paper, the kitchen bags, all are needed. But where should you place them? Using a magazine rack is a solution to have them organized in a single place and not occupy much space. 
  10. I actually have this problem nowadays and think of implementing the below idea. The lids are not easy to store and they seem to occupy a lot of space. So, a solution would be to purchase a vertical magazine rach , hang it on the kitchen wall and put all your lids there. 
  11. If the lids have a good space to store now, it is high time to solve all those big pots you have laying around all over the kitchen. Take an old sleigh that you no longer use, hang it to the garage ceiling and then hand all the big pots to it. 
  12. Do something fun with all the spices you have in the kitchen.To come more handy, buy some magnetic racks, fill them with your favorite spices and attach them to the fidge. 
  13. Spoons, napkins, other ustensils they are all around the kitchen. If you feel making the most it and give them an added value, buy some wood and create a nice shape in your kitchen to be able to hang them to it. 
  14. Remaining in the kitchen area, you can as wll think of using a pegboard to organize the stuff around the kitchen. You need to attach to it some pins to be able to hang the kitchen ustensils to something. 
  15. If you have a free kitchen drawer you can use it to split your utensils on families. Therefore, take some small pices of wood or any other material and form small squares inside the drawer where to arrange the utensils.  
  16. Big family means big fridge. Big fridge means many things in the fridge that do not seem to have enough space ever. You just put them one on top of the other and find it difficult to take anything the fridge. Therefore, the below idea is to help you organize the fridge better. Take a small turn table that will fit in the fridge and put the jars on it. When you need something, you just turn it around until you get to it. 
  17. Apart from the jars, if you have many bottles, fruits, vegetables that should fit in the fridge, then it means that you have to buy some pull out baskets to hep you with fitting the bottles in the fridge and organize them as well. 
  18. In the kitchen cabinet there is not enough space to put all your daily products that you use? Then the remaining thing to do is to buy some stack-able bins and put arrange them where the space allows you to.
  19. Do you have a lot of vertical space that seems to be useless and you just leave it there? You can think of making some ordered shelves and put them there. Put as many and as high as you need them to be. 
  20. The tall boots always have the tendency to change shape if you do not storage the appropriately. a good idea is to use the pants hangers to hang them to the dressing metal bar. 
  21. Shoes can also be fitted in a space that you do not use. Just put up some crown molding and attach it to the wall and then put on it all the shoes that fit. 
  22. If you have many pair of jeans the came colour , or skirts the same colour , or shirts the same colour, using some labels can help you easier identify them and dress up when you need with what you look for.
  23. You will see that your dressing has more space if you turn the hangers backwards. As you take and wear a clothe when you put it back, just turn the hanger backwards, Do this in time and at some point all the hangers will be backwards and create more space.
  24. For sure the drawer or dressing would be better organized if you have some divider shelves to organize them. This will also help you when you put them back in the dressing. Buy some metal dividers or some wooden ones (depending on your preferences) and there you have it! a very organized dressing.
  25. Be it a woman or a man, for sure you have many belts. They are needed as they can come in different shapes and most importantly colours. Therefore, finding a place that can hold them all in that manner that they are also arranged and kept appropriately is a good idea. 
  26. The love of glasses leads to to little space to store them. Now you can just take a hanger and hang them all of it. Enjoy!
  27. Another good idea for your glasses, is to attach a ribbon to the wall and then attach the glasses to it. 
  28. The shower curtain hook is usually quiet strong. This is why you can think of using it, if not for shower, for hanging your handbags. 
  29. The back side of your closet door can be used to hang your jewelry. Just put some pins or some hooks and hang your necklaces. 
  30. To have more storage space for your shoes you can arrange them upside down and build on it. Apart from this it will also keep them well protected.
  31. To save the shape of your long boots you can take some pool noodle and fill them with it. It will help you maintain them as if they are new. 
  32. In order to have a more organized sheets storage, you can use the pillow cases. for this. Just put them inside. 
  33. The tweezers is a small thing and it always gets lost and you look for it every time you need it. Using a magnet in order to attach it to it would help you in finding it easier. 
  34. Use the same magnetic tools to put all your products for your hygiene in order. 
  35. Every house has some PVC pipes laying around. In order to give it some use you can cut it in pieces. Then take your beauty products, hair iron, curler, brush and put them in. It will save a lot of space, 
  36. Do you have some free jars that you want to throw away? We can give you some tips below that will give them a well-served usage and as well help you to put all your small beauty products. 
  37. The bracelets and ponytails holders can find a good storage space if you keep them wrapped around an empty bottle. 
  38. In making a beautiful make-up one has to use many utensils. If you feel there are too many and never find the right one in time, it means that you need a magnetic holder for them. This will keep them organized. 
  39. For the things that you do not use yet or that you use seldom, you can use the upper part of your bathroom cupboard. 
  40. Bathroom accessories such as towels, bath sponge etc can be stored easily in some baskets. Take some rails, fix them on one of the bathroom walls and then hang the baskets to it.
  41. Purchasing a magnetic board can help you organize teh make -up eye powders. It will be able to hold it still and safe. 
  42. If the ironining board occupies a lot of space in teh room and you do not have so much space to spare, finding a pressing surface will help you solve this problem. You can use it at ironing, but it should be very still. 
  43. A shoe organizer can be used in another organizing purpose as well. You can use it to store all your cleaning supplies, in the photo below. 
  44. An easier way to sort your clothes when you want to wash them is to put them at dirty clothes in organized colors. Therefore, white at whites, laundry at laudry, colored at colour etc. It will be easier to take them and put them in the washing machine when needed. 
  45. While during winter time drying clothes proves to be a problem, if you hang up a ladder, you can do this easier. Just hang the ladder from the ceiling and use some hangers to put your clother on it. 
  46. Keeping the balls in one palce can prove to bedifficult as they are round and they keep on rolling over. However, if you have a free space in the garage you can put some strings one next to another and create a special palce for all the balls in the house. 
  47. The upper pegboard can as well be used for sports gear. The one different thing to do is to hang it in  another side of the house. 
  48. In order to put the small tools you have around the garage, you can use some old and empty jars. See below. 
  49. If you have many things to storage, you can pick and put an ottoman chair in the living room, that also has some storage space. It will prove to be a very useful tool to keep the small things gathered that you do not want to throw away. 
  50. While the DVD world is almost gone, but you still have many left from where they were in “trend” you can take some boxes and store them in. 
  51. We all love to listen to a good old record. But they seem to occupy quiet a lot of space. If you have some living furniture, you can find it useful to form a design with records. It kind of is the same look and feel the design with books. Enjoy!
  52. We all have many cables around the house as they are needed. If you are sick and tired to gum up with them, you should go and buy a cable organizer. This will help you get rid of the cables that wrap around your feet every time you pass them by. 
  53. You ordered some cabinets but it seems that you still do not have enough space. To solve this issue you can attach some shoe organizers to the inside of the cabinets and solve the problem. 
  54. Everything that you have emptied along the time, jars, paint bottles etc can be reused as different holders. So make sure you keep them and give them a good usage. 
  55. You can take a look below at an example on how you can better organize your makeup corner. 
  56. If you still have space in the bathroom, you can even organize your make up in some hanging pots. 
  57. In order for a drawer to be more useful and offer you more space, you can divide it. Buy some dividers from town and put them inside, then fill the spaces with things that need to be organized. 
  58. Use the clips from the hangers to close your started bag of chips. This way they will maintain fresh and crunchy. 

Hope the above proved to be useful and will give you some tips on how to have more space around the house.