Fabulous DIY Scented Mason Jar Oil Candles

AMAZING DIY Candles! BEST Candle Making Ideas – EASY Homemade Recipes – Scented – Cheap – Design & Decoration

Fabulous DIY Scented Mason Jar Oil Candles

Ready to strike a match and make your own DIY candles? AMAZING DIY candles you DO NOT want to miss! Easy homemade candles that are beautiful and fun to make. Candle making is simple and budget friendly.
Make your own candles at home for cheap and get something you truly love.

Learn how to make DIY scented candles, candles in mason jars, essential oil candles, candles with crayons and more. Candles make great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts or just because. Brighten someone’s day with a handmade candle.

Follow the step by step instructions or watch the videos to learn how to make many different types of amazing candles.

Make Candle Making Extra Fun With These Items Handpicked By ME for YOU!
Succulent Cactus Candles
Fruit Loop Candles
Candle Scents & Fragrances
Candle Wicks
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These homemade water candles are so cool and the family including kids love them. Learn how to make these easy and beautiful candles. DIY Water Candles

DIY Peppermint Mason Jar Candles

Peppermint candle is great for the Holiday season to burn in your home. This DIY candle would also make a great mason jar Christmas gift.DIY Peppermint Mason Jar Candles

DIY Crayon Candles

Super easy to make are these cute and fun rainbow candles made Crayola crayons. DIY Crayon Candles

Make this cute and creative Hershey Kiss chocolate candle. Easy homemade candle and great for a birthday gift or Christmas gift. Watch the video for this simple homemade candle! DIY Hershey Kiss Candle

DIY RAINBOW POOP CANDLES – Learn how to make Unicorn Rainbow Poopcandles that smell amazing.

DIY CANDLES WITH WATER INSIDE – Make your own candles using WATER!Super easy FIRE and Water HACK

DIY OREO CANDLES! Room Decor & Amazing Gift Idea!

Make your own candle in a mason jar that is so easy to make. DIY Mason Jar Candle

Innovative way to make a homemade DIY candle- made from candy sprinkles that makes the candle more colorful. DIY Funfetti Candles

This cinnamon soy candle has a longer burning time than paraffin was which makes it a better option if you want longer burn times. Soy Candles

Pressed Herb Candles make a wonderful gift with a special, personalized touch- Scented and adds color which makes it more appealing. DIY Pressed Herb Candles

This beeswax candles are perfect for a lighting on a beautiful evening. Beeswax Candles

Homemade Citronella Candles And Eucalyptus

Light this candle during your outdoor gathering to avoid bugs from coming- Very easy to do. Homemade Citronella Candles And Eucalyptus

Make use of your empty wine bottles and turn it into a classy wine bottle candle. DIY Wine Bottle Candles

Homemade Cinnamon Spice Candle

This scented cinnamon candle is an easy way to elevate your mood. So easy to do- Have a try. Homemade Cinnamon Spice Candle

Super simple to make- these would make a great addition to any home and also make a great gift or Holiday decor. The Ultimate DIY Candle


DIY Ice Cream Sundae Candles – Candle Making Video Tutorial

Did you love all the DIY candles with pictures? They really all are beautiful candle designs. They make great decoration for any room and provide an nice glow to your house or apartment.

Again they make great gifts for neighbors, co-workers, friends and family – it’s always nice to get a homemade gift. And crafters these are all great DIY candles to sell.

Here are some things people look for in DIY candles: diy candle wick, how to make a scented candle, how to make candles from scratch, candle making at home for beginners, how to make scented candles to sell, diy no wax candles I hope you enjoyed all these homemade DIY candles ideas if you need more inspiration you can check out Pinterest where you can find: soy diy candles, criso diy candles, diy candle holders, Fall diy candles, wick diy candles, natural diy candles, dollar store diy candles, gel diy candles, glitter diy candles and more.

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DIY Homemade Candles (with natural lavender-rosemary scent)

Fabulous DIY Scented Mason Jar Oil Candles

Be careful of the kombucha!

One little drink, a dabble in the fermented side of the healthy bubbly soda-alternative seems innocent, until that one little sip leads to another and another.  Very soon, that glass of kombucha, leads to bottles of tasty bacteria (the very best bacteria for a happy gut) in your fridge and all sorts of homemade DIY concoctions scattered across your kitchen counter.

Okay, so maybe kombucha isn’t that dangerous (I really hope you know that I’m joking). What started with a little dabbling in homemade kombucha and from-scratch food, led to a burning desire to make many of the products my family uses in our home and on our bodies.

The idea for making things hand soap, foundation powder,  laundry detergent, and even my favorite bottle of lotion seemed impossible at the time and quite complicated.

I started with one simple change, foundation powder, my first ever DIY. A little bit of cocoa powder, bentonite clay, arrowroot, and spices magically transformed my life.

Suddenly, making-over my family’s products didn’t seem impossible or complicated.

That one little DIY (and another sip of kombucha), ignited a passion for finding more products I could start making at home: hand soap, laundry soap, dryer balls (thanks to contributor Kelly), lotion, facial astringent, bathroom cleaner, Swiffer wipes, glass cleaner, and the list could go on!

Now, please understand, I don’t make everything at home. I’m the first to admit that I’m in no way perfect when it comes to this whole “homemade” life. In fact, even though I love my homemade laundry soap, there are times when buying laundry soap at the store is much easier due to a busy season in life.

But, with a little bit of planning and the right ingredients on hand (which I to purchase in bulk), most of my simple DIYS take just minutes to make and last weeks, even months. Perfection is not my goal, simply a desire to simplify life and the products we use.

With the holiday season upon us, my desire to DIY our Christmas, has been fully enabled. In all reality, I know DIYing our entire gift list just isn’t practical right now. Yes, we will still purchase gifts for some of the people on our ever-growing list (a wonderful “problem” to have). But, I also want to provide a little touch of homemade for our family and friends.

For me, this means making simple DIYs which I know people will truly love and cherish: bath salts (a very popular request), homemade vanilla extract (another very popular request), homemade lotion, homemade cookies (a gift the kids can make), lip balm, and homemade candles.

I get it. You were with me until I mentioned, “candles”, right? “I mean, really? Candles? That just sounds way too complicated? I thought this whole homemade thing was about simplicity?”

Oh yes, my dear friend, it is! I’m here to tell you (and show you) that homemade candles 100% qualify as “simple.” Actually, they are beyond simple. Yes, they require a little bit of time (about 30 minutes), but the end result is a gift family and friends love…a homemade candle made with love and natural ingredients.

The most wonderful part about making homemade candles, is that you can use inexpensive mason jars (I purchase a pack of 12 for $8-9), drinking glasses (I to find orange-juice-size glasses on clearance), clean baby food jars, tea cups, coffee cups, or little metal containers. There’s no limit to the scents and type of container you can use (okay, no plastic…so maybe there is a limit).

So, let’s get started!

  1. In a double-boiler (or large glass bowl on top of a pot filled with 1 cup of water), bring the water to a boil. Once the water is boiling, reduce the heat and add the soy flakes. Stir the soy flakes every minute, until they are reduced to a liquid. This process can take 5 minutes.
  2. Once the soy is liquified, turn off the heat and dip the metal ends of the wicks into the wax. Place the ends in the center of each candle jar, pressing the metal ends down with a skewer or chop-stick until set. The wax acts glue, securing the metal end at the bottom of the candle jar.
  3. Once the metal end is set in the wax, gently straighten the wick and secure it at the mouth of the jar with a clothespin (resting on the jar).
  4. Very gently, pour the wax (it helps to use a bowl or measuring cup designed for pouring liquids), into each jar. Add the essential oils to the wax (this is done to avoid burning the oils during the cooking process). I add 15 drops of each oil on each side of the jar. If desired, add the teaspoon each of dried herb. Using the skewer or chopstick, gently stir the wax, essential oils, and herbs (if using).
  5. Wrap the jars in the dry washcloths, to prevent the wax from cooling too fast and shrinking or cracking. (This step isn't mandatory, but helps if you're concerned about cracks.)
  6. Let the candles sit for 24 hours, until fully set. Once set, remove the clothespins and washcloths, and trim the top of the wicks to 1 inch.

*4 cups of soy flakes will make 2- 8 ounce candles. This recipe can easily be doubled or tripled. Simply add the 4 cups of soy flakes to your double-boiler. As the 4 cups begins to liquify, add more soy flakes as desired.

You’ll also need more jars, essential oil, wicks, towels, and dried herbs (if using).
The “where to buy” links provide links to the actual products I use. As always, I recommend shopping around online and at local stores for the best prices and products you love.

Find my favorite DIY ingredients and tools, here.

Source: https://livesimply.me/diy-homemade-candles-natural-lavender-rosemary-scent/

Make a Mason Jar Oil Candle Lamp – Gifts for the Holidays

Fabulous DIY Scented Mason Jar Oil Candles

This mason jar oil candle lamp is created with beautiful pine cones, evergreens, and cinnamon sticks, combined with essential oils make great gifts for the holidays.

Every year I make a handmade gift for my friends, family, co-workers, and others we want to thank at Christmas time.

In the past, I’ve made bayberry candles, simmering potpourri and spice mixes. This year I decided to make a mason jar oil candle lamp, that looks pretty and smells nice too.

I noticed that a lot of people were making oil candles for the summer with citronella, and several survivalists using vegetable oils for an extra lighting source when the power goes out. One of the articles specifically talked about using olive oil, as it burns well without an unpleasant odor.

This post contains some affiliate links (that means if you make a purchase after clicking a link, there’s no additional cost to you, but I will earn a very small commission. ) i.e. as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

That’s where I started. I wanted the oil candle lamp to smell nice so I used scented pine cones, cinnamon sticks and added some essential oils.

The first few I made were so beautiful. I packed them with botanicals, drilled a hole in the lid and added a cotton wick.

Only they did not work. 

Source: https://hearthandvine.com/make-mason-jar-oil-candle-lamp/

How to make DIY mason jar candles

Fabulous DIY Scented Mason Jar Oil Candles

I am so excited to share today’s DIY with you! For one, because I have a new DIY logo… and two, because I absolutely love making candles! Last christmas I made a candle for every single lady in my family and a few of my close friends, which came to around 45 candles… which was so much fun! Shopping at thrift and vintage stores to find cool and unique glass containers… melting the wax, coloring it, and wrapping them all up… I want to do it all over again! Here I am sharing a super simple way to make your own Mason Jar Candle gifts. These steps are not for mass candle making, just easy at home crafting that is perfect for wedding favors or holiday gifts.

Where To Buy Supplies:

Update: 9/8/15 – Let me start by saying this tutorial is old, lol. When I created it in 2011 I had a fantastic seller on Ebay who I bought these supplies from.

Sadly he is no longer selling and so you cannot get the colored wax beads anymore – you will need to use color chips or blocks to color your candles. My new favorite online supplier is CandleScience on Amazon.

You can find individual links to all the items you’ll need to make this project at the end of the post.


  • 1 lb bag of soy wax flakes (very easy to work with!)
  • Wax colorant; chips, bars or in liquid form
  • Candle pouring pot
  • Medium sized wicks and wick stickums
  • Wick holder sticks
  • Wooden spoon
  • Scent oil of your choice (optional)
  • Pint sized mason jar
  • Cute material or card to finish off your candle

Before you get started, make sure you have all the supplies below and that whatever glass you choose to pour your candle into is nice and thick, thinner glass can crack from the flame of a candle.

For this project we won’t be needing that inner seal part of the mason jar lid, so you can remove it. Wipe out the inside of your jars to make sure you have a clean surface to pour your candle wax into. These pint sized mason jars (5″ tall by 3″ wide) take almost a full pound of wax flakes each.

Add Your Wicks

Some wicks are shipped or packaged looking a little wild or crooked – no need to worry – run your fingers along the wick to smooth it out. Simple as that.

Next, take your stickum and apply it to the metal base of your wick – this then sticks to the bottom of your jar to firmly hold your wick in place.

Then drop your wick into your jar and center it as best you can. I used the end of my spoon to push the stickum down firm on the bottom of my jar.

Wick Holders

Next up, the wick holders. These are basically two little wooden dowels with tight rubber bands on each end.

Used to pinch your wick and hold it taut in the center of your jar while you pour in your candle wax and while it is setting.

Do your best to balance your wick right in the center of the jar, otherwise it will be crooked once the wax is set. This is only one style of wick holder – there are many out there.

Melt The Wax

Now the best part! Melting your wax! There are many different ways to do this… so here is my simplified version: start by keeping your flame on the lowest heat possible through this whole process. It is best to keep the wax warm enough to melt, never hotter and never boiling. Stir and stir until all your wax melts down. White wax will look slightly yellow once melted.

Candle Color + Scent

As I mentioned above, you can no longer get these wax beads to color your candles. You’ll need to buy color chips, blocks or liquid dye. For chips and blocks, you can break them up with a knife ( you would chocolate) to resemble the small bead pieces.

Now for the color and scent! You can make multiple colors using the good old primaries, red, blue, and yellow. Since the ratio of pure white wax to these little beads is 10 to 1, my colors always turn out pastel – which I love.

If you want a bright colored candle you’ll need to use more colorant. If you want a specific color, you will definitely need to practice. I wanted a muted turquoise color to match my ‘pool‘ colored card stock from Paper Source… using the color wheel, 2 parts blue + one part yellow = teal.

For your specific candle colorant, always refer to the instructions on the packaging ~ or experiment. Add a little, see what it looks and then add a little more. The amount of color added won’t harm the wax base of your candle. Next, you can add your choice of scent.

Almost every major scent is now made for candle making oil. For this candle, I chose Warm Vanilla Sugar.

The typical fragrance ratio is 1 ounce of scent to 1 pound of wax.

Pouring Your Candle

You are supposed to wait until your wax is the consistency of a Slurpie from 7-11… before you pour it into your jar – which normally takes about 20-30 minutes to cool to that desired texture.

Unfortunately, the day we did this DIY shoot it was over 90 degrees in beautiful Southern Cali and after sitting for almost an hour it was still beautifully clear. So I poured it anyway, because we were running time and light.

Wax always looks darker when it is the molten state.

CRAFTERS TIP: Since we aren’t being specific here and using a thermometer, waiting till the wax cools down is an important step so that the center of your candle doesn’t crack or sag while cooling.

How To Clean Your Pouring Pot

If wax has cooled and is left stuck inside your pot, throw it back on the heat for 10 seconds. Once nice and melted again, I take a paper towel and my spoon and wipe the inside clean. Over and over until there is no residue left. That’s all there is to it – no soap or water needed.

Batch number two! Soft pink was the desired color and the scent was Pink Sugar.

***Remember to let you wax cool until it looks a slurpie from 7-11! The day I shot this it was over 90 degrees and my wax wasn’t cooling, so we had to pour it clear. Waiting till the wax cools down is an important step so that the center of your candle doesn’t crack or sag while cooling.

Huge difference in the final color right!!! Because the day and night was so hot, it took almost 24 hours for these to cure completely. It never takes that long. But you should let them set at least 24 hours before lighting. Now you will need to trim the wicks to about a 1/2″.

I think these would be perfect ‘thank you’ gifts for bridesmaids or if you are feeling really crafty they could be favors. Maybe use smaller jars if you choose these for favors – to cut down on cost and production time. Here are two different and cute ways to say ‘Thank You’.


  • Thank You stamp – mine is from Paper-Source
  • fabric
  • stamp pad
  • scissors
  • bowl to trace around

We are going to make a fabric cover for the top of the jar. Trace an appropriate circle for your mason jar lid, onto fabric and cut it out.

Now stamp your desired design onto the center of your fabric.

Next, drape your fabric circle over the top of the jar – with no lid. We will use the lid to seal the fabric over the jar. Screw on tight and tug at the fabric from the sides until it’s even.

If you choose, add a little twine and tie a bow. SO cute!

Option #2: stamp on cardstock. Same supplies except we are exchanging fabric for card stock. Trace the removable lid onto your card stock and cut out the circle. Then stamp your design right in the center of your card stock circle.

Place the cardstock inside the lid, replacing the seal.

Screw on tight and add your twine bow. Adorable!

That’s it! This candle making tutorial can be used with any type of jar or glass… the possibilities are endless! I absolutely love making candles and I hope that this DIY will help you love it too!

Brand New Candle Tutorials:

If you loved this poured candle tutorial… then you will love our latest versions of this project!

The Tinted Mason Jar Candle and the easy votive candle!

Easily tint the jar instead of coloring the wax… and if you’d to make inexpensive favors – the votives are for you!!!

As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY. Happy Crafting!

DIY Tutorial Credits

Photography: Something Turquoise Photography for SomethingTurquoise.com // DIY tutorial: Jen | Something Turquoise // // Pint mason jars: Amazon // All candle making supplies: Tandj999 on Ebay (no longer selling) // Thank You Stamp: Paper-Source // material: JoAnn’s

Find the items you need to make this project from our affiliate links below:

Source: https://somethingturquoise.com/2011/11/04/diy-poured-mason-jar-candle/

DIY Christmas Candles – Easy Gift and Decoration Ideas

Fabulous DIY Scented Mason Jar Oil Candles

They say Christmas brings along with it a bit of magic in the air. We are not sure about the mythical aspects of it all, but as the Holiday Season approaches, life sure does feel a lot different and far more special. Even with all the rush of shopping and the endless little chores that take up your time as you get ready for the big day, it somehow still seems all worth the hustle.

Maybe it is the sparkle of string lights, the sound of Christmas carols, just the overall celebratory mood or even the idea of a refreshing holiday – it definitely is a combination of the many little things that makes the season ever so jolly! Much the sights and sounds, it is also fragrance in the air that sets the mood and you can do so with a few fabulous DIY candles.

Wonderful DIY Christmas Candles with Essential Oils

DIY Christmas Candles bring together many different aspects of the festive season. They add a lovely, timeless visual element to your holiday decorating scheme, create dashing focal points, usher in a touch of warmth and with scented candles, there is the benefit of a fragrant living environment.

Making these unique Holiday candles is all too easy and you will require no more than an hour or two over the weekend to craft all the candles you need.

Whether you are decorating the Holiday dinner table, the fireplace mantel, the entryway, windows or the coffee table, these cheerful additions come in mighty handy!

Setting the Holiday Mood

It goes without saying that DIY candles for the Holidays need to incorporate some sorts of Christmassy charm.

That makes the already sparkling interior even more special and also gives the room a more festive and fragrant appeal. Start off with something as beautiful, timeless and still uber-easy as the Christmas Tree Mason Jar Votive.

With a Christmas tree cut out these elegantly colored mason jars with candles inside look absolutely gorgeous.

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Christmas tree mason jar votive is bright and beautiful

The Festive DIY Christmas Jar Candles have a dashing, festive vibe and dressing them up is super-simple and takes no more than 10 to 20 minutes.

All you need here jar candles, plaid ribbon, gold ribbons, black and white buttons and a few Christmas ornaments.

They definitely make a great Holiday table centerpiece and steal the show even while remaining quietly understated! Another Christmas hit is the Snowman Mason Jar Luminary Ornament that brings the DIY candle charm to your already amazing Christmas tree.

Festive DIY Christmas Jar Candles crafted using tape, ribbons and a few buttonsBright and Striking Snowman Mason Jar Luminary OrnamentFun and Sweet-looking Christmas Candles that are easy to craft

Festive Fragrance in the Air

If you are looking for DIY Holiday candles that also fill the air with an aromatic effervescence even while making great gifts, then the Mason Jar Oil Candle Lamp definitely tops the list.

Just look at all the botanicals inside each of the Mason Jar and you will automatically fall in love with it instantly. With a dash of olive oil, bayberry candles, simmering potpourri and spice mixes, these candles are sure to make your Christmas morning a lot more pleasant.

Another easy DIY Christmas candle idea lets you buy candle holders and turn them into homemade delights.

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Mason Jar Oil Candle Lamp fills the air with festive magicMason Jar Oil Candle Lamp filled with botanicalsHomemade soy candles make great festive gifts

Easy DIY Christmas Candles

Old glass bottles being turned into lovely lights is nothing new and you can use your glass cutting skills to create exquisite Glass Bottle Candles which also make great Holiday gifts.

For those who have not worked with glass before, it might take a bit of getting used to. But most avid crafters should have no hassles with it at all.

DIY Holiday Mason Jar Floating Candle is much simpler to craft and a dash of red inside gives it that much needed festive sparkle while a few pine cone ornaments make it even merrier!

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Easy and exquisite DIY Mason Jar Christmas Candle ideaRed always brings festive charm to even the simplest DIY candle designDIY Glass Bottle Christmas CandlesStylish Mason Jar Christmas Candles with Pine Cone ornamentsGorgeous DIY Personalized Christmas Candles Idea

d the story? Share it with friends

Source: https://www.decoist.com/diy-christmas-candles/

DIY Scented Candle

Fabulous DIY Scented Mason Jar Oil Candles

Hello! My name is Gabby and I am super excited to be guest posting at LWSL! Today I’m going to be sharing with you how to make a quick, simple, and lovely handmade gift to give this holiday season!

My go-to gift during the holidays is normally some kind of food: Homemade hot chocolate mix, fresh baked frosted cookies, cherry cheese bread, peppermint bark, fudge…and the list goes on! I love giving these sorts of tasty gifts (and receiving them too! Yum!), but sometimes sweets are not quite the right fit for that special someone you have in mind. If this is the boat you find yourself in this holiday season, then I just might have a great gift idea for you.

There are three reasons I love giving homemade mason jar candles to friends during the holidays. First, they’re a surprisingly customizable: there are many different fragrance oils and colorants to choose from, and you can decorate your jar however you !

Next, they’re very simple to make and therefore don’t take much time. It’s really just a matter of mixing, melting, and pouring (and maybe decorating, if you want!).

Most of the time spent making this project is spent simply waiting for your wax to melt and cool once it’s poured.

Best of all, the whole gift can be made for just a few dollars! (Remember that making them in bulk will be most cost effective, and be sure to use your coupons at the craft store!)

Here is what you need:

Soy candle wax (or a candle wax of your choice) Candle wick Mason Jar Hot glue gun A piece of card stock A double boiler (or a saucepan and a glass bowl big enough to sit over the pot) A food thermometer Oven mits Fragrance oil Colorants (optional) Container with spout (optional)

Before you begin, be sure you have the appropriate type and size wick for the size and kind of candle you are making. If you are using soy wax, for example, be sure your wick is suited to soy candles.

If your mason jar is wide, make sure your wick is wide enough in diameter to burn optimally.

In most craft stores where you can find these supplies, recommendations will be made on the packaging as to what type and size wick you should use depending on your project (and I promise it’s a lot simpler than it sounds!)

Step 1: Begin melting your wax. For this project I used soy wax that I melted in a make-shift double boiler made from a saucepan and a pyrex bowl sitting over it.

I planned to fill one pint-sized mason jar, so I melted approximately 14 ounces of soy wax (I purchased a 1lb container of soy wax and had very little left over). I melted the wax on low to medium-low heat.

Never leave melting wax unattended!

Step 2: While this is melting (and while you’re keeping an eye on your wax), secure your wick to the bottom of your mason jar. Apply a bit of hot glue to the center of your jar and hold it in place until it dries.

Step 3: Arrange your wick such that it stands upright.

My wick was a bit stiff and stood upright reasonably well on its own, but I didn’t want to risk it falling over when it was sitting in a jar of hot wax.

I ended up taking a piece of leftover thick card stock, cutting it into a circle, hole-punching the center, and then cutting away a section of the circle so I would have room to pour my hot wax.

I then put a dab of hot glue on the rim of my mason jar and glued the card stock down so it would not get bumped off accidentally. (Fortunately, dried hot glue applied to glass is relatively easy to peel off when you’re done!) This is just one of several ways you could balance your wick—there are no rules, as long as your wick is standing up straight!

Step 4: When your wax is melted, allow it to cool a bit before adding in your colorants (if desired) and fragrances.

Wax purchased in craft stores will typically come with a guide that recommends an ideal temperature for adding fragrances and colorants to your wax depending on the type of wax you’re using.

For my wax, it was recommended to add in fragrance oil when the wax had reached between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. (This is because some fragrances can lose their scent when added to high-temperature liquids.)

To speed up the cooling process, I poured my hot wax into a room-temperature pyrex measuring cup with a spout.

If you purchased a fragrance oil or colorants designed for candle making, it should come with guidelines as to how much of each to use given the volume of wax you are working with. I ended up using approximately one ounce of a Milk and Honey fragrance oil from brambleberry.com. Bramble Berry’s website also offers a guide that suggests how much of their oils to use in a given project.

Step 5: Pour your wax into your mason jar and allow it to cool.

Step 6: When your wax has cooled completely, trim your wick to about 1/2”.

And viola! You have a lovely scented mason jar candle!

Step 7 (Optional): I decided to give my candle a sort of rustic look by decorating it with burlap and twine. I began by outlining my design in pen onto my burlap…

…before painting it with acrylic craft paint.

From there, I simply used hot glue to affix the burlap to the jar and tied on a twine bow.

And there you have it! An easy project and a lovely finished product. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Gabby Whitaker of Essentially Eclectic is a DIY/craft/lifestyle blogger from Phoenix, Arizona.

After moving to Boston, Massachusetts in the summer of 2012, she started blogging as a way to share her crafting creations, cooking escapades, and adventures in Boston with friends and family across the country.

Some of Gabby’s favorite things include chai lattes, Downton Abbey, cozy bookstores, Netflix marathons and, of course, blogging!

* * *

What’s your favorite candle scent?

Source: https://www.livingwellspendingless.com/diy-cinnamon-candle-gift-handmade-holidays/

Magical Mason Jar Oil Lamp ( DIY Oil Candles in 2 minutes! )

Fabulous DIY Scented Mason Jar Oil Candles

An oil lamp, or oil candle, is one of the oldest form of light source to mankind, with stone oil lamps dating back 10,000 to 15,000 years ago! Today, we will talk about how oil lamps and oil candles work, which kind of oil lamp wicks to use, and how to make easy and beautiful mason jar oil candles in just minutes!

3 reasons I love mason jar oil lamp:

  1. So easy yet so pretty, mason jar oil candles take only 2 minutes to make using vegetable oils and water!
  2. Even safer than candles: if the oil candle is knocked over, the flame would be immediately extinguished by the oil and water.

    Still, please follow basic safety steps and don’t leave the lamp unattended!

  3. Bright and long lasting: 1 tablespoon of oil can last 2 hours as an oil burning candle!

These oil lamps can be a practical low cost light source, they are also the perfect easy decorations for dinner parties and festive gatherings!

(Update: we made many variations of mason jar oil candles you will see here, plus lots of helpful tips and FAQs at the end, don’t miss ! )

How do oil lamps work?

The earliest oil lamps use vegetable oil as fuel, and later versions of oil lamps burn  kerosene or lamp oil drawn up through a wick by capillary action. We will be making the vegetable oil version here.

Which kind of oil and wick to use for oil candles and lamps?

Lamps that use kerosene or lamp oil has wicks specially made for this purpose. These long cotton wicks are not suitable for vegetable oil lamps because cooking oils have high viscosity.

To be honest, I tried some oil candle tutorials with long cotton wicks and vegetable oil , and failed completely! The long wicks simply don’t draw up enough oil and would burn up and and the flame would go out.  These floating wicks work beautifully for all cooking oils! ( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

Materials for our DIY oil lamp:

  • Large floating wicks:  These floating wicks work beautifully and each oil candle wick lasts through many uses!
  • vegetable oil:  1 tablespoon of oil can last 2 hours. Olive oil, sunflower oil, canola oil and many others all work well.
  • mason jars, glass bottles, water, and some decorative elements such as flowers, pine cones, pebbles, etc.
  • You can infuse your oil with herbs, spices or essential oils for  a lovely fragrance!

Step 2: pour some vegetable oil on top, till the oil form a layer of about 1/4″ thick

The large floating wicks come with discs and small waxed wicks. Insert a piece of the waxed wicks half way through the center hole on the disc, and put it on top of the oil layer.

Now light your oil candle and enjoy the beautiful glow!

The flowers and fruits will last a whole week in the water.

Pine cones, pebbles, beads are all great additions too! Red holly berries, cranberries, and conifer clippings are great for the holiday season.

To extinguish the flame, just put the lids on the jars. The floating wicks can stay in there.

An update on some additional tips and FAQs:

  • After many uses, the waxed wick will burn off, just replace it with a small piece of pre-waxed wick that you can cut into small pieces. The floating disc can last a very long time.
  • some flowers will float to the top, you can hold the stem down with some small rocks, glass beads etc
  • add food coloring in the water for a special effect!
  • light olive oil and sunflower seed oil burns quite clean, I have not notice smoke except for when they are extinguished.
  • fake plants will work too, just keep them away from the flame!

Thanks to everyone who asked these great questions!

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Some more nature inspired fun for you: Make botanical ice luminaries-

Make wreaths without using wreath forms! ( a Dollar Store hack)

Dimensional paper flower lanterns!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! xo

Source: https://www.apieceofrainbow.com/magical-mason-jar-oil-lamp/

Olive Oil Candles Tutorial

Fabulous DIY Scented Mason Jar Oil Candles

Ever wanted to create your own candles at home but don’t have any wax? This tutorial for Olive Oil Candles is a fun project.

Olive Oil Candles

It’s a good idea to be able to know how to create your own light sources in case you ever need them. This is a simple candle that you can put together with things that you already have laying around the kitchen (besides the wick, but I’d recommend keeping that as a regular stockpiled item anyways!)

There were many times when we have lost power at our house. One time, in particular, was in the middle of a very very cold blizzarding night.

(I can’t remember the exact temperature but I know it was negative something!) The power lines must have had ice on them and just that the house went pitch black. All we could see with was the light from the wood stove which was in the living room.

If I wanted to go to other areas of the house I would need some kind of light and of course, it was too dark for me to find my box of candles!

The living room was connected to the kitchen so I could see a few things in there. I gathered up a few supplies and created this little candle for extra light to place in the other rooms as needed. For the next time, I’m going to be sure to have some lantern wick on hand to help it burn brighter. You can make an Olive Oil Candle too! Just follow the easy picture instructions below and you will be on your way to lighting up the darkness.

Source: https://www.littlehouseliving.com/olive-oil-candles.html