How to Make Your Own Pencil Case and Makeup Bag – No Sewing Required!

15 Cute DIY Makeup Bags

How to Make Your Own Pencil Case and Makeup Bag – No Sewing Required!

If there’s one thing we love almost as much as our makeup itself, it’s a good makeup bag.

Sure, there are plenty of makeup bags that we could buy in the store, but there’s just something more satisfying about making things ourselves.

Besides, the store doesn’t always have the size we need or the colour and pattern we want! That’s why we decided to track down some tutorials and learn how to make cute travel sized makeup bags ourselves.

Just in case you’d to make your own makeup bags as well but you’re in need of a little guidance, just we were, here are 15 of the best DIY makeup bag tutorials we’ve found so far!

1. Matching makeup bag set with contrasting zippers

Did you first start researching makeup bag tutorials because you wanted a single bag, but the more you looked, the more you realized that you’d actually benefit from more? Then we’d suggest making yourself an adorably custom matching set! We love this design from Tabitha Sewer because making two different bags in two different shapes lets us store all of our differently sized cosmetics nicely when we travel!

2. Cute origami bag

Did you love the shape and fit of the square bag option we showed you in the tutorial above but you’re just not quite sure you’re ready to tackle sewing that shape, especially with stiff interfacing involved? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll prefer this tutorial from Anne or Shine! While they do show you how they sewed the bag shape you’re looking for, they also break down the steps for making a no-sew version.

3. Simple zipper top bags

Are you looking for a bag that’s actually so simple to sew that you could make many of them all at once? We loved the idea of making more than one because we thought cute little makeover kits would make great party favours at our next Ladies Night, and what’s better than giving your friends things that you actually made them yourself? Check out this great, simple cosmetic bag tutorial from Amusing MJ that shows you how to put a zipper right in at the top in just a few surprisingly easy steps.

4. Kitty cat cosmetic bag

Perhaps your personal style is a little bit more silly and novelty than a regular patterned cosmetic bag really accounts for? Don’t get us wrong, we think the bags we’ve shown you so far are totally cute, but there’s another style of makeup bag that really takes the take when it comes to making something adorable… because it’s shaped a kitty cat! Check out how The Makeup Dummy made this simple DIY pouch that zips all the way along the bottom and is the perfect size for holding a few compacts.

5. Kiss shaped makeup bag

If you’re going to make yourself a makeup bag of your very own doing, why not run with the theme you’ve already got at hand- makeup itself? We adore this surprisingly simple DIY kiss shaped makeup bag.

We actually made one for ourselves a few weeks ago and now we feel a secret sense of accomplishment every time we take a lipstick it and paint our own pout to match the bag! Find out how it’s done on DIY Crafts TV.

6. Crescent shaped cosmetics bag

For a very long time, the only shape of makeup bag we would buy ourselves is the kind that widens near the top to form a sort of crescent shape.

Besides fitting the makeup better inside, something about those bags also just makes them fit better in a suitcase, which is great since we’ve got a crazy case of Wanderlust! As usual, however, We making our own things better because then we get hours of DIY fun it too. Check out how Style Novice made this hilarious little makeup bag covered in curly mustaches!

7. Duct tape cosmetic bag

Have you always been a pretty big fan of crafting with unconventional tools and materials and you take the opportunity to make things stuff they’re not usually made from at every turn? Then something tells us you’re going to absolutely love this awesome rectangular makeup bag created from patterned duct tape! Susie even shows you how to sew in a zipper (which we didn’t even know you could do with duct tape).

8. Kawaii candy makeup bag

Have you always d the oblong shaped makeup bags best because you that all of your brushes and eyeliner pencils will fit inside, no matter how short or long they are? Well, here’s one that’s in the shape you’re looking for, but the real reason we really this design is because it’s so incredibly adorable! 2 Cats & 1 Doll guides you through the process of making a zippered bag with tapered and twisted ends that look the way an old candy wrapper closes. We love that they added a cute applique face as well, to really drive the Kawaii style home!

9. Translucent polka dotted makeup bag

Have you been scrolling through these adorable bags and liking what you see, but also wishing you could find a tutorial that will teach you to make a see-through bag just the ones you see in the store, since that’s what’s trending right now? You might be familiar with the basic sewing requirements to get the shape you want, but sometimes it helps to have some guidance when you’re trying those techniques out with a new material! That’s why we loved this simple translucent bag tutorial from Lia Griffith.

10. Wide bottom makeup bag

Did you the rounded top you saw on the crescent shaped bag we showed you earlier, but you’re actually not a big fan of the way the bag tapers at the bottom because you to bring quite a bit of makeup with you when you travel? Then try this design that’s more of a compromise between what you and what you need! Alma Lopez shows you the necessary steps for making a cosmetic bag that’s rounded at the mouth where the zipper sits but is still just as wide at the bottom as its widest point anywhere else. It will absolutely hold more things for those trips where you need a range of lip colour choices!

11. Sparkly makeup bag from a pencil case

Are you just inexperienced at sewing enough that you’re not quite comfortable with the idea of sewing your own fabric bag just yet, but you still want a closing makeup bag that’s your own creation? Then try altering a simple plastic sleeve pencil case to make it look a lot more fun and ready to hold your cosmetics! We love the way A Magical Mess used sparkly paper and ribbons to put a fun rainbow spin on their bag in a simple but effective way. This bag will stop cosmetics from leaking in your suitcase even better than a fabric one would!

12. Vintage inspired cylinder makeup bag

Are you quite experienced at sewing and ready to tackle things rounded shapes and filled layers? In that case, we have a feeling this beautifully vintage looking cylindrically shaped cosmetics bag is the perfect project for you! Handmadiya guides you through the process of cutting the right shapes, sewing the layers together, and affixing the zipper. We love the way that the embroidered fabric they chose makes the whole thing look old fashioned. Your taller cosmetics, foundations and primers, will fit right in without having to lay sideways!

13. A simple bag made two ways

Do you have a feeling that you’re almost prepared to make your own cosmetic bag right now, but you could still use a little more information and direction when it comes to actually choosing the techniques you’ll use? In that case, here’s an easy tutorial that’s 2-for-1! Bobeentina gives you a great tutorial that shows you how to make your bag with a simple seam or with an inner lining that hides the seam edges, in case you’re more advanced.

14. Patched makeup bag from old jeans

Whenever you do a DIY project that’s completely from scratch, do you try to also make it an upcycling venture whenever you can? Well, we often do the same thing, so we can’t say we blame you! That’s why we loved this adorable patched denim bag tutorial from MsJennyBee18 so much; they show you how to make the bag using cut sections of old jeans that you don’t wear anymore! Once you’re done the basic bag construction itself, they also show you how to apply some cute floral appliques for a little extra style.

15. Leather makeup bag with studs

Is your personal style a little more edgy than a lot of the cutesy designs we’ve shown you on our list so far? Then here’s the tutorial you’ve been waiting for all along! AK Workshop shows you how to make a longer cosmetic bag with rounded corners, but their steps are specifically for working with faux leather, which is great because that can be a much different sewing experience than most fabrics. Perhaps the best part, however, is that once you’ve finished making the bag itself, they also who you how to stud the sides to give it some extra style.

Do you know a makeup lover who’s also a DIY enthusiast with some sewing skills under their belt? Share this post with them to help them get crafty and keep their cosmetics safe and organized!


60 DIY No-Sew Accessories – Unique & Classic Ideas

How to Make Your Own Pencil Case and Makeup Bag – No Sewing Required!

Sewing is not everybody’s cup of tea and most of the people are fond of making no sew accessories that they can easily make for themselves at home.

Grab some of the basic crafts and start these projects right away. Looking for some easy hair accessory ideas? Try this hair band made with wire that will help you complete this project without sewing anything. Next we have something that you can enjoy wearing and that’s a chunky chain necklace that looks totally cool.

Learn from this next project how to make a lovely leather clutch that is too cute to carry here also you do not need to sew anything. Similarly we have a turban headband idea also that requires no sewing and any other hassle at all instead you just need to know the right technique for this.

How can we forte your wardrobe when talking about such great projects and ideas so here is a fringe scarf for you that you really need to pull when going out in winter these days to not only look gorgeous but also to save yourself from direct wind.

To your surprise we would you to know how amazing and useful make up bags and other multipurpose pouches you can make without any sewing process in no time and with almost all the things you must be having with you at home.

Besides this you can also make DIY hair accessories for your babies such as this cute headband for your little baby girl is amazing and easiest of its kind.

If you are really tired of your old clothes and want to add some spark to your wardrobe you can try this diy lace dress idea whenever you want where you only have to stick the lace on ton your plain dress and see this transformation in literally no time.

Share these amazing and exciting 60 DIY No-Sew Accessories – Unique & Classic Ideas with your friends also m so that they can also make such amazing and unique items for themselves. Follow the step by step process and for that you can open the link given below and watch the tutorials in them for every project.

Wedding Bow Tie:

Image: marthastewartweddings


More Than 40 Free DIY Zipper Pouch Tutorials

How to Make Your Own Pencil Case and Makeup Bag – No Sewing Required!

Have you wanted to learn how to sew a zipper pouch? I’ve rounded up 40 of my favorite free Zipper Pouch Sewing Tutorials to share with you today… which one is your favorite??

I LOVE making zip pouches!! They make perfect gifts, sew up quickly and are easily customizable.

With a simple zip pouch sewing tutorial, you can make a million different cute and clever gifts for your friends!

Free Zipper Pouch Tutorials on Polka Dot Chair Blog:

1. Dad’s Travel Bag, a Boxed Zip Pouch Tutorial – this zip bag is boxed making it great for travel. It also features a bit of leather trim.

2. Bow Front Clutch Zip Pouch. Add a bow to the front of a simple zipper bag and you’ve got a fun clutch.

3. Leather & Polka Dot Fold Over Clutch. We stenciled the polka dots on this zipper bag with gold metallic paint. You could get the same look using polka dot fabric if you .

4. Seersucker & Leather Fold-Over Clutch. The touch of seersucker on this pouch makes it perfect for summer.

5. Polka Dot Zip Pouch with a leather bottom by Knitty Bitties – This pouch features both hand stitching and a bit of leather.

6. Nesting Doll Zip Pouches (Note: this is not a free pattern)

7. Monogrammed Leather Zip Pouches – so perfect to make as Christmas Gifts for Guys!

8. Batman Zip Pouches – Just an idea- not a full tutorial, but you can easily make them our Simple Zip Pouch Pattern linked below.

Zip Pouches that Make Great gifts:

9. Necktie Zip Pouches. Upcycle Dad’s old ties into something you’ll keep for a long time.

10. Sunglasses Case Tutorial. Stop losing your sunglasses! Stitch up a fun case to keep them in.

11. Polka Dot Zip Pouch – we used Iron on Vinyl to make the polka dots!

12. Embellished Zip Pouch – add a bit of ribbon or trim to a simple zip pouch pattern to give it a bit of extra POP!

13. Quilt as you go Zip Pouch. I created this zip pouch using a quilt as you go method. I link to the tutorial I used in the post.

14. Embroidered Zippy Pouches – A fun idea! You’ll need to use our Simple Zip Pouch tutorial linked below to make one.

15. iPad Cozy – a great little zip pouch to make to keep your iPad pens close by.

16. Zip Pouch made from a Shower Curtain – this one is an older tutorial but still one of my favorites. It’s so simple to make and quite inexpensive since you use a shower curtain as your fabric.

17. Lego Zip Pouch – this is one of the first projects that we featured on the blog over 10 years ago! One of these days I’ll go back and make it again, but you can get a general idea of how to make a clear zip bag from the tutorial.

18. Fat Quarter Zip Pouch Tutorial – The extra bit of cork around the top of this zip bag makes it unique.

Our Newest Zipper Pouch Tutorials:

19. Laminated Toiletry Bag. This bag is made entirely from laminate fabric, making it perfect for travel.

20. DIY Make Up bag with Vinyl Lining. This bag has a vinyl lining, to make it wipeable. Includes instructions to laminate your own fabric.

21. Fruity Cross Body Zipper Bags . These fun bags were made using a Cricut Machine. They would also make really cute pencil pouches for back to school.

22. Curved Top Make Up Bag Tutorial. This variation of a simple zip pouch features a curved top.

23. Mad Seamstress Zipper Pouch. Did you know you can print on fabric? That’s what we did for this fun pouch. You can download the printable and make one yourself.

24. Leather Trimmed Zipper Pouch Tutorial. The extra bit of leather at the corners of this pouch makes it extra fun.

25. I’m So Fancy Makeup Bag Sewing Tutorial. Another printable zip pouch!

26. Felt Heart Earbud Pouch Tutorial. These would make sweet valentine’s day gifts for kids!

27. Chalkboard & Fabric Pencil Pouch. This pencil pouch features a bit of chalkboard vinyl. You can wipe it off and write whatever you’d . It’s a fun teacher gift idea.

28. Chalk Cloth Pencil Pouch Tutorial. This zip bag is made entirely using chalkboard vinyl. Doodle away to your heart’s content.

29. How to Make an Oilcloth Pencil Pouch. Since this pouch is made from oilcloth there is no need to finish the seams or line it. It’s a super simple zip pouch to make!

30. Waxed Canvas Zipper Bag Tutorial. This bag is made from waxed canvas. You can find tips for sewing with waxed canvas on the post.

31. Fabric Selvage Zip Pouch Tutorial

More Zipper Pouch Tutorials from Great Sewing Blogs!

32. Emergency Zip Pouch at Spoonful of Sugar

33. Pencil Pouches from Sweet Verbena

34. 2 Sided Zips at Sew Can She

35. Wide Open Zip Pouch at Noodlehead

36. Little Cuties Pouches at Noodlehead 

37. Gathered Clutch Tutorial at Noodlehead

38. School Supply Zip Pouches at Melly Sews

39. Circle Zip Earbud Puch tutorial at Dog Under My Desk

40. Zip your Lips Pouch tutorial at A Beautiful Mess

41. Color Blocked Zip Pouch at Zaaberry

42. Zip Pouch with Exterior Pocket at Sew Happy Geek

43. Zipper Pencil Case at Craft Passion 

44. Dumplings Zip Pouch at Michelle Patterns

45. Pleat Clutch at Charm Stitch

46. Double Zip Pouch at Japanese Sewing Books

47. Ruffle Zip Pouches at See Kate Sew

48. Quilted iPad Mini Pouch at Sew Caroline

49. Zip Mouth Pencil case at Make it and Love it

50. Patchwork Mini Zip Pouch at Don’t Call me Betsy

51. Toiletries Case at Sew 4 Home

52. Exposed Lace Zip Pouch Tutorial at the Eternal Maker

To learn the basics of sewing a Zip Pouch check out these tutorials:

Once you understand how to make a simple zipper pouch you can EASILY transform it and customize it. You can add trim, buttons, and embellishments.

You can also change the size to make the zipper pouch ANY size you want. In the tutorials below, I teach you the basics of making a zipper pouch. You can then use those basics to create your own custom designs!

How to Make a Flat Bottom Zip Pouch

Make a Simple Zip Pouch

One Simple Zip Pouch 3 Ways

Note: this post has been updated from a previously published version. Originally published July 2014

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21 DIY Pencil Case Tutorials That Are Perfect For School

How to Make Your Own Pencil Case and Makeup Bag – No Sewing Required!

Place your pens and pencils in a custom DIY pencil case when you’re back to school. Making your own pencil case allows you to add your own style all while keeping organized.

It doesn’t have to be a bag either, there are plenty of different shapes and sizes for pencil cases. Once you’ve chose the shape, have fun with the design and materials. Some are no-sew and some are easy-sew. Get inspired to craft some amazing containers with the ideas below.

Here are 21 DIY Pencil Case Tutorials That Are Perfect For School

Mail Tube Pencil Case | Damask Love

This pencil case is no-sew and yet so modern!

Starbucks Slime Pencil Case | Kimspired DIY

Make a basic slime recipe and follow the DIY pencil case tutorial to have a homemade Starbucks slime pencil pouch – so cool!

Pretty Lace Pencil Case Tutorial | Torie Jayne

Adding a touch of lace to this pencil case is the perfect feminine touch.

Cardboard Pencil Tube | Moms and Crafters

Make a sturdy DIY pencil pouch that’s perfect for on-the-go – and you won’t believe what it’s made of.

Minecraft Pencil Pouches | Atta Girl Says

These cool DIY pencil cases, which you make using cardstock and double-stick tape, are perfect for all Minecraft lovers.

DIY Fringe Pencil Case | Craftaholics Anonymous

This is a fabulous no-sew pencil case with the addition of fringe.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Pencil Pouches | Dawn Nicole Designs

Make your own fun pencil pouches with Heat Transfer Vinyl and this free hand-lettered cut file!

Harry Potter Pencil Pouches | Polka Dot Chair

With back to school just around the corner, these would make a fun end of summer project. They would also be great to use as party favors for a Harry Potter themed party.

Apple Stamped Pencil Pouches | Yesterday on Tuesday

The kids will love making their own Apple Stamped Pencil Pouches for back to school! It’s nice to have a craft the young ones can do and get a great result.

DIY Monogrammed Pencil Bag | Damask Love

Personalize your pencil case with a custom monogram.

Unicorns Are Awesome Pencil Pouch | Hello Creative Family

Unicorns are awesome, and so is this fun pencil pouch for unicorn lovers.

DIY Pencil Pouch | Mama Miss

Use the items in your pencil bag to decorate your pencil bag. This design was made with sharpies.

Glittery Arrow Pencil Pouch | Happiness is Homemade

This customized pencil pouch is a quick and easy beginner project, and would also make a fantastic DIY gift idea!

Crochet Pencil Pouch | Persia Lou

This Simple Crochet Pencil Pouch Pattern is a great pattern for beginning crocheters. Make a cute little pouch to hold pencils or whatever you want!

New Sew Colored Pencil Roll Up | Make It Love It

You can DIY your own pencil roll-up to help keep your colored pencils (or regular pencils) organized and prevent them from damage.

Notebook Paper Pencil Pouch | The Scrap Shoppe Blog

Send your student back in style with a custom pencil pouch that will never get mistaken for someone else’s. It’s a lot easier to make than you might think!

DIY Leather Pouch | Crafting in the Rain

Make a pouch with no zipper that looks far fancier than it really is!

Easy Zipper Pouches | Kim Six Fix

Two easy zipper pouches that will help you get over your fear of sewing zippers. 

A Boss Pencil Pouch | Hello Little Home

School or no school – organizing pens, markers, and colored pencils can be a challenge. One of the best (and cutest) ways to corral these supplies is with a cute pouch.

No Sew Unicorn Pouch | Dear Creatives

This fun, and easy Unicorn Craft No Sew Unicorn Pouch DIY is one project that you will enjoy making. 

Exposed Zipper Pouch | Lemon Thistle

This DIY involves a bit of sewing but is SO worth it. This little pouch is made for under $5 and would make a great gift… but once you make it you won’t want to give it away,

What is your DIY pencil case going to look ?


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