30 Insanely Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

  1. 37 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids – Free Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Ideas
  2. 30+ Toilet Paper Roll Crafts and Activities
  3. Where to buy cardboard rolls?
  4. 30+ Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes:
  5. Fall and Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts:
  6. Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Crafts:
  7. Winter Toilet Roll Crafts:
  8. Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts
  9. Cardboard Roll Christmas Ornaments:
  10. Spring Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls and Paper Towel Rolls
  11. Easter Toilet Paper Roll Crafts:
  12. Bracelets and Cuffs:
  13. Cardboard Tube Activities for Learning
  14. Making Art with Cardboard Tubes
  15. Ways to Use Cardboard Tubes for Play
  16. Get the 3-5 Playful Preschool e-Book!
  17. Need a use for all those toilet paper rolls???
  18. Ocean-themed paper roll crafts
  19. Midievil and Fantasy Easy Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas
  20. Animal Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids
  21. Transportation Themed Paper Towel Crafts
  22. STEM Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
  23. Nature Crafts with Paper Rolls
  24. More Crafts for Kids!
  25. 30 Insanely Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids
  26. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids
  27. Minion Paper Roll Craft
  28. Toilet Paper Roll Cheesy Mac Costume
  29. Toilet Paper Roll Train Craft
  30. Toilet Paper Roll Squid Craft
  31. Toilet Paper Roll Owls
  32. Paper Roll Fish
  33. Cardboard Tube Unicorn Craft
  34. Grinch Toilet Paper Roll Craft
  35. Cardboard Tube Bowling Game
  36. Star Wars Toilet Paper Roll Characters
  37. Toilet Paper Roll Monkeys
  38. Toilet Paper Roll Octopus
  39. Toilet Paper Roll Castle
  40. Elephant Toilet Paper Roll Craft
  41. Hungry Caterpillar Toilet Paper Roll Necklace
  42. Sophisticated Paper Roll Crafts
  43. Paper Roll Dog Craft
  44. Poppy and Branch Trolls Movie Craft
  45. Toilet Paper Roll Mice
  46. Paper Roll Bird Feeder
  47. How to Make a Coin Purse a Toliet Paper Roll
  48. Paper Roll Monsters
  49. Paper Roll Turkey Craft for Kids
  50. How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Pillow Box
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37 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids – Free Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Ideas

30 Insanely Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

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Yarn Pumpkin Craft

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Mason Jar Turkey

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Pilgrim Treat Boxes

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Pine Cone Turkey

Use ribbon and any pine cones you find in your yard to make these sweet turkeys that can be used for place card holders.

Get the tutorial at Fireflies and Mudpies.


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DIY Leaf Catcher

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Pom-Pom Turkey Craft

These cute little turkeys are perfect to make with your kids and use to decorate the table for dinner.

Get the tutorial at Growing Up Gabel.


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Thanksgiving Turkey Place Card Holder

Turkeys don't have to be brown and beige and drab all over, you know! Here, they're livened up with the help of some acrylic craft paints—and they'll get to admired by all your guests come Thanksgiving day.

Get the tutorial at Lolly Jane.


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Cupcake Liner Turkeys

A few baking cups, some brown craft pom-poms, and a spot of glue is all it takes to bring this adorable idea to life. You can cut some extra yellow cups to create a few makeshift beaks.

Get the tutorial at Oh My Creative.


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DIY Crayon Turkeys

Craft inception! Your kids can help make these delightful crayon turkeys; then, they can use them to craft even more.

Get the tutorial at Paging Super Mom.


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Pony Bead Indian Corn

What's a crafter-noon without a few pipe cleaners? Here, they operate as “husks” on beaded ears of corn.

Get the tutorial at Cutesy Crafts.


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Mini Roast Turkey Piñata

We love the idea of using this mini piñata to decorate your kids' table. After the feast, let the little ones have at it…and watch as the room fills with candy.

Get the tutorial at Handmade Charlotte.


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Owl Puppet

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Fall Bookmark

Just because they're on a break from school doesn't mean you can't make a trip (or two) to the library! These cute bookmarks will keep them excited to read. Simply attach felt leaves to popsicle sticks, and they're ready to be used.

Get the tutorial at Good Housekeeping.


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Corn Husk Painting

You can't mess up this sweet craft, and neither can they! Dried corn husks will look positively dashing once they're coated with a few strokes of colorful paint.

Get the tutorial at Hello, Wonderful.


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Wall of Blessings

Long before Christmas, there's another excuse to whip out an “advent calendar.” Clothespins, faux leaves, and notes of gratitude (penned by your kids!) make it easy.

Get the tutorial at Woman's Day.


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Turkey Crowns

Your kids will feel so special wearing these crowns all dinner long. To keep them feeling sturdy, try printing them onto cardstock (rather than regular paper).

Get the tutorial at Printable Crush.


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Turkey Balloons

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Gratitude Bracelet Making

Beads imprinted with words “forever,” “happy,” and “friend” give these bracelets a meaningful twist. (They're also just darn cute in their own right.)

Get the tutorial at Sugar and Charm.


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Turkey Finger Puppets

Make these ahead of your Thanksgiving feast and your youngsters will have an adorable play piece to keep 'em occupied during dinner.

Get the tutorial at Artsy Momma.


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Bubble Wrap Indian Corn

Start saving your package leftovers now so your kids can tackle this colorful bubble wrap craft come Thanksgiving.

Get the tutorial at Kiwi Co.


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Pumpkin Thanksgiving Turkeys

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Paper Tube Thanksgiving Characters

Starting at the beginning of November, have everyone in the family save their leftover paper towel and toilet paper tubes to make these Thanksgiving paper dolls. Kids will have a blast making them and then playing with them throughout the holiday.

Get the tutorial at Creative Me Inspired You.


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Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Paper Cups

Stock the kids' table with these cute Thanksgiving pilgrim cups and coloring books, and the kiddos will be occupied all dinner long.

Get the tutorial at Lil' Luna.


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Nutter Butter Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

A craft and snack in one, these candy-covered Thanksgiving cookies are sure to bring the holiday fun.

Get the tutorial at I Heart Naptime.


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Paper Leaf Thanksgiving Table Runner

Get the kids in on the Thanksgiving decorating with this easy garland project. Let each child write down what they're grateful for on the paper leaves for a personalized touch.

Get the tutorial at Paper and Stitch.


Source: https://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/g22626432/thanksgiving-crafts-for-kids/

30+ Toilet Paper Roll Crafts and Activities

30 Insanely Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

In this post, I’m sharing all of our favourite toilet paper roll crafts and paper towel roll crafts as well as ways to use other cardboard tubes for art, crafts and activities.

Below, you’ll find ideas for:

  • Holiday crafts made with toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls
  • Kids’ art made with cardboard rolls
  • Learning games and activities made with cardboard tubes
  • Ways to use cardboard rolls for homemade toys and play ideas

Here in my daycare, we love crafting with cardboard tubes. Toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, wrapping paper tubes, food-wrap tubes, poster tubes and mailing tubes are all valuable crafting commodities at our house.

My family knows they’re not allowed to throw out any kind of cardboard roll. Ha! They think I’m nuts for hoarding them, but there are so many ways to use them for daycare crafts and activities, I hate to throw them away.

We make a ton of preschool crafts with toilet rolls and paper towel rolls. Wrapping paper rolls are great when you need a long tube, and the tubes that hold cling-wrap or aluminum foil are great when you need something a little sturdier.

If you have a growing stash of cardboard rolls at your house, this post is for you.

Where to buy cardboard rolls?

If you don’t have a stash of your own, and you want to buy cardboard tubes for crafting in bulk, you can order them here on Amazon with my affiliate link. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

30+ Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes:

Click on the links below to see the full tutorial for each craft or activity.

Fall and Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts:

Use a cool paint process to make some fall napkin rings.

Make a turkey table topper for your Thanksgiving table.

Round up some fabric scraps and a few crafty odds and ends for some adorable toilet roll owls.

Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Crafts:

The kids will love making a quirky monster mobile cardboard rolls.

A spooky crow or owl is a very fitting decoration for Halloween.

Our toilet roll mummies help little ones develop their winding and wrapping skills.

Winter Toilet Roll Crafts:

These cardboard roll snowmen are just the cutest little things, aren’t they?

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts

The hooligans LOVE playing with our toilet roll Nativity set.

Cardboard Roll Christmas Ornaments:

Fleece, batting and a cardboard roll makes an adorable Santa Claus.

Make a set of cute reindeer ornaments for your Christmas tree.

This snowman ornament would be great for the tree or as a gift topper.

These cardboard roll Christmas candles are one of my all-time favourite ways to use paper towel rolls, and one of our most popular Christmas crafts.

TMNT fans will adore these cardboard toll ninja turtle ornaments.

Spring Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls and Paper Towel Rolls

And a paper towel roll butterfly is the perfect craft for spring.

The kids can drum up some April showers with these colourful rain sticks. made from the sturdy cardboard tubes that once held aluminum foil.

Easter Toilet Paper Roll Crafts:

These Easter chicks in paper nests are just too sweet.

Peeps!  Everyone loves Easter peeps, right?

And don’t forget about the Easter bunnies!

We’ve made “chocolate” Easter bunnies toilet rolls too.

Bracelets and Cuffs:

Make some simple toilet roll cuff bracelets.

Anklets can be made using cardboard rolls and colourful duct tape.

Making Art with Toilet Paper Rolls

Cardboard Tube Activities for Learning

Use a poster tube or wrapping paper tube to make a”cardboard drop zone” for toddlers. It will keep kids entertained, strengthen fine motor skills , and help children understand cause and effect.

Knitting on a cardboard roll is a ton of fun, and a great way for kids to make belts, scarves and bracelets while learning some early knitting skills.

Making Art with Cardboard Tubes

Make some cool 3-D structures with tubes and a low-temp glue gun.

Create a unique piece of art for a kid’s room, toy room or classroom.

Kids can use cardboard rolls to stamp a piece of heart art for their bedroom or playroom.

Ways to Use Cardboard Tubes for Play

In a pinch, a sturdy kitchen roll, makes an excellent bubble wand.

Make a set of simple “stand up” paper dolls using toilet rolls for both the dolls and the bases that they stand on.

Turn a long cardboard tube into a torch.

Make a set of homemade dolls to play with using assorted cardboard rolls, fabric scraps and yarn.

Well, what do you think? Are you inspired?

Now, it’s your turn to inspire me!  If you have a favourite cardboard roll craft or activity, I’d love to hear about it!

Before you go, be sure to check out this collection of tp roll Christmas crafts for kids by Red Ted Art.

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Source: https://happyhooligans.ca/22-things-make-cardboard-tubes/

Need a use for all those toilet paper rolls???

30 Insanely Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

One craft material that seems to have a seemingly limitless supply is toilet paper rolls.

Unless there’s a pandemic and you didn’t get what you needed before the shelves were emptied… but short of that we all have toilet paper rolls and have a fresh supply every week! These easy toilet paper roll crafts for kids are perfect for days when you want to craft with the kids, but you don’t want to buy a bunch of craft supplies.

The easy crafts in this list can be made with toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls with just a few additional materials that you probably already have on hand. Kids will love these super fun craft projects and you will love that they can be kept busy with just a few cheap supplies!

Weirded out by using toilet paper rolls? Grab these rolls instead:

30 Pack Craft Rolls – Round Cardboard Tubes – Cardboard Tubes for Crafts – Craft Tubes – Paper Tube for Crafts – 1.57 x 3.9 Inches – Brown

Ocean-themed paper roll crafts

This super cute paper roll mermaid is a perfect addition to your kids’ pretend play. You can set up a little ocean scene and make the craft fun last even longer!

These fish crafts are a lot of fun to use with your mermaids!

Or how about adding an octopus or two made with cardboard tubes. Great for cutting skills!

These frog ball catchers are the perfect craft for practicing hand-eye coordination skills!

Midievil and Fantasy Easy Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas

What kid doesn’t love imaginary play? Especially when it involves castles and princesses and brave knights? Pair that up with a super cute unicorn for hours of play!

Create your own castle with a little bit of hot glue and creativity!

Add some princesses and a knight and then finish it off with some adorable unicorn toilet paper or paper towel roll crafts.

Host a proper royal tea party with these simple tea cups. Or build a royal garden with these adorable flower crafts!

Bring out your inner Disney fan and set off fireworks at your castle with this fun firework art activity!

Animal Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Create some rainbow binoculars and then explore some easy to make animals. There are endless possibilities, so just use this list as inspiration. Once you master a few of these ideas, you can expand to whatever animals your kids are currently learning about.

Transportation Themed Paper Towel Crafts

Create these fun transportation-themed paper towel crafts and play for hours!

  • Space Shuttle
  • Cars
  • Airplane
  • Train

STEM Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

STEM activities (science, technology, engineering and math) activities don’t have to be complicated or expensive. These activities using leftover paper rolls, are almost free and crazy fun!

Create your own adorable (or scary) monsters with toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

DIY Building Blocks from paper rolls. I love how you not only get to enjoy creating your own blocks, but you can use the blocks for days, creating new scenery and projects! Build to your building block collection each time you have a new empty roll available.

Get super creative and make a bag from paper towel rolls.

Add a few simple craft materials and create a sculpture!

This marble run is completely customizable and will provide lots of entertainment for the kids!

These kaleidoscopes are a great way to learn about science while creating a unique craft.

Craft Rolls – 24-Pack Cardboard Tubes for DIY Crafts, 4-Inch, 6-Inch, 10-Inch Paper Cardboard Tubes for DIY Arts and Crafts Projects, 8 of Each Length, White

Nature Crafts with Paper Rolls

These simple crafts are a great way to connect your kids with nature! Enjoy the wind, feed the birds and plant a garden with these easy paper roll crafts.

I especially love the seedling starters! They are the perfect way to start a garden without needing to invest in planters and pre-grown plants. A great way to save money and teach your kids about growing plants!

  • Windsock
  • Birdfeeder
  • Birdhouse
  • Seedling starters

No matter how you decide to use your abundance of toilet paper rolls, your kids can have hours of crafting and playing fun without breaking the bank on extra craft materials.

What is your favorite way to use up toilet paper rolls? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below to let me know what you’ve tried!

More Crafts for Kids!

Source: https://lifeovercs.com/toilet-paper-roll-crafts-for-kids/

30 Insanely Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

30 Insanely Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

People everywhere find themselves with a bit of time on their hands and some extra toilet paper on hand.

What do you do with all of those empty rolls after use? This list of fun and yes, unique toilet paper roll craft ideas are great for keeping you and the kids occupied.

There are cute ideas for younger kids, fun ideas for adults to decorate around the house, and even a few holiday-themed ideas thrown into the mix.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

These craft ideas aren’t just for toilet paper rolls. You can use paper towel rolls as well if needed. The idea is to use up items you already have on hand to create crafts that are fun for kids. This is a two for one deal in my opinion. Keep the kids busy, no need to purchase extra supplies, and have something new and fun to use as a decoration!

Minion Paper Roll Craft

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t adore the cute little yellow Minions! If your kids Despicable Me or the Minions movies, then this is a great one for them to make together.

Tutorial: Crafts by Amanda

Toilet Paper Roll Cheesy Mac Costume

Okay, so not a traditional idea, but this one is amazing! Even if you don’t make it right now, this is ideal for Halloween. Paint and glue them together to look macaroni and cheese!

Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Toilet Paper Roll Train Craft

This one is ideal for your train-loving kiddos! I love the idea of painting each train a different color or even creating unique designs on them. This is more than just the toilet paper craft, but is hours of fun playing once dry!

Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Toilet Paper Roll Squid Craft

My son loved squids when he was little. This would have been a huge hit with him. I love that this has a fun little “fringe” of legs on the bottom. You can easily add a bit of fishing line to the top and hang them as a decoration.

Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Toilet Paper Roll Owls

What’s not to love about owls? These are super cute and have several variations to make them a bit more personal for your kids. I love the purple one, but of course, you can make it any color you want!

Tutorial: Curious and Geeks

Paper Roll Fish

What an adorable little idea! This truly transforms a basic paper roll into something beautiful. Great for use with those studies about fish, or just to have fun with your little ones.

Tutorial: The Craft Train

Cardboard Tube Unicorn Craft

Are you on the unicorn loving train? I sure love them! This colorful rainbow unicorn is a great fun and easy to make craft that kids will love. All kinds of sparkly and fun to play with – this will be your favorite!

Tutorial: Red Ted Art

Grinch Toilet Paper Roll Craft

It isn’t Christmas as I write this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun Christmas craft. Make a bunch of these now to decorate with later in the year, or just to add to your home now. Nothing beats a bit of Christmas cheer to make tough times easier!

Tutorial: Crafts by Courtney

Cardboard Tube Bowling Game

What a fun idea! This is ideal for when you are stuck inside! A great craft that keeps kids busy playing for hours on end! Definitely an addition to crafting and playtime that is worth making.

Tutorial: Craftulate

Star Wars Toilet Paper Roll Characters

May the Force Be With You! This is a fun craft idea that I, for one, adore. I’m a huge Star Wars geek, and this just appeals to that in spades. I definitely would make these on my own, even if I didn’t have kids in the house!

Tutorial: Hello Wonderful

Toilet Paper Roll Monkeys

No craft project is better than one that gets kids using their imagination. Monkeys are perfect for making my kids get goofy and make silly sounds. Pretend play is a must for growing imagination and this is a great project to get that started.

Tutorial: Mom Unleashed

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

This may be the one paper roll craft I remember best from my childhood. There is just something fun about cutting and rolling paper strips into the curve that turns them into a cute little tentacle on your octopus.

Tutorial: Easy Peasy and Fun

Toilet Paper Roll Castle

This is absolutely gorgeous! I will definitely take a bit of extra work to make, but worth it in the end. This is a great option for older kids to make since it takes a bit more focus.

Tutorial: Red Ted Art

Elephant Toilet Paper Roll Craft

I love that this one uses foam paper as well as painted toilet paper rolls. It’s a super cute idea for any zoo studies, or just for the elephant lover in your life. This post also has other fun zoo animals to check out and make with paper rolls.

Tutorial: Sunshine Whispers

Hungry Caterpillar Toilet Paper Roll Necklace

Paint and cut toilet paper roll into short pieces then string onto yarn or twine to create an adorable necklace. This easily goes alongside the always popular Hungry Caterpillar books for kids.

Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Sophisticated Paper Roll Crafts

These are too adorable! A bit of paint and you have given an old paper roll the fun personality of a classy cat! A great choice for the crazy cat lady in your life! That would be me. I am the crazy cat lady.

Tutorial: Molly Moo Crafts

Paper Roll Dog Craft

Since I included one for the cat lovers, I can’t leave out the dog lovers! This is a cute idea for a slightly different paper roll craft. Definitely a fun one for kids to make!

Tutorial: Easy Peasy and Fun

Poppy and Branch Trolls Movie Craft

Whether it’s the Trolls movie or the latest release Trolls World Tour that has your kids loving these little creatures, this is a fun craft. I love that these are so cute and fit the latest release so well!

Tutorial: The Art Dream

Toilet Paper Roll Mice

Cut apart a toilet roll and glue together to make this adorable little mouse! While it was created as a Christmas ornament, you can use this for any project that needs a fun little mouse added.

Tutorial: Child Made Tutorials

Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Every kid needs to have fun making a bird feeder! This little paper roll bird feeder is super easy and a great way to teach your kids more about the birds local to your area.

Tutorial: The Chaos and The Clutter

How to Make a Coin Purse a Toliet Paper Roll

This video is amazing! A great little idea that little girls, especially, will love making! Check it out and have your kids make their own little DIY purses using those paper rolls.

Paper Roll Monsters

Monsters are always a fun character for kids. This little project lets them use their imagination to create their own unique monster to decorate their room or have fun playing with together.

Tutorial: The Best Ideas for Kids

Paper Roll Turkey Craft for Kids

Thanksgiving turkeys are always fun to make. Use a paper roll, some colorful construction paper, and a bit of glue. These are great to decorate the kids table at your Thanksgiving meal.

Tutorial: The Resourceful Mama

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Pillow Box

Don’t have a gift box on hand? Use an old paper roll tube to make your own homemade box! These are lots of fun to make and decorate for different holidays and stuff with candy to give to kids!

Tutorial: Easy Peasy Creative Ideas

Source: https://www.infeedio.com/30-insanely-adorable-toilet-paper-roll-crafts-for-kids/

toilet paper roll crafts Archives

30 Insanely Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Miss G and I finally got around to putting some of our {bordering on control} toilet paper roll stash to use today.  Making paper roll dolls with Grae is something I’ve been wanting to for a long while now, and I’m so glad we finally got to it because it was a lot of fun {and these insanely cute little dolls came of it too}.

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Miss G and I have been collecting toilet paper rolls since moving to Kuwait  with a certain project in mind (yes, it seems I’ve gotten over my phobia of crafting with something that once was housed in the washroom – phew!)  With 30+ rolls now in our collection, we sat down to finally begin our project, and somehow, we ended up doing something completely different.

 I’m not quite sure what happened… Our paints were out, we were raring to go, and then Miss G mentioned reindeers.  The rest is history.  Before long, we had this cute little paper roll handprint reindeer, and absolutely no start on our much anticipated project.

 I guess that’s what happens when you try your best to follow the interests of your child – wonderful unexpected projects!  Now I’m not going to lie and say that this is an open-ended project that inspires a ton of creativity – it’s not.  Buuut, Miss G is all about ‘making decorations’ for the holidays, and she absolutely loved the process, despite it being quite structured.

 I figure as long as we’re doing a lot of open-ended creativity-inducing activities, the odd cutesy craft here and there is just fine!

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Every once and a while, I seem to go through a paper roll collecting stage.  I have no idea why, because I truly never have anything planned for them, but it happens none the less.  When I noticed a little collection of them today during nap time, I decided we’d put them to use this afternoon.

Though we really haven’t done a whole lot of paper tube crafts, I remembered how much Miss G enjoyed the heart stamping activity we did last fall.  Not wanting to do the exact same thing again, I decided to create several different shapes to switch things up a little bit.  To start off, I gently cut the tubes in half.

Next, came shaping them.  The good news is that it wasn’t difficult.  For the triangle,  square, and rectangle, I basically made the required number of corners by folding the tubes, then played with the shapes a little bit until I was happy with them.  You can see exactly how to form the heart shape here, and the circle, well, you just leave it as is {obviously}.

At this point, Gracen was still asleep and I just couldn’t wait test them out.  So I didn’t. ☺

When my little lady woke up, she quickly discovered the stamping station I’d set out for her, and she was thrilled.

She stamped away testing out each shape thoroughly…   

Her personal favourite?  My impromptu bow tie stamp dipped in purple paint (of course).  

Depending on the paper used for this project, your little one(s) could create a new piece of art for the wall, a piece of wrap for a gift, or a greeting card for someone special.


For extra fun, us on  here and find us on Instagram here.  


For one reason or another, I began saving toilet paper rolls a while back. (Don’t ask me why, because I don’t remember. Probably something Pinterest related?) So with a collection of 10 or more paper rolls just sitting around, I decided it was time to do something with them.

 I don’t know how I came up with the idea for this project actually…  Maybe I’ve seen it somewhere before? I don’t think so, but it’s certainly a possibility given my tendency to snoop around the internet in the wee hours of the morning.

 Either way, I’m probably not the first person in the world to think of using empty toilet paper rolls to create heart-shaped stamps, but since I’ve scoured the web and I can’t find paper roll heart stamps anywhere else on the internet, maybe I’m the first to post about it?

(Disclaimer: While I wouldn’t have my students bring in tp rolls to use for crafts in my classroom, I’m {semi} okay with using rolls from our house in our house.  If you’ve read the same article I read as a beginning teacher about tp rolls being covered in fece particles, you can always opt for paper towel rolls, craft paper rolls, or wrapping paper rolls instead. ☺)

To get started, you’ll need two things: paper tubes and some rubber bands.

First, flatten your paper tube and press down along the two creases.

Next, invert one of the creases in order to begin creating a heart shape.

Play with the shape of the heart by squeezing the tube until you’re happy with it.

In order to help the heart keep its shape, wrap an elastic band around the tube once or twice.

Make one heart stamp for each colour of paint you intend to use.

Lastly, pour out a few dollops of paint (we used crafter’s acrylic) and place one stamp in each paint puddle.

Then set your wee one loose!

We started on the easel, and ended up on the floor using the stamps to make some homemade wrapping paper, but the stamps would also be perfect for making beautiful homemade cards or some art to hang in your little one’s room.


toilet paper roll stash to use today. Making paper roll dolls with Grae is something I”,”word_count”:975,”direction”:”ltr”,”total_pages”:1,”rendered_pages”:1}

Source: https://mamapapabubba.com/tag/toilet-paper-roll-crafts/

14 Hours Inside the Relentless, Often-Shirtless World of Diplo

30 Insanely Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

The sparkling water that the flight attendant dispenses is as crisp as an autumn morning in heaven's apple orchard. The aloe-infused socks that Joe, the personal photographer, hands me are as cozy as a space heater wrapped in a Patagonia fleece.

The toilet seat, which is hidden inside what appears to be a padded leather armchair so that I am totally confused and slightly panicked when I first enter the bathroom, is both warmer and softer than any bed I've ever slept on.

And Diplo, well… Diplo is furious.

After his Charlotte show, a mob of fans swarmed him for photos.

He barks at his tour manager, Luke, and tour assistant, Eli, for letting it happen, and it feels when you'd be at a friend's house for dinner and their dad would start yelling at them in front of you.

The pair are brothers (Eli is younger by four years) who grew up in Idaho, and they possess an elusive mix of traits that make them perfect for the gig: the chill of Ultimate Frisbee players and the swift efficiency of the Secret Service.

Even though Eli bears the brunt of most of the criticism tonight (among his transgressions: momentarily forgetting to carry Diplo's bags, including a Dior tote embroidered with the word “DIPLO”), he shrugs it off.

“It's a very good, brotherly type of relationship, where we'll be total bros and then just have a shitty day,” he tells me. “I probably spend more time with him than anyone else on tour.” Before this, Eli was a firefighter.

When I ask him which job is more stressful, he says, “The firefighting, you know what you do in every situation. There are set guidelines. But this, it's all playing on mood.”

We've also been joined by a petite young woman, not older than 25, with platinum-bleached hair, an oversize 'NSync shirt, and pouty lips so mesmerizingly glossy I can see my reflection in them.

Diplo can have such a specific effect on women that the Kinsey Institute should award somebody a scientific grant to study it. It's not that he's good-looking, which is obvious. It's that he inspires a sort of revelatory shamelessness.

You can't scroll through his Instagram comments for a millisecond without seeing someone calling him “daddy.” In 2013, a high school teacher was reportedly fired after tweeting at him a video of herself topless and twerking upside down.

“Much of our relationship is just being spent trying not to have sex so that we wouldn't ruin our business relationship, because he's super-duper hot,” Sia even told me during our phone call.

“This year I wrote him a text, and I said, ‘Hey, listen, you're one of five people that I'm sexually attracted to, and now that I've decided to be single for the rest of my life and I just adopted a son, I don't have time for a relationship.… If you're interested in some no-strings sex, then hit me up.’ ”

Shirt, $750, by Brioni / Pants, $625, by Emporio Armani / Shoes, $3,995, by Christian Louboutin / Hat, $125, by Stetson / Ring (on ring finger), $229, by LMJ / Ring (on index finger), $780, by Othongthai / Necklaces, $77,700 (top), and $67,200, by Shay

Diplo follows over 6,500 people on Instagram, about 6,000 of whom are women blessed with figures that look they were dreamed up by a 13-year-old boy in the margins of his spiral notebooks. I wonder if that's where he meets most women. The answer, according to Diplo, is both “no, just in real life” and “yeah, I've been guilty of meeting girls on there.”

While we're suspended in the air thousands of miles above the earth, Diplo mauls a plate of Cajun chicken pasta (“I'm always trying to be a vegan; I'm about to do another diet tomorrow”) and ruminates on the lack of intimacy in modern sexual relationships.

“Kids are very sexual, with these weird apps, and they lose the accountability of their emotions because they don't really connect with people. So sex becomes a little too mundane,” he says, suddenly sounding much older than his years. He takes a contemplative bite of garlic bread. “I've probably got the same problem.

But I am very into the women I'm with, and sex, so it's not just sex with them.”

Source: https://www.gq.com/story/diplo-profile-february-2020