Fun and Easy Halloween Clothespin Bat Decorations

Easy Bat Craft

Fun and Easy Halloween Clothespin Bat Decorations

This Halloween craft was so much fun to make.

It’s quick which is really our only option most days, is it just me or do you get exponentially busier the older your kids get?  We’ve been meaning to get all Halloween crafty but time has been super short. This easy bat craft is the perfect quick Halloween craft for busy families. Don’t miss out on the books about bats after the craft tutorial.

Gather your materials. You will need some black paper or card stock, some googly eyes ( if you have red ones all the better), scissors, clothes pins, a silver sharpie or crayon, a black crayon, and glue. 

Start by having your child color the clothespin with the black crayon. This is tricky for little guys but encourage them to try because it’s great practice controlling a writing tool. My 4 year old thought that it might be easier to peel the whole crayon but it wasn’t. Still I never stop her from peeling crayons because it’s such a great fine motor activity.

While they do that you can cut out some bat wings and a bat head.I folded my black paper and made cut out the wings free hand the head is just a circle with two pointy ears. Do not worry about perfection. Older kids could  draw the head and wings and cut them out problem.

Time to decorate the wings! A silver sharpie is a coveted item at our house and she loves using it for crafts, I love how it looks against the black paper.

Glue eyes on the head. She opted to hold each tiny eye and add glue to it. Such a change from her brother who would drop huge globs of glue onto things calling them bombs. 

Clip the wings on and then clip on the head. The extra glue from the eyes should glue the clothespin shut but if there was no extra glue you can add a little dab to the clothespin.

Let dry and display! I love using kid made Halloween crafts for decor, not only is it fun to bring them out year after year but it let’s your children show off their creations. 

Books about Bats

All book lists include affiliate links.

Stellaluna by Janell Canon has long been a favorite when teaching about bats. I will warn you it”™s a little long for fidgety toddlers but they will still enjoy it even if you skip a few pages.

The story follows a little bat who loses her mother and is adopted into a family of birds. She never really feels she belongs even though she s her bird family.

That”™s not the end though, there is a surprise reunion and Stellaluna saves the day before the end of this book.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat! by Lucille Colandro was a huge hit! It”™s a reworking of the classic song ” There was an old lady who swallowed a fly” only this one swallows a whole bunch of Halloween creatures, a goblin, ghost, and of course a bat.

  She continues to swallow bigger and bigger things much to my son”™s amazement! He was giggling through the whole book and the end when the old lay belches he laughed hysterically. It was predictable but I have to admit was a really fun , silly read.

{ Reviewed originally in 2009 when my son was 3 } 

My First Batman Book: Touch and Feel by David Katz. This is a rare find. A board book , a touch and feel no less,  about Batman.

Trust me it”™s rare, I squealed when I found it at the library and could not believe what a treat it was to read with both my kids.

It”™s not secret my son ( the one in the improvised Batman mask above) is into superheroes, he is also into books and I want to encourage that. However some of the books are so violent and I don”™t want to expose him to all that at 4.

5 , he is just too young for my comfort zone. For beginning readers there are some great I Can Read books but for even younger children pickings are super slim. Luckily there is this book. It”™s sturdy, it”™s age appropriate and it even glows in the dark. { Originally reviewed in 2010 }

Here are links to the supplies ( or similar ones) I used in the post above.  Supply lists include affiliate links.

Black Paper
Googly Eyes
Elmer’s Washable No-Run School Glue
Sharpie Metallic


Halloween Clothespin Bat Easy To Follow Steps

Fun and Easy Halloween Clothespin Bat Decorations

This Halloween Clothespin Bat is definitely a pennywise project. It's a simple craft that even little ones will love to do, though they may need a bit of help from an adult or an older child with the cutting and gluing.

These bats are simple enough and inexpensive enough that you can make lots of little bats to add to wreaths or plants and clip onto curtains or blinds. Clip them onto your costume or make especially nice ones and clip it to your hair ribbon.

Well, why not? It'd be a Halloween Hoo-hoot!

I think you'll find lots of ways to use them as decorations and your kids will have a lot of fun making them.

You may decide when you make the Halloween Clothespin Bat that you'd to add a magnet to the back of the clothespin and turn it into a fridge magnet.

Make sure you position the eyes by the clip part of the clothes peg if you want to clip it in that direction.

A fridge magnet could be clipped either way so that it could be hold a message from it's head end or other end – your choice!


Here's what you need:


a pencil 


extra paper or cardboard forstencil/pattern,

black paper (construction paper will do)  or black fun foam,


black paint

the printed or hand drawn pattern.

googly eyes (different colors & sizes or all one size)

Optional: other embellishments glitter glue that are lightweight.


1. Paint the clothespins. Let dry.

2. Enlarge the pattern onto a scrap piece of paperor cardboard making the body big enough to cover the length of the clothespin.

If you enlarge it onto paper, trim (as shown in the picture of the wing below), glue to the cardboard, and cut out when dry (as shown by the bat body in the picture below).

(The side of a cookie box was a perfect fit)

This the stencil you will use to trace the pattern on the black paper or foam.

If you are working with more than one child, you may want to have lots of stencils.

3. Using it as a template, trace and cut out the 2 shapesfrom the paper or fun foam. Cut two pieces for each bat you want to make, one wing and one body.

To finish:

4. Lay the clothespin on a flat side and glue onthe bat wings.

5. Glue the bat body on top of the bat wings.

6. Add googly eyes if you wish and/or a magnet to the other

sideof the clothespin to make a fridge magnet.

Here’s what your bat will look when you’re finished.

More pictures here

Here's some options:

Instead of using or having to go out and buy some black paper, use scrap paper or some paper or light cardboard that you recycle, for instance, from a cereal box.

Have your child paint it black or any other color they choose. Add tiny buttons, sequins or glitter if you want – after all, it's YOUR Halloween Clothespin Bat – and you can be as creative as you want.

Instead of googly eyes, which really are fun, try gluing a very small white button with a tiny black button on top – or if your child wants, just let them draw the eyes in as they paint it.

Okay, maybe real bats don't glisten and sparkle but I'd have a hard time not adding some bits of foil candy wrapper paper to my bat, cause I just stuff that shimmers and shines – a little bit of glitz and glamor never hurt a Halloween Bat – and, frankly, I can just never leave well enough alone.

Have fun making your Halloween Clothespin Bats!

P.S. If you print off this page for the template,: we found that increasing it by 123% on our printer made it the right size for a standard clothespin (Walmart).


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See more pictures here

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Fun and Easy Halloween Clothespin Bat Decorations

Fun and Easy Halloween Clothespin Bat Decorations

This adorable Halloween bat made from a clothespin is the perfect easy craft for the kids! These are so cute and inexpensive to make. Old clothespins can be repurposed for this craft, and turned into an adorable functional Halloween decoration with the cuteness of a bat!

These decorative Halloween balloons are another super easy decoration you can add to your home or party for the spooky season!

Halloween Bat Clothespin Craft

I love cute little crafts this that are functional. Not only are they a perfect Halloween bat decoration, but they are also perfect for using in your home. You can put these to use easily as soon as the paint and glue dry!

It is always so much fun to add creepy and crawling decorations to the home during the Halloween season. This Halloween spider web jar is another favorite easy craft that is functional.

It’s ideal to add candy to and sit on your desk at work or the kitchen counter! Another fun option I love because it is functional is the spider bowl party decoration.

It is cute and serves a purpose to hold things crackers or popcorn!

Where Should I Display this Halloween Bat Clothespin?

If you are adventurous and won’t scare the kids or neighbors, you can definitely use these to hold clothes on your drying line. Otherwise, I love using these to hold up notes for the kids on the walls. Just run a simple twine along the wall and secure, then use the clothespin Halloween bat to clasp a note or picture.

Another fun way to use these is to clip them to the side of a cup or onto a straw for serving your favorite Halloween party drink recipe. If you have spare craft magnets on hand, hot glue them to the back of the clothespin and add them to your refrigerator or filing cabinet to secure business cards, reminders, or pictures.

What Should I Use to Make the Bat Wings?

For this craft, I used some black cardboard I had in my craft room. I often find scrap cardboard in a variety of colors that I can cut and use for projects this one. If you don’t have any on hand, you can look for any stiff paper or fabric option.

Cardstock is perfect for this project since it is thin enough to be lightweight, but also heavy enough to not be floppy. I would avoid cloth most cotton fabrics or felt, but using some foam board would work wonderfully.

Supplies Needed

  • Wooden pegs
  • Black marker or craft paint
  • Black cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue or craft glue

How to Make a Halloween Bat Clothespin

Gather your supplies laying out your wooden clothespins, cardstock or cardboard, markers or paint, scissors, and choice of glue. If you are using paint to coat the clothespin, make sure to layout a newspaper or a paint drop cloth to protect your work surface.

To begin, you will take apart the clothespins. Keep all pieces together, but take them apart so you can paint all edges and areas of them.

Use a black permanent marker or black craft paint to coat all sides and edges of the clothespins. Set them aside to dry.

While the clothespins are drying, you will cut out your bat wings. Using a pencil, you can draw a simple batwing shape. If you have a stencil or cookie cutter, that can be used to trace. Otherwise, you can easily freehand a bat wing with plenty of dips and points.

Cut out your wings, and set them aside.

Once your clothespin has dried completely, you will assemble them back together.

After they are assembled, you will use glue to attach the wings to one side.

Printable Step by Step Tutorial:

Prep Time 2 minutes

Active Time 10 minutes

Additional Time 15 minutes

Total Time 27 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1

  • Wooden pegs
  • Black marker or craft paint
  • Black cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue or craft glue
  1. Place all of your supplies on a work table. Cover with newspaper or a paint cloth if you will be using paint for this craft;
  2. Next, you will take apart your clothespins and set all pieces aside so they can be painted black on all edges;
  3. Using black marker or paint, color in all surfaces of the clothespin and set aside to dry;
  4. While the clothespins dry, you can make your bat wings;
  5. Using a black piece of paper or cardboard, you will trace a wing shape;
  6. Cut one wing out, and then use it as a template for creating enough so each clothespin has two wings;
  7. Set aside your wings, and check to see if the clothespins are dry;
  8. Once they are dry, you will reassemble them and begin the process of gluing the wings on each side;
  9. Once all of your bat clothespins have been created, you can display as you want around your home.


25 Bat Crafts for Kids – Red Ted Art – Make crafting with kids easy & fun

Fun and Easy Halloween Clothespin Bat Decorations

Oooh we do adore BATS!! Time for some Bat Crafts for Kids and Bat Crafts for Toddlers! I know some to refer to them as rats with wings, but I think that that is rather unkind. I think bats are rather adorable.

I don’t know what it is about them, but there you go… I am a bat lover! And as a bat lover, I am always on the look out for lovely bat crafts for kids – especially with Halloween around the corner, it is a great time to get bat crafty.

It includes all sorts of fabulous Bat Crafts and Bat Printables (part of a great set of Free Halloween Printables!).

Even if Halloween isn’t your thing, Summer and Autumn are great times of the year to go bat spotting! So here are some of our favourite bat crafts from around the web! If you love Halloween, I know you will also want to check out our Halloween Crafts Preschool, as well as our great selection of PAPER Halloween Crafts for kids!

Bat Crafts for Kids & Halloween

Many of these bat crafts for kids use basic materials and are quick adn easy to make. Some even have Bat Printables and Bat templates.. and we have a great varity of Bat Crafts for you today.. from Flying Bats, to Flapping Bats, to Bat Bookmark Corners and more!!

DIY Bat Crafts for Preschool

Super cute Bat Craft for Preschoolers and Toddlers to enjoy!

Time for a Flapping Bat Craft for kids. If you need some Bat Printables, check out this adorable and easy Bat Paper Puppet with Template

Another great recycled Bat Craft for kids, are these fantastic Mini Bat Pinata/ Goodie Bag/ Craft aren’t they the cutest? Such a fun way to hand out sweets!

Similarly – making HANGING Bats by el hada de papel

No Bat Templates needed for this clever and Simple Egg Carton Bat Bunting (genius) by Zing Zing tree

Another great recycled Bat Project – Simple Bottle Top Crafts by Love And Lollipops

Halloween Match Up by Happy Hooligans – I htink this comes with a bat printable too.. but I couldn’t see it. ahem.

Looking for a Simple Bat Craft for Preschool? Try this Paper Plate Bat by Crafty Journa;

We love this great Bat Preschool Craft idea is this Handprint Bat & Moon by Fun Handprint Art Blog

How fun is this  Flapping Bat Craft by Mother Natured

How about this great Preschool Bat Craft Idea: Bat Thumbprint by Spoonful

Other Bat Crafts for Kids

Super cute and EASY Origami Bats. The kids will love these! These so quick to make and would be great way to decorate the walls.. and as the following picture shows.. can be used as Bookmarks too!

Aren’t they fab as Simple Bat Bookmark Corners too?! Yep!! A great 2 for 1 craft indeed this Halloween!

Or get all excited by CONKERS!! Oh how we love conkers.. so many great conker crafts out there.. but today’s craft is a Nature Bat Pencil Topper

Bat Pencil Toppers – it comes complete with simple Bat Template – by Twig and Toadstool

Another fun Flapping Bat by Spoonful

Bat Finger Puppet by My Baby Faves

Bat Chocolate Wrappers complete with free Bat Printable by Skip to My Lou

We love free Halloween Printables. And what would a bat craft round up be without some free Flying Bat Printables? Check out these Fun Bat Flyers! by Education

Clothespin Bats by Crafts By Amanda

Pom Pom Bat Crafts

Three Pom Pom Bat Crafts and yet all so different. Each as fab as the next!

We can resist a fabulous Pom Pom Craft.. and adore how these Pom Pom Bats turned out! Learn how to make pom poms using a cardboard disc!

Coffee Filter & Pom Pom Bats – I love how effective the coffee filters look!! Great bat project by Buggie And Jellybean.

Learn how to make pom poms using a cardboard disc!

More Pom Pom fun!!!! Pom Pom Pop Up Bats by Willowday

Learn how to make pom poms using a cardboard disc!

DIY Bat Decorations for Parties and Halloween

A clever way of using paper cups. Turn them into this cute Paper Cup Bat Basket by First Pallet

Hanging Bats Decoration by HGTV

More great Bat Templates with these oh so cool Bat Window Decoration

Clever bat decoration idea… turn black balloons into fabulous Balloon Bats by Spoonful

Keeping bat crafts simple – Ribbon Bat Straws by FunFamilyCrafts

Bat Pumpkin Decoration by It All Stared With Paint she links to a free Bat Pattern for you to download

DIY Bat Costumes and Mask

Apparently this is a last minute bat costume DIY  – isn’t it lovely? by BabyccinoKids

Umbrella Bat Costume by Evil Mad Scientist, or check out this even easier bat costume by Thinly Spread. Love.

Gorgeous Bat Masks by Living With Punks

And of course.. there is always BATMAN (made hubby’s old suit trousers!!!)

Now you have your fill of BATS.. how about some cute Spider Crafts for Kids?!

In need of more Halloween inspiration? These TP Roll Halloween Crafts are AMAZING

And more Scarily Cute Halloween ideas here:

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Coffee Filter Bats Halloween Craft for Kids

Fun and Easy Halloween Clothespin Bat Decorations
Jump to Printable Instructions

These coffee filter bats are an easy Halloween craft for kids of all ages to make. They take about 20 minutes and use craft supplies you probably already have in your house.

I love how simple these are to create and they work great for DIY Halloween decorations. Make a night of it with Halloween movies and crafts!

Grab the printable directions at the bottom of this post for use at home or in your classroom. Have the kids learn more about bats with these bat life cycle printable activities.

For another fall project, don't miss our Coffee Filter Turkeys. These Pool Noodle Halloween Crafts and Kawaii Inspired Halloween Flower Pots make cute projects too!

And for winter, check out our Coffee Filter Wreath for Christmas, Coffee Filter Poinsettia, Coffee Filter Santas, Coffee Filter Angel Ornaments, and Coffee Filter Holly Banner!

This post contains affiliate links. We earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

Halloween Coffee Filter Bats

Coffee filter crafts are great for preschool and kindergarten children. Even toddlers can help with the dyeing process.

Older kids will also enjoy making these bats and can assist with decorating the clothespins.

Easy crafts for kids are my favorite kind and I'm telling you these bats look great when they are finished!

The tie dye for the bat wings is created using coffee filters and markers, which is a magical process that the kids (and adults) will become addicted to doing! 

Set them out and around your Halloween party food table or hang them on the wall. You could even make several and use twine to create a bat banner.

You may also enjoy making these adorable Monster Craft Stick Bookmarks and your own magic wand.

Coffee Filter Bat Craft Supplies

If you don't have these materials on hand, you can find them on Amazon, at the Dollar Store, or wherever you prefer to shop for crafting supplies.

  • Non-Stick Craft Mat or Large Plastic Zip Top Bag
  • Water Spray Bottle

How to Make Coffee Filter Bat Halloween Craft

Flatten coffee filters and draw different patterns with several colors of washable markers. Blue, black, and purple are great for making cool looking dark bat wings.

Place the colored coffee filter on a craft mat and spritz with water. If you don't have a craft mat you can lay it on top of a large zip top bag.

Kids will enjoy watching the magic as the colors spread! Set aside to dry.

Clip the clothespins onto a scrap of cardboard before painting. This way you can hold and turn the cardboard without getting paint all over your hands.

Paint all sides of the clothespin with black craft paint and a paintbrush. Set aside to dry.

After the paint is dry, glue on the googly wiggly eyes.  

Using the white gel pen, draw a mouth and fangs on each clothespin. Set aside to dry.

Now fold the dry coffee filter in fourths and cut a scallop edge with scissors.  

Unfold the filter to half and cut a 3” slit up from the scalloped edge.  Then open the clothespin and insert the wings. 

Cut out ears using a rectangular strip of black cardstock and cutting out a small triangle on one end. Attach the paper to the top of the clothespin with liquid glue.

Once they are completely dry, display your completed coffee filter bats!

Printable Coffee Filter Bats for Halloween Craft Directions

We hope you have fun creating a colony of bats with this cute Halloween craft for kids. The instructions below are available for you to print out at home.

  • Scrap of Cardboard
  • Non-Stick Craft Mat or Large Plastic Zip Top Bag
  • Water Spray Bottle
    1. Flatten coffee filters and draw patterns with blue, black, and purple washable markers.
    2. Place the colored coffee filter on a craft mat and spritz with water.
    3. Clip clothespins to scrap of cardboard and paint all sides black. Set aside to dry.
    4. Glue eyes to clothespin. Let dry.
    5. Draw mouth and teeth with white gel pen. Let dry.
    6. Fold coffee filter in fourths (in half and in half again) and cut a scallop edge.
    7. Unfold filter once so it is folded in half. Cut a 3 inch slit up from scallop edge.
    8. Open clothespin and insert the coffee filter wings.
    9. Cut little triangle ears from black cardstock and glue to clothespin.

Easily make just one or several at a time. Drying times may vary and impact total time from start to finish of this project.

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56 Easy Halloween Crafts – Best DIY Halloween Craft Ideas for Your Home

Fun and Easy Halloween Clothespin Bat Decorations

1 of 56

Spider Web Placemats

You can make your own fun placemats using nothing but puff paint and parchment paper. Just make a web shape onto the paper with the puff paint, then let it set overnight so you can peel the paper off the back. Place underneath a clear plate to show off the design!


2 of 56

Witch's Brew Drinks

Turn regular bottles into festive drinks for a Halloween get-together with this simple idea. Just download and print the label template PDF, then cut out the labels and tape them onto beer or soda bottles.

To create the straws, cut two 3″ circles black paper and punch a hole in the center of one. Slide a straw through the hole. Cut the other circle in half and roll to create a cone around the straw, glueing or taping in place.

Glue or tape the cone to the paper circle to create a witch hat.


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Paper Bat Garland

To make this garland, download this bat stencil, then trace the shape onto a piece of black craft paper. Cut out the shape with scissors to create as many bats as you want.

Then, place the stencil back on top of each bat and use a bone folder to make creases along the dotted lines on the stencil. Fold the creases opposite ways on each wing to make the wings 3D.

Attach each bat to a long piece of string with tiny black clothespins.


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Puff Paint Spider Web Glasses

Dress up a simple set of dollar store glasses with puff paint. Draw a decorative web, starting from the bottom of the glass.


5 of 56

Hanging Paper Spider Web

Make this clever wall decoration to hang anywhere your house needs a little extra holiday spirit. To create it, fold 2 sheets of black paper accordion-style (about 1.5″ inch folds), and then fold each accordion in half lengthwise so you have two segments.

Cut the top of the fold diagonally so you'll have a pointed end when it's unfolded. Then, cut three rectangles the paper, about half an inch apart, on each part of the segment.

Once you have folded and cut both sheets of paper, tie them together tightly at their center folds. Take each loose edge of folded paper and, using a glue stick, attach it to the end next to it. The paper will start to open up a web.

Use binder clips or paper clips to keep the ends in place as the glue dries. Once it's dry, attach a faux spider and hang with string.


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Bleach Pen Napkins

Customize your tabletop decor with this super-easy DIY! Use a bleach pen to draw a spiderweb design right onto colorful napkins. Let the bleach sit for at least two hours until it turns completely white, and then rinse and dry the napkins before using.


7 of 56

Mini Lawn Flamingo Pumpkins

9 of 56

Halloween Gradient Treat Jar

10 of 56

Emoji Ghost Balloons

11 of 56

Rainbow Spider Web Wreath

13 of 56

Neon Paint Dipped Pumpkins

14 of 56

Ghost Paper Lantern

15 of 56

Pumpkin Jar Lights

Start saving a few glass jars from the recycling bin to craft these cute luminaries. Thanks to some tissue paper and decoupage glue, little “pumpkins” can light the way along your front walk or up the porch steps.


Get the tutorial at Woman's Day »

17 of 56

Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

18 of 56

Halloween Spider Garland

19 of 56

Pumpkin Vase

To make this centerpiece, carve a deep hole in the top of a pumpkin, then slide in a plastic cup. Make a grid across the vase opening with thin floral tape first to keep arranged flowers from falling over.

Fill with water and a medley of bright blossoms. Keep your bouquet fresh by stripping away leaves and removing everything below the bloom to ensure that the stem reaches the water. Snip the stems on a 45-degree angle so they’ll suck up more water.

Recut them and replace the water daily.


RELATED: 25+ Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween

20 of 56

Skeleton Lights

Break out the Mod Podge to decoupage a spooky strand of skulls. Eyes and grins trimmed black paper turn basic party lights into custom decor.


21 of 56

Vampy Jack-o'-Lantern

Use an awl to create eyeholes in a painted pumpkin, then push in the stems of two large blooms. To finish, carve a square for fake fangs.


23 of 56

Tied-Up Gourd

For a quick dash of color, simply wrap strands of embroidery thread around a mini gourd in rainbow order and glue to secure.


25 of 56

Cheery Pom-Poms

It doesn’t get more fun than fuzzy balls of color! Attach them in rows or clusters with hot glue — and consider starting with a brightly painted pumpkin to make your handiwork pop.


26 of 56

Color-Blocked Candles

These dip-dyed tapers look pretty enough for year-round use, but orange crayon shavings stirred into melted candle wax can give candles a special Halloween glow. Just dip and let dry.


27 of 56

Boo-tiful Pumpkin

Lush lashes have never been hotter — even our pumpkins are getting in on the fringe benefits! Hot-glue tassels for eyes and pom-poms for a pucker. For the bat, use a sturdy 1-inch ribbon so the wings stand up on their own.


RELATED: 60+ No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween

28 of 56

Tote for Treats

Potatoes are the secret to this stamped canvas bag, which kids will be proud to show off door-to-door. Use chalkboard paint instead of acrylic to make a tote you can mark up with fun details, fangs.


30 of 56

Floral Gourd


46 DIY Halloween Wreaths – How to Make Halloween Door Decorations

Fun and Easy Halloween Clothespin Bat Decorations

1 of 46

Black Ribbon Halloween Wreath

An all-black wreath? We normally wouldn't dream of it, but on Halloween, anything goes! This witchy craft is anything but welcoming, but it'll delight all the trick-or-treaters in town.

Make the Wreath: Cut 150 6-inch-long strips of 2-inch-wide black grosgrain ribbon. Fold the strips in half and attach them to a 16-inch foam wreath form with straight pins, layering them on top of each other to create a ruffle effect.

Cut out a silhouette of a witch from black kraft paper. Attach it to the center of a 16-inch round clear piece of acrylic with double-sided tape. Hot-glue the edges of the acrylic round to the back of the wreath form. Finish with a bow with long tails.


2 of 46

DIY Vintage Masks Wreath

These cheerful, throwback masks are anything but scary. Still, they're totally on theme—and work perfectly as Halloween decor!

Make the Wreath: Source colorful vintage paper masks from
websites Etsy and eBay—you will need 10 to 15 total. Attach to an 18-inch craft ring with a dab of hot glue, layering and overlapping them as you go.


3 of 46

DIY Halloween Candy Wreath

Retro candy makes for a stunning addition to any front door. The challenge here, of course, is not eating it before you begin your crafting!

Make the Wreath: Gather an assortment of old-fashioned candies in autumnal shades such as yellow, orange, and magenta. Wrap a 14-inch foam wreath form in white ribbon. Attach candy with hot-glue, layering and overlapping as you go. Finish with a yellow burlap bow.


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DIY Spider Halloween Wreath

Keep things simple—but spooky—with an all-white wreath. Tiny faux spiders decorate the edges of this fun craft.

Make the Wreath: Tie six pieces of white string across a 14-inch foam wreath form, making sure to loop each one at the midway point of the first piece attached to create a central point. (This is the base of the web and should have 12 “spokes.

”) Tie a long piece ofstring to the center point; weave and loop from the center out to create the web. If you run string, tie another piece to the end and continue weaving. When you reach the wreath form, tie off at

your ending point. Move the twine up and down to create uneven gaps in the web.

Wrap the wreath form with white burlap ribbon and attach faux spiders with hot-glue. Loop a piece of white burlap

ribbon around the form to hang.


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DIY Twig Halloween Wreath

Simple meets spook-tacular in this easy homemade wreath, which gives your front door just the right amount of Halloween spunk without going overboard.

Get the tutorial at Twelve on Main.


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DIY Spider Halloween Wreath

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Rainbow Pumpkin Wreath

Halloween should't be all dark and creepy. Paint a handful of mini gourds (true holiday staples!) to deck out your door with a bit of color.

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.


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Chevron Halloween Wreath

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Halloween Mesh Wreath

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DIY Halloween Witch Wreath

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Simple Halloween Wreath With Embroidery Hoop

14 of 46

Cute Ghost Wreath for Halloween

If you're handy with a needle and thread, embroider a wreath of friendly ghosts for your front door that won't scare visitors away.

Get the tutorial at Flamingo Toes.


15 of 46

Creepy Eyeball Wreath

16 of 46

Mysterious Mummy

17 of 46

Candy Corn Wreath

18 of 46

Owl Wreath

Owls are all the rage this time of year. To make this Halloween wreath, wrap burlap ribbon around a 16″ Styrofoam form, and follow the steps below.

For the eyes: Use utility scissors to cut a 5″ circle from a sisal doormat. Trim a 2″ strip from the edge of a raffia table skirt and hot-glue along the outer edge.

Next, hot-glue the outer ring of a 4 1/2″-inch Mason jar lid inside the raffia, securing it to the sisal circle. Hot-glue a metal bottle cap at the center of the ring and encircle with dried pumpkin seeds.

Hot-glue a red wood bead inside bottle cap. Repeat for second eye.

For the wings: Cut two 8″H x 5″W teardrop-shaped pieces from the doormat.

For the beak: Cut a 3″ triangle from the mat; cover with dried pumpkin seeds.

To assemble: Attach the beak, then the eyes and wings, with hot-glue.


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Halloween Skull Wreath

This spooky wreath, made entirely of skulls, is the spooky accessory your door needs this October.

Get the tutorial at Tried and True.


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Chevron Fabric Wreath

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Googly Eyes Halloween Wreath

This wreath will always be watching you! Create this creepy design by placing googly eyes on ping-pong balls.

Get the tutorial at No. 2 Pencil.


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Felt Wreath

Add a Halloween ornament to a classic felt wreath for the perfect seasonal touch. (Take note: heavy-weight felt will help give your wreath a fuller look.)

Get the tutorial at All Things Simple.

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Ribbon Wreath

Although this blogger used a fresh batch of ribbon to create her fun take on a classic ribbon wreath, you can also create your own using bits and pieces of ribbon saved from past projects.

Get the tutorial at Create Craft Love.

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Black Cat Wreath

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Candy Corn Colors

Swatches of orange, red, and white create a candy corn illusion that you can keep on your front door for the entire season.

Get the tutorial at The House of Smiths.

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Spooky Spider Wreath

Think outside the box — or in this case, inside the wreath. This blogger weaved a spider web inside a basic vine wreath using white yarn.

Get the tutorial at Chicken Scratch NY.

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Yarn Pumpkins

Make a ton of tiny pumpkins to embellish a wreath that will look amazing on your front door for Halloween.

Get the tutorial at Craft-O-Maniac.

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Black Crepe Paper Wreath

Fold four-inch-long strips of black streamers in half, then layer along your wreath form to make the perfect accent to your halloween-themed home.

Get the tutorial.


37 Wacky & Rare Bat Shaped Halloween Crafts for Kids

Fun and Easy Halloween Clothespin Bat Decorations

Bat crafts form an integral part of Halloween celebrations for various reasons. Celebrate the occasion with your children and help them make beautiful bats by going through our fantastic collection of Halloween crafts for kids.

The month of October is almost here. It is the month of ‘Bat Appreciation’. Autumn is the season when you can go for bat spotting.

Children prepare striking bat crafts with an array of materials such as paper, cardboard, wool, bottle caps, egg shells and even egg cartons on the occasion of Halloween.

What is the Connection of Bats with Halloween?

Have you ever wondered why bats are associated with Halloween? Well, it is believed ‘vampire bats’ feed on blood and that is how bats are related to Halloween. Moreover, it is believed witches worship ‘horned-figured’ with wings and use bat blood for flying. For all these reasons bats find a special place in the Halloween celebration and the vampire bat crafts are popular.

Wacky Halloween Crafts for Kids

  • Cute Bottle-Top Bats: Use cardboard paper and bottle caps for crafting these cute preschool bat crafts.
  • Adorable Hanging Bats Crafted from Cardboard Tubes: Use foil paper or toilet paper roll for making thesetoilet paper roll bats.
  • Yarn Bat Crafts: You can help your pre-school going children to make this easy-to-make bat crafts for preschoolers from wool. This art work is especially helpful for young children for improving their ‘fine motor’ skills.
  • Origami Bats: With few folds and twists with the paper you can make these cute bats.
  • Innovative Paper-Plate Bats: Make these simple and easy-to-craft bats from recycled paper plates.
  • Egg-Carton Cute Bats: Use egg cartons for making these lovely bats with googly eyes.
  • Finger-Print Art: Help your children in making these creative finger-print bat art with paint and a little imagination.

With these marvelous Halloween crafts for kids ideas help your children in making innovative floating bat craftsand many other fun crafts and make the occasion fun and exciting for them.

Bat Crafts for Preschoolers with Felt

Black Painted Empty Egg Carton Bat

Brown Paper for Grocery Cute Puppet

Button Decorated Clothespin Bat

Clips with Felt Bat Craft

Clothespin Bat Bag Candy Storage

Coffee Filter Paper Cutout Bat Decoration

Colorful Paper Craft Bat Vase

Crafted Bat Treat Box from Paper

Creative Bat Treat Bag

Cute Bat Pictures Printables for Craft

DIY Crafted Paper Bats Instructions

Easy DIY Toilet Paper Roll Bat Decor

Empty Egg Carton Painted Bat Craft

Felt and Tissue Crafted Cute Bat

Festival Halloween Bats with Paper and Felt

Flapping Bat Craft for Halloween

Flower Pots Decoration with Paper Bats

Flying Bat Handprint Craft

Foam Bat Craft for Halloween

Funny paper Crafted Handmade Bat

Halloween Bat Oreo Pops

Hand Shaped Paper Cutout Craft

Hat Headband with Paper for Halloween

Medium Empty Toilet Paper Roll Bat

Paper Cutout Bat Glitter Craft

Perfect Paper Folded Bat Decoration

Pouches from Toilet Paper Rolls with Shimmery Ribbon

Soft Felt Crafted Bats Black color

Sweet Black Paper Cutting Bat for Candy Storage

Thick Black Yarn and Paper Bat

Tissue Paper Mashed Bat Craft with Pumpkins

Toilet Paper Roll Bats for Halloween

Upside Down Flower Pot Bat Craft

Vase with Toilet Paper Roll Bats

Vivid Colorful Toilet Paper Gift Pouches

Watercolor Coffee Filters Painted Bats

Source for Images: .com