20 Easy DIY Scarves That Will Keep You Stylish And Warm This Winter

  1. 34 DIY Clothes for Winter
  2. 1. Detachable Fur Coat Collar DIY
  3. 2. DIY Cozy Blanket Top
  4. 3. Easy Cable Knit Skirt
  5. 4. Quick and Easy DIY Winter Cape
  6. 5. DIY Boot Socks
  7. 6. Pretty DIY Bow Sweater With Open Back
  8. 7. Katniss Cowl
  9. 8. Sew A Fleece Poncho
  10. 9. DIY Simple Pleated Skirt
  11. 10. DIY Plaid Trousers
  12. 34. DIY Embroidered Sweater
  13. Look Cool and Stay Warm: Stylish & Practical Winter Accessories
  14. Gloves or Mittens
  15. Leg warmers
  16. Scarves
  17. Shawls
  18. Hats
  19. Ponchos and Ruana Capes
  20. 10 DIY Winter Clothes and Accessories
  21. 1. DIY Slipper Boots
  22. 2. Fingerless Gloves from Socks
  23. 3. Faux Fur: Trapper Hat
  24. 20 Easy DIY Scarves That Will Keep You Stylish And Warm This Winter
  25. 1. DIY No Sew Blanket Scarf
  26. 2. DIY No Sew Stamped Scarf
  27. 3. Easy Braided T-Shirt Scarf
  28. 4. Festive Braided Candy Cane Scarf
  29. 5. Simple Crochet Infinity Scarf
  30. 6. Simple DIY Convertible Nursing Cover Scarf
  31. 7. Easy DIY Knitting Loom Scarf
  32. 8. No Sew DIY Fringe And Fleece Scarf
  33. 9. DIY Glam Studded Scarf
  34. 10. Easy Hand Sewn Infinity Scarf
  35. 11. Simple 10 Minute Jersey Fringe Scarf
  36. 12. Hand Made Lace Infinity Scarf
  37. 13. Fashionable Leather And Flannel Scarf
  38. 14. DIY Faux Leopard Fur Scarf
  39. 15. Cute DIY No Knit Yarn Scarf
  40. 16. Easy Reversible Cowl Scarf
  41. 17. DIY Fabric Shirred Scarf
  42. 18. DIY Indigo Tie Dyed Scarf
  43. 20. DIY Arm Knitted Scarf
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  45. 20 Winter Fashion Must Haves from a Chicagoan
  46. A Cute and WARM Hat
  47. Regular Scarf
  48. Hooded Scarf
  49. Sweater Dress
  50. Phone Gloves
  51. Mittens
  52. Long Coat
  53. Walking Boots
  54. Fashion Boots
  55. Actually Warm Socks
  56. Thin, Warm Jacket
  57. Fleece Leggings
  58. Leg Warmers
  59. Nice Jeans
  60. Sweater
  61. Fashion Blazer
  62. Arm Warmers
  63. Non-metal Jewelry
  64. Anti-static Products
  65. Hair Accessories for Under a Hat
  66. 20 Must-Have Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Men
  67. 1. Leather Jacket
  68. 2. Pea Coat
  69. 3. Black Jeans
  70. 4. A Wool Overcoat
  71. 5. Boots
  72. 6. Selvedge Denim Jeans
  73. 7. Denim Jacket
  74. 8. Wool Blazer
  75. 9. Trench Coat
  76. 10. Wool Suit
  77. 11. Scarf
  78. 12. Cable Knit Crew Neck
  79. 13. Zip Up Sweater
  80. 14. Oversize Jumper
  81. 15. Cardigan
  82. 16. Turtleneck
  83. 17. Leather Gloves
  84. 18. Beanie
  85. 19. Wool Socks
  86. 20. Flannel Shirt

34 DIY Clothes for Winter

20 Easy DIY Scarves That Will Keep You Stylish And Warm This Winter

Winter weather may or may not be here for you, but it is coming soon. I just got to spend the weekend in Paris, where it is much colder than where I live. Fall fashion was in full force on the streets and winter coats and fun warm clothes were in all the stores.

Unfortunately, I could not afford to buy everything I wanted, but I did come home with lots of ideas and the motivation to get busy making some new DIY clothes for winter. From coats to scarves, wraps to sweaters and gloves, I found some easy ways to make winter fashion possible, even on a limited budget.

If you want some inexpensive clothes you can make, ones that don’t look homemade or cheap, then these 34 ideas are for you. Complete with easy to follow step by step tutorials, you can’t go wrong.

1. Detachable Fur Coat Collar DIY


Colored fur collars were all the rage this year- all over the place. But a brand-new jacket with a faux fur collar is hundreds of dollars. So, this is something you can DIY and can save you tons of money.

This comprehensive tutorial shows how to make DIY fur collar detachable, so you can lift up the look of your existing clothing. Use it for jackets, cardigans, vests and any other clothes that don’t have collar or lapel.

I can’t wait to add this extra warmth to one of my plainer coats.

2. DIY Cozy Blanket Top


Winter is finally here and so sweater weather is right around the corner.

So cute and comfy to wear during fall and winter! Takes under 30 minutes to make and only 1 yard of fabric! Full step-by-step instructions can be found from Love Spunk.

Though this top isn’t the most figure flattering, it’s quite decent and cute for how comfy you are. Wear skinny jeans and boots underneath to balance out the look.

3. Easy Cable Knit Skirt


If you are a die-hard fan of cable knit sweaters, then you will love this Cable Knit Skirt from My Poppet.

I just love the chunky texture of the cables, and the way they automatically evoke the feeling of ‘cozy’. Nice and simple to make, this number totally looks super snugly.

I have a similar cable-knit jumper that has been hanging around in my cupboard for a good decade. I now know what I can do with it.

4. Quick and Easy DIY Winter Cape


There is much to love about winter capes. Long or cropped, they are infinitely more elegant (and breathable) than bulky winter jackets. With minimal sewing or DIY skills, you can jazz up your autumnal clothes sooner than you think! Learn how to make a winter cape or poncho in this easy step by step sewing tutorial for beginners.

5. DIY Boot Socks


I love boots. I get so excited when it gets cold enough in the fall to finally bust them out.

Fall is in full swing now, so it is time to pull out those boots for the cooler weather! Of course, you will need some cute boot socks to finish off your fall look.

Swell shows you an easy and inexpensive way to make boot socks in the comfort of your home. All you need to make a pair is an old sweater, a pair of scissors, and whatever else you want to add to your boot cuffs.

6. Pretty DIY Bow Sweater With Open Back


You know all those sweaters that aren’t doing much for you, or just sitting in your closet for months….

maybe even years? What an easy way to up-cycle those sweaters, and re-purpose with what is already in your closet.

This number from Love Maegan is exactly the type of DIY that is exactly what you need to breathe new life to your old sweaters. This is the easiest DIY you can attempt, and just about anyone can do it.

7. Katniss Cowl


Wow, this is unbelievably cool! If you are a superfan of the movie Hunger Games, then you’ll definitely fall in love with this Katniss cowl DIY. I’ve been wanting that cowl since I saw it in the movie preview.

I am definitely going to make this. I searched high and low for a DIY that not only looked similar to the one from the movie but also just looked nice, so I’d want to wear it. And this tutorial is just perfect.

8. Sew A Fleece Poncho


It’s easy to make with this tutorial which includes a pattern! Make a quick, easy, and stylish fleece poncho with a cowl neck that can also be worn as a hood by following this easy, step-by-step sewing tutorial from Melly Sews. I am really inspired by this post so I am going to make one for me and then I already know that it will make a great gift for a friend.

9. DIY Simple Pleated Skirt


Who says you can’t skirt on this fall weather? I love a simple skirt you can mix and match with colorful tights and cute boots.

The pleated skirt is a classic, and, thankfully, very easy to make, which makes it perfect for seamstresses of all skill levels. Pair it with a colorful tights and you’ve got the perfect look for this season.

I’m telling you, this is exactly what you need to complete your winter wardrobe.

10. DIY Plaid Trousers


Plaid is simply amazing. I have been loving trouser pants lately, especially plaid ones! I love that you can dress them up for a put together look or down for more of a rocker vibe. And with this tutorial from Cotton and Curls, you can now easily sew your own. How cool is that? These pants are really easy to make and with the free pattern, you can never go wrong.

34. DIY Embroidered Sweater


Source: https://diyjoy.com/diy-clothes-winter/

Look Cool and Stay Warm: Stylish & Practical Winter Accessories

20 Easy DIY Scarves That Will Keep You Stylish And Warm This Winter

Growing up in New England, I learned very quickly that your warm clothing becomes your best friend during the frigid winter months.

At this time, we are often forced to sacrifice our favorite outfits for something more practical to survive colder conditions.

Since one-piece insulated snowsuits don’t make for very fashionable, everyday outfits, how does one stay stylish while remaining practical and warm during the winter months?


Accessories can add a literal layer of warmth and comfort to your favorite outfit, while also adding cute, personal flair. Therefore, consider the winter to be a practical time to expand and enhance your wardrobe with these cute accessories:

Gloves or Mittens

My hands are always the first thing to freeze in the winter.  Since there is nothing worse than cold, dry, chapped hands or grabbing a steering wheel that’s been sitting out in sub-zero temps, gloves are crucial to your practical winter garb.

Let’s face it, we live in a tech-driven society, therefore you may wish to consider fingerless gloves or convertible mittens. This will afford you the convenience of being able to use your cellphone to type, tag or tweet your heart away.

Leg warmers

This winter, you can wear that dress you put away for the season with the help of a pair of stylish legwarmers. Wear over tights, leggings, or alone to keep warm and keep cute. Fashion models have taken over winter runways with leg warmers and heeled boots…they are all the rage!


I find myself constantly pairing scarves with my outfits. This winter, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a warm, soft scarf, perhaps made from alpaca. You will feel you are walking around wrapped in the fashionable version of your favorite blanket. Wear your scarf higher on colder days to help protect your face and ears from frostbite, or wind burn.

Infinity scarves have gained a great deal of popularity in recent years. They can be worn around the neck or draped over the shoulders. Pair with jeans, boots, and your favorite sweater for the for an easy, chic winter look.

*NOTE: Make sure you pay attention to the material if you have a wool sensitivity. NOVICA offers a lot of cute, cotton alternatives!


If you’re looking for something that’s a little glamorous for night time, there’s nothing an elegant shawl.  You can add both a bit of warmth in the night chill and complement your attire with a color coordinating shawl.


Keeping your head covered is critical for maintaining your body heat. A stylish hat can serve as the perfect accessory for your winter look while also fulfilling its practical purpose.

Ears are particularly vulnerable to frostbite, therefore, it’s important that you find a hat that’s long enough to cover them. For this reason, some styles come with an ear flap built in to make sure they are protected.

You may wish to add a style with a cute pom-pom or crochet detail for added flare. It can be fun to mix it up!

Don’t let cool temperatures fool you, the sun is STRONG. If you’ve ever left the ski slopes with a red face and harsh goggle tan, you know where I’m coming from. On sunnier winter days, try a hat with a visor. This will help protect your eyes and skin from the powerful rays.

Ponchos and Ruana Capes

For all over warmth, throw on a beautiful, handmade poncho or drape yourself with a ruana wrap or cape.  These are truly pieces of wearable art that will keep you warm while looking fabulous.

In conclusion, accessories can offer a stylish and practical way to enhance your winter wardrobe. NOVICA has so many unique and handcrafted options for you to enjoy this season.

For added warmth to your heart and soul, consider that with every purchase from NOVICA you are directly helping the lives of artisans and their families.

Truly nothing creates a better feeling of warmth than making a difference.

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Source: https://www.novica.com/blog/look-cool-stay-warm-stylish-practical-winter-accessories/

10 DIY Winter Clothes and Accessories

20 Easy DIY Scarves That Will Keep You Stylish And Warm This Winter

Winter is coming and we’ve got you covered from head to foot with these DIY winter clothes and accessory ideas! You’ll be amazed at how stylish these homemade garments are, and you’ll love how warm they’ll keep you while you brave the winter air.

Best of all, since these are all DIY ideas, you can customize them to fit your style perfectly. Or, you could even make some of these to give away as homemade Christmas gifts!

1. DIY Slipper Boots

Slipper boots are a must-have in the winter, but the store-bought ones can get pretty pricey. Luckily, you can make these SUPER cute DIY slippers with just an old sweater!

If you DON’T already have a sweater you’re willing to part with, drop by your local thrift shop and see what they have on sale. You might be able to find a cool color or material for your pair of slipper boots, and for cheap.

Items Needed:

  • old sweater
  • darning needle
  • yarn
  • pins
  • scissors

Make This Project

2. Fingerless Gloves from Socks

What can you make from an old or unused pair of socks? Fingerless Gloves! To make the best gloves, choose thick socks that are perfect for the cold season. No more frosty cold mornings with fingerless gloves!

Items Needed:

  • pair of old socks
  • scissors
  • needle
  • threads
  • heart patches (optional)

Make This Project

3. Faux Fur: Trapper Hat

While this faux fur hat is a bit harder to make than the previous DIY winter clothes featured, it’s still not too difficult! Just requires some sewing skills which I’m sure you have

Source: https://fabulesslyfrugal.com/diy/diy-winter-clothes/

20 Easy DIY Scarves That Will Keep You Stylish And Warm This Winter

20 Easy DIY Scarves That Will Keep You Stylish And Warm This Winter

I just love when the weather starts turning colder. That means that I can drag out my collection of scarves and really accessorize my outfits. I love scarves and have so many – everything from warm wool scarves to lightweight infinity scarves.

And the sad part is that I am always looking for new scarves to add to my collection! If you love scarves, too and you want to add a few to your winter wardrobe this year – without spending a fortune in department stores – I’ve got just the collection for you.

I have found 20 of the easiest DIY scarves that you can make to add to your wardrobe.

These scarves range from sewn to no sewing required to crochet and even knitted. Whatever you prefer to do to make your own stylish accessories, there is a DIY scarf in here that you will love.

If you’re new to knitting and crocheting, you can also check out these 100 crochet patterns that are perfect for beginners. You’ll find loads of things that you can crochet that will go beautifully with your new scarves.

And even if you have never held a crochet hook or knitting needles, these scarves are so easy to make that you’re sure to have one finished before cold weather arrives.

You’ll also find a lot of repurposed scarves in this collection. Turn an old t-shirt into a lovely scarf or even an old jersey. There are so many ways that you can add lovely scarves to your winter wardrobe, and I’ve found the easiest of all of the DIY scarves.

These also make wonderful gifts for the holidays or birthdays and you have plenty of time to complete some of these before gift giving season is here. There is even one that you can finish in about 10 minutes! Hold onto your hat and let’s get started making some great DIY scarves.

And, you should also check out this great DIY upcycled t-shirt rug.

1. DIY No Sew Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are very popular and they make wonderful gifts – for yourself or someone else. This one is a no sew project and it is really easy. If you have the right amount of material, you won’t even need to cut this one. It’s just material that has been frayed and it makes the most gorgeous blanket scarf.

Tutorial/Pattern: zevyjoy

2. DIY No Sew Stamped Scarf

Here is another beautiful scarf that you can make without sewing the first stitch. This one is stamped so it has a gorgeous design – and you determine the design.

This one is made from a really comfortable jersey knit fabric and you make the stamps yourself. If you have never made your own stamps, you are in for a real treat.

Once you’re finished with your scarf, you can use your homemade stamps to create so many beautiful things!

Tutorial/Pattern: almostmakesperfect

3. Easy Braided T-Shirt Scarf

An old t-shirt is all you need to make this fashionable braided scarf. This one is so super easy and you can have it finished in just a couple of hours. This one doesn’t require any sewing.

You just cut and braid – you could do this with all of your old t-shirts and give them away as gifts. I love DIY projects that let me repurpose old clothing.

You could even make a repurposed t-shirt peplum top to match your new scarf.

Tutorial/Pattern: diyready

4. Festive Braided Candy Cane Scarf

This is another beautiful scarf that you can make from an old t-shirt. This one is a really festive red and white and it looks a candy cane.

It’s a bit thinner than most other scarves but it is super fashionable.

It would also make a wonderful holiday gift for teens or you could do this one in different colors and make it perfect for summer fashion – it’s really lightweight and perfectly matches just about any outfit.

Tutorial/Pattern: mrkate

5. Simple Crochet Infinity Scarf

This chunky scarf can be easily crocheted, even if you’re just beginning in this craft. It has a gorgeous look to it and it’s so big and bulky that it is perfect for keeping you warm this winter.

This is also a great one to give as a gift. The pattern is super easy to follow and you don’t need to know any complicated stitching to finish this one.

You will however, need some bulky yarn and a large crochet hook.

Tutorial/Pattern: flamingotoes

6. Simple DIY Convertible Nursing Cover Scarf

With all the talk about nursing in public of late, this convertible nursing cover scarf will come in really handy. This would make a wonderful gift for a baby shower if you know that the new mother is going to be nursing. It’s also a really simple scarf to make and converts from a large cover to a really fashionable infinity scarf in a matter of minutes.

Tutorial/Pattern: sheknows

7. Easy DIY Knitting Loom Scarf

If you have a knitting loom, you can literally turn this scarf out in just an hour or so.

Knitting looms are great for knitting something quickly, particularly if you want to knit but have never learned how to use needles.

They’re also great for those with arthritis and other conditions that keep them from handling those smaller needles. This gorgeous scarf is made on a knitting loom and it makes a wonderful gift.

Tutorial/Pattern: slapdashmom

8. No Sew DIY Fringe And Fleece Scarf

This is another scarf that you can make without sewing a stitch and it’s got a wonderful contrasting color scheme. You make this one with fleece, which is super warm and perfect for a winter scarf.

At the bottoms, you have a contrasting color that creates the fringe. It looks much more complicated than it is to make and this is one that would be perfect for giving to teens or pre-teens for the holidays.

You have to love those no sew DIY projects.

Tutorial/Pattern: itsalwaysautumn

9. DIY Glam Studded Scarf

I just love this scarf that you can make an old t-shirt. It has gold studs – although you could use silver if you prefer and if you don’t have an old t-shirt that you want to cut up, you can buy the same material at any fabric store and it’s not at all expensive. The hardest part of this one is connecting the studs, and even that part is really simple.

Tutorial/Pattern: mariajustdoit

10. Easy Hand Sewn Infinity Scarf

You can use a sewing machine on this gorgeous infinity scarf but you don’t need to. This one can be just as easily sewn by hand and it takes very little time to make it. These are such wonderful gift ideas – make an infinity scarf for all of the ladies on your gift list this holiday season or make several for yourself to wear with different outfits.

Tutorial/Pattern: shrimpsaladcircus

11. Simple 10 Minute Jersey Fringe Scarf

If you have an old jersey or t-shirt that you don’t mind cutting, this could be a great no sew project.

This infinity scarf literally only takes you about 10 minutes to make and even if you don’t have a shirt to use – it won’t take you longer than 20 minutes if you need to sew your
material together.

The fringe gives it such a lovely look and this one is so easy that you could have one in every color – and not spend more than a day making all of them.

Tutorial/Pattern: thinkingcloset

12. Hand Made Lace Infinity Scarf

If you need a really elegant scarf for yourself or to give as a gift, this lace infinity scarf is it. This one is so easy to make and it is gorgeous when it is finished.

There is a bit of sewing required for this one, to join the lace to your material of choice but it’s not at all difficult.

Even if you are new to using a sewing machine, you can have this one finished in an afternoon and still have time for a relaxing cup of coffee.

Tutorial/Pattern: maryscraftsandquilts

13. Fashionable Leather And Flannel Scarf

This leather and flannel scarf easily rivals anything that you will find in a high end department store and you can make it for really cheap.

It’s also pretty simple to do and makes such a lovely fashion statement. The leather edges snap together with rivets and the flannel really helps to keep your neck warm during those cold winter months.

This gives you a great way to repurpose old flannel shirts.

Tutorial/Pattern: deliacreates

14. DIY Faux Leopard Fur Scarf

You can honestly use any faux fur design to make this scarf – white would be really lovely.

The scarf is really easy to make and is perfect for those cold winter evenings, especially when you want something a bit dressier than a typical knit or flannel scarf.

You sew this one together by hand so you don’t even need to get out the sewing machine. It’s really simple and comes together really quickly.

Tutorial/Pattern: lovemaegan

15. Cute DIY No Knit Yarn Scarf

You don’t need to know how to knit or crochet to create this adorable yarn scarf. You do need a large skein of yarn and some leather to make the design. This is a lovely scarf and it is so easy to make. If you have always wanted to give someone a gift that you’ve made yarn and you don’t know how to knit or crochet, you are definitely going to want to take a look at this one.

Tutorial/Pattern: honestlywtf

16. Easy Reversible Cowl Scarf

This reversible cowl scarf will certainly keep your neck warm this winter and it is very stylish, too. This one does require a bit of sewing, but nothing too complicated.

You make it with two different designs so you can reverse it to match your current outfit. You just need two colors or designs of fleece for this one, and your sewing machine.

It comes together pretty quickly and makes a wonderful gift.

Tutorial/Pattern: madiganmade

17. DIY Fabric Shirred Scarf

This scarf is great for those fashionable outfits when you need something that is not quite a necklace. I love the look of this one and it is much easier to make than you may think. Don’t let those shirrs scare you – it’s really not at all difficult. This one just has random shirring spots, which give it a beautiful design and it makes a great gift for teens or women of all ages.

Tutorial/Pattern: makeit-loveit

18. DIY Indigo Tie Dyed Scarf

I really love tie dye projects – they give your clothing such a gorgeous look and the style is really reminiscent of the 1970s.

This indigo tie dye scarf is really easy to make and it doesn’t require any sewing unless you just really want to hem the bottoms. Personally, I love the fringed look so I wouldn’t sew it.

This is a great lightweight scarf that is perfect for warmer days and it makes a wonderful gift for anyone you know who adores scarf fashion.

Tutorial/Pattern: aliceandlois

20. DIY Arm Knitted Scarf

You have surely seen those blankets that you can knit with your hands, right? Did you know that you can also knit a scarf with your hands? This one is really easy and makes a beautiful chunky scarf that is perfect for winter. You don’t even need to know how to knit and you don’t need any knitting needles. You can have this one finished in just a couple of hours and you are going to love how it looks when you’re done.

Tutorial/Pattern: handimania

Source: https://www.diyncrafts.com/33182/knitting-crocheting/20-easy-diy-scarves-will-keep-stylish-warm-winter

20 Winter Fashion Must Haves from a Chicagoan

20 Easy DIY Scarves That Will Keep You Stylish And Warm This Winter

This post may contain affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

Winter is just around the corner. If you follow My Urban Family you know that I tend to always be cold.

But now that I live in downtown Chicago I plan on being warm and fashionable while still exploring this great city – I will not let winter stop me.

I’ve spent the past couple of years really researching what brands and items I need to stay warm. You can see my top picks below for each of the 20 categories.

And after you fill your wardrobe with the essentials, make sure to check out 14 Tips to Help You Survive Winter from a Chicagoan for non clothes related tips to staying warm and happy this winter!

A Cute and WARM Hat

1// Slouchy Snappy Knit Beanie 2// Women’s Faux Fur Pom Pom 3// Spikerking Womens Winter Knitting Wool 4// Warm Chunky

With so many options for hats during the winter, it’s easy to get caught up in just looks and forget the real function a hat should serve – keeping your head warm. I know I’ve been there where I excitedly buy a hat only to realize the wind goes right through it and it doesn’t really work for winter. So I’ve been on the search for fashionable and warm hats and these are my favorites.

Regular Scarf

1// Warm Infinity Scarf 2// Tartan Blanket Scarf 3// Thick Ribbed Knit Winter Infinity 4// Classic Cashmere

hats, there are so many options when it comes to scarves. But without the right scarf, you can still end up with a cold neck. These four will keep you warm (and come in many other colors to match any outfit you have).

Hooded Scarf

1// Hoodie Hooded Scarf Wrap 2// Hooded Scarf Pullover 3// Woolen Earflap Hood Hat 4// Earflap Hat Scarf

If you really want to make sure your head and neck are warm, why not combine the idea behind a hat and scarf? These hooded scarfs make sure no cold air gets to your neck. Plus, they’re adorable.

Sweater Dress

1// Polo Neck Knit 2// Long Sleeve Hoodie Midi Dress 3// Cowl Neck Long-Sleeve 4// Cowl Neck A-Line Tunic

Sweater dresses are my favorite thing to bring out when the cold weather hits. They’re comfortable, and I can pair them with leggings. Plus, they always look nice even though you’re just wearing warm, stretchy cotton/spandex.

Phone Gloves

1// Screen Gloves Warm Lined Thick Touch 2// Thick Fleece 3// Touchscreen Texting Spandex Velvet 4// Touchscreen Diamond Vegan Leather Buckle

Keeping your hands warm is important. Being able to use your phone without taking off your gloves is important as well. But for awhile most of the phone gloves I could find were those super cheap, thin, stretchy ones. Now there are many fashionable choices with the touch technology built in.


1// Thinsulate Thermal Insulation 2// Suede Thinsulate Thermal 3// Chunky Cable Knit Sherpa 4// SNOW Junior’s Love

Mittens are warmer than gloves so they are my method of choice for keeping my hands warm on really cold days. If I know I’m going to want to use my phone outside, I’ll grab a pair 1 or 2, but if I’m purely going for warmth, pairs 3 and 4 keep my hands toasty even on the coldest days. And if it’s particularly cold I’ll layer one thin pair of gloves under one of my larger pair of mittens.

Long Coat

1// Anne Klein Women’s Classic Double-Breasted Coat 2// Women’s Long Down Coat 3// Water Resistant Long Hooded Down Parka Coat 4// Women’s Long Hooded Thickened Down Coat

A good coat shouldn’t just keep your top half warm. If you truly want to stay warm, your coat should be long enough that there is no way cold air is going to get up your back. These longer coats keep your midsection warm as well as the top part of your legs.

Walking Boots

1// PATRIZIA Women’s Duvet 2// Minx Shorty Omni-Heat 3// UGG Australia Women’s Rosen Boot 4// Minx Mid II OH Tweed Cold Weather Boot

I try to stay active even in the winter, but in order to do so I need good boots that not only keep my feet warm and dry, but are also good for a lot of walking. These check all of those categories.

Fashion Boots

1// Narelle Slouch Boot 2// L-Arlette Riding Boot 3// Flapper Boot 4//Jasmine Boot

Walking boots are an everyday must, but then there are those occasions where you need sexy boots. I wouldn’t recommend hiking in the snow in these, but they’re still a must.

Actually Warm Socks

1// Mid-Calf High Wool-Blend Boot Socks 2// Extremes All-Season Boot Socks 3// Thick Thermal Cushion Crew 4// Soft Comfortable Warm Socks

I didn’t know why anyone would ever spend money on socks until I was gifted a pair of wool socks. And then I found a pair of thermal socks on clearance. I still stick to cheap socks in the summer, but having a few nice pairs of socks for those really cold days in the winter is more than worth the money. And they last.

Thin, Warm Jacket

1// Packable Ultra Light Weight Down Coat 2// Zip Front Lightweight Quilted Zip Jacket 3// Hooded Military Anorak Jacket With Pockets 4//Outdoor Waterproof Lightweight Thin Down

Sometimes a big, long winter jacket just won’t work. Maybe you need to pay it and take it with you. Or maybe you need to be warm on the way to your destination, but then need to carry your jacket around the rest of the day. A thin but still very warm jacket is your best option. Jacket option 1 is so packable, that it folds down onto itself and zips into a tiny carry pouch.

Fleece Leggings

1// Velvet Elastic Leggings Pants 2// Winter Knit Leggings Fleece Line 3// Warm Winter Fleece Lined Thermal Tights 4// Warm Winter Fleece Lined Leggings

Leggings are amazing, and fleece leggings are perfect. Some even have faux fur on the inside. Those are insanely warm. I wore a pair outside for a couple hours in 10 degree weather and I wasn’t cold at all, which is saying something for me especially.

Leg Warmers

1// Knitted Flat Button Down Crochet 2// Solid Winter Cable Knit 3// Lace Knee Knitted Flat Crochet 4// Knit Lace Trim Cute Leg Warmers

Some winters these are in style; some winters these are dorky. Either way, I love them. They’re cute and a great way to add extra warmth to an area of my body that isn’t covered by a coat or hat. Dorky or not, I’ll be rocking these all winter long.

Nice Jeans

1// High Waist Stiletto Jeans 2// “A” Pocket Flared Jean 3// Thick Thermal Slim Fit 4// Trendy Sexy Denim

Don’t underestimate a good pair of thick jeans in the winter. Cheaper jeans are thinner and won’t keep you as warm (or last as long). Check out the jeans above – and even if you don’t those cuts, keep your eye out for those brands. Especially Rock Republic – my favorite.


1// Big Lapel Knitting Sweater 2// Collar Wrap Buckle Knit Cardigan 3// Off-shoulder Pullover Sweater 4// Buckle Braid Front Cardigan

I will admit I have a bit of a sweater obsession. They’re so comfortable, warm, and still adorable. You can go for fitting or baggy and either way they’re adorable.

Fashion Blazer

1// Front Draped Asymmetric 2// Long Sleeve Suit Jacket Slim 3// Classic Stretch Knit Zip-Up 4// Classic Draped Open Front Blazer

A blazer with a tank top and think t-shirt under is how I get by during the winter while being fashionable and still warm. My go-to is one of these paired with a nice pair of jeans and fashion boots.

Arm Warmers

1// Fingerless Gloves- Arm Warmers 2// Design Winter Warm Knitted Long Arm Warmers 3// Stretch Weave Knit Arm Warmer 4// Stretch Faux Fur Knit Wool

These aren’t a daily accessory for me, but on those extra cold days I’ll have these on under a baggy sweater. My favorite part is how they cover part of your hands. They help keep me warm while I’m writing on my computer, and I especially utilized this when working in a cold office.

Non-metal Jewelry

1//Turquoise Ethnic Beaded Bali Bracelet 2// White Coco Wood Bead Necklace 3// Wooden Watches Genuine Leather Strap 4// Graduated Necklace with Wooden Clasp

If I know I’m going to be spending a lot of time outside I’ll avoid wearing metal jewelry. I don’t the extra cold against my skin. Luckily I have been able to find some adorable staple pieces that avoids the cold metal.

Anti-static Products

1// Anti-Static Paddle Brush 2// Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener 3// Anti-Static Hair Dryer 4// Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray

Winter brings dry air and static. But using these products with help keep your hair under control, especially if you’re wearing hats often.

Hair Accessories for Under a Hat

1// Leaf Design Punk Hair Clip 2// Adjustable No Slip Headband 3// Handmade Crystal Rhinestone Headband 4// Pearl Flower Crystal Hair Pins

Aside from using anti-static hairspray, having fun accessories that you can easily wear under your hats will help with hat hair and keep you stylish this winter. Thin headbands are my go-to.

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Source: http://www.myurbanfamily.com/20-winter-fashion-must-haves-from-a-chicagoan/

20 Must-Have Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Men

20 Easy DIY Scarves That Will Keep You Stylish And Warm This Winter

As every season comes and goes, what you wear is incredibly important. Winter is a beautiful time of the year, albeit chilly.

When it comes to dressing for the weather, certain items are considered absolute must-haves, so you can stay warm and look incredibly stylish.

If you’re in search for style inspiration in the icy temperature, look no further. Here are some toasty and trendy wardrobe essentials for every man.

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1. Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that every man should have in his wardrobe. There are so many ways you can wear them with almost anything. When temperature drops, rug up in a hoodie or roll neck jumper, or keep it casual with a t-shirt underneath. This is a classic and timeless look that’s fantastic on anyone!

2. Pea Coat

The double-breasted overcoat is essential for any man during the colder months. Whether you’re in the office or on a date, the peat coat is a classic option for a myriad of occasions.

Opt for a navy jacket with jeans for a smart casual look, or elevate your outfit in a suit, paired with light coloured outerwear.

No matter how you style this, it’s a timeless piece that will attract compliments everywhere you go.

3. Black Jeans

Sometimes you just can’t go wrong with the basics. Although plain, black jeans are a staple that every wardrobe should feature.

No matter if your style is rebellious, boho or business, you can rock this dark denim with ease. Brighten up your outfit with a bold suit jacket, or keep it muted with a leather jacket, scarf and a slick pair of boots.

From semi-formal to casual, you can work this essential piece of clothing into your closet.

4. A Wool Overcoat

When the temperature drops, take out a warm and stylish wool overcoat. Although it may cost you a pretty penny, this outerwear is an absolute must for any well-dressed man.

Available in an array of colours and lengths, this coat is a great way to dress up an outfit and feel snug at the same time.

To match the rest of your wardrobe, stick to bold colours such as navy, charcoal or camel – they flatter a myriad of pieces and offer a timeless appeal. Watch as all eyes turn to you in this handsome wardrobe essential!

5. Boots

The ultimate winter staple is boots. There’s a lot to love for this sturdy footwear, but their real winning quality is the style and comfort they provide.

From Chelsea to desert, there are so many designs that you can incorporate into an outfit, and look super sophisticated while in them.

What’s terrific about these shoes is the number of ways you can work them into your wardrobe, so nothing is stopping you.

6. Selvedge Denim Jeans

Nothing says badass  a pair of raw-edge jeans. The denser and firmer denim is a great way to put a casual twist on an outfit while remaining sophisticated and well-kept. Selvedge is considered one of the higher-quality pairs of pants, so it’s worth wearing, no matter where you’re headed. Pair them with a shirt and blazer or an overcoat for days when it’s a bit crisp outside.

7. Denim Jacket

For the guy who’s a fan of looking casual and fresh, the denim jacket is perfect for you. Although it may not be appropriate for sub-zero weather conditions, it’s certainly an excellent piece of clothing to wear when it starts to get a little chilly outside.

Adaptable and timeless, this outerwear makes a great layer to finish off an outfit. Pair it with a slick set of chinos or dark jeans for a smart casual feel, or rock it with a rollneck and trousers for something a little bit elevated.

If it’s a little brisk around your neck, why not check out the shearling design? It will keep you warm and on-trend all at once!

8. Wool Blazer

For the days where you’re blending casual with sophisticated, the wool blazer is for you. Ideally worn in semi-formal occasions, this jacket is a winter essential for every wardrobe, and will keep you feeling warm while looking oh-so-cool.

Pair this with a button-down shirt for fancier events or a roll neck for those chilly nights.

When the temperature starts to warm up again, you can keep this classic piece within arm’s reach – it’s light enough to wear throughout the entire year!

9. Trench Coat

For the ultimate tailored look, opt for the classic trench coat. This layer is a great way to polish off a stylish outfit, and it’s sure to keep you warm and dry when it’s pouring outside.

These styles come in an array of neutral shades, so they are easy to pair with staple pieces, such as a button-down shirt or turtleneck.

The Burberry-style outerwear is a traditional design to choose, but if you want to step outside of the box, why not try something bold and colourful? You can’t go wrong with this outerwear, so what are you waiting for?

10. Wool Suit

Much the wool blazer, this suit is a great option to rock any time of the year. The soft touch of the ensemble is heavy enough to keep you feeling warm during the chilly months but lightweight enough to keep you breathing.

Opt for a smart casual look by pairing this set with a t-shirt or a roll neck, or keep it looking fresh and formal in a classic button-down and tie.

If you’re feeling extra chilly, throw an overcoat on top, and you’ll be ready to make an entrance anywhere you go!

11. Scarf

Fight the frostbite with a chunky scarf. Contrary to belief, this accessory is a masculine and stylish way to complete a winter outfit. Whether you choose to wrap it around your neck or let it hang loose, you can’t go wrong with one of these handy pieces. There are so many ways you can style these, you’ll want to try something new every day of the week.

12. Cable Knit Crew Neck

One of the more traditional options on this list, the cable knit crew neck is a stylish way to keep yourself warm this winter.

13. Zip Up Sweater

Stay warm and stylish in a zip-up sweater. They’re a great way to layer up during the colder months, and they suit an extensive range of outfits.

Opt for a light-coloured top and dark wool blazer for the perfect office-to-bar look, or step out in something navy or black with a pair of jeans for a casual feel.

These jumpers are styled best with a button-down shirt or roll neck underneath, so switch things up and watch as the compliments fly in.

14. Oversize Jumper

Nothing says relaxed and on-trend as an oversized jumper. Whether it hits your hips or your knees, these sweaters provide comfort and style for any occasion.

A chunky knit looks fantastic when paired with a classic office shirt and jeans, or keep it casual with a large pastel coloured pullover and tight-fit chinos.

Layer up for the colder months with a scarf, gloves or a large overcoat, and you’ll rule every room you walk into!

15. Cardigan

Nothing keeps you warm a chunky knit cardigan. There are so many ways you can rock this style, without looking a grandpa or dated.

In semi-formal occasions, swap out a blazer or jacket for the knitwear – be sure that it’s fitted. If you’re after a more casual feel, opt for a t-shirt and button-down sweater, worn underneath a coat or other outerwear.

This is an excellent piece of clothing to layer, and to switch things up a bit. Let loose!

16. Turtleneck

Instantly add sophistication to your outfit with a roll neck. This staple piece of clothing looks fantastic with a shirt, blazer or even a denim jacket, so let your inner creativity shine through.

If you’re feeling channelling old-school classic style, opt for a pair of trousers, a dark skivvy and slicked back hair. Select a few of these in various colours so that you can swap them out during warmer and colder months.

You can’t go wrong with this iconic attire, so make sure you have a couple of them in your wardrobe!

17. Leather Gloves

Avoid frostbite while wearing soft leather gloves. These are a versatile and stylish way to keep your hands toasty warm, and they look fantastic with any outfit that you own.

Dark colours such as brown and black are the best option to blend with the rest of your wardrobe but don’t be afraid to stand out in a pair of bright pair of mitts.

These are subtle but bold statements that you can make to amplify your ensemble.

18. Beanie

Trap the heat from escaping the top of your head in one of these beanies. The simple headwear can totally change your outfit, and leave you looking sophisticated and suave.

When dressing with a beanie, try not to style your outfit to appear too casual, as you may end up looking sloppy. Tighter-fitting hats are a traditional option, which flatters semi-formal attire, whereas hipster designs suit laid-back ensembles.

This accessory is an easy way to complete an outfit, so what are you waiting for?

19. Wool Socks

Keep your feet warm all winter long with the help of wool socks. Fluffy and cosy, these provide a great pop of colour to any outfit. When the mercury drops, regular foot coverings just won’t cut it.

Pair them with chunky boots and rolled up jeans or chinos for the ultimate casual look, or keep the colour dark and neutral to wear with your office attire.

Remember, your feet are important parts of the body, keep them snug!

20. Flannel Shirt

For a more casual approach to layering, opt for a flannel shirt. This is essential for every wardrobe and flatters a myriad of outfits.

Wear this with a T-shirt and jeans for the ultimate laidback approach, or rock it with a rollneck, chinos and a dark coat to elevate the ensemble. Great colours to try are the classic red, cool blue or even a bottle green, which all look fantastic when paired with denim or leather.

To avoid looking a lumberjack, keep the buttons undone and combine it with something plain underneath and you’ll be the hottest guy in any room.