30 Beautiful Women’s Sweaters And Tops You Can Knit Or Crochet Tonight

20 Websites With Free Knitting Patterns

30 Beautiful Women’s Sweaters And Tops You Can Knit Or Crochet Tonight

Once cooler weather starts settling in I get the urge to pick up my yarn and start on a new project. So tell me, where do you go when you need a knitting pattern? While in the past knitters had to search through magazines and books to find patterns for new projects, today we live in a different world.

These days there are plenty of websites out there with knitting patterns, and best of all a lot of them are free. Yes, nobody s to pay for a knitting pattern, and luckily for us we don’t have to.

Today I’m sharing 20 websites where you can find not only free knitting patterns, but tutorials, too! Ready to save some money and find a great, new knitting project? Let’s go!

#1 Red Heart

With over 1,000 free knitting patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find one you on Red Heart’s website. Use the filters to search for patterns by type or recipient. I love that they are always adding new patterns each season, so if you’re looking for something new and fresh this is a good place to start.

#2 Yarnspirations

This collection of over 1,400 free knitting patterns is easy to navigate. On Yarnspirations you can search by yarn type, recipient, project type and even skill level to find the perfect pattern for your use.

#3 Lion Brand Yarn

Lion Brand Yarn has a wide range of knitting patterns. There are over 3,500 projects to choose from and most of them are free. You can search patterns by yarn type, project type, skill level and recipient. 

#4 Craftsy

When most people think of Craftsy they think of craft classes, but that’s not all they have to offer. They have over 2,400 free knitting patterns for your personal use. There are many, many more for purchase, too, if you want to splurge.

#5 All Free Knitting

All Free Knitting has so many free knitting patterns to choose from along with video tutorials, tips and a newsletter. Sign up for an account for free and you can keep track of all your favorite patterns all in one place. From patterns for scarves, hats to home decor and projects for pets, you’re sure to find something unique on this site.

#6 Ravelry

Ravelry is an online community packed with free patterns with more added each and every day.  Upon joining Ravelry for free, you’ll have all access to countless knitting patterns.

In addition to the free knitting patterns there is a shop where you can purchase unique patterns.

 There is a forum where you can ask questions about knitting and patterns so if you’re a newbie you definitely want to check out this resource.

#7 Plymouth Yarn

Plymouth Yarn is another awesome resource for free knitting patterns. You can even find a pattern for a knitted tie!

#8 Purl Soho

Purl Soho has some really cute knitting projects to choose from. Their free knitting patterns aren’t searchable other sites, but they are just too good to pass up. Be sure to check these beauties out!

#9 Knitting Daily

From eBooks to video tutorials to tips to knitting patterns, Knitting Daily has it all. For free, of course!

#10 Knit Picks

Knit Picks has some of the most interested knitting patterns out there, and I can’t believe they’re FREE! Yes, be sure to check out this cool site. My favorite unique pattern is Breakfast of Champions set.

#11 Knitting Help

Not only does Knitting Help have knitting patterns, but there is a forum, knitting videos and a shop.

#12 Vogue Knitting

Want something stylish? Vogue Knitting has so many different stylish knitting patterns to choose from. My favorite is the houndstooth dog sweater!

#13 WEBS Yarn

WEBS Yarn offers just under 900 free knitting patterns. You can filter and search for your perfect project and download the PDF easily.

#14 Free Vintage Knitting

Looking for vintage knitting patterns? Then Free Vintage Knitting should be your top choice for shawls, afghans, etc. The vintage sizing chart comes in extra handy, too!

#15 Free Knit Patterns

Join over 600,000 other members on Free Knit Patterns to search downloadable knitting patterns for clothing, home decor and more. Membership is free.

#16 Fave Crafts

With hundreds of knitting patterns, projects, tips, videos and tutorials you can easily spend the day on the Fave Crafts website. 

#17 FreePatterns.com

FreePatterns.com has over 4,000 patterns to choose from. Search the knitting patterns by category to find what you’re looking for.

#18 Knitting Pattern Central

With over 60 categories to search from, Knitting Pattern Central  has something for everyone.

#19 Love Knitting

Love Knitting has over 8,000 knitting patterns in searchable categories. It is one of the most extensive collections out there!

#20 Knitting-and.com

Knitting-and.com is another great site packed with free knitting patterns. From hair scrunchies to afghans to backpacks, you’ll find unique patterns here.

Do you crochet, too? Check out the top websites with free crochet patterns, too!

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  • The Chain stitch is one of those easy knitting patterns, ideal for beginners. Similar to the Hail stitch, it’s a horizontal pattern, not reversible, but it doesn’t curl. A four-row repeat stitch, adorable, delicate, great for knitting baby clothing and accessories (hats, cardigans, blankies, mittens, etc). This is the perfect stitch to practice the easiest decreases and increases that exist in the knitting world, combined with basic knits and purls. Grab your needles and let’s go! Abbreviations CO: Cast on RS: Right side of the work K: Knit P: Purl k2tog: Knit two stitches together (this is the easiest way to decrease one stitch) k: Knit front and back. Knit…
  • Before knitting (or crocheting) any squared or rectangular project (such as a scarf, a cowl, a blanket, a cushion, a table runner or place mat, etc.), there are some aspects we need to know. For example: Measurements, how many stitches to cast on, how much yarn will be required, is the stitch we love suitable for this project and this yarn? And many, many more questions… This is why I have created a system, a series of steps that will help you find out everything you need to know in advance, so you can start knitting (or crocheting) your own project, using the yarns and stitches you love, with total…
  • In today’s tutorial, a gorgeous cross stitch pattern, easy to knit, it has a rich texture to it, and it’s perfect for knitting cowls, scarves, hats, even jumpers and cardigans (for women, men and children). I love it! Similar to the Cross stitch we practiced sometime ago, this one is a four-row repeat pattern, and although it doesn’t curl, it’s better to knit a nice edge on each side (for example in Garter stitch, Seed stitch, or 1×1 Rib stitch), because the stitch crossing makes the sides of the fabric a little bit skewed (it won’t be a straight square or rectangle, it will look more a parallelogram). But…
  • In today’s tutorial, a quick and easy project (it takes less than two hours), with amazing results: A braided headband or diadem (ideal for knitting during what I to call “the great kerfuffle”, the beautiful Easy Slippers in 3 sizes (knitted in Garter stitch and using straight needles) from last week, or the Super Easy French Beret (using also straight needles and Stockinette stitch) from the previous week.  You’ll learn how to knit a braid from scratch, step by step, and how to join the opposite sides seamlessly, using the grafting technique, perfect for all you knitters that don’t visible seams! This braided headband is a very…
  • In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn how to knit the Pearl Brioche pattern, a spongy stitch, full of texture, perfect for knitting blankets, sweaters, cardigans, cowls, amongst other projects. Really cute! The Pearl Brioche stitch is a great introduction for Brioche knitting, because it’s easier, getting familiar with the main steps takes very little time and effort un Brioche, which rumor has it is the reason so many people decide to study astrophysics instead…  So, let’s get started! This swatch was knitted in 100% cotton yarn (using 2 strands at a time): And US 10 (6 mm) bamboo needles Abbreviations CO: Cast on sl1kw: Slip one stitch knitwise sl1pw: Slip one…
  • In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn how to knit an easy pair of slippers, using Garter stitch only. This is a great project for using up your stash of leftovers (if you knit them using two colors, you’ll need less than 50 gr each). The slippers come in three sizes, but if you want to make them smaller (or indeed bigger), just cast on four stitches less (or more). In both cases increases and decreases should be distributed proportionally, as you will see in the instructions, further down. Materials 100 gr. of cotton yarn (light worsted weight, nº 3, or DK). If you want to knit them in two colors, you’ll…
  • In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn how to knit a French Beret for beginners, step by step (using straight needles, not circulars). A baguette with onion soup is optional but highly recommended ; ) This project is simple to knit, ideal for beginners: The only techniques required are knit, purl, and knit two stitches together. And the wool yarn and needles used are thick enough to finish it quickly. This French Beret knitting pattern works for teenage and adult sizes, because the ribbing is stretchy enough to suit head circumferences from 17.75 in (45 cm) up to 23.6 in (60 cm). Gauge Using US 15 (10 mm) needles: 8 stitches and…
  • Today we are going to learn an adorable lace stitch pattern, ideal for knitting baby blankets, market bags, a Spring top or a Summer jumper/cardigan. The Lace Net stitch pattern is similar to the “Most charming Lace Mesh pattern” we learned sometime ago, but somehow it looks more complex. Calm down ;)! It’s super easy to knit: only four rows to repeat (the odd rows are plain purl rows), and the lace work isn’t complicated at all (the same steps are repeated time after time). This swatch was knitted using 100% cotton yarn and a pair of gorgeous (and sharp tip) US 6 (4 mm) needles: For best results, I…
  • In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn how to knit a vertical lace stitch, great for knitting a wide range of projects, because it’s reversible (identical on both sides), and it doesn’t curl!  This reversible lace knitting stitch is a two-row repeat pattern, full of texture, and pretty easy to memorize (there are just a couple of simple steps to remember). This is another so called “true lace” knitting pattern (same category as the Saint John’s Wort stitch we practiced last week), because the alternative rows are not just plain purl rows. The lace is worked in each row. Before we start, please do remember my two “must-dos” when lace knitting: Always…
  • Spring has sprung and it’s time to knit a top or a wrap using this adorable stitch: The Saint John’s Wort pattern. A delicate lace stitch that is easy to knit, and full of texture (similar to the Lace Mesh stitch pattern, we practiced some months ago). This is one of those stitches, at first sight, appears complex, due to its crossed pattern, but the good news is there’s no need of cable needles, nor fancy tricks! Keep reading, you’ll see! Before we start, I would to share something important with you… When knitting lace stitches, I recommend two things: 1) Use sharp tip knitting needles. It will save…

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A Basic Sweater You Can Knit

30 Beautiful Women’s Sweaters And Tops You Can Knit Or Crochet Tonight

This entry-level project would make the perfect first sweater for the new knitter.

Sizes: XS (S, M, L, XL, XXL)Note: Sizes for most Better Homes & Gardens knitting projects are noted in the instructions. When one size is written out in capitalized letters, it is to note the size of the modeled garment.

The instructions are written for the smallest size with changes for larger sizes in parentheses. When only one number is given, it applies to all sizes.

For ease in working, before you begin, circle the numbers pertaining to the size you are knitting or crocheting.

Finished Measurements: Bust: 32 (36, 40, 44, 48, 52) inches Length: 22 (22 1/2, 23, 23 1/2, 24, 24 1/2) inches

Gauge: In stockinette stitch (knit on right side, purl on wrong side) with larger needles, 14 stitches and 20 rows = 4 inches/10cm. TAKE TIME TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE!

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  • Lion Brand Homespun, Art. 790, 98% acrylic/2% polyester, bulky weight yarn (185 yards per skein): 3 (4, 4, 5, 5, 5) skeins of Barrington (336)
  • Size 10 (6mm) knitting needles or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Size 8 (5mm) knitting needles
  • Yarn needle

Beginning at the lower edge with smaller needles, cast on 56 (63, 70, 77, 84, 91) stitches. Knit 6 rows for garter-stitch band. Change to larger needles. Beginning with a purl row, work in stockinette stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row) until piece measures approximately 15 inches from beginning ending with a purl row.

Armhole Shaping: At the beginning of the next 2 rows, bind off 4 stitches. Continue in stockinette on remaining 48 (55, 62, 69, 76, 83) stitches to approximately 21 (21 1/2, 22, 22 1/2, 23, 23 1/2) inches from beginning ending with a knit row.

Neckband:Row 1 (wrong side): Purl 11 (14, 17, 20, 23, 26) stitches, knit 26 (27, 28, 29, 30, 31) stitches, purl to end.

Row 2and each following right side row: Knit. Row 3: Purl 10 (13, 16, 19, 22, 25), knit 28 (29, 30, 31, 32, 33), purl to end.

Row 5: Purl 9 (12, 15, 18, 21, 24), knit 30 (31, 32, 33, 34, 35), purl to end.

With the right side facing, bind off knitwise and loosely.

Work as for Back until piece measures approximately 19 (19 1/2, 20, 20 1/2, 21, 21 1/2) inches from beginning ending with a knit row. Work Neckband rows 1-5.

Neck Shaping: On the next right side row, knit 13 (16, 19, 22, 25, 28) stitches, bind off the center 22 (23, 24, 25, 26, 27) stitches, knit to end.

Right Shoulder: Purl 9 (12, 15, 18, 21, 24), knit 4. Knit across next row. Repeat last 2 rows until piece measures approximately 22 (22 1/2, 23, 23 1/2, 24, 24 1/2) inches from beginning ending with a wrong side row. Bind off knitwise and loosely.

Left Shoulder: With the wrong side facing, join yarn at neck edge. Knit 4, purl to end. Knit across next row. Repeat last 2 rows to same length as Right Shoulder, ending with a wrong side row. Bind off knitwise and loosely.

Beginning at the lower edge with smaller needles, cast on 31 (32, 34, 35, 37, 38) stitches. Knit 6 rows for border. Change to larger needles and purl across next row. Working in stockinette stitch, increase 1 stitch (knit in front and in back of the same stitch) each edge now.

Then increase 1 stitch each edge every 10th row 3 (2, 0, 0, 0, 0) times, every 8th row 5 (7, 8, 5, 2, 1) times, and every 6th row 0 (0, 2, 6, 10, 12) times. Work even on the 49 (52, 56, 59, 63, 66) stitches to approximately 18 1/2 (19, 19 1/2, 19 1/2, 19 1/2, 20) inches from beginning ending with a purl row.

Bind off loosely and knitwise.

Join shoulder seams. Set in sleeves, sewing the bound off stitches on body to sides of upper sleeves. Join underarm and side seams. Weave in loose ends on wrong side of fabric.

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Sweaters, Cardigans, Hoodies to Knit & Crochet

30 Beautiful Women’s Sweaters And Tops You Can Knit Or Crochet Tonight
Do you love to craft, create and use your hands? When it comes to hobbies that boost your mood, relieve stress, engage your imagination and give you a concrete goal to work toward, there's nothing knitting and crocheting.

You get to keep your hands busy, your mind interested and your wardrobe full of attractive, original items you've created yourself. When you've moved from scarves and blankets to more complicated pieces hats and socks and you're looking to take on a creative challenge, crocheting or knitting a sweater is just the project you need.

Not only will your finished project keep you warm in the winter and look fantastic, but it will also show you just how much you can do with your hands — and you can give it as a gift! If you're looking for assistance and inspiration before you get started on your sweater, Mary Maxim is here to help.

Dedicated to bringing out the creative crafter in everyone, we consider crocheting, crafting, knitting, needlework and other hands-on endeavors our forte. Here's what you need to know about making your first sweater.

When you're breaking out the knit sweater pattern and getting started on that cozy winter knitting project, keep these pointers in mind:

Understand the Basics: Making a sweater doesn't require in-depth technical knowledge, but make sure you know the basics how to knit and purl.

Take Measurements: Whether you're making a sweater for yourself or someone else, make sure to take accurate measurements before beginning in order to make the right size needed.

Make Sure to Swatch: To ensure your sweater will fit correctly, it's also important to work a gauge swatch, adjusting your needle size if necessary to match the gauge given on the pattern.

Seam Correctly: If you've never seamed before, make sure you follow your pattern directions for when to join pieces. Take advantage of the endless online tutorials to choose the seaming technique that will work best for the yarn and pattern you are using.

Slow Down: It's your first time, so don't put too much pressure on yourself — and don't rush. The best work comes with patience.

Tips for Crocheting a Sweater

Ready with your crochet sweater pattern? Consider these tips before settling in to start:

Measure Well: knitting, crocheting a sweater well means taking the time to take accurate measurements of whomever the sweater will be for.

Choose a Comfortable Yarn: Your finished sweater should be something you'd love to wear every day, so make sure you pick a yarn with a comfortable, flexible feel and a look that suits your lifestyle.

Remember to Swatch: To make sure you're working on the correct gauge given your pattern, take the time to swatch before starting.

Review Your Pattern: Always read your pattern before beginning so you know what to expect — or so you can practice new or unfamiliar stitch patterns.

Keep Your Spot: The pattern is key, so don't lose track of your progress! You can use pencil, sticky notes or other methods to make sure you know exactly where you are in your pattern.

Seam Correctly: Even if everything is crocheted perfectly, the sweater isn't complete until it comes together. Research and practice proper seaming to contribute to a flawless finished product.

Buy Sweater Supplies From Mary Maxim

When it comes to knitting, crocheting and all forms of crafting, Mary Maxim is proud to be a part of your projects. Offering the best yarns, crochet sweater patterns, knit sweater patterns and other materials at the most affordable prices, we aim to inspire your creative side every time. Explore what we have to offer and purchase knitting and crocheting supplies online today.

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