30 Easy Crochet Christmas Ornaments To Decorate Your Tree

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  4. 30 Easy Crochet Christmas Ornaments To Decorate Your Tree
  5. 15 Easy Crochet Christmas Ornaments – DIY Crochet Ornament Patterns
  6. 51 crochet Christmas decorations
  7. 1. Crochet gingerbread heart
  8. 2. Crochet jingle bell
  9. 3. Crochet Christmas baubles
  10. 4. Crochet Christmas stars
  11. 5. Crochet Christmas light bulbs
  12. 6. Crochet Christmas stocking
  13. 7. Crochet Christmas trees
  14. 8. Crochet Christmas puddings
  15. 9. Crochet snowflake decorations
  16. 10. Crochet Christmas pudding hats
  17. 11. Mini crochet stockings
  18. 12. Crochet Christmas mice
  19. 13. Crochet guardian angels
  20. 14. Crochet Rudolph
  21. 15. Crochet Joy bunting
  22. 16. Crochet Christmas robin
  23. 17. Crochet Christmas holly
  24. 18. Crochet Christmas hot chocolate
  25. 19. Crochet snowman
  26. 20. Crochet poinsettia ornament
  27. 21. Mini crochet ice skates
  28. 22. Crochet Christmas candy cane
  29. 23. Crochet Christmas wreaths
  30. 24. Crochet Santa hats
  31. 25. Crochet mittens
  32. 26. Crochet gingerbread family
  33. 27. Crochet Christmas candle
  34. 28. Crochet Christmas elf
  35. 29. Crochet kitten
  36. 30. Circular crochet Christmas garland
  37. 31. Crochet Christmas peppermints
  38. 32. Crochet Christmas penguins
  39. 33. Crochet Christmas Nutcracker
  40. 34. Crochet Christmas elk
  41. 35. Crochet 3D Christmas baubles
  42. 36. Crochet Christmas Star of Bethlehem
  43. 37. Mini crochet hats
  44. 38. Crochet Christmas cracker
  45. 39. Crochet Christmas mince pie and carrot
  46. 40. Crochet Christmas bow
  47. 41. Crochet Christmas presents
  48. 42. Crochet Christmas gift labels
  49. 43. Crochet Christmas jumper garland
  50. 44. Crochet Christmas doves
  51. 45. Crochet Christmas music notes
  52. 46. Crochet clementines
  53. 47. Crochet Christmas polar bear
  54. 48. Crochet Christmas sprouts
  55. 49. Crochet icicles
  56. 50. Crochet Christmas drum
  57. 51. Crochet partridge in a pear tree
  58. 35+ Crochet Christmas Ornaments
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Crochet Ornaments

30 Easy Crochet Christmas Ornaments To Decorate Your Tree

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Source: https://www.allfreechristmascrafts.com/Editors-Christmas-Craft-Picks/Crochet-Ornaments-Free-Christmas-Patterns

30 Easy Crochet Christmas Ornaments To Decorate Your Tree

30 Easy Crochet Christmas Ornaments To Decorate Your Tree
Tutorial and Pattern: yarnspirationsTutorial and Pattern: whiskersandwool

I love putting real candy canes on my Christmas tree every year but I’ve never thought about adding crochet candy canes.

This pattern is so easy that I might just mix it up this year and add a few of both.

You can easily finish one of these little candy canes in an hour or so and they make wonderful additions to your Christmas gift packaging.

1. Easy Crochet Amigurumi Ornaments

These are the most adorable little ornaments! And, they’re all easy to crochet even if you’re a beginner. You can do these in Santa, Mrs. Claus, and angel or a snowman or do them all.

The patterns are listed as easy and you don’t need to know any complicated stitches.

They’re so easy that you can knock one out each day so you have time to fill your tree and even make a few of these for gifts.

2. Crochet Candy Canes

I love putting real candy canes on my Christmas tree every year but I’ve never thought about adding crochet candy canes. This pattern is so easy that I might just mix it up this year and add a few of both.

You can easily finish one of these little candy canes in an hour or so and they make wonderful additions to your Christmas gift packaging.

3. DIY Crochet Christmas BellTutorial and Pattern: ravelry

This gorgeous little bell has such a wonderful retro look to it and it’s super easy to crochet. Do this in different colors or you can make them all white if you prefer. I love how simple they are and you can embellish with any number of things from buttons to wooden or plastic ornaments.

4. Crochet Christmas Lights

These retro lights will look beautiful on your tree and they’re particularly helpful if you’re looking to create rustic farmhouse Christmas decorations.

They look just those large bulbs from years ago and they’re pretty easy to crochet. You can do these in multiple colors to make your tree look retro or choose one color to make it more uniform.

You could even hook them together to create a lovely retro looking garland.

5. Crochet Christmas Village OrnamentsTutorial and Pattern: redheart

You can crochet these Christmas village pieces to hang on the tree or to put on the mantel or a side table for decorating. They’re pretty easy and there are a number of different buildings that you can create. You can do these in all white or get really creative and make them in a number of different colors. I found the pattern on Etsy and it’s a super easy one to follow.

6. Vintage Guardian AngelsTutorial and Pattern: crochetmillan

I have a few of these little angels that someone crocheted for me years ago and I still love them today. These are pretty easy to make and you can do them in any number of colors or combinations of colors. Add a few of these to your Christmas tree to get a lovely vintage look or make up a few for gifts.

7. Easy Crochet Christmas Bag OrnamentTutorial and Pattern: garnstudio

This little Christmas bag is easy to crochet and it’s the perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor Christmas tree. Fill it with pinecones or even candy and hang wherever you want to add a little extra Christmas décor. You don’t need to know any complicated stitches and if you’re not comfortable switching yarn colors, just make it all one color.

8. Crochet Ornament GarlandTutorial and Pattern: twindragonflydesigns

These little crocheted ornaments look something right the 70’s and they are pretty easy to make. You could do these separate and hang them on the tree or create this lovely garland that is perfect for adorning the mantel or anywhere you need to add a bit of festivity. The great thing about this one is you can make as few or as many ornaments as you want to add to your garland.

9. Crochet Retro Tassel Ornament GarlandTutorial and Pattern: persialou

Here’s another wonderful retro ornament garland that you can crochet in a weekend. This one looks those really old fashioned ornaments that had longer tails and you use yarn tassels to create that look. This one is also pretty easy and you can have several ornaments ready to tie together in just a weekend.

10. Easy Crochet Ribbon Christmas Tree

This little ribbon DIY Christmas tree may be the easiest thing that you crochet this season. To make it, you simply crochet strips of yarn and then tie them all together with beads which act as your ornaments. You can use any weight of yarn that you want and these are honestly so easy that you can create several in an afternoon.

11. Crochet Candy Cane CoversTutorial and Pattern: sewrella

I love putting candy canes on gifts…it just adds that extra special touch when I’m wrapping. These little crochet candy cane covers are perfect for that or you can use them to cover the candy canes that you put on your Christmas tree. These are really easy to crochet, even for beginners and won’t take longer than an hour or so each.

12. Easy Crochet Santa OrnamentsTutorial and Pattern: knitted-patterns

This little Santa can be an ornament for your Christmas tree or you can use him as a gift tag. He’s pretty easy to make and only takes a bit of yarn. You do need to be comfortable working with different colors to do this one but it’s not difficult and the little bell on the end of his hat is the best thing I’ve seen.

13. DIY Crochet Tree OrnamentsTutorial and Pattern: ellebel5

You can make DIY Christmas trees so many things. Do these little crochet Christmas trees in all sorts of color and hang them all over the house.

I think you could also increase the pattern just a bit and make these into adorable little potholders, which are perfect for gift giving.

Buttons and other items embellish them and act as ornaments on your little trees and these are really easy to crochet.

14. Curly Snowman Crochet OrnamentTutorial and Pattern: craftelf

Here’s a great twist on a traditional snowman. This curly snowman is not only unique, but he’s really easy to crochet. Once you have the hat, head and body crocheted, you simply add google eyes and other embellishments to turn him into an adorable snowman. And, you only need to know single, double and slip stiches as well as chain stitching to make this one.

15. Easy Crochet Christmas Bauble Ornament

These little ornaments look just the bauble ornaments that you place on your tree each year and they’re super easy to make. You can do them in any number of color combinations or just one color if that’s how you decorate. These would also make wonderful gifts. Just put them in a box you would regular ornaments and make someone’s holiday.

Source: https://www.twoeggz.com/int/5583284.html

15 Easy Crochet Christmas Ornaments – DIY Crochet Ornament Patterns

30 Easy Crochet Christmas Ornaments To Decorate Your Tree

czarny_bezGetty Images

With cooler weather on the way, you've most ly picked up your crochet needles to make yourself a cozy blanket.

However, if you're looking for a less time-consuming craft ahead of the holidays, we suggest sitting down and making one of these crochet Christmas ornaments instead.

If you've already started creating homemade ornaments for your Christmas tree or are simply looking for a new hobby, these ornaments are a fun project to consider.

Ahead, you'll find plenty of crochet Christmas ornament options that will suit any home's decorations. Don't worry about your skill level either.

Whether you've been crocheting for years or have just started learning, we've included projects that anyone can complete. Looking for something simple? Try the traditional ornament pattern ahead.

If you're up for a challenge, there's angels, snowmen, and snow globe options for you. No matter which pattern you choose to tackle, we think you'll be happy with the results.

So, after you're finished decorating the outside and inside of your house, chill out in front of the fire, flip on your favorite Christmas movie, and get going on one (or more!) of these crochet Christmas ornaments. We guarantee they'll make your tree feel a little bit more personal and cozy, and who doesn't want that on Christmas?

1 of 15

DIY Crochet Snow Globe Oraments

Chances are, snow globes are already put out with your holiday decorations—after all, they're so pretty. Why not add them to your tree with this unique project?

Get the tutorial at Repeat Crafter Me.


2 of 15

DIY Crochet Stocking Ornaments

Hang these ornaments on your tree with care. These baubles prove stockings look just as good on your mantel as they do on your evergreen.

Get the tutorial at Sewrella.


3 of 15

DIY Traditional Crochet Ornament

You don't only have to use round glass ornaments to decorate your tree. If you're looking for something that's just as gorgeous, but won't break, try out this crocheted version.

Get the tutorial at Once Upon a Cheerio.


4 of 15

DIY Crochet Christmas Light Ornaments

With these beautiful baubles trimming your tree, you might not even need real string lights.

Get the tutorial at Sewrella.

5 of 15

DIY Crochet Little Christmas Mouse

We wouldn't mind this cute critter stirring in our house!

Get the tutorial at Lucy Ravenscar.

6 of 15

DIY Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament

7 of 15

DIY Crochet Christmas Garland Ornaments

8 of 15

DIY Crochet Snowflake Ornaments

9 of 15

DIY Crochet Reindeer Ornament

An exaggerated red nose, button eyes, and smiling mouth make this Rudolph extra adorable.

Get the tutorial at Spin a Yarn Crochet.

10 of 15

DIY Crochet Star Ornaments

11 of 15

DIY Penguin Crochet Ornament

Customize this little bird's hat and scarf in any color you'd .

Get the tutorial at 5 Little Monsters.

12 of 15

DIY Crochet Guardian Angel

This gilded creation would be a stunning tree topper.

Get the tutorial at Crochet Millan.

13 of 15

DIY Crochet Grinch Ornament

With a new Grinch movie coming out in November, a smirking green face will be oh-so-fitting on your tree this year.

Get the tutorial at Sewrella.

14 of 15

DIY Crochet Snowflake Ornaments

15 of 15

DIY Crochet Santa Claus Ornament

Source: https://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/g23499770/crochet-christmas-ornaments/

51 crochet Christmas decorations

30 Easy Crochet Christmas Ornaments To Decorate Your Tree

It’s nearly time to put up the tree, get the decs down from the attic and turn your home into a Christmassy wonderland. If you’re after a new handmade touch for your décor this year we’ve got just the thing – we’ve brought together 51 of our fave crochet Christmas decorations to make the ultimate festive collection.

Keep scrolling to make your new crochet Christmas decs, and if you craft any of the projects featured then tag us in a pic on Instagram,  and . And for more Christmassy inspo subscribe to Mollie Makes.

1. Crochet gingerbread heart

This fab little crochet Christmas decoration is by Nina Hogeboom and Nienke Landman. Their free tutorial is up on our blog here.

2. Crochet jingle bell

These rather adorable little crochet jingle bells are from Ilaria Caliri’s book Amigurumi Winter Wonderland.

3. Crochet Christmas baubles

Issue 111 came with Lottie and Albert’s crochet Christmas decorations kit! You can still pick up a copy of 111 here.

4. Crochet Christmas stars

One Dog Woof’s crochet blog includes the free tutorial for these festive crochet stars.

5. Crochet Christmas light bulbs

Colourful crochet Christmas lights by EnvatoTuts+. Find the free tutorial here.

6. Crochet Christmas stocking

Hannah Cross’ gorgeous crochet Christmas stocking tutorial is in issue 112 of Mollie.

7. Crochet Christmas trees

Make Hooked On Patterns crochet Christmas trees and hang them on your tree for Christmas tree inception!

8. Crochet Christmas puddings

Crafty Cruella’s crochet Christmas puddings look as tasty as the real thing. Use her free crochet tutorial to make yours.

9. Crochet snowflake decorations

Use Expression Fiber Arts‘ video tutorial to make your own crochet snowflake decorations.

10. Crochet Christmas pudding hats

Crochet Christmas decorations aren’t just for the tree, they’re for you too. Get festive and crochet Dora’s Christmas pudding hats.

11. Mini crochet stockings

Here’s Hobbycraft’s tutorial for these rather adorable mini crochet stockings.

12. Crochet Christmas mice

LucyRavenscar’s crochet creatures make great additions to the tree. Hook up her mice with their little jumpers using her tutorial.

13. Crochet guardian angels

Craft these beautiful Christmas angels courtesy of Crochet Millan.

14. Crochet Rudolph

Knots & Thoughts Rudolph crochet Christmas decoration is a must-make for this December.

15. Crochet Joy bunting

We love Thoresby Cottage’s Joy bunting and we’re planning to hang ours across our mantlepiece.

16. Crochet Christmas robin

Crochet up Furls Crochet festive birdie to Nestle in your Christmas tree.

17. Crochet Christmas holly

Here’s a free crochet holly tutorial by Ahuyama Crochet.

18. Crochet Christmas hot chocolate

Keep the winter chill away with The Cozy Chipmunk’s free crochet hot chocolate pattern.

19. Crochet snowman

Repeat Crafter Me’s free snowman tutorial is the companion your crochet Rudolph needs.

20. Crochet poinsettia ornament

Crochet yourself the ultimate Christmas flower using All Free Holiday Crafts tutorial.

21. Mini crochet ice skates

It’s everyone’s fave sport when it comes to Christmas, so why not make a tiny homage for your tree? Use Suzetta‘s free tutorial to crochet your ice skates.

22. Crochet Christmas candy cane

What’s the most delicious December treat? Candy canes! Make yours using Amination blogs tutorial.

23. Crochet Christmas wreaths

Crouton Crafts crochet Christmas decorations are super simple and we love their video on how to crochet this festive wreath.

24. Crochet Santa hats

Tiny crochet Santa hats are by far the most adorable crochet Christmas decorations. Here’s Crafty Maluz’s tutorial.

25. Crochet mittens

Mittens are a December staple and we think Crochet For You’s festive glove will make a fab crochet Christmas decoration.

26. Crochet gingerbread family

Plant June’s gingerbread people are the most wholesome family we’ve ever seen.

27. Crochet Christmas candle

Alena Byers candle is the ideal crochet Christmas decoration if you’re going to have little ones running around. Here’s her free tutorial.

28. Crochet Christmas elf

We’re swapping Elf on the Shelf for Kristi’s amigurumi elves this year. Use her free pattern to whip up some of Santa’s helpers.

29. Crochet kitten

All About Ami’s crochet kitten is all snuggled up in his stocking ready for the big day. Find her free pattern here.

30. Circular crochet Christmas garland

If you’re after a more simple set of crochet Christmas decorations, use Make and Take’s tutorial for these circular garlands. Make yours in colours to match your festive aesthetic.

31. Crochet Christmas peppermints

Every Christmas jar needs some candy cane peppermints so hook up Petals to Picots sweet treats.

32. Crochet Christmas penguins

Picto Pals tiny penguin pals are a pair that will love the upcoming wintery months.

33. Crochet Christmas Nutcracker

Sewrella’s Nutcracker head can be the keeper of your Christmas tree, especially with his official-looking moustache.

34. Crochet Christmas elk

If you’re a bit over the Christmas reindeer trend then why not crochet yourself Amiguroom Toys‘ festive elk? Every tree needs an elk.

35. Crochet 3D Christmas baubles

Crochet over outdated baubles to give them a new handmade touch. Use Hopefully Honey’s tutorial and make your Christmas a little more sustainable!

36. Crochet Christmas Star of Bethlehem

We’ve got another crochet Christmas decoration by the queen of crochet Petals to Picots. Make a sparkly Star of Bethlehem using her free tutorial.

37. Mini crochet hats

Yarn and Hooks‘ mini Christmas hats are the ideal partner to your crochet glove and ice skate ornaments.

38. Crochet Christmas cracker

Hands Occupied’s crochet Christmas cracker has our dream colourway. We want real crackers this!

39. Crochet Christmas mince pie and carrot

How fab is Laura Cameron’s crochet mince pie and carrot set? A sure winner with Santa and his reindeer.

40. Crochet Christmas bow

Whether it’s to tie onto a brand new puppy or make a garland for the tree, use Repeat After Me’s video to make yours.

41. Crochet Christmas presents

Crochet Apron Basket’s colourful presents using her tutorial here.

42. Crochet Christmas gift labels

Crochet Christmas labels by Nurturing Fibres. Their natural palette makes a nice change from all the bright colours and sparkle of Christmas.

43. Crochet Christmas jumper garland

Gloves? Tick. Hat? Tick. Jumper? Tick. All thanks to Sarah Jane Hicks pattern on Ravelry.

44. Crochet Christmas doves

Edangra’s Etsy store is full of beautiful crochet Christmas decorations these lacy turtle doves.

45. Crochet Christmas music notes

Christmas is all about carols, music, singing and partying! Use Blog of Joy’s free crochet pattern and make your music note in some Christmassy colours.

46. Crochet clementines

It doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or nice, you still need an orange on your tree. Click here to get Hands Occupied’s tutorial.

47. Crochet Christmas polar bear

But if you have a real chocolate orange, decorate it with an adorable little polar bear. Emma Varnam’s blog has penguin and Christmas pudding versions too.

48. Crochet Christmas sprouts

Back in issue 98 of Mollie we featured @amenagerieofstitches‘ tutorial for these very cute sprouts. You can still buy a digital copy of the issue here.

49. Crochet icicles

Crochet Galores shows you how to make these crochet icicles on her blog. A few of these and a few snowflakes and you’ll have a magical winter wonderland.

50. Crochet Christmas drum

Sostrene Grenes’ blog has three different crochet Christmas decorations for you to make. We love their mini drum pattern and it had us singing the 12 Days of Christmas all day long.

51. Crochet partridge in a pear tree

And finally, to round off our 51 crochet Christmas decorations, we have a partridge in a pear tree. We’ve come full circle and back to the beginning of the 12 day countdown with Little Conkers pear and partridge pattern.

We hope you’ve found some inspo with these crochet Christmas decorations. If you’re after even more then check out our blog posts below.

Source: http://www.molliemakes.com/craft/51-crochet-christmas-decorations/

35+ Crochet Christmas Ornaments

30 Easy Crochet Christmas Ornaments To Decorate Your Tree

The holidays come around every year, and it can be difficult to feel you aren't doing the same things over and over. Your decorations get hung up before the holidays and then put back in the boxes when they're over. The next year, you go through the exact same process.

If you still buy a real tree every year I do, then it makes sense that the ornaments on it should also be new. Even if you put together a fake Christmas tree (don't worry, I won't tell), it still deserves to have some brand new touches added to it as the years go by.

You can make this possible by working up some handmade Christmas ornaments that are sure to light up the room. Spread Christmas cheer not by singing loud for all to hear, but by learning how to make Christmas ornaments instead.

Your tree will be good as new no matter if it's freshly cut or not, all because of your crochet skills and your love of the holidays.

With this collection of crochet Christmas ornaments, we wanted to bring back some of your favorite crochet patterns from the past while still giving you new patterns to work up, too.

For instance, if you loved the Crocheted Christmas Baubles, then you should try out the Pretty Poinsettia Christmas Ornament.

 It's that simple! This way you can have all of your favorite classic Christmas decorations as well as new things to try if you're feeling adventurous.

PLUS! If you're new to crocheting in the round, the idea of a crochet ball ornament might be intimidating. Follow along with this easy video tutorial to see how it's done. You'll have a classic and timeless Crochet Christmas Ball Ornament in no time!

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Keep it simple this holiday season with these easy, breezy crochet Christmas ornaments. Whether you’re new to crochet, or just need a break from challenging projects, these mindless crochet ornaments are no sweat.

Learn how to crochet Christmas ornaments to prepare for the holidays while also using up your scrap yarn.

It is surprisingly quick and easy to work up little Christmas ornaments these, so you’ll have your Christmas tree decorated in no time.

  • Rustic Luxury Star Ornament

    Just two skeins of Lion Brand Gold Leaf will make 8 – 12 ornaments, so grab your two favorites and add some sparkle to your holiday this year!

  • Mom's Christmas Wreath Ornaments

    These little ornaments are reminiscent of the tatted ornaments our moms used to make for the tree, but work up quickly with worsted weight yarn.

  • Mini Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament

    With a simple winding chain and felted balls, this cute creation is a fun and easy way to add some holiday spirit to any room in the house.

  • Scrappy Christmas Star Ornaments

    This star ornament uses such a small amount of yarn, that even the smallest yarn stash probably has enough to make a few of these.

There is a pretty good chance you grew up in a house with ball ornaments decorating the tree. This classic style of Christmas ornaments is always popular.

Instead of buying them at the store, why not use these crochet Christmas ball ornament patterns to inspire your holiday decor?

Some of these patterns crochet around an existing ball ornament for a touch of homemade style, and others are made completely yarn or crochet thread. Whichever style you choose, these crochet patterns for Christmas balls will look awesome on your tree.

Something about the holiday season tends to make people nostalgic for the way things used to be, and if you’re one to look back on the good old days, you’ll love these classic and vintage crochet ornaments.

If you love antique-style Christmas decor, you’ll adore the free Victorian crochet ornaments and the crochet angel ornament patterns below.

Decorate your Christmas tree and home as if it were the turn of the 20th century, or throw it back a few years to remind you of Christmas at Grandma’s.

  • Victorian Blush “Snowflake” Ornaments and Gift Tags

    These dainty “snowflakes” (which are really flowers), will add a touch of old-fashioned charm to your tree or gifts this holiday season.

  • North Star Christmas Ornament

    This classic crochet ornament pattern is perfect to work up when you've got a little down time, and it would make a great little gift for pretty much anyone on your list.

  • Little Angels Christmas Ornaments

    Worked up with Size 10 Crochet Cotton Thread, this free Christmas crochet pattern makes the sweetest and most delicate angels you've ever seen.

  • Crocheted Snow Swirls

    Sometimes a tree can get bogged down with ornaments—lighten it back up with these white snow swirls that look fun and keep your eye moving.

  • Granny Star Ornament

    This ornament is worked in rounds using three beautifully contrasting colors, and is a great ornament to donate to a good cause.

  • Gingerbread Crochet Ornaments

    These sweet Christmas ornaments are almost good enough to eat! Create a whole family of ornaments to decorate your tree.

  • Angel Bells

    Lace crochet is so beautiful and delicate in its own right, but working it up into little angel ornaments is genius!

Are vintage ornaments a bit passé for your taste? Or are you ready for something fresh and new? Luckily, there are so many options for decorating your Christmas tree that you won’t remind you of stuffy holiday seasons past.

Red and green might be the traditional Christmas colors, but that doesn’t mean they are the only options when you crochet for Christmas.

Add a splash of color to your Christmas tree with a bold jewel tone ornament, or add something silly to make your holiday party guests giggle.

  • Twinkle Tree Ornament

    Use some sparkly yarn and sequins to add a touch of magic to your Christmas tree this year. This is a great stashbuster project!

  • Jewel Tone Crochet Snowflake

    Snowflakes don't have to be white! The gorgeous colors of this pattern will make you fall in love with snowflakes in a whole new way.

  • The Crocheter's Favorite Ornament

    What could be a more perfect gift for a crocheter than this cute little crochet basket with tiny balls of yarn in it?

  • Dog Poop Christmas Ornament

    This funny crochet ornament is sure to stand out on your tree. Make this unique ornament in honor of your four-legged friend!

  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse Ornaments

    Combine your love of crochet with your love of Disney with these cute and unique Mickey and Minnie Mouse inspired ornaments.

  • Rainbow Christmas Tree

    Tired of red and green Christmas decor? Bring a colorful splash of Christmas cheer into your home with these rainbow ornaments!

  • Leg Lamp Applique Crochet Pattern

    If your family watches A Christmas Story every year, everyone will really get a kick this leg lamp ornament—pun intended!

  • Brightly Colored Crochet Ornaments

    These are definitely some pretty unique Christmas ornaments, and you won't be able to resist covering your whole tree with their rainbow beauty.

Amigurumi is a popular technique that creates either a crochet or knit stuffed toy. Amigurumi has been popular in Japan for decades, but this technique has become a big trend in the United States in the last ten years or so.

Luckily, there are already so many cute free amigurumi patterns to be found! Add an adorable amigurumi Santa Claus or a heavenly angel to your Christmas tree.

These sweet stuffed ornaments will be the stars of your tree!

  • Pipsqueak Penguin Ornament

    This crochet penguin ornament pattern just couldn't be any cuter and is all bundled up for his time on the tree with a cute scarf and tasseled hat.

  • German Pickle Ornament

    Did you grow up searching for the pickle on your Christmas tree? Keep this German tradition alive with a cute crochet version of the pickle ornament.

  • Easy Crochet Angel Ornament

    What could be a more heavenly ornament than this free crochet angel pattern? It will look simply divine hanging on your tree!

  • Jolly Snowman Ornament

    Whether or not you live somewhere cool, you'll have a white Christmas with this jolly crochet snowman ornament.

  • Santa Claus Christmas Ornament Crochet Pattern

    This adorable crochet Santa ornament will put the “ho ho ho” into your holiday season. 

If you already have box upon box of Christmas ornaments in your attic, you might be trying to avoid making even more. Finding places to store endless ornaments can be tricky, especially if you live in a small space.

However, if you still want to show off your crochet skills on your Christmas tree, you can always add a cute crochet ornament cover to an existing ornament.

These free crochet Christmas ornament cover patterns will dress up your boring old ball ornaments, or add some pizzazz to the plain ornaments you snatched up for half off on December 26th.

  • Crochet Ornament Cover

    This ornament cover pattern would be fun to use in an ornament exchange, because you take something you already have, a plain ornament, and make a beautiful keepsake with this tutorial.

  • Crochet Christmas Ornament Cover

    Spruce up your plain ball ornaments with this elegant ornament cover. This pattern is nice finishing touch that will be easy on your budget.

  • Love and Joy Ornament Cover

    Dress up those old ornaments with a gorgeous ornament cover and give them a new life with fun colors and sparkly yarn!

  • Ornament Cover

    Decorate your ornaments with this lovely Ornament Cover that mimics the elegance of a snowflake. All you need are some plain-colored ornaments that could use a makeover.

  • Bright and Cheery Crochet Ornament Cover

    This gorgeous pink, purple, and teal ornament cover patten uses sparkly yarn for a unique decoration that will add some cheer to your Christmas Tree.

Once you've decorated every branch of your Christmas tree with lovely handmade crochet ornaments, the base of your tree might be looking kind of bare. Spread the crochet Christmas cheer with these 13 Christmas Tree Skirt Crochet Patterns

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