How to Easily Create Gorgeous Crocheted Roses – Video Tutorial + Free Pattern

  1. How To Make Absolutely Gorgeous 3D Crochet Roses
  2. Crochet Flowers | Crochet & Knit by Beja – Free Patterns, Videos + How To
  3. 40 crochet flowers and what to do with them
  4. 1. How to make a crochet flower
  5. 2. Pretty crochet flower paper clips
  6. 3. Spring crochet daffodil garland
  7. 4. Wedding bouquet made of crochet flowers
  8. 5. Spring crochet flower scarf pattern
  9. 6. Mini crochet flower earrings
  10. 7. Crochet plumerias
  11.  8. Crochet flower and bead necklace
  12. 9. Appliqué crochet flower swimsuit
  13. 10. Craft a crochet flower bloom
  14. 11. Crochet flower crown
  15. 12. Crochet pansies
  16. 13. Spring crochet flower coasters
  17. 14. Mini crochet flower garland
  18. 15. Crochet rose
  19. 16. Crochet rose ring
  20.  17. Rose purse
  21. 18. Tiny crochet flowers
  22. 19. Girls’ crochet flower collar
  23. 20. Five petal crochet flower
  24. 21. Single crochet flower necklace
  25. 22. Little doily crochet flower corsage
  26. 23. Tunisian crochet leaf and flower
  27. 24. Crochet daisies
  28. 25. A crocheted sunflower in a pot
  29. 26. Crochet rose with pom pom leaves (clever!)
  30. 27. Popcorn stitch crochet flower brooch
  31. 28. Crochet cacti (with flowers)
  32. 29. Delicate crochet flowers
  33. 30. Crochet tulip bouquet
  34. 31. Crochet flower card
  35. 32. Crochet flower and bees wreath
  36. 33. Crochet flower headband
  37. 34. Flower crochet pillow
  38. 35. Here comes the sun(glasses case)
  39. 36. Appliqué crochet flowers
  40. 37. Crochet leaves for a blanket
  41. 38. Simple crochet flower
  42. 39. The neverending wildflower granny square
  43. 40. Double-layer corsage crochet pattern
  44. 81 Free Easy Crochet Patterns (Plus Help for Beginners)
  45. Terms & Conditions
  46. Sharing Your Own Images
  47. 25 Easy Crochet Flower Patterns

How To Make Absolutely Gorgeous 3D Crochet Roses

How to Easily Create Gorgeous Crocheted Roses - Video Tutorial + Free Pattern

You will love this 3D Crochet Roses Pattern and they are nothing short of stunning! Use them for all your favorite projects and watch the easy to follow video tutorial too.

These gorgeous Crochet 3D Flowers are pretty as a picture and perfect for adding to hats, brooches, hair clips and more.

We love the texture and they are simple to make when you know how. They are just one of several free patterns that we have included in our post for you. Check them all out now. 

These popular 3D Crochet Roses have since had the Blog removed. You can find a free crochet pattern on Classy Crochet further down.

Be sure that you scroll our page in its entirety as we have also included gorgeous Crochet Cloche Hats and other Roses that you won’t want to miss. Be sure that you Pin your favorites.

We have included this video tutorial that we found on and it features the 3D Crochet Roses at the top of the page.

It has some great tips and tricks so click Play above to view now 

Here’s another version that have been extremely popular and they are multi-colored. This will be a great project to challenge your Crochet skills and you are guaranteed to love the results.

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to make the multi colored 3D Crochet Roses. Click Play above to watch now

When did you last upgrade your Crochet Hooks? Check out our collection of Best Selling Ergonomic Hooks that are inexpensive.

They have comfortable Rubber Handles. You can see them here

Another very pretty version of the 3D Crochet Rose is this lace version that has quite a bit of fullness and texture. It’s another Free Pattern from Kati Crafts. 

Over on the Classy Crochet Blog they have a very easy to follow step by step tutorial to show you how to make these gorgeous 3D Crochet Roses. Find the Free Pattern here

Skip To My Lou has also featured this beautiful version on her website. It’s another fabulous Free Pattern. Find the details here

On the Petals to Picots Site they have this Rosebud and Leaf Free Pattern, again, this will be lovely on your projects. Details here

This beautiful version that we found on is another extremely pretty result that has been achieved by the creator. You can see the details here

Another stunning Crochet Rose Pattern that is breathtakingly pretty is this 8 Petal Spiral version. You can access the free video tutorial on from Sheru Knitting here 

Another gorgeous Flower pattern that we found on is this stunning version and we love the pearl detail in the centres. You can get the details from Tallermanual Peru here

These triple layered 3D Crochet Flowers are another free pattern that everyone has been loving.

They would be the perfect addition to the Crochet Cloche Hats that we have included for you below. You can view the popular post here


Crochet Flowers | Crochet & Knit by Beja – Free Patterns, Videos + How To

How to Easily Create Gorgeous Crocheted Roses - Video Tutorial + Free Pattern

This video tutorial will walk you through the beautiful crochet puff flower blanket. It pops out on both sides of the work and has a soft look and feel. HOW DO YOU MASTER THE CROCHET PUFF FLOWER BLANKET? The puff stitch pattern is fairly simple …

These simple crochet flowers are creative and decorative for so many crochet projects. Crocheting flowers is an enjoyable activity especially when the design is as intricate and detailed as this one. These flowers make the perfect embellishment for …

These gorgeous colourful simple crochet flowers are creative and decorative for so many crochet projects. Watch the tutorial to get started on one of the many projects mentioned below! CHARMING PROJECTS THAT USE THIS SIMPLE CROCHET FLOWER These …

Learn how to make this enchanting crochet rose flower to add to your hat by watching this free video tutorial! You’ll fall in love with crocheting these easy flowers! HOW DO YOU MAKE THIS CHARMING CROCHET ROSE FLOWER? The yarn used to crochet …

Watch the free video tutorial to get started on one of the many easy crochet flower projects mentioned below! This simple and cute crochet flower is creative and decorative for so many projects. CHARMING PROJECTS THAT USE THIS EASY CROCHET …

These gorgeous daisy crochet flowers are creative and decorative for so many crochet projects. Crocheting flowers is an enjoyable beginner stitch and it makes the perfect embellishment for accessories! Watch the crochet flower pattern easy free video …

These beautiful crochet flowers are creative and decorative for so many crochet projects. Crocheting this flower is an enjoyable beginner stitch and it makes the perfect embellishment for accessories! Watch the free video tutorial to get started on …

These lovely crochet roses with leaves are creative and decorative for many crochet projects. Crocheting a rose is fun, easy, and makes the perfect embellishment for accessories and more! WHAT CAN YOU DECORATE WITH THIS CROCHET ROSE? There are …

These gorgeous lace crochet flowers are creative and decorative for so many projects. Crocheting flowers is an enjoyable beginner stitch and it makes the perfect embellishment for accessories!Watch the free video tutorial to get started on one of the …

These beautiful crochet lace flowers are creative and decorative for so many crochet projects. Crocheting this flower will be enjoyable for both beginners or experts because this flower is very simple to make. HOW TO MAKE THESE CROCHET LACE …

The gorgeous large crochet roses are the most romantic and creative crochet roses I have encountered thus far! These sweet, two colored roses are the perfect decorative piece for wedding venues or a bridal bouquet. Crocheting a rose is fun, easy, and …

This gorgeous crochet flower pattern is creative and decorative for so many crochet projects. Crocheting flowers is an enjoyable beginner stitch and it makes the perfect embellishment for accessories! Watch the free video tutorial to get started …

This adorable crochet flower pattern is creative and decorative for so many crochet projects. Crocheting the flower motif is an enjoyable beginner stitch and it makes the perfect embellishment for accessories! Watch the free video tutorial to get …

Flower roses are creative and decorative for many crochet projects. So whether it's a red rose for love or a variegated rose for friendship and celebration, this free video tutorial will show you how to create these gorgeous crochet flower. HOW …

These gorgeous crochet 3d roses are creative and decorative for many crochet projects. Crocheting a rose is fun, easy, and make the perfect embellishment for accessories and more! Why learning various methods on how to crochet a rose? There are …

This flowers crochet string is a perfect decoration for any crochet project! Pick up the colors that fit your decor and start making this lovely flowers string. There are so many amazing decors to add your works but this flowers crochet string …

If you are trying to find a new amazing, quick and easy to make crochet flower, then this project is perfect for you. You'll have much fun making some of this lovely crochet 6 petal flower pattern. I always loved the idea of creating crochet …

The jasmine stitch, also known as Thai crochet, is a universal crochet stitch – you can use it to create anything! And, you can use this crochet stitch to make the perfect gift for loved ones, you will absolutely love it! The Crochet …

The crochet poinsettia flowers look adorable anywhere. But, they become special at year-end holidays, as these crochet flowers give a magic touch to your home. This poinsettia flower can be a lovely addition to crochet wearables, bags, tree …

 There are many crochet flower patterns out there, but this is one of the most beautiful and useful crochet flowers ever. I will show how to make it step by step. WHERE YOU CAN USE THIS CROCHET FLOWER PATTERN? Give an extra touch to your …

This crochet flowers blanket with daisy motif is wonderful. Using it's gorgeous pattern, you can make this crochet flowers blanket in just a few hours. I hope you this crochet flowers blanket as much as I do. This is the most beautiful …

This Crochet Pineapple Pattern is perfect for many kind of project. I've made some doilies in different colors to show you the looks you can get with the Pineapple Motif. The Crochet Pineapple Pattern You can use the crochet pineapple …

Crochet flowers are my favorite accessories for home decoration. Today, I'm showing you a flower crochet pattern that is beautiful and easy to make at the same time. The spring flower has a very unique crochet pattern and it will look …

If you learning and making new crochet blankets, you will love this puff stitch flower pattern I'm showing you today. It is simple and beautiful at the same time. I love the puff stitch flower pattern because it makes all the works look …

If you are searching for new stitches techniques, here is the wonderful window flower stitch crochet pattern. This stitch will give to your crochet works a warm and fuzzy feeling. There are many lovely flower stitch patterns that you can find, …


40 crochet flowers and what to do with them

How to Easily Create Gorgeous Crocheted Roses - Video Tutorial + Free Pattern

We’ve rounded up our fave free crochet patterns for flowers for your viewing (and making) pleasure.

Crochet flowers need not explain themselves. We know they’re beautiful, versatile and look pretty darn glam as wedding bouquets. So the next time someone asks you why you’d want to make crochet flowers, send them a link to this post – our list is all the justification you’ll need.

Not only have we found 40 ways of crochet flowers but this list of (mostly) free crochet patterns also includes ideas and ways for how to use them. Embellish a swimsuit or create a crochet paper clip, but be warned, crochet flowers are almost as addictive as granny squares. Happy hooking!

For more crochet projects and inspiration subscribe to Mollie Makes. Or, if you’re a fan of free patterns (and who isn’t right?) why not check out our crochet collection blog post which includes +50 free patterns!

1. How to make a crochet flower

Want to learn the basics of how to make a crochet flower? We’ve got a free tutorial from the lovely Carmen Heffernan that shows you how to make colourful crochet blooms just in time for spring.

2. Pretty crochet flower paper clips

Image courtesy of Petals to Picots

Paperclips, they’re useful but a teeny bit boring. Well, not anymore. This super easy tutorial from Petals to Picots shows you how to whip up some flowers to add to your clips and give everyone serious stationery envy. Bonus: she’s got a tutorial for crochet flower push pins as well, so you can extend your love of crochet to a noticeboard too.

3. Spring crochet daffodil garland

Image courtesy of Beyond The Square

Nothing says spring freshly bloomed daffs. Crochet some with Beyond The Square’s tutorial and make a garland to mark the new season. Want to do something different with your daffs? Add stems and create the prettiest bunch of flowers for one of your faves, or make a brooch and wear it with pride.

4. Wedding bouquet made of crochet flowers

Image courtesy of Maize Hutton

Planning flowers for your big day? Go crafty and crochet the most stunning wedding bouquet, to wow your guests. Warning: You probably won’t want to throw it when you can keep if for yourself instead.

5. Spring crochet flower scarf pattern

We’ve gone through the Mollie archives and found this little beaut from issue 52 — a crochet scarf that’s going to be our go-to spring accessory. Download the digital edition of the mag to get the pattern.

6. Mini crochet flower earrings

Image courtesy of idea ivana

Sweeeeet! These mini flower earrings are the ideal gift for a gal pal you want to treat. Make them with this tutorial from idea ivana and present them on a piece of yarn-trimmed bright card for I-can’t-believe-you-made-them amazement.

7. Crochet plumerias

You could be forgiven for thinking that these plumerias were real but they’re not, which is great as it means we’ve finally got a houseplant that we can’t kill. Huzzah.

 8. Crochet flower and bead necklace

Image courtesy of Created in AWE

Heart eyes, all the heart eyes. We’ve fallen hard for this crochet flower necklace, with its bright florals and luminous pearl beads. We’re crafting it as we speak. Want to join our fan club? Get the tutorial from Created in AWE and give it a go yourself.

9. Appliqué crochet flower swimsuit

Image courtesy of via Buzzfeed

We’ve added crafty touches to pretty much everything we can get our hands on, but we’ve never embellished a swimsuit — until now, that is. This tutorial from Kipi is sure to leave you the star attraction at the beach this summer.

10. Craft a crochet flower bloom

Another freebie, and this time from Rescued Paw Designs. What we really love about this crochet flower — other than its delicate petals — is its calming shades of blue and turquoise.

11. Crochet flower crown

Image courtesy of Hopeful Honey

We’re already planning outfits for this summer’s festivals (too soon?) and intend to make this for every event we go to. Create it in Ultra Violet for a nod to Pantone’s Colour of the Year, or craft it in whichever shade takes your fancy.

12. Crochet pansies

If we had to pick a favourite flower (after peonies) we’d probably choose pansies. These ones are particularly impressive, with their perfectly formed petals and embellishments. You can find the crochet pattern for flowers over on Little Monkey’s Crochet.

13. Spring crochet flower coasters

Don’t just plonk your cuppa anywhere, put it on one of these crochet flower coasters from Tanya at little things blogged. They almost seem too pretty to cover up.

14. Mini crochet flower garland

Image courtesy of Ingthings

Mini crochet flowers, all delicately strung together. This crochet garland from Ingthings is giving us all the feels. NB, translation required for this website, which is in Dutch.

15. Crochet rose

Image courtesy of Skip to my Lou

Roses are red, and also several shades of pink. You’ll be able to crochet your own bunch of blooms in no time with this easy tutorial from Skip to my Lou.

16. Crochet rose ring

Image courtesy of Pops de Milk

Patricia of Pops de Milk has created this showstopper ring using the crochet rose tutorial from Happy Berry Crochet. Ladies, we salute you.

 17. Rose purse

Image courtesy of Mama In A Stitch

We can’t wait to make this crochet rose purse from Mama In A Stitch and to feel every so slightly smug when we head out swinging it from our arm.

18. Tiny crochet flowers

Image courtesy of earl grey

Sometimes things are just better in miniature — pygmy hedgehogs, Mini Eggs, and now tiny crochet flowers. Check out earl grey‘s blog for the crochet pattern for flowers.

19. Girls’ crochet flower collar

Image courtesy of Simply Tale

Treat your favourite little love to this crochet flower collar, made with a tutorial from Simply Tale. Keep it simple or add extra flowers if you fancy.

20. Five petal crochet flower

Image courtesy of One Dog Woof

Crochet a selection of these flowers from One Dog Woof and then scatter them round your home to bring a touch of spring indoors.

21. Single crochet flower necklace

Image courtesy of Creativeyarn

Make this delicate floral necklace, complete with leaves and a sweet button centre, then wear it to add a touch of greenery to your outfit.

22. Little doily crochet flower corsage

Image courtesy of Penny Peberdy

You could crochet some of these little doily flower corsages for a wedding, or just make them to pin to your outfit every day. After all, why save your best makes for special occasions when you can admire them all the time?

23. Tunisian crochet leaf and flower

Image courtesy of Annette Bak

We’re big fans of this unusual pattern, which focuses on leaves, with flowers added on for good measure. This crochet pattern for flowers and leaves is by Annette Bak.

24. Crochet daisies

Image courtesy of Caught on a Whim

We’re going to make these, add some stems and create our own crochet daisy chain. Want to join us? The free tutorial is right here.

25. A crocheted sunflower in a pot

Image courtesy of Joyce Overheul

Bring a bit of sunshine indoors with your own crochet sunflower, complete with pot. Get the tutorial from Joyce Overheul.

26. Crochet rose with pom pom leaves (clever!)

Photo courtesy of Mama In Stitch

Notice anything different about these crochet flowers? Their leaves are made with pom pom trim. Good shout, Mama In Stitch.

27. Popcorn stitch crochet flower brooch

Image courtesy of Little Doolally

Little Doolally created these nifty flower brooches for Mother’s Day, but we reckon they’re just as good at any time of the year. We might crochet one to wear as a brooch and make some more to hang in a garland (we the look of the above).

28. Crochet cacti (with flowers)

Image courtesy of Yarn Plaza

Can’t choose your fave? Us neither, so we’re going to make them all. Yarn Plaza’s got tutorials for four types of cacti, each with their own colourful crochet flower.

29. Delicate crochet flowers

Image courtesy of Maria Manuel

There’s something strangely mesmerising about these crochet flowers by Maria Manuel, we just can’t stop staring at them. You too? She’s got a free crochet pattern for the flowers to create them so you make some for yourself.

30. Crochet tulip bouquet

Crochet some spring tulips using a tutorial from the talented little things blogged. Make them in one colour or go for a selection of hues for a bit of variation. We’re imagining holding a bunch in our hands while we take a leisurely stroll along Amsterdam’s canals.

31. Crochet flower card

Could this be any prettier? We think not. If you fancy making your own you can get the free tutorial from She Knows. Send it to some of your pals to give them extra happy post.

32. Crochet flower and bees wreath

Those flowers, and those bees! Crochet Queen RedAgape excelled herself when she created this pattern for Mollie Makes, which is available on Ravelry. Planning to craft it? Don’t forget to show your finished make to us on social media using #molliemakers.

33. Crochet flower headband

Image courtesy of Make & Do Crew

Make & Do Crew’s created a free tutorial for this pretty crochet flower headband. And the best part? You can make it for babies, toddlers, children or adults so you can get everyone in on the action and be the family that matches.

34. Flower crochet pillow

Image courtesy of Yvestown

What could be better than snuggling down into a handmade crochet pillow? We’ll have this one from the lovely Yvestown, please. Chill time just got a whole lot prettier.

35. Here comes the sun(glasses case)

Image courtesy of Persia Lou

Summer’s still a way off but that doesn’t mean we can’t start preparing for warmer months. Our craft project of choice? A bright crochet sunglasses case to store our shades in for the beach. We might even just make one now and pop our glasses in instead.

36. Appliqué crochet flowers

We’ve got free patterns for the two crochet flowers marked out above (hurrah!). Make several of both for a knock-out spring floral display.

37. Crochet leaves for a blanket

Ok, so we’re technically cheating but we couldn’t resist including this tutorial in the round-up. We’re going to update all our blankets so each one is covered in crochet leaves. Too much? We think not.

38. Simple crochet flower

Crochet newbie? Get started with this simple crochet flower tutorial from Happy Berry Crochet, you’ll have a meadow of crochet flowers in no time.

39. The neverending wildflower granny square

We’re always looking for new ideas for granny squares so were as pleased as the proverbial punch when we came across this. Get the free pattern from Little Monkey’s Crochet.

40. Double-layer corsage crochet pattern

Image courtesy of Whistle & Ivy

They’re not the most practical but we love them all the same. These barefoot baby sandals will make the sweetest addition to a wee one’s wardrobe.

Whether you’re making the latest Mollie projects or one from the archive we’d love to see. Show and tell using #molliemakers on Instagram and  or post it on our  wall. Want to know what we’re up to? Check out our Pinterest page to see what keeps us curious and find even more free crochet flower patterns.

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81 Free Easy Crochet Patterns (Plus Help for Beginners)

How to Easily Create Gorgeous Crocheted Roses - Video Tutorial + Free Pattern

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25 Easy Crochet Flower Patterns

How to Easily Create Gorgeous Crocheted Roses - Video Tutorial + Free Pattern

  • Crochet Flower Bow Free Pattern.

    This fast flower pattern works up in just minutes. What makes it special is that it's attached to a long length of yarn to create a bow that can be used to wrap around envelopes, boxes, and other packages. It instantly makes any gift a little bit more special.

  • Free Crochet Flower Scrubbie Pattern.

    This three-round crochet flower is a basic design that works up very quickly and will give you a solid foundation for how to crochet a flower. Work it in cotton yarn to create a face scrubby or use it as a coaster.

  • Open Crochet Flower Free Pattern.

    When you crochet this two-round, five-petal flower, it will have a buttonhole right in the center of it. You can add the button to attach the flower to an item such as a hat. Alternatively, you can simply leave it open for a lacy floral design. The pattern comes with written instructions as well as a video tutorial.

  • Crochet Cherry Blossom Free Pattern.

    This is a four-round five-petal free crochet pattern. The colors, along with the shaping, create a cherry blossom perfect for decorating in spring. The pattern comes with written instructions as well as a symbol chart. Crochet designer In The Yarn Garden also offers a few other free crochet flower patterns.

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  • Crochet Flower Pattern.

    Happy Crochet by Vita/Etsy

    This delicate crochet flower has five slightly-overlapping petals. Each petal is outlined in a second color that is also used as a detail line within the petal. This extra touch makes the basic flower stand out above many other similar patterns. The designer, Happy Crochet by Vita on Etsy also offers many other crochet flower patterns in her shop.

  • T-shirt Yarn Crochet Flower Pattern.

    This easy crochet flower pattern is designed to be made with t-shirt yarn for a nice chunky design created in just a few rounds of crafting. Of course, you can use the pattern to make flowers in other yarn as well. Designer Anneke Wiese notes that if you join a few dozen of these flowers made in DK weight yarn you'll have a beautiful floral baby blanket.

  • Crochet Flower Free Pattern.

    Ana Morais Soares/Ravelry

    This is a seven-round crochet flower pattern, so it requires a little bit more work than some of the simplest designs, but it is still an easy flower to crochet. What makes it really special is the textured stitches that give it an extra dimension.

    This pattern is part of a complete set of crochet flower patterns designed by different people, called 365 Days of Crochet Flowers. The whole set can be found through The Crochet Hookup on Instagram.

  • Picot Crochet Flower Pattern.

    Buttonnose Crochet/Ravelry

    This is another crochet flower that's part of the 365 Days of Flowers project. It uses picot stitch to give definition to each of the petals. Changing colors in each round will make this flower pattern especially striking.

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  • Crochet Flower Peony Free Pattern.

    This free flower pattern actually includes instructions to make four different items–one small flower, one that's larger, one that's just a small bud and a leaf to add on to them. You can create a single peony or an entire bouquet of ruffled flowers.

  • Crochet Poppy Free Flower Pattern.

    There is a small, subtle color change at the center of this poppy. Simple stitches worked in only one loop create the dimensional petals that give you the poppy shape.

  • Lacy Crochet Flower Brooch Pattern.

    This is a delicate lace flower made with crochet thread. The center of the flower can be made from yellow thread or replaced with a pearl button.

    The small flower is intended to be worn as a crocheted brooch, but it could also work as earrings and other jewelry or added to clothing as an appliqué.

    Designer Fox Stitch Design has a terrific collection of crochet flower patterns including some designed for advanced crafters.

  • Crochet Clematis Flower Pattern.

    Leticia Lebron on Ravelry, also known as Flawless Flowers, is another crochet designer to check out if you love to make crochet flowers. This one is her Princess Diana Clematis flower, a climbing vine that can be used to create a decorative arrangement over one foot in height.

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  • Crochet Tulip Pattern.

    These crochet tulips look complicated but they are actually a beginner project. The shape of the crochet flower is simple, and then you need to use some extra DIY skills (glue, flower sticks) to complete the project.

  • Easy Free Crochet Flower Pattern.

    It might be hard to believe, but this charming crochet flower pattern is made in one simple round. By working chains into slip stitches, you create the loops that become the petals of the flower. Depending on your yarn and hook size, you can vary the size of the flower significantly, making it a design that you can use for many different projects.

  • Layered Crochet Flower Free Pattern.

    This pattern is so-named for the very unique center that looks a little bit a gumdrop. This free crochet flower pattern provides a great opportunity to practice working a flower in layers to create a ruffled 3D design.

  • 3D Crochet Flower Free Pattern.


    This pattern shows another way to make a three-dimensional crochet flower. Follow the 30-minute video tutorial, at the end of which you will have created a detailed, creative plant you won't have to water. It is especially striking worked in two colors but can be worked as a solid color as well.

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  • 3D Crochet Flower Free Pattern.

    Here is yet one more way to create a three-dimensional crochet flower. It is worked in three rounds and uses a variation on hyperbolic crochet to give the petals their ruffled edges.

  • Crochet Flower Keychain Free Pattern.

    Annemarie Benthem/Ravelry

    Make a small crochet flower that packs a big punch thanks to the big bobble stitches it uses. Add a simple chain stitch loop to turn this flower into a keychain.

  • Primrose Crochet Flower Pattern.

    In addition to making the flower, you can make a crochet basket or pot for your flower. This type of complete project makes a great housewarming gift. It is the perfect decor for anyone without a green thumb!

  • This cotton crochet pattern is a great example of a simple design that works well as a coaster. The center of the flower is large enough to lay flat and hold a glass. The edges are designed to create decorative petals that make the crochet flower shape.

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  • Crochet Flower Headband Free Pattern.

    This is a crochet headband pattern that includes instructions for crocheting two different types of flowers. One is a rose and the other is a Johnny Jump-Up. You'll also find additional free crochet flower patterns from this designer.

  • Puff Stitch Crochet Flower Free Pattern.

    If you want to make a small textured crochet flower then this puff stitch flower is a nice choice. As a bonus, you can go past the two rounds that make the flower and learn how to make a crochet flower square with this at the center–and then learn how to join them into a crochet shawl!

  • Crochet Flower Necklace Free Pattern.

    This three-round, six petal crochet flower is made with a simple half double and double crochet stitches. Crochet chains are added to make a necklace. This free pattern has written instructions as well as a video for both left- and right-handed crafters.

  • Crochet Flower Baby Blanket.

    This is a crochet baby blanket pattern worked in the round and designed to look a blooming flower. The same pattern worked in t-shirt yarn would make a great flower rug.