15 Creatively Simple DIY Stuffed Animal Organizers For Kids’ Rooms

25 Easy, DIY Toy Storage Ideas

15 Creatively Simple DIY Stuffed Animal Organizers For Kids’ Rooms

There are tons of creative ways to get the kids’ rooms picked up, organized, and ready for the next play day. Thankfully, there are simple tutorials to follow and get you from cluttered to clean in no time. Check out all 25 of these easy, DIY toy storage ideas and start planning your attack on the chaos.

1. Twin Storage Bed

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When you’re able to utilize a piece of furniture for more than two necessities, you take the opportunity and run with it. Just look at this Twin Storage Bed idea. There’s so many different ways to organize and categorize the kiddos’ things, especially when you don’t have as much square footage to be working with.

2. Under-the-Bed Drawer

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If you’ve got a bit of space to spare, try creating an Under-the-Bed Drawer. It’ll be an easy access asset to the room for the kids and also an easy way to clean up and conceal the clutter when guests are over. You can get as intricate – by adding extra boxes or drawers to the larger drawer – or just use the bigger opening to throw the extras inside. 

3. Rolling Crate

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These Rolling Crates are really easy to DIY and they’re so functional for a variety of childrens’ items. You can use them in the closet to organize all his/her accessories or extra toys. But you can also use them to compile books or even art supplies in the kitchen or playroom.

4. Coffee Table Toy Chest

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Again, we’re big fans of furniture pieces that provide two functions and that’s exactly what this project does. Easily whip up this industrial-inspired Coffee Table Toy Chest within an afternoon. We love how it’ll fit into a trendy, farmhouse themed home as well.

5. Doll Storage

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This fabric Doll Storage was made especailly with American Girl dolls in mind but we can see it easily being used for all the baby dolls or even Barbies that you have under the roof. Organize all the accessories, from the clothes to the bottles!

6. Board Game Cubbies

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Does your family have a lot of board games floating around the house? Well, gather them up, buy a closet organize this and stack them nicely. These Board Game Cubbies will help you clean up the closets and media rooms in all houses in no time.

7. LEGO Organization

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What family home doesn’t need a bit of Lego Organization? What’s great about this idea is that you can store entire sets in one space. Sure, mixing them up can be fun, but this way the kids can build their favorites and remember which pieces go where – the photo labels are a super creative idea!

8. Kitchen Corner

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We’re swooning for this Kitchen Corner, aren’t you? We love the setup, particularly the vintage-style of the actual toy, of course. But we love the addition of the kitchen baskets being used inside the mini kitchen for the kiddos – keeping everything so much more organized.

9. Playroom Office Wall

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Check out this Playroom Office Wall! This b inspiration is great for spaces that need to be utilized for more than one function, for example, both a playroom and a home office.These cubby systems can be easily arranged and rearranged to fit specific needs.

10. Train Table with Storage

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Check out this Train Table with Storage underneath! Instead of the pieces falling off the table in between play time, everything the kids need can be easily stored underneath. This table is such an easy one to whip up as well, even if you’re a novice crafter.

11. The Ultimate

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Check out what’s been dubbed “The Ultimate Storage Solution“. There’s a spot to keep the plushes, the board games, and even plastic bins filled with all the goods: think Barbies, cars, or even Legos. Grab the tutorial and blueprints for this masterpiece after the jump.

12. Crate Storage Shelf

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We’re loving this Crate Storage Shelf solution as well. Not only does it keep everything in one spot, but there’s a mobile element that’s nice for the kids. They can pick their bin and carry the entire set to a spot that they can play easily in.

13. Lego Minifigure Display Case

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Lego Minifigure Display Case shows you how to create a display case for all those Legos your little ones have. This is great because it acts as a piece of wall art while organizing the clutter. You also don’t need to stay worried about walking on these with bare feet – because it hurts … a lot!

14. Plush Bungee Cord Storage

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This Plush Bungee Cord Storage is a genius was to utilize pieces of furniture that you already have but make them into something you really need. Gather those stuffed animals and put them in a place that keeps them at bay and not causing chaos in the corners of on the bed.

15. Embroidery Hoop Storage Buckets

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We’re loving these soft buckets as well – that can organize everything from craft supplies, yes, to toys for the littlest ones of the house. Embroidery Hoop Storage Buckets are quite easy to make, especially for those that already have some experience working with fabrics.

16. Rolling Baskets

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Rolling Baskets are a great way to help tidy up the playroom. Easy to maneuver, the kiddos will appreciate the design as well. And label the baskets too – it makes it even easier when it’s time to clean up the messes.

17. Hot Wheel Jars

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Yes, there is a way to create Hot Wheel Storage at home without having to buy a large, cheap and plastic new accessory. Instead, grab some jars and throw the cars inside. Decorate the top for some extra stylish, organizational pizzazz.

18. Art Buckets

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Whip up some little Art Buckets for the kiddos to enjoy. When it’s time for arts and crafts, having these buckets filled and organized with the right supplies will make the entire process run a bit smoother. Clean up will too.

19. Library Wall

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We’re really swooning over this Library Wall. Whether you have the extra space or want to utilize the walls in place of an extra piece of furniture, it’s such a fun way to decorate, display, and store the kiddo’s book collection. And having the covers right there make picking a book a bedtime more fun as well.

20. Canvas Tote Hooks

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Some of these Canvas Tote Hooks can help with clean up as well. Designate each tote with a particular toy and everything will have its place one playtime is over. Legos, stuffed animals, and even Barbies – it’s such an easy way to organize.

21. Cart Organization

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We’ve seen these pieces flying off the shelves at spots Target and Ikea. They really do make some of the best Art Carts around. Put one together and then organize all the goods.

22. Baskets & Shelves

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This space and its combination of using Baskets & Shelves as organize it quite nice as well. There’s ample storage for cleanup and the kids will easily be able to keep things tidy. Just go with ample baskets when shopping.

23. Under-the-Couch Lego Storage

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We’ve seen these under the beds and now we’ve found a wonderful DIY for Under-the-Couch Lego Storage too. Instead of having them thrown in corners, this will keep the blocks in place and ready to playtime at the drop of a hat. The Legos can also say on the board throughout the builds.

24. Plastic & Wood

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This Plastic & Wood storage piece if quite easy to make as well. If you’re looking to keep a certain interior design genre within your organizational options, check out this one for rustic lovers. There’s ample opportunity to hold lots of toys inside.

25. Tire Shelves

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And finally, these Tire Shelves are quite fun too. It’s an innovative design that can help display the favorites and clean up too. Mostly, it’s a fun piece of art for the room as well.

Source: https://www.homedit.com/diy-toy-storage-ideas/

18 Genius Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

15 Creatively Simple DIY Stuffed Animal Organizers For Kids’ Rooms

Stuffed animals. So cute! So fluffy! So full or memories! So good at taking up space. It started so innocently right. Your child wanted the stuffed penguin at the zoo.

The they wanted one from a carnival, then a theme park then people realized how much your little one loved animals so they gifted them the kindness of their hearts and the next thing you know, your kid’s bedroom is overrun with stuffed little creatures. Now you feel all you can do is stand there.

scratching your head wondering how on earth you’re going to contain this stuffed “mini zoo”. But this doesn’t have to be a permanent state. It is possible to organize these toys with a little help.

Luckily for you, other parents have walked this road before and have shared their favorite stuffed animal storage ideas. And just to make your life that much easier, we created the list below so you don’t have to waste any time finding the perfect solution for you.

Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas for Messy Rooms

When your kids reach that age when they don’t play much with their stuffed animals but they’re still not quite ready to get rid of them, this stuffed animal swing is a brilliant idea.

Stuffed animal chairs are a genius way to keep the toys the way and make them useful at the same time. What kid wouldn’t love these?

If sewing isn’t your thing, here’s a stuffed animal chair from Amazon that looks pretty affordable and has great reviews.

Install a curtain rod and let the animals hang off it. What a cute and simple option!

To keep toys from spreading out, let them go up! I love the stuffed animal zoo, and this clever mama’s stuffed animal barn is brilliant, too.

Build one of these toy corrals to attach to the end of your child’s bed.

Wall-mounted buckets or baskets are an easy, practical solution to the toy problem.

Install a long shelf nearly the length of the room to keep stuffed animals on. This is another good solution if your child no longer plays with them but wants to keep them a while longer.

Hang a shoe organizer to store small stuffed animals behind the door.

Make your own stuffed animal net if you’re feeling crafty. If you’re not, you can buy a similar one here.

Or here’s a no-sew stuffed animal hammock made with tulle, ribbon and command hooks.

Over-the-door shelves are another good behind-the-door solution to keep the toys the way but still within easy reach.

For kids with only a handful of stuffed toys, a hanging basket may be all you need.

Attach stuffed animals to a ribbon with clothespins, and hang them in a corner to get them the way.

A revolving shoe tree is a smart storage solution because your child can rotate the tree to reach toys easily rather than pulling out loads of them at once.

You can pick up a couple of wall hanging planters for fairly cheap at your local home improvement store, but I see these often at thrift stores and garage sales, too. We’re all about cheap storage here!

I’m so glad I ran across this wire hamper trick. We bought some from Walmart several years ago but don’t love them for laundry. They’ll work much better for storing our son’s stuffed animals!

Isn’t this toy canopy a gorgeous option for a girl’s room? It looks so wispy and pretty.

You know it won’t be long before that little zoo starts invading the rest of your house so you need to contain immediately. Whether you child’s bed is covered, their closet is full or their room is carpeted with stuffed animals, one of these solutions will calm the chaos and help restore some sanity back into your life.

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Source: https://www.onecrazyhouse.com/stuffed-animal-storage-ideas/

DIY hanging toy storage to organize the stuffed animals

15 Creatively Simple DIY Stuffed Animal Organizers For Kids’ Rooms

In today’s post: Get all those stuffed animals organized with this easy DIY hanging toy storage system.

Anyone else drowning in toys? We really don’t buy the kids that many toys, but they receive them as gifts and inherit them from cousins and save up their own money to buy special ones…and we’ve ended up with SO MANY STUFFED ANIMALS! And of course each stuffed animal is absolutely loved and cherished so it’s pretty hard to convince the kids we should donate some of them. The kids claim they’ll keep them cleaned up on their beds, but it just doesn’t happen, and I’m about to lose my mind.

Or I was. I spent some time hunting for a good stuffed animal storage system.

I’ve seen hammocks which hang in a corner of the room (won’t work because there’s no free corner in their bedroom) and large custom built stuffed animal zoos ($200+) and bookshelves with dowels running down the front so kids can stuff all their toys inside (it keeps them off the ground, but looks almost just as messy). I finally came up with a DIY stuffed animal storage solution that is pretty inexpensive and can be easily put together in an hour or two. It’s simple enough that the kids can help with most of the construction.

DIY Hanging toy storage

Now, I probably wouldn’t put one of these in a toddler’s bedroom since the temptation to climb on it daily might be too much to resist. But my boys are older – they’re in that stage where they don’t actually play with stuffed animals much, but they aren’t ready to give them up.

So for them, the stuffed animal swing works perfectly. Each boy has a shelf, and each shelf fits 8 Build-a-Bear sized animals easily, with room for a few more smaller ones stuffed in.

The boys know they can keep as many animals as will fit on their shelf, which is going to make it easy to know when it’s time to de-clutter and donate a few.

Before we get to the how-to, I just want to make a note: anything that hangs from the ceiling with rope or cord, this could be a strangulation hazard if an unattended young child climbs on it. Do not put one of these in the bedroom of a very small child, and use your good judgment when building one for an older child if you have small children in the home – thanks!

How to build a hanging toy storage system


You’ll need the supplies pictured above, plus wood glue and a drill (a staple gun is optional).

For a tri-level swing, you’ll need six 4in wide by 1/4in thick by 2ft long hobby precuts, about 30 ft of rope, two hooks that can screw into ceiling studs, and 5 4ft wood laths.

Look for the precut wood in the “hobby wood” section, and wood lath somewhere in the pine boards section at Home Depot.

The hobby precuts are a couple of dollar each, and the wood lath is about 50 cents each (pick the lath carefully, looking for ones that are straight and have minimal knots).

Start construction by sanding your wood. The hobby precuts will need minimal sanding, but the wood lath will need more.

Next, cut your wood lath. For each level you need two 2-ft lengths and two 1-ft lengths.

Lay two of the hobby precuts down on the ground with about 2-3 inches between them, as shown below. Use wood glue to glue a 1-ft length of lath on each end of the hobby precuts, as you see below. Make sure the lath piece extends a bit off to the side of each precut.

Glue together the swing seats for each level (clamp together or lay something heavy on each lath while the glue dries) and let dry completely. Then you’ll drill a hole big enough for your rope to go through on each end of the lath pieces. In the photo above, the hole would go right where the boy’s thumb is on the right.

In the photo below you can see how the swing is put together. Cut 4 lengths of rope – 8 feet is probably plenty, but this will depend on how high your ceiling in in the room you want to hang this swing and how low you want it to hang.

Put a knot at one end of the rope, then thread it through the swing seat. Place another knot right on top of the swing seat. About 4 inches above the swing seat wrap the rope around a 2-ft piece of lath, which acts as the swing bar.

Either knot the rope or secure with staples.

My swing seats are space about 18 inches apart, but you can make them as close together or far apart as you’d . Just repeat the process to add the next level. When you’re done, knot the ropes together on each side and hang from hooks that you’ve screwed directly into studs in the ceiling. Here’s a view of the top swing seat from below to give you a better idea of what it looks finished:

Not too difficult and not too expensive – and now all the stuffed animals are off the floor and the way! Now that all the stuffed animals are comfortably ensconced on the hanging toy storage swing, we can vacuum the floor without having to clean up first. Now if we can only get the legos organized as well…

Source: https://www.itsalwaysautumn.com/stuffed-animal-swing-diy-hanging-toy-storage.html

15 Creatively Simple DIY Stuffed Animal Organizers For Kids’ Rooms

15 Creatively Simple DIY Stuffed Animal Organizers For Kids’ Rooms

If your kids are mine, they have tons of stuffed animals…so many that they just don’t fit on the bed without taking up too much room.

While redecorating my little one’s room recently, I began to wonder what in the world I could do with all of those stuffed animals, so I started looking for some creative DIY stuffed animal organizers. There are so many stuffed animal organizer plans available that I just had to share my favorite 15 with you.

These DIY stuffed animal organizer plans are super simple to make and many of them use materials that you probably have on hand. You might want to check out our 50 storage ideas to organize kids rooms post to discover other organizing projects.

From stuffed animal bins and cages to DIY stuffed animal zoos, you are going to find the perfect way to display and store all of those stuffed toys, even your adorable DIY stuffed toys.

If you are lacking in storage space in your kids’ bedrooms, these easy DIY stuffed animal storage ideas are perfect. Whether you have 10 or 100 stuffed animals to store, you are going to find a great solution, and DIY is what we’re all about, right?

Let’s take a look at some do it yourself stuffed animal storage solutions that are going to help you clean up those kids’ bedrooms and make space for other things… books and all of those other toys. DIY organizing hacks for kids’ toys are great.

Not only are these creatively simple DIY stuffed animal organizers cheap, but they really get the job done in a decorative way!

1. DIY Tulle Stuffed Animal Storage

For little princesses, this DIY stuffed animal organizer is perfect. It’s made from tulle, so it has an adorable princess look. It’s also super easy to make and your little one will adore having it hanging in the corner of her bedroom.

You need about two yards of tulle, which you can get for under $5 and then a few hooks and other supplies to hang it. It’s super simple, super cheap and a super adorable way to create your own DIY stuffed animal storage.

Tutorial: shadytreediary

2. Repurposed Shoe Organizer

A cheap shoe organizer can be turned into the perfect place to store those stuffed animals. Most of these over the door organizers have enough space for a couple dozen stuffed animals, and they fit over the inside of the closet door so they are hidden away.

And, they make it really easy for the kids to grab their favorite stuffed toy when they want to play with it.

Tutorial: pinterest originals

3. Stuffed Animal Bean Bag

Not only does this stuffed animal storage give you a place to keep all of those stuffed toys put away, it doubles as a comfy chair for the kiddos. All you have to do is fill a bean bag cover with stuffed toys.

Kids are going to love having their stuffed animals right there where they can get to them and they can use the bean bag chair for reading or relaxing. You just stuff it full of stuffed toys and then zip it up. I found this great cover on Etsy, but you could totally make this one yourself if you wanted to.

Tutorial: Etsy.com

4. Easy DIY Stuffed Animal Net

I love the idea of keeping stuffed animals in a net in a corner of the room. Because it’s hung off the floor, you have all of that floor space left available. You could lower this one if your little ones still play with their stuffed animals or hang it high on the wall next to the ceiling if they don’t.

This is a great idea for pre-teens rooms and the net is super easy to make yourself and doesn’t take a lot of fabric. This is a good one idea to reuse leftover fabric scraps.

Tutorial: lemonsqueezyhome

5. Repurposed Hat Box Stuffed Animal Storage

A few old hat boxes give you so much space to store those stuffed animals. You can create little individual homes for the animals. These are super easy and if you can’t find hat boxes to use, you could totally repurpose some regular cardboard boxes.

Just dress them up a bit with fabric or paint and attach them right onto the wall. And, you can hang them low enough that your little ones can still get to their favorite animals.

Tutorial: mom

6. Cheap Repurposed Metal Buckets

Head over to the Dollar Store and pick up a few metallic buckets. When you get them home, you can turn them into the most adorable storage and organizers for those stuffed animals.

You can hang your buckets directly on the wall and it frees up floor space and space in the toybox. Add in some decorations to your buckets to customize them to match your little ones’ rooms.

Tutorial: itsy-bits-and-pieces

7. Repurposed Garden Basket Storage

These old garden baskets can be picked up at any home improvement store or you can sometimes get them at the Dollar Store. They’re really cheap and make the perfect organizers for your kids’ stuffed animals.

You don’t even have to do anything special with these. Just hang them on the wall and add the stuffed animals. And, you can get them in different sizes, so they offer a certain aesthetic appeal, too.

8. Repurposed Curtain Rod Storage

You can turn a curtain rod into a wonderful way to organize and store stuffed animals. If you use an adjustable rod, a shower curtain rod, you could simply hang it on the wall in a corner.

The pressure that the rod creates will keep it in place. Or, you can hang a traditional curtain rod with hangers on the wall just about anywhere and then just stick those stuffed animals between the rod and the wall.

9. Cute DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo

I love this little zoo that you can easily make yourself for those stuffed animals. There are so many ways to customize this one and if you have a lot of stuffed animals, you could easily do more than one of these.

Separate your animals into domestics and wild animals – your kids will love it! The “bars” on this are made with wooden dowels but I have seen some really cute versions that use bungee type cords to hold the animals in.

Tutorial: onthebanksofsquawcreek

10. Repurposed Planter Toy Storage

If you really want a creative and easy, not to mention cheap, DIY stuffed animal storage solution, here it is. This one is made with an old planter. You don’t even have to do anything, except maybe paint it if you want to change the color.

These hang from the ceiling and give your kids so much space to store their little stuffed toys. And, you can normally pick these up at yard sales or thrift stores for just a couple of dollars each. You could even use your favorite DIY hanging planter for this one.

Tutorial: diyinspired

11. DIY Under Bed Toy Storage

If you prefer to keep those stuffed animals sight but you still want them to be easily accessible by your little ones, this DIY under the bed storage is the perfect solution.

This is pretty easy to build, and it rolls right under the bed. Little ones can easily pull it out when they want to play with their stuffed animals and then roll it right back under the bed when it is time to clean up.

Tutorial: ourhousenowahome

12. Repurposed Milk Crate Storage

Those empty milk crates, or plastic crates, are perfect for helping your kids to keep their stuffed toys organized. You can stack them up and use them a bookshelf or you could even attach them right to the wall.

And, the colorful crates are already decorated, or they are super easy to remake with a can of spray paint. This is a great idea that serves the purpose and is really cheap, too.

Tutorial: pinterest originals

13. Wire Hamper Stuffed Animal Storage

A cheap wire hamper is great for keeping all of those stuffed animals put away. You can get these at just about any home décor type store and Walmart normally has them pretty cheap, too.

Or, check with your local thrift store. They often have things this for just a dollar or so each. The hampers are pretty tall, so they will hold quite a few stuffed animals and you can stick it in the closet or hide it behind the bedroom door to keep it sight.

Tutorial: prettyprudent

14. Adorable DIY Stuffed Animal Swing

This DIY stuffed animal swing is almost too adorable, and it is really easy to make. You need some rope, clothesline or twine for this one and some boards in a couple of different sizes. If you happen to have some wood left over from other projects, this is a great way to use it up.

You just build little swings and they hold the stuffed animals up on the wall and off the floor. Not only is this one great for storage, kids will love the look of it. You could even use sticks and twigs to make this one look a bit more rustic.

Tutorial: itsalwaysautumn

15. Easy Under Bed Stuffed Animal Pods

Here is another great under the bed storage idea that will help you to get those stuffed animals organized. This one makes it super easy for kids to get to their toys and put them back when they are finished, and it adds a great decorative look to their bedroom.

To make this one, you can use old dresser drawers or anything that you can add casters to. You can also use plywood to create this great front that has round sections where the animals will live.

Tutorial: thriftycraftygirl

Source: https://www.diyncrafts.com/47389/organization/15-creatively-simple-diy-stuffed-animal-organizers-for-kids-rooms

55 Clever Storage Hacks For Kids Rooms

15 Creatively Simple DIY Stuffed Animal Organizers For Kids’ Rooms

We all know how much of a mess kids rooms can be. It seems parents are always buying organization tools to try to tame the toys and games. Toy rooms are always the messiest in the house and it seems they can never be properly cleaned. And when they do get clean, the kids will just mess it up again right away.

However, there is a better way to handle this problem. Instead getting endless crates and cabinets you can instead find fun and exciting ways to organize your kids room or the playroom. In fact, some of these ideas are so fun that your kids will WANT to clean up and organize! Making organization fun can help your kids learn the value of keeping their rooms clean.

Check out these 55 clever storage hacks and see which ones you’ll want to try with your kids. Remember, many of these are super cheap and some of them can even be DIY. Make sure to bookmark this article and come back to it whenever your kids room needs a little more organizing!

7. Puzzle storage

Puzzle boxes can take up a lot of space. Put them in Tupperware containers instead!