25 Brilliant DIY Jewelry Organizing and Storage Projects

  1. 40+ Brilliant DIY Storage And Organization Hacks For Small Bathrooms
  2. 19. DIY pocket organizer under the sink
  3. 20. Turn spice racks into bathroom storage
  4. 23. Attach a half table over the toilet paper holder for extra storage
  5. 26. Install multiple towel bars behind the bathroom door to hang towels
  6. 35. DIY hanging basket bathroom storage
  7. 35 Storage Hacks That Will Solve All Your Clutter Woes
  8. 25 Brilliant Storage Ideas
  9. 1. Cabinet Bakeware Storage
  10. 2. Repurposed Egg Carton
  11. 3. Cleaning Supply Organizer
  12. 4. Repurposed Scrapbook Organizer
  13. 5. DIY Flip-Flop Hanger
  14. 6. Storage With Soap Box
  15. 7. Pegboard Storage Idea
  16. 8. Magnetic Spice Storage
  17. 9. DIY Rolling Crates Storage
  18. 10. Wine Rack Storage
  19. 11. Hanging Bins
  20. 12. Gift Wrap Organization
  21. 13. Book Storage Solutions
  22. 14. Bathroom Appliance Organizer
  23. 15. Initial Towel Hooks
  24. 16. Canned Food Storage Idea
  25. 18. Christmas Ornament Storage
  26. 19. Glass Jar Organization
  27. 20. Coke Crate Tie Organizer
  28. 21. DIY Phone Charging Station
  29. 22. Makeup Brush Holder
  30. 23. Repurposed CD Rack
  31. 24. Ribbon Holder
  32. 25. Plastic Wrap Storage
  33. 25+ Brilliant And Easy DIY Makeup Storage Ideas – Cute DIY Projects
  34. 2. Magnetic Makeup Board
  35. 3. Adorable Mason Jar Storage
  36. 4. Cool Chalkboard Jewelry Organizer
  37. 5. IKEA Star Makeup Vanity
  38. 6. Makeup Organizer Hanging Jars
  39. 7. Funky Makeup Box
  40. 8. Simplistic Makeup Brush Storage
  41. 9. Glittery Makeup Brush Holder
  42. 10. Washi Tape Makeup Brush Holder
  43. 27 Brilliant Jewellery Organizer Ideas that Will Add Fun to Organization
  44. 27 Fun Ways to Organize Your Jewellery
  45. Our Favorite Farmhouse Wall Storage Items to buy on Amazon
  46. 25 Creative Solutions to Necklace Organization
  47. Update!
  48. 25+ Brilliant Timesavers and Organizing Ideas

40+ Brilliant DIY Storage And Organization Hacks For Small Bathrooms

25 Brilliant DIY Jewelry Organizing and Storage Projects

Tutorial via Oh Everything Handmade

Tutorial via The Crazy Craft Lady

19. DIY pocket organizer under the sink

Tutorial via The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking

20. Turn spice racks into bathroom storage

Tutorial via Our Life in a Click

Tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens

23. Attach a half table over the toilet paper holder for extra storage

Tutorial via Southern Hospitality

Tutorial via Making Lemonade

26. Install multiple towel bars behind the bathroom door to hang towels

Tutorial via Martha Stewart

Tutorial via allie grace

35. DIY hanging basket bathroom storage

Tutorial via A Beautiful Mess

Source: https://www.architecturendesign.net/brilliant-diy-storage-and-organization-hacks-for-small-bathrooms/

35 Storage Hacks That Will Solve All Your Clutter Woes

25 Brilliant DIY Jewelry Organizing and Storage Projects

Ever feel you're in a heavy downpour of clutter? When the 'stuff' build-up reaches a dangerously high level, rein in your panic and bring out your creative side, with these life-saving DIY containers. Get ready to coral your porch clutter, banish your toiletry mess, and cure your hallway closet madness this instant, with these brilliant storage ideas from clever Hometalk bloggers.

1. Stow medications and toiletries in this suitcase cabinet

Project via The Heathered Nest

Use an old suitcase (or check your local thrift shop for a vintage briefcase) to make this charming medicine cabinet. See the full post here.

2. Contain coat and jacket clutter with wall bins

Project via The Rustic Willow

Grab some supplies and arrange these simple wall bins right beside your door, to prepare your front hall before the snow hits. See the full post here.

3. Make a desktop mail holder from an old fan

Project via Redo It Yourself

How cool is that? Turn an old fan into a spacious spot for incoming mail. See the full post here.

4. Store spices in a drawer using uniform containers

Project via Bright Green Door

Enough shuffling through the taller containers to get to the back, knocking spices of the rack as you go – it's time to spice up your storage. See the full post here.

5. Keep gloves and scarves organized by the door with this DIY cubby

Project via My Love 2 Create

Quick, before winter, set up a personalized wall cubby, so that everyone knows where their gloves and hats go. See the full post here.

6. Collect coins before washing your clothes with this cute board

Project via Tried & True

Say goodbye to emptying your pockets and losing your change before a wash. See the full post here.

7. Instead of tossing old jars, reuse them for pretty pantry storage

Project via My Sweet Things

After you've finished that spaghetti sauce, turn your jar into pretty storage for the perfect pantry. See the full post here.

8. And stow bigger pantry items in leftover Christmas tins

Project via Knick of Time

Fill in that floor space under your shelves with giant tins of supplies and snacks. See the full post here.

9. Label plastic bins and drawers for under sink storage

Project via Time with Thea

Use that empty under sink space in an efficient way, with clear plastic drawers and buckets. See the full post here.

10. Add knobs to glass jars to create cute craft or makeup containers

Project via Tastefully Frugal

Haven't you always wished for cute desktop storage? You can make your own for less than $1! See the full post here.

11. Organize your paper goods with cut up snack boxes

Project via Vintage, Paint and More…

Cut up boxes and nest them together, to create an all inclusive paper goods storage bin. See the full post here.

12. Make a tucked away toiletry shelf using one wooden board

Project via Pretty Handy Girl

Mount it above your mirror, door, or toilet, to keep extra supplies hidden, but nearby. See the full post here.

13. Use wire shelves and bins to squeeze more space into your closet

Project via Creatively Homespun

Add more storage options to your closet, by building some additional structure with wire shelves. See the full post here.

14. Turn a wooden plank into a throw blanket or towel holder

Project via Table + Hearth

Hang this cute towel hanger by the pool, or put it right outside your bathroom, for fresh towels at the ready. See the full post here.

15. Organize an upright freezer using plastic bins and washi tape

Project via Time with Thea

One of the places that tends to get the most packed in and cluttered is your freezer – not anymore! See the full post here.

16. Get rid of fluffy lint with a special wall mounted bin

Project via Polished Habitat

Don't let those lint bunnies run wild in your laundry room. See the full post here.

17. Use old coffee creamer containers to store grains, cereals, and even chocolate chips

Project via FrugElegance

Once your cream is gone, rinse the container out, and turn it into easy-pour storage for grains and cereal. See the full post here.

18. Make a desk organizer using cut up cereal boxes

Project via Vintage, Paint and More…

Connect 3 cut up cereal boxes, for a desktop paper organizer to keep affairs in order. See the full post here.

19. Bring order to your office desk drawers with tissue boxes

Project via Time with Thea

Save up some tissue boxes, for this brilliant (and easy) office drawer organizing hack! See the full post here.

20. Turn large mason jars into laundry soap dispensers

Project via Simply Designing

Make your laundry room fashionable and functional, by pouring all of your detergents, softeners, and soaps into large mason jars. See the full post here.

21. Keep kid's books in order with a DIY wall hanger

Project via Table + Hearth

If you're a parent, than you know how easy it is for children to make a mess with their books. Give them an easy alternative, with this! See the full post here.

22. Get bath toys out from under your feet with hanging baskets

Project via Blue I Style

Add a rod and hanging baskets to your shower wall, so you never have to share your bath with rubber duckies again. See the full post here.

23. Create a desktop caddy using TP tubes

Project via Lilyshop

Turn cut up paper towel rolls or toilet paper tubes into glamorous supply storage for your desk. See the full post here.

24. Hang your jewelry on an elegant stand made from old plates and a candlestick

Project via What's Ur Home Story

This quick jewelry DIY won't just help you organize your room, it will look great while doing it! See the full post here.

25. Save yourself from stepping on Lego pieces by stowing them in this Lego head

Project via Meatloaf and Melodrama

Turn a large empty container into a happy Lego head, so your kids know exactly where to put their pieces when playtime ends. See the full post here.

26. Get the magazines off your coffee table with a copper and wood rack

Project via Table & Hearth

Make your own stylish magazine holder, to sit next to your couch and corral literary clutter. See the full post here.

27. Clean up your porch with an all purpose supply box

Project via The Handyman's Daughter

Stow umbrellas, bike helmets, galoshes and more in this bright outdoor box. See the full post here.

28. Add pegboard to your kitchen drawer to keep dishes in place

Project via Queen Bee of Honey Dos

Set pegboard at the bottom of your drawer and make your own pegs, to hold everything in palce. See the full post here.

29. Keep your stray accessories in a upcycled jean wall hanger

Project via Pillar Box Blue

Turn your old jeans into adorable wall decor that also holds all of your knick knacks. See the full post here.

30. Prevent string and ribbon from knotting by storing them in jars

Project via 'A Casarella

Ok, this just took all the annoyance crafting with string and ribbon. See the full post here.

31. Organize your shoes using folded cardboard boxes

Project via A Piece of Rainbow

Turn cardboard boxes into space-saving shoe storage, and bring order to your closet. See the full post here.

32. Use an old book as a nightstand jewelry organizer

Project via From a Dream to DIY

Use the pages of an old book to keep your jewelry organized and on display. Bonus: it looks super romantic. See the full post here.

33. Spray paint plastic buckets to make your pantry storage look good

Project via The Organized Life

These are convenient storage either way, but add some textured spray paint, and they're stylish too! See the full post here.

34. Clear some space on your vanity by hanging a makeshift shelf

Project via Old House to New Home

This colorful makeshift shelf takes up just enough space to stow some extra supplies. See the full post here.

35. Keep your knives in one place, with a homemade stick knife block

Project via Bigger Than the Three of Us

Instead of storing them in a drawer or on a magnetic strip, keep your knives tucked away, with this interesting wooden block. See the full post here.

For more clutter-busting container ideas, check out the container page on Hometalk!

The Best Cleaning & Organizing Tips

Source: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/35-diy-container-ideas-to_b_8406600

25 Brilliant Storage Ideas

25 Brilliant DIY Jewelry Organizing and Storage Projects

Whether you live in a small apartment or are simply looking to become more organized I have compiled a list of brilliant storage ideas.

I think we can all agree that there is nothing more annoying than opening a cupboard and end up being bombarded with Tupperware! With these hacks you can have the organized space you have been dreaming of and I promise you will thank yourself later! Take a look at these clever and easy storage ideas to get inspired.  You will be shocked by how simple each of these brilliant storage ideas is!

1. Cabinet Bakeware Storage

Don’t let those pesky pans and bakeware take over your cabinet space! Use these handy stacking pan organizers and it will feel your space has doubled. Plus, you will love that every item has a special place and the overall look.

Source & Instructions: Martha Stewart

2. Repurposed Egg Carton

You don’t have to spend loads of money to get organized! Reuse egg cartons and place them into drawers for a quick, but useful project. You can store jewelry, paperclips, buttons, money, pencils, or anything else you can think of. The possibilities are endless!

Source & Instructions: BHG

3. Cleaning Supply Organizer

Do you ever feel you are overrun with cleaning supplies and you don’t have a real way to get them in order? Using an old shoe organizer is the perfect way to get the cleaning supplies all in one convenient place.

Source & Instructions: Dee The Creative Mom

4. Repurposed Scrapbook Organizer

Did you realize you can store many more items than just scrapbook paper in these organizers? You can! Whether it is cutting boards, aluminum foil, ziplock bags, or candy molds you will have a terrific place for them.

Source & Instructions: ChicaAndJo.com

5. DIY Flip-Flop Hanger

Do you or someone in your home have several pair of flip-flops and you have no idea what to do with them? This clever DIY flip-flop hanger is just what you need. It will save space in your closet and you can easily access whichever pair you feel wearing.

Source & Instructions: EPBOT

6. Storage With Soap Box

Turn soap boxes into the perfect sized storage container for things card games, buttons, crayons, stickers, and all sorts of other things. It is convenient to throw a couple these in the car when traveling. Plus, they are majorly cheap so you won’t break the bank.

Source & Instructions: Shady Tree Diary

7. Pegboard Storage Idea

Imagine how nice it would be to take a piece of pegboard and transform your kitchen into a perfectly organized room. The result is clean, refreshing, and stylish. I how easily you can access everything you need.

Source & Instructions: Inspired By Charm

8. Magnetic Spice Storage

Making magnetic spice jars is a genius way to store herbs and it looks fantastic! You can decorate the jars to match the theme in your kitchen. These magnetic jars would also be terrific for organizing your desk supplies or nuts and bolts in the garage.

Source & Instructions: One Lucky Pickle

9. DIY Rolling Crates Storage

My favorite part of these DIY rolling crates is how awesome they look. You can fit a lot of toys or other gadgets you want to be hidden away, but you want easy access to. The crates will fit under a bed, bench or shelving so they are completely versatile.

Source & Instructions: School Of Decorating

10. Wine Rack Storage

This is a project I wish I had thought of sooner! You can make a DIY Wine Rack Organizer with a wine rack and plastic cups in no time at all! This is a terrific way to store markers, pencils, and other craft supplies.

Source & Instructions: My Case Studies

11. Hanging Bins

Turn trash into a creative storage solution by using recycled containers. The hanging bins are great for your garage, craft room, playroom or even your laundry room. Store everything from baby wipes to buttons!

Source & Instructions: Love It, Make It 

12. Gift Wrap Organization

When you open your closet are you flooded with wrapping paper? Say goodbye to that after you make your own gift wrap organization station. It adds character to your room and a pop of color too.

Source & Instructions: In My Own Style

13. Book Storage Solutions

If you have kids you understand how many books they can accumulate. This book storage idea is made by using a crate that has been painted and adhered to the wall. This is a brilliant solution that looks incredible too.

Source & Instructions: I Heart Organizing

14. Bathroom Appliance Organizer

Gone are the days of leaving the curling iron and hair dryer on the counter only to have it fall on the floor because there isn’t enough space. This easy bathroom storage hack is simply attached to the vanity or wall. You can fill it will all sorts of items.

Source & Instructions: Dream Green DIY

15. Initial Towel Hooks

Add some pizzazz to your bathroom decorating while increasing your storage with these towel hooks. Put up an initial for each person in the home, and everyone can easily keep track of which towel belongs to which person. How great is that?

Source & Instructions: Abby M. Interiors

16. Canned Food Storage Idea

If your home doesn’t have tons of cabinet space or you are without a pantry, this canned food storage idea is what you need! This organizer fits terrific in tight spaces and is completely functional. This is a must see if you need more space to store canned goods.

Source & Instructions: Classy Clutter

18. Christmas Ornament Storage

Having a good storage system in place for Christmas ornaments is life changing. You only use them a few weeks a year, so you don’t want to risk broken bulbs or ornaments. Take a look at this genius idea that uses plastic punch cups and a storage container.

Source & Instructions: Making Lemonade

19. Glass Jar Organization

Using glass jars to organize your food not only looks stylish, but it saves storage space. This style is perfect if you have cabinets without doors and want to decorate your kitchen too. They also give a farmhouse feel to the room.

Source & Instructions: A Beautiful Mess

20. Coke Crate Tie Organizer

Have a bunch of ties and aren’t sure where to store them? Look no further because this Coke crate tie organizer is downright epic! No more hanging them on hangers and having them fall on the floor. Plus, if you want to be really organized you can color code them.

Source & Instructions: Rain On A Tin Roof

21. DIY Phone Charging Station

Store all your phones in this DIY charging station when they aren’t in use. Using a charging station will keep the clutter off your counter or desk too. Take a look to see how to make your own.

Source & Instructions: Driven By Decor

22. Makeup Brush Holder

Transform a toothbrush holder into a makeup brush holder. The brushes will be much easier to find when they are all conveniently located in one place. Plus, they look great in the holder instead of strung around the counter.

Source & Instructions: Saecca

23. Repurposed CD Rack

Transform your drawers with repurposed CD racks to hold all your plastic lids. This brilliant hack can make a significant impact on how organized your drawers are. Plus, it will be less frustrating when you are trying to find the right sized lid.

Source & Instructions: BHG

24. Ribbon Holder

There are many uses for a paper towel holder such as this cool ribbon organizer. Your craft room will look fantastic, and it is one step closer to having everything organized.

Source & Instructions: HGTV

25. Plastic Wrap Storage

Plastic wrap and aluminum foil are a couple of items that never really seem to have a place in the house that makes sense. Not anymore, with this plastic wrap storage system. All you need is some adhesive hooks, and you are well on your way!

Source & Instructions: Ask Anna

Source: https://www.thesawguy.com/25-brilliant-storage-ideas/

25+ Brilliant And Easy DIY Makeup Storage Ideas – Cute DIY Projects

25 Brilliant DIY Jewelry Organizing and Storage Projects

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Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find favorite shade of lipstick or when you need it? Keeping all your beauty needs in one place is never an easy job because you don’t often need to use all of them at once. The time for spring cleaning may be gone, but it never hurts having all your important daily needs organized. These trendy DIY makeup organizer and storage kits will help you avoid being fashionably late every time.

We all have our favorite makeup brushes rolling around in out dressers, so why not clean them out and put them to display is a trendy way? All you need is a glass bowl, a bunch of shiny decorative stones and your favorite makeup brushes to make this cool brush display.
Project details : here

2. Magnetic Makeup Board

This not only keeps your makeup storage organized, but looks incredibly elegant as it hangs near your dresser. With a nice frame metal plate, all you need to do is stick magnets at the back of all your cosmetics and voila! You have a magnetic makeup board to match your magnetic personality.
Project details : here

3. Adorable Mason Jar Storage

Mason Jars are so simplistic, yet this amazing makeup storage idea makes it so elegantly beautiful. Just run wild with creativity and use the Mason jar to store just about anything that’s fits!
Project details : here

4. Cool Chalkboard Jewelry Organizer

Don’t you just hate it when all your beads and chains jus tangle up together in the dresser drawer? This crafty looking chalk paint jewelry organizer will compliment your room perfectly.
Project details : here

5. IKEA Star Makeup Vanity

If you love your makeup, a small box or a dresser is never going to be enough, so why not have your own celebrity makeup vanity? All the components (mirror, boxes, legs, chair etc) is from IKEA.
Project details : here

6. Makeup Organizer Hanging Jars

This homemade makeup organizer is as simple as it gets, yet look incredibly cute. With just a good amount of strings, jars to hang up and decorative fabric, design your own hanging makeup kit.
Project details : here

7. Funky Makeup Box

Colorful and eye catching, this makeup box is perfect for all your daily needs. With some colorful foam, studs and a pinch of creativity, this makeup box will look amazing next to your mirror.
Project details : here

8. Simplistic Makeup Brush Storage

Keeping a track of all those makeup brushes can be hard, so use these simple yet stylish storage bowls to organize your different brushes in the way you use them.
Project details : here

9. Glittery Makeup Brush Holder

It’s amazing how these cheap clear glass tumblers can make such a beautiful makeup brush holder. Just get a hold of some mod podge and glitter to try it out.
Project details: here

10. Washi Tape Makeup Brush Holder

This cute makeup brush holder with Washi tape will be a lovely addition to your dresser. With a clear vase of basically any size wrapped by Washi Tape, makeup is even more fun.
Project details : here

Source: https://cutediyprojects.com/beauty-style/25-brilliant-easy-diy-makeup-storage-ideas/

27 Brilliant Jewellery Organizer Ideas that Will Add Fun to Organization

25 Brilliant DIY Jewelry Organizing and Storage Projects

Are you tired of trying to hunt down both of your favorite earrings in a cluttered jewelry drawer? Do your necklace chains look a coil of snakes? This list of smart, easy and attractive jewellery organizer ideas shows off your collection while keeping it tidy. Whether you need a quick, cheap way to put a drawer in order or think it’s a shame to lock your favorite accessories up in a box, we’ve got an idea to suit every style and space.

27 Fun Ways to Organize Your Jewellery

Impress your friends with pretty bottle displays that also double as bracelet organizers. Make your partner happy by decluttering a shared bathroom counter. Organizing your jewelry doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive. If you’ve always wished you had the kind of accessory closet that celebs show off, then you’re going to love some of this sophisticated storage ideas.

All you need to pull off these smart jewelry organizing ideas is a few free minutes, a wall or drawer and this list of savvy storage ideas. You’ll enjoy seeing your accessories properly displayed, and more importantly you’ll get better use from your jewelry collection.

Our Favorite Farmhouse Wall Storage Items to buy on Amazon

Source: https://homebnc.com/best-jewellery-organizer-ideas/

25 Creative Solutions to Necklace Organization

25 Brilliant DIY Jewelry Organizing and Storage Projects

So, it has been on my crafty to do list for a while now to come up with a creative solution for my necklace organization system…or rather, lack thereof.  Here’s what we’re dealing with, people:

Yep.  They’ve been clumped together that for about a year now.  It’s pretty much a 10 minute process to untangle that rat’s nest of necklaces in order to get my hands on one that I want.  (Cue the music.)

So, with that “system” in place, you can imagine often I’ve reached above our bathroom vanity to grab a necklace.  Yeaaaah, nada mucho.

It was high time to DIY this problem, and I finally took it on last week…garden tool style.  I give to you my new and improved necklace organization system (with some space for earrings, too).

Yep, that’s a metal rake.  And yep, you can do it, too!  Click here for the skinny.

Then, promise to come right back and explore the plethora of other ideas out there for taming your wild and ever-growing necklace collection.  You no longer need to relegate your necklaces to a dusty jewelry box or even worse, a bathroom vanity light fixture.  Soak up these creative solutions to necklace organization that I’ve rounded up from blogland.  Prepare to be inspired!

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Here’s one of my favorite ideas: I just love the juxtaposition of fancy nobs on a piece of rustic driftwood.  It really works for me.

Reason #467 why type set trays make me swoon:

Antlers are just so hot right now!  Why not incorporate this decorating trend into your necklace organization?

You know those accordion thingys you always see at Goodwill?  Now, you have a good excuse to buy one.

For the sewing fanatics in the house, what about this brilliant idea of hanging necklaces from spools of thread?!

Or if you have a dress form, it could double as jewelry display!

This solution gets extra cool points because it’s magnetic! Hooray for science.

A pegboard never looked so chic!  Check out this pegboard and accessories station by 36th Avenue:

How clever is this: Laurel used a drawer to create shadow box storage for her necklaces.  I love the fabric she used to line it!

This jewelry organizer doubles as a shelf!  And she made it all herself (those necklaces are hanging on tacks!).

DIY Shelf with Tacks for Jewelry Hanging | With a Grateful Prayer & A Thankful Heart

Gotta love an excuse for ombre nobs!

It’s wonderful when you can give a family heirloom a new lease on life a fresh coat of paint Amy did here with a jewelry holder hand-crafted by her grandfather.

Table legs and dowels are all you need to construct an impressive-looking Helix Jewelry Display.

For those with as many beautiful necklaces as Heather has, a shutter organizer might be the way to go!

Here’s another creative option if you have a lot of bling.  This is only one of the walls Beckie covered with organizers…and she used…wait for it…paint sticks!  And 200 hooks!  This one also includes a video reveal.

Beckie does it again…but this time, she uses a crib to construct a jewelry organizer with a door that closes.  You’ll have to click through to see how it doubles as wall art, too!

It doesn’t get much simpler than covering a cork board with some fabric and adding some tacks.  I love this jazzy fabric Emily chose for hers:

And who can resist a chevron-backed necklace organizer?

If you want your necklaces to be the jazz, use a solid fabric linen atop your cork.

You need look no further than your backyard for this resourceful jewelry organizer.  It’s made of twigs!

Or reach into your closet for a spare hanger!

For those who may not have as many chunky necklaces, decorative nail heads on fabric-covered cork board would serve more delicate pieces well.

You saw the power of shower curtain rings to organize fabric in my past round-up.  Turns out, they work wonders for necklaces, too!

Jamie made this necklace holder sample floor pieces that snap together!

And there you have it!  More ideas than you ever needed for getting your necklaces organized and on display.  Now, you have no excuse not to get ‘er done!  And be sure to send me pics of your new necklace organization systems.  Who knows, maybe I can do a follow-up round-up with 25 MORE Creative Solutions to Necklace Organization.  Consider it your challenge, dear readers.

Happy Labor Day to you and yours!  I can almost smell the BBQ through the computer screen….


We have a follow-up round-up with 10 Inspiring D.I.Y. Jewelry Displays.  Be sure to check it out!

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Source: https://www.thinkingcloset.com/2013/09/02/25-creative-solutions-to-necklace-organization/

25+ Brilliant Timesavers and Organizing Ideas

25 Brilliant DIY Jewelry Organizing and Storage Projects

You know when you see a simple timesaving trick or organizing tip and think, ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’  Over the past few years, I’ve stumbled upon ideas on blogs, in magazines, and categorized on Pinterest that have rocked my world.

  Some of them are so simple, and SO clever, I’ve slapped my head in disbelief that it could really be THAT easy.

  Here’s a few of my very favorite organization tips, storage ideas, DIY tricks, and things that will make things simpler, cleaner, and all around better.

Trust me, you’ll never look at tinfoil, ketchup bottles, and seat warmers the same way again.

Pour cooking grease into a bowl covered in tinfoil.  Once hardened, just ball it up and throw the tinfoil away.  No clogged drains or icky messes!

{via Better than Burgers}

Write a dosing chart with marker on medicine bottles to keep track of when meds were taken.  Especially helpful when multiple family member are sick, or when you have ‘medicine head’ yourself.

{via landeesee, landeedo}

Use a dry erase marker on your washer to write what shouldn’t go in the dryer.

{via Mommy Savers}

A cereal container makes a great trash can for the car.

{via Pinterest}

Stick a magnet strip on the back of your medicine cabinet door or the side of a drawer to corral bobby pins.

{via Camille Styles}

Another bobby pin trick… use a tic tac container to hold them in your purse.  No more stray bobbies!  {yes, I use a lot of bobby pins} 

Source: https://makinglemonadeblog.com/timesavers-organizing-tips-home-organization-diy/