30 Brilliant Ways to Organize and Add Storage to Laundry Rooms

20 Laundry Room Storage and Organization Ideas – How To Organize Your Laundry Room

30 Brilliant Ways to Organize and Add Storage to Laundry Rooms

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It's easy to let clothes pile up in the laundry room. But when you have a system in place, you're less ly to allow clutter and chaos to build. Invest in some of these DIY and buyable solutions to get your laundry room in shape once and for all.

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Separate clothes by color as you wear them.

Storage Maniac amazon.com


This three-piece hamper means you can have kids toss their whites, darks, and colors into the designated hamper at the end of each day — and skip separating the colors by yourself on laundry day.

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Add a folding station.

A.k.a. a countertop. Give your laundry room a mini makeover this blogger did by installing a plywood waterfall counter on top of your machines.

Get the tutorial at Vintage Revivals.

What you'll need: Wood screws ($7 for 150, amazon.com)

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Use pretty bins and baskets.

Woven baskets (instead of plastic ones) will add some style to your laundry room, while keeping the dirty clothes hidden.

What you'll need: Woven basket ($50, amazon.com)

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Buy a foldable drying rack.

Amazon Basics amazon.com


This drying rack is super versatile: It can hold up to 32 pounds of wet clothes when in use, then can be tucked the way to free up space once everything is dry.

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Use a slim rolling laundry cart.

Instead of letting the gap between your washer and drying to go waste, invest in a custom skinny rolling cart that'll fit between your machines and can store all of your cleaning supplies.

Get the tutorial at Infarrantly Creative.

What you'll need: Wood glue ($7, amazon.com)

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Hide your ironing board in a drawer.

Rev-A-Shelf lowes.com


This genius idea not only saves you space, but also eliminates the headache of pulling the ironing board the closet and setting it up.

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Or hang your ironing board.

This DIY idea is another smart way to save space and keep your bulky ironing board from getting in the way.

Get the tutorial at The Wood Grain Cottage.

What you'll need: Wall hooks ($8 for 4, amazon.com)

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Make your door work harder.

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Add open shelves.

MBQQ amazon.com $149.99

$118.00 (21% off)

Forget wasted wall space. You can store detergent or stain remover on these shelves and hang towels off of the bottom. Talk about a hardworking design.

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Roll towels.

Not only will this method save space in your linen closet, but we think it looks nicer than traditional folding, too.

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Make a lint box.

Skip the trash bin and create this cute box to save up all your lint. Quick tip: You can use the leftover lint later to light an outdoor fire.

Get the tutorial at Polished Habitat.

What you'll need: Brochure holder ($20, amazon.com)

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Mount a drying rack on the wall.

Pottery Barn potterybarn.com


This drying rack can stretch out when you need it, then can be tucked tightly away for use later. Genius.

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Designate a drip-dry zone.

Install a clothesline so delicates and workout clothes have a place to drip-dry. Short on space? Try a basic rod with hangers or a collapsible style that is designed to tuck away.

What you'll need: Tension rod ($19, amazon.com)

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Hang a helpful chart.

This handy poster will help you easily determine the best washing machine temperatures for your loads and items.

Get the free printables at Everyday Best.

What you'll need: Command strips ($9, amazon.com)

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Use a laundry guard.

Haus Maus amazon.com


To prevent losing your favorite shirt or pair of socks behind your machine, use a laundry guard to keep your dry clothes from falling and being forgotten until you move.

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Assemble a moving laundry station.

Want to fold your laundry in front of the TV? No problem. This organizer on wheels lets you take this chore with you all around the house.

Get the tutorial at Hoosier Homemade.

What you'll need: Swivel casters with brake ($15, amazon.com)

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Create a miscellaneous items container.

We're talking change, lonely socks, basically a landing zone for all miscellaneous items that emerge from the wash and you don't know what to do with.

What you'll need: Large change jar ($15, amazon.com)

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Separate your laundry into bins.

Here's another way to get your family members to help out with sorting the laundry: Each number represents a different kind of item ( white clothes or colorful garments).

What you'll need: Labeled storage bins ($23 for 4, amazon.com)

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Install a set of hooks.

Hang up your cleaning supplies on hooks installed on your door or any wasted wall space to keep the room tidy.

What you'll need: Hooks ($8 for 16, amazon.com)

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Downsize your bottles.

Transfer bulky containers of laundry supplies into more manageable glass jars. You can then use a pretty cake stand for organization and storage.

What you'll need: Cake stand ($18, amazon.com)

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