How to Upcycle a Cardboard Box Into a Gorgeous Storage Basket

Decorative Fabric Storage Boxes

How to Upcycle a Cardboard Box Into a Gorgeous Storage Basket

8 shelves rack fitted with boxes covered with fabric. Suitable for storing toys and others needed stuff. Adds freshness and modernity to each room.

Don’t the way a boring, ordinary storage box looks? Maybe it’s time to apply some fabric! Enhance the design of your storage box with a beautiful, purple fabric of interesting pattern.

Storing trinkets, documents, small items can be done in a colorful and well-designed way. For example, in decorated paper but durable storage boxes.They appear in pink, yellow and blue – so you can divide your stuff into categories and no longer look for them.

Decorated with fabric box is a beautiful combination of solid construction and interesting decorative details. The multi-colored finishes bring to the decor a note of fun color and impressive style box ideal for storage.

Instructions for making custom sized storage boxes from cardboard. Once they are decorated you can't tell that they are just cardboard and they are super sturdy!

See how to cover plain boxes with fabric and use them for organizing around your home.

Now you can keep your belongings well-organized, thanks to this colorful storage box unit. Crafted of wood in an off-white finish, the unit brings 16 cubic compartments – each holding a lightweight box with a square lid, wrapped in a decorative fabric.

How to cover a box with paper or fabric

Fabric cover for cheap plastic milk crates. Nice way to dress up a storage solution! (this blog is PACKED with ideas. Check it out)

Capacious and elegant; this pretty 2-piece basket set can be a beautiful indoor decoration all by itself. Each basket is made of cardboard boxes and twine, with an -off-white fabric lining that also forms a lovely small colar on top.

Decorative fabrics for decorating storage boxes make them unique and beautifully presented in the interior, both functional and decorative. The accuracy of craft and attention to detail will make the boxes look exceptionally good.

22 Simple Wood Crate DIY Ideas – Snappy Pixels. Maybe with a hinged lid so it can be used for storage?

Nursery Progress by sewcraftyjess, includes links to blackout fabric and blackout curtain tutorial

Charming boxes designed for storing documents. It is covered with fabric and decorated with floral theme. Perfect solution for work organization at home.

Decorative Storage Fabric Bin
It is a decorative storage fabric bin for storing your files, books, CDs, accessories and other items. It is available in two colors: brown and khaki. It looks great in office space, living room, family room and more.

Beautiful decorative fabric storage box for small items is a cute element of the baby room decor. Interesting decorative details are delightfully presented. Beautiful coloring and burlap performance delight.

DIY Decor: Fabric Storage Boxes – Momtastic

Great way to organize toys — i have this exact storage cubical.. currently with 6 brown collapsible storage boxes.. =) i love the clean look of this one.. totally going to tweak it a bit and make it our own! =)

Make a Fabric-covered Box

Turn an old tissue or shoe box into a rustic basket using twine and linen cloth.

Fabric covered plastic storage bins. Fabric attached using ModPodge.

Now you can store your belongings in style, while using this fashionable storage caddy made of nice-to-touch material adorned with gorgeous floral patterns. The caddy is quite capacious, has a pair of matching handles, and a blue fabric inside.

construction paper storage or mailboxes…. then cover with fabric or scrapbook paper. Genius!

Sew Can Do: Making A Dream Craft Room In A Small Space

How to turn a Diaper Box into a Basket! Holy cow, I don't have a kid or diaper boxes, but I have plenty of other boxes….awesome.

extraspace storage moving kit boxes DIY under bed storage bins

This charming storage box is sure to make a lasting impression and storage space in any home. The fabric construction with blue and navy colors are excellent for kids or teenager's room.

A cool ingenious boxes handmade of diaper boxes and … old sweaters which are fixed to boxes both outside and inside. Sweater fabric is blue and has a textured vertical striped design. Boxes are equipped with 2 handles of sturdy white cords.

These pretty Kate Spade storage boxes make a great hostess gift.

DIY Fabric Covered Boxes || Easy to do!! Take cardboard boxes and cover them in fabric for a stylish and affordable storage solution. Full tutorial.

Outdoor storage bench with a durable construction wooden, vertical slats. Its storage compartment is spacious and its seat is durable and equipped with metal hinges in a very attractive gold color.

Storage Box with Lid (Set of 2)
The set includes 2 storage boxes. These simple and bright storage boxes will help you store and organize all your household essentials. They features built-in grommet handles and can be collapsed when you don't need them.

Make old shoe boxes into cute storage boxes – I organized my boys' Legos with these! @Sharpie #EverydaySharpie #PMedia #ad

Let's start out easy shall we? Got a box? How about some decorative scrapbook or wrapping paper? Even fabric will do. Pair your paper or fabric with some spray adhesive and you have custom storage that will blow your mind! Shoe boxes are given new li

A gorgeous and practical decoration for indoor use, perfect for storing toys, beddings, clothes, etc. The box comes without a lid, and is covered with a quality fabric – beautifully adorned with colorful circles.

Lneed these for my fabric. keeps them clean. no kitty hairs. Sewing room Ikea hack storage

Really creative things! Woos american flag decor. These decorative large storage boxes made from cool thick wood can be used as storage space in your kiddos room or as cool decoration in living rooms and bedrooms.

DIY Cardboard storage boxes with fabric on the front. Yes!

A fantastic storage trunk that looks a treasure chest. It comes in a soft, earthy color and it features a large sign at the top, which makes it a perfect accent for a beach house. The piece can be used for storage and as an extra seat.

DIY storage box for stud earrings or rings – Supplies: Empty boxes (shoebox?) Felt Different fabrics stuff to decorate boxes

Combine functionalities and create the pallet trunk with easy and cheap manner. This product can be used as a bench, storage, end table and decorative toy box. It fits perfectly to rustic style and decor.

Make cute DIY stackable storage boxes with your fabric scraps and old shoe boxes!

This fancy-looking wooden decorative toy box is the perfect and cheap option if you are looking for kind of interesting storage for your stuff. Painted on light blue color looks really neat and stylish.

Classic box for storing pillows and others needed items. It is covered with fabric and decorated with geometric pattern. Neutral accent for each room.

DIY these are made from the card board cases bottled water comes in. brilliant idea!

Decor & Framing | Storage & Organization | Boxes | Pink Fabric Storage …

A pretty chic vintage buffet table made of solid wood painted green. It has S-curved legs, wavy aprons, a rectangular top. Two full door side cabinets flank 2 smaller upper drawers and 1 lower one. Ornate pulls and handles are of metal in gold.

Good to know – Lowe’s has 3-inch “multi-purpose foam pads” that are usually used as foam beds for camping

Dresser with vintage suitcase storage – tour these two upcycled rooms full of creative ideas!

Window Storage Box
Pretty small practical storage box with a square body of durable whitish fabric with brown edging and handles. It has reinforced sides, can be stacked and folded flat. It has a removable lid and a front window of clear plastic.



DIY Storage Boxes: Repurpose those old cardboard boxes!

How to Upcycle a Cardboard Box Into a Gorgeous Storage Basket

Have you been looking for a simple way to add extra storage and organization without breaking the bank? I am all for everything having a place, but I also don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on bins and baskets.

Therefore, I tried to create my own DIY storage boxes for when my SAD kitchen pantry really needed an update. I had two empty box lids lying around, fabric and rope.

I really was trying to do this as cheaply as possible.

This DIY no-sew storage box project was perfect for this month’s installment of a DIY project challenge that I am part of with other AWESOME DIY bloggers!

You will love what they have created. I redid a Midcentury Modern dresser and experimented with marbling paint techniquesfor our past challenges. These DIY ladies sure know how to create amazing things on a budget!

This month’s theme was to create a DIY project using cloth. Our projects always have to come in under $50! It is always so cool to see what other creative people do with the same challenge. Again, mine was FREE since I used things I already had. However, you could really create these storage boxes for a few dollars, depending on the fabric you want to use.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read full privacy policy here. 

Supplies needed to makeover cardboard boxes!

  • old cardboard box or lid
  • fabric
  • Rope of twine if you want to try to recreate a basket look
  • Glue Gun (I wish I had this cordless glue gun)
  • Scissors (THESE scissors are a MUST-HAVE for any “DIY-er”)

First, open your box. I was lucky enough to have two box lids that I could open completely to “wrap” with fabric and then put back together. I simply laid the opened cardboard box down and began to cut the fabric around.

When cutting your fabric make sure to leave 1/2″ so that you can wrap it around the edges. Then use hot glue and fold fabric you would a birthday present! Continue working on all the edges.

After you have wrapped the whole box and glued all the edges, you may have to snip the corners a little to make it fit nicely together. If you notice in the picture below, I wrapped my cloth to the edge of the inside of the bottom of the box. I knew I was putting smaller boxes on top and did not need to cover the inside of the box completely.

Put the box back together and enjoy having a DIY storage box that is a lot more than just an old cardboard box!

In addition to using my no-sew storage boxes to organize my kitchen pantry, I have also used them in our DIY baby nurser (and closet),daughter’s room and basement. These DIY cardboard storage boxes are a lifesaver for me…

since it is always a battle to stay organized as a family of 5!

If you noticed in the first picture on this post, I also attempted to make a DIY basket storage box with my DIY no-sew storage box I showed here.

I will go into a little more detail in a future post about that project (was it really worth it?). Since I do love to keep art supplies and home things organized, I plan on sharing more of my DIY kitchen pantry ideas soon!

I may even decide to add a painted accent wall near or in my pantry? What do you think? I do love to try new painting techniques to spruce up a space. However, I think just redoing the shelves may be just enough, my friend did in her linen closet.

I hope you are able to save money and help keep organized with this DIY cloth storage boxes and tips!

I hope one day I can get rid of those UGLY wire shelves and I think I know exactly what blog about shelving I may look at!

Now let’s check out what some of my DIY friends did for our DIY project challenge using fabric and $50 or less!

Joyful Derivatives: DIY No-Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

Kippi at Home: Llama Pillow Pattern

1905 Farmhouse: How to Create Fabric Ribbon for Gifts

Life’s AHmazing!: DIY Throw Pillows

Southern Yankee DIY: DIY Linen Sign

Mama Dares To DIY:DIY Painted Fabric Chairs

Our Happily Ever Home: No-Sew DIY Lumbar Pillow Cover

Thanks for checking out all the wonderful projects from my DIY friends! We would love to hear what you think!!


Upcycling a Cardboard Box into a Stylish DIY Storage Box

How to Upcycle a Cardboard Box Into a Gorgeous Storage Basket

Why is it that at the start of each new year, we feel the need to get ourselves more organized? I know that I personally could use more organization in my life throughout the entire year. With that said, I guess we all need to start somewhere.

I recently installed a Rubbermaid Configurations Custom Closet Kit in my bedroom and I am LOVING the extra space, tidiness and organization. You can take a look at the before and after pictures here and you’ll understand why I am so excited!

DIY Fabric Covered Storage Boxes

And although you can also buy additional Rubbermaid accessories (drawers, baskets, etc) to add-on to the closet system, for now I decided to create a quick upcycled storage DIY to use in our newly organized closet.  These storage boxes will hold our seasonal accessories such as t-shirts, tanks, scarves and mitts.

“This post contains affiliate links which means if you buy any products through these links – at no additional cost to you – we make a small commission.”

Materials Needed to create your own DIY Fabric Covered Storage Boxes:

  • Chalkboard Labels (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Newspaper (to protect working area)

How to Make Fabric-Covered Decorative Storage Boxes from Cardboard:

Tip: Ensure the fabric is big/wide enough to wrap around the outer box edges and fold into the inside. Lay fabric down on protected surface with right side facing down.  Position the empty box into the center of the fabric.

1. Cut the lid flaps and sides of the box to your desired size. Place it centered on the fabric. Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut out the corners of the fabric as shown. Leave ½” extra of fabric (i.e. a bit wider than the sides of the box you are trying to cover) on either side of the flaps (these will be folder in to make a nicer finished edge to the box).

Tip: Give the spray adhesive a shake before using.

2. Spray one side of box. Fold fabric up and press out any bubbles or air pockets.

3. Spray the inside of the box and fold fabric into the box. Press out the air bubbles. Repeat on opposite side of box.

4. Clip the fabric corners at the bottom corners of the box. Wrap the cut edges around corners of box.

5. Fold lengthwise cut edges as shown. Spray outside of box. Fold fabric up and press out all air bubbles. Spray inside of box and fold fabric into box. Repeat on opposite side of the cardboard box.

6. Measure and cut a piece of cardboard about ¼” to ½” smaller than the bottom of the box to finish the storage box. Spray and upholster with fabric and add it to the bottom of the box.

7. For decoration, you can add some ric rac to the top edge. Spray the underside of the ric rac and press onto box.

8. Add a label to mark the contents of the box if you want. I used a chalkboard tag and hung it onto a button that I hot-glued to the completed box.

Be sure to stop by this post to see how I organized these storage boxes and configured my new bedroom closet!

What ways are you bringing organization into your life?


Gorgeous Farmhouse Boho 5 Minute DIY Storage Boxes

How to Upcycle a Cardboard Box Into a Gorgeous Storage Basket

DO you know how easy it is to up-cycle cardboard boxes into beautiful instant DIY storage boxes? We can all use a few extra storage boxes in our homes, especially when they are stylish looking!

These 10-minute DIY storage boxes are perfect for farmhouse and boho style decor, and great for organizing a pantry, cleaning supplies or craft materials.

Remember those vintage inspired pallet wood crates? They really showed us the huge difference a simple storage box can make. Truly a long-lasting and effective way to get rid of clutter!

Today’s project is even easier: you don’t need any special tools, just some scissors and glue. So grab a few cardboard boxes from your recycle bin, and let’s start!

Materials and tools:

  • cardboard boxes of any sizes you need
  • fabric, such as burlap bags from your local coffee shop
  • hot glue gun or regular Elmer’s glue
  • for the decorative stencils, optional: acrylic paints or craft paints, Scotch tape, duck tape

First cut the lids off a box or push them inside against the 4 sides.

As you can see in the images below, there are different ways to attach the fabric to the storage box which will decide how wide to cut the burlap.

We can fold the burlap over the top edges, then line the inside with more cardboard for a finished look, or, use  a finished edge of the burlap as the top edge, and not fold it over.

Cut a strip of burlap wider than the sides of the box, and glue it to the first side panel using glue or hot glue. Press and smooth out the fabric before starting on the next side.

Tip: decide which side is ly to face back, and located the overlapping fabric ends on that side.

Rotate the box as you apply glue to each side. Some clips can be helpful to hold the burlap in place as you glue.

After the 4 side are glued in place, finish by snipping the burlap where the corner turns, fold and glue the edges to the bottom. This is easier with hot glue. I made a mess with regular glue, then realized it!

Once the glue dries, we can start stenciling.

I love simple stripes, so I made one with the tape running horizontally, and another one vertically.

There are so many ways to use this Scotch tape method: layer the stripes, go diagonally, or create a checker pattern…. The tape can be reused a couple of times too!

If we use a wide tape such as duck tape , we can create even more stencil patterns, such as triangles on this storage box below!

And here’s what the bottom looks –

Time to use them! This year we are going to put all the pantry items, cleaning supplies and many other things into beautiful storage boxes, so more of these to come!

For more organizing or storage box ideas, check out these vintage inspired pallet wooden crates-

And this cardboard shoe rack that’s super space-saving :

Love coffee bean bags? This burlap ottoman is made from one of those!

Happy creating! xo


How to Upcycle Cardboard Boxes into Decorative Storage

How to Upcycle a Cardboard Box Into a Gorgeous Storage Basket

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Making a purchase through a link in this post may earn me a small commission. Don't worry though! I only link to products I've used and love. For more information read my disclosure policy.

Some of you may know that my husband and I recently moved. So you would think that someone who JUST moved, who hasn’t really even finished unpacking everything (by this point maybe I should just throw the rest of the stuff away?) wouldn’t really need to declutter and reorganize. Right? Well, leave it to me to be that girl.

Seriously my office space has already gotten hand! In our last home, I had a walk in closet that I could just throw stuff in, shut the door and walk away. I can’t really do that in my new office. Sure I have a closet, but the storage it has pales in comparison to what I had.

So I guess what I’m saying is, no more throwing stuff in a closet, closing the door and walking away.

And I learned that lesson very quickly here. I had tried to have some sort of organization when I first unpacked my office/craft supplies by using an ugly storage cube that I bought back when my office was black and gray. Sadly, it quickly turned into the above and I knew I had to get it under control–fast.

Luckily I had used some cat litter boxes to move some of my crafting supplies. Because when you are moving and you run boxes you become desperate. Anyway, I held onto them thinking I could use them for something later on.

Not exactly pillars of beauty, but they are pretty sturdy and have handle cut outs. That’s when I figured I could make them pretty. And since they are already functional, it’s a win win.

I had picked up this pretty wrapping paper on clearance at Michael’s many months ago knowing I would use it for something. maybe wrapping gifts? Or to upcycle cardboard boxes? So I gathered my supplies and set to work trying to figure out how to wrap these babies!

Side note: my camera battery was dead when I did this project so you are stuck with grainy Iphone photos. Sorry.

What you’ll need

Start by cutting the top flaps off of the cardboard boxes using scissors. To make them into decorative storage, you won’t need their tops!

Next, unroll the wrapping paper and set the cardboard box on top.

You will want to cut enough paper to go from the top of the cardboard box, down the side, under the bottom, and up the other side, leaving 2-3″ on all sides. Hint: do this on the part of the box you want to be facing out.

Since my boxes are not square, I chose the wider sides to be my front and back, and then the shorter sides with the handle cut outs will be the sides.

Next let the wrapping paper lay down under the box for now. Place strips of double sided tape onto the edges of the box where the paper will be covering.

Once all of the tape is placed, carefully pull the paper up one side of the box (in my case it’s the front facing side). Pull it taught and smooth out any bubbles. Repeat on the other side. Since you are using one continuous sheet of paper there is no need to secure the paper to the bottom of the box.

Next trim off excess paper in a straight line leaving 1-2″ on the sides and bottom.

This is where that wrapping paper cutter and cutting mat sure made my life easy! I can’t cut a straight line to save my life!! What I ended up doing was laying the box down on its side and using the wrapping paper cutter and the lines on the cutting mat, slid the cutter up the paper trimming it in a straight line. So much easier than trying to do it with scissors!

When you are done, you should have a box that is wrapped on 3 of the 5 sides with 2-3″ overhang on the tops and 1-2″ over hang on the sides and bottom

Next, cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit on each of the remaining sides leaving a 2-3″ overhang on the top. Place double sided tape on the edges and then place the cut piece of paper over the side. Smooth out any bubbles, and repeat for the last side.

Almost finished! Cut a triangle into the bottom corners of the wrapping paper overhang (see photo below) and place double sided tape directly on the paper.

Fold each side up to cover the corners, starting with the bottom piece. Smooth out each section as you go to get rid of any bubbles or creases.

The last step is to tape the top pieces down to the inside of the box! If your cardboard box has handles, you can cut the paper away to expose those. If not, you can add your own by punching two holes level to each other into both sides of the box. Then tie twine, rope or ribbon on to make a handle.

I had some white stick on label pouches that I picked up in Target’s Dollar Spot a long time ago that worked perfectly on the front of my new decorative storage boxes. Then I made some hanging tags for the two fabric storage boxes I already had with my new silhouette cameo


Easy Storage Projects with Up-Cycled Cardboard Boxes • The Budget Decorator

How to Upcycle a Cardboard Box Into a Gorgeous Storage Basket

Ok, so you have cardboard boxes laying around… Maybe it’s after the holidays, or maybe you have a corner in your garage where the box heap grows with each Amazon delivery and Costco trip.

The question is, can you do something with these, other than flatten them down for the recycle bin? Well, we have the answer for that… Turn them into cool, up-cycled storage! Have you even taken a peek at those expensive boutique style storage crates? If they aren’t plastic my friends, they are cardboard.

And these projects are much cheaper than those boring, or even downright ugly plastic bins. So DIY these easy storage projects and create storage projects that are inexpensive, and can be custom designed for you! So let’s do it, make storage those up-cycled cardboard boxes!

This first project is from Jen at ‘I Heart Organizing‘. She’s a BHG Best Blog winner for a reason! She took some plain cardboard boxers and turned them into these really fresh and cute DIY fabric bins. Tons of great step by step photos for this tutorial, and make sure you spend time looking around her site… One of the best around!

Alicia from ‘Thrifty & Chic‘ knows how to use a cardboard box… Oh and old sweaters? This entire DIY storage box project is up-cycled, and oh, my, gorgeous. This is a diaper box, folks… Go to her tutorial now, so cute!

We love Lauren at ‘Bless’er House‘… Why? Well, it’s reasons this weathered wood DIY storage box that is really a recycled diaper box! How does she do this??? Ok, well the good news is, she shows you how you can do it, and who wouldn’t want these for easy storage projects? And you can’t beat the price, right?

Make this DIY desk organizer from Lori at ‘Stonybrook House‘ from cereal boxes! Yes, a little contact paper makes it pretty, and you can make one of your own for less than a buck. Let me tell you, drawer organizers have turned my junk drawer into a neat space, even a year later… That has never happened in my life. Ah, the simple things, yet again!

Anna from ‘Noodlehead‘ has a mail organizer tutorial for you, complete with a free pattern. This is just what I need, my mail ends up stuck in a drawer, piled on top of each other, ’till I finally get to pulling out the bills. 🙁  Cereal boxes, fabric and a few craft supplies!

These hanging file boxes are repurposed from those Costco style cardboard boxes no one knows what to do with, ’cause they have no lids. Heather at ‘Small Fry & Co‘ is another little bit of a genius! Go check out all her step by step photos…

These faux galvanized metal boxes by Carrie from ‘Curb to Refurb‘ are hard to believe they came from up-cycled cardboard cheese boxes. She has a lot of great tips on how to use this painting technique on other things too! Big fan of industrial style, this tip will be going into my box of tricks.

Diane from ‘In My Own Style‘ made this scrapbook paper organizer for her craft room boxes, but this is a project that could be used for office organization as well. Easy, fast, cheap! Love!

From Michelle at ‘Iron & Twine‘, this belt strap DIY  storage bin is perfect for even the most public areas of your home… I love the idea of adding the leather belt straps, and she did this with cardboard and a thrift store trip. Really pretty and functional project, that also happens to be very budget friendly.

From ‘Wanessa Carolina Creations’ via ‘Catch My Party‘. These DIY storage boxes come with free editable and printable labels!

Finally, we have these covered cardboard storage boxes from Ashley at ‘Make It, Love It… These are great because she uses a technique to make them extra strong and sturdy… And they turned out so pretty! Great project for craft rooms or kids rooms.

These easy storage projects from up-cycled cardboard boxes are clever and cheap storage ideas. In addition try our post on DIY dollar store organizing ideas.

Image Credits: Thrifty & Chic, I Heart Organizing, Bless'er House, Stonybrook House, Noodlehead, Small Fry & Co, Curb to Refurb, In My Own Style, Iron & Twine, Catch My Party, Make It Love It This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.