Cute Pine Cone Owl Decor Winter Craft

  1. Adorable Pine Cone Snowy Owl Craft for Kids
  2. 25 Pretty Pinecone Crafts for Preschoolers
  3. 30 Fun Pinecone Crafts Perfect for Making Memories with the Family
  4. 1. Bleached Pinecones
  5. 2. DIY Snow Covered Pinecones
  6. 3. DIY Pinecone Wreath
  7. 4. Pinecone Fire Starters
  8. 5. Pinecone DIY Kissing Ball
  9. 6. DIY Cinnamon Scented Pinecones
  10. 7. Pinecone Crafts Décor with Burlap
  11. 8. Pinecone Painting
  12. 9. Pinecone Turkeys
  13. 10. Pinecone Christmas Trees
  14. 11. DIY Candy Corn Pine Cones
  15. 12. The Painted Pinecones
  16. 13. Pinecone Bird Feeder
  17. 14. Pinecone Elves
  18. 15. Pinecone Gnome Ornaments
  19. 16. Frosty Pinecones
  20. 17. Easy Pinecone Bats
  21. 18. DIY Santa Wreath
  22. 19. DIY Monster Wreath
  23. 20. Pinecone Fairies
  24. 21. Pinecone Centerpiece Christmas Tree
  25. 22. Pinecone Crafts Garland
  26. 23. Pinecone Spiders
  27. 24. Pinecone Birds
  28. 25. Pinecone Roses
  29. 26. Pinecone Pumpkin
  30. 27. Yarn Wrapped Pinecone Apple Trees
  31. 28. Pinecone Fox
  32. 29. Pinecone Owl
  33. 30. Corn Husk Sunflower
  34. 35 Creative Pinecone Christmas Crafts – Christmas Celebration – All about Christmas
  35. Start-topped Cutie Cone Trees
  36. Frosty pinecone garlands
  37. Santa’s Tiny Fellas
  38. Trio Treat
  39. Mystical Pinecone topiary
  40. Pretty pom-pom and pinecone ornaments
  41. Rustic Pinecone Christmas tree
  42. Charming Pinecone Tree
  43. Adorable Pinecone Penguins
  44. Spray-painted pine cone ornament
  45. Snow white pinecone wreath
  46. Glassy Wonder
  47. Dangling Rustic Beauties
  48. Pinecone Owls
  49. The Mason Jar Snow Globe
  50. Tiny Christmas Elves
  51. Staple Snowman
  52. Single-piece Pinecone Hanging Craft
  53. Rustic Pinecone Centrepiece
  54. Rustic Table Setting
  55. Candle-holder redefined
  56. Wooden Charm
  57. Woodsy Kissing Ball
  58. Apple of the eye
  59. Pinecone Rudolf
  60. Snowman Wonders
  61. An Owl in the Christmas tree
  62. Come Santa, Come
  63. Angelic Cones
  64. Reindeer Pinecone Ornament
  65. Decorative Starry Cone Craft
  66. Miniature pinecone wonders
  67. Center of Attention Cone Décor
  68. 38 Remarkable Pinecone Crafts
  69. Pine Cone Crafts
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  71. To Make your Pine Cone Owl Babies:
  72. Cute Pine Cone Owl Decoration Winter Craft
  73. Pine Cone Owl Decor
  74. How to Dry Out Pine Cones
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  76. How to Make Pine Cone Owl Decor
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Adorable Pine Cone Snowy Owl Craft for Kids

Cute Pine Cone Owl Decor Winter Craft

Turn a pine cone into an adorable snowy owl craft! This project is great for kids because the process is a lot of fun and the final product is so cute. Combine this owl craft with a book about snowy owls, and you’ve got a great science lesson for winter!

Owls are definitely one of our favorite things. We love photographing owls, learning about owls, and making owl crafts, such as these paper plate owls or owl painted rocks.

These pine cone snowy owls really look adorable as home decor! We have ours on the fireplace mantle right now.

I would recommend this craft for both preschool and elementary aged kids. Older kids (7+) will be able to make the whole thing by themselves. Preschoolers will need help cutting out the felt shapes, but they will really enjoy filling the pine cone with cotton balls!

Supplies Needed:

  • Pine cones – you’ll want them to be a good size. Not huge, but not small either.
  • Black, yellow, and white felt
  • Googly eyes – large
  • Sharpie marker
  • Cotton balls – about 15 per owl
  • Hot glue or Tacky Glue

How to Make Pine Cone Snowy Owls

The first step in making this pine cone snowy owl craft is to stuff the pine cones with cotton balls.

Pull the cotton balls apart into smaller pieces before stuffing the pine cones. A full cotton ball won’t fit, and they won’t look as fluffy that way anyway. This is a very fun process, and it’s honestly great fine motor practice for kids! We tore our cotton balls into 3-4 pieces each.

Poke the cotton in between the scales of the pine cone. Our pine cones were a little poky, but it didn’t bother anyone too much. They quickly figured out how to avoid the poky parts.

Once your pine cone is adequately “snowy,” it’s time to move on to making the eyes, beak, and wings.

Cut out wings from white felt. We used a black Sharpie marker to draw some patterns on the wings.

Real snowy owls have black markings as juveniles, which they lose as they age. Adult males are almost completely white, while adult females have small amounts of black barring.

Cut out a beak from black felt, and two circles from yellow felt. You’ll want the yellow circles to be slightly larger than your googly eyes. Glue the googly eyes to the yellow circles with hot glue or Tacky glue.

Then you’re ready to assemble your owl! Glue on the eyes, beak, and wings.

NOTE: Make sure that each item is glued to the actual pine cone in at least one spot. If the felt is glued only to the cotton balls, you can pull it right off again because the cotton is not really attached to the pine cone.

Then find a place to display your owls! Such a fun winter decoration.

Need more owl craft inspiration? Check out this collection of15+ Adorable Owl Crafts.


25 Pretty Pinecone Crafts for Preschoolers

Cute Pine Cone Owl Decor Winter Craft

Your child will love exploring nature then crafting with these fun pinecone crafts!

Preschoolers love to explore the world around them, and fall is built for exploring. Cooler weather, gorgeous colors, and changing seasons means your child will have plenty of nature within fingertips reach. These 25 Pretty Pinecone Crafts for Preschoolers are whimsical, playful, colorful, and everything you and your child will love about fall crafting. Enjoy!

This busy little pinecone bee is such a happy little crafting buddy. Your preschooler will have a blast painting his black and yellow stripes.

Via Easy Crafts for Kids
Bring this pinecone dinosaur to life with items found in your own backyard.

Via Art Craft Ideas
Make these funny pinecone and felt turkeys with your preschooler – they’ll make great decor come November!

Via Lia Griffith
Pinecone gnomes protect the forest all autumn long, and these are looking forward to protecting your home, too.

Via We Bloom Here
This bright pinecone hummingbird is gorgeous, even if it is much bigger than normal hummingbirds.

Via Birds & Blooms
This little Nut Job pinecone is super adorable and so much fun to make.

Via My Kids Guide
Owl families make for great crafting time for you and your preschooler!

Via Meaningful Mama
Bring your child’s imagination to life with this Royal pinecone penguin.

Via Crayon Box Chronicles
Explore compound words with this pinecone pineapple.

Via Dizzy for Kindergarten
This pinecone apple is a great way to spend time painting with your child, and makes a great gift for their preschool teacher.

Via Fireflies and Mud Pies
These tiny pinecone bunnies are going to hop into your child’s heart.

Via Fireflies and Mud Pies
Bring on the magic of autumn with this pinecone crown.

Via Playtivities
Your young fairy lover is going to be so happy when they make this pinecone natural fairy.

Via The Magic Onions
Make this love fairy and watch the love in your child’s eyes grow.

Via Hello, Wonderful
This little pinecone field mouse is ready to scurry into your hearts.

Via Empress of Dirt
This beautiful pinecone robin is super easy to make and you’ll love hanging it on your tree where your preschool can show it off proudly.

Via Kids Craft Room
Roses are red and violets are, wait roses are also yellow and pink…at least these pinecone roses are!

Via Creative Green Living
Your preschooler will love bringing these pinecone skiers to life!

Via Bella Dia
This creepy, crawly pinecone snake can’t wait to slither his way into your craft calendar.

Via Kids Activities Blog
Even if you normally don’t spiders, you have to admit these pinecone spiders are pretty darn adorable.

Via Fireflies and Mud Pies
Make these beautiful pinecone and pom-pom trees with your preschooler and they’ll love to show them off to everyone this winter!

Via The Wool Acorn
Rudolph the red nose reindeer pinecone is going to make your preschooler giggle and break into spontaneous song.

Via Kids Craft Room
This pinecone squirrel is happy to keep his nut as close as possible.

Via Super Fun Kids Crafts
Your preschooler is going to love making this washi tape and pinecone turkey.

Via Craftaholics Anonymous
This whimsical pinecone owl is an adorable addition to your fall decor.

Via Whimsy Love


30 Fun Pinecone Crafts Perfect for Making Memories with the Family

Cute Pine Cone Owl Decor Winter Craft

Do you have pinecones all over your yard?

Are you unsure of how to put them to good use?

Then I have some great ideas for you! I’m going to share with you numerous ideas on how you can turn these nuisance pinecones into neat decorations and crafts.

They’re inexpensive and original pieces you’ll be glad you took the time to make. Plus, there’s something in here for all ages to do.

Here are the pinecone craft ideas you’ve been waiting for:

1. Bleached Pinecones

Bleached pinecones are quite the rage these days. They’re perfect for centerpieces and other DIY décor projects.

But don’t pay to purchase them. Instead, use this tutorial to bleach the pinecones you already have in your yard. They’ll make gorgeous masterpieces.

2. DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

Would you to make your pinecones look festive to use them as part of your winter or Christmas décor?

Well, follow this tutorial, and your pinecones will look snow-covered dreams. Making them the perfect fit for your centerpieces or wreaths.

3. DIY Pinecone Wreath

Wreaths are expensive! Who wouldn’t love to learn how to make a gorgeous winter wreath for basically no money?

Well, this tutorial has you covered. You can make this pinecone crafts wreath using the pinecones you already have on hand, and it’s beautiful!

4. Pinecone Fire Starters

Are you looking for a functional yet inexpensive gift you can give to those in your life you want them to know you care, but you aren’t exactly BFF’s?

Well, this could be the gift you’ve been looking for. The tutorial walks you through how to turn your pesky pinecones into functional and pretty DIY fire starters.

5. Pinecone DIY Kissing Ball

Do you hang mistletoe around your house at Christmas time? Consider this fun alternative which can work as winter décor, and not only Christmas.

It uses faux garland along with pinecones you can collect around your home to make a fun, festive spot where couples will linger around all winter long.

6. DIY Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

I love these pinecones. I have been known to purchase them from the store because I love how they make my home smell.

But now I know how to use the pinecones in my yard to make them myself. You can’t ask for much more when it comes to a beautiful and sweet-smelling décor item.

7. Pinecone Crafts Décor with Burlap

This idea is only an image. There isn’t a tutorial to help you recreate it, but it seems simple enough for you to make it without the step-by-step process.

If you know how to make a burlap bow, you can easily attach pinecones to it for a rustic Christmas décor item.

8. Pinecone Painting

This is another fun craft idea which unfortunately doesn’t offer a tutorial. Therefore, you’ll have to look and see if you can figure out how they created the original masterpiece.

From the looks of it, they painted stems and added painted pinecones as the flower heads. It’s a unique and gorgeous painting perfect for home decoration.

9. Pinecone Turkeys

Would you to get your kids involved in setting the Thanksgiving table this year? Consider making these adorable pinecone turkeys.

They look easy to make and also have a helpful tutorial to get you started too. Whether you’d to use these pinecone turkeys as a place setting or as a keepsake, these turkeys are a creative way to use your pinecones.

10. Pinecone Christmas Trees

These Christmas trees would be a cute decoration on your desk, or they could make adorable place settings for a Christmas meal too.

The instructions are straight-forward and easy to follow. They also require only a few items to create them as well.

11. DIY Candy Corn Pine Cones

Do you have a cute basket you’d to put on display in your foyer, on a coffee table or even your kitchen table?

Why not make it more festive with these DIY candy corn pine cones? They’re easy to make and adorable too.

12. The Painted Pinecones

Pinecones are an excellent item to place around a candle for a touch of glam, to place in a basket, or even inside a hurricane globe.

But did you know you could paint them many colors to go with each season, holiday, or occasion? This tutorial will show you how.

13. Pinecone Bird Feeder

This is a nostalgic craft to make with your pinecones. I remember making awesome little pinecone birdfeeders when I was in preschool.

If you’d a blast from the past, this tutorial will walk you through the process of turning pinecones into birdfeeders perfect for birdwatching.

14. Pinecone Elves

Do you have a mantle or bare kitchen window which is screaming for some DIY décor this holiday season?

Then watch this tutorial and turn your pinecones into adorable elves. In fact, you may even be able to make a DIY version of elf-on-the-shelf.

15. Pinecone Gnome Ornaments

Purchasing ornaments for your tree can be expensive around the holidays. Don’t pay more to decorate your Christmas tree.

Instead, use your pinecones and this idea to create adorable gnome Christmas ornaments. They’re easy to make and cute too.

16. Frosty Pinecones

Winter months are enough to bring almost anyone down. The days are long and dark which is precisely why you need these glittery pinecones in your life.

They’re perfect to go on your tree, to be a part of a festive winter wreath, or to use as part of a centerpiece display.

17. Easy Pinecone Bats

Are you looking for a craft which will be fun to do with the kids over the Halloween season? The good news is this craft is easy and perfect for most ages.

Therefore, if you’re doing a unit study on bats or if you’d to make memories while creating DIY decorations, this is a great craft to make.

18. DIY Santa Wreath

I love this idea for an easy and frugal wreath perfect for Christmas. You’ll paint your pinecones red.

Place them on the wreath and attach a black bow which looks a Santa belt. It’s a cute way to decorate a door on a budget.

19. DIY Monster Wreath

Decorating for Halloween can be difficult if you have little ones around and don’t want to go with anything too scary. It doesn’t have to be any more thanks to this awesome and fun monster wreath.

You’ll use pinecones placed around a foam wreath. They are painted green, you can add googly eyes, funny teeth and have a festive, inexpensive wreath perfect for the whole family.

20. Pinecone Fairies

Do you have children who are into fairies? Are you into fairies? Fairy gardens and décor are popular items right now.

With this in mind, why not make fairy ornaments your unused pinecones? They’re easy to make and eye-catching too.

21. Pinecone Centerpiece Christmas Tree

Have you considered making a small Christmas tree a group of pinecones? What an interesting and eye-catching centerpiece this would be!

Thanks to this simple tutorial you can easily create this for your home. It’s easy to make but also gorgeous.

22. Pinecone Crafts Garland

Have you considered using your pinecones as a garland? After seeing this gorgeous idea, you might begin to see pinecones in a whole new way.

This idea uses heavy rope, starfish made pinecones, and lanterns to hang along an outside fence. It’s unique and stunning.

23. Pinecone Spiders

Are you doing a unit study on spiders? Do you have a child who loves spiders? Maybe you recently finished reading Charlotte’s Web?

Whatever your situation, if you can find a way to squeeze this craft of a pinecone crafts spider in with your kids, they’re going to love it!

24. Pinecone Birds

Pinecone crafts are great for making many varieties of animals. Why not turn a pinecone into a bird?

It’s a great craft for any time of year, but it’s lovely to turn into a Christmas ornament when many families tend to pull out the craft ideas and put them to good use.

25. Pinecone Roses

If you’d enjoy having a bouquet of flowers sitting on your desk or table at all times, but you don’t have a green thumb nor the budget to buy flowers regularly, this idea is for you.

This tutorial walks you through how to turn pinecones into pretty roses. It’s crafty, cute, and has a way of adding a little pizazz to a dull space.

26. Pinecone Pumpkin

Fall is a beautiful time of year. There’s Halloween, candy, decorations, Thanksgiving, and beauty all around us.

Why not use pinecones to get into the season and make adorable pumpkins perfect for decorating or entertaining the kids on a cold afternoon?

27. Yarn Wrapped Pinecone Apple Trees

I took my kids on a field trip to an apple orchard a few weeks ago. They loved it, but I wish we had made these pinecone crafts to go along with it.

All you need is a spool, yarn, a pinecone, and felt for the apples. It’s an easy craft and would go well with an apple unit during the school year.

28. Pinecone Fox

With all the animal crafts, you could make them all and have a pinecone petting zoo. Why not add one more animal craft to the mix?

Do you to learn about foxes? Then make this craft to go along with a unit study you’re doing with your children.

29. Pinecone Owl

This is the last pinecone animal I’m bringing to the table today, but it caught my attention because I have a few friends who love owls.

If you love owls or know someone who does, you must consider making this adorable pinecone crafts owl.

30. Corn Husk Sunflower

I love these craft ideas as a fall door wreath. It’s gorgeous and appears easy to make too. The tutorial will walk you through all the details.

But the basics are putting a lump of pinecones together for the center of the sunflower and using corn husks as the petals. It’s a unique but stylish idea.

Well, you now have 30 different craft ideas to utilize your pinecones. Hopefully, it’ll give you opportunities to make fun memories with your kids.

Not only are they fun, but these pinecone crafts could also work as frugal decorating ideas or as ways to enrich your children’s education when added to unit studies.


35 Creative Pinecone Christmas Crafts – Christmas Celebration – All about Christmas

Cute Pine Cone Owl Decor Winter Craft

Isn’t it amazingly amazing to witness how autumn makes way for the holiday season? Shortened days, whimsical winter breeze, withered trees, snowy roads, Christmas parties … the list goes on and on! And when we think about Christmas celebrations, our first priority is decorating the home; few start putting up the decorations in October, few others in mid and late November.

Irrespective of ‘when’ and ‘how’ you put up Christmas decorations, why not take some inspirations from Nature, this year? If you’re wondering what uniqueness can be brought in, here’s our suggestion – PINECONES! They can be found everywhere at your feet during the fall and are super easy to repurpose as beautiful home décor pieces.

If you’re convinced with our suggestion (read on if you aren’t also as we are confident that you’ll take a stroll through a wooded area or park nearby as soon as you finish this read) here are some ways to turn the humble pinecone to fabulous holiday home décor pieces.

Start-topped Cutie Cone Trees

: Painted green and topped with a tiny star, these adorable trees made from pinecones are the perfect way to add some rustic Christmasy charm. Place them in silver terra-cotta pots and display on your table or buffet.


Frosty pinecone garlands

Add a touch of frosty-look to the cones by applying a generous amount of Epsom salt on to the sealer coated pinecones. Then tie them on ribbons and use the garland to decorate the fireplace or door frames.


Santa’s Tiny Fellas

Christmas decorations would seem dull without Santa’s tiny elves right? So, why not make some elf decorations pinecones? Trust us when we say, “these little guys can bring happiness”.


Trio Treat

Made from felt scraps, wooden balls, and wool roving, this pinecone ornament trio is sure to bring Christmas vibe indoors. Don’t believe us? Well, see for yourself by making and hanging one on the Christmas tree.


Mystical Pinecone topiary

Love the Christmas topiaries out there, but don’t want to break your pocket? Try these pinecone bushes placed in stoneware pots. Front porch decoration literally at most!


Pretty pom-pom and pinecone ornaments

Who wouldn’t love that subtle woodland feel? Glue in the tiny pom-pom to the underside of the pinecones and hung from a metallic rope.  Not only are they easy to make, but long-lasting too!


Rustic Pinecone Christmas tree

Create a holiday vignette by gluing together the pine cones in the form of a Christmas tree. Decorate with the acrylic paints, glitter, greenery, bells, and other colourful embellishments you may have!


Charming Pinecone Tree

Add some handmade charm to your Christmas celebration by attaching pinecones to a Styrofoam cone. Use a raised cake plate so you put this elegant décor piece onto any surface in your home.


Adorable Pinecone Penguins

Put together acrylic pained pinecones for the body, painted wooden beads for heads, stiffened black belt for the wings and feet and cotton pipe for beaks – you’ve got yourself an adorable pine cone penguin to decorate your Christmas tree!


Spray-painted pine cone ornament

Beads, lace, ribbon, acrylic paint (craft snow can also be used) and more – that’s what this beautiful pine cone Christmas ornament is made of! Hang them on evergreen boughs to achieve that tree trimming you’ve always dreamed of.


Snow white pinecone wreath

Got an hour and some Faux red berries, a white spray paint bottle, and glitter? Then you can recreate this stunningly beautiful pinecone wreath that’ll make your wall or doorways a focal point.


Glassy Wonder

Bypass traditional white, red, and green colors this holiday and opt for a colourful spray painted and glittered pinecone decors arranged inside the big glass jar. For a more dramatic feel, arrange line several jars up along your dining hall.


Dangling Rustic Beauties

Add some rustic touch to your Christmas decoration with these dangling rustic beauties. Ignite your celebrations by hanging these fallen pinecones from your chandelier or even in your doorways with a plaid ribbon.


Pinecone Owls

A great Christmas tree decoration, these pretty Owl ornaments are made felt, pipe cleaner, and a glue gun. Once done, hang them from your tree by attaching a tree or simply place them on your coffee table or mantel.


The Mason Jar Snow Globe

Here’s a simple and super easy Christmas décor idea you can do with your children. Glue in the pinecones on the cork, add glitters to the jars, close the jar tightly and wrap jute twine around the jar – Your pine tree snow globe is ready!


Tiny Christmas Elves

Great as a Christmas tree hanging and as a cute return gift, these elf figurines will bring instant cheer to any holiday occasion.


Staple Snowman

You might have heard of and made a snowman paper, plates or metal. How about one from pinecones this year? Grab pine cones, some berries, ribbon, hot glue, and Santa cap – You’re good to go!


Single-piece Pinecone Hanging Craft

Embellished individual pinecone suspended on twines is a treat to watch especially if you hang them above your kitchen entryway or on the dining room chandelier. Feel trying it this holiday season? Look no further!


Rustic Pinecone Centrepiece

Display the autumn finds as a living room center piece by embellishing them with evergreen and some tiny lights. What best way to welcome your guests with a rustic swag right?


Rustic Table Setting

Here’s a simple and cozy way to make your Christmas dinner unforgettable. Simply dress your Christmas dinner table up using pinecones tied with Christmas colored plaid ribbon.


Candle-holder redefined

A DIY pinecone candle holder is probably the easiest Christmas décor idea that can give an edge to your dinner table. Place them in a tray on your dinner or coffee table or even on the foyer console table to cast some ‘extra’ Christmas glow.


Wooden Charm

Tired of typical hanging decors and Christmas trees? Need a décor item that stands out? Use these wooden charms either as singly or in groupings on your table or throughout your house.


Woodsy Kissing Ball

Delight your guests with this dainty yet vibrant pinecone kissing ball. Create this arrangement by covering foam ball with pine cones and by filling the empty spaces with greenery and berry picks. That’s it!


Apple of the eye

Attach the tiny leaves from green cardstock to the acrylic painted pinecones. The result? You have turned a pinecone into an apple! Do try this party favours especially for your tiny little guests.


Pinecone Rudolf

What is more fun than the miniature woodsy version of Rudolf – the reindeer we all loved as a kid? This tiny pinecone reindeer will add just the right touch to your Christmas tree decoration.


Snowman Wonders

Smaller pinecones are ideal to make the tiny Christmas messengers. Hang two or three snowmen together on your doorway and you have a simple, beautiful Christmas decoration.


An Owl in the Christmas tree

Pair pinecones with some felts to enhance the natural touch of pinecone owl ornaments. Here, the cones are accented with plaid Christmas cap. Hang it on the tree or let the owl stand in a decorated plate.


Come Santa, Come

Enhance the joyous charm of Christmas with the pinecone Santa. Hang this tiny harbinger of joy between the tree branches to create a stylish display.


Angelic Cones

Few cute angel decors made from pinecones will add a divine touch to your indoor and outdoor Christmas décor setting. This angelic piece has a pinecone for a body and a wooden bead for a head, and she is decorated using basic twines.


Reindeer Pinecone Ornament

to add few reindeers to your Christmas décor this year? All you need is few pinecones, pipe cleaners, ear-shaped fabric, glitter pom-pom, wiggle eyes and hot glue of course. Attach ribbon for hanging, and you have an adorable reindeer ornament.


Decorative Starry Cone Craft

Pick up some small pinescones in your yard, turn them into a beautiful decorative craft, and then hang them back up in the wall. Glue in a multi-edged star at the center to enhance the rustic look.


Miniature pinecone wonders

Use a bit of pom-poms, ribbons, wiggle eyes, pinecones, and some twigs to make this miniature reindeer decoration. Instead of going the typical ‘hanging’ way of displaying group few crafts in a birch basket and make it look cozy.


Center of Attention Cone Décor

A perfect addition to your Christmas décor this one-of-a-kind pinecone décor is bursting the berries, rustic pinecones, and some green leaves. Instead of placing the candles on top of the pinecone, candles are placed in between the cones which lift off the overall appeal.



38 Remarkable Pinecone Crafts

Cute Pine Cone Owl Decor Winter Craft

Pinecones can be easily be found in most places, so I gathered a few outstanding crafts for you and your kids to make. I hope you enjoy them!

To make the painted pinecones above, go to Inspired Whims for the instructions.

The kids will love making these quirky turkeys. Make a flock of them for a fun centerpiece display!

You'll love the look of these pinecones that have been “touched by ice.” The tutorial t put them together lists salt and spray adhesive, both common crafting items, to “seed” the crystals in this beautiful project.

I love the look of bleached pinecones clustered in a glass jar. I imagine the different looks you could experiment with by doing things such as:

  • bleaching the pinecone before painting or adding glitter.
  • adding gold or silver glitter to the edges.

It's the combination of fine and micro-bead glitter that gives these sparkly pinecones that unique texture.

Reindeer made pinecones is another great project to do with the kids. Imagine how much fun they'll have as they make some to play with or place around the house!

Make these exquisite ornaments with the tutorial from Miss Mustard Seed. The addition of crystal beads to these glitter-covered pinecones can make them an elegant addition to a wreath or as ornaments on the tree. I love these!!

Who would have thought that you could make little skiers pinecones?

I love using small potted greenery to finish a nice arrangement. I can't wait to go pine cone hunting so I can make these faux succulents. The tutorial for making them is found at Muy Bueno.

These pinecone trees make a beautiful display that can be displayed on a mantle or used as a centerpiece. I love this look.

You can make a whole den of these cute pine cone critters by following the instructions at Lia Griffith.

These pinecone votives are so pretty. To be even safer, use battery-operated candles to prevent any chance of a fire.

Use up many little pinecones in this stunning statement tree.

These candlesticks are so easy to make and yet so attractive to the eye. Change the color of the paint to make this project exactly what your décor needs.

This little turkey makes me smile, and I think it are so adorable. You and your kids will love making some of them.

Beautiful and elegant are the words that come to mind when I try to describe this little angel. Add a few angels to your decorations or display for a sweet touch.

Make your own fashion statement with pinecones! Use your imagination and make fun combinations of pinecones, feathers, and other craft supplies you have on hand.

Here's a fantastic little owl craft you and your kids can enjoy making. Craftster shares the steps to create this little guy.

The kids will love helping make these plant picks to give as gifts.

Use up all the small or end pieces of scented candles to make firestarters for the fireplace or camping fires. If you don't have a fireplace, make these to give as gifts.

These pinecone place cards are so cute that I think they could be used as a statement piece in addition to functioning as place cards. It's a very unique and modern look.

I think this would be a beautiful addition to any table setting. Find the tutorial at Hearth and Vine. I love the included name care idea.

Start your fall decorating by making and hanging this pinecone chandelier.

You can make your own faux succulent wreath by going to the Running With Sisters site. Outstanding use for pine cones.

I especially love the looks of this bright gold pinecone. Imagine a group of them displayed in a clear glass bowl, maybe with a string of clear lights woven throughout.

If you have no way of getting real, honest-to-goodness pinecones but you want to feel you do, make some paper pinecones! They really do look cool!

Dotal Anecdotes shares a step-by-step tutorial to make your own scented pinecones. There's no reason to buy them scented when you can make them yourself.

I am so going to make planters for my succulents. Although it is suggested that the planters be hung from trees, I envision placing them on my patio.

Whether you have a mantel or shelf to place this topiary, I'm sure that you'll get many compliments on your crafting abilities.

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I couldn't find a source for this project, but I think you could easily copy this by looking at the photo.


Pine Cone Crafts

Cute Pine Cone Owl Decor Winter Craft

Soooo you know that we adore pine cone crafts, right? And that we have rather a thing about OWLS? Well…. we have made pine cone owls before (which look lovely as little Christmas Tree Decorations). Now Pip Squeak has started school (she is in Reception), her teacher asked if I could come in and craft again with the kids (I used to do it with Red Ted, when he was in Reception).

As it is Autumn and “pine cone” season here in the UK, I thought Pine Cone Owls would be perfect. I did however want to adapt the craft to make it easier to make them in the class room environment – I had seen these ADORABLE snow owls a while back and thought that they would be perfect for Pip Squeak and her class mates (all 4-5yrs old).

I talked to her teacher before hand and we decided to combine the craft with a simple fun filled morning all to do with owls and a wonderful book about Sarah, Bill and Percy – the Snow Owls that miss their Mum! We also talked about basic shapes (triangles and circles) and Pip Squeak’s teacher set up some activity tables for the children to practice their word writing and cutting out characters and creating Owl Baby collages.

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell – UK Readers click here for info and US readers click her for info (affiliate links added for you convenience)

NOTE: These lovely Pinecone Owls where first published in Oct 2014. To celebrate the 20th anniversary and the release of the Owl Babies board book, we have republished them for you today.

These lovely Pine Cone owls, are also included as Ornaments that preschoolers can make in our easy to download and print out Christmas Ornament Book. Each craft is shared on one page – making the perfect worksheet print outs. Lovely to have them all in one place too!

Only $7.99

To Make your Pine Cone Owl Babies you will need:

  • One pine cone per child (we had 31 one!)
  • Some cotton wool (we used about 1.5 “normal sized” bags from Boots!)
  • Some felt in various colours (for eyes and beaks)
  • Googly eyes
  • a little glue at the very end

To Make your Pine Cone Owl Babies:

1) We began the “session” by reading the Owl Babies by Martin Waddell – UK Readers click here for info and US readers click her for info (affiliate links added for your convenience).

2) We then talked about shapes. What shapes they could find in the owl babies pictures – in particularly focusing on circles and triangles.

3) Then we sat down to get crafty. I encouraged the children to feel the prickly pine cones and the soft soft cotton wool. Wonderful contrasting for the senses… Then begin by “tearing” the cotton wool apart to make it smaller and stuff the pieces into the pine cones. No glue needed in this part of making your pine cone owl!

4)Once your owl is “sufficiently stuffed” – make sure there are no loose bits hanging out. Cut circle and and triangles for the children – if they are able and there is enough time, encourage the children to cut these themselves. Use a little white glue to stick these on.

Once the felt and beak are in place, add googly eyes.

5) Place all in one place.. and admire your flock of pine cone Snowy Owls.. say aaaaaaahh.

And here is Pip Squeak with her Snow Owl (this is the big sister, Mummy!).

The teacher printed out some activities sheets to practice copying out some words and practice their cutting skills to create collages.

They also had an activity table, where they cut out the characters and got to stick them onto a woody background, perfect for creating a story board collage and practicing their cutting skills.

When we got home, we made some more with Red Ted!

More gorgeous Autumn Crafts for Preschool here:

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Cute Pine Cone Owl Decoration Winter Craft

Cute Pine Cone Owl Decor Winter Craft

If you love owls as much as I do, this adorable little pine cone owl decor craft is going to be so much fun! This is super easy to make with the kids and is adorable alongside your winter decorations. With snow, snowmen, penguins, or other owls, this can be added to a mantle, tucked into a holiday tree, or even used as part of a centerpiece.

These, our sock owl craft, are tons of fun to make and always cute to display on the mantle.

Pine Cone Owl Decor

Aren’t these just adorable? I am always looking for cute ideas to make with the kids, and this owl decor idea is super easy and fun. It is easy enough for kids to make, but also cute enough to use as a decoration throughout the home.

If your kids are mine, they love seeing their creations displayed, and this is one that you won’t mind keeping out on the mantle throughout the winter.

I also love making things the ones on this list of winter crafts to keep the kids busy. So many fun ways to keep them busy. I also love this list of pinecone decorations for winter.

My kids have so much fun making things to share with us and their grandparents. The cold winter days are great for these kinds of activities.

When crafting with the kids, make some of these yummy hot chocolate recipes for the kids to sip. Mine loves having a little crafting party complete with snacks.

How to Dry Out Pine Cones

One of the things you have to do when picking out pinecones to use in this craft is finding the ones that are dried out. That means you want the ones where the cone is opened up already and the seeds have fallen out.

You’ll also want to make sure there are no bugs or insects in them. Of course, this really only applies to the ones you gather yourself the yard.

To dry out pine cones, you can place them on an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet and bake at 200ºF for about 30-minutes. This will help them open up and makes it easy to shake out any seeds or debris inside. Let them cool completely before you start using for crafts.

You can add these cute little pine cone owls next to homemade sock snowmen on your mantle for an adorable winter look. It also looks adorable next to this winter snowman candle.

Supplies Needed

  • Pine cones
  • Orange felt
  • Blue felt
  • White felt
  • Googly eyes
  • Brown pipe cleaner
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to Make Pine Cone Owl Decor

To begin making your pinecone owl, you will start by making the owl wings. Draw or trace a wing shape on the felt, then cut them out.

Now, you can use this as a template for the next one before gluing in place.

Next, cut three little circles of a different color of felt for each wing and attach it with glue.

Add the circles to the wings on both sides.

Now, you will cut out the large blue figure eight to glue the eyes onto.

Attach the eyes, and then a small orange triangle for the nose of the owl.

Glue this in place onto the pinecone to create the owl face.

Lastly, you will cut the pipe cleaner into pieces and assemble legs and feet to then glue in place on the bottom of the pinecone.

Now you can display on your mantle or as a centerpiece.

Printable Step by Step Photo Tutorial:

Prep Time 5 minutes

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 20 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1

  • Pine cones
  • Orange felt
  • Blue felt
  • White felt
  • Googly eyes
  • Brown pipe cleaner
  1. Begin by tracing and cutting 2 white wings felt;
  2. Now, cut out three little circles of blue felt and glue in place onto the wings;
  3. Attach the wings in place on our pine cone, one on each side;
  4. Next, you will cut out a large figure-eight shape on the blue felt to add as a background for the eyes of your owl;
  5. Attach the eyes along with a small triangle of orange felt for the beak/nose of the owl;
  6. Glue this in place onto the pinecone to create the owl face;
  7. Lastly, you will cut the pipe cleaner into pieces and assemble legs and feet to then glue in place on the bottom of the pinecone;
  8. Now you can display on your mantle or as a centerpiece. 

Have fun making these and using different colors of felt to customize your owl.