Cute Upcycled Mason Jar Chicken Vase

Shabby Chic Mason Jars

Cute Upcycled Mason Jar Chicken Vase

Ideal for those, who dream about a shabby chic decor, this snowy white mason jar will be a lovely storage spot for your cookies, herbs, spices or any other kitchen stuff you need.

Pretty-looking traditional rustic style glass jars hand-painted in beige and then distressed. Cuboidal jars differ in height and width. Bodies are adorned with brownish matting of jute – they're tied with cords with attached white faux roses.

Adorned with burlap, this pair of mason jar flower arrangements constitutes a perfect rustic or shabby chic table decoration, perfect for glorious events (weddings or banquets), as well as normal family gatherings.

A nautical take on a set of bathroom organizers made ceramic jars with a blue coat of paint, done in a shabby style. The set consists of five containers of different sizes, perfect for all sorts of bathroom toiletries.

A set of three decorative mason jars made in a vintage style stained ceramic. The mason jars are painted in a pastel coat of blue paint with white lids and are a perfect decoration in a shabby kitchen or a dining room.

Vintage design for a set of three decorative mason jars with floral arrangement on them. The artificial flowers made from silk provide an elegant display which nicely fits in with the pink color of the mason jars.

Vintage look for a set of three country-styled shabby upcycled mason jars covered in a distressed coat of beige paint and fitted with a decorative wicker flower. The jars are used as a candle holder replacement, giving them a handy function.

Pretty height-varied traditional glass jars painted in pastel green with a bit distressed finish. Jars have cuboidal bodies with rounded edges. Two of them have metal caps, one – a pump. Jars are adorned by beige lace and cords with white faux roses.

DIY project for a shabby self-made decorative piece. The piece is made a few pieces of reclaimed wooden planks covered in a distressed coat of white paint with a painted mason jar with some artificial flowers.

Embellished by beautiful rose petals, colored in various cold blue and pink tones, these DIY shabby chic mason jars constitute a perfect proposition for all, who to embellish their kitchen or living room space.

Antique design for a set of four mason jar office organizers, painted in a pastel beige colour with a rope tied around the top. The sides of the organizers are decorated with artificial flowers, providing a cute element.

An old-fashioned approach to a set of kitchen organizers made mason jars with pastel coat of blue and brown paint. The set of mason jars comes with two salt and pepper shakers, providing a nice finish to the set.

A set of vintage, shabby bathroom organizers made old mason jars with a coat of white paint and chic decorations. The combination of ivory white color with faux roses provides a sophisticated and gentle look.

Pretty size-varied rustic style glass jars painted in ivory, green and grey with a distressed finish. They cannot be washed. Jars serve as plant pots or vases, are adorned with stylised convex lettering and ribbons. They look great in a wooden box.

A charming size varied rustic style glass jars painted in ivory. They serve as containers, vases, one as a soap dispenser. Jars feature beautiful 3D silk roses painted red and green, stylised convex lettering, brown lid rings. They should be wiped.

Pretty decorative traditional jars made of glass and painted grey with special enamel. A jar is 5-inch tall, has 2 pints of capacity and can serve as a vase or a storage container. Jars cannot be dishwashed.

A set of three painted mason jars made in a traditional, chic style. The jars are painted in a pastel blue, pink and green colors with a slightly distressed coat which provides them with an unusual, austere appearance.

French style for a set of painted jars meant to be used as kitchen herbs and spices containers. The jars are fitted with old-fashioned, classic decal on the front and are painted with a variety of pastel colors and black on the inside.

A set of five colorful shabby chic mason jars with a simple DIY, self-made idea which anyone can do in under an hour. The jars are fitted with a distressed coat of colorful pastel paint and all have an artificial flower inside of them.

A set of four colorful shabby DIY, self-made mason jars covered in pastel coats of a different shade of pink paint. The mason jars are all polished with sandpaper and have lush artificial flower bouquets inside of them.

Vintage approach to a set of shabby mason jars made in a variety of different shapes and sizes as well as colors. The mason jars are painted in pastel colors with a distressed finish and are all decorated with little ornaments.

Elaborate take on a decorative piece to put up on display on an end table or a curio shelf. The piece is made four painted mason jars with wheat inside of them and a fabric spelling “fall” on the outside of them.

Adorable traditional country style wedding centrepieces. They're created from glass jars hand-painted pink and then distressed with using sandpaper. Jars are cuboidal but have rounded edges. They serve as vases for floral arrangements.

Tasteful traditional rustic style glass jars hand-painted white with special paints and then a bit aged with using sandpaper. Jars are cylindrical and vary in height. Necks are adorned by beige cords with attached pink flowers or buttons.

Charming cottage style glass jars hand-painted in various colours with special paints and then distressed with using sandpaper. Jars have cuboidal bodies with gently rounded corner edges and round necks.

Cool traditional cottage style vases created from glass jars hand-painted in white, brick red and light yellow horizontal stripes with a distressed finish. Necks of these cuboidal jars are adorned with beige or brownish cords tied in loops.

A set of shabby chic mason jars. Painted in lovely, pale purple colour, they will be a vibrant accent in any space, bringing in warmth and cosiness. Can be used as flower vases or storage spots for tea, coffee or cookies.

Finished in snowy white, pale pink, celadon and sky blue, these mason jars provide an ideal example of shabby chic design. Adorned with flowers, they create a perfect proposition for any glorious events.

This set of French painted mason jars constitutes a stylish shabby chic accent for one's decor. Adorned with some retro French inscriptions, they will be a valuable proposition for all vintage lovers.

If you’re looking for a unique addition to your kitchen or a bathroom, take a look at this shabby mason jar with a distressed coat of white paint and a pink ribbon with a gem, perfect for a spices or toiletries holder.

A set of three decorative, self-made mason jars with a white coat of paint and a fabric wrapped around them. The jars are fitted with an arrangement of artificial flowers, made in a realistic fashion colored silk.

Cute shabby chic style vases created from traditional cuboidal clear glass jars with rounded edges. They're hand-painted in pink or white, then a bit distressed with sandpaper and adorned by stylised lettering and stars in grey shades.

This set of DIY shabby chic mason jars enchant with their vibrant painting, offering a colorful embellishment of any kitchen or dining space. From white, through various shades of green and blue, they can work out well as small flower vases.

Peach And Pink White Roses placed in mason jars constitute the perfect embodiment of a shabby chic style. Gentle and glamorous, ideal to embellish one's dining or living room decor.

An easy, inexpensive, yet absolutely adorable DIY project, which will be a perfect adornment for any glorious events, starting from weddings, ending on casual family gatherings. These three shabby chic mason jars delight with their subtle paints.

Attractive traditional cottage style glass jars hand-painted in pink or light blue and then distressed. They're adorned with large grey labels, containing stylised inscriptions and floral motifs in pastel colours, made in a technique of decoupage.

Admirable traditional cottage style glass jars hand-painted in pink with a distressed finish. Jars have cuboidal bodies with rounded edges. Necks are adorned with beige lace, strings of faux pearls, brooches or artificial flowers.

Four pretty rustic style glass jars hand-painted in pastel colours with a finish distressed with using sandpaper. Large black letters on jars create a word FALL. Jars have cuboidal bodies with rounded corner edges and largish lugs.

Cute traditional country style floral arrangements. They're put into cuboidal glass jars with rounded corner edges. Jars are hand-painted in light blue shades and then distressed. A jar neck is wrapped in a cord of natural fibres in brown hues.

A decorative set of three mason jars made in a shabby chic fashion with a vintage tint. The mason jars are covered in pastel coats of green, white and pink paint and are all fitted with artificial flower of varying color.

If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your kitchen with, take a look at this colorful set of vintage, DIY hand-painted mason jars with blue ribbons and blue coats of paint, used as a handy herbs storage.

A set of five homemade mason jars in different sizes, perfect for kitchen toiletries storage. The mason jars are coated in a pastel coat of white paint with dark brown covers and are decorated with artificial flowers.

Shabby chic style for a set of three handmade, fall-themed mason jars, covered in pastel coats of yellow, red and white paint. Each mason jar is fitted with some artificial white roses, providing the display with an elegant finish.

A set of three vintage mason jars fitted with artificial flowers in three vibrant colors. The mason jars are perfect for a decorative display in a living room and are painted with pastel coats of pink, beige and black paint.

A cute shabby chic style vase created from a traditional clear glass jar featuring a cuboidal body with rounded edges. It's hand-painted in blue and distressed with sandpaper. A neck is adorned with using a golden cord.

Pretty shabby chic style containers or vases created from cuboidal clear glass jars with rounded edges. They're hand-painted in pastel beiges, pinks and blues and then distressed with using sandpaper.

A cute shabby chic candle lantern created from a clear glass jar having a cuboidal body with rounded corner edges. Its body is wrapped in beautiful white lace. A neck is adorned by cords in beige hues and a white flower- button.

This 32 oz mason jar served as a base for a beautiful shabby chic metamorphose. If you have a mason jar this, it can be used in endless ways, constituting both the bulb, as well the base of the lamp ( in this case)

This lovely pale pink mason jar constitutes a fabulous shabby chic proposition for all, who want to add some charm and warmth to their dining or living room decor. It will work out perfectly well as a small flower vase.

Bewitching traditional rustic style vases created from glass jars painted in white, beige and oranges with a distressed finish. Cuboidal bodies of jars have rounded edges. Necks are adorned with lace in beige, brown and golden shades.


DIY Easter Chick Mason Jar Vase

Cute Upcycled Mason Jar Chicken Vase

I am getting a jump start on Easter this year by starting to make Easter decor early. Today I am going to show you how to paint a mason jar so it looks a chick.

This little chick is the perfect vase for your Easter tablescape or mantle. Do you remember the DIY recycled Easter bunny vase from a few years ago? See it here.

Well this bunny needed a friend so I decided to make him chick.

Today I am joining up with some of my favorite crafty bloggers to share Easter mason jar crafts. Make sure you stay until the end of the post to see their projects.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Mason Jar
  • Chalk Paint
  • Yellow multi-surface Acrylic Paint
  • Black multi-surface Acrylic Paint
  • White multi-surface Acrylic Paint
  • Various size brushes
  • Twine

The key to painting mason jars is to prime it with a base coat of chalk paint. Even if you’re final design isn’t white believe me using this as a primer will reduce streaks and give a surface for your paint color to adhere to. Let the chalk paint dry completely.

Tip: I put my hand inside the jar and hold the jar up as I am painting. This allows 360 degree access while painting. Also just paint to the edge of the bottom. No need to paint the bottom of the jar. 

Now that the chalk paint is dry grab your yellow acrylic paint and paint the entire mason jar. Let the paint dry completely.

Tip: Try to go in one direction with your brush if you go back and forth too much paint will start to lift and the glass will start to show.

Now I am not much of a free hand painter or drawer but this was not hard at all. Using a smaller detailed brush about a quarter of the way down the jar I painted two small black dots for eyes. I modeled these eyes after the Easter bunny mason jar. I added white dots when the paint was completely dry.

With a similar detail brush and orange paint I painted a rounded triangle for the chicks beak. These three small hand painted elements are easy enough for any skill level and a fun craft to do with your kids.

Once the paint was dry I added twine around the top of the mason jar to make it look a bit more finished than leaving the grooves of the mason jar finished.

Easter signifies the start of Spring and new beginnings which makes me think of daffodils and tulips. I was so excited that my local market had daffodils in already.

My home is starting to feel Spring, even if there is still snow on the ground.

This was the kick in the behind I needed to start pulling out all my Spring decor. Let me know in the comments when you start decorating for Spring. I’d love to know.

I’ve talked so much about this Easter bunny vase I needed to dig him storage. Maybe each year I will have to add on a different mason jar challenge. I wonder how I could do a cute little lamb?!

If you enjoyed this project and want to save it for later make sure you pin it here.

Easter Mason Jar Terrarium from Red Cottage ChroniclesDIY Easter Chick Mason Jar Vase from Weekend CraftDIY Bunny Mason Jar Craft from Michelle James DesignsMason Jar Succulent Planter For Easter from Our Crafty MomPersonalized Easter Gift Idea from Daily DIY LifeBunny and Chick Easter Mason Jars from Creative Ramblings


Cute Upcycled Mason Jar Chicken Vase

Cute Upcycled Mason Jar Chicken Vase

Mason jars are one of my favorite things to use in crafting. This DIY jar chicken vase is so cute! It’s a great addition to Easter decor, easy enough for kids to make, and can be made with any sized jar you have on hand.

DIY Jar Chicken Vase

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I absolutely love flowers. Whether they are fresh flowers or artificial, I adore them. This little mason jar vase is one of my favorite recent craft projects. It’s ideal for Easter, but because it is so simple, it can actually be part of your decor year-round. Just add fresh flowers and you can leave this out on your table for any season!

Crafting with mason jars is an easy way to repurpose and upcycle, but it doesn’t have to be a classic mason jar. You could instead use an empty condiment jar. I save mine from pickles, mayonnaise, and pasta sauce for projects this.

Don’t miss this list of more Easter mason jar crafts and gift ideas. They are definitely one of my favorite items to craft with! You might also want to look over this list of homemade Easter basket ideas.

So many great ways to make a personalized basket for your kids this year. Of course, you can’t leave yourself the list.

Make sure you pick a few of these beautiful Easter wreath ideas to add more beauty to your home this season.

Tips for Painting Inside a Jar

Painting inside a jar is definitely not the easiest option, but it isn’t impossible. My favorite options are using longer paintbrushes, or even foam paintbrushes for things this. Below are some ideas for making the process just a bit easier to manage. Especially with kids.

  • Pour a bit of the paint inside the jar, and swirl it around to begin coating the inside of the jar, then use a foam paintbrush to pull the rest of the paint up the sides to coat the inside.
  • Use spray paint to spray inside the jar for faster coverage that dries quickly.
  • Pour the paint inside the jar, swirl it around, then hang or sit the jar upside down so any excess drips down and the jar.
  • Use a long-handled paintbrush and start at the bottom then slowly paint up the sides. This will usually require 2-3 coats of paint.

Once you’ve mastered painting this fun chicken jar, you can grab more mason jars to make these summery painted fruit drinking jars. They are so gorgeous! Plus, you can grab the paints and dyes, and help your kids use some of these awesome Easter egg decorating ideas while their jars are drying.

What Can This Be Used For?

Obviously this is a great vase for flowers, but that’s not all! Below are just a few of the ideas that come to mind for using this jar.

  • I love the idea of adding this to a kitchen counter to hold kitchen utensils.
  • You can add to the end of a buffet and put plastic forks, spoons, and knives in it for easy access at parties.
  • Add to your desk to store pens and pencils.
  • Put it on your bathroom counter to hold makeup brushes or combs and hairbrushes.
  • Add to your coffee table or side table to hold candy or mints.
  • Use as part of a table centerpiece for Easter.

Add this alongside some of these other great Easter decorations you can make on your own this year. I love personalizing my decor, and easy DIY projects these make that so easy to manage. Make sure you don’t leave out the outside of your home. This list has tons of great ideas for Easter decorations for outdoor spaces to choose from.

How to Make a Jar Chicken Vase

Paint the inside of the mason jar and set is aside to dry.

Once the jar has dried, you will use the black paint pen to draw eyes onto the front of the jar.

Now, use the orange paint pen or paint to draw a small orange triangle for the beak.

Then wrap jute around the rim of the jar as shown and glue in place.

Cut a length of raffia or jute, and tie into a bow to glue in the middle of the jar just below the beak.

You can add a small embellishment a ladybug to the middle if you want.

Fill with flowers and display.

To be able to use this jar repeatedly for holding flowers without worries of the paint chipping, you can simply slip a small plastic cup inside to fill with water for your flowers. Additionally, you can also purchase dishwasher safe Mod Podge to coat the inside of the jar after the paint dries. This will protect it and make it easy to use over and over again.


What Do You Do with Empty Glass Jars? 21 New Ideas

Cute Upcycled Mason Jar Chicken Vase

Crafty folks find glass jars to be a versatile medium to work with in a variety of projects. Glass jars range in a variety of sizes and shapes so you can use them in all sorts of ways around the home and garden. From DIY projects to handcrafted gift ideas, glass jars are an essential element in a crafter’s toolbox.

Here are 25 creative ways to use empty glass jars:

Home and Garden

  1. Tea Light Holders
    Set the mood at your next party by creating tea light holders from empty glass jars and items from your pantry. Fill the jar ¾ of the way with kernels of corn, dried peas or beans your color scheme or party theme. You can also mix a variety of colored beans for a more festive celebration.
  2. Twig Vases
    Create a simple, natural-looking twig vase for your table top. Chose the appropriate size glass jar to serve as your vase. Collect twigs and sticks from the backyard and cut them down to a size just slightly larger than the jar. Pruning shears are a good tool to use for trimming the sticks.

    Using a hot glue gun, start gluing the sticks to the jar in a circular pattern. Once the glue has set, you’ve created a fun and functional vase for your next bouquet or collection of fresh-cut flowers.

  3. Twine-Wrapped Jar Sets
    Twine is an easy-to-use craft staple. Create decorative twine jars in just minutes to hold your pens or favorite flowers.

    Simply apply a strong craft glue suitable for glass crafts and wrap twine around the jar. Start at the top and work your way down. Snip off excess twine at the bottom of the jar upon completion. Create a collection of twine-wrapped jars in a variety of heights to make a stunning centerpiece for your next dinner party.

  4. Hanging Garden Lanterns

    Turn a few empty glass jars into the highlight of your nighttime garden party. Any sized jar will work. All you need is a spool of twine, a pair of scissors, and some knotting skills. Craft a hanging formation from the twine which fits around the glass jar and allows it to hang freely.

    There are several designs you can try, depending on your ability to tie knots. Once the jar is secured with the twine, a small candle can be inserted and used to light up your party. Tie jars in a cluster for a brighter lit area. Jars can be hung from a porch or the tree branches to create a magical scene.

    If you have access to electricity, you can also make hanging lanterns using standard lighting kits. Use the glass jar as a unique cover.

  5. Fabric-Wrapped Jars
    Your favorite fabrics can be incorporated in new ways using some glue and a glass jar. Choose the fabric, the right sized jar, and grab some craft glue and scissors.

    Cut the fabric into strips – any width you choose. Fabric strips should be dipped in glue to cover both sides. Strips can be placed on the jar until completely covered. Allow the fabric-covered jar to dry fully before trimming extra pieces of fabric away. Flameless tea lights can be used inside the jars. The light will produce a soft glow, highlighting your fabric.

    This project is a great way to complement your current décor with your own personal touch.

  6. Emergency Candles

    Empty glass jars can be an essential part of your survival kit. All you need is a bag of soy wax flakes and candle wicks, available at any craft store. Start making your emergency candles by placing your wicks in the glass jars.

    The wax will need to be melted using a double-broiler or a two pot cooking method – using a smaller pot fit inside a larger pot filled with water. Boil the water and add the wax flakes to the smaller pot. Flakes will melt gradually. When fully melted, pour the wax into a spouted container to make filling your candles easier. Center the wicks and allow wax to cool and harden.

    Store candles in a dry, cool place until you need them during a power outage or other emergency.

  7. Word Jars
    Use empty glass jars to create personalized containers for friends or holiday celebrations. Use a bottle of puffy paint to write a name, a special message, or draw a symbol. Allow the puffy paint to dry fully.

    Use a colorful spray paint to cover the outside of the jar and your design. It may take 4 or more coats to ensure color coverage. Be sure to allow paint to dry between coats and for several hours after painting before adding flowers or other festive decorations to the jar.

  8. Marquee Lighting
    Create a unique marquee light for your family wall.

    Paint your initial of choice on a piece of sturdy wood. After paint dries, drill holes in the back of the board several inches a part in the center of the letter. Light spacing will be the measurement of the string of lights you use. Light bulbs will be pressed through the back of the board so they show in the front. Glue glass jars over the bulbs to form your marquee sign.

  9. Oil Lamp
    Old-fashioned oil lamps are still in high style for your outdoor entertaining. They are simple to make and look wonderful when lit. Choose a glass jar with a lid and fill it with lamp oil. Make a hole in the top of the lid and pull the cotton wick through before securing the lid. Let the jar rest for an hour or more so the wick can absorb the oil.

    Light and enjoy.

  10. Natural Room Freshener
    Forget the chemical sprays! Create your own natural room freshener using fresh herbs from the garden and your favorite fruit. Gently boil your choice of herbs and fruit with a small dash of vanilla extract and two quarts of water. Allow the mixture to simmer. Add the cooled mixture to a glass jar with a secure lid.

    You can also use a vented lid to release the fresh smell from the mixture for several days. Replace ingredients as necessary.

  11. Bird Feeder
    Use a small metal chicken feeder attached to a glass jar to create a functional bird feeder for your backyard feathered friends. The jar can be filled with your favorite bird seed.

    The chicken feeder is then attached by screwing it on to the jar. Use knotted twine to create a hanger if you want the feeder to hang from a tree. Not only is the feeder good for the birds, it also adds a classy decoration to your outdoors.

  12. Playful Bubbles

    Bubbles are a staple in every kid’s life. Use empty glass jars to make your own bubble solution. All you need is a jar big enough to hold four cups of hot water, 2 tablespoons of glycerin, and one cup of liquid dish soap. Secure the lid and shake well. Bubble wands can be found on This also makes a great gift for the children in your life.

Fun Foods

  1. Jarred Birthday Cake
    For a new twist on an old classic, serve your next birthday cake in a glass jar. Bake the cake as directed. When cooled, cut circular pieces of cake big enough to fit into the jar. Add one layer of cake then top with icing. Add another cake layer and more frosting.

    Not only will the cake taste extra good, it can also serve as a party decoration.

  2. Powdered Sugar Shaker
    For your Saturday morning French toast breakfasts, add powdered sugar into a glass jar.

    Use a nail to hammer a few holes in the top of the lid and viola – the perfect powdered sugar dispenser without the mess.

  3. Salad Jars

    Use a large sized glass jar to prepare you next salad. Add all of your favorite ingredients into the jar and chill. Bring your favorite dressing along.

    When you are ready to eat, pour in the dressing, replace the lid, and shake.

  4. Herb Garden
    An array of glass jars in various sizes will help you create a lovely herb garden for indoors or out. Fresh herbs cilantro, rosemary, and thyme are easy to grow.

    You’ll wonder how you’ve ever lived without access to fresh herbs for every meal.

  5. Sun Tea
    Sun tea is the perfect summer treat. Select your favorite herbs including mint and chamomile to fill up a jar. Add water and set out in the sun for 6 to 8 hours.

    When the tea is done, strain out the herbs and discard. The tea can be sweetened as desired and served over ice. Sun tea will last in the refrigerator for up to a week – if it lasts that long!


  1. Cupcake Cup Holder
    If your pantry is always strewn with loose cupcake wrapper, try storing them in a glass jar. They will be easy to see and the glass jar storage will help the cups maintain their shape. Bonus tip! Use a glass jar to serve cupcakes at your next gathering or to give out as gifts during the holidays.

  2. Desk Caddy
    Keep your desk neat as a pin with a homemade desk caddy. Mount jars on a sturdy base using clamps. The jars make it easy to store your pens and pencils to keep your desk space organized. This can also be a great way to store painting supplies with convenient access while you are working.
  3. Paint Storage

    When you purchase paint for home projects, you ly will have paint left over. Use airtight glass jars to store the paint. Not only will this storage method protect your paint, it will be easy to tell which colors are inside. For extra convenience, add a label to the jar and note which rooms or projects the paint was used on.

    When it’s time for retouching, you’ll know you’re picking out the right paint colors.

  4. Time Capsule
    For a wonderfully fun project with your entire family, use an empty glass jar to house sentimental items from each member of your family. Add notes, magazine pictures and articles about current events.

    The time capsule can be highly personalized in any way you choose. Be sure to include a note inside the jar listing the time, date, and family members who participated so you’ll remember all of the details in the future. The capsule should be buried in a safe location. Make yourself a note or take a picture of exactly where it is buried.

    Choose the time frame you want to use for retrieving the capsule later on. Whether it’s five or ten years down the road, re-opening the capsule will be an amazing experience.

Crafting with glass jars is easy because there are so many options available. Whether you need small or large-sized jars, can accommodate your order.

Get crafty with our selection of colored jars, glass vials, jugs, and glass bottles. Our large inventory of high quality products is sure to make your next project easy, affordable, and fun.


Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

Cute Upcycled Mason Jar Chicken Vase

Upcycle a mason jar into an affordable and thoughtful gift using supplies you most ly have on hand! This makes a great DIY gift!

This post originally appeared on the blog several years ago and I recreated the project just for fun today!


I am a Lowes Creative Ideas Blogger and each month we are issued a project challenge…should we choose to accept it! For March, we were tasked with showing off Pantone’s Radiant Orchid paint by Valspar. I recently shared with you 3 Tips on Decorating with Radiant Orchid. It’s a BOLD color and it’s definitely not for everyone.

For this project, I wanted to create something in Radiant Orchid that would be easy to replicate, appeal to many, and scream YAY SPRING! I came up with a simple Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase.

I think this would make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift, don’t you? It’s simple enough that kids can do most of the steps themselves with just a little adult supervision.

Press Play for Video Tutorial

To create your picture frame window on your jar, place vinyl or painter’s tape on the area that you don’t want painted. I used my Silhouette machine to cut out a decorative square in black vinyl. There were some gaps in my vinyl, so I filled them with painter’s tape.

If you don’t own a Silhouette, you could create a square using painter’s tape and decorative edge scissors. Paint the outside of the jar and immediately remove your sticker. You do not want to wait until the paint is dry or else it will be difficult to remove your sticker.

Step 2: Cut a picture to size and attach to jar with painter’s tape

I tried out a few different pictures before deciding on the one I d best. I sized my pictures in a Word document and then just printed them off on my laser printer. The painter’s tape allows you to easily change out the picture.

Step 3: “Distress” the lettering on the jar

This is an optional step. I the look of the lettering and pictures on mason jars and wanted it to show more clearly. I took a metal file and scraped off the paint where I wanted the lettering to show.

Here you can see what the back of the jar looks with the paint scraped off of the lettering.

Step 4: Seal the outside of the painted jar with clear spray paint

The paint will easily scrape off of the jar if it is not sealed. To add durability to the paint, spray it with a clear spray paint.

Step 5: Place paper cup inside jar to hold flowers

Your picture will be ruined if you fill the inside of the jar with water. Place a paper cup inside the jar, fill the cup with water, and place your flowers in the cup. I used a foam cup and had to cut off the lip of the cup in order for it to fit but it worked great.

Alternatively, you can place an LED candle inside the jar for a different effect! Enjoy!

You can also fill the jar with epsom salts or a sugar scrub!

Or just fill the jar with your loved one’s favorite candy for a thoughtful and inexpensive gift!

*Note: Some of you are having difficulty finding the right mason jars. Use Golden Harvest mason jars which do not have writing on both sides. Click here for an affiliate link to the jars on Amazon.


15 Cute Ways to Upcycle Glass Bottles, Jars, and Cups

Cute Upcycled Mason Jar Chicken Vase

Everyone knows that recycling your glass bottles, jars, and cups is a good idea, but how many people think about upcycling the occasional glass container instead? You don’t necessarily need to wash the bottle and stash it away from crafting every time you enjoy a beer in your favourite arm chair, but bigger bottles with interesting colours and shapes or jars of a size that you think will be useful are often great DIY opportunities.

Check out these 15 awesome ways to upcycle glass containers of all kinds!

1. Wine bottle pendant lamps

I Love to Create walks you through the process of cleaning, decorating, and wiring an empty win bottle in order to transform it into a practical hanging pendant lamp!

2. Chevron painted pencil holders

It’s amazing how some all-surface paint and a simple pattern can transform a boring old drinking glass into a bright, useful container. The Suburban Mom mom shows you how to create the pattern straight and neatly, without smudging or crooked free drawn lines.

3. Painted mason jar brush holder

Painting a mason jar might not sound a labour intensive DIY project, but Everday Trish still reminds you how useful they can be to upcycle! For example, mason jars are the perfect height for storing makeup brushes easily and accessibly.

4. Decorative drink bottles

Have you ever seen small Starbucks drinks for sale in convenience store fridges? Those little glass bottles are the perfect size for making little decor pieces. The Casual Craftlete shows you how to make them in a number of different styles and looks.

5. Chalkboard message glass jars

Painting a strip or shaped area of chalkboard paint on the front of a glass jar lets you label the jar according to what you put inside. This is a great way to sort craft supplies by size and colour, for example. Check out how it’s done on Ice Pandora.

6. Beer bottle candle holders

It takes patience, care, and a few special tools to cleanly and safely cut the top of a glass bottle off, but if you can manage that carefully, then you can also create these awesomely kitschy candle holders designed by Nur Noch!

7. Drinking glass planters

Sometimes a simple little plan just needs a simple little planter to call its home. A small drinking glass decorated with lace, this one by Mountain Modern Life, looks beautiful as a succulent planter. It gives the plant a much more delicate appearance than, say, a dark terracotta pot.

8. Firefly mason jar lights

Putting string lights into a mason jar might be one of the easiest DIY projects in the books, but Mad in Crafts still shows you the value in making it, just so no one forgets about this pretty lighting technique.

9. Wine bottle marble art

Have you ever seen those beautiful shiny marbles at the dollar store or crafting stores that have one flat side and one rounded? Fresno Beehive suggest those as the perfect method of decorating a glass bottle for our side table or kitchen. Just make sure you use quality glue!

10. Scalloped storage jars

Painting glass is fun, easy to do, and it looks totally chic when you’re finished. Sarah Hearts shoes you how to create this pretty, evenly space scalloped pattern on the surface of your jar.

11. Glass jar map lantern

DIY Candy shows you how to create an upcycled lighting option that will also display your passion for travel to people visiting your home. The finished lanterns look slightly rustic in nature, giving your space a little extra character.

12. Sea glass bowl

Debi’s Design Diary‘s tutorial is a little bit different from the others in the list! Instead of using glass bottles that you’ve saved to make this project, you’ll use broken pieces of glass that have been smoothed out by the tide and washed up within your reach on the beach! The final effect is gorgeous and absolutely worth digging around in the sand for the right pieces.

13. Canning jar and chicken wire lanterns

Are you throwing a rustic wedding celebration complete with cowgirl boots under the dress and dinner in a cleared out barn? These mason jar and chicken wire candles by Sparkle Living Blog will help you establish a stylishly rustic setting that comes off totally chic rather than too casual.

14. Ombre Glitter Glass Magnet

This project is a littler different, but it’s still made from glass and it’s so pretty we couldn’t pass it up. Follow Morena’s Corner to create this absolutely beautiful glitter glass magnet simple glass crafting marbles and glitter! If you don’t need any more magnets, try making your cracked glitter marbles into awesome push pins instead.

15. Wine bottle hummingbird feeder

My So Called Crafty Life walks you through the steps of making your very own hummingbird feeder, which is totally worth it once you start seeing their fast, beautiful wings hovering all around your garden!

Can you think of other upcycled glass projects that didn’t make our list? Tell us about them in the comments section!