DIY Halloween Egg Carton Monster Treat Box

47 Spooky and Fun Halloween Kids Crafts to Enjoy Halloween to the Maximum

DIY Halloween Egg Carton Monster Treat Box

Halloween gets us all in the festive mood, especially with the amazing colors and melancholic beauty of fall surrounding us.

Whether you are a teacher with a classroom packed with rowdy and adorable kids, or a mom looking to spend some creative and fun time with your kids, Halloween gives you a great opportunity! With inspiration from these amazing (and spooky, hic) Halloween kids crafts ideas, you can get kids involved in making DIY Halloween décor, Halloween party invites cards, party posters, trick or treat boxes, Halloween keepsakes etc.

Halloween Kids Crafts: Ways to Upcycle Junk

When you look around your house, you can find so many things that are either just lying there or that you trash/put in the recycle bin! Buttons, yarn, paper cups, plastic container and milk cartons are only a handful of examples of the things you can upcycle with innovative Halloween kids crafts. Plastic cup Halloween spiders, Mason jar Halloween luminaries, toilet paper roll mummy décor, trick or treat containers etc. are some of the upcycled Halloween crafts that you can find in this gallery!

Classic Jack-O-Lanterns and scary pumpkin patches are never getting Halloween fashion, but these days with so many DIY crafts ideas floating around, the list of the décor items you can make with your kids at home is so much longer!

Here’s a sneak peek into that list of popular Halloween kids crafts that are absolutely easy for kids to make:

  • Gingerbread Mummy
  • Plastic Cup Spiders
  • Cotton Ball Ghosts
  • Handprint Dracula
  • Mason jar jack-o-lantern style luminaries

For plenty more ideas these, check out the gallery!

Adorable Witch Hat with Black and Polka Dots Designed Ribbon Via

Amazing Multicolored Painted Showpiece with Two Leaves Via

Appealing Mickey Inspired Delicious Halloween Shake Via

Awesome Pumpkin Basket Showpiece Via

Beautiful Mickey Mouse Club House Character Costume and Makeup for Party Via

Boo Printed Soft Toy for Halloween Via

Centerpiece Created with Lantern Mickey and Ghost Dolls Via

Chocolate with Mickey Design on It Via

Classy Witch Hat Design Door Hanger Created with Paper Via

Cup Cake with Mickey and Pumpkin Shaped Topping Via

Delicious Mickey Inspired Cookie for Halloween Via

Devil Queen Minnie Showpiece for Decoration Standing on Spider Web Design Board Via

Donald Duck Cute Column for Halloween Decoration Via

Dried Leaves and Pumpkins Decorated Table for Halloween Via

Fabulous Mickey and Witch Dolls for Halloween Via

Fantastic Fruits Tray Created for Halloween Dinner Via

Flower Pot Decorated with Mickey Mouse Shaped Paper and Painted Pot Via

Food Decorated with Mickey Face Design for Halloween Via

Hair Accessories Design Amazing Wreath with Ribbon and Pumpkins Via

Kitchen Decorated with Dog Shaped Mug and Black Pumpkin Via

Lip-Smacking Amazing Mickey Shaped Candy Via

Lovely Photo Booth Board Created with Paper and Wood Via

Loving Candy for Kids with Mickey Design Via

Mantel Decorated with Mickey Witch and Lights Via

Mickey Mouse Club House Themed Decorated Cake with Balloons and Mickey Topping Via

Minnie and Mickey Perched in Pumpkin Soft Toys Via

Mummy Mickey Amazing Candies for Halloween Via

Red and Pink Mickey Shaped Dolls Via

Rustic Rack Decorated with Mickey Basket and Flower Pot Via

Shinning Golden Lantern Created with Pumpkin Via

Small and Simple Cookie for Halloween Via

Straw Keeper and Pumpkin with Mickey Design Via

Sugar Skull and Mickey Design Amazing Candies for Kids Via

Superb Centerpiece Created with Mickey Minnie Dolls and Witch Design Via

Table Decorated with Mickey Shaped Lantern Pumpkins and Showpiece Black and Orange Lantern Wreath Via

Tasty Mickey Cake for Kids Via

Unique Disney Halloween Ideas for Costume Via

Wonderful Hall Decorated with Different Style Beautiful Pumpkins Via

Wreath Made with Spider Web Pink Mickey and Colorful Burlap Via

Yummy Halloween Cookie with Mickey Face Design Via

Adorable Halloween Witch DIY Costume for Kids

Awesome Halloween Creatures Buntings for Party

Big Flying Handprint Bats with Cute Googly Eyes- Rubber Paper Halloween Craft Ideas

Citrus Creeps with Orange Peel Jack-O-Lanterns

Collection of Felt and Rubber Sheet Stencils with Halloween Creatures

Cool Monster Masks for Kids Halloween Masquerade Party

Creepy Silhouettes on Marbled Paper that Kids Can Make in Art Class

Cupcake Paper Halloween Ghosts

Cute Plastic Bottle Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Crafts for Kids

Dancing Skeletons Kids DIY Halloween Crafts

Distressing Mummy Halloween Pintata- DIY Trick or Treat Box

Easy Cotton Ball Hanging Ghosts

Eccentric DIY Hanging Monsters Kids Halloween Crafts with Paper Rolls

Fantastic Paper Plate Dracula, Spooky Skull and Other Easy papr Plate Crafts for Kids on Halloween

Frankenstein’s Monster DIY Kids Handprint Halloween Cards

Freakish Spider Web DIY with Icecream Sticks, Twine and Plastic Spider Figurines

Fun Cotton Ball Ghost Halloween Kids DIY

Funky Cardboard and Masking Tape Mummy DIY Kids Craft

Gang of Napkin Ghosts- Kids Craft for Halloween Decor

Ghoulishly Delightful Painted Maple Leaf Ghosts for Halloween Decor

Googly Eyed Mason Jar Mummy Luminaries that kids Can Make

Gorgeous and Easy DIY Witch Hats Garden Decor

Halloween Special Cloth Bags for Gifts

Hauntingly Cute Handprint Halloween Keepsake Ideas

Hilariously Halloween-y Cootie Catchers

Ingenious Container Spiders Treat Box

Innovative Paper Plates and Styrofoam Upcycle DIY Halloween Crafts to Keep Kids Busy and Environment Conscious

Interesting and Beautiful Halloween Kids Crafts

Lovely Variety of Halloween Kids Crafts with Simple Ordinary Things

Macabre Halloween Balloon Decor with Balloons and Twine

Making Gorgeous Pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns with Kids

Monster Castle Poster with Matchboxes- Halloween Party Invites!

Mummified Gingerbread Man

Orange Mason Jar Kids Crafts for Halloween

Plastic Card Monsters with Bright Colors

Plasticine Monster Faces

Pumpkin Patch with Monster Face Pots for Halloween

Scary Lollipop Spider Halloween Treats

Smelly Feet Trick or Trerat Orange Decor with Footprints and Paint!

Superstitous Black Cats with Toilet Paper Rolls

Terrifying Spiders for Halloween Decor

Tiny Egg Carton Monsters Decor

Toddler Halloween Special Coloring Ideas

Unique DIY Maple Leaf Ghosts and Egg Shell Cardboard Bats

Unnervingly Cute Hand Print Dracula

Upclying Milk Cartons for Halloween- Painting Crafts Ideas for Kids

Upcycled Halloween Kids Crafts from Plastic Cup Spider, Plated Spider Web, Styrofoam Batty Bag Decor and Ghost Pouch

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DIY Halloween Egg Carton Monster Treat Box

DIY Halloween Egg Carton Monster Treat Box

This Halloween monster treat box is a perfect craft idea for using to give your kids special treats in a unique way this Halloween. I love that this is a recycled project that has a whole new fun purpose! Egg cartons are plentiful in my house, so this is a great way to use them instead of just creating more waste.

If you want more ideas for how to use those egg cartons, check out these recycled egg carton craft ideas!

Halloween Monster Treat Box

There are so many fun ways to repurpose everyday items in the house. This project for creating monster treat boxes egg cartons was a brilliant craft just in time for Halloween! I had so much fun painting them, adding funny teeth, horns, and eyes. The best part is you can make them unique. Every single one will be a fun monster no other.

Between these Halloween treat bags craft and these little Halloween monster boxes, you’ll have plenty of ways to share candy with your kids and trick or treaters this year.

What is the Best Paint for Making these Monster Treat Boxes?

Since the cardboard on these egg cartons will absorb liquid easily, the best paint is thicker craft paint. That way it won’t seep through the egg carton box and fade.

You could also use spray paint for this craft if you need to do a lot of them in a short amount of time and have a well-ventilated area. Spray paint isn’t my typical choice for crafting, but if you are in a hurry it is a great option. The colors will be more limited, but it can still work for this Halloween monster project.

What type of Candy can I Put in these Halloween Monster Boxes?

Since these egg carton treat boxes are small, you will want to use very small candy. I also prefer using candy that is wrapped for a treat box this. Since you can’t always properly sanitize the cardboard surface on the inside, using wrapped candy is a better option.

Things Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, Sixlets, Chocolate kisses, and similar items are ideal for adding to your Halloween monster treat box.

While they won’t fit into these treat boxes, you will also want to make these Halloween monster cupcakes and Halloween monster cookies on hand to serve for your party.

Supplies for Making Halloween Monster Box

  • Cardboard egg carton
  • Various craft paints
  • Black permanent marker
  • Googly eyes
  • Craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrushes

How to Make a Halloween Monster Treat Box

To begin, gather all of your supplies together in one area so you have everything you need on hand easily while you are working. As always, I will also drape a cloth or put down newspaper on my work surface to keep it free of paint drips.

Take your egg carton and start cutting each cup apart. You will not only separate each cup but the top from the bottom. You will want to cut things carefully so the top and bottom will fit together easily after you are done painting them.

Next, you will begin painting your egg carton boxes. As you paint different colors, make sure you are painting the matching top and bottoms the same color.

Let your egg carton Halloween monster boxes dry completely before you begin decorating the outside of them. Add faces with smiles, crooked teeth, and eyes to make each monster look unique.

I used a black marker to create faces on some and added googly eyes to all of them. Cut out craft paper into triangles to add teeth to some of your monsters.

Rolled cardboard can also be glued to the tops to create horns. Use your imagination to create a fun monster that everyone will love.

Step by Step Photo Tutorial:

Prep Time 5 minutes

Active Time 15 minutes

Additional Time 1 hour

Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $2

  • Cardboard egg carton(s)
  • Craft paint in bright colors
  • Googly eyes
  • Craft paper
  1. Cover your workspace with newspaper or a drop cloth to prevent paint stains;
  2. Gather your supplies so they are easy to access on your work station;
  3. Next, you will use scissors or a craft knife to separate each cup of the egg carton. You will want to make sure that as you separate them from each other, you keep the tops and bottoms that match together;
  4. Your next step is to paint each piece making sure the matching tops and bottoms are painted the same colors;
  5. Set the cartons aside and let them dry thoroughly;
  6. Once your cartons are all dry, you will begin decorating them;
  7. Start by adding googly eyes on each one, and then adding faces with a marker or additional paint;
  8. You can cut craft paper into triangles to attach as teeth each monster. Horns can be created paper and cardboard and added with hot glue on some for variety;


Make DIY Halloween Treat Boxes using Paper Rolls | Easy Kids Craft

DIY Halloween Egg Carton Monster Treat Box

Halloween just isn't complete without a little Trick or Treat. Although the kids love playing tricks on my husband and I, they were really excited to make this halloween craft, because it involved CANDY!  Halloween treat boxes to be exact.

Best of all, we made them using items we had around the house. How about that for being cost-effective and cute? From a candy corn, to a ghost to frankenstein, these halloween treat boxes turned out amazing. We're sure they'll look adorable as you pass them out to teachers, friends OR display on your party table.

In terms of simplicity, this is probably one of the easiest halloween crafts we've ever done. However, the temptation of knowing a delicious surprise existed inside those boxes drove the kids crazy. Probably more so because they selected the candy themselves. We embraced their enthusiasm and watched them discuss and determine what treats would be inside the boxes.

Although we used bulk candy in our tutorial, you'll probably want to stuff yours with packaged candy or even a small toy! 

So, if you're looking for a fun halloween craft to try with kids, this one is for you!

• Paper rolls – from paper towels or toilet paper rolls• Acrylic paint• Wrapped candy or small toy

• Stapler


STEP 1:  Select your candy or small toy. Next, determine which of the halloween treat boxes you'd to make and gather the appropriate paints. For example:

Frankenstein Candy Box – Green, Black & White Acrylic Paints
Ghost Candy Box –  White & Black Acrylic Paints
Candy Corn Treat Box –  Orange, Yellow, White & Black Acrylic Paints.

Now, we'll be focusing on the frankenstein treat boxes in this post, but the video details step by step painting instructions for the ghost and candy corn treat boxes. Regardless of which design you choose, the techniques to assemble and stuff the rolls are the same. 

 Start by cutting a paper towel roll in half or use empty toilet paper rolls. Paint the entire roll green and let dry.

STEP 3:  Now, give Frankenstein some hair! To do this, dip your paint brush in black paint and stroke the brush up about a third of the way on the paper roll. This works even better if you use a paint brush that is frayed or has tough bristles. If you paint with kids regularly you know what I mean


28 DIY Halloween Party Favors

DIY Halloween Egg Carton Monster Treat Box

If you're having a Halloween party, giving your guests party favors can be a great way to make it memorable. These gifts are easy and cheap to make, and many of them can also be handed out to trick or treaters, given to friends or coworkers, or made into classroom gifts for your kid's class.

Fringed Treat Bag

This fringy and fun treat bag from The Crafted Sparrow is a great gift for people of all ages.

Monster Eyeball Keychains

Keychains make a great gift, especially these monstrously spooky ones from One Artsy Mama.

Colorful Jack O' Lantern Treat Bags

Halloween doesn't always have to be scary. These goody bags from The Sweetest Occasion add a fun and colorful touch to Halloween.

Halloween Crunch

Kids are going to be eating lots of candy this Halloween, give them something with a little more substance with this mix from Smart Schoolhouse.

Monster Slime

What kid (and adult, if we're being honest) doesn't love slime? This glittery monster slime from Eighteen 25 will keep everyone entertained this Halloween.

Halloween Treat Boxes

Treat boxes are a unique and exciting way to serve candy, especially these monster boxes from Tried and True.

Monster Cookie Kit

Give your party guests a gift that is both a treat and an activity with this cookie making kit from Old Time Pottery. 

Pumpkin Treat Bag

This treat bag from I Heart Nap Time is adorable and easy to make for a fun way to give out candy this Halloween.

Glow Stick Brooms

Glow sticks are a great way to make sure your kids stay lit up and safe on the dark night of Halloween. Give out this fun gift from One Little Project to make sure every kid has one!

Bat Treat Bag

This treat bag from Eighteen 25 is perfect for Halloween and can hold any kinds of candy you want to give away.

Hairy Eyeball Ring

These rings from Silly Pearl are fun and spooky all at once. They will be an excellent accessory with all kinds of Halloween costumes!

Apothecary Pin

Give your guests an accessory that they will love to wear with this pin from Consumer Crafts.

Pumpkin Box

Opening one of these pumpkin boxes from Oh Happy Day is opening an easter egg or breaking a pinata. Your guests will be excited to see what's inside.

Monster Eye Necklace

Tell your loved ones how you feel about them in a creepy Halloween way with this Eye Love You necklace from Tried and True.

Candy Filled Pumpkin Favors

These candy favors from Evermine are easy to make but make Halloween candy so much more fun to eat.

Witches Broomstick Treat Bag

You can use this paper treat bag from Lolly Jane to give out candy or to hold you kid's lunch. It can serve many purposes

Cranberry Vodka and Coffin Gift Box

This gift from Evermine might not be kid friendly, but it will be a treat that your adult guests are sure to love!

Fang Gift Bags

These candy bags from Make and Tell are the treat that bites back, perfect for all your favorite vampires.

Candy Corn Sugar Scrub

Help your loved ones feel rejuvenated this Halloween with this sugar scrub from Smart Schoolhouse.

Pumpkin Party Favors

These gift bags from So Festive are incredibly easy to make and add a new layer of fun you Halloween candy.

Monster Earrings

These monster earrings from Eighteen 25 are cute and fun, perfect for Halloween, but they would still look great during the rest of the year.

Festive Treat Bags

These treat bags from Paper & Stitch are a much more fun way to serve candy than boring candy wrappers.

Test Tube Treats

Test tubes are a creepy way to serve Halloween candy. These ones from DIY Candy will make your guests feel they're snacking on dangerous chemicals.

Candy Corn Treat Bag

Candy corn is such an iconic Halloween candy. Bring them into your party with these treat bags from The Country Chic Cottage.

Candy Filled Pumpkin Balloons

This guide from Moms and Munchkins shows you how to put candy inside balloons. Popping the balloons to get the candy out is having your own personal pinata.

Build a Monster Kit

This monster building kit from The Idea Room is a great way to entertain kids at Halloween parties and after Halloween is over.

Skull Pin

These skull pins from Tried and True are so easy to make in just a few short steps, but they look they've taken time and care to put together.

Bat Treat Bag

The bats will be out all night on Halloween, bring them into your home with these treat bags from Say Yes.


13 Spooky and Creative DIY Halloween Classroom Treat Bag Ideas

DIY Halloween Egg Carton Monster Treat Box

Halloween is the best for kids. The best! Which means that your kiddos' schools are going to be throwing some super fun Halloween parties. What's so super special is that after the party is over, it's Halloween AND the weekend. Could it get any better than that?

Your little one might be more concerned with what happens when they get home from school, but part of the fun of Halloween is sharing the excitement with their classmates and teachers. Also, it's pretty cool to not be learning for a few hours.

Get your child excited about the celebration by making some fun, Halloween-themed treat bags for all of his or her classmates.

You'll look a super mom and no one will ever have to know that it only took you a couple of bucks and a few extra minutes in front of the TV.

Whether you're planning on joining in the festivities at your little one's school or sending some Halloween treats off to school to share with their friends, we've collected some of our favorite creative, budget-friendly treat bag ideas. Some involve candy and treats, and some involve fun activities.

Halloween Glove Treat Bags

These Halloween glove treat bags are the perfect balance of creepy and creative, and the older kids in elementary school will probably love them. Fill them with anything from gumballs or M&M's to peanuts and chocolate chips. Just make sure what you put in first (where the fingernails should be) are different colors.

Abeer from Cake Whiz uses non-latex gloves (the kind that aren't totally see-through), decorative ribbon, and candy for this budget-friendly Halloween treat craft.

Get the rest of the tutorial here.

Witch's Broom Treat Bags

Credit: Two Crafting Sisters

We have to tip our witch's hat off to the Two Crafting Sisters…this treat bag idea is creative! Make some of these for your kid's classmates and it will look you did much more work than what actually went into making them.

All you need are two brown paper bags per student, some decorative ribbon (or twine), and a branch. Cut one of the bags into shreds (while keeping the base together) and wrap it around the other bag that's still intact.

Super cute and easy, right? Plus, it's affordable.

Get the rest of this super creative tutorial here.

Halloween Glow Stick Gifts

Credit: Ladybug's Teacher Files

In some districts around the country, schools don't allow kids to bring treat bags for their classmates, even though it's been proven that candy tampering is more of a myth than a threat. Better safe than sorry, we guess.

Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files is a teacher herself, so we're betting that her Halloween Glow Stick Gift would pass the threat test.

Her treat alternative idea was putting together some cute neon glowsticks to help light the way for children when they're trick-or-treating at night.

Teachers have a knack for making cute crafts without breaking the bank or breaking their backs. Thank goodness for the teachers in the world.

Get the details of this cute idea here.

Monster Slime Kit

Here's another non-edible treat you can give your little one's classmates, and it's a craft that they can do at home. Your kid's classmates' parents will thank you.

Using Elmer's glue, some glitter, and a little bit of Borax (how versatile is that stuff?!), kids can make their own monster slime. Just don't forget the how-to card that goes along with the gift. It's included as a download in the tutorial.

Check out how Kim put her kit together here.

Credit: The Country Chic Cottage

Who doesn't love cookie or cake pops? This is a great last-minute treat for your kids' classroom. Angie from the Country Chic Cottage has done it again with these super-easy monster classroom Halloween treats.

Grab some sandwich-style cookies (if you want to save money, go store-brand…they'll never know the difference) and dip them into some colored candy melts. Add candy eyes (or white candy melts with chocolate chips on top) and wrap them up!

Get the super easy tutorial here.

Friendly Ghost Treat Bags

These googly-eyed ghost bags are easy and versatile. Grab some plain, white paper bags and some different sized googly eyes for a cute and friendly treat bag perfect for the little ones who might be scared of the creepier aspects of Halloween (ie fake blood and severed body parts).

Get the scoop on these ghastly bags here.

Eyeball Goodie Bags

Credit: Paper Plate and Plane

Here's another great gift bag idea for when you're short on time. Jeromina from Paper Plate and Plane provides you with three downloadable templates (in all 3 colors) so you can print the eyeballs out. Each 11×11 design can hold up to 7 pieces of mini sized candy bars.

Simply print out the designs, place your candy and treats in the center, and twist the corners together. Super creepy. We think it could be done even better if you tied the ends off with a decorating ribbon and a tag that says, “Here's Lookin' At You!” or something equally (or more) punny.

Get the tutorial here!

Spooky S'more Kit

Credit: Chica Circle

If we've learned anything from Pinterest, it's that s'mores aren't seasonal. If they were in the past, too bad. Pinterest made them year-round snacks. Pauline from Chica Circle managed to find some ghost Peeps and decided to make some adorable Halloween S'more kits.

Gather up your s'mores ingredients and some small plastic bags and start stuffing. When you're done, staple some tags on the tops of them and send them off! You can download the super cute printable labels on the blog.

Get the tutorial (and printable) here!

Brains In a Jar

This Halloween classroom treat favor is probably best suited for older kids. We think it would probably be a huge hit with 2nd-4th grade boys. The look of itmight creep you out, but it's actually a deconstructed cake in a jar.

Kristen Roland made these adorable (and disgusting) brains in a jar crafts for Living Locurto by layering cake, icing, and jam in a mason jar. The cake goes on the bottom, jam in the middle, and piped icing on top. The piped icing really takes the cake on this craft.

Get the tutorial here.

Monster Treat Bags (With Monster Coloring Books)

Credit: Jennifer McGuire Ink

These monster bags are so easy and fun to make. Jennifer from Jennifer McGuire Ink went the extra mile and customized every bag with a student's name.

Jennifer added circle punches for the spots and eyes, a pompom ball for the nose, and a curled up piece of cardstock for the tongue. Inside of the bags, she included DIY coloring journals as well as some stamps and ink.

Get the rest of the tutorial and more cute pictures here!

Ghostly Grub

Tauni from Snap Creativity combined all of the best Halloween candy (candy corn M&M's, anyone?) with unflavored popcorn to make this delicious “Ghostly Grub” to send off with her kids on Halloween.

Put the Ghostly Grub in some bags, or translucent white boxes Tauni did. The combination of melted chocolate, candy, and popcorn is sure to be a hit at your kids' school.

Get the recipe and tutorial here!

Witch's Finger Treat

Credit: The Country Chic Cottage

These things might look gross, but they're actually delicious and perfect for your older kid's classmates. Angie from The Country Chic Cottage gives a tutorial on how to make the witch's fingers, along with the box they go in. You can always customize your own box or bag, though.

To make these witch's fingers, Angie used pretzel rods and green candy melts for the finger and sliced almonds for the fingernail. For the box, she used a personal-sized popcorn box, spray-painted it white, and added “Boo!” and some decorative ribbon.

Get the full, creepy tutorial here.

Tissue Box Monster Treat Boxes

These adorable monster tissue boxes were initially made to be “tattle boxes” for when one of Mariah from Giggles and Galore's kids wanted to tell a tattle, but we think they could also make great treat boxes for a classroom or kid's birthday party.

Mariah made these monster boxes using recycled tissue boxes and egg cartons as well as some paint, foam board, and googly eyes.Get the full tutorial here.

Now you've got a bunch of killer ideas on how to make treat bags to hold the kids Halloween candy.

The next trick is how to moderate kids candy intake. The way to get results will probably surprise you. 😉


15 Egg Carton Crafts – TGIF

DIY Halloween Egg Carton Monster Treat Box

Whether you’re on a farm or in the big city, you are bound to have a egg carton in your home that you can now use with your grandchildren to make some fun egg carton crafts! We have gathered 15Egg Carton Crafts that are cute, simple, and fun to help with entertaining when your Grands come over this weekend! Not only will you have a blast with these creations, but you also will be saving the world through recycling and some of these ideas you can make educational too! Join in for some “egg-citing” fun with these egg carton ideas listed right here!

1.) Help your grandkids make these little Egg Carton Dinosaurs by Kid Things stomp our roar! These are the cutest, friendliest, and colorful dinosaurs you may have ever seen!

2.)  This creative Egg Carton Butterfly Garland by I Heart Arts N Crafts is perfect to hang and add a decorative touch to any room in the house.  Perfect way to welcome Spring!

3.) Check out these easy-to-do Little Chick Egg Carton Craft by Ezebreezy! Bet you wouldn’t mind these little cute chicks chirping around the house!

4.) There’s nothing scary about these Egg Carton Monster Treat Holders by The Craft Train! Unless you eat the treat inside there egg carton tummy!

5.) Celebrate any season with this colorful Egg Carton Flower Wreath by Kiwi Mag Online. Great indoor out outdoor decorative addition!

5.) You don’t usually allow your grandkids to bring bugs into the house, but there’s a exception for these Colorful Spiders from Egg Cartons by Krokotak.

6.) Most flowers won’t last through the winter, but these will! So will the memories you make when you create these Egg Carton Tulips by Carefree Crafts!

7.) Turn your life into a masquerade show with these fun and colorful Egg Carton Masks by Pickle Bums!

8.) Most of your Grandkids will know about Thomas the Train! Create your own little Tommy with this Egg Carton Train by the Craft Train.

9.) It’s always fun to do a treasure hunt! Create a Egg Carton Treasure Box by Red Ted Art and fill it with something fun to find!

10.) Take the Grandkids anywhere around the world with these Egg Carton Mini Copters by The Craft Train. Paris anyone?!

11.) Catch a wave while the warm weather lasts with these adorable Egg Carton Whales by I Heart Craft Things.

12.) It’s been said that ladybugs bring good luck! Try your luck with these Egg Carton Lady Bugs by Planet Forward.

13.) Let’s go to the Zoo and eat Panda’s do! Create a Egg Box Panda by A Patchwork life along with her other zoo animals!

14.) Here is a beautiful inside or outside decorative addition to your home. Enjoy the sounds of Spring with these Egg Carton Chimes by Artbar Blog.

15.) We are all “googly-eyed” over these fun and colorful Egg Carton Craft-Funny Monsters by Munchkintime.

Hope you enjoy these Egg Carton Ideas! We are “Egg” static to share them with you!


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This witch-themed decorative Halloween wreath is dressed to thrill and so much fun to make! Hang it on your front […]

Turn plastic forks and a spoon into a whimsical skeleton. Easy and fun for all ages and great for Halloween.

Craft adorable paper plate candy corn game pieces and then watch as children have fun playing an educational counting game! […]

Make carving your jack-o’-lantern easy and fun this Halloween with these pop culture pumpkin carving stencils. Choose from family favorites […]

These fun yard lights are made from recycled plastic milk jugs and paint. Get creative and light up the yard […]

Turn an apple into Frankenstein’s monster this Halloween. It’s a fun treat that kids will love!

Need a simple craft idea for Halloween? This is perfect for little ones and takes almost no time at all.

Use plastic bread tags and paint to create these fun Halloween monsters! They’re a great way to close goodie bags […]

Have a spook-tactular time making these egg carton bats with your kids this Halloween. It’s a fun and easy craft […]

Kids will love these Dracula pancakes! They are made with chocolate and regular pancake mix.

This Frankenstein Pesto Pizza is so charming that he’s almost too cute to eat…but who can resist pizza? What a […]

These spooky cat cookies, complete with candy corn eyes, will be the cat’s meow on your Halloween table. They’re lots […]

Make fun designs and pictures using construction paper, bubble wrap and paint. A fun Halloween activity the kids will love!

These little green witch cookies are so easy to make and look so cute. They start with store bought sugar […]

Turn ordinary Popsicle sticks into a cute craft for kiddos with these Pumpkin Popsicle Stick Door Hangers. A fun and easy […]

These bats are adorable and hold a candy surprise inside. Any child would love to make (or receive!) these for […]

Turn empty, recycled cereal boxes into fun and kooky monsters using construction paper and a glue stick! A fun craft […]

Turn a purchased cup of treats into an adorable pumpkin using decoupage techniques and catalog pages. A great craft for […]

This cute coffin box is perfect way to gift spooky treats for Halloween. It’s easy with the printable templates.

Even the youngest of crafter can help make these hanging Halloween ghosts. They’re inexpensive to make and really help get […]

These spooky little bats aren’t looking to bite into you, they’re waiting for you to bite into them! They’re great […]

Decorate your mantle this Halloween with this super easy candy corn banner. It starts with paper plates and colored paper […]

This no-bake treat is adorable, comes together quickly, and tastes good, too! It adds charm to any Halloween table.

These beautiful black cats are simple to make and create a stunning display when combined. Perfect for “C Week”, Halloween, […]

Turn glass jars into mummified candle holders to provide mood lighting for your Halloween visitors. This is a fun and […]

Dress up your Halloween with 3 dimensional paper pumpkin decorations. These pumpkins are simple to make – all you need […]

Using your child’s foot, some paint and paper scraps, you can make this adorable witch this Halloween!

All dressed up and ready to hold your party treats, these monster bags will work perfectly for a Halloween party […]

Yummy edible spiders made from crisp rice cereal and marshmallows. A fun Halloween treat.

Make this glittery spiderweb to get your home all ready for Halloween! A fun craft the kids will love to […]

Make a fun Halloween game using egg cartons and golf balls. It’s perfect for a classroom project or a neighborhood […]

These toothy pumpkins are so cute and each is one of a kind! Simple instructions will have your kids creating […]

These spooky spiders are easy to make, inexpensive, and completely mess-free… the perfect project for a Halloween party or get-together. […]

Make adorable monsters using recycled canning lids and colorful paper! These would make fun wearable pins or magnets too.