Beautiful Handmade Paper Flowers (Video Tutorial) | Easy Paper Craft

Beautiful Handmade Paper Roses Tutorial

Beautiful Handmade Paper Flowers (Video Tutorial) | Easy Paper Craft
handmade paper roses | Source

Don't go out and buy expensive paper flower embellishments. Do what I do and make them yourself! I love making handmade paper roses.

With the vast selection of gorgeous papers to choose from, you can come up with many different looks. Maybe you aren't the crafty type but that is okay.

These paper roses are super easy, much easier than you may think and once you get the hang of it, you will be making tons of them in no time!

Here are a few ideas about things you can embellish using your handmade paper roses:

  • chunky greeting cards
  • scrapbook layouts
  • decorating canvas
  • make wreaths
  • topiaries
  • embellish clothespins
  • garlands
  • shadow boxes

Supplies for handmade paper roses | Source

  • Cardstock
  • Flower Paper Punch with 5 or 6 petals
  • Skewer or something else similar
  • Glue gun or another fast drying glue
  • Scissors – optional for distressing or petal shaping

Select whatever card stock you want to use for your roses and then punch five flower shapes the card stock.

If you don't have a flower shaped punch, you can use scissors to cut out five flower shapes, just make sure they are all the same size and shape with at least 5 petals.

At this point, I to distress the edges of each of my flower shapes. I do this by taking my small scissors and scraping one of the blades around all the edges of the flower.

It just makes the edges of the paper a bit thicker and gives the finished rose a little bit of a distressed look. This is completely optional, so if you prefer, you can move on to the next step.

Your rose will still look fabulous!

distressed edges vs plain edges | SourceSource

Now it's time to form the rose. Take one of the flower shapes and put the tip of the skewer in the center of one of the petals with the point right in the middle of the flower and then wrap the petal around the skewer so that it bends into a sort of U shape.

Then repeat with all the petals. Once you have all the petals done, take 2 petals opposite each other and bend them into each other and glue in place. Then glue the rest of the petals up against the 2 center petals. See the illustrations below.

This will be the center of your rose!

Curl the petals around the skewer.Pull 2 opposite petals up, add some hot glue and join them together.After you glue together the first 2 petals, it will look this. Then bend up another petal and glue it. Keep doing this until all petals are folded up and adhered. All finished. This is the center of your paper rose.

Take another flower shape and use the skewer to curl the side of each petal inward and make sure it's the same side on each petal. This will be the second layer to your rose.

If you are using textured paper be sure to curl the textured side of the paper on this step.

Now take another punched flower and use the skewer to curl the petal inward on one side. Repeat with each petal.

Now you have 3 more flower shapes left. Pick one up and take the skewer and use it to curl the sides of each petal under. Make sure to curl the same side on each petal.

If you are using textured paper, be sure to have the textured side up when curling the sides of each petal under.

Now with the last remaining flower shapes, curl one side of each petal under with the skewer.

Okay, now you are ready to build your rose! First, take the first shape that you formed into the center piece and put a dot of glue on the bottom and stick it on top of the next shape you did, where you curled each petal inward and then fold the petals upward and around the center. You will see the rose starting to form.

Now what you have left is the three flower shapes that you curled each petal under. Take one of those and put a dot of glue on the center and glue it onto the bottom of the rose, making sure the petals are curled under and then fold the petals upward slightly.

For the last two shapes, do the very same thing (glue under and fold up slightly) and be sure to keep staggering the petals so that the rose will be nice and full!

Glue the middle of the rose you formed onto the 2nd flower shape that you curled inward. Fold the 2nd flower shape up around the middleNow you have three left, take one and glue it (curled side of petals pointing down just in photo) under the first 2. This is what it should look after you have glued the 3rd one under. Now, fold each of the petals upward.Now glue another one under, curled side facing down, making sure to alternate the petals. Glue the last one under (curled sides facing down) making sure to alternate with the petals already glued on and viola! Your beautiful handmade rose is finished.SourceSourceSourceSource

If you want more of a shabby or tattered look to your rose, you can cut jagged edges on the tips of each petal before curling and putting the rose together. I have also cut very small scallops and zig zags on the tip of each petal and each one looks a little different when the rose is all finished. Have fun and experiment with it.. find the look that you .

Now you have made a gorgeous paper rose and how easy was that?!


Easy 3D Paper Flowers for Spring – Red Ted Art – Make crafting with kids easy & fun

Beautiful Handmade Paper Flowers (Video Tutorial) | Easy Paper Craft

Time for some great 3d Paper Flowers! We love paper crafts and we love all things SPRING! Today, we bring together our passion for paper crafts and flowers together, to creat these easy 3d paper flowers for spring!

I love the Spring colours and the shape of these lovely 3d Paper Flowers, I hope you do too! We have lots more great Flower Crafts to browse on Red Ted Art, as well as a great collection of further homemade Paper Flowers. Do hop over and take a look at these too!

New Paper Crafts for Kids Book

This oh so popular project features in our new Paper Craft Projects for Kids book:

Check out the free gifts for the fist 100 pre-orders! I think you will them!!


DIY Giant Paper Flowers Tutorial

Beautiful Handmade Paper Flowers (Video Tutorial) | Easy Paper Craft


I have been known to survive on dry shampoo and diet cokes.

And I often pretend I don’t notice when my kids eat off the floor.

Heck, sometimes I even pick it up and give it to them myself.

The reality is, I’m not the most elegant, formal, refined gal around… But the paper flower wall I made for my daughter’s new nursery has me feeling pearls, heels, and champagne all the time.

A friend asked me the other day at the carpool line at school what I’d been working on in the nursery lately, and when I showed her a snapshot of the flowers, she immediately asked when she could come over and bring wine and learn how to make some. So while she may still receive a personal workshop, I thought the rest of you might be interested, too.


How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers in 10 Easy Steps

Beautiful Handmade Paper Flowers (Video Tutorial) | Easy Paper Craft

Tissue paper flowers are an easy-to-make craft that's perfect for a variety of holidays and occasions.

School-age kids will particularly love this craft because it allows them to create decor that can be used and admired.

The materials required are easy to find and kids can use their growing dexterity to help trim and pull out the tissues to make a whole bouquet of these beautiful flowers.


To make a single stemmed flower you will need:

  • 3 sheets (12-by-6-inch sheets or larger) of colored tissue paper
  • 1 sheet of green cardstock paper or construction paper
  • 1 green chenille stem/pipe cleaners
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


  • Take the tissue paper its package, stack three sheets on top of one another, line them up, and cut into 12-by-6-inch sheets. (For larger flowers, use bigger sheets and cut to your desired size).
  • Once cut to size, be sure your sheets of tissue paper are stacked and lined up once again before you begin folding your tissue paper.
  • Start with the shorter side (in this case, the 6-inch side) and make a 1-inch fold to start off an accordion fold.

If you are making several of these flowers, lay multiple tissue paper sheets on top of one another at the same time before cutting to size (at least six to 12 sheets is ideal).


  • Once you have made a 1-inch fold in your stacked tissue paper edge, turn your tissue paper stack over for the next fold, then turn it back for the fold after that.
  • Keep folding and turning over the paper until you have an accordion-style narrow strip of tissue paper.


  • Take your scissors and trim the ends of the stacked tissue paper strip so that you have a rounded edge. This will help your tissue paper petals have a rounded appearance, the petals of a real peony, when you unfold the flower later.
  • Be sure to trim both ends of your folded tissue paper stack.


  1. To ensure the stem is centered, fold the tissue strip in half and place the green pipe cleaner or chenille stem at the fold.
  2. Loop the “stem” around the middle of the folded tissue paper strip.
  3. Twist the pipe cleaner onto itself to hold the tissue paper strip in place.


  • Starting on one side, begin opening up the tissue paper folds you made.
  • Be sure to pull apart the folds evenly from both ends.


  • Gently separate the tissue paper sheets to unfold the petals of your flower. It will quickly begin to look a beautiful blossom.

Very young children may have a hard time with this part, so you may want to do this step and then have your child fluff the petals once you are done. But even if it doesn't look perfect, it will still be pretty, and your child will love showing off her flower.


Having green leaves lends the blossoms even more of a realistic look.

  • Make a 2-inch fold in a piece of green cardstock or construction paper.
  • Draw leaves on the folded edge. If you used 12-by-6-inch tissue paper for the flower, the leaves should be at least 4 inches long and about an inch at their widest point.
  • Cut out the leaves.


  • Glue one or two leaves to the stem of each blossom, placing them wherever you and your child decide they look best.


Once you have made a few tissue paper flowers, you can arrange them in a vase or give them as gifts for Valentine's Day, Easter, or any other special (or “just because”) occasion.

Thanks for your feedback!

What are your concerns?


28 Fun Paper Flower Projects You Will Love

Beautiful Handmade Paper Flowers (Video Tutorial) | Easy Paper Craft

  • Caylin HarrisThese oversized flowers make beautiful wall decor or even pretty centerpieces! Make a bunch to create a collage or photo backdrop for your next party.
  • Lovely IndeedPhoto backdrops for parties seem to be all the rage these days. Make some colorful tissue paper flowers and attach them artistically on a wall. Brightly colored paper flowers will add a “pop” to your pictures without costing a lot of money for photo props or backgrounds. This beautiful paper floral backdrop would be an excellent party decoration for a wedding or shower. Or put the flowers on your walls at home to just brighten up your living spaces! 
  • Caylin HarrisTissue paper flowers are super easy to make and look delightful when arranged in a metal watering can. The bright colors will lift your spirits when the weather is cold or gloomy. Make some cheery upbeat paper flowers to brighten your home today!
  • Craftberry BushThese paper peonies are the most beautiful you'll ever find. The peonies are made from white crepe paper and painted with watercolors, resulting in lovely delicate paper flowers that look almost real. Don't skip this project.Make several and welcome Spring into your home this year with a lovely peony arrangement. It will look stunning and add a fresh look to your home decor. Continue to 5 of 28 below.
  • Muslin and MerlotDid you know that you can craft stunning paper flowers from paper plates? This tutorial teaches how to make higher quality paper flowers the most basic products. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have beautiful party decorations. All you need is paint, paper and a little bit of craftiness, as this project proves.These flowers would look stunning as a photo backdrop for your next event—no one will ever guess that the blossoms had such humble beginnings.
  • Lia GriffithLearn how to make freesias and welcome Spring back again! This floral craft is a Lia Griffith design, and her other projects, it is gorgeous. She states that this is one of the more time-consuming paper flowers she offers, but promises the end results are worth the time and effort. They are ideal for decorating your home this spring. 
  • Happy Hour ProjectsBigger is better! Have some fun making giant crepe paper flowers to decorate your home, party or just for enjoyment with your children. They make lovely photo props and will add pops of color to your pictures.Younger children will building these giant beauties then posing for pictures with them.  Make your family photo portrait special with these unusual photo props and enjoy the memories for years to come!
  • Ash and CraftsThis paper flower craft project works well as either home decor or as a photo backdrop. Don't let the picture above fool you! The flowers may look small, but they are actually a full 12 inches in size. These beauties look especially elegant when made from pastel-colored paper. Continue to 9 of 28 below.
  • Homemade GingerMost wreaths are circular, so it is quite refreshing to see this colorful square-shaped tissue paper flower wreath. Pretty and bright, its appearance clearly says “Welcome Spring.” This wreath would work very well as an Easter holiday decoration.Square Paper Flower Wreath from Homemade Ginger
  • Elegance and EnchantmentSometimespPaper flowers are produced from unexpected sources. Would you believe these are made from cupcake liners? The fluted ridges of the liners add just the right amount of texture making these flowers pop. This project is a perfect paper flower craft to make with your children. Guaranteed!
  • Dream a Little BiggerMake your guests feel special at your next dinner party or party with these paper flower votives that add ambiance to your table when illuminated. And no need to worry about fire hazards: the paper flowers are wrapped around electronic tea lights, so they are very safe. No need to worry about fire hazards.
  • Lia GriffithThis beautiful wedding bouquet is a hybrid, with both real and paper floral elements. Adding some crepe paper flowers is a clever way to save a little bit of the cost while still maintaining an upscale look.  You really can't tell the difference unless you take a very close look. What a clever way to save on your wedding budget. Continue to 13 of 28 below.
  • Country MastersThese lovely purple crepe paper flowers are just the thing to welcome warmer weather after a long winter. Although the instructions are in Russian, the pictures demonstrating the construction techniques are quite easy to follow. The average crafter shouldn't have any problems making this paper flower craft, even if the tutorial is in another language.
  • Sneak PeakWisterias are all-time favorite flowers. These stunning paper versions would be lovely as wedding decor. Can't you just imagine the bride and groom making their vows underneath these paper beauties?
  • Paper & StitchMake some paper flowers and use them as hair accessories. Why not? They look quite nice when you placed them into braided hair or apply as a crown when you have your hair in an updo. The style is bohemian and looks best on younger women. So pretty!
  • Nichol SpohrSunflowers make a statement that summer is here—beautiful when arranged in a vase and placed on your kitchen table. Every time you look at them, you will smile and your spirits will be lifted. Continue to 17 of 28 below.
  • thehousethatlarsbuilt.comAlthough this particular papercraft is not a flower but a plant, the paper philodendron craft nonetheless is still quite lovely. It is a perfect faux plant for a dark corner where nothing can grow. Give your home a fresh look with some simulated greenery.
  • Rita ShehanAnemone flowers are traditionally used in wedding decor, but these beautiful paper flowers are suitable for any occasion. Throw together a few of these paper lovelies for some color that won't fade.
  • Canary StreetPaper flowers can look almost the real thing, or they can be as unique as you want. It all depends on your imagination and the type of paper you use to construct your flowers. The very best thing about paper flowers is that you will never have to water them. Gotta love that! 
  • Printable CrushInstructions for this red rose project includes templates for the flowers—make some of these for your next party! These flowers are cleverly attached to a wall with Command Poster Strips that will minimize wall damage. Continue to 21 of 28 below.
  • The House That Lars BuiltPresents are so exciting when you take the time and effort to wrap them beautifully. Elegant packaging can make a simple gift look much, much more. The tissue paper gift toppers look dramatic when placed on top of dark wrapping paper, with matching ribbon. These paper flowers are guaranteed to put a smile on the gift recipients face.
  • Torie JaynePeonies are always a sign of early summer. These delicately colored peony flowers look stunning. They will remind you of long, lazy summer days, visiting with friends and lemonade. Simply beautiful!
  • Vitamini HandmadeThis black paper poppy craft was originally designed as a Halloween craft, but is fabulous at any time of the year! The flower and vase are simple in design and are a beautiful example of the “less is more”  principle.
  • Vitamini HandmadeWelcome spring into your home with crepe paper magnolias. The flowers are glued to an actual branch, which adds a touch of realism to the project. Arrange them in a vase, and enjoy! Continue to 25 of 28 below.
  • Lia GriffithPaper crafter extraordinaire Lia Griffith designed these magnificent magnolias. Paper magnolias have never looked more beautiful. Make sure to read the comments section underneath the tutorial for Lisa's paper source suggestions. The right type of paper helps turn paper flowers from ordinary to ones that are “Oh, so special!”.
  • Lia GriffithSucculents are very trendy right now. They seem to be everywhere! This project shows just how easy it is to make paper versions of these plants. The project also includes beautiful photos showing examples of several lovely arrangements made from four plant designs.
  • Rita ShehanMake these stunning paper flowers from ordinary kraft paper to lend an organic feel to your home decor. This project is an intermediary level that may not be suitable for beginners. The flowers do take some time and effort to produce, but you will certainly be happy with the results. The paper flowers are striking and look lovely in a vase in groups of three.
  • Rita ShehanDaisies have always been the favorite flower for many people, ideal for simple bouquets but also fabulous for weddings, baby showers, and bridal party decor. This sweet flower is so versatile!Make some paper daisies for your party or home decoration, and enjoy their beauty for a long time to come!


Beautiful Handmade Paper Flowers (Video Tutorial)

Beautiful Handmade Paper Flowers (Video Tutorial) | Easy Paper Craft

Aside from cheesecake, I believe flowers may actually be my one true love.

These handmade paper flowers, well, they are stunning and so easy to make! Easy enough most kids could do them, and pretty enough you’ll leave them out to decorate year-round.

Just what I want when I sit down for a simple project on a weekend! Grab your colorful paper and follow my tutorial to make some of your own.

Handmade Paper Flowers

While I love a freshly cut flower, I’m no snob when it comes to something pretty. These paper flowers are definitely a pretty addition to any room. I’ve used these for a number of projects over the years, but just by themselves, I find them positively lovely.

If your kids are good at cutting and folding, then this is definitely a paper project they can create. I always love it when I can get my sons involved with crafting.

Seeing their creations come to life is almost as much fun as doing it myself. A simple paper flower is one of the first things I taught them to create.

They loved being able to make one for me and surprise me by placing it on my desk.

I’m no stranger to making paper flowers. In fact, I’ve made probably, thousands, in my lifetime. These decorative paper flowers are another take on cutting and rolling or folding paper into a flower. I’ve even made homemade pom pom flowers bouquets. So easy, beautiful, and fun to make!

What’s the Best Paper for Making Flowers

For this fun flower, you can use truly any paper except for tissue paper. I have some tissue paper flowers if you want to try that project instead, but I prefer a craft paper for this idea. Cardstock is a bit heavy but can be used if it is all you have on hand. I used basic colored craft paper and my sons always used construction paper.

For a different look, you could pick up some patterned scrapbook paper to use for this idea. It wouldn’t have a natural look, but would still be a great choice for making them look unique. I especially love the idea of using colored papers for adding these to gifts!

Paper isn’t the only thing to make flowers with! I recently made these painted upcycled paper roll flowers, and a few months ago made orange flowers. Creativity is all that is missing if you want to make flowers. There are tons of ways including these beautiful fabric flowers!

How Can I Use These?

It would probably be easier to say how you can’t use them. They are truly one of the most versatile paper flowers I have made. Since they only need paper and glue to create, you can make them any time and anywhere. Plus, they are easy to add to a number of projects. Below are a few ways I would use these flowers.

  • Attach in place of a bow on gifts.
  • Glue onto a wreath frame to create a multi-colored flower wreath. This floral wreath is a fun idea to get you started.
  • Add to a length of floral wire and create a bouquet to display in a vase.
  • Glue to a basic napkin ring for a fun flower addition to a dinner table. They are great to go along with these napkin folding techniques.
  • Place on a serving tray with artificial greenery as a bright flower centerpiece. You could even use this easy upcycled picture frame tray!
  • Glue to a barrette for a simple hair accessory (probably only use a few times, but still pretty).
  • Drop on top of glass beads in a large glass vase or jar for a centerpiece.

Supplies Needed

  • Colored paper (I chose pink)
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Pen

How to Make Handmade Paper Flowers

Using a round bowl or cookie cutter, trace circles onto your pink craft paper. You will need 10-12 circles about 3″ across for this project.

Cut out the circles and set them aside.

Now, you will take a paper circle, and fold it in half.

Fold it in half again.

Then fold in half one more time.

Now, use your pen to trace a pattern around the rounded edge. I added little “v” shapes.

Cut along the pattern removing bits of paper around the edges to create a flower slightly pointed edge pattern all around the circle.

Repeat this process on all of the circles.

Now, take one circle, and unfold it. You will then use a pencil, tweezer, or knife to “crimp” around the edge going back and forth with the folds so that it has a rippled effect.

Lay this piece onto your work surface, then begin gluing the other folded pieces onto it.

Unfold each paper piece and glue into the center of the one before it as shown.

Add one final folded piece to the very center, and fluff the pieces as desired.

Glue on a gift, attach to a wreath, or simply share as part of a centerpiece.

Video Tutorial:

If you prefer, you can use a cutting machine a Cricut, or even a specialty round paper cutter to cut out your circles. This may save some time if you plan to make a large number of these flowers.

Feel free to mix and match colored paper within the same flower for a verigated look. This definitely adds more life to your flowers. Especially when using a darker tone paper on bottom layers and a lighter color on top.

Since I make so many paper projects this, I always grab my multi-colored craft paper from AdornIt on sale. They have amazing paper collections with tons of patterns and colors that I can’t find elsewhere at the affordable price.

If you aren’t currently shopping for paper, I recommend signing up for their email newsletters that announce sales.

For the kids, I always grab construction paper in bulk on Dollar Tree online. Easy and affordable right to my doorstep.


How to make GORGEOUS paper flowers | 20 DIY flower tutorials

Beautiful Handmade Paper Flowers (Video Tutorial) | Easy Paper Craft

In today’s post: These DIY paper flowers are exquisite! Find 20 tutorials that will teach you how to make paper flowers.

Every time I drive up to my house I sigh just a little. My neighbors have gorgeous flowers out in their yards – pots and plants and bushes – while I have seven hundred bikes, trikes, and scooters scattered across my yard.

I’m not so good with flowers – you actually have to pay attention to them occasionally and give them water and all. I think I’ve killed every houseplant I’ve ever owned. So I love the idea of flowers made from paper – and I can’t believe how gorgeous and realistic many of them look.

Plus I gotta say I really the fact that these beautiful blooms that will stay pretty for years with no extra effort required.

I’ve gathered up 20 of my favorite DIY paper flower tutorials here. We have easy paper flowers (so easy you could make them with your kids!), giant paper flowers, paper flower templates, and more. You can use these paper creations to decorate your home or as heartfelt gifts. Many of them are perfect for weddings as well!

How to Make Paper Flowers

All of the paper flower tutorials that I link to below are made with paper. Some use normal printer paper or colored cardstock, while others use different types of paper such as crepe paper, tissue paper, or even coffee filters. I’ve noted below what materials each flower tutorial uses, as well as which ones come with printable templates.

***As always with roundups, please click through to the original post to pin individual photos. If you’d to pin the collage up top to remember where to find all these ideas in one place, that’s just fine!***

Giant Paper Flowers

1. Studio DIY has a great tutorial for making giant crepe paper roses using a template available from Martha Stewart. They are so pretty and the large size just makes them stunning.

2. These large paper flowers from Hey Let’s Make Stuff come with a printable template and a cutting file so you can cut by hand or using a Silhouette. You can make them using cardstock from your local craft store, which means you’ll have tons of color options.

3. Decorate a wall or window with giant paper flowers The Craft Patch did. She uses a variety of colors to make four different flower types in all different sizes for a stunning display. These flowers can be made with standard cardstock, and her post includes printable templates.

4. This giant alora rose from Burlap and Blue is made with standard cardstock which can be spray painted for a more dimensional look. The printable template does cost a few dollars, but the post includes multiple step by step photos and the finished flower is stunning!

Printable Paper Flower Templates

5. Would you ever imagine you could make a wedding bouquet from paper flowers? Well, that’s exactly what The House That Lars Built has done, and it’s exquisite! You’ll use crepe paper to create this beautiful bunch of blooms, which is easier to make than it looks thanks for a printable template.

6. Here’s another beautiful paper flower from The House That Lars Built: a delicate paper narcissus. the wedding bouquet, this flower is also made with crepe paper and comes with a printable template.

7. Lia Griffith may be the queen of paper flowers! She has many different flower tutorials on her site and almost all come with printable templates and fantastic step by step photo instructions. This paper gardenia can be made from standard size white or colored paper and makes a lovely gift topper.

8. Another beauty from Lia Griffith are these paper Lisianthus blooms. Make them using whatever color of crepe paper you best along with her printable template and cutting files.

Paper Roses

9. For a detailed step by step tutorial for paper roses, visit Capitol Romance. These roses are made using standard printer paper, but you could also use book paper, sheet music, wrapping paper, etc.

10. If you prefer a printable template, check out these paper roses from It’s Always Autumn. The template is designed for standard printer paper and comes in five different colors so you can craft a beautiful bouquet. Plus having a template makes these easier to create than other paper rose tutorials!

11. This paper rose from We Lived Happily Ever After is incredibly realistic looking – the process is a little more involved than some of the other tutorials but the results are stunning. She cuts petals from crepe paper and then colors them with paint + water.

12. For super easy paper roses, use a Silhouette cut file! These pretty persimmon paper roses from Simply Kelly Designs are easy to make using standard cardstock.

Easy DIY Paper Flowers

13. These modern rolled flowers from The Casual Craftlete can be made with standard size cardstock in any color you choose. The spiral design looks super easy and fast enough that you’ll be able to make a whole bouquet. These are a great option if you’d to make paper flowers with your kids.

14. These cute DIY polka flowers from Lia Griffiths via Skip To My Lou are also very easy to make. Because they are made from cupcake liners you’ll be able to make them in a variety of colors and patterns.

15. Two Shades of Pink shares a video tutorial for these flowers made from coffee filters. They turn out very pretty and you can make them in any color you’d . Plus you can find packages of coffee filters at the dollar store, so these are very inexpensive to make, as well as being easy to put together!

16. These paper spider mums from Live Laugh Rowe use a simple fringe + roll technique which will be easy enough for kids to learn to make! This is another paper flower you can make using standard size colored paper.

Tissue Paper Flowers

17. These flowers from We Can Make Anything are made with tissue paper, which is easy to find in a variety of colors and very affordable. Moving gifs make this tutorial super easy to follow!

18. Find even more info about tissue paper flowers, visit this tutorial from The Craft Patch. You’ll learn what size tissue paper to start with for different size flowers, as well as how to cut the tissue paper to give your flowers a unique look.

19. It’s hard to believe these paper poppies from Lia Griffith are made from tissue paper! Hint – they get their pretty variegated color from bleach. The post includes clear step by step directions and photos.

20. I love the unexpected color combination in this simple paper flower by Simple As That. Instead of full sheets of tissue paper, this flower is made from a roll of crepe paper streamers, which are also inexpensive and easy to find in a variety of colors.