Cute Carrot and Egg Easter Garland Tutorial

40 Adorable Outdoor Easter Decorations You Can DIY on a Budget

Cute Carrot and Egg Easter Garland Tutorial

From adorable wreaths for your front door to pretty decorated flower pots to line your walkway, there are dozens of outdoor Easter decorations for 2020 that are both easy and affordable to make.

Whether you’re hosting an Easter egg scavenger hunt or inviting your friends and family over for a backyard brunch on Easter Sunday, sprucing up your space with some cute Easter outdoor decorations will make your home feel so much more festive and fun.

In the weeks leading up to Easter, which falls on April 12th this year, transform your yard into a scene Peter Cottontail would be proud of with these 40 adorable DIY outdoor Easter decorations that are sure to put a spring in your step—without draining your energy or your wallet in the process! From large outdoor Easter decorations to the best outdoor Easter decor, check out some inspo!

40 Outdoor Easter Decorations

1. Washi Tape Eggs

Dying Easter eggs can be such a hassle! So when you’re hoping to display a whole basketful by your front door, this DIY idea is a much easier solution. Apply strips of washi tape to the outside of your hardboiled eggs in any design you for a colorful, 5-minute DIY outdoor Easter decor idea that has just the same amount of impact—if not more!

2. Chalk Bunny Paw Prints

Using sidewalk chalk, draw oversized bunny-shaped paw prints in different colors along your home’s front walkway. Outline each one in white chalk to really make them pop!

3. Easter Bunny Flower Pots

Hot-glue cardstock bunny ears onto a white flower pot and draw on a cute bunny face using pink and black paint pens. Attach an oversized white pompom tail to the back and show it off on your front porch for everybunny to see!

4. Egg-ceptional Place Settings

To add a little flair to your outdoor table setting, take a pastel craft egg and adorn them with each guest’s first initial. Place them according to seating arrangements.

5. Burlap Easter Bunnies

Transform an old burlap bag into an adorable DIY stuffed bunny you can hang by the front door. Don’t forget to accessorize it with a pompom tail and patterned bow for some extra flair.

6. Colorful Easter Sticky-Note Wreath

Have your family members and closest friends write sweet Easter-themed wishes onto pastel-colored sticky notes and stick them onto a cardboard ring to make a sentimental outdoor Easter wreath that’s full of sweet sayings and sentiments.

7. Paint Chip Egg Banner

Gather free paint chip strips from your local hardware store and cut them into the shape of an Easter egg. Punch a hole at the top of each and string them into a colorful, low-cost Easter garland you can hang outside.

8. Bloom On

Recycle an old apple picking basket and fill it with wet floral foam, plastic wrap, and bunches of spring flowers. Fill negative space with wheat or cat grass.

9. Backyard Peeps Bunny Wreath

Unwrap a few boxes of Peeps in assorted colors and Easter shapes and let them dry out for 72 hours until they harden. Then, attach them to a Styrofoam wreath base using toothpicks for a super sweet outdoor Easter decoration idea.

10. Flower-Filled Lantern

Rather than filling your favorite outdoor lantern with candles, stuff it with flowers (fresh or faux) for a chic springtime look. Top off this DIY outdoor Easter decor idea by weaving in some battery-powered fairy lights for an even more whimsical feel.

11. Colorful Candleholders

Transform your leftover broken dyed eggshells into something that will give your backyard some glow. Simply take the broken shell and place a tea light inside.

12. Easter Egg Mason Jar Planters

Using craft or acrylic paint, decorate small Mason Jars in fun springtime colors and Easter egg designs. Fill with soil and seeds and watch your favorite plants bloom!

13. DIY Easter Egg String Lights

Bust into your Christmas decorations and find your favorite string lights. Measure the lightbulb and find a drill bit in the same size. Grab a bag of plastic eggs and, using your drill and your new drill bit, make a small hole in the center. The eggs should fit snugly making this a quick outdoor decoration!

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14. Ribbon-Covered Eggs

Find a piece of foam at your local craft store and carve it into an egg shape. Hot glue your favorite springtime ribbons on top until the egg is covered. Then, tie a bow on top to complete the look of this easy outdoor Easter egg decor.

15. Easter Embroidery Frame

To make embroidery flowers, hot glue pastel-colored paper doilies to a screen mesh. Then, hot glue the screen to a fitting frame. Hang on the front porch for a rustic country feel.

16. Bunny Bottom Flower Pot

Take a large dark-colored cotton pom pom and hot glue it to a terracotta flower pot. Add a smaller white pom pom to the center of the dark-colored one. Cut out some bunny feet using construction paper and hot glue them on either side of the bottom of the dark-colored pom pom.

17. Easter Egg Tree

Take the plastic eggs your kids find at the Easter egg hunt and hang them with string for an instant holiday tradition. Top it off with a pair of felt rabbit ears!

18. Easter Egg Piñata

Make your own DIY Easter egg-shaped piñata! Blow up a ballon and cover it with newspaper dipped in a mixture of Elmer’s glue and water to make the base of your paper mâché piñata. Cut a hole in the bottom once dry and fill it with Easter candy before you finish decorating the exterior with fringed tissue paper or paint.

19. DIY Chalkboard Eggs

Coat some plastic eggs with black chalkboard paint. Write hopeful sayings and doodle cute Easter drawings to give them a fun effect.

20. Painted Easter Rocks

Collect some smooth stones and transform them with some pastel-colored paint. Write inspirational messages or some fun Easter puns!

21. Easter Rain Boots

Take an old pair of rain boots and stuff them with Easter accessories, Easter grass and plastic eggs—or even a classy bunch of fresh tulips!

22. DIY Floral Boxes

Pick some of your favorite flowers from your backyard or create them with construction paper. Next, hot glue to the center of a small gift box. Fill the box with chocolate eggs for a sweet surprise. Perfect for an outdoor setting!

23. Easter Bunny Balloons

Blow up white balloons and cut bunny ears and nose white and pink cardstock. Glue ears on top of the balloon and nose in the center for an instant conversation starter!

24. Reclaimed Wood Easter Sign

All you need for this fun and easy decoration is a piece of reclaimed wood, stencils, chalk, and paint! Space out the words “Happy Easter” on the piece of wood, trace the letter with chalk and paint over in your favorite pastel color.

25. Easter Egg Balloons

Blow up some pastel or neon-colored balloons to your desired size. Next, turn it upside down so the knot of the balloon is facing up. Next, take some paint and design the balloon with classic Easter prints.

26. Flower Pot Gumball Machine

Take a flowerpot and turn it upside down. Next, take an old candy jar and hot glue it to the bottom of the flowerpot. Make sure the opening of the candy jar is front-facing. Next, take the top of the candy jar and hot glue it to the top to finish off the classic gumball machine look. Fill with Easter goodies or fresh flowers.

27. Rustic Metal Easter Signs

Take some corrugated metal and a jig or circular saw (remember to wear protection!) and cut into a carrot or egg shape. Decorate with brightly colored spray paint!

28. Bunny Tail Bunting

Cut a bunny’s silhouette white cardstock. Take some pom-poms and cleverly place it on the bunny to create a bushy tail. Glue the finished bunnies to a piece of string.

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29. Egg-ceptional Wreath

Take an egg carton and cut it into groups of 4. Then, paint white and arrange into a circle. Fill with flowers, candy, or eggs!

30. Eggshell Planters

Fill half an eggshell with soil and a succulent. Place in egg carton or scatter them in your outdoor garden for a little spring joy.

31. Easter Egg Flower Box

Fill an indoor or outdoor flower box with plastic grass. Add decorated eggs for a little holiday touch.

32. Eggshell Garland

Hollow out the eggs and crack off the top. Then, hot glue ribbon to either side of the egg. Fill with wet floral foam and press in a few small flowers.

33. Polka-Dot Pots

Paint terra-cotta planters in different shades of pastel. Then, ask your kids to decorate them with polka dots using sidewalk chalk. Plant wheat grass or cat grass seeds and wait a week to ten days. When fully bloomed, add lilies and colored eggs for a sweet Easter surprise.

34. Umbrella Wreath

Take an old umbrella and overfill it with artificial or natural tulips. At the base of the umbrella, tie a matching colored ribbon.

35. Pinecone Flowers

Find the prettiest pinecones in your backyard and ask the kids to help you turn them in peonies. Place them on your runner on your outdoor table setting!

36. Mini Egg Tree

Grab a styrofoam ball and hot glue mini plastic eggs until the ball is covered. Stick a crafting stick at the bottom and stick in a flower pot full of fake moss and clay.

37. Bunny Sign

Take a stencil of a bunny’s silhouette and place it on a piece of reclaimed wood. Next, hold the stencil down with a glass and spray paint the wood with your favorite spring color, making sure to cover the area around and over the stencil. Remove it for a cute bunny backdrop for your favorite Easter quote and hang it in your garden.

38. Colorful Garden Eggs

Add a little whimsy fun to your garden with these colorful wooden Easter eggs! Trace an egg over a piece of cardboard or cardstock, cut it out, and decorate it with fun colors. Hot glue it to wooden stakes and add to your backyard for a little springtime fun!

39. Easter Chick Mailbox

Stick a few of those miniature chenille Easter chicks to the top of your mailbox to give your mailman—and any observant passerby—a smile!

40. DIY Fabric Carrot Garland

Use scraps of leftover orange fabric filled with stuffing to make an adorable carrot garland to hang above your front door! Top each off with faux grass or a bundle of green yarn to look the carrots’ stems.

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Cute Carrot and Egg Easter Garland Tutorial

Cute Carrot and Egg Easter Garland Tutorial

One of my favorite things to do for holidays is to hang a garland or bunting from the mantle. This carrot and egg Easter garland is a favorite since it is so easy to make. In fact, this is an excellent kids Easter craft.

All you need is paper, twine, and a stapler to get this started. This can be made with your favorite colors or a special Easter-themed paper.

Carrot and Egg Easter Garland

The first things that come to mind when I think of Easter are bunnies and eggs. What’s reminiscent of a bunny? The classic carrot we think they eat, of course!

So, while I wasn’t sure I could easily make a bunny shape, I knew I could use this idea to create both egg and carrot shapes, and thus a simple paper garland was born.

This is a perfect Easter kids craft as it is mostly cutting and stapling. It’s ideal for helping them with cutting skills, and of course, following directions. Even though my kids are older now, I never skip a chance to reinforce those skills they need on a daily basis.

Your kids will also love this fun yarn eggs craft, easy craft stick chickens, and of course, my personal favorite, the craft stick bunnies.

Can I Make This All Carrots?

You sure can! I’ve made this same garland with all carrot shapes, all egg shapes, and as shown, a combination of both. Do what works better for you and your decorating needs. If carrots are preferred, you can even make the colors a bit more prominent.

I love picking up custom scrapbook papers for holidays, but those solid scrapbook pages in different shades of orange could be a great way to make this a truly unique and rustic looking garland. Plus, what’s not to love about that crunchy veggie?

What’s better to serve while crafting a carrot Easter garland than these carrot cookies? They are so delicious and easy to make, but if cookies aren’t your thing, you might prefer these double chocolate carrot cupcakes instead.

If you have extra paper after this craft, you can let them make these cute Easter cards for kids. So much fun to create and everyone loves receiving them.

How Do I Keep the Paper Strips Even Sizes?

Ultimately, I recommend always using a paper cutter for the evenest cuts. In fact, I cannot say how much I love my Swingline paper cutter. It’s a bit pricier than some, but the result is worth the investment.

It never fails to give me precise even cuts, and that is a must with some of my crafts.

If you don’t have a paper cutter to use, then place your paper onto a cutting mat, and use a ruler to create lines. Then you can use scissors or a craft knife to cut the paper in even strips.

For those who don’t have either option, I suggest using a fan folding method on the paper to get even measurements, then just cut along the folded lines.

While this may not be as precise, it is an easy method that gives overall good results. And if you want to keep folding paper, you can make this adorable paper bird kids craft. So easy and super fun for kids!

How do You Fold Paper Garland for Storage?

I spend so much time making things that I often forget about what to do after the holiday is over. For this garland, you can simply throw it away or recycle the paper if you wanted, but I prefer to reuse items year after year.

Below are a few of my favorite ideas for storing paper garland that is easy to damage.

  • Hang hooks or pegs in your garage, attack, or basement to hang the end of garland onto for easy storage hanging up. I love this peg board and use this set of pegboard hooks and baskets for projects this.
  • Gently roll around a piece of cardboard or a holiday light holder and place inside a craft storage box.
  • Fold or roll and slip inside a large Ziploc bag or a large envelope and store it in a plastic bin.

If you need more storage ideas, check out this list of space saving storage ideas for every room. Tons of ways to tuck items away for later without creating clutter.

How to Make an Easter Garland

Using a paper cutter, cut the paper into even strips.

Now you will take the pink or patterned craft paper, and fold it in half, then roll the ends inward toward each other and staple together.

Now, fold the green paper strips in two, then doubled over to create a stem.

Attach the stem to the egg shape.

Next, you will fold the orange paper in half, then fold the ends inward forming a heart shape.

Staple the heart shape in place, then attach a stem with the stapler.

Now, you will use a hole punch and add a hole through each of the stems.

Thread the twine or ribbon through the stems, and hang on your mantle.

This technique of rolling the paper reminds me of a lot of paper quilling. Rolling and folding paper to create unique designs is a great papercraft. I learned everything I know about quilling from this great class on Bluprint called Quilled & Sculpted Cards. Check it out and use those techniques to make this garland even more beautiful!

Active Time 10 minutes

Total Time 10 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1

  • Green, orange, and pink patterned scrapbook paper
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter
  1. Choose how many eggs and carrots you will be making, then use your paper cutter to cut a strip of paper for each one.;
  2. Now, you will cut a strip of the green paper for each carrot or egg;
  3. Take one strip of paper, and fold it in half first, then roll the open ends inward forming a heart shape stapling the ends together;
  4. Now, fold the green paper strips in two, then doubled over to create a stem;
  5. Attach the stem to top side of the egg shape leaving the rolled pieces on the bottom and the folded end on top;
  6. Next, you will fold the orange paper in half, then fold the ends inward forming a heart shape and pressing the folded end tight to form a point for the carrot;
  7. Attach the open ends together into a heart shape with the stapler, then attach the green stem within the fold of the heart using a stapler;
  8. Using the hole punch, you will add a hole in the center of the stems of each of your carrots or eggs;
  9. Now, you will thread your twine or ribbon through the holes in the stems, and hang on your mantle or doorway as desired.

Use different colors of scrapbook paper to create a unique look. They can be patterned, solid, or even odd colors not normally found in carrots or Easter eggs.

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Cute DIY Easter Decoration Ideas for Home

Cute Carrot and Egg Easter Garland Tutorial

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Get inspired by over 50 cute DIY Easter decoration ideas for home. 

With spring rain and blooming flowers, comes one of my favorite holidays… Easter.  I love all that Easter represents and all the beautiful and vibrant ways you can decorate during this time of year.

I also love getting inspiration from other creative bloggers so I thought I’d do a roundup of some of my favorite DIY Easter decoration ideas for the home.  So, get ready to get bombarded with beautiful and cute Easter decorations that will make you smile and hopefully get you inspired to make your own.

Simply click on the purple text above each picture to be taken to the tutorial from the blogger.  If you’d to save this list of ideas for later, hover over the top left corner of the image below and PIN It now.

DIY Easter Signs and Wall Art

Make some adorable DIY Easter decor signs with chalk paint and spare wood.

Make a happy Easter DIY decor sign from Home Crafts by Ali.

Such a fun Easter egg specimen art sign from A Glimpse Inside.

I’m a little in love with this Easter bunny craft lace bunny sign from Cutesy Crafts.

I love these painted bunny blocks from I Should Be Mopping the Floor.

Such a cute Easter egg wood sign from Adventures of a DIY Mom.

The Quiet Grove will show you how to make a DIY embossed bunny silhouette sign.

Make a fun and creative Easter bunny mirror with items from the 99 Cent Store from Jennifer Priest.

Use your Cricut to make a sparkly bunny trail sign from Kiss My Tulle.

Life Sew Savory makes adorable quilted Easter decor.

Doesn’t get much easier than printing out this cute Easter print bundle pack from Mama Cheaps and putting it in a frame.

Make an outside moss covered bunny door hanger from Where the Smiles Have Been.

Or you can make easy DIY Easter burlap door hangers from The Little Frugal House.

DIY Easter Wreaths

Make a cute bunny wreath from Simplicity in the South.

Display a cute carrot Easter wreath from That’s What Che Said.

Artsy Fartsy Mama is a woman after my own glittered heart with this DIY glittered Easter egg wreath.

Such a simple and beautiful DIY Easter wreath from Sustain My Craft Habit.

Make a beautiful DIY tulip wreath from The How to Mom.

Or if yellow is more of your color, learn how to make a forsythia wreath from Crafts by Amanda.

If you are a fan of Peeps, you can make a DIY Easter Peeps wreath from Honey and Lime.

If you’re a burlap fan I am, then you’ll love this burlap bunny hoop wreath from Julie Measures.

You can use candy to make a jelly bean Easter wreath from DIY Party Mom.

Make an easy carrot spring wreath from The Country Chic Cottage.

DIY Easter Garland

Another fun way to use Peeps…  a Peeps garland would add a pop of color from Dukes and Duchess.

Make DIY Easter egg garland yarn from Jenny at Mommy Evolution.

Swoodson Says teaches you how to make felt bunny bunting with the Cricut Maker.

Another adorable Easter Bunny banner from Morena’s Corner.

DIY Easter Egg Ideas

Paint dollar tree plastic eggs into pretty Easter eggs to make them more elegant.

Add some elegance to your Easter decor with these pretty elegant egg Spring decor from FrugElegance. 

Or make beautiful faux robins eggs from The V Spot.

Make decoupaged neutral Easter eggs from Such the Spot.

Use Dollar Store items to make cute glitter and burlap eggs from The Crafty Blog Stalker.

Another fun way to decorate Easter eggs is to make frosted glitter Easter eggs from California Unlimited.

Here is a great idea for kids.  Make cute DIY mermaid eggs from Jennifer Perkins.

Make your own Easter egg candles from Creative Green Living.

Make some colorful decorative floral Easter eggs from Giggles Galore.

DIY Easter Table Decorations

Such an elegant natural tablescape with More Moss DIY Easter napkin rings from Legally Crafty.

Another fun way to use moss bunnies is to make DIY moss covered succulent bunnies from Family Spice.

Make a beautiful wooden cross Easter decoration and Christ-centered Easter napkin rings to display the true meaning of Easter.

Here’s another cute carrot patch Easter table setting with free printables from Elva M Design.

Easy Candy Centerpiece from Mama Cheaps

Love these colorful Easter egg wineglass DIY from Ann’s Entitled Life.

Jelly Bean Jar DIY from Mission to Save

Randi at Dukes and Duchess has the tutorial for these adorable wood veneer bunny napkin ring holders.

You can always make these cute clay Easter bunny napkin rings from Our Crafty Mom.

Make a no-sew stuffed Easter bunny from Jennifer Perkins

DIY Cute Easter Bouquets

Make a beautiful Martha Stewart Inspired Easter basket from Our Crafty Mom.

The Inspiration Vault shows you how to make a beautiful Dollar Tree Egg Bouquet

Another great Dollar Store mini Easter egg topiary decoration from Intelligent Domestications.

Here is a cute idea for an Easter egg bouquet from Down Redbud Drive.

Fun Easter Crafts to Make with Kids

Learn how to make a bunny with dollar store glass bowls and glitter to make a cute night light or table decoration.

Make a cute no-sew sock Easter bunny from Ann’s Entitled Life.

These are super cute and festive Easter Tea Towel Pillows from The Inspiration Vault.

This is a super cute no-sew burlap Easter bunny pillow from This Ole Mom.

Have the kids make a tissue paper bunny topiary from Cindy at My Creative Life.

The kids will also love this salt glitter Easter egg canvas art from Crayons and Cravings.

The kids would also these DIY bunny treat bags from Mixed Kreations.

Or you can make these cute DIY hand sewn felt Easter ornaments from Jen’s Sewing Machines.

Another way to add some color is to make these Easter bunny mason jars from The Decorated Cookie.

There you have it!  Over 50 DIY Easter decoration ideas for home that should help you get started crafting today.  What were your favorites?

Want to save it for later?  PIN the image below!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a creative day!


58 Spectacular Plastic Egg Craft Ideas

Cute Carrot and Egg Easter Garland Tutorial

Have you ever noticed that the plastic eggs that we buy at Easter time seem to multiply, substantially, from one year to the next? After a couple of years, we're thinking of making plastic egg crafts with all the extras. The plastic eggs come in a huge variety of colors and sizes, and can be decoupaged, painted over or glued to, and transformed into a nice decorator item.

There are a few projects that use Styrofoam, wooden, paper mache or real eggs, but I'm of the opinion that plastic eggs could be used in their place, so these crafts are included here.

You can make the gorgeous, lighted Easter garland shown above.

Pretty darned cute, and besides that they wobble. Fun to make and even more fun to play with. Find the instructions for making these wobble egg Ninjas at Frugal Fun for Boys.

This is such a cute Easter craft idea that is easy to make and so special to display. Imagine them in a nice basket, bowl or tucked in a centerpiece. Check out the instructions at Sweet Pea and then make some of these carrots for your home.

This yarn wrapped egg garland is so simple to make and so beautiful to look at. Imagine all the ways you could make this your own inspiration by changing the colors of the eggs or adding glitter, buttons, etc. Find the tutorial for making this garland at Picklee.

Follow the instructions given at Mom Junction to make these little beauties. You'll have to scroll down on the page to get to this project.

Looks this would be a great tub toy for the little ones. Find the tutorial for making these floating fish at The Pinterested Parent.

Use the wobble heads as a centerpiece on Easter and see how many comments you'll hear about how much fun it was to make them. Find the instructions for making these wobble heads at Crafting in the Rain.

I don't have a fireplace, but if I did this is one craft that I know I'd want to make. This is perfect, especially during the summer months, when the weather is too warm to use the fireplace, but you want the ambiance of a glowing fire. To make these tealights, go to TAYLORMADE for the tutorial.

You don't have to wait for Cinco de Mayo to make and play these maracas. The directions for making these maracas is found at Made Everyday.

Watching the birds gather around, to feed on the bird feeder that you have just hung out, is the pleasure you'll get after making the egg bird feeders. You'll find the instructions for making bird feeders the one shown is found at playing house.

You can find the instructions for this really cute craft at apartment therapy. A sneak peek: the lights are LED flameless candles.

This would be a perfect addition to a Tea Party Baby or Bridal shower party. the tutorial for making these tea cups is found at Design Dazzle.

Nothing says, “Spring,” pastel bunnies and chicks. This combination makes for a beautiful garland to hang in a doorway or on the mantel. The directions for making this gorgeous garland can be found at Parents. Scroll down to # 6 on the page.

I love the rustic look of these eggs. I think a nice bowl of them in a bed of Spanish moss, would make an attractive Spring centerpiece. Find the tutorial for making these eggs at Let It Shine.

Imagine the fun you'll have making this pretty Easter egg owl. The huge choices of scrapbook papers assures you of unique little owls.

They call him “my silly bee” but I'd call him cute and cuddly. OF Pinks and Fairy Tales is the site where you'll find the instructions for making this cute and cuddly, silly bee.

This will be an easy craft project for the kids.They'll even be able to make this snake by themselves. Check the instructions at Sewing and Crafting with Sarah, and supply the kids with a bunch of plastic eggs.

I'll bet you have the perfect place to display these birdies in a nest.

This wreath is super easy to make. You'll find the tutorial for making it at Sippy Cup Central.

Again, these eggs are some that I wouldn't want to stash away right after Easter. I'd want to display them somewhere to add color or brightness to an area. You'll find the tutorial for making these gorgeous ruffly eggs at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

This is super easy and the decoupaged eggs turn out beautiful. Find the easy to follow instructions at Red Ted Art.

By using bright paper and ribbons you can craft outstanding Easter eggs these, which have instructions at favecrafts. You'll find a very nice tutorial on the site.

Even though these eggs look they are sugar coated, they really are coated with epson salt. You'll find the directions for making these attractive, pastel eggs at hometalk.

I have a hard time thinking of these eggs as an Easter décor, because the jute makes them a nice look for anytime of year. You'll find the tutorial for making these shabby chic eggs at Taryn Whiteaker.

Be sure to save a few of your plastic eggs to make this bowl of cactii centerpiece. This is a very cute and unique use for plastic eggs.

Wouldn't a mobile made using these little hot air balloons look sweet in a baby's room? A nice baby shower gift or theme.

I can imagine a teacher finding this a great idea for her Spring classroom. The kids would be so interested in watching how the seeds grow. To make egg buddies these, go to Busy Bee Kids for the directions.

Make a beautiful Easter egg bouquet to give to your child's teacher to show her that you've been thinking of her. Or give one to Mom or Dad or a friend. Anyone that I know would appreciate this gift. See how to make this bouquet by going to a COWBOY’S wife for the tutorial.

Elegant and gorgeous are only two of the complimentary words that I can think of to describe these eggs. For the tutorial to make these twine and lace eggs, go to My Desert Cottage.

Are speckled eggs your favorite style? Making speckled eggs using plastic Easter eggs is a lot easier than you can imagine. Find out how really easy they are to make by going to we know….stuff for the instructions.

You'll find the tutorial for making these bunnies at Blessed Beyond Crazy. Super cute and easy to make.

The tutorial at favecrafts uses wooden eggs to make these painted Easter eggs, and you may want to do just that. But, if the kids are going to paint Easter eggs, I would suggest using plastic ones instead. Just sand the eggs slightly to give the paint a rougher surface to adhere to. Then paint.

Here's another craft project that you're sure to love. Grab a bunch of plastic eggs and a variety of washi tapes and make an adorable Spring wreath the one shown above. The tutorial is found at tatertots & jello.

Did you know that you could use the plastic Easter eggs as jello molds? See how this is done by going to RobbyGurls Creations to see how it's done.

Although this is a very simple garland, it still is a very beautiful and colorful addition to your Spring mantel. You'll find the tutorial for this craft by scanning down on the page at Kelly Elko.

These maracas are special because of they are covered with Washi tape, which gives them the special look. Make maracas for any occasion where you could use a little musical beat. Find the directions for making these maracas at kiwi crate.

Consider having the kids make these secret message necklaces for themselves or to gift to each other. The instructions for making this necklace is found at ParentTeachPlay.

Another great classroom project. Right after Easter it'll be easy to have the kids bring plastic eggs to school to make hoppy friends the ones shown. Find the instructions at Everyday Art.

This is also a project that calls for paper mache eggs, but I'm sure that the plastic ones can be used if you roughen up the surface a little with some sandpaper. You'll find the tutorial for making these beautiful, elegant bunnies at 504 MAIN.

I love, love, love these beautiful eggs. Definitely a winner. Get the directions at Sew For Soul.

These eggs are covered with tinfoil and then decorated with craft paint. Very cute and super simple. The directions are found at SUZY’S SITCOM.

I can imagine the kids would love to make these submarines, especially if they would play with them in a basin of water. For the instrucitons go to ADVENTURES AND PLAY.

I plan on making some of these to add to a planned fairy garden that will be located under a large blue spruce. The tutorial for this project is found at ARTZY CREATIONS.

Although gluing moss to plastic eggs doesn't seem to be a difficult craft, diy inspired gives some terrific tips to make the project less messy.

I think these little eggs would be a cute baby shower theme. Find the tutorial at PAJAMA CRAFTERS.

The eggs used in this craft, with a tutorial at HONESTLY YUM, aren't plastic eggs. I love this idea so much though that I think I'll try it with one of the large ostrich sized plastic eggs. I may have to tie jute around the center to cover the center slit, but that could look great too. Time will tell.

I don't know much about gold foil tattoos, but this egg is sure pretty. You'll find the tutorial for this project at DIY CANDY.

I the idea that the beading is the same color as the plastic egg, but the egg could be painted if needed. Go to Puddy’s House for the directions.

This is another time I'd want to use a larger sized plastic egg. Our Peaceful Planet shares the instructions and shows a photo of the egg displayed in a cloche. Impressive.

The beauty of this bowl of eggs is it's simplicity. To make these textured eggs, go to The Kim Mix Six for directions.

You'll find the tutorial for making these beautiful eggs at Hometalk.

You'll find a terrific pictured tutorial for making these rackybirds at Junk & Stuff.


30 DIY Easter Wreath Ideas – How to Make a Cute Easter Door Wreath

Cute Carrot and Egg Easter Garland Tutorial


Your front door is the first thing friends and family will see when they arrive for Easter brunch. So this year, why not give them an extra-warm, extra-cheery welcome? With these cute, colorful Easter wreath ideas, it's easy. We've got DIY wreaths for beginner crafters and pros a, from simple afternoon projects to longer, more time-intensive weekend affairs.

Why take the time to DIY your own Easter wreath this year, you ask? After all, you can just as easily pick one up at your local craft store. Well, in our opinion, making the Easter decoration is just more fulfilling. You'll be able to deck out your home and listen proudly to your guests' compliments, knowing you put in the work to create these special decorations.

So, whether you opt for a cute bunny wreath, a wreath filled with candy (which doubles as the perfect Easter gift for kids!), or a sophisticated floral wreath with which to welcome adults to a spring dinner party, you really can't go wrong. There's an Easter craft here for just about everyone. (Be sure to check out our other favorite spring wreaths and more easy spring crafts too).

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Easter Funnel Wreath

A galvanized funnel becomes a stunning vase in this simple DIY. Just insert floral foam into the pocket of the funnel, drill a hole in the back, loop wire through, and hang. Arrange your favorite flowers and switch them out as the weeks go on!


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Piggin Bucket Easter Wreath

Nothing says Easter quite a pail bursting with fresh, colorful blooms. Simply pad a wooden bucket with paper towels, then add floral foam and your favorite flowers.


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Watering Can Easter Wreath

Loop wire around the handle of your favorite watering can, hang it from your door, then fill with fresh blooms. It's as easy as that!


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Easter Egg Wreath

Here's a fabulous idea to spruce up the typical Easter wreath: just add eggs! It's sure to make anyone's day.

Make the Wreath: Cut 1⁄4” and 3/8” thick strips of colorful tissue paper. Use glue stick to adhere thinner strips to smaller Styrofoam eggs and thicker strips to larger eggs. Wrap tissue paper around egg lengthwise, then apply second strip horizontally.

Continue attaching until the egg is completely covered. Arrange faux leaves and eggs around wreath form and hot glue into place. Secure eggs to each other with hot glue where necessary. Once assembled, hot glue a few more sprigs in between eggs for an extra plush look.


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Easter Carrot Wreath

With a few yards of gingham ribbon and a simple wreath form, you'll be looking at this carrot-colored wreath in less than one hour. It's as easy to make as it is adorable.

Get the tutorial at The 36th Avenue.


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Gold-Speckled Easter Egg Wreath

This fun project utilizes one of our favorite crafting supplies: gold leaf! The result is a decidedly dazzling Easter wreath.

Get the tutorial at Crafts Unleashed.


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Woven Basket Easter Wreath

A woven vessel adds texture and visual interest to any door, and it looks a lot an Easter basket too. Line it with brown craft paper and place flowers in a zip-top bag in order to avoid leaks.


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DIY Butterfly Wreath

Don't adjust your screens—there really is that much fabulous color bursting this wreath! It's sure to give your Easter guests a bright, memorable welcome.

Get the tutorial at Design Improvised.


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Seed Packet Easter Wreath

After a little TLC and watering, seeds can transform into something bigger, brighter, and way more beautiful. Let it be known that seed packets can do the same, too, as part of your latest arts and crafts project. Plus, this DIY is added incentive to finally get to work on your spring garden.


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Galvanized Tire and Flower Wreath

It doesn't get much more farmhouse-friendly than tire wall art-turned-wreath filled with dainty pastel blooms. The color contrast ups the cool factor, as well.

Get the tutorial at The Craft Patch.


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Scrap Fabric Wreath

Drowning in leftover fabric from another Easter crafting project? Put patterned strips to good use—just brace yourself for lots of tying.

Get the tutorial at Live Laugh Rowe.


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Rainbow Egg Wreath

Papier-mâché eggs mean you can reuse this colorful creation for years to come. Plus, it can do wonders for brightening your curb appeal.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.


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Egg Tray DIY Wreath

Yep—with the help of a little bit of spray paint, mini Easter decorations, and ribbon, even a plain old deviled egg tray can grace your front door.

Get the tutorial at Average But Inspired.


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Easy DIY Easter Wreath

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Rustic Egg Wreath

Made from artificial Easter eggs and grapevine, this eye-catching DIY Easter egg wreath is available to purchase on Etsy, and comes in two sizes.

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Tulip Easter Wreath

Welcome guests to your Easter party with a tulip wreath so lush, no one will notice they're faux. Bonus: The fact that the blooms are artificial means they'll last well past the holiday.

Get the tutorial at The How-To Mom.


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Embroidery Hoop Wreath for Spring

Enlist your embroidery hoops to make cute floral wreaths fit for Easter and beyond. You could even give these mini arrangements out as favors at Easter brunch.

Get the tutorial at Kenarry.


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Fabric Birds Easter Wreath

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Paper Daffodil Easter Wreath

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Easter Egg Wreath

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Easter Bunny Wreath

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Felt Easter Bunny Wreath

Use felt to make the soft, colorful flowers on this wreath and hang it with a piece of vintage lace.

Get the tutorial at Hobbycraft.


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Robin's Egg Wreath

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Bunny Pom Pom Wreath

The felt bunny with his little pom pom tail is almost too cute to handle on this gorgeous Easter wreath.

Get the tutorial at Flamingo Toes.


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Easter Wreath with Neutral Colors

If you're not that into pastels, this neutral-colored wreath may be more up your alley. Plus, you'll only need two items to make it!

Get the tutorial at Live Laugh Rowe.


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Blue and Gold Wreath

Spray paint half of your eggs blue and half of them gold, filling the gaps with reindeer moss.

Get the tutorial at Kleinworth & Co.


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Woodsy Wreath

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Easter Candy Wreath

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Easter Grass Wreath