Cute DIY Paper Straw Rainbow Organizer Can With Video Tutorial

  1. 35 Creative DIY Planter Tutorials ( How To Turn Anything Into A Planter! )
  2. A variety of DIY planter ideas from pallet planters to plastic DIY flower pots!
  3. Group 1: Easy and beautiful wood DIY planters
  4. Group 2: How to make outdoor DIY planters from recycled tires
  5. Group 3: Make creative DIY flower pots from re-purposed objects
  6. Group 4: DIY planter ideas from our kitchens
  7. Group 5: Up-cycleglass orplastic bottles intoDIY planter pots
  8. Group 6:  Transform damaged furniture intoDIY planter pots
  9. Group 7:  Old garden tools and objects intoDIY outdoor planters
  10. Group 8:  Wood and palletplanters
  11. 30 Creative Popsicle Stick Crafts – Easy DIY Ideas with Popsicle Sticks
  12. Make Your Own Paper Drinking Straws
  13. You will need:
  14. Instructions
  15. Melting the wax
  16. Trimming the ends
  17. Dipping the darlings
  18. Printable Paper Drinking Straw Templates
  19. Cute DIY Paper Straw Rainbow Organizer Can
  20. Rainbow Organizer Can
  21. Would Regular Straws Work?
  22. What Can I Use This For?
  23. How to Make a Straw Organizer Can
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35 Creative DIY Planter Tutorials ( How To Turn Anything Into A Planter! )

Cute DIY Paper Straw Rainbow Organizer Can With Video Tutorial

Right now, everything I see, looks a potential DIY planter!

Planters and flower pots can add so much beauty and flair to a garden. The good news is, we don’t have to spends $500 on a few outdoor planters. Let’s look at:

A variety of DIY planter ideas from pallet planters to plastic DIY flower pots!

Let’s start with some designer looking DIY planters you can make for less than $10!

Group 1:  Easy and beautiful wood DIY planters

Generic plastic flower pots are durable and cheap, wood planters are beautiful and expensive. Here is how to have the best of both: beautiful and easy DIY large wood planter box for $10  and simple wood planters to cover old plastic pots!

Another designer looking wood DIY planter: a living wall pallet planter!

Group 2:  How to make outdoor DIY planters from recycled tires

There are many ways to use rubber tires to make large planters for outdoors. You can  stack them up,  hang them in a tree, or cut them into  flower shape as a lotus planter.

Just a little fearless imagination, we have these giant parrots made from tires!

Group 3:  Make creative DIY flower pots from re-purposed objects

Can you believe these DIY flowers pots are all made from things in our closet!

Gardeners always have plenty of used hats, colorful rain boots, shoe organizers, and cute happy purses. Just remember to line the hats and purses with plastic, and add drain holes to all these planters.

Group 4:  DIY planter ideas from our kitchens

Our kitchens have a lot of planters in disguise!

Vintage tea tins, colorful colander, misc cookware, and even coconut shells can all become planters!

Group 5: Up-cycle glass or plastic bottles into DIY planter pots

Love cats or not, this soda bottle planter is just darling!

Many ways to make hanging planters from plastic bottles! ( Bitrebels | Hello Natural |  SCJohnson )

A wine bottle makes the perfect self watering planter and plastic bottles can work too!

Make an epic planter lots of glass bottles.

Group 6:  Transform damaged furniture into DIY planter pots

When a cute piece of furniture breaks, it may still have another life: turn them into DIY planters and plant stands!

Such a wonderland where flowers grow chairs, dressers, and drawers.

Now I am really stepping into a fairy tale: a book planter, and a typewriter planter.

Group 7:  Old garden tools and objects into DIY outdoor planters

Make a strawberry tower from plastic nursery pots!

A wheel barrel with drain holes drilled through makes a rustic charming large planter for outdoors!

Planters can be made from rain gutters either hung with cables, or painted and attached to fence, or a painted drain pipe.

Group 8:  Wood and pallet planters

Pallet planters can be made in an instant here with weed barrier fabric to help hold the soil.

If you are lucky enough to have tree stumps or logs, definitely check these DIY planter ideas out!

Last but not least, concrete is a great material to make DIY planters of all shapes and sizes, for indoors and outdoors, these geometric ones.

I hope these ideas will inspire you to create some beautiful and bountiful container gardens this year! See you next week!


30 Creative Popsicle Stick Crafts – Easy DIY Ideas with Popsicle Sticks

Cute DIY Paper Straw Rainbow Organizer Can With Video Tutorial

3 of 30

Create a sunburst mirror.

4 of 30

Craft a hanging plant holder.

You can already get pretty crafty with simple painted pots, but take your plant display to the next level (literally) with these DIY hanging pot holders.

Get the tutorial on Omaha »

6 of 30

Create a window treatment.

7 of 30

Construct a side table.

This side table (made with more than 700 popsicle sticks!) deserves to be in the DIY popsicle stick hall of fame, am I right?!

Get the tutorial on Home Life »

8 of 30

Bend them into a vase.

9 of 30

Craft a garland.

Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean you can't deck out your fireplace. Choose an inspiring phrase for the new year or craft a star garland for awards season. 

Get the tutorial on Pars Caeli »

10 of 30

Make a wax paper lantern.

This craft is for the more advanced DIYer, but it really comes in handy if your kid is in need of a new night light. They can pick their favorite colors and lend a helping hand with the construction.

Get the tutorial on Artsy Fartsy Mama »

11 of 30

Help feed the birds.

14 of 30

Upgrade your light.

Give your living room some country glam with this rustic yet sophisticated chandelier. Simply layer and glue the sticks on stick wheels and spray paint!

Get the tutorial on Bored and Crafty »

16 of 30

Craft a pot holder.

17 of 30

Make a lamp.


Start loading up on popsicles now if you're looking to DIY this light art. (We have an easy way out for beginners too.) 

18 of 30

Create a dream catcher.

Back to summer camp we go with these vibrant yarn dream catchers. Hang them for good homely vibes now and then use them as ornaments in December! 

Get the tutorial on Honestly WTF »

19 of 30

Use them as cards.

20 of 30

Make a jewelry holder.

21 of 30

Make bracelets to go in the jewelry holder.

Of course you're going to need a couple pieces of popsicle stick jewelry to go with your new organizer. Customize your new arm candy with your birthstone or other unique gems.

Get the tutorial on DIY Candy »

22 of 30

Craft a clock.

Digital clocks are everywhere you look. Re-live the good ol' analog clock days and make one of your own with not only upcycled popsicle sticks, but an old CD too.

Get the tutorial on Dip Feed »

23 of 30

Use them as motivation.

Stay on top of your “Get Fit” New Year's resolution with this creative popsicle stick workout routine. It's easy: Write workouts on the sticks, place them in a jar and pull them out at random. Voila!

Get the tutorial on Wholefully »

24 of 30

Make Valentine's Day hearts.

These popsicle stick hearts give the classic hand turkey a run for its money! Raid your craft drawer and dress them up with anything you have: string, buttons glitter and all.

Get the tutorial on Make and Do Crew »

25 of 30

Construct an iPhone stand.

26 of 30

Make a magnetized puzzle.

Place mini magnets on the back of every stick and one of your favorite photos on the front. Your kid will have fun unscrambling, while you can enjoy the final product. 

Get the tutorial on Mom Spotted »

27 of 30

Construct a homemade pinball machine.

28 of 30

Make table signs for the bride and groom.


A quick, easy and budget-friendly way to make a birthday or wedding day special.


Make Your Own Paper Drinking Straws

Cute DIY Paper Straw Rainbow Organizer Can With Video Tutorial

I have never been this excited about a project! EVER!  You should have seen me running around the kitchen screaming to myself some modern-day drinking-straw-Einstein.  On second thought, it’s good you didn’t experience this Paper Straw Eureka!

Although paper drinking straws are now much cheaper than they were, I find the idea of making them (and the freedom to choose my own color and design) exhilarating.  I searched and searched and couldn’t find a tutorial anywhere.  And of course I then had to make one.

In this day and age there are so many convictions/beliefs to cater for.  This has made the whole endeavor a lot more tricky.

Will the final product be fit for vegetarians and vegans?

Will it be ecologically satisfying to the greenies?

Will it be non-toxic?

Will it even work?

I have used both corn starch paste and gelatin glue with great success.  I prefer the gelatin glue, though, because it is thinner than the corn starch paste and thus makes for less irregularity in the completed straws.  But the corn starch works.

I used (and will advise you to use) paraffin wax to seal the straws with.  But being well aware of the paraffin-wax-is-a-toxin-from-the-devil debate, I have ordered some soy wax to test.  I will update the post once I know if it works as well as the paraffin wax.  I’m sure it will.

Update 15/11/12:  I have now tested the soy wax and it didn’t work nearly as well as the paraffin wax.  To read more about it, see my post about using soy wax for sealing paper drinking straws.

Just as an aside, the paper straws you buy – unless stated otherwise – have been coated in paraffin.  If you have any concerns, read my little paraffin wax blurb at the end of this post.  For more information about soy wax and paraffin wax, see the post I did about Soy Wax versus Paraffin Wax.

As for the printer ink/paper being possibly deadly – bah!  They are coated in paraffin wax and will not be absorbed/ingested in any way.  Unless you decide to eat the straws, in which case you’re on your own.

Are you ready?

You will need:

  • Templates – you can find all my available Paper Straw Templates here.
  • Scissors/Rotary Cutter
  • Paraffin Wax
  • Gelatin Glue or Corn Starch Paste (you could use a non-toxic glue stick, but I don’t advise it)
  • A Large Pot
  • A Mason Jar or some similar wide-necked vessel that is at least 2/3 as high as the straws
  • Paint Brush for applying the glue
  • Straw to roll straws around (you could use a dowel, but I tried it and it was really difficult to get the completed straw off the dowel)
  • Paper Towels
  • A Chopstick – yes, really.  Make sure the tapered end of the chopstick fits into the straw.


Print out the template.  You will be tempted to print it out on card stock.  DON’T.  Use plain old printer paper.

Make sure you print it out to the actual size.  To do this, click on Page Setup when printing.  Then select A4(borderless) as your size.  Click OK and Print.

If you have a large kitchen and can sit at the kitchen table and cut out your straws while the paraffin wax heats, I would strongly suggest getting the wax started first.

 But paraffin wax is highly flammable and should be melted over a low heat with constant supervision.

 And it takes forever to melt!!  So if you need to do the cutting and rolling in another room, do that first and then come back to this step.

Melting the wax

Place the wax inside your mason jar (I used a diddy Sharwood’s pot as I didn’t have a mason jar available).  Put the mason jar inside a pot and fill with boiling water.  Turn the heat up so that the water is just boiling.

As the wax melts, the level will go down, so you will need to add more.  I suggest adding enough wax that 2/3 of the straw will be immersed when dipped.

While this is going on, cut out your straws, making sure to cut inside the lines.  The paraffin wax will make the paper slightly transparent, so any lines will show.

This was one of my first test-straws.  Obviously the black outline was a bad idea.  So was not cutting inside the lines.

You will notice that the templates are slightly wider at the top than at the bottom.

  Very long story short: due to the imperceptible thickness of the paper and the glue, the spirals become closer to each other as you near the bottom (see the photo).

 By tapering the template, you are making the spirals more regular.  (The same will happen if you spread your glue too thickly or if your rolling angle is too big – more below.)

You will also notice a very feint line (about 5 mm long) more or less 1 cm from the top right corner of the templates.  This is your rolling guide.  On your first turn, you should try to match the edge of the paper up to this line.  If in doubt, rather roll to the bottom of it than to the top.
Also, as a rule of thumb, if your design is to the left, your template is the right way up.

Now turn your template around (keeping the top at the top) and apply your glue to the right edge.  Exactly as on the photo.

 If you are in any doubt, double-check that you are, in fact, placing the glue behind the design and not behind the blank side.

 As you get more comfortable with the whole procedure, you can start spreading the glue all the way down and then rolling.  But to begin with, just do a 5 cm strip of glue and get the first turn stuck down before applying more glue.

As I was using the gelatin glue outside and in the rain (in order to optimize lighting for photos), I used a little make-shift bain marie to keep it nice and runny.  It is worth noting one brilliant advantage of the gelatin glue:  if the whole straw goes completely pear-shaped, just unroll it quickly (but gently) and rub the gelatin glue off.  It comes off in little jelly balls 🙂

So…with your glue applied, place your straw on the top left corner and start rolling your paper around it.  You want to put the straw at a 15-20 degree angle to the paper.

 Rather less than more!  If your angle is too big, your spirals will become closer to each other towards the bottom (the same as when your glue is too thick, you apply uneven pressure, or you don’t taper your template) and your straw will be super short.

This is the right way (above).  See how even those spirals are?

This is the wrong way (above).  And look at the difference between the two.

Starting from the left corner, roll the paper around the straw, making sure that you are on, or below, the rolling guide mentioned above.

Continue rolling the paper around the straw until you get to the end.  I find it easiest to twist the straw with my left hand while guiding and pressing the paper with my right.

When you get to the end, apply a touch more glue.

Apply gentle pressure for a second or two and rub off any excess glue at the same time.  Remember to remove the plastic straw when you have finished rolling your paper drinking straw.


If your straws appear flimsy, don’t be concerned.  The wax will harden them.

Trimming the ends

When you are all done rolling, cut off the pointy tips.  You can cut them individually, but I cutting them a few at a time.  I use an already-cut straw as a guide so that all of them are even.

The ends will look a bit sad now.  Just poke and prod them to get them nice and round again.

Dipping the darlings

Once your paraffin wax is all melted it is time to dip the straws.

Turn the stove off.  It’s way easier to do this without steam everywhere.  Make sure you have your kitchen towel/paper and your chopstick to hand.

Take one straw.  It doesn’t work with a bunch, I tried it.  Dip it into the melted wax.  Make sure you dip more than half the length.  Lift it the wax and shake off any excess wax.

Now give the straw a gentle wipe with the paper towel.  You don’t want to remove the wax, just smooth it out a bit.  If you remove too much wax, your designs will fade in the water and your straw won’t be as strong as you’d .  

I find it easiest to keep a piece of kitchen towel in my left hand and roll the straw on it with my right hand.  For a neater finish, roll along the lines, not against them.

Now quickly take your chopstick and poke it into the end of the straw.  You are using a chopstick because the points are usually tapered, making it the ideal tool to insert into the straw.  When it starts meeting resistance, roll it two or three times and then remove.  This makes the end nice and neat and removes the thin layer of wax that accumulates at the mouth of the straw.

If you take a close look at the photo below you can see the difference between the waxed and unwaxed ends.

Now repeat with the other side of the straw, making sure to dip it into the wax past the previous dipping point.

And there you go!

I tested one of these paper drinking straws in a glass of water for 8 hours and it was still fine.  Anyone who still has a straw in their drink after 8 hours was obviously not very thirsty to begin with, and shouldn’t complain if the straw disintegrates after that length of time.

I hope you don’t find this project too daunting, because it really isn’t.  You can make, from scratch, 20 straws in an hour.  The main time constraint is the melting of the wax…soooo slooooow.

And if you mess up one or two (or five) straws, take heart.  After making about 60 of them I still occasionally got the angle wrong or applied too much glue.  It’s not the end of the world 🙂

Printable Paper Drinking Straw Templates

 You can find all available templates here.  I will be adding more templates as I generate them.The Paper Straw Templates are in PDF format, with 6 straws per page.

If you want me to generate one of the designs in a different colour, or you have an altogether different design in mind, drop me a line and I will see what I can do. When you print your templates, please remember to follow the printing instructions at the start of this post.

I am well aware of the controversy surrounding the use of paraffin wax and the belief that it is harmful.

It isn’t, in fact, toxic.  It is also non-digestible, so it comes out pretty much it went in.  It is used in crayons, candles, wax paper and -cloth, candies/chocolates, chewing gum and as a coating for cheese and a sealant for preserves.  These are but a few of its uses.

For this project you won’t be burning it, so no soot and harmful toxins from that.

And you won’t be eating it…

…at least, I hope not.

I hope you feel inspired to make your own paper drinking straws and would love for you to share your results with me.

Remember to subscribe to my newsletter if you would to be kept in the loop. You can also my page or follow me on Bloglovin or .
Happy Baking!


Cute DIY Paper Straw Rainbow Organizer Can

Cute DIY Paper Straw Rainbow Organizer Can With Video Tutorial

I have always been a fan of rainbow-themed items, and this little upcycled straw rainbow organizer can be a super fun project.

If you’ve never thought to use straws as a base for a craft, now is the time to get started. This was one of many projects in recent months that used paper or plastic straws as a huge part of the project.

I am really pleased with how this turned out and can’t wait to share it with you!

Rainbow Organizer Can

Every child of the 1990s remembers Lisa Frank. Lisa Frank items were always sparkling, full of unicorns, and a lot of rainbow colors.

While they weren’t necessarily all rainbows, they definitely had that colorful look we all loved. I had the pencil case, folders, binders, and of course, a few of the mechanical pencils.

So, when I started making this, I knew right away it would fit that theme.

If you are me, and love recycling, upcycling, or repurposing something – then you will enjoy this project. This little can is much sturdier than you would think and is ideal for a ton of different uses. Don’t stop with one. Make a few and add them throughout your home!

If you are looking to organizer your home right now, I have tons of great ideas to help you! Here are some great stuffed animal organizers, desk organizers for your office, and my favorite amazing shoe organizers.

Would Regular Straws Work?

When you are making one of these, you can use regular plastic straws or you can use paper straws. Either type of straw will work well fairly well for this. I enjoyed making my own homemade paper straws so I could get them just the right color and length I needed.

If you are using the traditional plastic straws when making this organizer, you can use recycled plastic straws. You will want to wash them well, and then let them dry. If using paper straws, you will want to use new straws.

I keep a big bag of plastic straws in my cabinet that was purchased about ten years ago for a birthday party. That bag of 500 straws comes in handy for projects this, but if you need to grab more, Dollar Tree is ideal for picking them up cheap.

Making a straw paper shown is really fun, but does take a significant amount of time. For things this, I really find the time spent making it worth every second for the result.

What Can I Use This For?

Obviously, this is great for use on your desk to hold items, but there are tons of great ways to put it to use in your home! Below are a few of my favorite ideas and ways I have put this little rainbow organizer to use in my house, but feel free to use it any way you wish!

  • Store pens, pencils, or markers on your desk or art table.
  • Use for holding makeup brushes on your vanity.
  • Add combs and hair clips in the bathroom.
  • Use on a picnic table for utensils or napkins.
  • Hold paperclips or binder clips on your desk.
  • Use for holding clothespins in the laundry room.

How to Make a Straw Organizer Can

Choose 7 colors of paper. Now, using a ruler, draw a line to divide the paper in half horizontally and vertically.

Then, you will divide each of these sections in half so you have 6 sections marked off on vertically on each paper.

Cut the paper in half along the line.

Then cut out each strip of paper. You will end up with 12 strips of paper per piece of paper. Repeat this process for all 7 pieces of craft paper.

Now, you will use your chopstick, skewer, or similar stick and start rolling the paper over it to form a straw cylinder.

Glue the end of the paper onto itself so both ends are open, but the paper is secured together and stays in place.

Repeat this process for all of the individual strips of paper.

Now, cut out a square of paper around 8″x8″.

Fold this paper in half.

Unfold that paper, and fold it over in a triangle. Fold the pointed end of that triangle over.

Then fold the bottom side up.

And the other side up. You’ll have a diamond shape at this point.

Finally, fold all corners inward so you end up with a six-sided polygon piece of paper.

Glue the folds together to secure and repeat this process for another piece of paper so you have two of these six-sided pieces.

Now, you will glue a straw on each point of this paper.

Add a second straw next to one of these.

Now, top this with the second polygon and glue in place.

Your next step will be to fold each of these straws over to the left lining it up against the bottom of the polygon.

Continue this wrapping over each other method and adding in additional straws connected to each one as you move upward and run paper straws.

Once you go through all of one color, move to the next. I used the blue straws first, then purple, pink, green, yellow, and orange. You can create yours with any color pattern you prefer.

Once you are done and have used all of the paper straws you made, you will secure the very end with glue.

Let this dry, and fill with your pens, pencils, or makeup brushes!

I have made many similar styled organizers with various upcycled or repurposed items that you may want to add to your collection. This decorative tin can organizer is a super cute idea. You might the milk carton organizer or this old cardboard box organizer. I love creating something nothing!

You might also this framed jeans pocket organizer or even this sewing kit pincushion jar organizer. So many cool ideas for repurposing while keeping things orderly!

If you want to skip the step of wrapping the straws in paper, just grab them in the colors you want. Most plastic straws come in large packs of multiple colors, but you can buy packs of all the same color. I to order straws for crafting on Dollar Tree online. It’s so easy to fill a cart with items I use frequently and have shipped right to my door.

Prep Time 10 minutes

Active Time 30 minutes

Total Time 40 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1

  • Rainbow colored craft paper
  • Dowel or skewer
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks or glue rope
  1. Use a ruler to draw a line to divide each piece of paper in half both horizontally and vertically;
  2. You will divide these sections so that you have 6 equal portions vertically;
  3. Cut the paper in half along the line;
  4. Then cut out all 12 strips of paper and repeat this on all 7 pieces of paper;
  5. Now, start rolling each strip of paper on the dowel or skewer and gluing the ends in place so it slips off the dowel creating a homemade paper straw;
  6. Repeat this with all strips of paper;
  7. Now, you will use a square of paper to create a polygon shape;
  8. Fold it in half, then unfold the paper and fold it over in a triangle;
  9. Now fold each pointed end in so that you have created a diamond shape;
  10. Then fold those ends in to create a 6-sided polygon;
  11. Glue the folds of paper in place, and repeat this process so you have 2 of these polygons;
  12. Now, you will glue one of the paper straws on all 6 edges;
  13. Then glue a second straw next to one of these;
  14. Glue the second polygon on top of this to seal these bottom straws in place;
  15. Now fold the straws over to the left so that they are lined up against the bottom of the polygon;
  16. Continue folding around in this same pattern until you run paper, then slip another paper straw into the end and continue;
  17. When you run one color, add the next color and so on;
  18. Once you reach the top, you will glue the last bits of paper straws in place;
  19. Now you can fill with pens, pencils, and markers!

This can be made in any color you prefer. I loved rainbow, but you can make this in team colors, solid colors, or colors that match your office decor.


25 Minecraft Projects Kids Will Love

Cute DIY Paper Straw Rainbow Organizer Can With Video Tutorial

Are your kids obsessed with the Minecraft computer game as much as mine are? It’s a popular favorite with boys and girls around the world. I’ve rounded up some of the best Minecraft projects to make. These ideas are great for a party with friends or an upcoming birthday party too. These will be a hit with your kiddos!

Minecraft Food Crafts:

1. Minecraft Creeper Pizza: Design your own delicious Minecraft pizza masterpiece! Get the recipe from Catch My Party. 

2. Minecraft Rice Krispy Treats: Nerdy Nummies shows us how to make these tasty Minecraft crispy treats in this fun video. Super cute and yummy!

3. Minecraft Creeper Munch: Your kids can munch on this yummy snack while playing Minecraft! Get the recipe from Simplistically Living.

4. Minecraft Cake: Build this awesome Minecraft cake from!

5. Minecraft Cake Pops: These cute cake pops are easy to make into little Minecraft characters. Learn how to make them from Eating on a Dime.

Minecraft Birthday Party Crafts:

6. Minecraft Piñata: This piñata is SUPER easy to make. It’s perfect for birthday party fun. Find the instructions on Oh So Savvy Mom.

7. Minecraft Creeper Balloons: With black paper and green balloons you can make this easy Minecraft party decoration from Southern Revivals.

8. Creeper Gum Wrappers: Wrap gum in these Creeper printables and give them to party guests as favors. Get the printable from Simple As That.

9. Minecraft Party Bags: Stuff these Minecraft party bags with little treats and toys for all of your party guests. Find the instructions from The Shady Lane.

10. TNT Candy Favor: Make these easy TNT party treats with licorice candy. Get the details from Kara’s Party Ideas.

Minecraft Crochet and Knitting Crafts: 

11. Creeper Scarf: Stay warm this winter with this crochet Creeper scarf. Your kids will never want to take it off! Find the pattern from Ravelry.

12. Creeper Slouchy Crochet Hat: I love this slouchy crochet hat from The Heart of a Craft Mom. What a fun project to try!

13. TNT Tissue Box Cover: How cute is this Minecraft tissue box cover from Instructables? This would make a great gift for the holidays.

14. Minecraft Knit Hat: Any Minecraft fan would love wearing this knitted hat all winter long. Get the pattern and tutorial from Hub Pages.

15. Dirt Block Beanie and Mittens: Practice your knitting skills and make this beanie and these mittens for your little Minecraft gamer. This pattern is from LoveKnitting.

Easy Minecraft Projects: 

16. Toilet Roll Minecraft Creeper: Save your old toilet paper rolls to craft this Creeper with your kids. Kid’s Activities Blog has the tutorial.

17. DIY Minecraft Pencil Cube: Get your kids away from the screen for a little bit for some hands-on creating with this pencil cube craft from Crafts ‘n Coffee.

18. DIY Minecraft Ornament: Hang these Minecraft ornaments on your Christmas tree this year. What a fun holiday craft idea from A Girl and a Glue Gun.

19. DIY Minecraft Swords: Your kiddos can have their own Minecraft swords with this craft idea from Twitchetts.

20. Minecraft Perler Beads: Unplug from the TV and the computer with this perler beads craft from What Rose Knows. This is an easy Minecraft themed craft that your little ones will really enjoy.

21. DIY Minecraft Weapons: Step into the world of Minecraft with your own DIY weapons. Find this easy craft tutorial from Lady Goats.

22. DIY Minecraft Pillows: These no-sew pillows are super simple to make. Help your kids make these to put in their room! Surviving a Teacher’s Salary has the instructions.

23. DIY Minecraft Creeper Book Ends: Decorate your child’s room with these DIY Creeper Book Ends from Keeping it Simple. These turn out so cute.

24. Creeper Desk Organizer: Keep your kid’s desk organized with this fun Creeper desk organizer from Just Paint It.

25. Felt Plush Minecraft Cubes: Teach your kids simple sewing with these cute plush Minecraft cubes. Find this really easy sewing tutorial from Beer and Gluesticks.

Want more craft ideas? Activities and crafts for boys to get crafty


Rustic Craft Stick Tin Can Organizer – Video Tutorial

Cute DIY Paper Straw Rainbow Organizer Can With Video Tutorial

If you are looking for a simple organizational craft, you’ll love this rustic craft stick tin can organizer. It’s so easy to make, and a great addition to any room. Using inexpensive supplies, this organizer is a great way to upcycle cans instead of throwing them away. Get creative and make these easy organizers for every room in the house, office, or to use as gifts!

Craft Stick Tin Can Organizer

You’ve probably already noticed my obsessions with a few specific things in crafting. Included on that list are tin cans, craft sticks, and flowers. This little upcycled idea grabs all of those and puts them into one fun craft. I love how easy this is to throw together, and that it is so kid-friendly.

This is a blank canvas. Those are the best type of crafts, in my opinion. Ones you can put your own personality into and even have your kids help you make are always better than any old craft kit you might buy at a store. Plus, this one is super versatile. It can be used for tons of different things around your home and in your life.

If you making things more organized in your home, make sure to check out my lists of methods. I have tons of ideas for stuffed animal organizers for kids rooms, desk organizers for your office space, and even shoe racks and organizers. But, my favorite of all of them is this list of mason jar organizers.

What is This Organizer Good For?

These simple organizers can be used in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. You can store everything from pens and pencils to kitchen utensils. I’ve used them to hold makeup brushes and even toothbrushes in the bathroom.

Since you can decorate the craft sticks any way you , you can match the color schemes for any room. That makes these great for putting on the table filled with flowers, or on a kids desk with pens or markers.

The tin can is great for planting flowers and is easy to poke holes through to allow for drainage. Paint the craft sticks different colors for each flower then plant herbs, succulents, or even the beautiful African violet in them. Sit in your windowsill and have a lovely homemade pot for your favorite plants!

Can I Paint The Craft Sticks?

You can absolutely paint the craft sticks. I prefer using acrylic craft paints, but you can also use watercolors or even dyes to color the sticks. For some designs, you can water some of the paint down so that it is a colored stain instead of a paint. I’ve also used wood stain to give a more natural look to the project

If the kids are making these tin can organizers, you can also have the kids draw pictures on the sticks. I’ve even been known to grab markers and color the sticks or draw a pretty scene on the can.

Get creative and make the decoration what you want it to be, with any supplies you have on hand. There is no right or wrong way to decorate this project.

How do I Add Extra Decorations to The Can?

I used just a bit of lace and wrapped around the can with craft glue to add a simple decoration. That isn’t the only way to decorate this. You can use anything you want!

Since you may want to paint the craft sticks mentioned above, you can match any decorations you want to the can. I love the idea of adding beads, rhinestones, glitter, or even different burlap or ribbon. Get creative and add what you to the can. For my guest bathroom, some seashells are a perfect addition!

How do I Make Sure the Tin Can Edges Aren’t Sharp?

When working on a project this with kids, I always make sure we practice safety first. That means I recommend using something to prevent the edges on the top of the tin can from being a sharp hazard.

My two most commonly used methods include using sandpaper to grind down any rough edges and adding a bit of hot glue around the edge to coat it to prevent cuts. Both of these are easy methods, and typically something you can do in seconds with supplies already on hand.

How to Make a Craft Stick Tin Can Organizer

Start gluing craft sticks to a clean tin can so that the bottom is even with the bottom of the can, but the tops may be taller.

Continue gluing sticks in place until the entire can is surrounded.

Now, cut a length of lace, and glue around the center of the craft sticks.

I added two pieces of lace to mine.

Now, your tin can vase or organizer can is ready to use.

If you want more ideas for little organizers or vases, I’ve made tons of different ones over the years. My most recent project was this rainbow paper straw organizer. It is stunning when on a desk and perfect for kid’s rooms.

Others include, upcycled milk carton organizer, and this rustic clothespin tin can organizer. I’ve truly made something for everyone! There are even tips for making a wall organizer an old CD! This isn’t to be outdone by this fun upcycled jeans pocket organizer. Seriously, if you need one, I have a tutorial to fit your needs!

If you want to have colored craft sticks but don’t painting or staining them, just grab this jumbo pack of colored craft sticks on Etsy. I love how convenient they are! So much less mess, especially when working with kids.

Active Time 10 minutes

Total Time 10 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $3

Feel free to paint or add embellishments to your tin can to create a look you prefer!

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

15 DIY Projects Made with Paper Straws

Cute DIY Paper Straw Rainbow Organizer Can With Video Tutorial

Paper straws might not be quite as common for drinking as they once were, unless you’re a big fan of 1950s style diners and frequent them often, but they’re still around and we’re certainly glad for it.

It’s not that we prefer them to drinking plastic straws, but rather than paper straws, with their fun stripes, patterns, and colours, are an awesome crafting tool! You’d be surprised what you can make these simple paper tubes.

Check out these 15 awesome DIY projects that are made with paper straws for a fun, old fashioned look!

1. Paper straw easels

Wants and Wishes guides you through the process of making simple miniature easels paper straws in any pattern or colour. We love the idea of using these to display single photos or small pieces of art that your kids drew or painted for you.

2. Paper straw hanging frames

Do you adore hanging printed photos on your wall but you’re currently living somewhere temporary, a dorm room or an apartment building that you can’t hang things up in because the walls are concrete? There are still plenty of fun ways that you can display your favourite prints! One of our recent favourites is this paper straw idea from The TomKat Studio! Cut a slit all down the length of two straws from end to end and slide them along the bottom and top edges of the picture. Then glue a string to the back of the top straw and voila! A quick but adorable hanging frame.

3. Paper straw chalkboard mini bunting

As if cupcakes weren’t already adorable enough, Yes Bliss Road went and added festive birthday bunting to them! Make the banners from cute printed templates or hand drawn letters on nice craft paper and string them along some cute string that has a bit of colour. Next, stick two paper straws in the cupcakes flag posts and tie the ends of the string around the top to “hang” the bunting up above the icing!

4. Paper straw cupcake “candles”

Do you love the idea of birthday candles in cupcakes but you’re not fond of having numerous little fire sources being passed around a party? Try faking the flame instead! These “candles” are made of paper straws with a little bit of tissue paper twisted into the top. Thanks to Icing Designs for this adorable fire alternative!

5. Sprinkle packet cupcake toppers

Cupcakes are always fun to receive, and obviously they’re fun to eat, but Icing Designs has a suggestion for making them fun for each guest to finish decorating too! At the top of a cutely coloured paper straw, stick a fun name tag or some fringe tissue paper. Along with that, attach a little wax paper bag of rainbow birthday sprinkles. Stick a paper straw in each cupcake and watch as people have a blast sprinkling the edible confetti across their cakes before they eat them.

6. Tiered stand cookies

Are you as obsessed with the idea of mini baking as we are? Well, lucky for all of us, Bakerella understands and shares our fascination! Check out how they made these adorable little “tiered cookie stands” actual cookies, featuring even smaller cookies and cakes on each “tray”! As you’ll notice in the middle, the central support of each cookie stand is a paper straw!

7. Paper straw party garland

Unique party garlands are always a total blast to make, but sometimes we feel garlands don’t get enough credit.

People either forget to make them and put them up entirely, or they make a low effort version by just stringing coils of tissue strips around.

Sassy Style has a better idea! Make your own version of this awesomely visual fanning garland by using differently coloured paper straws!

8. Swooping paper straw garland

Okay, so we know we just kind of knocked simple looking party garlands, but we took that statement back the second we saw this adorable garland design on Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line! Once again, paper straws are here to save the day, and all you have to do to get this cute look is string some thread through the straws and then hang the whole thing up!

9. Paper straw snowflake decorations

Centsational Girl has show us the beauty of combining paper straws with other materials to make an adorable Christmas snowflake that would good as an ornament or as a gift trinket once your presents are wrapped. Fan three short lengths of pipe cleaner from inside the end of each paper straw and run a little red seed bead down each to keep it in place but also just add some cute detail.

10. Paper straw Christmas wreath

As if most Christmas wreath designs aren’t already adorable, this one takes a classic sunburst style and totally translates that into a holiday spirit piece! We love that the paper straws are cut to varying lengths to give the whole piece depth. We also can’t help thinking of candy canes when we look at this project! Learn more about the steps to make it on Porch.

11. S’more pops on paper straws

Do you love making skewer and kebab candies? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’ll adore these S’more pops from Bloom Designs! Thin wooden kebab sticks might not be able to support the full, fluffy width of a whole fancied up marshmallow though, so that’s where paper straws save the day! They’re a little thicker, so they’ll be more successful at holding the marshmallows. The colours also make the whole idea look cute!

12. Homemade Pixie Stix

Do you remember eating Pixie Stix as a kids, tearing the top off the paper tube as quickly as you could and trying to pour the sugar into your mouth without touching the tube edges? If you got them soggy, all the sugar would stick and nothing would come out! Eventually we all learned the proper technique, and now it’s time to pass those skills on to your own kids- but with a DIY spin! Amanda Parker and Family guides you through the process of making your very own Pixie Stix sugar, but instread of thin, sticky paper the real thing uses, they suggests using a paper straw. They’re used to withstanding moisture when you drink them!

13. Paper straw and beads necklace

Have you ever seen how beautiful jewelry made with paper beads is, but you find rolling them rather difficult? Well, here’s an easy alternative for you or your kids! Using short lengths of paper straw as beads looks handmade in an adorable way. Check out how Jessica Rebelo made this piece!

14. Straw and paper heart glider

We’d be willing to met that you’ve made these air gliders before at school or in summer camp. We love how Everyday Posh gives you a tutorial for a classic, simple kids trick, but changes things up just ever so slightly. We sure know we never would have thought of using a paper straw (because they’re lighter than plastic) or bending one of the paper glider ends into an adorable heart.

15. DIY paper straws

Well, we’ve talked about how to make things paper straws all the way through this post, but did you know you can actually make the paper straws themselves? We sure didn’t, but we’re pumped that we know about this technique now! Any time you have guests over and you want to make them feel every so slightly crafty or vintage, pop a cute paper straw in their drink! Look At What I Made has the full tutorial for you so that, just in case you can’t find the paper straws you need for these fun crafts in a store, you can actually make some of your own! We sure do love when we can customize things.

Have you made other projects paper straws and now you don’t see anything your piece on this list? Share it with us in the comments and tell us what we’re missing!