Decorative Origami Paper Envelope Craft {Video Tutorial}

The 10 Best Origami Christmas Ornaments to Make with Your Kids

Decorative Origami Paper Envelope Craft {Video Tutorial}

Try these origami Christmas ornaments. They cost very little to make and you’re guaranteed that the kids will enjoy making their own Christmas tree decorations and learn a thing or two along the way. From ornaments, to mini Christmas trees, to wishing stars, wreath, envelope and baubles, there is something for everyone.

The season of snow flurry has ceased, and the heaviest snow has blanketed the backyard. There is a possibility that a fierce snowstorm will hit the town soon.

You and your little ones are glued to the window hoping for a ray of sunlight to melt the ice. They have already made dozens of snowmen, and it is too risky to drive to ice-skating ring.

It looks you guys will have to stay at home for a while.

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When you are stuck indoors during a holiday season, the kids feel extremely restless. You can’t allow your kids to watch TV all day long or play mindless video games. They have already finished reading the novel.

How about spending a snowy day working on a creative project? How about indulging in some origami? It is an art of paper folding strongly linked to Japanese culture.

With only a few basic origami folds, you can design an elaborate origami craft!

Shoo away the boredom by making origami Christmas ornaments with your children.

1. Origami Santa Claus

Maybe Santa’s not coming to your house anymore, but you can definitely bring his spirit to the winter holidays by creating cute little origami Santas. The Spruce Crafts tells us how you can design the magical Father Christmas at home.

You need one sheet of square paper in white. Recommended size is 20 x 20 cm. It’ll be a plus if it has red color on one side. If not, children can color in the backside themselves. Create as many Santas as you and prop them along the fireplace.

Who knows the real Santa Claus might fly down to meet them!

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2. Starry Christmas Origami Wreath

Want to give your house a festal vibe? Get your kids busy by helping them create an origami wreath to hang on your doors. Take sheets of origami paper in two different colors and create 8 stars. Glue them together and attach a loop to hang your fancy door decor. You can follow the complete instructions at Cockle and Craft.

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3. Origami Christmas Tree

How about placing small Christmas trees on the top of your actual Christmas tree? The following video features a wonderful tutorial on how to create an origami Christmas tree.

You will need two sheets of origami paper; a green sheet for the leaves and a brown one for the stem. The tree is quite complex to make so your little ones will be needing your help and plenty of patience.

The end result is worth the trouble!

4. Origami Treat Box

Kids love to snack on chocolates and crunchy candies. Get them pumped up about Christmas Eve by helping them make origami treat box. For each box, you will need a 6 inch by 6 inch square piece of paper.

Choose a different color for every box! Fold the paper in four-point star as shown in Muslin and Merlot and fill each box with your children’s favorite candies. Place the pretty boxes around the Christmas Tree and wait for the festive day to arrive in anticipation.

When guests pay a visit, let your kid gift treat boxes to them.

5. Origami Wishing Stars

Want a wish to come true this Christmas? Create a star-shaped dish filled with origami lucky ‘wishing’ stars. For this project, you will need a long strip of paper instead of a square one.

Moreover, it is better to use a paper cutter and board instead of scissors as a cutter tends to give neater edges. Paper Kawaii has a wonderful tutorial to make these bright puffy stars. When you are done folding them, insert your finger to ‘puff up’ the stars.

After inflating them, place them in your starry dish. The stars will look quite gorgeous sitting atop a coffee table.

6. Origami Snowflakes

Christmas and snow go hand in hand… And your tree won’t look complete without a glistening snowflake. The kids can stick their crafted snowflakes on the presents, on windows and hang them on doorways.

The project is quite intricate and there are numerous ways to design the crystal’s pattern. Watch the following video by Ezy Crafts that shows various ways to create a snowflake from origami paper.

You will need one square origami paper for each snowflake

7. Origami Reindeer and Sleigh

Perhaps Santa is waiting for his pal, Rudolph, to come along and pick him up. Help him out and build some reindeer! Send them off on a sleigh to Santa’s house with the bag full of gifts. You can help Santa distribute the presents before the sun rises.

For reindeer and sleigh, the recommended size is 15cm x 15cm. Use a colored sheet for both. Follow the tutorial by Jo Nakashima, a origami artist, to successfully construct a reindeer.

The difficulty level is low and with a little help from a grown up, children can easily build the reindeer in a few minutes.

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Here is yet another delightful project to keep children occupied on a snowy day. Ask them to make personalized cards for friends and family and keep them inside an origami bar envelope.

Crafted with love and care, the envelopes are far more special than your regular plain ones. You can use any paper for it; preferably a square one. For each envelope, use a bright color or a funky print.

They are easy to make and don’t require any scissors or glue. Check out the full tutorial at Origami Fun.

9. Origami Baubles

Christmas baubles made from origami paper are a visual delight. All you need is a handful of vividly colored origami paper, ribbon, scissors, and glue.

From each paper, your kids can create an absolutely magical and stunning bauble. Hang them all around the house and of course on your Christmas tree, and experience the festive vibes in full go.

Paper Chase features a complete step by step guide on how to make origami baubles in different ways.

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10. Origami Dancing Santas

Are you looking forward to Christmas full of merriment and joyous laughter? Give way to a festive mood by hanging a chain of dancing Santas on the wall. The video below shows the simple way children can craft the Father Christmas swaying merrily to a song. It is similar to a regular origami Santa.

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? The little ones had a rather busy day fashioning Christmas ornaments from origami paper. The origami art can be kept for years if stored properly. When Christmas is over, store the lovely creations carefully, and take them out every year and reminiscence the dull day you guys managed to turn into a colorful and happening day.


Decorative Origami Paper Envelope Craft {Video Tutorial}

Decorative Origami Paper Envelope Craft {Video Tutorial}

This is the decorative origami paper envelope is a perfect craft that really helps you bring back the art of sending cards.

“Snail mail” as it is called is a lost art, but a beautiful idea this makes it easy to really update a card or note with something beautiful that can be added to a gift box or sent out in special mail.

It is simple to make, looks beautiful, and creates a special gift to send to someone. These envelopes are made using a simple origami technique that is sure to bring a smile to any face!

Origami Paper Envelope Craft

If you’ve been me and avoided trying origami fear of failure, don’t! This easy little envelope idea is a super way to start your paper folding experiments. While I have tried many different origami-style crafts in the past, this is now my favorite and by far, the easiest I have made.

A lot of people want to do origami but can’t think what they will do with it after they have made it. With this origami envelope, you have a lovely gift to give someone.

These envelopes can be added inside of a gift bag when you give presents, or even hand to that friend or family member directly.

I absolutely love that they are so beautiful and elegant, but take almost no time at all to create!

What Paper Should I Use for Homemade Envelopes?

You can use just about any paper for these homemade envelopes. Anything from recycled book pages to printer paper, or special stationery can be used to create these gorgeous envelopes.

While I often recommend using cardstock for projects, I find it a bit too heavy for origami folding. The thinner and lighter paper works best for the intricate folds and is much easier to handle. So, avoid cardstock, and instead reach for colored craft paper.

If this envelope is for display reasons or if it is to go inside of a gift, you will want to decide which type of paper will be best. The weight, or heaviness, of the paper that should be used will vary depending on what you are doing with the envelope.

Can These Be Mailed?

These origami envelopes are beautiful to send to friends and family. However, they can not be mailed on their own. You will want to use these envelopes inside of a package. They would not work to mail a letter but will be something people would love to receive in their package.

If you want to send just the card, you can use this as an inside envelope, and slide the entire card inside a cushioned mailer. I, however, prefer to hand-deliver them or add to gifts.

Note: If you choose to mail this, be mindful that the folds may get damaged by folding or having other mail stacked against it. If you want to preserve the beauty of origami, I highly recommend placing it in a box or stiff envelope. You will also need to make sure it is weighed and proper postage added so it doesn’t have postage-due or returned to the sender.

If you are me and make several of one project at once, you may need somewhere to store them until time to use. That’s why I love this easy upcycled cardboard organizer box. Super easy to make, and perfect for stacking envelopes and cards in for future use.

Variations to Decorate Envelopes

While these are absolutely stunning as they are, I know that we sometimes to personalize or decorate things a bit more. For this envelope, the folding is a decoration in itself, but I’m no stranger to adding embellishments. Below are a few ideas and ways to make your envelopes just a bit brighter or more special.

  • Add glitter along the edges of the folds
  • Use a stamp with a special pattern or initials to stamp the paper before folding
  • Glue or stick colorful or patterned stickers onto the envelope.
  • Use two or three different colors of paper glued together to create the envelope
  • Dip into watercolor to create a fun dyed look
  • Address the envelope with brush lettering or calligraphy
  • Glue on small feathers or tiny flowers as embellishments
  • Attach a strip of ribbon along edges
  • Use patterned scrapbook paper, glitter paper, or even tie-dyed paper instead

Supplies Needed

Optional: I use glue to seal edges on some of these envelopes, but that is not required.

How do You Make an Origami Envelope?

Start by folding your paper over to create a triangle leaving the lower half of the paper unfolded as shown.

Now, you will fold up one corn of the bottom so that it is even with the bottom of the triangular flap.

Next, you will fold that section of paper over at the edge of the bottom fold as shown.

Now, fold over the other end so that it creates a smaller rectangle envelope shape with a bit of extra overlapping paper.

Now, unfold the paper and flip over, leaving one corner folded over as shown.

Now, you will fold over the opposite corner.

Once folded, you will then start folding that piece back and forth starting at the edge close to you and folding accordion-style until the small point is left and folded in the center.

Now, you will fold this entire piece in half vertically to create the envelope shape as shown.

Fold the flap over with the folded origami piece as the envelope flap as shown.

Tape or glue in place as desired before use.

If you working with paper crafts, don’t worry – I have tons to choose from! No need to be bored when you have these easy paper flowers, old book page flowers, paper flower wreaths, and this paper flower photo card. For those who the paper folding, check out this easy origami book page wreath. So simple but super fun to make!

One of the best investments I ever made for my craft room was a paper folder. No, not a fancy machine, but a simple knife- piece of plastic or wood that works well to fold the paper in even lines. I love my bamboo paper folder I got on Etsy.

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 15 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $0

  1. Fold a piece of paper over itself to create a triangle;
  2. On the open bottom of the paper, fold one corner over;
  3. Then, fold that corner over again at the crease;
  4. Now, you will fold the opposite side of the paper toward you to create the smaller rectangle shape of an envelope;
  5. Unfold the paper leaving one corner folded, and flip over;
  6. Now, you will fold over the side not folded and create a triangular flap;
  7. Begin folding that corner over itself in an accordion-style until the small tip is folded in the middle;
  8. Now, fold the other sides back together in half to form an envelope turning the accordion into a fan shape;
  9. Tape or glue in place as desired.

Have fun using different colors and patterns of paper with this process to fit different themes for birthdays.


Kids are getting bored amid lockdown? Teach them THESE easy to create DIY crafts

Decorative Origami Paper Envelope Craft {Video Tutorial}

Kids, just us, are also super bored during this lockdown. Why not teach them some origami? Check out this list of DIY crafts for kids.

Kids are getting bored amid lockdown? Teach them THESE easy to create DIY crafts

Coronavirus led lockdown has made us everybody including kids bored. It is very vital to handle them with the utmost care during the pandemic.

They cannot go out and play with other kids and enjoy gardens and playgrounds. Many kids even adults are glued to their cell phones and laptops and we know how bad too much screen time is.

So, bust the boredom, and play with your kids as well as teach them some origami for that matter. 

Crafts and similar fun activities are will not only keep them entertained for hours but they are also good for their health. Such activities spark inspiration and will help them to let their creative juices flow.

So, instead of getting bored as you are stuck at home, enjoy some quality time with your child. Today we have rounded off some easy to prepare DIY crafts for kids that will them busy and entertained. Browse below to check out the list.

Let us know in the comment section below if you are planning to prepare any of them.

1. Moving paper fish
This simple DIY idea will help you to get fun and 3D fish. For the same, you need craft papers, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. Check out this video to know the method.

2. Paper house
You must have drawn house or made 2D one, how about teaching your kids 3D paper house. Check out this video to know the steps.

3. Windmill

There are no double thoughts on how much kids love the windmill. In the lockdown, we cannot go out and buy one, however, you can teach them to prepare a simple one at home.

4. Paper flowers

Your kids' craft items can be utilized as home decor as well. Teach your kids some amazing paper-based flowers. Check out this video which has not one or two but 21 types of DIY flower. Prepare whichever fancies your kid. 

5. Surprise message card
This one actually can be helpful for adults as well. However, kids can be taught this surprise card and they can prepare it for their friends and teachers among others on special occasions. 

6. Special occasion card 
Your kid can create this card for father's day or any other special day.  Check out the video to know more. 

7. Wall hanging
Creating a wall hanging is super fun. This may seem hard, but it is quite easy to do, however, your kid will need your help. You can help to create such wall hangings which can be part of your home decor. 

8. Paper bag with newspaper

Teach your kids the importance of reuse and how being plastic-free is important. And while teaching, make this paper bag as well with them. 

NOTE: Please do not give your kids scissors or cutter directly if they are too young. 

Credits :, getty images

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Easy Origami for Kids – Red Ted Art – Make crafting with kids easy & fun

Decorative Origami Paper Envelope Craft {Video Tutorial}

Some of you may noticed that I have been *but a little busy* over on lately…. is a GREAT platform to share Origami How Tos and Paper Crafts.

I find thatstep by step origami for kids photos are so much harder to follow, than easy origami for kids video tutorials (our Corner Bookmark Designs have been particularly popular!!).

So I have brought together these projects here for easy browsing.  I hope you love these cute and easy origami for kids ideas as much as we do! There are some HUGE Educational Benefits to Origami! Do check them out.

Let’s have a peak at these easy Origami for Kids projects!!

Other Paper Craft Resources you may enjoy

I have grouped these projects by animal, practical, decorative and stationery… but we also have a great paper craft resources under the following themes

The difference between Origami and Kirigami

There is also a difference between origami (which is uses a square piece of paper and folding techniques) and kirigami (which can use any shaped paper and requires a little cutting to0). But I find when it comes to kids, doing a mix of the two is best. We also to embellish our paper crafts with pens or sticking on details such as kawaii eyes and facial features.

Easy Animal Origami for Kids

This little easy Origami bunny is probably one of the best Origami Projects for kids that you can start out on (well these and the tulips, but I find that the bunnies have more appeal to both boys and girls – say what you .. but I do find boys and girls have slightly different preferences).

Another easy Paper Bunny Origami – this rabbit is still an EASY make for kids, but probably a good “next step” from the previous slightly (!) easy bunny we shared above!

Super easy origami egg cups for kids to make! A great Origami pattern for kids to get excited about this traditional paper folding craft and technique!

So this isn’t an animal per se… but should your origami bunnies get peckish.. why not make them an Origami Carrot or two to nibble on (these would look lovely as a garland or as part on Easter Card!). Definitely part of our Easter Origami collection.

We love these ADORABLE Bunny Bookmarks are actually part of a SERIES of corner bookmarks on both my blog and channel. My viewers are forever asking for new Corner Bookmark designs.. and so I oblige!