Free Printable Bunny Candy Holder Easter Craft

Easter Table Kids’ Crafts That Are As Sweet As Can Be

Free Printable Bunny Candy Holder Easter Craft

With Easter gatherings fast approaching, we’ve been working our bunny tails off to bring you some fun and simple ideas to make these events extra special for your kids.

Easter fun usually means chocolate eggs and marshmallow treats, but knowing that the Easter Bunny clearly has this sugar-high covered, we challenged ourselves to make our version of fun one that won’t produce a candy-induced coma.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Wonderful Halos to share 3 fun craft tutorials that can sweeten up your kids’ Easter table, without pulling out the jelly beans.

Halos are the perfect snack that’s both sweet and healthy, so we knew they’d be a natural fit for our candy-free Easter ideas.

Plus, they’re seedless, easy to peel, totally guilt-less and can be turned into some pretty darn adorable creations. High five to that!

Keep reading to learn how to make our Easter Bunny Napkin Holder and Bunny & Chick Place Cards (with free printable!).

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PIN for when you’re ready to dress up your Easter table:

These Easter Bunny Napkin Holders will have your kids jumping up and down with joy , well, a bunny. They are incredibly easy to create – get your kids involved in the process, they’ll love folding, tying and of course drawing on those sweet little faces.

Now getting your child to actually use the napkin…well, that’s a whole different story.

You’ll Need:

  • Wonderful Halos mandarins
  • Napkins
  • String or ribbon
  • Sharpie

Step 1: Take your napkin and fold it in half, corner-to-corner to create a triangle shape. Start at the point and fold up all the way up. The napkins we used are 20×20 cotton, but large paper ones will work as well if you’re not up for washing them after!

Step 2: Grab your Halos mandarins and wrap the napkin around it. Can you resist peeling one open and popping in that juicy goodness?! Nope, we couldn’t either.

Use a piece of string or ribbon to tie around the base of the napkin. We wrapped ours in this rustic twine and tied it in a simple bow.

Step 3: Take a Sharpie (we used these cool paint ones, but regular Sharpies are fine too) and draw on the eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers to complete the transformation of your Halos mandarin into an adorable bunny!

Display these Bunny Napkins lying on plates, or stand them up. You can even pop them into clear plastic goblets (which kids love to drink and feel all grown-up!).

Add even more pizzazz to your Easter kids’ table with these super fun Bunny and Chick place cards. Your children will love having an “assigned” seat (how posh!), plus the added bonus of a sweet treat to snack on while waiting for the Ham to cook, or to finish off after the meal.

And if you’re hosting any sort of Easter Egg Decorating Party, these place cards work just as well – not only to let your guests know where to sit, but to provide them with a healthy snack to eat while dipping and dying.

You’ll Need:

  • Wonderful Halos Mandarins
  • Printable Bunny and Chick PDF (find the download instructions in the steps below)
  • Sharpies
  • Scissors
  • Glue Dots
  • White pompom or cotton for bunny tail
  • Yellow feathers for chick


Step 1: Draw the bunny’s face on your Halos mandarin using a Sharpie (again, we used these Sharpie Paint Pens, but you can use a regular one too).

Step 2: Download our free printable by entering your email into the box below. We’ll send the PDF directly to your inbox. 

You’ll get the link to download instantly.

Success! Please check your email and your Easter Critter Place Cards printable should be waiting for you (if you don’t see it, take a peek in your junk mail!)

Step 3: Print out the PDF on white card stock (but not to worry, regular paper does work just fine if you don’t have any) and cut out the bunny ears and feet.

Step 4: Write the name of each child on one of the bunny ears then attach them to the top of the Halos mandarin with a Glue Dot. If you don’t have any, tape or a hot glue gun will do the trick.

(Ask your kid’s to help make these sweet little critters…ours couldn’t get enough)

Step 4: Place another Glue Dot on the base of the feet and sit the Halos mandarin right on top.

Step 5: Attach a white pompom or cotton ball to the back of the mandarin if you so please!

Step 1: Draw the chick’s face on your Halos mandarin using a Sharpie.

Step 2: Download our free printable by entering your email into the box below. We’ll send the PDF straight to your inbox.

You’ll get the link to download instantly.

Success! Please check your email and your Easter Critter Place Cards printable should be waiting for you (if you don’t see it, take a peek in your junk mail!)

Step 3: Print out the PDF on white card stock (again, paper will work if you don’t have any) and cut out the chick’s feet and wings.

Step 4: Write the name of each child on one of the chick’s wings, then attach them to the sides of the Halos mandarin with a Glue Dot (or tape, or hot glue)

Step 5: Place more Glue Dots on the base of each foot and attach to the underside of the mandarin.

Step 6: Stick a yellow feather into the top of the mandarin to finish off your sweet little chick.

Just look at how amazing these Easter critters will look on your kids’ table. Not only will your children’s faces light up when they see them, but they’re super functional and offer a delicious healthy treat you can feel good about.

Thanks to our sponsor, Wonderful Halos, for providing us with Mother Nature’s perfect snack for our Easter craft creations. Halos are California grown and bursting with pure goodness. They’re the good choice solution for all ages (we’ve been known to polish off a few at a time!), so you can indulge without any #momguilt.

Click on the images below to take you to more of our fun, Easter-themed content:


DIY Adorable Paper Easter Bunny Candy Holder {Free Printable}

Free Printable Bunny Candy Holder Easter Craft

If you want to keep your craft projects simple and easy, there is nothing a free template to help you do it. In today’s video craft tutorial, you will be learning how you can create a cute Easter bunny treat holder with the help of a free printable.

Because this Easter craft tutorial includes a free printable template, it is a good project for all age groups. Even small children should find most of the steps pretty easy since they already have guidelines for cutting out the necessary shapes.

I used hot glue for this project since it is versatile and therefore my glue of choice for most projects. But you could probably get away with using a glue stick or liquid glue with no issues.

Step by Step Photo and Video Tutorial

Prep Time 5 minutes

Active Time 5 minutes

Total Time 10 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black marker
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  1. The first step is simply to cut out all of the shapes from the template. Just follow the guidelines carefully to do so. You will cut out the shape of the box, as well as the bunny’s paws and head.
  2. When you have the box shape cut out, fold along the dotted lines. That means folding up the sides and folding in the tabs.
  3. While the free printable gave you most of the basic shapes you need to complete this project, you still have a bit of creative work to do.
  4. Use a pen or pencil to carefully sketch the pads which will go on the bottom of the bunny's feet on the pink foam sheet.
  5. On the same pink foam sheet, you also can draw the shapes of the bunny's inner ears.
  6. Cut out the paw pads and the inner ears from the pink foam sheet.
  7. You can now glue the inner ears to the bunny’s outer ears.
  8. wise, you can now glue the paw pads onto the feet.
  9. Now that the feet are ready, return to the bunny's head. Using a black pen or marker, draw on the bunny’s face. Here you can use your creativity to decide what you want your bunny to look .
  10. Now that you have each of the components of the Easter bunny treat box prepared, it is time to start assembling the whole.
  11. Previously, you folded along the dotted lines on the section which is to become the box that holds the treats. Push the sides of the box upward, and use glue on the tabs to attach them to one another so that you have an open but complete container. Wait for your glue to dry.
  12. Attach the bunny's head to the back of the box at the top so that it sticks out above the box. Then, attach the bunny's front paws and feet to the front. The front paws should go at the top, with the feet below. Once again, wait a couple minutes for all the glue to dry.
  13. The final step is to put some Easter grass and candies inside the box.

Now Your Easter Bunny is Ready to Hold Some Treats

You have now finished creating an adorable Easter Bunny to hold treats for the holiday. With the help of the free printable, you probably were able to complete this project within just a short period of time and get a nice, neat result.

Once your Easter bunny treat container is finished, you can set it up on a table or cabinet or desk in your home or at the office, where it can share Easter joy and sweets with all who drop by.

If you had fun with this project, there are some other video tutorials for Easter crafts which I think you will enjoy.

For starters, you are going to want to try transforming a Nutella jar into an Easter bunny container for treats. Next, you will want to try another creative paper-based craft to create a treat container that is shaped a carrot.

Other Fun Easter Projects

Another project you can make for Easter using a free printable is this Easter bunny paper garland. Finally, I think you’ll also creating an Easter bunny candy bottle.

We have a ton of other Easter craft tutorials in our archives, and we’ll be posting more soon! So swing by again soon, and have fun crafting!


40+ Easy Easter Crafts – DIY Easter Decorations

Free Printable Bunny Candy Holder Easter Craft

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Speckled Eggs

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Easter Egg Wreath

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Easter Egg Bouquet

Dye some ombre eggs and arrange them in a clear glass vase. Then match the colors of the eggs with a nice bouquet of fresh flowers for an explosion of color.

What You'll Need: Easter egg dye ($22, Amazon)

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Easter Egg Buddies

Get your fine-tip markers out — these adorable egg buddies are a great way to decorate your Easter table. Give them a sweet face or a goofy one, whatever you choose you'll have a great time doodling on some eggs. Add wire or popsicle ears for an extra touch of pizazz.

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Surprise Egg

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Dipped Herb Silhouettes

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Cute and Colorful Easter Eggs

Turn a bushel basket into a cheery catchall for Easter loot by adding a few bright stripes of paint and a pair of homemade pompoms. Add colorful Easter eggs inspired by chicks and cute characters for some extra festive flair.

Best dressed: Draw a face and hair on a ceramic egg. Wrap the bottom third of egg in thick yarn (tip: work from the middle down) and secure by brushing on white craft glue in sections. Create details collars, bows, and buttons with felt and beads.

Dashing Design Egg: Follow tradition and dye your eggs first. Once dry, draw a series of short lines with a white paint marker.

Fuzzy Chick: Wrap a ceramic or wooden egg in yarn (tip: start at the top and work down) and secure by brushing on white craft glue in sections as you work. Use templates to make felt wings, feet, beak, and hair, and attach with glue. Glue on small black-bead eyes.

Get the templates here.

What You'll Need: White craft glue ($2, Amazon)

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Fringe and Tassel Easter Basket

Make a plain square basket look magical with a few scraps of ribbon and trim, and fill with unicorn-inspired and sparkling Easter eggs.

Lovely Unicorn: Paint a wooden egg white; let dry. Draw on face. Cut a mane from faux-fur trim, color in an egg dye bath, and attach (once dry) with fabric glue. Use templates to make felt ears and a gold paper horn; assemble and glue to egg. Wrap a 3 x 1/8-in. strip of gold paper around horn; secure with glue. Glue star confetti to cheek and hair.

Shiny Silhouette: Use the templates to carefully cut a chick or bunny from a foil candy wrapper. Adhere to dyed egg with Mod Podge. Use a damp cotton swab to gently wipe clean the foil shape; let dry.

Dazzling Glitter Egg: Try this trick on basic plastic eggs: Lightly sand the outside, brush on glue, cover in glitter, and let dry.

Get the templates here.

What You'll Need: Glitter ($8 for 12 colors, Amazon)

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Candy Carrots

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Spring Has Sprung Easter Basket

There are no better signs of warmer weather than beautiful blossoms and high-flying butterflies. Use the faux variety to embellish a bamboo basket, and fill with floral, speckled, and bunny-inspired eggs for added whimsy.

Woodland Bunny: Decorate a painted egg with soft, furry ears and a floral crown. Paint a wooden egg, let dry, then add a spotted belly with white paint. Draw on a face. Use template to make ears from felt and faux-fur trim. Sandwich wire between ear pieces, then bend back the bottom 1/4 in. and use to glue in place. Glue small faux flowers around ears.

Floral Egg: A dyed egg can be a blank canvas for a watercolor garden. Paint small X's with dots in the centers.

Speckled Egg: Use a toothbrush to flick watered-down acrylic paint across (dry) spray-painted plastic eggs.

What You'll Need: White plastic eggs ($10 for 25 eggs, Amazon)

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Easter Bunny Face

Need to keep kids occupied? Have them add ears, nose, and eyes to a pink crepe paper ball to make a cute, photo-worthy bunny face.

What You'll Need: Pink crepe paper ($7, Amazon)

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Hanging Egg Centerpiece

Use a craft knife to cut a 2″ x 2″ oval into 4″ eggs. Apply one to two coats of paint to the 4″ and 2″ eggs; let dry. Stuff 4″ eggs with tissue paper, then place all eggs inside cardboard box.

In small bowl, mix a few drops of water with a dollop of paint, then dip the toothbrush bristles in and use your thumb to fleck the paint onto the eggs to create speckles. Once dry, repeat for the reverse side of the eggs. Place floral foam inside the flower bucket and arrange sprays inside.

Use brown floral tape to attach two sprays together to create height as needed. Hot-glue a small loop of ribbon to the top of the eggs and hang from spray branches. Arrange Easter grass inside 4″ eggs, then add cookies.

What You'll Need: Craft knife ($5, Amazon)

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Spring Chicken Balsa Wood Easter Baskets

To make the basket, cut a 15″ x 2″ for the sides of the basket and a 9″ x ⅝” strip for the handle. Soak these strips in a pan of water for at least 10 minutes.

Remove from water and while still wet, use a steamer (or the steam button on an iron) to apply steam to the balsa wood strips as you gently bend them into shape (this will prevent kinks and cracks in the wood). Bring the short ends of the bigger strip together to form a 3″ x 5″ oval and create an arch with the smaller strip.

Use clothespins to hold the ends of the side strip together and to hold the handle strip to the center of each of the longer oval sides; let dry completely (about 2 to 3 hours). Remove clothespins and hot-glue the pieces in place.

To make the bottom of your basket, trace the inside of the oval onto a balsa wood sheet, cut out and hot-glue to the sides of the basket along the inside edge. Embellish the outside with velvet ribbon, scrapbooking flowers, paper tags, and more. For the chicks, dip doughnut holes in melted white chocolate, roll them in nonpareils, then add sprinkle eyes and a gummy candy beak.

Get the Spring Chicken Balsa Wood Easter Baskets recipe.

What You'll Need:Balsa wood strip ($9, Amazon)

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Ombré Easter Eggs

You can create this dramatic display with just two 0.25-ounce vials of blue dye you may already have in the kitchen. Set out six 12-ounce glasses, labeled A through F. Add one cup of boiling water and two teaspoons of white vinegar to each and stir, using a separate spoon for each glass.

Then, mix in the color as follows: A, two drops; B, six drops; C, 10 drops; D, 20 drops; E, 45 drops; F, 60 drops. Submerge a hard-boiled egg in each glass. Steep for five minutes, or until you're happy with the hue, then remove and place in an empty egg carton to dry.

Repeat with additional eggs (up to three dozen).

What You'll Need:Easter egg dye ($29 for 8 colors, Amazon)

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Pretty Pots

Push flower cookies into painted terra cotta planters that are filled with fresh wheatgrass. Adhere letter stickers to the sides of two pots to spell Happy Easter. Apply one to two coats of acrylic paint to the pot, plus inside the top rim; let dry about one hour. Carefully peel away the letter stickers and discard. If needed clean up the edges of the letters with a craft knife.

What You'll Need:Terra cotta planters ($17, Amazon)

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Flowers by the Dozen Centerpiece

To make this centerpiece, empty eggs by carefully cracking a small hole (about ¾” across) in the pointy end of each egg; rinse out. Choose to dye the eggshells, decorate them or leave them plain. Place eggshells in a ceramic egg crate, or the bottom half of a cardboard or clear plastic egg carton. Then, fill each halfway with water and stick in cut flowers.

What You'll Need:Ceramic egg crate ($19, Amazon)

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Bunny Ears Napkins

1. Use scissors to cut a 1½” section of paper-towel tube.

2. From white or pink felt, cut a 6¼” x 2¼” rectangle and hot-glue it around the cardboard ring.

3. Download the bunny ear template here. Make the outer ear shapes with felt that matches the ring color, and the inner ear shapes with the other felt color.

4. Sandwich a 4″ piece of pipe cleaner between the inner and outer ear shapes, letting about ¾” stick the bottom; hot-glue to secure. Pinch the bottom corners together and secure with hot glue; hold until dry. Repeat this step for the other ear.

5. Attach the ears to the felt-covered ring, about ½” apart, by hot-gluing the exposed pipe cleaner to the top of the ring. Cover the pipe cleaner segments with a small piece of matching felt; hot-glue to secure.6. Once dry, bend the ears to make them stand upright, then push a napkin through the ring.

What You'll Need:Pink felt ($14, Amazon)

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Golden Eggs

1. Dye or paint eggs; let dry completely.

2. Use a foam brush to paint abstract splotches of glue from the Mona Lisa Metal Leaf Starter Kit on the eggs; let dry according to package instructions.

3. Apply the gold leaf from the kit to the sticky areas (the glue is tacky when it dries) and smooth down with your fingers.

4. Use a stiff-bristled brush to sweep away any gold leaf around the egg where there was no adhesive.

What You'll Need:Mona Lisa Metal Leaf Starter Kit ($11, Amazon)

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Painterly Eggs

Download our watercolor images template, and print onto Grafix Rub-Onz Transfer Film. Tip: You may need to select the photo paper setting on your printer. Follow package instructions to transform images into adhesive decals, then apply to eggs by rubbing with your fingers or the flat end of a wine cork.

What You'll Need:Grafix Rub-Onz Transfer Film ($11, Amazon)

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Grow-Your-Own Garden Centerpiece

1. Arrange medium whitewashed wood trays down the middle of your table. Cut through wheatgrass (available at most nurseries) with scissors so it fits inside each tray.

2. Push the stems of cut flowers into floral water picks filled with tap water, then nestle the plastic tubes into the grass.

3. For extra color, place a few dyed eggs around the perimeter as shown.

What You'll Need: Floral water picks ($12 for 20 picks, Amazon)

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Bunny Trail

Leave your kids evidence of the Bunny's visit. Using washable paint, create bunny footprints that lead to the toilet and drop a “special surprise” (i.e. jelly beans) in the toilet.

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Peep Floral Arrangement

Got some extra Peeps lying around? Maybe even from last Easter? Stuff these treats into a vase to brighten up your flowers.

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Bunny Crayons

If you have a bunny muffin tin and a bunch of misfit crayons (who doesnt?), then this is the craft for you. Break up the crayons, soak them in warm water, and place in the mold. Then bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 24 minutes, or until the crayons have melted.

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Bunny Door

Raid your craft bin and use an assortment of colorful paper to create an on-door bunny.

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DIY Stem Straws

Add a little touch of nature with these adorable flowers for straws.

Get the tutorial at Country Living.


15 of the cutest and free-est Easter printables for our kids

Free Printable Bunny Candy Holder Easter Craft

We’ve been hopping all over the internet to find our favorite free Easter printables to help you get ready for Easter Sunday.

Our hunt turned up some of the cutest printable Easter coloring pages, decorations, and DIY treat boxes that you can just click and print in time for the 27th. (Yes, it’s coming soon!) Bunny bandit masks and playdough mats? Yes, found them too.

 And since they’re all free, you can go ahead and splurge on some fancy chocolate bunnies for yourself. And we hope you do.

Related: 14 easy Easter crafts for kids, hold the glitter.

Printable Easter Bunny Treat Cones | We are Scout

Fill these sweet-smiling, easy-to-make Easter bunny treat cones with colorful jelly beans or chocolate eggs and set one at each place setting. Or just hand them out to the kids. Either way, they’re bound to be a big hit.

Jumping Bunny Cupcake Toppers | Oh Happy Day

A colorful pom pom becomes a fluffy bunny tail on these jumping bunny cupcake toppers that are so easy to print out. We know a few kids who would be happy to volunteer to pin the tails on the bunnies, which will make this last-minute craft even easier to check off the list.

Giant Easter Egg Coloring Page | Mr. Printables

If you keep finding the kids hands in the jelly beans jar, print out this multi-page giant Easter egg coloring page and give them something a bit more constructive to do. Either taped to a table or hung on a wall, there’s plenty of room for a few colorers to get involved.

Bunny Bandit Mask | Mer Mag for Julep

How great is this bunny bandit mask for kids who may not really be into the whole fluffy, cuddly bunny thing? It’s also the perfect disguise to don before they go out hunting Easter eggs.

Bunny Straw Holder | The Seasoned Mom

Everything tastes sweeter if you’re drinking from this adorable bunny straw holder from The Seasoned Mom.

Pastel Easter Garland | Picklebums

No need to go out and buy Easter decorations: Picklebums’ free printable Easter shapes can easily be printed, cut, and affixed to a ribbon for a festive garland to hang above your brunch table or entryway.

Bunny & Bow Easter Goodie Bags | Hello Wonderful

With this free printable, you can create impressive Easter bunny goodie bags, complete with a natty paper bowtie. Once assembled, tuck a few chocolate eggs or other treats inside.

Related: 10 free printable Easter coloring pages for big kids 

Illustrated Easter Stickers | Mer Mag

Whether you include them in the Easter basket or hand them out for some pre-egg hunt crafting, Mer Mag’s illustrated Easter stickers will be a big hit among sticker-loving kids (i.e., all of them).

Easter Bunny Treat Box | Mein Lila Park

What would you hide inside this adorable Easter bunny treat box? We just know that we’d make enough of these treat boxes for everyone at the table; they double-up perfectly as seating cards.

Easter Counting Coloring Pages | Easy Peasy and Fun

Preschoolers will have fun coloring and counting the Eastery pictures on Easy Peasy and Fun’s coloring pages. Display the kids’ finished work somewhere special for Easter dinner and maybe they’ll show off their ABCs and 123s.

DIY Easter Candy Huggers | Lia Griffith

These adorable Easter animals look so cute hugging their foil-covered chocolate eggs that we’re pretty sure this will be an Easter table showstopper. Put one at each place setting and even the youngest in the bunch won’t complain about staying seated. (She has included both the SVG cut file, as well as a regular PDF for those of us who are old-school and still cut with scissors.)

Many Bunny Coloring Page | HaleGrafx

We all know bunnies multiply quickly, as seen in HaleGrafx’s bunny coloring pages. Keep the kids busy for a bit by printing out a whole bunch and putting out some crayons or markers (glitter colors may help).

Easter Lunchbox Jokes | Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

Though Easter falls on a Sunday, our kids would crack up to get these silly Easter lunchbox notes in the days leading up to the weekend. You can also print out a few to put into Easter baskets for little comedians who can never get enough jokes.

Easter Play Dough Mats and Crafting Pages | Picklebums

Picklebums’ playdough mats and crafting pages make a great activity for before or after the annual egg hunt. Just put out plenty of crafting supplies and tubs of play dough and see what clever ideas your kids hatch.

Free Printable Easter Stickers | Oh Everything Handmade (sorry, this is no longer available to print)

This colorful menagerie of Easter stickers by Oh Everything Handmade will make a great Easter basket treat that is sweet but not sugary.


9 Cutest DIY Easter Candy Holders

Free Printable Bunny Candy Holder Easter Craft

Easter is a cozy holiday for adults and kids, and we all spoil the latter with delicious desserts, chocolate eggs and candies. How to pack candies right to make them a cool gift for your kid and other children that come? Here are some simple tutorials.

These cute root vegetables look perfectly at home in Easter baskets, they are made of paper mache and colorful twine. They look really natural and very cute – real carrots! Fill them with candies or some funny toys and give them as gifts to your kids.

DIY sweet carrot candy holders for Easter (via undefined)

Easter is just a few days away and if you are looking for an easy DIY activity for parents and kids, these cute paper carrot candy holders will do just the trick! Even if your children aren’t big fans of carrots, they will surely find these colorful veggies filled with candy or small surprises delicious! After 5 short minutes, your carrot will be ready to be filled with Easter goodies. These carrots are also lovely as an Easter table decoration or as party favors.

DIY carrot candy holders of colored paper for Easter (via undefined)

If you want to keep your craft projects simple and easy, there is nothing a free template to help you do it. In today’s video craft tutorial, you will be learning how you can create a cute Easter bunny treat holder with the help of a free printable.

Because this Easter craft tutorial includes a free printable template, it is a good project for all age groups. Even small children should find most of the steps pretty easy since they already have guidelines for cutting out the necessary shapes.

DIY adorable paper Easter bunny for candies (via undefined)

These mini animal candle holders are a cute (mini) twist on Easter baskets and they’re made with items you probably already have. So whip some of these up with your kids (or make them for your kids) and use them to hold whatever your sweet tooth most desires – candies, sweets or something else. Get inspired!

DIY colorful chick and bunny candy holders for Easter (via undefined)

These little bunny jars are the perfect way to share some sweets on Easter – what can be more natural for Easter than a bunny? The authors filled their up with jelly beans and they’re thinking they might nestle in some Easter baskets!

DIY bunny jar candy holders for Easter (via undefined)

You can hang these little cones on an Easter tree decoration or prop it up in an Easter basket. Of course, you will want to fill it with candy first. While here these are jelly beans, you can choose any small candy you . Will you give it away or keep it for yourself?

DIY candy carrot cone for Easter treats (via undefined)

The candy huggers that we made for Valentine’s Day were so popular that we have adapted our design to bring you these adorable baby animal candy huggers in time for Easter.

The chick, duckling, bunny and lamb are just adorable and are easily cut on your personal cutting machine. They are a great little gift for classmates or friends. Hand them out at the office, in a local book club or craft class.

DIY cute animal Easter candy huggers for kids (via undefined)

These adorable toilet paper roll bunnies are an eco-friendly alternative to the average plastic Easter egg. Rather than putting your child’s Easter candy in a wasteful plastic egg, consider making a recycled Easter bunny candy holder instead!

DIY recycled Easter bunny candy holder of a toilet paper roll (via undefined)

These pretty and colorful carrots take a little time to cut out and put together because of their geometric shape, and there’s a comfy printable template. Be sure to use strong double-sided tape, otherwise your boxes will pop open the Easter surprise they are.

DIY printable carrot treat box holder for Easter (via undefined)


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Free Printable Bunny Candy Holder Easter Craft

Free Printable Bunny Candy Holder Easter Craft

If you to give candy and treats at Easter time, then you are going to love this adorable printable bunny holder Eater craft. This little cone-shaped bunny craft is ideal for stuffing with little goodies. Whether it’s homemade candy or a bag of your favorite treat, this is a super fun way to share a gift for Easter.

Printable Bunny Candy Holder Easter Craft

How absolutely adorable is this little candy holder?! I love that I don’t have to go out and buy fancy candy bags at the store. In a pinch, I can just print and make my own! This is a super fast and easy craft to make and is ideal for printing and making with the kids. If your child has a class party or even a Sunday School Easter party happening, this is a great craft and gift.

What is the Best Way to Secure This Together?

This is really a personal choice. I used double-sided tape as it was convenient, easy, and mostly, works great. I wouldn’t recommend using glue as it is more ly to fall apart with the weight of the candy. A nice sturdy tape or even staples can be used for this project.

If you are going to be gifting these to children, you may want to use tape just in case pieces of staples could cut their little hands. You could also secure them with some cute colorful washi tape or duct tape with an Easter pattern!

How Much Candy Will Fit in This?

Since it is a simple paper candy holder, it won’t hold heavy items. For eggs shown in the picture, I recommend no more than 10-12. Think of it as a place to hold about 1 regular sized bag of M&M’s. In some cases, it will hold a bit more, but that really depends more on the sizes of the candy.

Some great candy ideas are:

  • Chocolate covered eggs
  • Individually wrapped bubble gum
  • Miniature candy bars
  • Peeps marshmallows
  • Single serving size bags of M&M’s or Skittles
  • Homemade candy or fudge squares
  • Snack mixes or trail mix

More Easter Candy Holders

I love making homemade candy or treat bags. There is just something about really getting into the process of creating your own gifts. Below are a few more of our great candy holders just for Easter.

Of course, if you prefer not to load your kids up with candy this year, you can check out this great list of non-candy Easter treats for inspiration. So many great ideas here!

Supplies Needed

  • Printable bunny candy holder
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Ribbon
  • Candy

How to Make a Printable Bunny Candy Holder

Print out the cone-shaped Easter bunny printable.

Cut out the cone shape and the ears trimming around each piece to remove the excess paper.

Now you will add two sided tape to one side of the cone shape.

Roll the cone together connecting with the tape you already placed on the seam.

Add a festive ribbon to the bottom of the cone.

Tape or glue the ears in place on the back of the cone.

You can add glitter, sequins, ribbon, or other embellishments as desired.

Now, you can fill your bunny with candy to share!

Crafter’s Tip

If you want your candy cone treat holder to last longer and hold more candy, use card stock instead of regular printer paper. I love this pretty Easter printed card stock and Easter washi tape to create these for a more durable treat holder to give to kids at church.

While you are making these treat bags, you can put your kids to work on some of these amazing Easter crafts for kids and toddlers. There are also some great outdoor Easter decoration ideas on this list, and my favorite is this list of great Easter egg decorating ideas for kids.