How to Make Tissue Paper Ball Flowers

How To Make Tissue Flowers

How to Make Tissue Paper Ball Flowers

*Update–Many of you have had questions about how to “twist” the paper.  I have made a quick video showing you how.  You can find the video for how to make tissue flowers here:

How to Make Tissue Flowers Video

Valentine’s Day Crate Tutorial

Thanks everyone for all your sweet comments about my last Valentine’s day project…the “Be Mine” Framed Art. I had some requests for a tutorial on how I made the tissue paper rosette decor balls {kissing balls}. Well, lucky day, I had this post already scheduled to go!

Many of you will remember that I have made these before and have them hanging in my daughter’s room. We also made the wooden box that I displayed the rosette balls in. I will share the tutorial for that in a future post. I actually made it a couple of months ago with this table saw from Sears Outlet.

First off you will need a couple of rolls of tissue paper streamers. You can find them many places in many colors. Mine were $1 each.

Start by cutting the paper into strips about 24 inches long. Then crumple them up to make them softer {this part is optional, depends on what look you –experiment}. Then fold the top 1/3 of it down so it is not as wide. {again…optional}

Now take your strip and start on one end and begin rolling it up between your fingers.

After you have a few rolls, continue to roll it up but now twist the paper.

Now just continue to roll and twist until you have reached the end of the strip. I d to add a drop of hot glue to the end so they did not unravel.

After you have a few rosettes made, start gluing {I used a glue gun} them onto a round styrofoam ball. I used 2 and 3 inch ones to make them in different sizes. Just glue them close together and fit them in where they sit together nicely.

On this particular rosette ball, I did not twist the paper. I did some both ways and that they come out a bit different. Below is a picture of one that I rolled AND twisted the strip of paper. Does that make sense? Can you see a difference?

The fun thing is to just try different things. You will eventually find something that works for you and your taste preferences.

Pretty easy right? These are the perfect thing to do when you are snowed in and watching your favorite TV program or chic flick!  Can’t find tissue paper streamers? You can get some here: Tissue Paper Streamers

P.S. Many of you emailed me and asked how I made this felt rosette kissing ball. I made these last year and the tutorial for them can be found here. I was inspired to make these after making this heart wreath. And just in case some of you are wondering about the decorative snowball men…they can be found here.

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Tissue Paper Flowers: The Ultimate Guide

How to Make Tissue Paper Ball Flowers

Have you ever made tissue paper flowers? They are such an easy, inexpensive craft and can be used in so many different ways. This article is the ultimate guide to everything you want to know about tissue paper flowers. I’m sharing ALL of the information you need in one place!

  1. Stack several layers of tissue paper neatly in front of you. (Refer to sizing chart below)
  2. Starting at the short end, accordion fold 1 inch sections of the tissue paper until the whole length of the tissue paper is folded together.
  3. Secure the center using a stapler. Be sure the staple goes through all layers of the tissue paper.
  4. Use scissors to shape both ends of the tissue paper. Scroll down a bit to see a chart of different ways you can cut the ends and how the flower will look.
  5. Fan out the folds and begin separating each layer. Fluff and shape the flower until it looks pretty.

Just in case any of that was confusing, I’ve put together a short video tutorial so you can see exactly how to make tissue paper flowers.

You can easily make tissue paper flowers any size you want by adjusting the starting width of your tissue paper and how many layers you use. The larger the flower, the more layers it needs.

Here is a handy reference chart to give you an idea of sizing. The first number is how wide the tissue paper is after you’ve accordion folded it.

The second number is how many layers of tissue paper you should use.

It’s easy to change the look of your tissue paper flowers by changing the way you cut the ends and how thick you make the folds. I folded tissue paper flowers four different ways below and the four resulting flowers look completely different!

I cut very large petals on the first flower and folded slightly thicker folds and the resulting flower is fluffy and larger scale. The second flower is the very classic scalloped edge. The third flower has pointy edges and the fourth flower has fringe-cut edges.

Another way you can change it up is by folding more than one color of tissue paper together I did in the last flower example above.

Layer a smaller strip of tissue paper over a larger strip to have a different colored flower center or layer different colors that are all the same size for a striped or ombre effect.

There are so many different possible variations. Let your imagination go wild!

How do you make tissue paper pom poms?

In my mind, tissue paper flowers are flat on the back and tissue paper pom poms are ball-shaped. There are two ways to make a tissue paper pom pom that is nice and round.

You can either make two flowers the same size and attach the flat sides together to get a nice sphere –or– double the number of tissue paper sheets you start with.

Sometimes this still leaves the finished shape a little less than perfectly round, so I prefer attaching two flowers together.

How do you hang tissue paper pom poms?

Here are several ways to hang your newly-made tissue paper pom poms:

  • Before fluffing the tissue paper (between steps 4 and 5 above), tie a ribbon or fishing line around the middle of the folded tissue paper right where the staple is. After you fluff the tissue paper, the string will be accessible for hanging. I love these clear Command Hooks (affiliate link) that are specially made for party decor. I used them to hang the tissue paper flowers and paper lanterns in one corner of my craft room. See the photo below.
  • Use masking or packing tape to attach flat-backed tissue paper flowers to the wall temporarily.
  • If you would to display the tissue paper flowers long-term, use push pins or Command Strips to attach them to the wall. Tape may come undone over time. Just hide the push pins in the fluffy parts of the tissue paper and they won’t even show.

Dollar Tree is my favorite place to buy tissue paper, but if you are planning to make a hundred tissue paper flowers for a wedding or something, I suggest buying it from Amazon because they have the best color selection. There are plenty of different sellers, but the target price you’re looking for is about 5-7 cents per sheet. Dollar Tree’s tissue paper is 4 cents per sheet, but it comes in limited colors.

This is the fun part! There are so many different ways to use tissue paper flowers. Below are a few creative ideas from around the web. Click on the links below each picture for more information about each tissue paper flower project.

1 Table Runner  2 Gift Topper  3 Napkin Ring  4 Nursery Decor 5 Party Arch  6 Party Decor  7 Photo Backdrop  8 Dessert Table Backdrop 9 Garland Curtain  10 Party Wall Decor  11 Garland  12 Ribbon Chandelier13 Tissue Paper Flower Chandelier  14 Table Centerpieces 15 Cake Topper  16 Tissue Paper Flower Birthday Number17 Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet  18 Party Decor

See why I love tissue paper flowers so much? They are just so inexpensive and versatile and pack a visual punch! Go ahead and give them a try the next time you have the creative itch.


Diy Paper Flower Ball

How to Make Tissue Paper Ball Flowers

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DIY Hanging Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial

How to Make Tissue Paper Ball Flowers

Tissue paper flowers are very easy and cheap to make but they create a wonderful visual impact at weddings. You can make them smaller or larger depending on your desired look and the space you have to decorate. They can also be customized to match your wedding colors.  Using tissue paper flowers is a great way to decorate a reception area cheaply but beautifully.

Today we’re sharing a DIY hanging tissue paper flower tutorial. These tissue paper flowers were inspired by other tissue paper pom tutorials online, specifically the one from Martha Stewart that’s been used and shared by other bloggers.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, easy DIY for your wedding then you should definitely try these tissue paper flowers!

We’ve include everything from how to make these tissue paper flowers to how to make them appear hanging from space. We’ve also included where to buy needed supplies with affiliate links to websites we trust.

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial

The videos below shows all the steps to make tissue paper flowers. The first video shows you how to make tissue paper flowers and the second video shows you how to put it all together for the hanging effect!

Supplies needed:

  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • fishing line
  • tape
  • glue

DIY Hanging Tissue Paper Flowers Step By Step

Below are the step by step instructions for creating this fun paper flower poms! It’s a really fun project for a wedding or any event where you need to decorate.

Step 1: Cut rectangular pieces of tissue paper and stack 5 together

The tissue paper can be as big or as little as you want your flowers to be. I use smaller flowers so my rectangular paper pieces are 8 in by 4 in. For a bigger impact and less work, just make the rectangle pieces bigger for bigger flowers. You can stack more pieces together but I found 5 to be the sweet spot. No matter what size of tissue paper you buy you can always adjust by cutting.

Step 2: Fold stack of tissue paper into an accordian fold

Stack the papers together and start from the bottom folding back and forth. You don’t have to be perfect here, especially on the edges since you will cut them off!

Step 3: Tie folded tissue paper in middle with string, rope, or wire

You can use almost any type of string to tie your paper together. I’ve used ribbon in this example but mostly use fishing line. Make sure the knot is secure

Step 4: Cut edges into more petal rounded edges

Use basic craft scissors to cut the edges off of your folded paper on both sides.

Step 5: Fan out tissue paper and fluff first layer up on both sides of the center

Fan out one side of the layers and fluff up the first layer of tissue paper. Fan out the other side and fluff up the first tissue paper layer wrapping it around the first and squeezing them together.

Step 6: Fluff tissue paper inwards one layer at a time on both sides wrapping around the center

Going back and forth between the sides fluff up the layers and wrap them around the previous layer. Don’t worry too much if you tear a layer or the edges don’t match up perfectly on the sides. It still ends up looking good!

Step 7: Measure & cut out fishing line for space where you will hang the flowers & decide on the distance between flowers to hang on the fishing line

Before start hanging the flowers measure the space where they are going to be hanging. This might seem obvious but it’s very important. You’ll need to measure out the lines of fishing line and cut them before you start applying the flowers. Once you have all your lines cut this will also help you decide on the distance between flowers.

Step 8: Place a line of white craft glue on the back of a flower and place the fishing line through the glue

Surprisingly the best glue I found for this process was basic white glue. The first step in applying the flowers is to apply a thin straight line of glue down the back of one of your completed flower halves. Then your measurements for the fishing line, find the right spot and slide the flower under the fishing line. Adjust the line so it goes through the glue.

Step 9: On the other flower, place glue around the outside edges

On the other flower half apply glue around the edges and in the middle. Apply enough glue to make sure the tissue paper will stick but don’t overdo it.

Step 10: Put flower halves together & press edges together with glue to hold

Place the two flower halves together and press them together. Press all the outside edges together to make sure it looks one round pom instead of two halves. Fluff the nearby layers toward the center to give it a more round appearance.

Step 11: Let the glued paper flowers sit to dry

This is important since the white glue isn’t the fastest drying glue. If you use something else it might cut drying time but I to leave my flowers for a couple hours if not overnight to make sure everything has dried and the flowers will stay on the line.

Step 12: Hang lines of fishing line

After the paper flowers have dried all you have to do is hang the fishing line! You can tie the strings of hanging flowers from anything really. To hang the flowers from “nowhere” run an extra fishing line across a space horizontally and hang the lines from that.

Alternative: DIY Tissue Paper Flower Kit 

If you love the look of these hanging tissue paper flowers but don’t feel going through all the steps listed above (or you aren’t very crafty), you can purchase a DIY kit of pre-cut flowers from Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart Crafts Pom Poms – This kit has easy to assemble pom pom tissue paper flowers you can make from pre-cut pieces. It saves you a lot of steps in the process that are more time consuming.

You won’t have to measure and cut, you can just fluff and hang! It’s an easier way to accomplish the same type of look in case you are short on time.

 Each kit from Martha Stewart makes 5 pom poms and can coordinate color wise with your wedding or party colors.

You can also find a lot of great tissue paper poms available from sellers on Etsy. These tissue paper flowers and tissue paper poms will save you a ton of time since they are already premade. Here are a few that we love:

Tissue paper poms by Paperwhite Design

Tissue paper hanging garland by lovelou Collective – This sweet hanging garland is an example of tissue paper flowers premade on Etsy for wedding purposes.

Tissue paper poms by Party Poms – They have a ton of tissue paper pom and flower options in their shop.

You can browse more tissue paper flowers on Etsy