Are Phil And Kirstie Friends?

Where do Kirstie Allsopp’s children go to school?

Her sons, Bay, 12, and Oscar, 10, will attend a secondary day school in London..

Is Kirstie Allsopp’s ring real?

Seen popping into a newsagent in West London today, Kirstie appeared to have acquired a new ring in its place. … While Kirstie said the ring isn’t as expensive as its looks, pointing out it isn’t a real ruby, she says it has great sentimental value and is eager to find it.

Who are Kirstie Allsopp’s parents?

Charles Allsopp, 6th Baron HindlipFatherLady Fiona HindlipMotherKirstie Allsopp/Parents

Where does Kirstie Allsop buy her dresses?

Kirstie broke her wardrobe down, revealing that her two favourite shops are The Cross Shop, in Holland Park, London, and KJs Laundry, a fashion boutique in Marylebone.

How do I contact Phil Spencer?

Xbox complaints contactsEmail Phil Spencer (Vice President) on Customer Care on 1-800-MICROSOFT (1-800-642-7676)Visit Microsoft Customer Care.Email Satya Nadella (CEO) on Xbox Support.Tweet Microsoft Support.Watch Microsoft.

Where does Kirstie Alley live now?

Los FelizGet the latest from TODAY Kirstie Alley may be a Hollywood actress, but step inside her mansion in Los Feliz, California, and you’d think she was Italian royality.

Are Kirstie and Phil together?

Kirstie and Phil have worked together for over two decades, but there is no romance there, and they are NOT a couple. The Location, Location, Location and Love It or List It pair are so close that Phil refers to Kirstie as his “other wife” and say his kids are used to having a secondary figure around the house.

Is Kirstie Allsopp a lady?

Kirstie Mary Allsopp (born 31 August 1971) is a British television presenter, best known as co-presenter of Channel 4 property shows including Location, Location, Location, Love It or List It UK, Relocation, Relocation and Location Revisited.

What age is Phil Spencer?

50 years (December 11, 1969)Phil Spencer/Age

What age is Kirstie Allsopp?

49 years (August 31, 1971)Kirstie Allsopp/Age

Is Phil Spencer still married?

Is Phil Spencer married? The presenter is married, and contrary to what many viewers speculate, he is not married to Kirstie. Phil, who calls Kirstie his “other wife”, has sons Jake, 12, and Ben, nine, with his Australian wife Fiona, 48.

How did Phil and Kirstie meet?

Phil and his Australian wife Fiona met in 1995 at the Ministry of Sound nightclub in London. … However, soon after Phil was commissioned a series with Kirstie Allsopp as the production company noticed their chemistry in the screen test. They moved back to England, had two children and the rest is history!

Who is Phil Spencers wife?

Fiona SpencerPhil Spencer/WifePersonal life. Spencer grew up in Littlebourne, Kent and lives in Hampshire, with his Australian wife Fiona, and their two sons Jake and Ben. He is an Ambassador for SOS Children’s Villages.

How much do Phil and Kirsty get paid?

Phil became an estate agent in 1991, learning his property knowledge from a young age. While the star’s specific net worth is not known, The Sun claims he and Kirstie earned £400,00 a year each between 2010 and 2013.

What does Phil Spencer earn?

Phil Spencer net worth: Phil Spencer is an American business executive who has a net worth of $25 million. He is best known for being the head of the Xbox brand and vice president of gaming at Microsoft. Phil Spencer was born in January 1968. He graduated from the University of Washington.

Who is Kirstie Allsopp’s partner?

Ben Andersen (2004–)Kirstie Allsopp/Partner

Is Kirstie Allsopp married to?

Ben Andersen (2004–)Kirstie Allsopp/Partner

Who is Kirstie Allsopp’s dad?

Charles Allsopp, 6th Baron HindlipKirstie Allsopp/Fathers

Is Kirstie Allsopp an architect?

The Love it challenge is taken up by Kirstie Allsopp and the List it challenge by Phil Spencer. Although Kirstie is not an Architect, she comes up with some strategies to alter the existing property to make it work, where it clearly does not. They then employ professionals to carry the work out.

Where does Kirstie Allsopp live in Devon?

MeadowgateMeadowgate is Kirstie Allsopp’s beautiful ‘Homemade Home’. Found in total seclusion minutes from Welcombe Mouth, one of the most stunning beaches on the north coast, Meadowgate sits at the base of Welcombe’s deep valley.