How Do I Access My Sprint Email?

How do I access my sprint email account?

Actions: Visit

Click the Sign in button.

Enter your username and password to sign in to My Sprint..

How do I change my email on my Sprint account?

Update your email and Sprint notification settings on sprint.comVisit the Sign in button. … Click the My preferences tab.Scroll to All about me > Email Notifications and click Account & usage notifications.The My preferences window will open.More items…•

What are the requirements for a sprint password?

Password requirements8-33 least 1 capital least 1 least one special characheter: – _ . $ # @ ! +cannot match username, phone, account or Social Security numbers.cannot use prior passwords.

What time does Sprint customer service?

Sprint Text Customer Service is only available to Sprint customers using their phone on the Sprint network. Available every day from 6am – 10pm CT. Messages sent outside those hours will be responded to on the next business day.

How can you see your text messages online sprint?

Go online to, click on the Calls/Texts link. This record can be printed out or saved. Text Message content (the actual words or pictures contained in a text message) is not stored by Sprint. Deleted texts cannot be retrieved, read online or requested through subpoena.

How do I complain about Sprint?

Sprint Corporation complaints contactsCall Customer Care on 888-211-4727.Email Customer Care on Customer Care Contact Information on.Call Headquarters on 1-913-624-6000.Tweet Sprint Corporation Customer Care.Follow Sprint Csprintnoworporation.Watch Sprint Corporation.More items…

Can Sprint send copies of text messages?

You can easily download a record of phone numbers you’ve sent text messages to up to 90 days in the past. Go online to, click on the Calls/Texts link. This record can be printed out or saved. Text Message content (the actual words or pictures contained in a text message) is not stored by Sprint.

Does Sprint have an email address?

Sprint email has been decommissioned, Has been since Dec 31, 2008.

How do I find my sprint username and password?

Retrieve your username to access My SprintClick on the Sign In button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.In the Sign In screen, click on Forgot your username.In the Get your Username screen, enter the phone number or email address associated with your profile account and click Submit.More items…•

What is my sprint email address?

Address the mail message to the recipient’s phone number in the Sprint PCS messaging format. The email address should be the 10-digit number at the domain “” For example, if the number is 123-456-7890, the email address would be Send the message.

How do I change my caller ID on Sprint?

Change Your Caller ID name on sprint.comSign in to My Sprint by clicking Sign in/Create my profile.From My Account menu, select Profile & Settings.Select Limits & Permissions.You will be prompted to complete a 2 step authentication.Click ‘X’ symbol to close My preferences window.Click Change Caller ID name.Update Caller ID name field.Click Save.

How do you send text messages from Gmail?

To send a text from Gmail, you can follow the steps below:Sign in to Gmail on a computer at Compose to create a new message.Enter the phone number in the to:field (full 10 digit number for US) followed by the SMS gateway listing (the “domain name” for the carrier). … Write your message.More items…•

How do I find my Sprint PIN number?

If you know your account login, it’s easy to retrieve your PIN and Security question:Log in to your Preferences page here.Under All about My Account click on “Account PIN/Security question”In the new Popup window, click “Forgot PIN” or “Forgot Security Question”

Can you text from Sprint website?

The only thing that we have to where you may be able to send text messaging from your PC is call Web Texter. You can go there by signing into account. Go to preferences tab. … Text right here – simply select or enter a number, and type away.

Can I change the name on my Sprint account?

These customers must go to a Sprint-owned retail store to request a billing name change. Note: Once your request is approved, in addition to updating your billing name on your Sprint account, we will also update the caller ID for any lines listed under your old billing name to your new/corrected billing name.

How do I contact Sprint?

810 1 817-698-4199Sprint Corporation/Customer service

How do I set up my sprint account?

Register your account online at sprint.comGo to Click Sign in. Then click Create my profile.Enter your phone number.Next, Verify your identity. Complete one of the three options: … Next, create your username, password, and enter your email address. Then select Finish. … Congrats! You are done when you see the Success page.

What is the Sprint customer service number?

810 1 817-698-4199Sprint Corporation/Customer service

Does Sprint have a customer retention department?

Call 1-888-211-4727. This will get you to the retention department.

Can you send a text message from an email account?

Open your email app on your phone, tablet, or computer. In the “To” field, enter the 10-digit phone number you want to text, and add the corresponding email domain to the end of it (listed above). … Once you click send, the recipient will receive a text message.

How do I swap phones on Sprint?

To activate your phone online:Sign in to My Sprint with a valid username and password.In the My Account area, scroll down to the About my devices section and find the phone you would like to swap out.Select Activate a new phone from the drop down menu located to the right of the phone (shows Manage this device)More items…•