Is Food Included In MSC Cruises?

Is coffee free on MSC Cruises?

MSC Cruises has taken this so seriously that they will now be offering a complimentary package of tea, water, and filtered coffee to all guests who book a new cruise!.

Is water free on MSC Cruises?

The water in the buffet is free and safe to drink, as is your stateroom tap water.

How much are drink packages on MSC Cruises?

How Much do MSC Drink Packages Cost?Easy Package: $35 per person, per day.Premium Package: $62 per person, per day.Premium Plus Package: $79 per person, per day.Non-Alcoholic Package: $29 per person, per day (12+ years old); $17 per person, per day (3-11 years old)

Is food and beverage included on cruises?

What beverages are included in your cruise fare? All cruise lines offer at least some complimentary non-alcoholic beverage options. Basic drinks are included on most cruise lines with your meal. The choices vary by line, but water, milk, coffee, tea, iced tea, hot cocoa, and lemonade are the most likely offerings.

Is MSC a luxury cruise line?

In October 2018, MSC announced an order for four luxury ships of 64,000 gross tons each. These ultra-luxury vessels will be based on the cruise line’s luxury concept, the “MSC Yacht Club.” The first ship will arrive in the spring of 2023. All ships will be built at Fincantieri.

Do you have to pay gratuities on MSC Cruises?

Service Charges / Gratuities Service Charge / Gratuities are included in the cruise fare. MSC Cruises does not recommend tipping individual members of staff.

Can you skip formal night on a cruise?

Don’t skip formal night – REPEAT: DO NOT SKIP FORMAL NIGHT! Gone, for the most part, are the days of tuxedos and ball gowns on “formal night.” There are still cruise lines that require formal wear, including sports jackets for men on formal night. However, in general, cruising has become more casual.

Is MSC Cruises All Inclusive?

Enjoy the MSC Cruises all-inclusive holidays to provide a totally unforgettable experience, all you have to do is relax and have fun. Once you have booked you can also personalise your journey by adding extra packages and services for an all-inclusive cruise tailored to your needs.

Is there a dress code on MSC Cruises?

The Dress Code: “Casual wear” is appropriate on MSC Cruises, except for the formal evening “gala dinners,” when the main dining room requires men to wear suits or jackets and ties, and, women, cocktail dresses. After 6 p.m., T-shirts and shorts are not permitted in the ships’ public areas.

Can you wear flip flops to dinner on a cruise?

Flip flops and boat shoes are great daytime options for warm-weather cruises, but flip flops aren’t allowed in the main dining room or specialty restaurants for dinner. … At night, women should wear comfortable heals, sandals or flats; boat and dress shoes are good choices for men.

What currency is used on MSC Cruises?

For cruises in the Caribbean, South America and South Africa, as well as MSC Grand Voyages going to Europe and to Australia, the onboard currency is the US Dollar ($).

How much are alcoholic drinks on MSC Cruises?

Cruise Ship Drinks PricesBottle of BeerGlass of WineMSC Cruises$1.70$2.25Norwegian Cruise Line$5.25$7.00P&O Cruises£2.95£5.50Princess Cruises$4.95$7.257 more rows•Oct 10, 2017

What restaurants are included on MSC Cruises?

MSC Cruises DiningMain Restaurant. Each of MSC Cruises’ ships has beautifully decorated venues serving delectable Italian-based cuisine for dinner. … Sports Bar. … Tex-Mex and Steakhouse. … Galaxy Disco Restaurant. … Kaito Sushi Bar. … Eataly. … Asian Fusion Restaurant. … Silver Service Restaurant.More items…

Are there any formal nights on MSC Cruises?

The dress codes on MSC Cruises are relaxed and are not strictly enforced. MSC do have formal nights which they call gala or elegant nights. … The dress codes on gala/elegant nights are stricter than the ‘casual’ nights where almost anything goes. There are no specific day time dress codes in force.

What drinks are free on MSC cruise?

The free drink package included in the MSC Aurea fare is the Easy package which includes draught beers, house wines by the glass, selected spirits and cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails, soft drinks, fruit juices by the glass, bottled mineral water and classic hot drinks.